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 Post subject: Weekend Blues (K/T, MATURE) - Complete
PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:22 pm 
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Title: Weekend Blues
Author: Janetfl (Jan)/Killjoy
Disclaimer: I own nothing that is Roswell .. sadly that belongs to the powers that be!! No infringement is intended.
Pairing: Kyle/Tess
Rating: MATURE for language only.
Summary: Kyle takes Tess out to the Mall for a day of fun ... but something happens to change the whole course of their destiny.

A/N: I am going to be using scenes from the show but not in order. This fic picks up from after they find out that Tess is one of them BUT the FBI don't get Max and Nasedo is murdered by an FBI agent. There has been no destiny message and the Valenti's have already had their Christmas dinner that Tess made for them.

Chapter 1

Tess was lying on the bed that Kyle had graciously given up for her, flipping through another one of those boring celebrity magazines.

Getting more frustrated by each turn of the page she picked up the magazine and threw it across the room. God, she felt so bored and depressed right now.

She definitely had what she would call the weekend blues. She’d been sitting around the bedroom for over two hours now, waiting for one of her hybrid friends to call and ask her to join them.

She knew they were going for a fun day out today, just them, no humans allowed. Finally she would be able to get a little ‘alone time’ with Max, without that brown haired, whiny-voiced human around.

Liz had Max wrapped around her finger so tight, to the point were he didn’t even think of another woman, let alone look at one.

Tess turned over on the bed so she was now lying on her back.

She let her mind drift to when she first arrived in town. As she went through all the events that had happened over the last couple of months, she started to realize why they hadn’t phoned her. After all, she had done everything within her power to break up the sickening couple.

God, all that amber eyed, soul mate crap just made her want to vomit but she couldn’t really blame the other hybrids for not inviting her. If she could do it all again differently, would she change anything?

Did she really want Max? He’s always moody, a control freak, never seeming to have any fun, always making googly eyes at Liz and was currently suffering from a sense of humor meltdown.

If it wasn’t for that murderous traitor filling her head with all of his destiny crap then maybe she wouldn’t be so brainwashed in to getting Max. She’d had a pretty shitty life so far and all she ever really wanted was to belong. She had to carry on with the plan to betray them, didn’t she?

Did she really want to go back to a war torn planet to be Queen? Ha!! That’s a laugh. By the time she actually managed to return to Antar there would be nothing left to rule over. So what was the freaking point?

The only problem now though was that nobody in the group trusted her anymore and, for that, she couldn’t blame them either. Maybe, just maybe she could change her plans now that Nasedo was dead!!!

As she snapped out of her wonderings she stared at the ugly ceiling tiles and started counting the little knobbles on them. Yep she was that freaking bored!!!

When she reached one hundred her eyes started to close on their own accord and she could feel herself drifting off into a wonderful sleep.


“What the hell?” said Tess, falling off the bed in fright.

As she lay on the floor a figure loomed over her with a massive smile on his handsome face.

“HI!” was Kyle’s loud, cheery greeting after charging through Tess’s bedroom door. “What are you doing down on the floor?”

“Jesus, Kyle you scared the crap out of me!” said Tess, getting up off the floor and sitting back down on the bed.

She pulled her knees up, rested her chin on them and wrapped her arms around her legs.

“Hey Blondie, what’s wrong with you today?” asked Kyle, bouncing down on the bed.

Tess just rolled her eyes at him. Great, just great! This was the last thing she needed right now. She didn’t want his happy, cheerful face spoiling her sombre mood.

“Hey Tess, what’s wrong seriously?” asked Kyle gently, noticing the look on her face and the slight tears that had started to pool in the corner of her eyes.

He gently removed a strand of hair that was stuck to her lovely lips and moved it behind her ear.

“Come on Tess. You can tell me anything, you know that.”

“Oh Kyle, I think I’ve screwed everything up. All I ever wanted was to belong somewhere. I finally had that chance and what do I do? Yep, I screw it up by using my alien voodoo, as you call it, on Max. Now they don’t trust me and I’m not invited on the alien fun day out,” pouted Tess.

Kyle grabbed her hand, pulled her up off the bed and said …

“Come on, I am not letting you sit around this house all day wallowing in self pity. You and I are going out to have some fun!”

“Kyle I don’t think …”

“And see, that’s your main problem, you think too much. I mean look at me…” Kyle puffed his chest up like a proud peacock. “I don’t think at all and look how perfect I am!”

Kyle then got a confused look on his face. “Wait a second that didn’t come out right!”

Tess fought down the small giggle that was rising as she looked at the confused expression on Kyle’s face.

“No Kyle. I just want to stay here and…”

“No! I won’t take no for an answer. I can tell you are bored and feeling bad because of them. So you are going to come out with me!” said Kyle confidently.

“Oh alright then!” said Tess, sighing and rolling her eyes again.

“Jeez don’t sound too excited Tess,” Kyle said, placing his hand on his heart in mock hurt.

That got a little giggle out of Tess and Kyle smiled.

“Where are we going anyway?”

“We’re going to have fun and that’s all I’m telling you for now!” said Kyle, winking.

“Well what should I wear?” asked Tess.

“What you have on now is perfect!” Kyle smiled.

Tess was dressed in a pale blue halter neck top, nice fitting blue jeans and black boots.

Kyle gently grabbed Tess’s hand and led her out of the bedroom.

“Come on let’s go. I’ll take you in the mustang so wear a warm coat, okay?”

Tess picked up her sheep skin furry coat and beamed at Kyle as he led her out of the front door.

“Maybe today wouldn’t be such a bad day after all.”

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 Post subject: Re: Weekend Blues (K/T, MATURE) - Complete
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Chapter 2

The hot sun shined down on her face as the wind blew through her golden locks. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling this simple motion created in her. She was kind of shocked that she felt this way, so emotional, so happy and serene.

Kyle took a sneaky look across at Tess; the sight before his eyes made his heart skip a beat and speed into a rapid palpitations. His blood started pumping fast around his veins and he felt a familiar tingling, as most of his blood shot down south!

He watched, out of his peripheral vision, how the sun made her skin light up and had a soft glow about it. Then there was her hair; oh her hair lit up like a halo around her pretty little face. Her lips had fullness to them and today she had painted them with a light red lip gloss. She looked positively stunning.

If only she would notice him. He knew that she was obsessed with all things that related to Max Evans. Not to mention that entire destiny crap that had been instilled in her since she hatched, by someone she thought of as a father. If only she would just open her heart to him; he would show her what true love was all about. Yes, he loved her; he finally realized he had been in love with her all along.

Although he had always fancied Tess, ok maybe fancied was too sissy a word for what he felt at the time. Truth was, he had always had the hots for her but it wasn’t until he had spent that special Christmas with her that he realized the depth of his feelings. She had put in so much effort to make it special for them all and even invited Amy over for his father.

Since his mom had left, his father had never really made an effort over Christmas anymore. He bought Kyle presents and tried to make it special but he never bothered with Christmas dinner or anything that anyone might think of as getting into the ho, ho, ho spirit of things. They just sat there on the sofa, watching whatever game was on the tube at the time and eating their microwave TV dinners, nowhere near the kind of ‘peace on earth’ stuff that Hollywood likes to make Christmas movies about.

“What’s put that beaming smile on your face Kyle?” asked Tess.

“Huh?” said Kyle, as he was broken out of his thoughts.

“I said, what’s put that beaming smile on your face?”

“Oh, nothing! I was just thinking about the time that you made us all Christmas dinner.”

Tess blushed slightly as she remembered why she did all of that. For some reason her heart had wanted to give Kyle a Christmas that he would never forget. It took her so long to prepare everything but what got her the most that day was the way he’d looked at her in the kitchen when he thanked her for everything. She knew then that she was in love with Kyle, which broke her heart because she knew she couldn’t have him. She had to follow her destiny; she had to be with Max, didn’t she?

Feeling uncomfortable with that last thought she shook herself mentally and told herself to get a grip.

“So Kyle, where are we going for this day of fun?”

“The only place there is, during the day, in this stinking town!” said Kyle, still trying to stall Tess on finding out where he was taking her.

“Can’t I have a little hint?” asked Tess, starting to get excited over the teasing they were doing to one another.

“No, you will see soon enough!” said Kyle, turning to smile and wink at her briefly before returning his eyes to the road.

Tess fell into silence again and smiled to herself wondering just what he had planned for her. Imagine her shock when ten minutes later he pulled into the parking lot of the only mall in Roswell. She turned to look at Kyle with a look of confusion on her face. How can a mall possibly be fun unless he was going to take her shopping?

Was he going to take her shopping?! Because if he was, there was this really nice blue dress she saw there last week! Maybe she could try it on for Kyle and see if he liked it on her.

As Kyle pulled into a parking space he noticed Tess giving him a funny look.

“What?” he asked her, with a look of confusion on his face.

"Why the hell are we parking here?" asked Tess.

"What's wrong with here?"

"We're like a hundred yards from the mall and there’s like twenty more parking spots closer to the front!" explained an exasperated Tess.

"Yeah, parking spots right next to other cars where people could throw their doors open, hit my baby and scratch her!" Kyle shook his head as he used his hand to rub the dashboard in a gentle loving fashion. "There are no other cars within four parking places on either side of my baby!"

"Oh good lord," Tess rolled her eyes. “You do realize that if that happened I could always use my alien voodoo to fix it?”

“I never thought of that. You’re a handy chick to have around!” smiled Kyle.

“Yeah … too bad you’re the only one that thinks so,” she whispered to herself as Kyle got out of the car, ran around to the other side and opened the door for Tess.

He gently grabbed her hand and assisted her to get out of the car. He then put the roof back on the convertible, locked it, took Tess’s hand again and started walking towards the mall.

As they both entered Tess couldn’t resist asking him.

“Are we going to do some shopping while we're here? Because I really need a new pair of strap on sandals and I saw an Ad for them...”

A look of extreme horror crossed Kyle's face so quickly it made Tess stop in mid sentence.

"Kyle, what's wrong?"

"Sorry." Kyle took a deep breath then smiled. "Bad flashback." Seeing the raised eyebrow Tess was giving him Kyle explained. "Once I went on this date with Isabel and..."


Tess' very loud and very sudden screech caught the attention of all those around them. Embarrassed, she watched as everyone around them turned and gave them strange looks.

"Sorry!" Tess waved their onlookers off and then took Kyle by the arm and started dragging him to a secluded section of the mall. Once they were alone Tess let go of Kyle's arm and crossed her arms over her chest.

"What?" asked Kyle, confused as he watched Tess start tapping her foot.

"Explain to me just when did YOU go on a date with Isabel Evans?"

"Oh, that …"

"Yes, that …"

Kyle began to scratch the back of his head nervously.

"Well, you see … I probably shouldn't have called it a date, mind you."

"What should you have called it then?"

"Well, we were all in junior high you see. Isabel was just making her way to the top of the cool crowd and I was a young boy just hitting puberty, a young boy who was nothing but Adams apple and raging hormones."

A smirk tried to appear on Tess's face at the description of young Kyle but she fought it back down.

"Anyway, a trip to the mall was the only 'date' her father would allow me to go on with Isabel. She dragged me from one store to the next, one after the other; sometimes back to the same store, twice! Each time I carried more and more bags as she tried on more and more clothes, but the shoes? The shoes were the worst ..."

Kyle shuddered a bit in horror, this time a smirk did appear on Tess' face. "We spent THREE hours in the shoe store! Three hours! As she tried on shoe after shoe, type after type and all in different colors! By the time we left, I couldn't walk by a shoe store without breaking out in a cold sweat!"

Tess suddenly erupted into laughter.

"You made that up!"

Kyle just smiled at her and shook his head. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't ... you'll just have to wait and ask Isabel later if it was true; and even if it's not, it still got you to laugh for a second."

Kyle begin to push Tess towards the escalator, allowing her to step on, making sure she was safe, and then stood on it himself directly behind her. As they rode the escalator up Kyle's voice could be heard saying.

"But having said that, if you do need to shop for some underwear or something like that I wouldn't mind going with you into Victoria's Secret ..."

“Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t!” replied Tess.

As they made their way to the top of the escalator Kyle couldn't help taking a peek at Tess' rather nice backside, since it was right in front of his face. What?! Yes, he was in love with her but hey he was still a guy!

Tess turned around to look at Kyle and wondered just what he had in mind for today. She didn’t bother asking him again though because she knew what the response would be.

As they came up to the second floor, she stepped off the escalator with Kyle behind her. He took her hand and started leading her towards …

“Oh dear lord you have got to be kidding me!” yelled Tess.

“What?” asked Kyle, with a small smile on his face.

“The Arcade? You are taking me to the ARCADE, for fun?” asked Tess, incredulously.

From where they stood, Tess could already hear the ringing bells, the computer generated sounds of firing lazer beams and the loud beat of music coming from the small darkened room.

“Lighten up Tess and try to remember we're here to have FUN!" Kyle's small smile grew even larger. "And you never know you may find that you actually enjoy this!”

“Yeah, about as much as I enjoy having a root canal,” Tess thought, but she plastered a smile on her face.

At least he was trying.

Out of all the humans, Kyle was the only one who went out of his way to make sure she was happy. Then again, she hadn’t really done much to earn the other’s trust or friendship.

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Here is a video link to one of the games in this chapter, just so you can see what I’m trying to describe. ... re=related

Thanks to Earth2Mama (aka Ellie) my wonderful beta reader!

Chapter 3

As she stepped into the darkened room the pinging, popping, bells and whistle noises of the machines and music were deafening!

Kyle made his way towards the change booth and got a twenty dollar bill exchanged for change. He then gently grabbed Tess’ hand and led her towards his favourite arcade game.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me?” said Tess, as she watched Kyle put the quarters into the machine.

“Area 51?" Tess rolled her eyes as she started reading the game's description on the screen. "As the last surviving members of your military unit you must protect Earth from the invading hordes of the evil alien empire.”

“What? It’s a fun game!” Kyle said, smirking, while picking up one of the large plastic yellow guns and passing it to Tess.

Tess watched as Kyle picked up the other gun. When the game began he started to massacre the aliens appearing on the screen.

As Kyle was doing his best to shoot the numerous four eyed, green aliens that were slithering across the screen Tess began to look a bit put out.

“You know, this game is just human stereotypical, biased against aliens don't you? I mean what kind of supposed alien race, invading a planet, would just be running around straight at you when they'd have all of this advanced technology they could be riding on and...”

TESS! It’s just a game. Have fun with it and ... Oh crap, that one’s got a laser cannon! Shoot him Tess! Shoot the purple one!”

“How can he carry a laser cannon when he has no hands? Why doesn’t he just use his superior alien powers to..." but that was all Tess got out. The gun in her hand started to shake telling her the purple alien on screen had just shot her with his laser cannon. "Oh you did not just shoot that thing at me you good for nothing purple bastard ... POW, POW!”

Kyle turned to look at her slightly with a smile on his face.

WHAT?” snapped Tess, as she continued to shoot at the screen.

“Pow, Pow?”

Tess just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “What, so sue me? I’ve always wanted to shoot a gun.”


“Yeah, but Nesado said it was a primitive human weapon that I would have no need for anyway, what with my powers and all. I always wanted to go down to a range, hold a hot heavy gun in my hand and pump some bullets into a target,” explained Tess.

“That is so hot,” whispered Kyle.

Tess smirked and got back to concentrating on the purple alien. Kyle turned back to the machine and managed to cover Tess by shooting all the other aliens coming on the screen.

A look of pure concentration came across Tess’ face when the purple alien started to attack her more.

DIE! Die you purple mutherfuc ...” The beeps and bells of the game drowned out the shout as Tess finally made the purple alien explode.

“I DID IT! I DID IT KYLE! I TOTALLY KICKED THAT ALIEN SCUM BUCKET!” shouted Tess, jumping up and down in triumph with her plastic gun held over her head.

“Better not let the pod squad hear you say that!” laughed Kyle.

“Oops!” giggled Tess.

“So, you’re up for another round then Rambo?” Kyle asked, as stage two started to load up on the game.

“Lock ‘em and load ‘em Kyle. I’m going to kick your human butt on this game!” said Tess, really starting to enjoy herself.

After playing four more rounds of alien killing, not to mention taking down the invading Alien Queen and her mother ship, Kyle realized that Tess was right about kicking his butt. By the end of the game her score out classed his by far and she got to put her name in the game's top score section.

“You’re good at this,” he said, impressed.

“You were right Kyle, this is so much fun!” said Tess, with a massive smile on her beautiful face as she finished shooting her initials into the game.

“Well, why don’t we go and find something else you might like?” suggested Kyle.

“Sure, my trigger finger is freaking killing me!”

Kyle placed his arm around Tess’ shoulders and walked around the Arcade trying to find something else they both might like to do.

As he rounded the corner he saw another favourite game of his.

“Oh yeah baby, the Dance Revolution!” said Kyle, as he jumped up on the platform.

“Oh, no way Kyle! I am NOT getting on that!” said Tess, shaking her head furiously.

“Come on Tess! I tell you what, I’ll show you what to do and then you can practice. Then, we can do a routine together, how does that sound?”

“I am not going on there Kyle. NO! Not a chance!” said Tess, crossing her arms over her chest.

Kyle put money in the machine, chose a song and then started to move. Although he looked fairly good up on the platform Kyle was doing some horrible arm movements while dancing.

“Oh yeah, who said white guys got no rhythm!” said Kyle, smiling.

Tess was covering her face with her hands in pure embarrassment.

“Oh my god!” she whispered, peaking out of her fingers still watching Kyle.

Once his song had finished he practically dragged Tess up on the platform.

“Okay, we’ll start off with a simple song first so you can get used to the foot movements,” explained Kyle.

“I. AM. NOT. DOING. THIS. KYLE!” gritted out Tess.

“Jeez Tess, for once just live a little! We’re here to have fun. You didn’t want to do the other game but you enjoyed it right?”

“Well, yeah but this is something totally different Kyle.”

“I swear by the time we’ve finished, you’re going to love this game too.”

NO! I’m not doing it!” Tess stamped her foot.

“Purlease?” Kyle put on his best puppy dog look. “For me?”

“Oh for crying out loud! Just stick the stupid money in the machine!” replied Tess, unable to resist the look on Kyle’s face.

As Kyle set up the machine for Tess he could hear her muttering under her breath.

“If the freaking Antarian’s could see me now ... the Queen ... reduced to this.”

Kyle knew that as soon as she had done one or two dances on her own that she would be completely hooked. Although, it did strike him as rather funny that he was able to get the mighty queen of an entire alien race to do something as human and as funny as this.

“Okay, watch the arrows on the screen. You have to move your feet and hit the arrows in the order that they are on the screen, okay?”

FINE! But I swear Valenti that if you tell a living soul about this you WILL be dog meat by the time I’ve finished with you, comprede?

“Sure,” Kyle answered easily. He just knew she was going to love this.

As the first song came on Tess started to move. After a few goes she didn’t feel too bad and decided that it was actually quite fun.

“Okay, so now we’ll do a routine together and see how we do. It means changing onto each other’s pad.”

“Sure,” replied Tess.

What Kyle didn’t realize was that her powers enabled her to, for want of better words, speed read. This meant that she could keep up with the machine pretty good, as long as her feet would co-operate of course.

The first few times they did a routine they ended up bumping into one another or stepping on each other’s foot but by the time the third song came on they seemed to get it.

“Okay, now that you’ve had practice lets go a bit faster!” said Kyle.

He chose Gargoyle by Sanxion7 and as soon as the music came on, both Tess and Kyle started to move. Kyle couldn’t help glancing at Tess as she moved to the music. The way her body was almost fluid in motion and the fact that her blonde curls were bouncing everywhere was just the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. She almost looked angelic, that is if she wasn’t bouncing around all over the place of course.

Their feet were flying across the pads trying to keep up with the arrows on the screen. They did intricate movements and had to circle around one another. They were so engrossed in the game and getting their feet right that neither of them had noticed the small crowd of people gathering around to watch the dancing couple.

When the song came to an end, the crowd started to clap for the couple. Instantly Tess blushed but started to laugh and took a small bow.

“See, I told you, you would love it,” grinned Kyle.

Tess couldn’t help but notice that Kyle’s handsome face lit up when he smiled at her like that. She started to get this funny feeling in her stomach. She couldn’t be, could she?

“Yeah, I have to admit that was fun. So what else are we going to do?” asked Tess, smiling.

“Hmm … how about a game of air hockey?”

“Air? But I thought hockey was played on ice with guys with big sticks and no teeth?”

"That's the real thing, this is just another arcade game," smiled Kyle.

"Oh okay, sure why not!" nodded Tess.

This was turning out to be one of the best days she’d had since coming to Roswell, well except for Christmas dinner.

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Chapter 4

Knowing that this was one game he was probably going to win Kyle strutted his way over to the table. He picked up the air hockey mallet, turned it on its side at an angle and spun it around a few times. He motioned for Tess to take her place at the other end of the air hockey table, which she did grabbing her mallet on the way.

Kyle reached over to put a quarter in the game. It started humming and dropped out a small flat disk on Tess' side.

“Okay, rules of the game,” said Kyle. "The main objective is to hit the puck into the other opponent’s hole..."

"It seems like a lot of human games have something to do with getting something in the 'hole'. Must be some suppressed human sexual thing." Tess muttered under her breath as she reached down and took the flat white puck out from its hole.

"What was that?" asked Kyle.

"Oh nothing," Tess said, as she stood back up and smiled sweetly at Kyle. "I said, with you so far.”

"Uh huh," nodded Kyle, clearly indicating that he didn’t believe her. “Anyway, as I was saying, you can stand anywhere around the air hockey game as long as you stay behind the center line. We can only have one puck in play and one hockey mallet at any one time. A foul can be called if any part of a player’s hand, arm, body or clothing touches the puck. You can’t strike the puck with the bottom surface of the mallet or place it on top of the puck. The first player to score seven goals is the winner. Oh and finally, after each game, we switch sides.”

“Got it,” replied Tess.

"And I promise I won't beat you...too bad," smirked Kyle.

Tess' eyebrows rose up in that 'Oh really' type of way only women can pull off.

"And just what makes you think you're going to beat me at all?"

"Oh come on Tess!" Kyle threw his chest out. "I mean I AM Roswell High's star athlete after all! Letterman in TWO sports mind you! Not to mention..."


Kyle looked down at his goal in disbelief. Tess had just knocked the puck into his goal giving her the first point in the game. He then returned his gaze to the smirking blonde, standing across from him, looking all smug.

“WOO HOO!” shouted Tess, jumping in the air. “What was that about being the school’s star athlete?”

“Oh it’s on NOW Missy!” said Kyle, taking his jacket off and placing it on one of the chairs nearby. A look of pure concentration came across his face as he got ready to serve.


It was one game to one. This was the deciding game. The score was six to six. Kyle wasn’t going down without a fight. There was no way he could let Tess beat him on this game.

“Phew, this game makes me hot!” said Tess, fanning herself with her hand. “I’m just going to take off my jacket.”

Kyle watched with interest as the blonde bombshell standing before him took off her sheepskin jacket. He couldn’t help notice how her clothes clung to every curve of her body, especially the blue halter neck she was currently sporting. She then proceeded to lift her curly locks of the back of her neck with both hands. This, of course, gave Kyle a tantalising view of her lovely creamy neck.

Tess gave a small smile of triumph when she noticed Kyle watching her movements closely. She knew this was an unfair advantage but what girl wouldn’t use her assets as a distraction this late in the game, yes she could have used her mind warp powers but she couldn’t do that to Kyle not to just win the game. No, she would do it the old fashioned way, the human way.

If Tess was being honest with herself she had to admit that it gave her a thrill that she could affect Kyle that way but she was trying her best to ignore that tingling feeling she was getting in the pit of her stomach.

She seductively leaned over the table, placing her puck in the serving area, giving Kyle an eyeful of her ample chest.

“So this is it. The next one to sink the puck wins?” questioned Tess with a smile on her face.

Poor Kyle never heard a word of what Tess said. A herd of ballet dancing elephants could have been parading through the game room but Kyle wouldn’t have noticed. His eyes were transfixed on the small amount of cleavage on display, not to mention the pale blue lacy bra that was peeking out of her top.


“I said, so the next one to sink the puck wins?”

“Uh huh.”

“Is everything okay Kyle?” asked Tess, returning to an upright position.


“Is everything okay, you seem a little distracted?”

“Hmm, what? NO! No everything is fine.”

“Okay, so let’s play!”

Tess leaned down again and watched as Kyle’s focus faltered onto her chest for the second time.

“Sucker,” thought Tess, as she wacked the puck and sunk it into Kyle’s goal.

“WOO HOO! I WON! I WON!” yelled Tess, jumping up and down.

“HEY! THAT’S NOT FAIR!” shouted Kyle, who tried to figure out what happened now that his blood was back to his brain instead of other places.

“What’s not fair?” asked Tess, as she sauntered up to him.

YOU! You used your ... lady bumps to distract me!”

“My ‘lady bumps’?” laughed Tess.

YES! Those things!” said Kyle, pointing to her chest.

Tess gently placed her hand on his chest.

“Kyle, I did nothing of the sort. I simply bent over so I could whack the puck. I’ve been doing it all night.”

“But you had your coat on!”

“You’re such a sore loser,” reprimanded Tess.

“Did you have a good time?” asked Kyle, smiling.

“I had a great time Kyle.”

“Then I guess it was worth losing.”

Tess turned serious.

“You know Kyle, when I realized we were going to the Arcade I was disappointed but I have to tell you that this has got to be THE best day I’ve had since coming to Roswell.”

“Seriously?” asked Kyle.

“Seriously,” said Tess, as she grabbed Kyle into a bone crushing hug.

“Come on, it’s not over yet,” said Kyle, grabbing hold of Tess’ hand. “I’ve got one more game I want to play.”


Kyle had been playing the Skee ball game for the last half an hour, trying to win more tickets, so he could get Tess one of the massive fluffy bears she’d been eyeing earlier on in the day. She had explained to him that Nesado never bought her anything like that when she was a child saying only a stupid human would get attached to something that was insignificant.

He placed the four hundred odd tickets on the counter.

“So tell me what I can get for these?” asked Kyle.

The pimply teenager behind the counter looked at the small bundle of tickets.

“There’s what? Like four hundred tickets there?”

“Four fifty,” replied Kyle.

“Uh, well dude you can get a plastic whistle ... and a spider ring.”

Kyle’s mouth gaped open.

WHAT! That’s all?”

“Yeah, you want something specific?” asked the teenager.

“Yeah I wanted one of those huge bears,” said Kyle, pointing to the one that Tess liked.

“Dude, you have to have like a thousand five hundred tickets to get one of those.”

“It would be cheaper just to buy her one!” protested Kyle. "I swear these game room tickets and prizes are a con! Must be run by the mob...or the government!"

“Kyle, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure we could win more,” Tess whispered into Kyle’s ear.

“But...” Kyle turned to look at Tess and she wiggled her nose, Samantha Stephen’s style.

“Oh, okay. I’ll just take these back until we have more then,” said Kyle, picking up the tickets and heading back to the machines.

“You know that’s equivalent to stealing Tess,” whispered Kyle.

“Yeah, like they’re not ripping us off in the first place. I promise not to make it look suspicious.”

“Alright then,” agreed Kyle.

Tess placed a slightly glowing hand across the place where the tickets come out.

“There, now try it.”

Kyle placed his money in the machine and started scoring. It didn’t take long before they had enough tickets to get the teddy she wanted. All she had done was double the amount of tickets that were produced, but it was enough.

Tess was now the proud owner of the biggest, fluffiest teddy the Arcade had to offer. She turned towards Kyle and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Thanks Kyle. This means so much to me.”

Kyle slung his arm around her shoulder and smiled.

“Come on, let’s go and get some food.”

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Chapter 5

As Tess stepped out of the Arcade, with Kyle’s arm still slung around her shoulder, she couldn’t help shaking her head slightly. It seemed too quiet since they’d spent so long within the noisy arcade. It was then she noticed the advert in the shop window across from where she was currently standing.

There were pictures, most in sepia some black and white, of people dressed in different types of old fashioned costumes. Some were dressed as Egyptians with a back drop of the pyramids, others dressed in old Wild West costumes with a back drop of a bar.

“I really would like to go and get one of those done Kyle,” said Tess, pointing to the old time photo store.

“Okay but only if I can dress up as a cowboy. There is no way I’m putting on a sheet and wearing a long haired wig,” insisted Kyle.

“Oh, I think I’d make a pretty good bar wench,” replied Tess.

“Come on then,” said Kyle, gently grabbing Tess’ hand and heading towards the store.

Once they entered a man immediately came up to welcome them.

“’ello, my name is Jean Paul. I’ll be your photographer today. Did you have anything specific in mind?”

Tess suddenly got the feeling that she knew this man standing before her but that was impossible. Firstly, she didn’t remember his face and she was pretty sure she’d never met anyone who spoke with a slight French accent before.

“Yeah, we want an old Wild West photo,” said Kyle.

The photographer started feeling a little uncomfortable at the way the girl was staring at him.

“Is there anything wrong mademoiselle?”

“What? Oh no, sorry,” said Tess, blushing.

“Okay, look around the store, choose which costume you want and then you can change back there,” said the photographer, pointing towards the changing rooms at the back. “I’ll be in that room over there getting the back drop set up. Come through when you are ready.”

Kyle and Tess both chose their costumes and put them on using the changing rooms. Kyle was out first since his costume didn’t require him to undress totally. When Tess finally came out of the changing room, Kyle’s mouth dropped to the floor.

Tess was wearing a tight frilly black and red corset with a skirt to match. Most of her gorgeous, shapely legs were covered with fish net stockings, topped with a frilly red garter. She had a black feather sticking out of her hair and a feather boa wrapped around her arms. Her boobs were practically spilling out of the top, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Kyle. Simply put she looked stunning.

“I...uh...I mean...uh you..." Kyle stuttered a second for taking a deep breath and trying again. "Wow Tess, you look gorgeous,”

Tess blushed and looked down at her dress.

“It’s a bit revealing don’t you think?”

“No, it’s perfect,” replied Kyle, practically drooling.

“Ah, you are both ready. Come on through,” said Jean Paul, standing at the photo room door.

As Tess entered the room it was like going back in time.

“Wow, this is great!”

Although there was a modern digital camera and lights placed strategically, the room had a mock bar set up with a barrel in the middle with a bottle of Jack Daniels on it.

“Okay, now Kyle you stand here with your leg up on the barrel. That’s it,” said Jean Paul, as Kyle did as he was instructed.

“Now Tess, you stand on that block and wrap your leg around the one that Kyle has up on the barrel, yes that’s perfect,” said Jean Paul, as he stood behind the camera.

“Now Tess, curve your back a little,” said Jean Paul.

“Yeah, so my boobs almost pop out of this damn thing,” whispered Tess.

As Tess did what she was told, Jean Paul took the photo.

“That was a good shot. Kyle you need to look a little more relaxed. Perhaps put your hand on Tess’ thigh. Tess, look like you are enjoying the attention you are getting.”

“I’m going to zap him in a minute,” complained Tess, as she did what the photographer wanted.

“This was your idea,” said Kyle, through the corner of his mouth.

“Yeah, I just didn’t realise I would be dressed like a slut,” complained Tess.

Kyle stopped looking at the camera and turned to look at Tess.

“You’re not a slut Tess, you could never be that. You have too much class. Come on; treat this like the other games. Have fun with it.”

Tess was overcome with emotion. Kyle was the only man who’d ever seen a good side to her, except for Jim of course. He always made her feel comfortable no matter what situation she was in.

If she was honest, she’d never felt that comfortable around Max, in fact, she wasn’t really that attracted to him. It was only because of the deal that Nasedo had made, over forty years ago, that she was even giving the moping alien the time of day.

Perhaps today was the day that she took destiny into her own hands.

She started to relax and play up for the camera, placing her arm around Kyle’s shoulder stooping low enough for him to get an eyeful of her cleavage.

“Oh my, that’s perfect Tess. Keep that pose,” yelled Jean Paul, as he took the final shot. “All done, we’ve got some good photos here. Go and get changed and by the time you’ve finished I’ll have them ready for you to view.”

“Thanks,” said Kyle, leading Tess towards the changing rooms.

He needed some alone time to calm is raging hormones. Watching Tess move so gracefully in her outfit had him imagining all kinds of naughty things.


Tess and Kyle walked out of the store with their favourite photo.

“You know, once I relaxed I really started to enjoy the experience,” said Tess, smiling.

Kyle coughed.

“Yeah, me too. Now let’s go and eat. I’m freaking starving.”

"When are you NOT freaking starving?" Tess rolled her eyes.

"When I'm asleep," smirked Kyle. "But then most of the time I'm dreaming about food. Well, that is, when I'm not dreaming about sex...or sex and food together...or..."

“Okay that’s venturing into the TMI territory now mister,” laughed Tess, as he looped her arm into his. They headed towards the food court, unknowingly looking like a young couple spending time together at the mall.

“Kyle, could you order me a salad and cherry coke? I just need to use the bathroom,” said Tess, in explanation once they entered the food court.


“Thanks Kyle. I’ve really enjoyed today,” said Tess, as she headed towards the ladies toilet.


"Can I help you sir?" the man behind the counter asked Kyle.

"Yeah, give me a salad and cherry coke for my friend," nodded Kyle. "And for me...uh give me two Big Macs, large fries and a diet coke please."

Now any normal person would know that ordering a diet coke with two Big Macs and a large fries would be like trying to fight a forest fire with a water gun but in Kyle's mind it all equalled out!

"Would you like two apple pies with that?" the man behind the counter asked.

"Did I ask for one?" Kyle rolled his eyes. “Why do they always ask that?!”

"Your total is ten dollars and sixty eight cents sir."

Kyle paid the man and waited until his order came up. Taking the trays in hand, he walked until he found a small table in the back no one was sitting in. He sat his and Tess' food down and then fell into his seat.

Now if Kyle was a gentleman he would know to wait for Tess to return from the bathroom before starting to eat his meal, but he wasn’t. He was great guy, loving and loyal but table etiquette was not his forte! He quickly started to tear into one of the Big Macs he’d ordered.

When reaching for his drink he accidently knocked the small salt shaker off the table. Bending over in his seat Kyle tried to pick it up. Just as he got his hands on it a pair of black stiletto heels appeared in front of his eyes.

Kyle’s eyes trailed up from the shoes to a very nice pair of tanned, toned legs. Then as his eyes travelled further, a very short body hugging dress, that cut off near mid thigh, came into view. His eyes travelled further up to notice a rather ample chest and then rested on the face of one very HOT read headed woman.

"Hi there," the read head smiled at him.

"Uh ...hi..."

"My name is Amber, what's yours?"


Tess stepped out of the cubicle and washed her hands before reapplying some of her makeup. She took this time to reflect on the day she’d had with Kyle.

It had started out as one of the worst days she’d spent in Roswell, finally realising where she really stood within the group. Oh, she knew Max didn’t really want her there and she understood why after the way she’d treated him but she had thought that she was making headway with Michael and Isabel. The fact that the group had excluded her from the day of fun hurt more than she would’ve liked to admit.

She started the day feeling sad and depressed, determined to carry out the plan that Nasedo set out many years ago, but now she wasn’t so sure. Kyle had shown her that human emotions weren’t necessarily week, but something to be embraced. This was the most fun she’d ever had in her short life. Perhaps there was something to this ‘getting close’ to the humans.

As Tess left the bathroom she immediately noticed a red head sitting in the seat across the table from Kyle. Her eyes scrunched in determination as she marched her way over there.

“So, how about you give me your number and I’ll give you a call,” said the red head, reaching across the table to place her hand on Kyle’s arm.

As Tess got closer to Kyle she overheard the red head ask for his number.

“Oh no, there is NO WAY that bitch is getting her claws into Kyle,” thought Tess, as she approached the table.

“Uh, excuse me,” said Tess, watching the red head closely. "But I believe you are in MY seat."

Tess watched as the woman turned her eyes toward her and then, much to her amazement, the woman seemed to just totally dismiss her out right!

“What are you doing with a midget like her when you could be having fun with a real woman like me?” asked the red head, as she started to rub her hand up and down Kyle's forearm.


Tess was positively fuming. She had to fight very hard not to use her powers on the red headed Harlot!

“I should make her thing her hair has turned into snakes. Oh, and make her believe that her body is covered in poisonous ants! I bet that would have her screaming away from here!”

“Um, actually I have a lot of fun with Tess,” replied Kyle, defending Tess as he pulled his arm out of the strange girl’s grasp.

"Oh please," the woman once again looked up at Tess, sneering. "What kind of fun could you have with her? What is twelve?"

That was it, Tess was now seeing RED! This bitch was going down!

“Bitch, I’ll show you who the real woman here is!” said Tess.

She grabbed hold of Kyle, yanked him out of his chair and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Kyle, at first, froze not really expecting Tess to kiss him that way but when she ran her tongue gently across his upper lip he opened up to her.

As soon as they deepened the kiss, the flashes started.


Tess walked up on the stage, next to Kyle, to receive her Homecoming Queen tiara.

“So, I guess you made queen after all,” whispered Kyle, with a smile on his face.

“You’re the only King I’m interested in,” replied Tess, just before the tiara was placed on her blonde curls.


Tess clapped hard as Liz stepped down from the podium after her valedictorian speech.

“You know, Liz put that point about giving people a second chance because of you, you know?” said Kyle.

Tess was already fighting back tears as she nodded her head.

“I know,” whispered Tess, trying to get her emotions under control.

As Liz finally reached the group Tess was the first to grab a hug.

“Thank you Liz. Everything you said meant so much to me,” whispered Tess.

“Everyone deserves a second chance Tess; it’s what you do with it that counts. Look how happy you’ve made Kyle and I can’t thank you enough for sticking around with group even though we gave you a hard time at first. That wasn’t easy,” replied Liz.

“Yeah but I deserved it Liz, the way I came charging in here sprouting that destiny crap.”


Tess is shocked as Kyle gets down on one knee; pulls out a blue box with a white ribbon wrapped around and asks her to marry him.

She squeals and shouts “yes, yes, yes!”


Kyle was almost knocked over as a little bundle of energy flew into his arms.

He twirled his blonde little princess around before planting a sloppy kiss on her cheek.

“Eww, Daddy there was no need for that!”

“Aw, Daddy isn’t allowed to kiss his little princess no more?” asks Kyle.

“Not when you do it like that. I am almost four you know,” replied Ava Valenti.

Kyle was not happy at the rate his daughter was growing up; soon she would be refusing a ride to and from school.

“I know sweetie, but remember you are never too old to give your old Dad a kiss on the cheek.”

Ava was the spitting image of her mother, with her cobalt blue eyes, curly blonde locks and beautiful smile. She also had Kyle wrapped around her little finger, just like her mother.


When they finally broke the kiss to pull in some much needed air, they looked around and noticed the red head had disappeared.

They smiled at each other.

“I think we need to talk,” said Kyle.

“Yeah,” replied Tess.


The glass doors to the mall opened up as the red head made her way out of the mall, with a huge smile on her face, as she approached a man leaning up against her car.

“So, did it work?”

The red headed woman looked around the car park before shimmering and changing her appearance into a dark haired young woman.

“It worked perfectly. Ava will now forget everything Nasedo taught her and will now plan her own destiny.”

Larek, using the body of Brody, smiled and patted the woman on the back.

“You did a good job Serena.”

“Thanks for trusting me with this mission Dad.”

“You have the orbs?” asked Larek.

“Yep, I have everything that could lead them to the truth. I’ve destroyed all the information the FBI had on them and warped all agents concerned.”

“They deserve to be happy. They died once for the people. There’s no need for them to know that the war is over and the people decided on a government rather than the crown. Plus we know how the last timeline turned out.”

“Yeah, they’re much better off this way.”


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