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Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Following the fight with Drusilla…what comes after (comical at times) J

Spoilers: None!

Part Twenty-Two—Boys Will Be Boys

Later that same night…

Willow sat with William on the couch that night, snuggling close to him and listening to him talk. She felt him kissing her cheek, her neck, and telling her, he loved her. She smiled and holding his arm with hers, she said, “I love you too, William. So very much.” William turned and taking Willow’s chin with his hand he lowered his mouth and gently kissed her. They sat and did just this for the next few hours.

As it grew past ten, Willow walked upstairs to the bathroom to take a shower. She undressed and stepped under the warm spray. Barely in there long enough to dampen her hair and get adjusted to the heat of the water, she reached down for the soap and watched as it slipped out of her hand and to the floor! Swearing, Willow said, “Damn…”

A voice came up behind her saying, “Here. Let me get it for you, love.” William reached down and grabbed the soap, handing it to Willow. Willow smiled and taking it she said, “Thank you…I thought you had dozed off.”

William shrugged and said, “Off and on. I woke up and saw you were gone…I heard the water and decided now was a good time to take a shower with my beautiful wife.”

Willow blushed and said, “Oh…” Smiling she said, “Well get under the water and you can share with me.”

William walked to the spray and let his body get immersed. Willow watched the whole scene in sudden interest. He hadn’t noticed yet, but she was staring. It was like one of those commercials except instead of it being some beautiful woman, this was a hot guy—hers—under the steamy water! He had ways about him that frustrated her at times, but Willow loved every part of him, his mind that was so full of ideas of Science Fiction Horror stories, his heart that held hers so strongly, the way he spoke to her and held her, making her so aware of how much he loved her, and his body that also belonged to her in ways that she was so very thankful for! Willow smiled broadly.

When William opened his eyes he saw Willow’s on them and he smiled, saying, “What are you thinking about?”

Willow said, “You…and me. How glad I am that we are together…that I am gonna have your baby soon.” She smiled largely.

William touched Willow’s face and said, “I’m glad too, Will. Every day I am thankful that you are with me.”

Willow went on, “When I first saw you it was through the eyes of Penelope who watched her lover showering. I remember wondering what it would be like…to be with Derek under the water.” Smiling up at him, Willow added, “But now that I know the writer, I have to ask. What is it like, William? What is it like to be with someone under the water?”

William said honestly, “I don’t know. I invented it out of my imagination.”

Willow smiled up at him with innocence in her eyes as she said, “Really?”

William pulled her closer and said, “Really. But…” He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her gently, and said, “I don’t mind new experiences.”

Smiling larger Willow said, “Me either.” Sliding her wet hands up his chest, Willow looked into his blue eyes and said, “Kiss me, William.”

William asked, “How we playing this, Will?”

Willow touched his face, remembering tonight and how it had affected the both of them and said, “However you want. I kinda like the idea of how it was…on our first time.”

William said, “Okay.” Cupping her neck with his hands, William lowered his mouth to Willow’s and kissed her tenderly, then deeper. He tasted Willow’s needs and pulled her tighter against him. Making himself slow down so that she could have the same sort of experience as on that first night, William kept kissing her, then let himself kiss down her neck.

Willow held on and ran her hands over his shoulders, saying his name. He explored her, kissing her and holding her; Willow explored him, discovering how it felt touching him when he was wet. It was exciting! Willow smiled and going to her toes she kissed him on his neck, his spot above where his heart beat and his mouth. All things she had done on their first time.

William adjusted the spray, its direction and Willow said, “Why…” Suddenly her question was answered. Willow felt William kissing her and slowly taking her down to the tub part, while the spray hit him in the back and ricoqueted off onto her, feeling wonderful. Willow felt as William took her mouth into a drugging kiss, then kissed her jaw and on down her neck. She clung to him tighter and said, “William…”

He touched her, he kissed her, in all places that counted. Looking into her eyes, Willow’s looking into his, William slowly moved into her. The rush of water under her and William inside her was so much that when Willow did reach that paradise with him she screamed and told William how much she loved him. William responded with the same love and the same devotion to Willow….

Drying off, William carried Willow to their bed and laying her beneath the sheets and blankets he touched her hair and said, “Willow…you are all I could ever want or need.” Smiling up at him she said, “You are all I ever want or need. William and Willow dozed for an hour or two then awoke and made love again, emotionally, filled with everything that spelled their love and their need for the other….

The next day, William and Willow awoke lazily, dressing slowly, Willow choosing to be dressed down and William not complaining. She went around the house in her shirt and underwear at nine-thirty in the morning! They collaborated William’s newest story, Darkest Hours. Willow grabbed her pint of chocolate and walked to the den where William worked and said, “So what’s happening?”

William said, “Betty is about to be dumb and walk alone, unarmed into the haunted mansion. She thinks Leroy, her boyfriend is in there.”

Willow asked, “Is he?”

William grinned at Willow and accepting the bite she gave him he said, “For that my sweet Willow you will have to read.”

Giving him a frustrated look, Willow said, “Uh! You suck!”

William grinned and began typing again saying, “Keeps you wondering. Now…yep you’re gonna be a dumb broad aren’t you? Keep walking into that death trap. What a moron.”

Willow said with a laugh, “You write this stuff and condemn your characters.”

William said, “Half the fun of writing is to be able to bitch at your characters. It’s…a stress reliever.”

Willow grinned and moving into a chair beside him she said, “So are other things…but you don’t bitch at me.”

William said, “No…” He ran a hand over her face and said, “I love you. I don’t love Betty Brawn.”

Willow touched his mouth and said, “I love you too, William.” He moved in and kissed her. Willow sweetly kissed him back. The passion was there, it was obvious, but she was learning to control it. William said, “It’s okay, Will. I like tasting your fire.” Willow blushed and said, “I was afraid…it was getting old…that it would be a turn off.”

William said, “It isn’t a turn off…if anything it is an extreme turn on. Your passion fuels mine and I like getting reckless. As long as it doesn’t hurt you or the baby.”

Willow smiled and said, “The doctor says we can fool around all the way to the end of the pregnancy…we just may have to…change positions.” She blushed and said, “I don’t know why I blush. I think it must be a shy stage I’m developing…oddly.”

William saved his story and closing out he framed Willow’s face with his hand and said, “I like your stages, Will. All of them.”

Willow smiled and looked over William, dressed in his slacks and a red T-shirt and said, “You put too much on.” William said, “What cologne?”

Shaking her head, Willow said, “Clothes. It takes longer to get them off.” William grinned wickedly and said, “Well here. I’ll help.” He lifted his shirt and pulled it over his head. Unbuttoning and unzipping his fly he reached for Willow’s hands and gently pulled her closer, taking her mouth with his in a comfortable kiss. Willow wrapped her arms around him and deepened her part of the kiss. She felt William pull her shirt off and kiss down her neck. He kissed her so passionately on her mouth and neck that Willow literally did not feel him pull off her underwear. She barely felt him lowering her to him. When he moved into Willow, he caught her then by doing it aggressively. Willow smiled and joined in the excitement of loving William in this high tempo that took every bit of her and every bit of him and had her clinging and scratching and begging for him to keep going.

They ended up kissing and saying they loved each other, spent and holding each other. Willow cried happy tears saying, “Every time…I cry.”

William kissed her and said, “Crying is good, Will. To me, it feels like just another way you tell me that you love me, that what we share is special.” Willow smiled and nodded saying, “It is very special to me.” Scooting closer to him on the chair, Willow said, “I feel so relaxed…lazy as the neighbor’s tabby cat, Daphne.”

William laughed affectionately and said, “Lazy as a cat, huh?” He ran a hand casually on her thigh and said, “Let’s go to bed, Will.”

Smiling, Willow said, “Again? Okay…” She grabbed the hand he offered and naked walked with him across the room.

Neither let it register until the door rasped that someone was there. “Hey guys. Open up.”

William looked at Willow and both said to the other in sync, “It’s Rory!” Throwing on clothes, what was there, William put a towel over his chair—just in case, and said, “It’s a Saturday, Rory. Don’t you have something else to do?”

Rory said, “Sure, but I’d rather bullshit with you, so open up.”

Willow hurriedly buttoned her flannel.

Mallory said, “Maybe we should have called first…” she could tell something wasn’t right. William would have had that door open sooner unless…unless he and Willow were fooling around.

Grinning mischievously at her, Rory said, “Nah. This is just fine. Wake em up.”

Mallory said, “Rory….” She grinned with him though.

Rory began to turn the knob on the door, pushing on it, thereby setting off the alarm.

William grinned and said, “Hey wise ass, you bust my door in, you get to pay to have it fixed…”

Rory said, “Is that an offer?”

William said, “You couldn’t do it anyway, the way that thing is made, so this is silly.”

Rory said, “Now you’ve made it a dare. Mallory you heard him. He dared me.”

Mallory rolled her eyes and said, “He did.”

Rory pulled Mallory close and kissing her—Mallory kissing him back, he said, “Get behind me, Mal.”

She did, resigned to this mess.

Just then, William and Willow watched as their front door got kicked in by Rory. Shocked, William went on his English dialect he rarely used saying with a grin, “Oh bloody hell. You went and did it. Damn. I’m impressed. I’ll bet you’re feeling it. That was an oak door.”

Rory gave it a look and said with a doubtful face, “They tell you that when you bought it? If they did they lied.”

William grimaced saying, “Great. I paid an additional hundred for it.”

Rory laughed and said, “I could go there but I won’t.” William said, “We’re all going to be glad of it that you don’t.” Checking out the door slammed against the wall, William said, “The infamous Rory Parker strikes again.”

He walked to his friend and they did a manly hand exchange that was started years ago and remained. Rory said, “Never dare a Parker to kick a door in. He’ll do it.”

Willow looked at both men and rolling her eyes upward, smiling in fun, she said, “And what grade did both of you go into this year?” It brought them both to her with grins and had Rory looking down, trying to compose himself and winding up grinning just like William.

Looking at Mom, Willow walked to her saying, “Morning, mom.”

Mallory said, “Morning. We should have called.”

Just then sirens sounded outside and Mallory said, “Now you guys get to answer for this mess. I can’t wait to hear this one.”

Willow said, “Me either.” She walked closer to William and said, “Now would be a perfect time to use some of your cover up story lines that you use often in your stories.” She wrapped an arm around his waist and accepted the kiss of her wild husband. She loved him regardless.
Mallory walked up behind Willow and said, “Here.” She turned and saw mom had a pair of shorts in her hands. Blushing the color of her hair, Willow put them on and said, “Thanks, mom.”

Mallory said, “Sure.” She kissed Willow’s cheek and all prepared for this.

Picture this….

The cops arrive and noting the door off its hinges, they brace themselves and their guns as if on a bust. Looking everywhere for signs of hidden weapons in the hands of madmen, they shout, “Freeze!”

Rory looked at William and said, “Freeze?”

William cracked up and said, “Bloody hell…this town is weird! I’ve been here less than five years and still I think England has nothing on this place. Hey,” Recognizing the voice of one of the officers, William said, “Thompkins? Are you related to Jimmy Thompkins from Obaskatchie, near London?”

Thompkins’ look darkened and he said, “Why? You know him?”

Grinning, William said, “Yeah. He was a friend of mine.”

Thompkins said, “I never liked that cousin. I wouldn’t’ want to brag of being his friend. He’s a hoodlum, stirs up trouble and is bad.”

William grinned and said, “Yeah? He was a decent guy to me—at least at one time.” He sobered thinking of just how he had been decent.

Thompkins gave William a face of disgust and said, “No matter. Now what is going on? I was in the middle of my coffee break when the alarm reached us. You better have a good explanation for this one and know now I am not above tossing one or more of you in jail for the day. Just to recompense my mood. So out with the story.”

Rory said, “I…” William gave him a Follow Me look and said, “I bought a big screen TV…you boys know about those things, how they are… Anyway, my good friend Rory here came by to help haul it in. The door busted from the impact and size.”

Rory gave him a look like ‘You are so full of it. He’s not going to buy this.’ Inside he was thinking how it had been a long time since he had seen a jail cell. Today could be the reminder.

Thompkins said, “Okay…now explain how your alarm went off…if you were expecting a friend over that is. Wouldn’t you have shut it off when he knocked on the door?” There was a long pause and Thompkins added, “Are you boys pulling something on me? I’m in no mood, I’m telling you right now, I’m not.”

Willow said, “That was me, sir. See I live here too. I’m this bozo’s wife. I set the alarm every night before we go to bed. I must have forgotten to turn it off this morning. Blame it on hormones from my pregnancy, but I had other things on my mind when I got up.” William grinned widely putting an arm around Will’s waist.

This explanation seemed good enough for Thompkins stood blushing, tongue-tied over Willow’s comment and he and his weenie sidekick Morose left saying nothing else. Only in Sunnydale.

Turning to William and Rory, Willow said, “Oh you both owe me big! I’m talking a giant bucket of fudge ice-cream and French Fries!” Looking intently at William she added her request with her eyes. Continuing on, Willow said, “And just so you know, William, I am helping pick it out.”

William said, “Pick what out, Will?”

Willow’s eyes largened as she said, “The big screen that you bragged about to the officer.”

William acted like he was backing up and was backtracking. Or attempting to. Willow moved forward saying, “Oh yes. You do get to! Consider it keeping your word, William.”

Mallory said with a grin, “Willow? I think I am going to go on home and call you later. Rory?”

Rory nodded saying, “ Give him hell, Willow.”

William turned to Rory and said, “Hey buddy, it really should be you paying for a TV.”

Rory said, “Oh no. I’m replacing your door—by taking up your dare. Chuck it back and spend the cash, William.”

He and Mallory left soon after….

Somewhere in the midst of Willow going forward, picking on William for the TV incident that she didn’t’ really expect him to buy, Willow noted William’s eyes becoming more serious, intense, predatory. It was all it took and she shamelessly began to feel the same things inside. Willow tried hard to mask it though saying with a grin of confidence, “That look won’t work. You’re still buying the TV.”

William moved toward Willow saying with a grin, “We’ll go today, Will.” Focusing more, he added, “Right now…I believe you told me I owed you one. I don’t want to be indebted.” He pulled her close, kissing her lips gently.

Willow slid her arms up his shirt to behind his neck, leaning up against him and said, “I won’t let you be…not today.”

William deepened his kiss, lowering his mouth to her neck with precision. Willow buckled, feeling his arms going around her. William picked Willow up and carried her upstairs.

Unbeknownst to either of them, Rory stepped back inside and fixed their front door. Call it guilt, but he couldn’t leave it like it was. He pretended foolishly not to know what they were doing upstairs….

Meanwhile, upstairs, Willow felt William taking her under as he always did and cried out in quiet sobs. He found that spot that she knew and he knew so well by now and he led her to that wondrous place where everything felt good.

Reaching for him, as she felt him taking her there for the fourth time, Willow said, “Now…William…Now… Take me…”

William moved over Willow and kissing her passionately, he went into her soundly causing her to cry out and tip her head back, for tears to fall out of her eyes. Moving across the mattress fast and wildly, William and Willow shared cries, moans, and kisses as they neared that point where frustration was high and the answer was release. Willow felt him holding her legs up high and how he pushed into her hard. She whimpered again and said, “Oh William…”

William moved faster, kissing her neck, her breasts, her mouth, her hair. He said, breathy, “Willow…sweet Willow…”

Willow clawed at his shoulders as she felt the frustration hit and said, “Oh this is torture…”

It was. Until she felt him move in her in ways that were stronger, more provocative and sped up the process. William said, “Hang on to me…We’re almost there…almost there, Will.”

Willow held on and said, “Okay…oh, William…”

On the edge, William said, “Feel it?”

Willow nodded and said, “I…I do.” William kissed her deeply and holding her close-Willow holding him close, William seared into Willow one more time and sent them both into a land of paradise where everything was sweet and lovely and satisfaction was guaranteed….

When they surfaced and walked downstairs again it as darkening outside. Turning on the light to the kitchen, Willow said, “Did you leave a note for me? A love note?” She grinned. William said, “Nope. Not this time.” He would, he told himself.

William picked it up and together he and Willow read it standing in the kitchen. It said:

Hey guys,

Thought I’d stop back by and fix your door. I want to hear more about last night—if you want to share it—later on. Catch you later.


Willow smiled, then recalling her time with William she said, “You don’t think he heard…do you?”

Shaking his head, William said, “No. We weren’t that loud.”

Willow let out a breath of relief and looking up at him she said, “I was pretty passionate.”

William kissed her and said, “Yeah, you were." Smiling, holding her close he said, “I was too.”

Smiling up at him, Willow said, “I don’t know about that…but damn it felt good.”

Did she just say that? Realizing she had, Willow blushed.

William kissed her deeper and said, “It felt wonderful."

Willow looked up at him and said, “William…do you think it’s okay that we talk to each other like this?” Her insecurities were ever present—she didn’t like them, but they were here. She shyly looked into William’s blue eyes and waited.

William snuggled closer to Willow, looking more lovingly into her eyes, and said, “Yeah, I think it is okay. We share our bodies, Willow. How I see it is there is nothing we can’t share with our mouths when we do that. I enjoy being with you.”

Willow said in this honesty with a smile on her face, “I like sex…a lot. Especially when you do that thing in the end…it makes me scream and feel so good.”

William kissed her again and said with a smile backed by love, “I know what you’re talking about and it does feel good. I love hearing you scream, Will. Giving me demands of what you need or want.”

Willow asked, “What do you want?”

William said with a grin, “Something that can wait.”

Willow moved closer and said, “Oh no. Share.”

He did and they did and the entire night was spent by the fireplace, in their room, on the kitchen floor, with various speeds and urgencies. In the end they dozed off in each other’s arms, on the bed….


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Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: The special day is here and Willow and William have their baby…

Spoilers: None

Part Twenty-Three—Baby Makes Three

April 6, 2000

“I’m fat!” Willow exclaimed to her mother and to Rory when visiting that sunny afternoon. Nine months now and facing labor any day, Willow moved about in her white maternity top with little cherries all over it and baggy sweats feeling humongous these days and very miserable.

Mallory grinned at Willow across the counter and said, “You’re not fat, Will. You’re…” Rory supplied, “Beautiful.” Mallory agreed.

Willow rolled her eyes and said while holding her painful lower back and sitting in a kitchen chair, “That’s what William says—that I am beautiful—but I think you all need your eyes checked.” Sitting and eyeing Rory and mom, who were fixing lunch in the kitchen, Willow whined a little, “My back is killing me today.”

Mallory said, “I’m sorry, Willow. Maybe if you rest—take a little nap.”

Willow said, “Then I’d have to get back up again. I just sat down. Oh I wish I could have the baby. The pains would have to stop. My stomach has been hurting since I got out of bed this morning.” Looking at the wall clock, Willow mentally counted—six hours.

Alerted by this Mallory looked at Rory and said, “Sounds like you’re having contractions. How bad are they—and how long in between?”

Willow was having one now and biting her lip she winced. It sharpened and she bit harder, tasting blood. Grabbing her empty pop can Willow squeezed it to a flat pancake size. Mallory walked to Willow and said on a guess, “Willow I think it’s time. Where’s William?”

Trying to function, Willow said breathy, “At…home…working—ow!” Helping her to her feet, Mallory said, “He’s gonna be disturbed. Rory…help me, please.” Rory immediately moved to Willow and helped get her to the car.

Mallory stepped to the phone and dialed…

William was tuned into his newest story when the phone rang. Knowing Willow said she’d call him if she had any labor problems while at her mom’s, William answered on automatic, “Will?” Mallory said while smiling, “William it’s Mallory. You might want to save your story and head over here. Willow’s in labor.”

Looking at the water trail on the floor, Mallory smiled. She had this feeling that she was right. This was it. Willow had had a few false alarms in the past month, but Mallory had this instinct and from what she had told her…she just believed this was it.

William hung up and hurriedly drove over in his convertible. Climbing in Rory’s car, next to Willow—after he went into the house and asked Mallory frantically—William kissed Willow’s lips and held her close in the backseat. Mallory climbed in as passenger and Rory flew to the hospital. He dared any cop to stop him. His daughter and grandchild were more important than worrying over a speeding ticket anyway.

William didn’t like waiting when it came to Willow’s needs. He said flatly to the front desk operator, “My wife is in pain—my guess in labor…I don’t care what your schedule says, she needs a wheelchair and a room. I’ll fill out whatever bloody forms she needs when we’re in there. Now hurry it up…please.”

When William caught the smirks from his party, he said, “Hey! I said please. Bloody people anyway.” Willow squeezed his hand, loving him completely.

Willow thought she was okay—until a contraction doubled her over and she nearly collapsed from the pain. William picked her up and said, “To hell with this. Come on.” Mallory and Rory merely walked quickly behind, sharing his feelings at this point. They had waited ten minutes for a wheelchair or a sign of life.

Rushing Willow into the ER, William laid his feelings on the staff and within less than five minutes, Willow was in a room—her own room—with a bed. Hooked up, her OB showed and said, “Hello Willow. Let’s take a look, see what’s going on.”

Rory and Mallory stepped out so the doctor could examine Willow. William stayed. He had been by her side throughout the entire pregnancy at as many visits as he could be—aside from the one or two times he had to be in New York, which were beyond his control. He wasn’t at all afraid of seeing her in stirrups or the doctor checking the status of the baby. He felt connected to that process and wanted to be there. Willow squeezed his hand then and said, “I love you, William.” William kissed her and said, “I love you, Willow.”

The doctor smiled and said, “It isn’t a false alarm this time. You’re having the baby.”

Amazingly when this was said, Willow was in a temporary reprieve from contractions. She smiled at William and he touched her face and kissed her again.

Within the hour, Willow was in tremendous pain again and asked for help—for pain relief—but the doctor said, “I’m sorry, Willow, but you are too effaced now to have them. You’re tough though and I know you can do this if we all work together.”

That was such a pleasant comforting comment ordinarily, but not when Willow was in such pain. She was hurting badly. And she was scared. Turning to mom, she said, “Mom…” Mallory moved to her and said, “It’s going to be okay, Willow. You’re brave.”

Rory told her much the same and because of the amount of people in the room and the necessity to keep Willow calm and focused, he was asked to step out into the lobby. Rory didn’t’ like it, but he did it. Meantime, Mallory stayed by her side, holding one hand, William holding the other. Both teamed up and helped encourage her.

The doctor gently asked Willow to push, over and over. Willow had never known pain like this. She sat and thought to herself for a brief moment how anything beautiful such as being with William could cause such pain, then chastising herself for being whiney and selfish she focused on the birth of her baby. She wanted this baby and was looking forward to his or her arrival. Not wanting to yell or cuss despite the excruciating pain, Willow squeezed her supporters’ hands and bit her lip, letting out small signs of pain by her cries. Her bottom lip she figured was bloody as could be from the amount of times she bit it and tasted it, but she wanted this baby to be born feeling loved not hearing cursing from her mother.

Remaining focused, Willow kept this up for the next two hours and then when the pains intensified to maximum, she pushed harder, sweating and feeling mom wiping the sweat with a cloth from her purse. William spoke affectionately to her and she turned when she could and smiled at him, at this point through determination to stay driven. Needing his help, she squeezed his hand stronger and he squeezed back, kissing her mouth and said, “I’m right here, love. Push.” One final push and all four doctor included heard the sound of the baby crying. William gladly cut the cord when asked and Mallory hurried out and grabbed Rory. Bringing him in, she stood with her arm around his waist and felt his around hers. She cried. Willow and William sat on the bed now and heard the doctor say, “It’s a boy. A healthy baby boy. Congratulations.” Turning to William, Willow reached for him saying, “Oh William.” William hugged her, both in tears of happiness. When the baby was brought back to the bed, cleaned and in a blue blanket, Willow smiled into his blue eyes and said, “William Charles Berkley. For his dad and mine.” Rory bent down and kissed Willow’s forehead saying, “Thank you.” Willow hugged Rory and said, “You’re welcome.”

William smiled broadly with Willow at their son and each other and after holding him for an endless period of time, after he was placed in the nursery for the night, after Rory and Mallory had left for the night, William and Willow lay in the single bed and talked until Willow worn out fell asleep. William held her close. Nothing could equal the love that he felt that day. He was a dad thanks to this woman—his sweet beautiful wife, Willow….



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Awww, this is great, too, Angie! I love it so far! :heart :heart :heart

I loved this exchange:

Eric nodded and said, “So you are here to date Willow and want to marry her. What about your past, Spike?”

William said, “It’s history. Along with the years. I’ve got a new life, Eric, the powers gave it to me, five years ago. It’s legit and I’m actually doing pretty well. I’ve become a full time writer.”

Eric said, “I thought you were killed years ago.”

William said, “Nope. Given another chance. That’s all. But how I feel about her is real Eric, I’m not playing her. I mean that and you know that I’ve played before.”

William stood, expecting to be asked to leave anyway.

Eric let out a deep breath and said, “Alright. I’ll concede that you’re different and we are old friends so I know you’re not lying.”

William sat down across from Eric and said, “No, I’m not lying.”

Mallory and Willow walked in with Anya and Xander in the kitchen listening. Willow walked toward her dad and said, “Dad, I love William.”

Eric said, “You know he’s wanting to marry you?”

Willow smiled at William and said, “I know. I want to marry him too.”

:clap :clap :clap

And this made me smile:

William shrugged and said, “Off and on. I woke up and saw you were gone…I heard the water and decided now was a good time to take a shower with my beautiful wife.”

Willow blushed and said, “Oh…” Smiling she said, “Well get under the water and you can share with me.”

William walked to the spray and let his body get immersed. Willow watched the whole scene in sudden interest. He hadn’t noticed yet, but she was staring. It was like one of those commercials except instead of it being some beautiful woman, this was a hot guy—hers—under the steamy water! He had ways about him that frustrated her at times, but Willow loved every part of him, his mind that was so full of ideas of Science Fiction Horror stories, his heart that held hers so strongly, the way he spoke to her and held her, making her so aware of how much he loved her, and his body that also belonged to her in ways that she was so very thankful for! Willow smiled broadly.

When William opened his eyes he saw Willow’s on them and he smiled, saying, “What are you thinking about?”

Willow said, “You…and me. How glad I am that we are together…that I am gonna have your baby soon.” She smiled largely.

And I love the new name, too! I still like the original that' it's based on, too, though. :heart :heart :heart :D

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Wow! I'm so excited that you love it, Gerry! Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback!!! :) You've made my night! :) *hugs*

Here is an update!

Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Willow turns to William when she feels a bout of insecurity following the birth of baby William... Kinda small part...

Spoilers: None!

Part Twenty-Four--Insecurity

Three Months Later…

July 10, 2000

Willow rocked baby William to sleep for his mid-day nap. He was gorgeous, he had his daddy’s blue eyes and Willow thought he was the prettiest baby she’d ever seen. How she saw herself these days was different, however. It was taking longer to lose her weight she’d gained—twenty some odd pounds—and she saw it in her thighs and her belly. Willow had never weighed this much in her life! Always average, 120 pounds, it felt like she was a cow weighing 140. She’d not mentioned it to anyone, feeling too bad about it. She went around in sweats and jeans and baggy sweatshirts to cover it. It was awful!

Willow put the baby down in his crib and kissed him sweetly before stepping out of the bedroom. He slept next to Mom and Dad in a very elaborate blue bassinet now days.

Walking downstairs to the living room, Willow watched as William typed on his PC. He was working on Even Strides, his latest novel. This one had some romance in it by Willow’s asking, and he’d been working on it for about a month. Putting her hands on his shoulders, Willow said, “Hey.” William looked up at Willow and smiled saying, “William asleep?” Nodding, smiling, Willow said, “I’ve decided not to let him have sugar before naptimes anymore, though. He fought me for an hour before settling down.”

She dropped in a chair beside his and let out a breath of exasperation. She was tired! Up a lot at night with William waking up hungry, Willow had bags under her blue eyes and she was pale. William saved his story and looking at her he said, “Why don’t you curl up on the couch…take a nap?” Willow scratched her hair that she’d not even brushed yet today—she was so exhausted—and said, “I might doze a few minutes.” Laying on the couch, she closed her eyes and said, “Night…”

William smiled and said, “Night, love.”

When Willow awoke next it was after three. William was holding the baby in the dining room, talking to him quietly so Mama could sleep. Pushing herself up groggily, Willow said, “I…would have gotten up…”

William said, “I know. It was my turn. He’s changed, and fed and,” chuckling William added, “very awake. He’s so small, Will.”

Willow thought, ‘Unlike me…’ But she said, “I know.” Getting to her feet, she walked to her husband and said, “Thank you…” William urged her to him and kissed her saying, “You’re welcome. I’m taking a break on my story. Will why don’t you take today and go do something, visit your mom, drop by and see Anya?”

Willow said in a voice that sounded uneven and unlike her, “William I am fine…just…tired.” She snapped at William. This surprised Willow because he hadn’t asked for it. She added solemnly, “I’m sorry. I don’t…” she was near tears and said, “I…I think I will go see mom.”

William saw this and said, “What is it, Will?” He shifted William to his other arm and looked into Willow’s eyes, seeing her hurt.

Willow sat again and broke into tears saying, “I’m…fat…ugly. You have to think I’m a cow…I do…I’ve never worn as big of clothes as I do now. We haven’t made love in months…maybe…maybe I’m too ugly or huge to want to be with anymore…”

William got up and said, “Come on. Grab your shoes and come on.”

Willow went along, sullenly, and watched as William wrapped little William up into a blanket and grabbed bottles, and his diaper bag. Confused, Willow asked, “Where are we going?” William said as they walked out the door, “Your mom’s.”

Willow gave William a curious look and climbed in the car…

Knocking twice, William opened the door and said, “Mallory? Rory?” Mallory walked in with clothes in her hands, getting ready to put them away. She smiled then caught William’s look and said, “Hi, I was going to call you, Willow, see if you were stopping by… What’s going on?”

William said, “You remember offering to babysit?” Nodding, Mallory said, “Yes. Need me to?” William looked at Willow then at Mallory and said, “For a couple of hours.” Mallory gladly took the baby into her arms and cooing at him she said, “Why don’t I just watch him until tomorrow? Give you both a break.”

Willow said guiltily, “Mom…you don’t have to do that…” William agreed it wasn’t needed. But Mallory said, “I want to. I love being grandma and this way I can spend time with him. Now go on. We’ll be okay.” She took the bag of baby items and kissing her daughter she said, “Go on.”

Willow hugged her mom, thanking her, and puzzled still she walked out with William…

In the car, Willow watched as William drove her to a fancy hotel and parked. Glancing at William, she said, “This place is…outrageous.” It had a pool in it and everything. Willow had secretly wished she could go here. William parked the car and turning to Willow he lifted his hand to her cheek and said, “I think we can splurge some.” Willow started, “But…” William quickly leaned in and kissed Willow on the mouth. It was impulsive and full of fire. Willow felt wants that she’d missed feeling and touching his shirt she scooted closer and kissed him back.

Taking her hand in his, William walked with Willow into the hotel to rent a room….

No quicker had the door to the hotel room been locked than William was kissing Willow, she was kissing him back. William said, “I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time, Willow.” Willow said surprised, “You never tried…” William said, “You were healing and up half the nights with William. I didn’t think you were up to it. Now that you are…” He slid his hands to her shirt and started to move them under when Willow said insecurely, “I feel…so…unattractive.”

William slowly lifted her baggy gray sweatshirt over her head and seeing her slender waist and slightly pouchy belly, unsnapping her bra and looking at her breasts, he said, “Fat…you aren’t fat. You are beautiful, Willow.” Willow said lowly, “I don’t feel that way.” William kissed her lips sweetly and said, “Let me show you how beautiful I think you are.” Willow caught his smile and smiled back saying, “Okay. But I get to take part too.” William laughed with her and said, “I love you, Willow.” Willow moved into his arms and holding him against her she said, “I love you, William.” Taking her mouth again, William picked her up and carried her to the bed. Spending the day making love, he showed her how much she meant to him…

Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Buffy experiences a shocking fear that changes her course and a surprise that she least expects…

Spoilers: None

Part Twenty-Five—When Things Change

August 25, 2000

Buffy Summers walked into Sunnydale University feeling good. This was her sophomore year of college, she was a top slayer, and in love with Rick, a guy that she had fallen in love with last year and knew loved her. Everything was great in Buffy’s life.

Walking in to the school, she met up with Anya and smiling she said, “Hey, Anya.” Anya smiled, shocked that Buffy was smiling, Anya said, “Buffy. You look…happy.”

Buffy said, “I am.”

Anya looked over her friend who had her hair pulled back into a ponytail, her low hanging black jeans and skimpy sea blue tank top, the smile on her face, and Anya shook her head. She said, “Well good. I’m glad to see you happy. So what are the plans with Giles?”

Buffy frowned slightly and said, “Giles can wait. I have plans for Rick that I want you to know about first. Come on, I’ll tell you on the way in.”

Anya rolled her eyes as a friend and listened as Buffy went on about her boyfriend, Rick. It was nice to see Buffy smiling again…
Anya listened for twenty minutes as Buffy went on about Rick, about how inseparable they had become over the last few months. Buffy spent days over at his house and he took her to hotels where they spent nights. Fooling around more than they did last year, Anya noticed. When Buffy showed no worry about it, Anya smiled and tried to brush it off, but as the day waned on, she got concerned and drove over to William and Willow’s for a visit. She was supposed to stop by anyway.

In the driveway were Willow’s mom and her boyfriend’s car. Not thinking anything of it anymore, Anya parked her bug and walked up the driveway to the condo. She knocked. Willow looked out the peephole, smiled big and shut off the alarm, letting in her best friend. Hugging tightly, Willow said, “Hey.”

Anya said smiling, “Looks like you’re getting more sleep.”

Nodding, Willow said, “I am. I get about six hours now which helps a lot. Come on in.”

Nodding, Anya kicked off her white canvas shoes and walked in with Willow, to the kitchen. There at the table was William, Billy in a high chair, Rory and Willow’s mom, Mallory. Smiling still, Anya said, “Hi.”

Mallory said, “Anya. How are you?”

Anya said, “I’m hanging in there. Started school today.” Willow was taking this semester off since she just had little William.

Willow got her a Pepsi since that was her choice of drink and sitting with her best friend at the table, Willow said, “So how was it?”

Anya sat and said tiredly, “It was alright. I got my first taste of Mr. Bailey, the Physics Lab teacher...ugh! I'm thinking he's gonna pile us and I hate Physics...something else is bugging me though...”

Rory said, “What is it?”

Anya looked at her hands that were nervous, shaking some, then looked up at her close friends and said, “It’s Buffy… Will I’m worried about her. She wasn’t her bitchy self.”

Everyone chuckled over that statement, Anya included.

Willow said, “Really?” She started feeding Billy again at his high chair. He was a four months now and his hair held a red to it. Willow smiled at him and said, “Eat, Billy.” She fed him another bite, or tried to. He played with it and it landed on his high chair. Willow wiped his mouth with a towel and tried again.

Looking at Anya, at her concern, Willow said, “How was she?”

Anya said, “Ridiculous.”

William said, “That sounds like Buffy to me.” He took another bite of his toast and smiled.

Willow noted that Anya was serious and so she said, “Ridiculous…”

Anya took a drink of her Pepsi and said, “She started telling me about her plans to sneak off with Rick tonight. From what she’s told me they have become very close…closer than they were last year, Will. That was close then.”

Nodding, Willow said, “It was. I remember.”

Anya continued quietly, “This guy might like her, but…I don’t think he loves her. Buffy is spending nights with him.”

Willow said, “You’re afraid she’s gonna get hurt?”

Anya looked upward for a moment, then said, “It would not surprise me. It’s like she’s lost both her head and her heart, Willow. I think she’d do whatever he asked.”

Willow looked at Mallory and said, “Mom would you take over please?”

Mallory nodded and walked to Billy. Willow walked over to her friend and said, “I’m sure it isn’t that bad. Buffy is smart. She’s the one who handed me condoms at the Bronze when I left on Halloween with William. I mean she knows about protecting herself.”

William smiled, ignoring his story now as he said, “She did? Will?”

Willow turned and said, “I thought you were working on your story.”

William chuckled and said, “This is something I didn’t know. It’s more interesting right now. How come I never knew about this?”

Willow said with a grin, “Because…” She saw her mom and Rory there and blushed saying, “It’s…I’ll tell you later.”

William said with a wide smile, “Later I want the entire story.” He couldn’t imagine Buffy giving Willow condoms for William to use on Willow. It was humorous. He said aloud, “She must not have recognized me.”

Willow said, “She didn’t. Now read!” She smiled though and William smiled with her.

Willow said more serious, “If she did find herself pregnant, who would be the slayer?”

William said, “They’d have to send for another one, I’m sure. When one dies or can’t do her job, the Council sends another in her place. That’s the rule.”

Joking with Willow to get her goat, William added, “Or they could just ask you to do it.” Willow said seriously, “I’m married, a mom, and not a slayer. I help, but that’s all.” William said, “There have been other slayers who were mom’s too, you can bet.” Willow panicked, then seeing William’s smile she said, “Oh! You’re picking on me.”

William held up his fingers and said, “Just this much, love. You are a top warrior, though.”

Anya said, “Back to Buffy…I don’t know what to do. I’m just worried about her.”

Mallory said, “Listen to her, be her friend. That’s about all you can do, honey.”

Nodding, Anya said, “I guess…”

Willow said, “We’ll be here too.”

Anya told them thank you and stayed a little while longer to visit, then went home…


Two Weeks Later…

“Buffy! Get up you’re going to be late again for school.” Joyce Summers hollered at her teenage daughter. Buffy pulled her blankets more tightly around her and said, “I’m tired!”

Joyce said, “I’m sorry you’re tired but you still have to get around and get ready for school.” Watching as Buffy slowly tried to get out of bed and held her stomach, Joyce said, “What is it?”

Buffy said, “Nothing! I’m just a little queasy this morning, that’s all.”

Joyce followed Buffy to her bathroom and said, “Buffy I am worried about this relationship. All summer you have spent going out with that boyfriend of yours and you stay gone for days…you don’t tell me what’s going on with the two of you. You just evade me. I know you’re sleeping together. How do you know that he loves you…that he isn’t just having a good time? Some guys are like that, Buffy.”

Buffy sat on the toilet in the bathroom and glared out at her mother. She said, “Nothing is wrong with Rick, mom…we have a good time together. I like him.” No, she loved him, Buffy knew.

Joyce shook her head and said, “Whatever. Hurry up. You’ll be late.” She left the bedroom.

Buffy flushed the toilet and standing again, dressed, she felt this horrible sickness overcoming her. Unable to control it, she sat on the floor with her head over the commode and vomited…

For the next month, Buffy experienced vomiting in the mornings, but she ignored it and cleaned up, covered her face with make-up and went to school. She knew something was wrong, but just didn’t want to dwell on it. School was important, her classes, her grades. And she didn’t want to think about why she was sick every morning, why she had missed her period… If she did, it would scare her, Buffy knew. So she tried to forget it…

October came around and Buffy was still sickly. She drove to Giles’s that Saturday night on her bike, ready for practice. Okay, she wasn’t ready for it, she wanted to skip it, but duty made her go. She was obligated to go. So she parked in his driveway and walked up letting herself inside. William, Willow, little Billy, Anya, Xander and Giles were already there. Buffy said, “Hey.”

Her face was pale and everyone knew it, regardless of the make-up she used. Her blonde hair was pulled back in an I-Don’t-Care style that looked ratty and was held by a clip. Her outfit was black spandex with a baggy pink Sunnydale High T-shirt over it.

Billy crawled in a playpen nearby and Buffy smiled at him, walked over and said, “Hey there.”

Billy giggled. Buffy kissed his cheek and walked to Giles in his den. She said, “So what is the drill tonight, Giles?”

Giles looked at Buffy and said, “None. You are sick, Buffy.”

Buffy said, “No…I’m not. I am fine.”

Walking over to the punching bag, Buffy hit it with her fists and said, “See?”

The motion caused her to feel sick to her stomach and hold her belly. Willow said, “Sit down, Buffy.”

Buffy said tiredly, “I don’t know why…I can’t get rid of this bug. It hits me in the morning and I can’t stop vomiting…then all day I’m worthless. It’s horrible.”

Willow looked at William. Giles said, “If you’ll all excuse me a moment. I need to grab something from the kitchen.”

They all did and he left the room.

Suddenly, Buffy broke into tears. William had a feeling something was coming and he stood by the door, watching for Giles. When he started back, William stopped him and began talking about Warrior stuff.

Buffy said, “I’ve let you all down…”

Anya said, “No, Buffy. You haven’t.”

Willow said, “We’re going to be fine, Buffy. We’ll pull together like we always do.”

Buffy said, “I can’t…tell Giles…please don’t tell him. Or my mother! She will be mad at me…she already doesn’t like Rick.” She cried harder.

Xander patted Buffy on the knee and said, “Hey. You’re strong stuff. Remember?”

Buffy said, “Yeah. Strong stuff that got weak once and now is pregnant. How am I going to tell Rick?”

Anya said, “You say, Rick, I’m going to have a baby. You’re the dad. Or something like that.” She smiled, trying to make it easier on Buffy. Buffy smiled a little then heard Rick’s car as he pulled up into the drive.

Standing, she wiped her eyes and said, “I’ll be back inside in a little bit.”

They nodded and watched compassionately as Buffy walked out the front door to meet her boyfriend.
Buffy walked over to Rick and he pulled her close and kissed her. Kissing him back Buffy said, “Rick.”

Rick said, “Hey, Buffy.”

Buffy said, “The practice is starting. But I need to talk to you.” Rick said, “Okay. Let’s talk.” He walked with her to the porch and they sat together.

Buffy was so scared of telling him what she thought happened. But she had to. Looking at him, in his eyes, finally, Buffy said through an uneven voice, “I think I’m pregnant.”

Rick said, “No way. We’ve used something when we’ve been together, Buffy.”

Buffy shook her head and said, “Not every time…”

Worried, Rick snapped, “Every time, Buffy, that I’ve been with you, I have used something. So Buffy unless you were with another guy…”

Buffy shook her head and said, “I wasn’t. At all.” She wiped more tears.

Rick said, “Then you can’t be pregnant. Now come on. We have to get in there before Giles starts looking and ranting. You know how he is.”

Nodding, feeling her heart reaching her stomach, Buffy walked inside with Rick.

As they made it into the hall before going to the den, Buffy brought up another point, “Rick, I’ve missed my period. I’m sick every morning. I’m emotional.”

Rick said like a jerk, “You’re emotional alright.” Buffy looked at him, hurt now and said, “What does that mean?”

Rick turned and said flatly, “It means you are going crazy over nothing. Buffy, there is absolutely no way you could be pregnant. Now relax…and stop…skitzing.”

Buffy watched as Rick walked into the den and knew she couldn’t go in with him. Not now. He didn’t want to face the possibility that she could be pregnant and she couldn’t go in there and look at him now knowing this. Feeling like an idiot, wondering if he was right, she turned and started to leave the house…walking into William.

He said, “Whoa!”

Buffy said, “Get…away…from me.” She burst into tears and left the house. William had an idea what happened and was pissed. Walking into the den he said, “Hey, Rick. Want to take a minute?”

Rick shrugged as Giles was beginning to discuss events and said, “Sure.”

He walked into the hall with William and said, “What’s up?”

William looked at the twenty-some year old kid and said, “Buffy just left here crying.”

Rolling his eyes, Rick said, “She’s having a bad night.”

William said, “She has bad nights. She left destroyed. What did you say to her?”

Rick said, “Nothing. Why do you care? You’re with Willow.”

Even angrier, William nudged Rick to the wall and said, “Yeah. I am. Did you hurt Buffy?” Grabbing his shirt and pulling him up to eye level against the wall, William said, “Did you?”

Rick said nervously, “She says she’s pregnant. I don’t buy it. I used condoms when we were together.”

William said, “So one didn't work. What are you going to do?” William expected an immature response and he was ready to deal with it when it happened.

Rick said, “I’m not going to do anything. If Buffy’s pregnant it is somebody else’s and they will have to do something. Not me.”

William said, “Come on. We’re going outside you and me.” Rick tried to argue with him but William dragged him out there. Out in the driveway between the vehicles, William beat the shit out of Rick. Buffy stood in the shadows and watched, in shock…

When Rick was gone, William walked around the cars and walked on toward the front door when he sensed Buffy. He said, “Slayer.” Buffy stepped forward and said, “Why?”

William said, “Because nobody deserves to be jilted. Let me tell you, Buffy. You are tough and you will make it through this. Despite that jerk.”

He walked on to the door. Buffy said, “William?”

William turned and said, “What?”

Buffy said, “Thank you.” Nodding, William said, “Come on. We’ve got preparations to make and you are our leader. Get your fanny in there, girl.”

Smiling, Buffy walked forward and for the first time ever didn’t see the man beside her as an enemy. She didn’t see him as a friend either, but she admired him and that shocked Buffy even more than knowing she was going to have a baby at nineteen…

William walked to Willow and sat beside her. Giles said, “Where’s Rick, Buffy?”

Buffy said, “He had to leave. I don’t think we’ll see him anymore. Thanks to William.” Feeling courage now, Buffy told the group her suspicions and instead of being yelled at her put down, she was supported and encouraged. Buffy sat with the people she counted on as much as they her and listened to Giles’s findings on the next upcoming disaster… Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad, Buffy thought. If William and Willow could love each other and have a baby together, maybe there was someone out there that would love Buffy enough too. If not she had great friends and that was worth more than any needledick boyfriend who thought he was something. Far more…


Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: William and Willow share a belated anniversary together while Buffy runs into Rick…

Spoilers: None

Part Twenty-Six—Intimate Encounters

September 4, 2000

“Willow I insist you do this.” Mallory told Willow for the fifth time that Friday afternoon. Mallory had been trying to convince Willow that she needed to spend the night with William and finally celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. Willow didn’t think it was right or very fair to expect her mother to watch Billy again. She’d babysat for them on every patrol night and nights when she thought Willow needed the rest.

So Willow argued, “Mom it isn’t fair. You take Billy enough already…”

Mallory spoke over Rory who was on the phone in the kitchen with one of his friends, they weren’t sure which, as she said, “I take Billy because I want to. I’m his grandma and I love watching him. You are my daughter and I want you to have a nice anniversary with your husband.”

Grinning, Willow said, “It’s still hard saying that isn’t it?”

Mallory readjusted her legs beneath her on the couch across from Willow who sat on the EZ chair in her mom’s living room in her condo. She said with a motherly smile, “Not anymore. It was for awhile. You and William have gone through a lot together.”

Nodding, remembering, Willow said, “We have.”

Rory hung up the phone in the kitchen and walked into the living room. Looking at Willow he said, “I just got off the phone with William. He’s coming to pick you up in about two minutes.”

Grinning, Willow said, “Uh-huh. Sure he is. Rory I know that William is working on his story and won’t be by for another hour. You are pulling my leg.”

Rory sat beside Mallory and said, “He changed his mind.”

Willow looked from her mother to Rory. They were both grinning at Willow. She was about to say something when she watched out of the corner of her eye, William’s convertible pulling into the driveway behind Rory’s firebird. Eyeing them both, Willow walked to the door and opening it she said, “We’re being kicked out with a demand to have a belated anniversary.”

William was told to come by to visit with Rory for awhile. He walked inside and did the hand thing with Rory. He said, “We going to visit as a foursome?”

Rory said, “Not today. Today you are going to take Willow and get out of town. Your anniversary was last month and you spent it at home. That is…just wrong.”

William looked at Willow and then at the two who invited this and said, “What time do we need to be back?”

Rory said, “Monday is a holiday, right Mall?”

Mallory nodded and said, “That’s right. I don’t see why you can’t stay gone until Monday night. You, Rory?”

He shook his head and said, “Not me.”

William took Willow’s hand in his and said, “Where’s Billy?”

Mallory said, “Sleeping, upstairs. He’ll be fine until you get back. Now get out of here.”

She was smiling. But William and Willow still had to check in and lightly kiss Billy before leaving. Then heading downstairs they told Mallory and Rory thank you and left the house together. They were taking the weekend and having an unexpected belated anniversary…

Driving in the convertible, William took Willow to Violet, California, fifty miles from home. It was a sweet little town and had a nice bed and breakfast. Pulling into the parking lot, they parked and holding hands walked inside. William had stopped at a Wal Mart and got them some clothes to wear while out since they didn’t’ stop at home first. Paying the middle-aged lady named Willa Westcott the $150.00 she asked for a night they took their key and headed to room 4B.

Stepping inside the room looked more like an apartment with a bay window in what looked like a dining room area. Fully furnished with a white sofa and rose colored carpeting, Willow said, “It’s beautiful.” She walked over to the window in the dining room and looking out she could see the ocean and people lounging on beach chairs. William dropped the bag and said, “It is. Will?”

Willow turned away from the window and said, “Yeah?”

William said, “I wonder what the other rooms look like.” Willow walked over to him and said, “Let’s look.” She put her hand into his and together they walked into the bathroom that was huge with a shower/bath and a window and window seat, painted a light blue. Then walking into the bedroom Willow saw a green carpeting on the floor and a king sized bed with off white blankets, neatly made. William grinned and said, “This is nice. Very, very nice.”

Walking to a window, William opened it and pushed up the windowsill. He said, “Nice sea smell for my lady.”

Smiling, Willow said, “I love the smell of the ocean.” She walked over to the window William opened to breathe it in.

William grinned at Willow and said, “Especially after making love.”

Just hearing William say that had Willow warming up inside. She smiled bigger and said, “Yes. It’s relaxing.”

As Willow looked out at the ocean, William took in the bedroom, where he wanted to be with Willow first. He took off his clothes and walked next to Willow. Kissing her cheek, down the side of her neck, up behind her ear. Willow smiled and shut the curtains to the window. Turning to William she saw him standing there, naked. Looking him over, over his male chest with light brown hair over it, down his torso, over the part of him that was most masculine, down his legs, then back up to his full mouth she wanted to kiss, up into his blue eyes that were deep and sea-like. Willow ran her hands up his chest, to his shoulders and said, “Kiss me, William.”

William tipped up Willow’s face and lowering his own he kissed her lips, gently. Picking her up to eye level he kissed her more passionately. Willow didn’t want to leave his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist, as she kissed him back. William held her securely as Willow touched his face and kissed her again sweetly, then aggressively. Willow kissed him in return and felt as he walked her somewhere. Grinning she said, “Where are we going?”

William chuckled as he said, “To this gigantic bed of ours.” Sitting Willow on it, he laughed at the size and then kissed Willow. Willow kissed him back, smiling with him over the large bed. He held her waist leisurely and said, "Come up here, Will."

Willow did and William sat across from her, kissing her lips as he pulled up her yellow T-shirt. Her hair still very long, he held onto it gently as he kissed down her neck. Willow held the back of his neck with her hands and feeling his brown hair with her hands she said his name in surprise. Unsnapping her bra, William said, “This feels like our first time.”

Willow smiled, blushed, and said, “Really?”

Nodding, William said, “In a way.”

Willow thought about it and said, “This is our first time here.” She watched as he pulled her white bra off her body. Saw his eyes looking over her breasts. To William she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever known and he thought it every time he saw her like this.

William kissed Willow's spot at the very top of her throat, all the way down to her breasts. William kissed all over and around her breasts and felt his body getting as wild as he saw Willow's becoming. He said in a gaspy way, "You're absolutely beautiful, Willow. Every bit of you is...including these..."

He touched her breasts with his fingers, he shut his blue eyes and felt his hands holding them.

Willow sexually moaned as William opened his sexy mouth and sucked her breasts like a pair of juicy oranges! Willow smiled and said, “They’re…large. I have large nipples and no breasts…well except for…except for when I’m full of milk for the baby…then they…got a little bigger.”

William chuckled seductively and said, "THey can be as small or large as they like, I still want to suck them and lick them...and...hear you get hotter by my doing it." He did just as he said, he sucked them and he licked them in his own style, and Willow moaned and felt her panties getting wet. The more William investigated, the damper she got. Willow watched as William touched her waist with his hands as if framing it to see if he could reach it with his fingers. Willow couldn’t stand that because it was too close.

Unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, William pulled them off, touching her thighs, her lower calves as he helped Will get them off her feet. Looking up at Willow, William kissed her torso, all across her stomach area. Willow started moaning and saying things she wasn’t aware of. William said with a smile, “Let’s find out.”

Sliding his hands into the back of her panties, he touched her bottom. Willow cried out. The tip of his fingers touched a heated part of her panties. William let out a hard breath of his own and kissed her belly. Removing his hands he held one on her back to keep her on her knees and with the other he touched the front of her panties. Finding them saturated, hearing her cries, William lowered them off of her and kissing her abdomen he lay back on the bed, pulling Willow closer to him. He kissed her warm mouth, over her chin and down her neck. Willow knew where this was going and agreeing most definitely she slid down, getting comfortable and kissed his body as she felt him pull her lower body closely to his and felt him enter her….

Lying next to William after making love, Willow said on a smile, “William? Are you awake still?”

William said half-asleep, “Mmmm? Yeah, Will.” He touched her hair as she lay with her head on the pillow.

Looking over at him, Willow touched his chest, his face, and said, “How…how is it…?” Blushing she said, “Never mind.”

William woke up at her hesitation and said, “How is what?”

Willow turned redder as she said, “Nothing. I can’t believe I almost asked such a thing.”

William kissed Willow and said, “Come on now…” he kissed her mouth, her face, and said, “How is what?”

Willow kissed him back and snuggling closer she said, “I just wondered how I could have ever felt worried about being intimate with you.”

William said, “You worried about it?” He positioned himself on his pillow and looked at Will, listening more now. He touched her face with his hand, endearingly.

Willow smiled and said, “I was nervous…worried that I wouldn’t do something like older women might…and I was worried that it would hurt really bad. The kids at school had made a big deal about guys that were insensitive. I listened. I learned that I was silly to.” She kissed William and added, “You made my first time special.”

William kissed Willow and said, “It was silly to think that I would ever see you as inadequate or that I would compare… Willow…” Framing his hand over her face, looking deep into her blue eyes, William said, “Everything you did, that we did together, that night was special to me."

Nodding, Willow said with a large smile, “It was to me too. I'll never forget it, William.”

William kissed Willow again then said sensitively, "I'll never forget it either, Will. Every time we make love it is special for me.”

Willow moved her hand to his waist and said, “For me too.” She closed her eyes like she was going to sleep.

William said, “Will?”

Willow said, “Yeah?”

William felt a tad insecure now himself as he said, “You didn’t tell me after…on Halloween night…but I know there was blood on the blanket we pulled down on the carpet.”

Willow said honestly, “You’re asking me if it was painful.”

William kissed Willow’s neck and said, “Yeah.”

Willow replied just as honest as before, “I enjoyed my first time, William just like I enjoyed this time. When we first connected by the fireplace…” Looking at William she said, “For a minute or maybe two. During our lovemaking I really didn’t let myself pay attention. I was just so happy to be with you. But like I said it was very brief and I barely remember any pain. I only remember feeling your arms around me and knowing that I wanted to give that part of me to you.”

William was extremely touched as he lowered his mouth to Willow’s that day. He kissed her again and again and moving on top he said, “I love you, Willow.”

Willow smiled and wrapping her arms around the back of his neck, she said, “I love you too.”

Gently expressing this love, William and Willow made love again, then took a brief nap. Awakening again later that evening, they made love all the rest of the night, sleeping very, very little…

Buffy Summers walked into the white and brick building with a sign out front that said Modern Women: OB GYN. She had an appointment. Signing in up front, she grabbed a magazine and took a seat. She had a good thirty-minute wait she told herself reassuringly. Boy was she ever wrong. The nurse called her back within five minutes of being there. Nervous as can be, Buffy walked back with her and began uttering a bunch of nonsense that the nurse blew off, being kind. She weighed her and checked her pulse. Taking brief information she said the doctor would be in shortly to examine Buffy.

Buffy put on a light pink gown and waited. Finally, ten minutes later, Dr. Alba Watson walked in. Smiling, the middle aged red head said, “Ms. Summers. I’m Dr. Watson. If you’ll just lay back, we’ll find out what’s going on in there.”

Nodding, glumly, Buffy did so and put her feet in the stirrups. Dr. Watson spoke about everything to Buffy then after she was finished she had Buffy get dressed and meet her in her office. Looking at Buffy in there she said professionally, “You aren’t pregnant.”

Buffy said shocked, “I’m…not? But I’ve thrown up. I’ve been tired. I missed a period.”

Dr. Watson said, “Stress can cause all of that. I’d say you had a false one this time.”

Nodding, Buffy said, “Okay.” She didn’t know why but she was borderline sad over this news. Part of her knew she was thankful because she wasn’t ready to be a mother—not at her age—but a tiny part liked the idea. Telling the doctor thank you, Buffy left the clinic that afternoon.

Driving across town, she stopped at Wal Mart to pick up a twelve pack of Pepsi. She was out at home. As she bent to grab it and put it into her cart, Rick walked over to her. Shocked, and disgusted, Buffy said, “Hello.”

Rick said, “Buffy. How are you?”

Buffy said, “Busy. Excuse me.”

Rick said, “Was that your car at the OB clinic earlier?”

Too damn small of a town, Buffy thought miserably, but she nodded.

Rick said, “Did…you find out?”

Nodding, Buffy said, “I’m not pregnant.” Rick smiled largely and said, “See? You were worried when it was okay.”

Buffy said, “It’s fine. I’m relieved and going about my day.”

Rick tried to get all make up sweet with Buffy, but she said flatly, “I’m not interested, Rick. You showed me what you aren’t when I thought I was pregnant.”

Rick said evenly, ‘What’s that?”

Buffy said, ‘Responsible, compassionate, understanding, in love with me. Things that I thought you were but was wrong about. Goodbye, Rick.”

Rick rolled his eyes and walked off, really not bothered. That was fine with Buffy. She had a life too. It still hurt deep down but she was getting over it. She would meet someone else and Rick would be a lesson learned. One day…


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Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: When William is told his story is being nominated for the Pulitzer, he and Willow travel to New York…

Spoilers: None!

Part Twenty-Seven—The Nomination

March 12, 2001

Willow watched Billy playing in the living room in his blue jeans and 49ers T-shirt. The cat, Rowdy, was running from him! He was chasing the furry white cat’s tail! Willow said, “No, Billy. Don’t grab Rowdy’s tail. That hurts. You play over here, on your blanket with your toys.”

Billy looked up at Willow with his blue eyes and said, “But mom…”

Willow said sternly, “No. Play with your toy trucks Grandma bought for you to play with.” Billy sat back down and started playing, though he continued to look over at Rowdy with ideas. Willow knew she’d have to watch Billy to make sure he didn’t make another try for the cat. He was very smart. Next month would make Billy a year old but already he was tall and ran around the house, sure footed.

Mallory walked back into the living room with two glasses and cans of Mountain Dew in her hands. She handed one to Willow and kept the other. On her side she had a bottle of juice for Billy. Handing his to him, Mallory smiled and said, “Here you go, Billy.”

Billy smiled and said, “Juice!” He took a long drink. Mallory sat next to Willow on the couch and said, “So tell me. How are your online classes going?”

Willow had started on-line classes for college in August just so she had a degree in case she chose to work later on. Willow was working toward a degree in Science and taking editing classes as well to help edit William’s work.

She smiled and said, “They’re going well. I’m doing the homework as I can around Billy and William and what needs to be done. But I’m hanging in there. I like it.”

Smiling Mallory said, “That’s good.” She opened her can of Dew and poured it into her glass. Speaking nervously, Mallory said, “Willow something’s happened and I want your feelings on it.”

Willow got onto Billy again for heading toward the cat and then said to her mom, “What is it?”

Mallory let out a deep breath and said, “Rory and I have become pretty close over the past year. When he bought his own condo, we took turns staying the night at each other’s place.” Mallory turned red as she said, “You know about that.”

Willow grinned and said, “Yes. I’ve picked on Rory about his overnight stays. Not meanly, just to get him to smile. Mom you can relax. I’m not going to get mad.”

Mallory said abruptly, “Willow, Rory gave me a promise ring last night.”

Willow smiled and said, “That’s sweet mom.” Willow looked at hers that she still wore on her index finger. She said, “I still wear mine. So he’s wanting a commitment. Hmmm. Is their marriage in the future?” She smiled at her mom.

Mallory put her glass down and said nervously, “I don’t know…” She smiled in love with Rory and said, “It makes me uneasy.”

Willow said, “You love Rory, mom. He loves you. Where is it?” Her mom wasn’t wearing any rings.

Mallory pulled it out of her pants pocket and showed it to Willow.

Willow took another glance at Billy and saw him hurrying back to his blanket to play with his toys. She gave him a cross look and then looked at her mom’s ring.

Smiling, Willow said, “It’s beautiful.” It was a sapphire ring with a gold band. Not a cereal box ring by any means. Neither was Willow’s, but she would have loved it even if it had been.

Mallory said, “Thank you.” She slid it on her third finger and said, “I do like it.”

Willow saw her mother’s fear and said, “You have time, mom, to decide. I’m sure Rory will let you have time.”

Nodding, Mallory said, “He will.” She smiled, excited about it, just a little nervous of what to do.

Just then the front door opened and in walked Rory and William. They were talking about something. Willow called Billy over to her and tried to figure it out, smiling at her mom and telling her quickly that it would be fine.

Mallory squeezed her daughter’s hand and listened as well.

Willow walked over and met William in the middle. She said, “What’s going on?”

William took Willow’s hand and walked her over a ways in the room. He said with a smile, “You remember how excited my publisher was to get Even Tides?”

Nodding, Willow said, “Yeah. They were eager to publish it, I remember. Only a few months in their hands.” It shocked both William and Willow.

William said, “They’re nominating it for the Pulitzer Prize.”

Willow’s smile turned into outright shock, then happiness. She said, “The Pulitzer Prize?”

Nodding, William said, “Yep. We’ll need to be in New York for it. It’s next Friday.”

Willow said, “I don’t care how this looks with me being a mother.” She jumped up into William’s arms and kissed him. William kissed her back and held on to her. Smiling into his eyes, Willow said, “Yes!”

William spun around with her. Rory and Mallory also excited took Billy in the other room to give privacy.

It was decided that Billy stay in Sunnydale with Rory and Mallory. William and Willow flew to New York and stayed at the hotel that his publisher had reserved. When they got there, William and Willow dropped their bags and met with the people holding the event. The awards ceremony wouldn’t be until tomorrow night at seven.

They went out to dinner and back to the hotel room. William kicked off his shoes. Willow went to the bathroom. It was around eight that night. Still very early but that didn’t matter. Willow had plans of her own.

Willow walked out in a teal silky pajama outfit with spaghetti straps and very short shorts. Her red hair was brushed down in one length to her behind.

William was out of his jeans and nice white shirt and dressed only in his black boxers. Willow thought he looked sexy and couldn’t wait to get closer to him. This was his night. Knowing William as well as she did now, Willow knew what he liked. She saw by looking in his eyes that he was ready to get into the bed with her. He was itching to.

Willow walked up against him, backing him against the wall in the hotel room. Smiling into his eyes she said, “Mr. Nominee, this is your night and I aim to please…so.”

Kissing his neck, she kissed down his body.

William said on a sensual laugh, “Will if you’re doing what I think you are…”

Willow pulled down his boxers and he let out a heavy breath and Willow said, “Yes?”

William said, “Never mind. Carry on.”

Smiling, Willow carried on…

Later as they lay in bed, Willow looked at William and said, “I hope I can walk tomorrow…” she smiled and said, “That last time was…”

William said totally satisfied, “Dynamic. Out of this world, good.”

Willow kissed his mouth and said, “Thank you. I liked it too.” William held her face and smiling at his wife he kissed her back.

Willow knew she’d pay for it, but she said, “William?”

William said, “Yeah?” He touched her hair.

Willow blushed and said, “How close to asleep are you?”

William opened his eyes and watched as Willow ran her hand over his chest. He grinned and moved on top of her saying, “Never that asleep.”

After a fourth time, William and Willow crashed, exhausted but smiling…

The next day William and Willow spent partially in bed. Hotel service made the mistake of coming in once but didn’t do it again as they got to hear the love sounds coming out of the bedroom.

Willow wiped her eyes at around noon and said, “I need to find my purse and take my pill, but I don’t think I can move…”

William chuckled and said, “Don’t worry about it.”

Willow replied, “I need to…” He kissed her and she kissed him back saying, “William…Mmmm.”

She moved on top of him and kissed him again, noting his arms wrapping around her. She said, “I should find…it…”

William kissed her chin, down the side of her neck. He said, “I’ve been using something every time, Will. I will now too. Just a minute.” He grabbed the box from the floor where they’d thrown it earlier and put on a condom. Willow sighed and whispered as he continued to kiss her lips, then down her neck, “I am addicted to sex…”

William slyly smiled at Willow and said, “So am I, Will. In fact..." Laughing sexy-like, William kissed Willow and added, "Another time of it is sounding pretty damn good." He touched his hands on her legs, over her butt and kissing her mouth one more time, he smiled and looked into her blue eyes.

Willow kissed him back, touching across him too where she wanted to. Smiling, she said, "Yeah it is." and rolled with him on the bed…

That night, the special night, William and Willow walked into the Convention Hall, freshly showered. William dressed in black suit and tie, his dirt blonde hair slicked back. Willow wore her light blue formal gown with a baby blue wrap around it. Her long red hair was down her back in curls from the beautician that fixed it thirty minutes ago.

She had her arm around William’s narrow waist and felt his around hers. He was nervous and Willow could tell. She smiled at him and said quietly, “It’s going to be fine, William.”

William said, “I know. I’m not worried, Will. Either I’ll win it or not.”

Looking at him seriously, with love, Willow said, “That’s right. I love you either way.”

William looked at Willow and said, “I love you too, Will.” He kissed her lips and Willow kissed in return.

When the names started being called along with books published and they called William Berkley’s, he inwardly hoped his would win. If not he’d strive for it next year, but he hoped it would.

Cameras took pictures of them and they were on TV. Willow and William waved to them knowing Rory and Mallory and Billy would be watching.

The room was packed with nominees and their families as well as those celebrities who chose to come to watch and see. William smiled at Willow, knowing even if he didn’t win, he had Willow and Billy and they were far more to him than an award on TV. They were his life. This was just a nice surprise to be here.

Names started being called out. Twenty-one people would get the Pulitzer Prize tonight. They kept calling and calling. William began to doubt his would be. Still he smiled at Willow just glad to be here with her.

Suddenly, they did call out William Berkley’s name! William leaned over and kissed Willow, hugging her. He walked with presentable confidence to the podium. He stood beside the other fifteen who were called. He was handed his award.

Willow continued to cry and wipe her eyes with the box of Kleenex that was passed over to her. She smiled and thanked the person who did so. Finally the twenty-first person had been called and the Spokesperson congratulated the group and the room went into clapping and hollering the cameras continued to click. The shot came out of nowhere and the man beside William fell to the stage…dead. Chaos was immediate. William ran to Willow and the two got out of there. An ambulance and stretcher carried out the award winner. William chased the assailant down and pushing him against a wall he said, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

The green-eyed villain looked at William and said, “I’m Rythe. I was here to take down the man who destroyed my hometown, my country.”

William said, “Who would that be?”

Breathing heavy, Rythe said, “Spike.”

William said, “Well the cops are going to be here any second. Your best bet now is to get out of here, go back. If they take you in you will be sent to a white room with padded walls, called crazy. I question it standing here with you.”

Rythe said, “He exists! Or he did. Now they say he is human and…”

William decked him, knocking him out. He said with a nod, “He exists al right. Now what I wonder is how many are here with you? Am I up against one or a damn army?”

Looking at Willow, William said, “Here come the cops. Good. They can take this no-account.”

The officer did immediately and asked if William and Willow were okay. When they agreed, Mr. No-Account was hauled off in cuffs.

William however didn’t feel safe. He felt troubled. Looking at Willow he said, “The past I told you would come back? It’s here.”

Nodding, Willow put her hand in his and they returned to the hotel, saw the building broken into and left for a pay phone. Calling home, Willow asked for a meeting to be held in New York A.S.A.P. She gave a different motel that they could all fly to, and meet at, to prepare…

Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: The whole Scooby gang and family meet at The Ritz Carlton in New York to discuss William’s dilemma…

Spoilers: None!

Part Twenty-Eight—An Emergency Meeting…

Everyone met at William and Willow’s hotel room by four am the next morning. They drove over in two vehicles to the hotel. William and Willow were still lying together in each other’s arms, naked, when they landed.

William threw on jeans and his black T-shirt when the door was rasped. Willow was still curled up in bed with the blankets over her, peacefully sleeping. The door was closed to the bedroom.

Walking to the front door he looked out the peephole and saw Rory. Opening it up he smiled and said, “Hey!” Rory did the hand thing with William and then they hugged in a halfway fashion and Rory said, “I hear that you need to hold a meeting.”

William said, “Yeah, got a look at one of my enemies last night after the shooting at the Convention Hall. Willow and I got out all right, I’m thankful for that, but his message was bad. Come in and I’ll tell you about it.”

Rory nodded and walked inside with Mallory, Giles, Buffy, Anya, Xander. The Scoobies.

Closing the door, William locked it and said, “Where’s Billy?”

Mallory said, “He’s with Joyce Summers.”

Buffy saw his concern and said, “Trust me, my mom is a wonderful babysitter. Billy will be fine.” She smiled a little.

Nodding, William said, “Well. Everyone take a seat. I’ll explain what’s happened and then we can decide how to fight back.” William sat with the Scoobies and told them about last night’s surprise…

Willow walked out with sleep in her eyes in her blue jeans and black AC/DC tank top toward the end of William’s explanation. He smiled over at her and said, “Hey girl.”

Willow walked over to him and smiled saying, “Hi. Explaining the situation?”

William nodded, holding his hand up to Willow. She grabbed it and sat beside him on the couch.

Buffy said honestly, “Can I speak frankly?”

William nodded and said, “Go for it.”

Buffy said, “I’m not overly shocked to hear that this is happening. You are about as notorious as I am. Not just as who you were but as who you are now. A famous sci-fi writer who just won a Pulitzer makes you a flashy Globe Cover Guy…”

Willow smiled slyly at William and said, “He’s talked about as a sex symbol in the art of writing. I think that was almost the exact quote on the cover of Hot Stars Magazine. I’m the lucky winner of his affection. Also envied by most and even called a bitch by a few. But I don’t care.” The group laughed with Willow and William leaned closer and kissed her on her lips, lightly. She kissed him back, holding his shirt gently in her hand.

Retaining his seriousness again, William said, “So this is what is. I am being hunted by villains from Europe. I knew it might happen eventually. So I need to find out who it is that is behind it and how many I am up against. Willow is behind me on this but I need to know how you all feel. Be honest.”

Rory sat next to Mallory and holding her close he looked at William and said, “You know I’m with you on this. Friends stick by friends and we are two of the strongest.”

Nodding, William fisted his hand and bumped it against Rory’s.

Mallory said, “You have been there for me in the darkest of situations, William. I’m here, for whatever I can help with.”

Nodding again, William said, “Good. You’ll be a help, trust me.”

One by one each said they’d help. Finally Buffy looked up and met William’s eyes.

William beat her saying, “You don’t have to Buffy. I know your feelings on this and I respect them.”

Buffy thought of Rebecca then pushed that aside for the moment and said, “I do have past feelings—I miss Rebecca—but I’m not a kid anymore. Growing up means forgiving and I have to forgive you, William. I want to. So,” letting out a deep breath, Buffy said, “I am with you.”

William nodded with Buffy, each understanding.

Giles said, “Since it is so early we should go ahead and spend today practicing. We don’t have a lot of time but we can buff up our strengths so when we do go in and face these demons we are strong.”

William said, “I agree with you, Giles.”

Rory added, “Also, I will call in the men who followed behind me when I first came to Sunnydale. They will fight along with us, under my command.”

William added quietly, “I’m glad Billy is with Joyce.”

Willow put her arm around his waist and lay her head on his shoulder saying, “Me too.”

Giles said as he had before in Getting Ready for Battle:

“Positions everyone. William and Willow start.”

Mallory got to watch along with Giles and the others as Willow fought head to head with William. Sparring strong, they looked for weaknesses and preyed on them, knocking the other down, strengthening each other and themselves.

William caught one move that Willow didn’t expect and turning her by the arm and grabbing his weapon, holding it against her, he said, “If I were an enemy I could have cut you as you stand here. You have to watch for open opportunities. They will take advantage of you being short.”

Willow took his wrist on a new maneuver she’d practiced on her own and twisting it a certain way she got the blade into her own hand and with her body strength she knocked him back. Somersaulting on top of him she held the blade to his neck.

William panted and said, “Excellent.” Willow put the blade into her back pocket and leaned down to kiss him. William threw her off again as he used his knees and sent her going backward in a somersault that she jumped up from. Learning tools from Buffy.

They continued for another hour, then Giles said, “Stop. Catch your breaths. Next couple. Oh, I guess that would be me and Buffy.”

Xander said he would time it and watched with the others as Giles and Buffy fought.

William walked over to help Willow up but she said with a smile, “I’ll get up. You’re being sly.”

William said, “No, spontaneous. Expect it, Will. They will and they will use whatever techniques they have to work against you.”

Nodding, breathless, Willow said, “I know. I need something to drink. Want to get something with me?”

William said, “Sure. I could use some water.”

He and Willow walked to the kitchenette and immediately found a crevice corner and were tightly in each other’s arms kissing recklessly. William picked Willow up into his arms high and Willow wrapped her legs around his waist, holding his shirt with her hands, kissing his mouth. William got out, “Do you…think we could sneak off into that spare room for awhile?”

Willow said, “I wish we could…what excuse would we use though?” She continued to kiss him, to kiss his mouth, feeling as he kissed down her neck in that hot way that had her needier than ever.

William said, “Wait here a second.”

He walked into the living room and told the group that he and Willow were going to work some more on their technique and would see them later. Not a single person in the room—except poor Giles—believed it. William didn’t care. He walked back to Willow and said, “We’re covered. Come on.” Taking her hand he walked with her into the spare room.

Locking the door they stripped down to nothing, William protected them, and together they made love very passionately. Keeping Willow’s cries down was hardest for her, but she worked at it and William helped by flipping on the wall stereo in the room!

Walking into the living room together, showered and dressed again, William and Willow held each other close. Giles and Buffy were done practicing and everyone was fighting smiles…

In the quite of the double-suite hotel room later that day, William said, “We are going to need weapons.”

Buffy said, “I’ve brought several with us. We should be fine there.”

Rory added, “So have I.”

William said, “I’ve got plenty of my own.” Willow added, “So do I.”

William said, “Okay. I renege that.”

Rory said, “I placed a call earlier to Todd Thane. He will alert the others and they should be here by eight tonight. I told them it was an emergency. They move when I say that.”

Mallory asked, “What do you need me to do?”

William said frankly, “Stay here. Keep an eye out. Call regularly to Joyce…” Emotionally he fought himself as he said, “See how Billy is.”

Mallory said strongly, “Listen, all of you. I’m not going to be the only survivor when this battle is over. I refuse to be.”

Willow smiled at her mom with William and Rory and said, “That’s the spirit, mom!”

Mallory said flatly, “I mean it.”

Willow walked to her mother and hugged her saying, “I know. I love you, mom.”

Mallory said, “I love you too. Now turn around so I can braid your hair. Get it off your back where it's less inviting.”

Nodding, Willow turned and Mallory braided Willow’s wet hair and twisted it up, using her own barrette to hold it together.

She stood and watched later the following night as the group who were her family left to fight a battle that could kill each of them, leaving her even more solo. She closed her eyes and prayed that they would come back. They had to…



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Here is an update:

Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Part Two to An Emergency Meeting…

Spoilers: None!

Part Twenty-Nine—Fighting Back…

March 22, 2001

The entire group of about fifty climbed in various vehicles and drove down the streets of New York, trying to find a group of bandits. Having spent yesterday thinking of places to go to, they were pretty in tune with where to start. The first place was going to be every back alley in the City. After that they’d go to parking lots, places with a lot of shadow where they could hide out. Deep down the group they were against were cowards when it came to be being seen, however, they would fight like warriors because of what they believed in. That was getting even with Spike. They wanted him dead—that was apparent now.

Thinking like them, William, Willow, Rory and the others loaded their weapons and drove down the streets in pitch-blackness, looking for signs of gang or ruffian members. One of the followers named Bastian drove while William and Willow sat in back. William looked at Willow and said, “I didn’t bring you to New York for this, Will. I’m sorry this has happened.”

Willow took his hands and put hers in them saying, “It’s part of the deal. We who are warriors fight warrior battles together.” She smiled and saw him grinning somewhat too.

William moved in closer across the seats to Willow and told her how he’d spend the rest of the night when the battle was over. Smiling big, Willow lifted her face as William brought his over. Kissing each other numerous times, they felt the van hobble back and forth as Bastian drove it down the road. Around them sat other soldiers all a part of their group. A battle was going to be fought, but William and Willow chose to spend a few minutes beforehand together…

Thirty minutes went by when Rory spoke in the walkie-talkie telling Bastian where to drive the group in the van. The rivals were in an old parking lot that was deserted, two blocks from where they were. He let them all know the update and drove them on over. William held onto Willow’s hand and said, “I love you, Willow.”

Willow squeezed his hand and said, “I love you too.”

The group dressed in black. Willow’s hair was pulled up into a twist to prevent grabbie hands from taking it and using it against her. As they parked the van, the group stepped out with their weapons ready. Meeting Rory and the others, meaning Xander, Anya, Giles and Buffy, they had a short discussion on how to go in and then together as a team they marched across the street.

William walked next to Rory, Willow on William’s other side. Buffy was in front as well as Xander and Giles. They were a solid force and quickly saw that the group they were fighting were as well. This would be every bit as challenging as the battle they fought before. Maybe more so because the group they fought against now were more bloodthirsty, more adamant to see the final termination of Spike.

The man who they presumed to be the leader moved forward ahead of his men and women and said, “Hold it. We don’t need a bloody massacre here. We’re merely after the man who called himself Spike. If he is among you we will fight him. The rest of you can go on.”

Rory said, “I don’t think so. You see we are all together, we stand with the man who used to go by the name of Spike. So if you’re battling him you battle us as well. You up for that?”

The leader of the men and women from Europe was dressed formally, his overcoat in burgundy and royal blue. He said with a confident smile, “We’re up to it. Just thought I’d give you some survivors out of this. But if you choose to side in, it’s your own deaths. We are successful in battle.”

Rory said evenly, “So are we. My men and women have traveled with me all over the world. They are very good.”

Willow whispered to William, “Are we going to fight or brag?”

William laughed and said, “It’s part of it, love.”

Looking at Willow before they went at each other, William said, “Stick by me as much as you can.”

Willow said, “I will. You too.”

The leader of the Europe Group said, “I’m Sergoy Von Belchine.”

Rory said, “Rory Parker.”

Sergoy showed some alarm at Rory’s name but covered it and said, “Good luck.”

Rory grinned wily like and said, “You too.” Waiting for Sergoy’s people to start their way, Rory said, “Charge!”

At ten thirty that Saturday night, war started on 54th and Cheney Street in the old Clothing Warehouse parking lot…

William fought with Willow again in smoky battlement. Fighting continuously with the sounds of injured men and women on both sides, war went on until well into the following morning. By around four-thirty the next day, however, it was obvious that Rory’s team was victorious and Sergoy’s was defeated. More of Rory’s people still stood and Sergoy’s team for the most part were on the ground, wounded.

Finally, at around 5 that morning, Rory met with the leader. It was a hard thing whether a winner or a loser to do what Rory was doing, he knew. He had to swallow the part of him that wanted to be cocky and be decent, feel in some way for Sergoy and his people because they had in the end fought a hell of a battle. Keeping a humble face, Rory walked over to Sergoy and said flatly, “The fight against Spike is over. Any more attacks against him or our group and you will suffer. We will go all the way to Europe and finish this. Got it?”

Sergoy’s eyes were ugly, but he nodded and said, “We’re done. It’s over.”

Nodding, Rory said, “Good.”

Rory turned to leave and Sergoy thought he’d get another stab in. Willow came up then and stopped him by a stab to his heart with her blade. Sergoy fell and Rory stumbled back, unhurt, but shocked. He turned to Willow and said, “I’m glad you saw that.”

Willow nodded and said, “Me too. Well are we done here?”

Looking around William said, “I think so.”

Rory said, “Better get out before one of them chooses to be revengeful anyway.”

Agreeing, they all went in their vehicles and drove back to the hotel. Rory paid for rooms for the people who had fought with them and they all stayed until later that following day. Offering thanks, William, Willow, Rory and Mallory invited them to their places if they came back in the area and the next day they thanked them again and watched as they left.

William turned to Willow and said, “Let’s go home.” Willow put her arm around William’s waist and said, “I’m ready.” The Scoobies and family flew out of New York, all ready to see Sunnydale once again…


Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: It’s Willow’s twentieth birthday. William is really sweet in this one...

Spoilers: None!

A/N: This is steamy so just so ya know! LOL!

Part Thirty—A Nice Surprise…

Monday, July 20, 2001

Willow had a hectic day for a birthday. Planning with her mom all day for her upcoming wedding in August, she had spent the day in LA window shopping and buying items that Willow thought her mom would like Rory too. They’d been out since eight that morning and Willow looked at her watch as she drove her Camero and it said 8:15 that night! Willow had just dropped her mom off and was going on to the house and felt it was ten at night. She parked the car after driving through Sunnydale worn down.

She needed to go inside and fix dinner and bathe Billy and hoped she had the energy to do them. Walking inside with her keys in her hand, Willow said, “I’m…home?”

The house was clean, vacuumed and picked up. It looked great. William’s story that he had on the couch was picked up and Willow’s things she had left in the living room were put away as well. She was shocked, then curious as to where everyone was. Walking through the condo, Willow called out William’s name.

William walked downstairs, meeting her in the dining room and smiling he walked over to Willow and hugged her, kissing her after. Willow moved to her toes and strained, then felt William picking her up at eye level and kissed him back. She said, “The house looks wonderful.”

William said, “Well, I thought it was my turn to help out for a change. You have a good time with Mallory?”

Willow said, “Yeah. I’m tired. But we did a lot of shopping and trying on gowns. Mom and I have ours and we got you a tux.”

William grimaced a little then said, “I’m bringing something to change into after the wedding. Rory already knows that.”

Willow grinned and said, “Mom doesn’t care if you change clothes at the house. Neither do I. Thank you for cleaning up the house.”

William said, “You’re welcome, love.”

Willow said, “Where’s Billy? Has he had dinner?”

William said, “He’s had dinner, his bath, and is sound asleep in his room. I took care of it all, including loading the dishwasher and cleaning the counters and the table. You don’t have anything to worry about doing tonight.”

Smiling, astounded, Willow said, “Wow. So it is just us.”

William grinned and said, “Yep.” He pulled Willow closer and kissed her again, holding up her face and changing degrees to kiss her more. Willow held onto his shirt and kissed him back, held up against the wall so she could. Willow felt needs coming and grabbed his shirt tighter in her hands, kissing him stronger and wrapping her legs around his waist. She tipped her head back and said, “Oh William…”

William picked up Willow and carried her to their bedroom. Closing the door and turning on the monitor to hear for the baby, he walked to the window and opened it for Willow. Walking slowly to Willow he said, “I remembered today was your birthday.”

William made every birthday special for Willow in the bedroom. However she liked, he was completely hers and was totally selfless and amazingly gentle and sensitive. Willow saw him reach the bed and looking up into his deep blue eyes she said, “I want this birthday to be different.”

William kissed her and said, “How?”

Willow kissed him back passionately and said, “I want your fire, all of it. I want to share mine.”

William pulled up Willow’s yellow shirt and said, “My fire. You’ve got it, love.” Lowering his mouth he kissed her demandingly explosive. Willow felt the power of it shooting through her body, heating her to where she was hot herself and letting out a few moans. He lowered his mouth to her neck and sucking from the spot that connected to the edge of her chin, all the way down to the curve at the base of her collarbone, William touched with his lips and with his tongue.

Willow tipped back and felt the bottoms of her hair touching her jeans, while she held onto his shoulders and said his name over and over. Her fire kicking in, she pulled on his black T-shirt and slid it up over his head. Looking at his chest, at his broad shoulders and strong body, Willow moved her head to the left and then to the right and kissed all of his neck, tasting sweat, tasting heat, tasting William. Next she moved all along each shoulder. Enjoying William, very attracted to his body, she kissed and touched his shoulders, down his chest, his stomach…

William breathed heavy and reaching the edge of her chin, he pulled her back and kissed her hotter. William unsnapped Willow’s white bra and took it off. Together, they lay on the bed, William on top of Willow, kissing her mouth passionately. Willow wrapped her arms around his neck and continued kissing him as well.

William wanted to taste Willow, he wanted to kiss her body and hear her cries. He wanted to go inside her and hear her screams and know that as she screamed she was feeling pleasure, pleasure that he was lovingly giving to her.

Willow could feel as William kissed down her throat, as he kissed past her collarbone, down to her small breasts. As he always did, William kissed with his heart, wtih his love, all around her breasts, all across them, intimately, sexily. It made her head go back and tears come to her eyes. She was unable to stop this reaction.

Willow’s body was hot, hotter than staying out all day in 95 degree heat under a demanding sun. Sweat and William’s sweet saliva were combined on her and continued to be so as he kissed down her belly, as he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off.

Willow gasped, “Billy…do you think he’ll be okay?”

William chuckled as he pulled down her panties and said, “Billy will be just fine, Will. I smell the sea in the air. Do you?”

Willow tried but William was sliding his hands up the sides of her legs, up to her higher thighs, rounding her buttocks. She said, “Um…yeah…I do smell it. My feet were hurting horribly by the time we got done shopping. They still hurt some."

William grinned and said, “Well I could rub them for you, Will.”

Smiling with him, Willow said, “I don’t care right now about my feet, William.” Looking down over his body, she said, "We can take a bath later and they'll feel better then."

William laughed now and said, “Well if I'm good enough at what I do tonight, your feet should be okay until tomorrow."

Grinning, Willow said, "You're good enough." William leaned down and kissing her lips he said, "So are you, love."

He opened her knees and said, “Give me some of your fire, Will.”

Willow moaned and said, “Oh…Oh William take it.”

William gladly took his mouth and loved Willow all over her wet area. Her soaked crotch just made him even harder - it made him want to make absolute love to her all night long...

Willow clung to the blankets that were tucked and cried out, “Oh…Oh William…oh that feels so good…oh!”

Willow was sliding across the blankets and William was moving with her, continuing to give. Willow felt herself reaching the top of something extremely unreachable but thanks to William she’d managed to reach it and said out loud, as tears fell down her face, “Ohh!” Her body was rocking and she was moaning and crying. William was echoing her moans and already receiving some of her pressure that was unbearable for Willow. She was extremely hot and drenched. William slid his hands over her buttocks and said, “Come on, Will. Come on, love.”

Willow cried out to the ceiling as she met her climax, “William! Yes! Oh yes! YES!”

William wiped his mouth and moving to hers he kissed her powerfully. Willow kissed him back, relaxed at first, now reaching fire level again as she kissed him back again…and again. William put on protection, even though Willow took hers that day and kissing her again, smiling as he held her face, William pushed up her legs and giving himself leeway, he moved into her body.

Willow automatically wrapped her arms and legs around him and said, “I love you, William.”

William kissed her, touching her wet hair and said, “I love you too, Willow.”

Pushing blankets down to the edge of the bed, William and Willow made love, at different wonderful levels - slow and fast - and at the end, William looked at Willow and wiping her tears he said, “Was that enough fire?”

Willow smiled and said, “It was firey all right…but I’m game for some more.”

William grinned right back and kissing her lips he said, “You got it, love.” After two more times, William and Willow lay in each other’s arms, sleeping to the sound of the waves and the seagulls making their beautiful sounds as they greeted those who walked along the beach.

Willow slept peacefully hearing it in the back of her mind…


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Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Rory and Mallory tie the knot…

Spoilers: None!

Part Thirty-One—A Beach Wedding

Saturday, August 4, 2001

It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was out, the sky was a brilliant blue. Everything had been set up for the wedding of Rory and Mallory. She was nervous. What if something went wrong? Over the past three years so many things had been up in the air, with battles that came about out of nowhere and demons that were fought. Who knew what could happen? This was Sunnydale after all.

Besides, Mallory was just plain nervous as a bride facing a new marriage. Loving Rory she knew it would work out, she knew it was right. Yet she ran through the condo she bought that she was in the process of selling in her white gown, toward her daughter who sat in the spare room with her 16-month-old son, Billy. Frantic, Mallory said, “Does my hair look all right down like this? Or should I pull it up in a banana clip like this?” She showed her the style.

Willow pulled up Billy’s dark blue pants and positioned his little tie and looking at her mom she said honestly, “I’d leave it down. I think it looks nice just along your shoulders.”

Willow had gone and got her hair cut considerably last month for the wedding. It was once at her behind but now touched her shoulders. Today she had it clipped up in a twist with pink flowers in it. She said, “Mom, relax. You look great.”
Willow lightly bounced Billy on the bed and talked sweetly to him. He giggled and laughed back at her saying Ma-ma. It was cute!

Mallory said anxiously, “I think I will pull the sides back into barrettes.”

Willow looked at the wall clock and said, “Mom we have to be outside in five minutes. You don’t have time to fix your hair again.” But she smiled and picked up Billy saying, “Grandma has a case of the jitters. Yes she does.” She smiled and kissed her baby boy. Billy looked so much like William. His hair was growing in a little bit more and was a fine light brown. His blue eyes just lit up today. He was happy for Grandma and Grandpa too!

Walking to the mirror, Willow held Billy close in her arms and said, “Well Billy you’re mama’s done all she can to get ready, but you still look prettier than I do.”

Billy got a look on his face of compassion and touched Willow’s face as if to say, "It’s okay, mama, I still think you’re beautiful.’

Willow smiled broader and kissed his cheek.

William walked into the room and said, “Hey, Will. They’re about ready outside.”

Walking to William, Willow said, “Okay. I’ll tell mom. She’s frantically trying to decide what hairstyle looks the nicest. She’s scared horrible pictures are going to be taken with her hair looking awful.”

William picked up Billy to give Willow a break and said, “I just saw Mallory. She looked nice.”

Willow said, “I know. She’s just nervous.”

William looked at Willow, at her pink dress that was off the shoulders and form-fitted down her torso, and flared to her feet. She wore light make-up, matching lipstick since it was a special occasion. He smiled and while holding Billy on his left hip, William said, “You look magnificent, Willow.”

Willow smiled and looking at William in his dark blue suit and tie and his slicked back hair she nodded and said, “You look nice too.”

Suddenly, Aunt Renee walked in and blustered, “Are you two coming? Everyone’s outside waiting for their turns and they all go behind you. Here, let me take little William. Come on baby.” Billy cried and looked to Willow like questioning her sanity. All she could do was whisper she loved him. He would have a nice ice cream dessert later on that would make up for his Great Aunt.

William looked at Willow and grinned saying, “Ready, love?”

Placing her arm in his she said, “I’m ready.” As they walked toward the backdoor, William whispered, “After the reception I say we take Billy and run that way we omit having to chat with your aunt.”

Willow grinned shamelessly at her husband and said, “Sounds great to me. Just let me know when and I’m with you!”

William opened the door and walked out with Willow. Two rows of chairs were set up for Rory’s crew and close family on the right side; Mallory’s friends and close family on the left. Unfortunately yes, Aunt Renee was one of the listed people.

Rory watched from the front as William walked Willow on over to her position as Matron of Honor. William stood with Rory as Best Man.

Behind them in walked Anya and Buffy, both girls looking amazing, Willow thought smiling at her two best friends. They walked toward Willow as Mallory’s Brides Maids. Willow took a second before Mallory was walked in to tearfully walk to Rory and hug him saying, “Congratulations, Rory. I love you.”

Rory kissed Willow and said, “I love you too sweetheart.”

Willow turned toward her mother who walked in finally with Xander’s arm connected to hers. Mallory’s parents were both gone. Xander gladly took the honor to walk Mallory down the aisle.

Mallory wanted a preacher from a Church of Christ to marry her and Rory together because that was the church she went to as a young girl. So Preacher Ben Vermont, a sixty-five year old still acting minister smiled at the couple as they stood now together and began the ceremony.

Mallory smiled up at Rory who looked handsome with his dark brown hair combed back and his dark blue suit and tie sexy to her as it fit him extremely well. His eyes looked down into Mallory’s though and she forgot about the suit, she forgot about being sexy or his being sexy for a second. For that time, she saw his heart. She knew he loved her and she loved him. That was far more important to her than the looks of either she or Rory. Rory took Mallory’s hands into his and they each said their vows in front of everyone on the beach.

Smiling at each other, Rory slid Mallory’s diamond ring onto her finger and together they said they would love each other for the rest of their lives. As soon as Rory heard the Preacher give him the okay, he bent his head and kissed his bride.

Preacher Vermont said, “I now pronounce Mr. and Mrs. Rory Parker. Congratulations.”

Everyone there clapped~all the women grabbed Kleenex’s and cried. Especially his mother!

The Reception party was held at the Maladra Hotel. Everyone piled in the reserved two rooms and mingled. Rory and Mallory fed each other cake for the first time. Mallory tossed her bouquet. Buffy caught it. Willow held her little one in her arms, with Ethan beside her, talking baby talk. A happy dad, Ethan already was spoiling the baby rotten.

Aunt Renee’s daughters tried to take Billy and act as babysitters…Willow just said No Way! She kept a close watch on him for the next hour.

William kept a close eye as well knowing Renee and what kind of gal she was. Rory had been quizzed by her twice regarding sex—despite Uncle Norman’s helpful education last Thanksgiving. Rory hid from her the rest of the time they were there.

Anya announced she was pregnant and last but not least, on the way to the graveyard for patrol that night, Buffy and Willow and the gang were confronted by a hairy demon named Phlem.

Mallory’s fear though of something ruining her wedding didn’t happen. Neither did the pictures turn out bad. Everything at the wedding and reception was gorgeous and everyone there had a good time. Aside from the lurking Aunt Renee and her shenanigans that was!


Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Surprises just keep coming…

Spoilers: None!

Part Thirty-Two—The Unexpected…

September 10, 2001

Willow sat with her mom in the kitchen of hers and Rory’s condo that Monday morning, enjoying the nice early fall breeze. Mallory asked Willow to come over and now that they were alone she said privately, “Willow, if I tell you something will you keep it a secret for awhile?”

Willow smiled, thinking she knew what it was, but she said, “Yeah. Sure, mom.”

Mallory smiled largely and said, “I’m pregnant. I just found out this morning. I did a box test.”

As soon as Willow saw her mom’s happiness, she got up and walked over to her. Hugging her mother, Willow said through her own tears of excitement, “Mom! A baby? I’m going to be a big sister.”

Laughing now, Mallory said, “Yep.” Holding Willow out, Mallory said, “What do you think, honestly, Willow? I know it’s exciting thinking of me having a baby, but you are my girl.”

Willow wiped her tears and pulled her chair closer to her mom’s. She said, “Mom I may be your girl, but I think that you having a baby is wonderful. You and Rory are going to have a baby together.”

Mallory touched her daughter’s face and said, “We did that once before.”

Shaking her head, Willow said, “No, you didn’t. You may have conceived one together, but now…mom now you two get to raise a baby together for the first time.” Willow bit her lip and said, “I’m…very happy for you.” She smiled largely at Mallory.

Willow asked, “So how far along are you?”

Mallory laughed and said, “Far enough that I was able to take a test.”

Willow grinned with her mom, gathering what she was telling her. She nodded and said, “Okay. You know Anya’s pregnant?”

Mallory said, “No, I didn’t.”

Willow took a drink of her Dew and said, “Yep. Found out at the reception last month. She and Xander I guess are getting married soon and moving into a college dorm together.”

Mallory took this in and drinking more of her tea she said, “I wonder how her family—or his—are taking it.”

Willow shrugged and said, “I don’t think they know yet. I think it’s a secret.” She gave her mom a look that said like the one you are keeping.

Mallory merely squeezed her hand and said, “I am telling Rory after I’m sure about it, Will. I just wanted a couple of days to find out…to see the doctor…plus I wanted to tell you first.” Mallory added, “I’m almost forty having another baby.”

Willow rolled her eyes good naturedly and said, “You make it sound like you’re sixty, mom.”

Mallory laughed and said, “Sometimes I feel it. I’m glad about this though. I just hope Rory will be.”

Willow saw this was what was bothering her mom. The look in Mallory’s face told her. She touched the top of her mom’s hand and said, “Mom…Rory loves you. He’s going to be ecstatic about it.”

Mallory squeezed Willow’s hand with hers again and said, “I hope so because I am.”

-Wednesday afternoon-

The pregnancy was confirmed. Mallory was pregnant. As happy as she was to find this out, she was just as afraid to tell Rory. They’d barely been married a month. What would he say or think about it? Driving home a mess, Mallory parked in the driveway and tried her best to get a hold of her fears. Why couldn’t he have gone to Willow and William’s? Mallory asked herself panicky. Pull it together, she tried to tell herself. You’re a grown woman. You have a nineteen year old married daughter, you are a grandma…ooh maybe that didn’t help matters! The tremors became worse thinking about that factor. She only felt older when she thought of being a grandma and a mother and an expected mother too! Her stomach was a wreck, her heart beating faster than it had in a long time.

He wouldn’t yell at her, she knew that. But she had no idea what he would say or what he would think. That was the scariest. Not knowing. Grabbing her keys and her purse, Mallory finally climbed out of her jeep. Locking the door she slowly walked up the yard to the front door. Opening the off-white door, Mallory stepped inside and smelled the freshness from open windows on a fall afternoon. She loved Fall. Dropping her keys on the coffee table, Mallory sat on the couch and put her folded hands at her mouth. Her jean covered legs shook.

Rory had gone to the bedroom to grab another book off the shelf. Being best friends with a famous author, Rory got to read all of his novels. He was into the fourth chapter of one of them and didn’t want to lose where he was. Grabbing Balmy Moontides, an older novel, but a good one, Rory walked back into the living room. He saw Mallory nervously sitting on the couch.

Reading chapter four got forgotten.

Rory walked over to where Mallory was. His dark brown hair was getting long. He had to pull it back into a ponytail now days. Today he left it alone so it hung to his shoulders. He sat next to Mallory on the mellow peach couch. Reaching for her left knee, Rory clasped it with his larger hand. He knew something was wrong.

Looking at Mallory he said, “Mal, what’s wrong?”

Unfolding her hands, Mallory tried to handle this and put her hand on his. She looked at Rory trepidly, while her stomach burned with fear as she said, "I...don't think there's anything...wrong." Her hands were wet and tingly from nerves and she folded them together, then put them on her legs.

Rory put his arm around Mallory’s shoulders and said, “What’s bothering you then?”

Mallory broke down and said, “I’m scared to tell you…”

Rory said, “Since when? Mal we tell each other everything. Always have.”

Mallory held her stomach and said, “I can’t explain why it scares me, telling you. It just does.”

Rory was worried hearing Mallory’s shaken words, but he said relaxed, “Don’t explain it. Just…say whatever it is. We’ll talk about it together.”

Mallory reached for his hand and put hers in it saying, “Rory, I…I went to the doctor today. She told me…I’m pregnant.”

Rory wrapped his arms around Mallory snugger and said, “Why were you scared to tell me that?”

Mallory said, “I don’t know.”

Rory kissed her neck and said, “Was it because of what happened before? With Willow?”

Mallory confessed something she didn’t’ even know existed, “When you left, Rory. I thought it was because of my being pregnant. Like I had caused you to leave by my stupidity, my carelessness that night.”

Rory looked into Mallory’s eyes and said, “Mallory it wasn’t your fault that I left. You didn’t cause it. I left…” Letting out a deeper breath, Rory said, “I left because I was a coward. I was scared of being a dad and I didn’t want to endanger you or Willow.”

Mallory was surprised to hear Rory tell her it wasn’t her fault. That hit her heart and proved to her that she had blamed herself subconsciously. She finally nodded and said, “I understand why you left. We were both very young. So why does it scare me to tell you now, all these years later?”

Rory touched Mallory’s face with his larger hand that framed her face so perfectly. He said, “Fears can stay without knowing why, Mal. But I want you to know something. I am not leaving you. I love you and I’m damned happy to find out you’re pregnant.” He smiled, emotionally and added, “Okay?”

Wiping her tears, Mallory said, “Okay. I love you, Rory.”

Rory said from his heart, “I love you, Mallory.” He leaned in and kissed Mallory on her lips. She wrapped her arms around him and continued to cry, but was happy now…

One week later…

Willow wiped the glass mirror in the bathroom as she got ready to comb her hair and brush her teeth. She had been up for the past hour, she’d bathed and dressed and now was re-combing her shoulder length hair and finishing up in the bathroom.

Billy was still sound asleep. It was just 5:30 that Monday morning. He wouldn’t be up until about 7:00.

Right then, Willow washed her face and brushed her teeth, trying to get awake. Willow’s thoughts were on her mom, wondering if she told Rory about it. Curious about how Anya’s parents were treating her since they knew now that she was pregnant. It had her waking up at 4:30 this morning, dead awake. She couldn’t sleep. So she got up and took a bath. She felt clean but was still concerned.

Letting out a deep breath, Willow called her mom on the cordless. Mallory and Rory’s machine came on and Willow felt terrible. She said guiltily, “I’m sorry guys! I didn’t think about what time it was. Mom, just give me a call after while. I hope I didn’t wake anyone. Bye…”

Hanging up, Willow looked in the mirror at her reddened face. It was too early to call Anya, so she walked into Billy’s room and checked again on him. He was still sleeping peacefully. Bending down, Willow kissed him sweetly on the cheek and pulled his lighthouse blankets up on him snugger.

Walking into the living room, Willow sat on the couch and tried to watch TV. Bored since it was so early, Willow walked to the computer and booted it up. She decided to do some reading on her Life Science class that she was taking Online this quarter. Along with going for a science degree, Willow had decided recently to obtain a minior in writing so she could edit William’s work. It was decided last summer for sure. She’d started back again last month, two weeks after Mom’s and Rory’s wedding.

Spending twenty minutes going over that, Willow closed out of it and began to understand what the problem was.

Walking quietly into the bedroom she stood and looked at William. She wasn’t bored or wanting to read tomorrow’s homework assignment. Willow wanted to be with William. Looking at him, at his gorgeous body, only increased it.

Willow knew she could walk out of the room and let him sleep. It was the nice thing to do. But right then, Willow was needy and somehow walking out of the room felt impossible. She began to take off her jeans. Pushing them to the floor she kicked them to the wall. Pulling her shirt up and off of her, her bra after, Willow walked to her side of the bed. Sliding into the blankets she quietly moved over to William. As Willow climbed onto William, she kissed his warm stomach, up across his very warm chest.

William’s blue eyes opened. He looked at Willow and touching her bare back with his hands he said, “Mmmm. Morning, love. What time is it?”

Willow continued to kiss him and said, “About six.” Meeting his eyes, Willow said, “Does it really matter?”

She lavishly lowered her mouth to his and kissed him deeply. William knew what he tasted when he kissed Willow. Fire. Wants and Needy lovemaking. William was equally needy now as he kissed her back passionately.

He got out, “Not at all.” Then climbed on top of Willow and continued to kiss her lips. He kissed down her neck and Willow let the small nails she had meet his shoulders. William touched Willow’s breasts with his hands, with his hot mouth.

Willow spoke out breathy, desperate, “Go down…go down William.”

William kissed down Willow’s slender body, noting how warm her body was, on his lips and in his ears, hearing her maons. Reaching her ultimate source of demand, William held Willow’s thighs apart and seductively took what Willow was begging him to take.

Willow spoke out in moans, in cries and biting her lip she tried to control her scream as her body released, giving William the result, while Willow tasted her blood and clung to the sheets with her nails.

Something occurred in Willow. When William wiped his mouth on the blankets and moved up Willow’s body, when he looked into her eyes, he saw it. Wiping her blood with his hand, William kissed her lips outrageously and pushing Willow’s knees up high, he went into her body. Aggressively, quickly, William repeatedly moved into Willow.

Willow tipped her head back, and said, “Oh William…”

William kissed Willow’s neck, down her body as he replied, “Willow…”

Willow grew hot! She felt her body getting so damned desperate for what he gave that she grabbed his shoulders with her hands and said hotly, “I need…” Feeling a shade of pleasure, Willow expelled, “Oh William I need…I need what I felt before.”

Remembering, William kissed Willow’s lips and changed his speed saying in her ear, “Take it then, Will.” As he plunged into Willow quickly, William said unevenly, pleasure-bound, “Take it…take it…Love, take it.”

Willow took it all and it was what she needed. Tension was beyond tolerable, instead, Willow felt outrageous recklessness and so did William. The bed rocked and Willow was sweaty, William as well. Their moans were blocked somewhat by kissing, but mostly they were spoken out to each other. Screaming out, unable to bite her lip in time, Willow breathed, “Ohh…”

William said, “Willow…Oh girl we’re almost there….” He kissed her face, her mouth, tenderly knowing she would be miserable tomorrow, but again wanting to give this to her, he pushed her knees up to her shoulders and pummeled inside her.

Willow felt not only sweaty but hotter than she had in a long, long while. Wrapping her arms around his neck she continued to feel her body getting closer...closer to that point. She was almost there!

Feeling the beginnings of the orgasm, Willow spoke out, “William? Oh keep giving it to me…Oh! Oh William!! YES! Yes, oh yes!”

William kept going, speaking out painstakingly, “Oh Will…” Continuing on, going toward his own climax, William kissed her lips, then breaking his mouth from hers, he moaned and kissed her again as his manhood sought release in a powerfully exuberant way. For some reason the more demanding the sex the better the orgasm. William grabbed the pillow Willow lay on and pulled on it so tight it tore as his body released inside Willow that morning… William said Willow’s name in the end…

Lying together in the bed, Willow said, “Oh…William…You don’t kid around.”

Looking at Willow he said, “You okay?”

Nodding, smiling, Willow turned toward him and said, “Okay…yeah. I’m good.”

William kissed Willow and said, “Good. I’m pretty fine too.” They laughed together.

Snuggling close, Willow felt William’s arm around her as she said, “I don’t know why…but I looked at you and I had this need to climb in bed and…well…wake you up.”

William grinned at Willow and kissing her lips he said, “I woke up needing the same thing, so I guess we got what we needed.”

Willow let out a deep-relaxed breath as she said, “Yeah we did.”

William looked more earnestly at Willow after he was able to and said, “I love you.”

Willow smiled up at William and touching his warm cheek she said, “I love you too, William. Well I need to get up, get a shower. Billy should be waking up soon.”

William said, “I can get up, Will. Let you sleep some.”

Willow kissed him again and said, “Okay. Thanks.”

Willow watched as William dressed and said, “William?”

William said, “Yeah?”

Willow said, “I’m a little nervous…the last time we were this aggressive was when I was pregnant.”

Smiling at Willow as he buttoned his jeans, put on his sweatshirt, William said, “You might be. It probably wouldn’t hurt to take a test.”

Willow looked down and said, “I’ve tried so hard…I know that you have your hands full helping with Billy…”

Catching her abrupt guilt mode, William walked over to Willow and sat next to her. Raising her chin, he said, “Hey. Willow? Look at me, love."

Willow looked up at William. She said, “What?”

William said from his heart, “You and Billy are not headaches to me. You’re my family and I love you very much. If you find out you are pregnant, I am going to be overjoyed, not mad, not upset, but happy. Because that means I get to be a dad to another wonderful baby that you and I have made together. Go ahead and take the test and if you are we’ll celebrate.”

Nodding, smiling, Willow said, “Okay, I will. I love you too.”

William kissed Willow and walked on out so he could listen for Billy.

Willow went back to sleep…

Later on after Willow had slept a good four more hours, she got up and called Anya. Anya had called her mom and dad with Xander beside her and they had told them the news. Surprisingly, Anya’s parents were very understanding. They knew how close Anya and Xander were. A wedding was being planned and Anya asked Willow to be her Matron of Honor.

William and Willow sat with a pregnancy box in their hands, having yet to take the test when the doorbell rang. Willow got up and looked in the peephole. Seeing her mom and Rory standing there, she opened the door and knew. She knew her mom had told Rory the truth. He looked thrilled.

Walking inside, Rory and Mallory told William the news. He had an idea, but Willow had only given hints for her mom. Because she had given her word.

Spotting the EPT on the table very quickly, Rory looked at Willow and said, “Something you’d like to tell us?”

Willow nervously sat beside William and smiling bashfully she said, “Well…”


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Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Continues from last chapter…

Spoilers: None!

Part Thirty-Three—Feeling Needy

Two Months Later…

Willow had the windows open in the house. Billy was in his playpen playing while Willow sat and watched him, wishing William was back already from being gone with Rory. When she woke up that morning, he was gone. He’d left a note on the table saying he and Rory were going hunting for baby things. They were getting into it more than Mal and Willow were! It was sweet, Willow thought.

She wasn’t a possessive wife, one who had to be around her husband every second. But she was a good three or four months along now and her hormones were blazing. Willow wanted William. She recalled William telling her once that he didn’t expect her to hold back her feelings. But if she let him see how needful she was these days, would he flip out? Would he think she was a horny housewife?

Right then she sat and watched her playful son, loving him completely, while part of her daydreamed about sex. The knock on the door had Willow closing that fantasy for the moment. Walking to the door, she looked in the peephole and saw her mother standing there with a bag of Doritos and a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew in her arm.

Opening the door, Willow said, “Hungry, mom?”

Mallory said, “Since the boys are gone I thought we could snack and talk.” Willow would rather leap and pounce on her husband—after finding out where he was.

She smiled though and let Mallory inside.

Closing and locking the door, Willow said, “So…what’s up?”

Mallory walked into the living room, where Billy was and kissing her grandson, talking with him for a few minutes, Mallory looked at Willow, showing her pouchy lower belly in her blue jeans and saying, “It’s too early to crave food. Right?”

Willow grinned slyly and said, “I don’t know, mom. I was about five months along with Billy when I started…but I don’t know how far you are…so…I can’t say.”

Mallory said, “I’m four and a half months.”

Willow smiled and said, “Ooh. Mom. You hound.”

Mallory sat on the couch and said, “I don’t even want to hear it. Miss I have to see William, mom. I have to check on him, make sure he’s all right. My butt.”

Willow grinned broadly and said, “I did check on him.”

Mallory grinned and added, “Uh-huh. I’m sure.”

Willow said with a laugh, “I did check on him…it’s just…part of me checking on him was done in bed, under our covers. It went from checking to something else that’s all.” Willow didn’t blush this time, she merely continued to laugh.

Grabbing the chips that her mom held out, Willow munched and looked at her mom. Mallory was in baggy blue jeans and a teal T-shirt. She left her red hair down and it was in curly waves from the perm she had done a few months back, before the wedding.

Willow grabbed two kitchen glasses and poured Dew in both yellow cups. Handing one to her mother, Willow said, “Thanks, mom for bringing this over.”

Mallory drank some and said, “You’re welcome. I wanted to see you and Billy. So what’s going on with you?”

Willow took a drink from her glass and said, “Not much. Sitting and watching Billy have a good time with his toys. I fed him breakfast soon after William left with Rory.” Pausing, Willow said, “I think about William a lot. But I did last time too.” Willow shrugged, trying to hide just how intense it was.

Mallory didn’t buy it and said, “How bad is it, Will?”

Willow looked at Billy, saw he was having a good time with his sailboats in the playpen, then looking at her mother she said, “Times like today when he’s gone…it’s bad.”

Nodding, Mallory said, “Maybe I should…”

Just then William and Rory walked into the condo. Willow looked right into William’s eyes, then quickly backed her eyes to her mother and said, “Maybe you should what, mom?”

Mallory saw the look Willow gave William. Walking to Rory, Mallory whispered something then walked to Willow and said, “Rory was going to go with me to Put Put Golf, but we’ve changed our plans. How would you feel if we took Billy here and spent the day taking him to Chucky Cheese’s? Then let him stay the night at our place tonight?”

Willow knew what her mother was doing and said, “I think you are wonderful…but I think I’m selfish to say yes.”

Mallory said, “It’s a favor, Will. You’re going to help me I’m sure too.”

Knowing she would, Willow said, “I will…Thanks, mom.” Watching as Mallory picked up Billy and Rory grabbed his things, Willow gave William a smile and saw his confusion go to a smile.

He still didn’t know why they were taking Billy, but it must be for a reason. William didn’t mind them babysitting. He trusted Billy with Mallory and he sure trusted him with Rory.
After they were gone, Willow looked at William and said, “How was your hunting trip?”

William showed Willow the boxes that was a bed, a stroller, another playpen since Billy’s was getting worn in one or two spots. Plus other little things that he thought were cute, that his and Willow’s baby needed like stuffed bears and bees and musical stuffed items.

William said, “It was good. Still, you and I will have to go out and find other things before he or she comes.” William walked to Willow and put his arms around her, looking into Willow’s blue eyes. Kissing her he said, “Necessary things.”

Willow kissed him back, on her tiptoes and said, “Right. I agree.” She giggled and he grinned wider.

Willow looked up at William after they all left and said, “William. My mom took Billy for the day…I think…because I told her what I was going through. Whenever you go somewhere, I feel this neediness. It’s not because I have to be around you all the time. It’s…”

Willow turned away from William.

William walked up behind Willow and wrapping his arms around her, he said, “You’re talking about a sexual neediness?”

Nodding, honestly, worrying how he would feel, Willow said, “I’ll get a hold of it.” She turned to William and said, “I mean it, William. I will. It’s just…right now…it’s been kinda hard.”

William replied earnestly, “It doesn’t have to be, Will. I’m right here.” Lifting his shirt over his head, William looked passionately into Willow’s eyes as he unbuckled his jeans.

Willow looked over William and her heart beat fast. Pulling her shirt off, Willow unbuttoned her jeans and took them off, sliding down her panties. Unsnapping her bra, she walked the last inch to William.

William said finally, “Do what you’re needing to do, Willow.”

Willow opened her mouth and kissed William’s chest, touched his shoulders, up above his nipples with her hands. William wrapped his arms around Willow’s back and lowered his sexy mouth to the side of her neck. He tilted her chin up and kissed her lips tasting her fire, giving her his as he did so.

Sliding her hands down to his jeans, Willow quickly lowered William’s zipper and watched William push his jeans off of himself. He wore nothing beneath and was already prominent and aching for Willow.

Looking at each other for a brief moment, Willow hopped up into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. William kissed Willow’s lips and Willow felt the incredible joy of William sucking down her neck. He kissed on down to her breasts. He bent with Willow to the floor and laying her on the carpet, William looked over Willow’s body. Down her neck, across her breasts, down her slender waist and stomach, down her legs and in between. William knew Willow well enough to know about where she was just by watching her body move and seeing the green color of her eyes.

William moved his wonderful right hand down Willow’s body and said, “What if I touched you, like this?” He moved his fingers across her needy area. Willow moaned and tipped her head back.

Figuring that was mean, William smiled and opening her knees he said, “Nah, I think this is better.” Opening his lips as if to lick ice-cream on a hot summer day, William did it quickly, so loving Willow, so wanting to help her reach her orgasm, repeatedly.

Willow screamed out, “Oh! Oh William! Ohhh…” Willow was so very close to orgasm that she could feel small shards of it as he continued to stoke the fire. Willow locked her legs around his shoulders and held his head against her.

William pried her legs apart and holding her up some he felt her buttocks tighten as he had felt her legs tighten around him and he knew. A little more effort and Willow yelled out loud, “Oh…I….I can’t…” As she came, Willow shouted, “OH! YES! Oh, yes. Oh William…”

Wiping his mouth, William reached Willow’s face again. Willow was still breathing hard. Still feeling the release as it continued to leave her feeling good, Willow said, “William…Mmmm…”

William smiled and kissing Willow he said, “Nice?”

Willow grinned and kissing him back she said, “Amazing.”

William kissed her behind her ear like she liked and said, “Do you want to wait a little while? Get your air back? Or keep going?”

Willow blissfully moved on top of William on the carpeting and looking into his eyes she said, “Well…what do you want to do?” She kissed his lips and his chin.

William ran his hands down her back, over her behind as he said, “Me? Will I think you know what I want to do.” He moved her waist closer to his point of prominence to show her.

He added, “But I will wait for you, if you need a few minutes.”

Willow kissed William again and sliding down toward his aching instrument, she said, “I can unwind later.”

Straddling William, Willow came down and felt the wonderful connection of his body going into hers. She let out a noise that told William she enjoyed it. He let out one as well to match then kissed her lips.

At connection, William and Willow worked together and heard each other breathe heavily and say things that they would only say in privacy, to each other. Willow felt needs inside her and they quickly took over as she moved rapidly against William, taking his plunges unashamedly at the time asking for others.

William lifted his hips and pumped into Willow over and over, giving her more of his love, hearing her cries and her requests. Moaning his own desires with her.
Willow saw William’s hard work and feeling for him she said, “William…let’s roll over.”

William gladly did so for Willow.

Continuing where they left off, William pushed Willow’s thighs up higher than normal and aggressively gave to Willow until she tipped her head back and cried out his name. Scratching his shoulders and still rocking beneath him as he went on and reached his own paradise.

Lying together in bed later that day, Willow turned to William and said, “Eight times in one afternoon. Wow…” She felt the soreness in her legs from this adventurous day but it was wonderful.

William chuckled and getting comfortable in the steamy sheets, William said, “I enjoyed it. How about you?”

Smiling, Willow touched William’s face and said with all the love in her heart, “I love you, William.”

William felt so grateful to be with Willow. To have her here in this bed with him—to have her in his life. He kissed her and said, “I love you too.”

Willow lay on her back and cooling some with the off white sheets over her breasts and body, the window open and offering a nice breeze. She replied to his earlier comment, “I really enjoyed it.” William kissed Willow and said, "I did too, love."

Looking at William she asked mischievously, “Did we create new positions?”

William laughed and said, “Nah. They were already created, love. We just borrowed them. So is your neediness taken care of?”

Moving closer to William, Willow said, “Yes. I’m getting sleepy…”

William kissed Willow and putting his arms around her he yawned and said, “I am too.”

So naked beneath the sheets, William and Willow crashed…

Willow’s needy spell was gone…at least for now!

Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Patrol Night is here and Willow decides to be sneaky…

Spoilers: None!

Part Thirty-Four—Patrol Night

October 6, 2001

It was another Friday night. William kissed Willow and said he’d be back later. He was going to the cemetery to patrol with Giles, Xander, Anya and Buffy. Billy was asleep in his bed. William walked out the door.

Willow climbed out of bed, a little tender from an hour of powerful lovemaking that she still smiled over. Going to the bathroom, she cleaned up, then grabbing jeans and a black tank top she got dressed. Walking into the living room she picked up the cordless and dialed a number…

Walking across the grass of the darkened cemetery, fifteen minutes later, Willow smelled the odors of night and the sounds of insects and other animal noises in the distance making their nightly hellos. She knew this was dangerous. She knew she should be home, watching TV or reading.

Dismissing what she knew and going with what she felt, Willow continued to walk forward, to the sounds of the Scoobies discussing plans for the night’s patrol.

William looked at Giles and said, “I don’t like how quiet it is.”

Everyone knew that meant that vamps could jump out and surprise them all.

Giles said, “We’re all prepared so it should go smoothly.” William merely gave Giles a look then looked at the others and said, “Prepare for anything. It’s October. The Ghoules and Goblins of fantasy are going to quickly become reality. Be on guard.”

Xander said to his best friend, “You bet. I’m already packed with lots of slaying goodies for any ghoul or goblin who dares come my way.”

Anya rolled her eyes at Xander then said, “He really means to be brave, but he comes off a little silly. But I love you, Xander.”

Xander turned to Anya and said, “I wish you’d stayed home.”

Anya said, “I know. But I’ll be fine.”

William smiled at them and then turned to the front to prepare…Secretly glad that Will was home with Billy.

Willow was a few yards away from him as he thought this, defeating three demons who lunged out at her. The last one dead she walked forward and reached the backs of the Scoobies. Looking at Buffy she whispered, “Hey…Buffy…Over here.”

Buffy sneaked over and said, “Willow? What are you doing here?”

Willow said, “It’s patrol night. I’m here to patrol. Your mom is babysitting for me.” Willow smiled, feeling she pulled that off well.

Buffy said, “What about the one you’re carrying?”

Willow rolled her eyes and said, “I’m barely four months along. I’m fine. The baby is fine. Besides, Anya is here and she’s three months pregnant.” Pausing, Willow said, “I need to be here, Buffy.”

Putting an arm around her shoulders, feeling for what she was going to face from William, Buffy said, “Well come on then.”

Buffy walked Willow to the others and said, “We have a new fighting member, gang.”

William expected it to be Rory. He never believed he’d see Willow.

William said, “Whoever it is I hope they’re armed. More are coming, I can feel it.”

Willow said confidently, “I am. I don’t come to patrol without my weapons.”

William turned abruptly to Willow and taking her hand he said, “Buffy stand watch.”

Buffy said focused on her job, “What I do best.”

Walking to a secluded spot in the cemetery, William looked at Willow and said concerned, “Are you okay, love?”

Willow nodded, touching his jacket with her hands, intimately, as she said, “Yeah. I’m fine.”

William hugged her and said, “You sure?”

Willow said, “William I am fine. Joyce is watching Billy. Everything’s okay.”

William looked into her eyes and said, “We can’t go into a long discussion right now so I’ll need to get the short version. What’s going on?”

Willow let out a deep breath and paced some saying, “I know what I should do. I have tried to follow it. But I can’t stay home every Friday and Saturday night when my heart tells me I need to be here. It’s ingrained in me, William. It’s a big part of who I am.”

William let out a deep breath of his own and said, “And what happens if a vamp gets a hold of you and thrashes you to the ground, hurting both you and the baby? What happens when I lose you? Do I just accept that you were doing what you felt was right?”

Willow didn’t expect that answer and stood shocked and emotional. Willow said brokenly, “William…”

William just shook his head and said, “You’re here to fight, come on. Fight. I’ll deal with it, Will.”

Working hard to fight the tears and to get focused, Willow walked with William to the others and faced the dozen vamps and demons who were coming right at them…

The attack was just like William thought. It was a dangerous and menacing one. These were creatures who weren’t afraid of the slayer, they were determined to conquer. All the Scoobies fought pregnant or not and the battle was difficult.

In the end though they did defeat the nightly creatures.

Willow though was exhausted and cut up on her arms and had blood on her face from another cut. She tried to walk toward William but became woozy.

William turned to her and said evenly, “You ready to go, Willow?”

Willow nodded and said, “Yeah.” He didn’t’ see her dizziness, or decided that she had asked for it by being reckless and selfish. She had. She knew it, so she walked over and said goodnight to the others.

William drove her on home but both were silent. Willow looked down at her hands with a shaky breath and said quietly, “I’m…sorry.”

William focused on the traffic in Sunnydale and said, “You’re sorry.”

Willow turned to William and said, “I am.”

Stopping the car at the side of the road. Looking at Willow he said, “Willow you could have gotten killed out there. The vamps and demons we faced were tougher than they have ever been.”

Willow nodded and said, muddled, “I…know…I…”

William said emotionally, “What you did was selfish. Did you think for a second what it would have been like for me…” Looking away he finished, “Coming up on your body after you’d been vamped or worse, mutilated?”

Willow said, “I didn’t think it would get like it did tonight. I thought it would be just another patrol. William I can’t just stay home all the time.”

William looked at Willow and said, “Willow you come and go as you like. I don’t control you. I never have controlled you.”

Nodding, Willow said, “I know…I don’t know what I’m saying tonight. Let’s just go home.”

William drove Willow someplace but it wasn’t home. He stopped outside Mallory’s and Rory’s. Parking he looked at her and said, “For tonight I think you’d be best to stay at your mom’s, Will.”

Willow looked up into William’s eyes and said, “Why? Because I did something you didn’t’ like? William I am not your child. I am your wife.”

William had tried to keep a control on his own upset but it left him here. He said directly, “Really? Willow right now I am very close to telling you exactly what I think you’re acting like.”

Willow said on her last effort of composure, “What’s that?”

William said flatly, “A selfish bitch who didn’t’ give a damn about what chancing her life or her baby’s life would mean to the man who loves her. Me, Willow. I don’t care if you do whatever I say, I don’t want a wife like that. I want you. But I thought you’d think a little more about your own safety as well as the baby’s. That it meant a bit more to you than that.”

Willow said troubled, “It does…William…I love you.”

William touched Willow’s face and said, “I love you, love. Very much. If I lost you, I’d be done for.”

Willow said, “So would I.” Willow opened the passenger door and watched solemnly as William drove away…

Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Directly follows last part…What will happen next?

Spoilers: None!

Part Thirty-Five—Left Out…

Later that same night…

Ashamed about what happened, Willow walked around the condo to the beach. Sitting on the sand she thought about tonight, about her decisions and how they could have done what William said, they could have risked her life. Hers and the baby’s. Bad decisions and the consequence of being here, instead of at home with her husband that she loved.

It wasn’t a punishment that had her here either. William wasn’t like that. It was his own way of trying to deal with the dangerous end that could have happened by Willow’s reckless choice.

Breaking down into tears, Willow wiped her face, and looking at her hand she saw tears mixed with blood. Crying harder, she sat, and looked over the water that thanks to the near-full moon above shone a light across the waves. Willow just breathed in the smell of the ocean and tried to stop the way her heart ached. She had this bad feeling that her choice tonight could very well have cost her William. If that happened, she would be lost. Her attempt to rid the pain was impossible however and so she sat on the darkened sand and continued to wish that she’d done things differently…

Willow walked to the edge of the beach and looked out at the waves. Her hair blew in the light wind brushing her red hair up off her shoulders. The blue in her eyes met the light across the water and held a somber affect to them. She was hurting inside and felt the pain of William’s dropping her off, taking her home, as if he had kicked her out. Told her she had messed up for good and he didn’t’ want her anymore. Had she? Had being selfish one night caused a rift between them, because of what could have happened?

What if something had happened while Joyce was watching Billy? Willow hadn’t thought of that either. She just hadn’t thought. She’d acted. Now she was alone on a cool beach at midnight…
The next morning, Willow walked around the beach house and faced what she didn’t want to…her mother and Rory. Staying up all night thinking, Willow wasn’t sure she could face them now either, but she did. She walked up the few steps and knocked on their front door.

Rory answered the door in a robe, his brown hair a mess. Willow said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know if you guys would be up yet.”

Rory opened the door and said, “It could be three in the morning and I’d open the door and let you inside, Will. Come on in.”

He could tell something had happened. Willow didn’t stop by this early—it was barely six.

Shutting the door, Willow said, “Is mom up?”

Shaking his head, Rory said, “No. She’s still sleeping.”

Willow held her hair with her hands in a nervous way and biting her lip she said, “I’m only going to stay a minute. I just wanted to say…I was here last night. I stayed on your part of the beach. William and I…we got into a fight.”

Rory said, “Sit down.”

They were in the living room. Together they sat on the couch.

Rory said, “What happened?”

Willow told him. She said, “What I can’t believe is how selfish I was…I’m not like that Rory.”

Rory nodded but stayed quiet for a minute.

Willow went on fearfully, “What worries me is one of these times of me being careless, or selfish is going to cause William to leave me. For good.”

Rory asked, “What was the reason for you going on patrol last night?”

Willow said, “I don’t know…”

Rory took her hand and said, “I’m your dad and also a warrior. So you can’t say I don’t know and have me believe it. Try again.”

Willow spoke dryly, figuring he wouldn’t, and said, “Sneakiness that comes from somewhere I don’t know. Honestly. I have no reason to sneak around William.”

Emotions from last night’s fight had Willow near tears again. Rory saw it.

Rory said patiently, “Will, come on. What is it?”

Willow broke into tears and said, “I’m lonely. I am so lonely, Rory. I stay home on Friday and Saturday nights. I take care of Billy. I love him, I don’t want you thinking I don’t. I do. But after I put him to bed, it’s just me in the house. William has the Scoobies. He has friends in New York that helps him with publishing his books. Sometimes…I feel like I’m his wife. I cook dinner, I sleep with him, but when I become pregnant, like I am again, I’m unable to be part of what he does. A big part of what we are together is our warrior connection. We share it and it is a strong bond. It’s not all we are, but…” She paced and said, “That’s not even all of it.”

Rory said, “What else is it?” He felt terrible for Willow. He wished he could fix it and if possible, he would.

Willow said something she hadn’t said to anyone, “His friendship with Buffy…it’s bothering me.”

Rory said, “Buffy Summers? Come on Will. They’ve been enemies for years.”

Willow said, “Not anymore. He stood up for her and she smiles at him now. Hell they chat like friends.”

Rory said, “What if they are? That doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with her.”

Willow shrugged totally insecure as she said, “How do I know that? I’m home all the time, on Patrols. He’s gone from eight at night until around twelve. There are hideouts, crypts… I’ve pictured an affair between them, Rory.”

Rory was officially torn. His friendship with William and his bond with his daughter. Trying to be neutral though he said, “What you are telling me sounds like a stage in your pregnancy, Willow. It’s normal to be insecure.”

Willow’s eyes glared at Rory and the tears in the blue of them turning them a bright green. She said, “You are blaming all of this on my hormones? Rory what if he is having an affair?”

Rory said, “Willow I think you are overreacting to something that isn’t even a friendship. It’s nothing.”

Willow said, “If it is?”

Rory let out a tired breath and said, “If it is I will intervene. William will wish he’d never touched her. But I think it is nothing to be worried about. I’ve seen William with Buffy, Willow.”

Willow said, “She’s pretty…and she’s blonde…and she’s vulnerable.”

Rory said, “You are beautiful, with gorgeous red hair and you are equally vulnerable right now. And he loves you, Willow. He wouldn’t devote himself to you like he does if he didn’t.”

Walking to Willow, Rory put an arm around her shoulders and said, “I remember a suspicion before with a brunette vamp who was once called Drusilla before William dusted her. It’s normal to be this way, Will. Part of the process.”

Willow nodded and held onto Rory. Willow asked, “Am I a selfish bitch?”

Rory looked at her suddenly and said, “No. Absolutely not. Who called you that? Did William?”

Willow looked down and said, “He was upset. I was being selfish by sneaking over there, and I didn’t think about what could have happened.”

Rory said, “He still had no right to call you that.”

Willow shrugged.

Rory said, “When he comes back I’m talking to him.”

Willow looked up at Rory and said, “I don’t want a problem with you and William, Rory. You’re best friends.”

Rory said, “You are my daughter, Willow.”

William drove over to Rory and Mallory’s not knowing really what to expect. He parked and walked up the sidewalk. Not having slept all night either, William rang the doorbell.

Rory answered.

William said, “Is Willow here?”

Rory said honestly, “No. She’s gone with Mallory. Come in.”

William walked inside and watched as Rory closed the door. Locking it up. Looking at William, Rory saw he hadn’t slept. Good. The jerk didn’t’ need to.

Trying to be objective, realizing that was stupid because of his connections in this, Rory said, “I’m getting something to drink. If you want a mug you know where they are.”

Taking that verbal blow, William said, “No thanks. I drank a mug at home.”

Grabbing a mug of coffee, Rory sat at the table in the kitchen. William across from him.
Rory said, “Have you ever been a pregnant warrior?”

William grinned and said, “No.”

Rory said, “Good. Then how the hell can you know what Willow is going through? How she’s feeling, day after day? What would cause her to do what she did last night.”

William figured Will had talked with her dad and mom about last night. But hell it still bothered him because he was confused. He let out a deeply tired breath and said, “I don’t know why she did what she did. She didn’t tell me.”

Rory said, “She told me and I'll let her tell you. That's between you guys. What I am pissed about is that you called her a selfish bitch. Willow isn't selfish, William, you know that. She's too kind hearted and loving to be selfish. You've been selfish many times, I've been selfish, but not Will.”

William said guiltily, “I know... I was upset. I said what I was feeling out of anger and worry. I didn’t mean it.”

Rory said, “She took it like you did and so did I. A bitch is what you call someone you can’t stand. You said you loved Willow, that you’d love her in good times and bad. Was that said in the same way?”

William said, "You can quit interrogating and insulting me, Rory. I know full well how I feel about Willow. I love her and she knows that.”

Willow walked in then and said, “No I don’t.”

William turned to Willow and said, “Will?”

Willow dropped her bag her mom had bought her of snack food and said, “I don’t know that. Not right now.”

Rory stood and said, “I’m going to go help Mal. You two take the bedroom to talk. We’ll stay out.”

Nodding, William walked with Willow to the bedroom and they shut the door.

William felt pain along with Willow now as he said, “We need to talk.”

Nodding, Willow said, “Mmm-hmmm.” Tears fell as she said this simple thing.

Willow sat across from William, on Rory’s chair. He sat on the spare bed.

William sat forward and reached for Willow’s hands. Looking into her eyes he said, “First of all and a major thing I want you to know, love. I love you.”

Willow said, “I love you too. William I went to patrol last night because I was lonely.”

William said perplexed, “Lonely?”

Nodding, Willow said, “You go on these nights and patrol. You hang out with the Scoobies, you have friends. I stay home. After tending to the baby—which I love to do—it’s just me in the house. There’s only so many books to read…shows become old and boring.”

William said, “I’m sorry, love. I had no idea.”

Willow said, “Rory says it is normal for me to have these issues being pregnant. But I don’t like them. Here lately, William, I’ve begun to think bad things about you…insecure things. I pictured you and Buffy sleeping together. She smiles at you…you pick on her. All I do is make dinner, bathe Billy and attack you in bed. In my mind you take walks with Buffy and enjoy doing things with her.”

William pushed his hands through his hair and said, “Oh my love. Willow?”

Willow looked up, the sadness in her eyes. Vulnerability.

William touched her face and said, “I am not doing anything like that with Buffy. We get along better than we did. We aren’t fighting back and forth. But it isn’t like that. At all. My heart is yours. I couldn’t love you and sleep with someone else. I don’t work that way—certainly not since finding you. Okay?"

Nodding her head, Willow said, “I probably sound ridiculous…stupid…”
William said, “You sound like a woman who has been neglected and I am sorry about that. We will fix it.”

Willow said, “I don’t just love you in bed…” Crying she said, “I hate crying all the time! Being so emotional and jealous and having to pee every five minutes. But I love being pregnant. I love carrying our baby.”

William put his arms around Willow and said, “Willow it’s going to take me a few minutes to respond to all of that.” He laughed, then said, “Suffice it this way. I love you no matter how sappy you get or how much you cry or how much you need me in bed. I still love you. Please though, love, understand. You are the only woman I want. You. I am sorry for what I called you last night…I didn’t mean it. I was worried and upset but that was no excuse. I hope you will forgive me.”

Willow said, “Oh William. Yes, I forgive you. I love you.” She moved forward and kissed him, needfully. William kissed her back, feeling Willow pulling him on top of her, on the bed. Willow unbuttoned her black tank top and turned her head so William could kiss her neck. William kissed all down her neck and opened her shirt more to kiss down further. Willow pulled his shirt up off of him and moved her hands to his button of his jeans.

William said, “Love…I’m for this…really. But…the door’s not locked.”

Climbing off of Willow for a minute, William locked the door and walked back to Willow, naked.

Willow smiled as he climbed back on top and kissed him back after he kissed her. Sliding her arms around him, she said, “William…I know full well what it means to be in love with you because I felt that I was dying when you dropped me off here last night. Thinking that you were going to leave me…they’d have to take me away somewhere because without you, my life would be even lonelier.”

Loving Willow even more from this declaration, he kissed her tenderly, saying, "So would mine, love. You tell me when you feel lonely, always, and I'll help reassure you that you have no reason to ever be. I'm yours, Willow, always yours. I love you."

Willow said, "I love you too, William."

William kissed Willow again and again and with his heart and his body he made sweet love to her on the bed.

Later that day, William and Willow invited the Scoobies over to their place and spent the day together. William helped bring Willow out of her loneliness and Willow didn’t feel quite so insignificant staying in with the baby. Not when she knew without a doubt that William was hers and only hers.

That made all the difference in the world…



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Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: A night at patrol turns into more...

Spoilers: None!

Part Thirty-Six--When We Get Together...

A/N: This is very steamy!! Has sex behind it and through it! loL!

Friday, October 12, 2001

William and Willow walked into the cemetery at around eight that Friday night. Buffy, Giles and the others were there, visiting. It was known now that Willow still fought with the others...but they helped watch and make sure she was okay. Anya stayed home tonight. She wasn't feeling so well. Her mom was visiting with her because here lately from what Xander told them she was weak and sick. She was less than a handful of months along, but the pregnancy was hard on her. Xander would leave early, he said, so he could check on Anya. Everyone understood and said they hoped she felt better soon.

Meanwhile, Giles was going on about the chill in the air. Unusual for Sunnydale this time of year. William said, "Could be colder."

Giles knew what William was saying. He'd been to London as well and knew those temperatures. He grew up there. He said with feeling, "It could. You're right."

Buffy walked over to Xander and checked his weapons, made sure he was okay for the fight. Then she sat with him and visited before the vamps began to spring up and attempt to dance.

After a good two hours straight of fighting, Giles said, "I thought the fight we faced last week was a bloody fluke. I guess not."

William looked at Xander and shared a 'Is he nuts' expression then said, "It's gonna get worse, Giles, not better. Halloween will be our toughest night of slaying."

Buffy eyed William and said with a nod, "I've been practicing double time for that one. And...yes Giles...I've been reading up on the Chronicles as well to see what past slayers have done. You'd be proud."

Giles walked to Buffy and smiling he said, "I'm always proud of you, Buffy. How is Joyce doing, by the way? I ask only as a concerned friend, of course."

Buffy raised her eyebrows and said, "Of course. Giles why don't you just admit you love my mom and ask her to marry you? Everyone knows how you feel. Mom included, "I'm sure."

At Giles's nervous expression, Buffy said, "She's fine, Giles. A little hyper with it being Halloween month and her knowing my hard work ahead, but otherwise she's fine. I mean it though. You should just admit it."

Giles said, "Buffy I have a lot of things on my mind. If I propose to Joyce it will have to be next month. After we face Halloween."

Buffy rolled her eyes and chuckled with the others as she said, "Okay."

Suddenly more vamps headed their way and they got into fight mode yet again...
By eleven that night, everyone was worn out. William looked at Willow and said, "You ready, love?"

Willow smiled and said, "Yep." She pushed to her feet from the tomb she was sitting on. Walking with William, hand in hand, to the others, Willow assessed the dust, her friends, and the exhaustion. She said, "We done for the night?"

Buffy nodded and said, "As far as I'm concerned. I don't have any other vibes that say we should stick around."

Willow said, "Me neither."

Giles said, "Well I'm heading out then too. Get some rest everyone because tomorrow night will be heavier. Saturday nights are always busier."

Buffy rolled her eyes and said, "Yes, Giles."

She walked on toward her car, Giles catching up and hounding her.

Xander said goodnight and left in his car.

William took Willow's hand and said, "Let's go, love."

Willow smiled and said, "Can't do much more."

As they walked, though, Willow chose to surprise William. Turning toward him she said, "Wait."

William heard her tone and said, "What is it? You sense something?"

Willow said, "Yes. Over here." She walked ahead of him, toward a crypt. Opening the door, while William looked at the surroundings to be sure they were safe, Willow said, "In here."

William followed Willow down the steps into the cold crypt. He said, "Be careful, love." He held his weapon and watched Willow looking around, holding hers.

She said, "I think I hear something over here. Stay here, William."

William said, "If you hear something, Will, I'm coming with you."

Willow turned to William and said, "Are you trying to get testy with me? Because you know me and testiness, William. I won¡¦t tolerate it." She grinned.

William kissed her and said, "Fine. I'll stay here, but you yell out if you see something."

Willow said, "I will. Stay here."

William held his hands up and said, "I'm staying."

Knowing damn well there was nothing in that crypt, Willow walked into the other section where she kept her bag. Darkness was across the entire spot she was in and it helped her now. She stripped out of her clothes and changed into what she brought along...

William was looking another way when Willow walked out. She said, "I guess nothing was in there. I was wrong."

William turned and watching Willow walking to him his mouth dropped open.

Willow grinned and said, "Have I got you shocked?"

William said, "A little bit love."

Willow wore a forest green nighty that pushed her breasts up and nicely fit her everywhere else.

Willow said, "We fight here every Friday and Saturday. Why can't we spend a night here too?"

William was stuck looking over Willow's body. He couldn't move! Finally smiling he said, "You planned this?"

Nodding, Willow said, "I thought it would be a nice surprise for you."

William walked over to Willow by force and said, "It's a great surprise. What about Billy?"

Willow said, "My mom's watching him."

William grinned larger and said, "We're going to have to start paying her. Make her an official babysitter."

Willow laughed and touching his shirt with her hands she said, "Probably."

Willow looked into William¡¦s blue eyes in the shadows of the room and said, "I want to be with you...but I want it to be kind of reckless. Does that work?"

William reached for Willow's hair and looking back at her he said, "It works." He was as ready as he'd ever been. Seeing Willow in this thing had set that up right now.

Willow said those words but when William stood and waited for her to attack, she said, "Who starts?"

William touched down her neck with his fingers and said, "Whoever wants to."

Usually it was William who started. Willow felt shy being aggressive.

William saw this and said, "Do you need me to heat you up some, love?"

When he spoke to her like that it did that on its own, but Willow said, "Heat me up?"

William kissed her lips softly then with passion and meaning. Willow held his shirt in her hands and kissed him back equally so. Turning his head and holding Willow with his hands, William kissed her again hotter.

Willow said, "Oh William..."

Looking at his shirt, at how near he was to her, feeling the recklessness in her, Willow grabbed his shirt and pulled it quickly up over and off of him. Going to her toes, Willow kissed him again, wrapping her bare arms around his shoulders.

William quickly untied and unbuttoned her green negligee and pulled it up, off of her body. He touched her and Willow opened her knees, needing to feel his shaft against her. Oh it wasn't enough! She moved herself against him and let out moans, heard his. It felt so amazing!

Willow felt as William touched her body and kissed down her neck. She was so heated up that the room that felt cold as ice earlier was hotter than a blazing forest fire in May.

Willow moved faster, unable to stop herself. She began to shake and said, "Oh! Oh William..." Reaching her climax soundly against his jeans, Willow cried and wet his shoulders with her tears.

Unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, William sat up on one of the slabs in the crypt and pulled Willow up with him. Adjusting back against the wall, William said, "Come here, love."

Willow looked into his eyes and saw the desire there. Oh she loved it when William got passionate. When he was as randy and ready as she was. Moving across toward him, Willow looked at William's face, the smile on his mouth, the heat in his eyes.

Meeting together, they continued to kiss each other. Willow touched William's tanned body, she heard him pant and say her name. He touched her and she said his name. Sitting up with William, Willow opened her thighs and let her legs go around him, her feet touching the concrete beneath them.

Opening his legs some, William said, "Move over to the right a little, love."

As soon as Willow did she felt William's erection as it quickly plunged into Willow. William touched Willow's face, over her hair. Willow touched his face as well and said, "William...I love you." William said, "I love you too, Will." Kissing intensely they held onto the other one and rocked back and forth on the stony marble bench beneath them. Working together, Willow soon felt her body’s wonderful clues that her happiness was just around the corner. Just a little ways from where they were. She began to speak aloud, "Oh...oh this feels good...oh...oh William..."

Working harder despite the scrapes he felt on his body from the bench, William held Willow's butt with his hands and let out his own sounds of arousal.

Working harder despite the scrapes he felt on his body from the bench, William held Willow's butt with his hands and let out his own sounds of arousal.
Fast sounds of rocking and heavy love sounds were consuming the crypt as William and Willow made love that evening. Willow screamed out, "Yes! Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh William!!!"

William spoke tensely, "Keep going, love...keep going."

Willow kept going because she loved William, because she wanted to help him, because he needed this as much as she had. Suddenly a loud sound of granite cracking beneath them was heard as they moved so fast that it broke it!

William kissed Willow's neck and shot into her as he exclaimed, "Oh...Oh Willow."

Willow clung to William and felt him holding her body as well. They may be hot, sweaty and be sitting on a cracked dusty bench in a crypt but both were pleasantly satisfied and very much in love...


Warrior Legacies

By, Angie

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Summary: Tragedy strikes again…

Spoilers: None!

Part Thirty-Seven—Anya

December 10, 2001

Anya’s illness had brought her to complete bed rest. She hadn’t left it for over four weeks. Xander stayed by her all the time. Scoobies came in and saw her. Doctors came in and checked on her, at home by Xander’s request. Nothing looked very good.

The Christmas Season was here, but none of the Scoobies felt very cheery. They were all watching one of their friends getting sicker instead of well again and there was nothing any of them could do. The doctor that she saw regularly said that the illness was unexplained and not anything Anya had done. It just appeared and was too far to stop.

Anya was taken to the hospital a week later—less than two weeks before Christmas—and that was where she stayed. She didn’t go home again. The baby was born at five months and was very much alive. A baby girl that Xander named Anya in her mother’s honor. Anya smiled at her baby only once. That was all…

Breaking down, Willow burst into tears at Anya’s side. Heaving she said, “No! Anya you can’t be gone!”

But Anya lay there and didn’t say a word.

Willow lay in bed and held her blankets to her as she said, “Anya…she was my best friend, William.”

William walked to her and sitting next to his wife he put his arm around her saying, “I know she was. Anya knew it too, love.”

It was late at night. Billy was asleep in bed.

Willow said through tears, “William I don’t think…I don’t think I can handle this.”

Willow broke down into hard cries and William held her against his body. He said, “Yeah, love you can. It’s going to be hard. Hard as hell for awhile. But I’m here. And so is your mom and Rory. You aren’t alone.”

Willow leaned into William and said, “I know…it just hurts.”

William said, “Will I wish I could stop the pain. I really do.”

Willow pulled the blankets over them both and said, “She was only nineteen. Getting ready to get married... Xander…he’s got to be doing badly.”

William nodded and said, “He is.” Knowing his good friend like he did, William added, “I feel for him. I’ve told him that if there’s anything I can do…” William lowered his own head and felt the horrible stab in his own stomach. Anya was a sweet girl and she was very young.

Willow held on tightly to William’s shirt and said, “People have asked me and Buffy about funeral arrangements. Anya’s only been gone a few days! We both wanted to attack them…people can be so uncaring…so…mean.”

William nodded and said, “They can. The world is cruel, Will. We can destroy all the vamps and villains in Sunnydale, but cruelty still is there. So is a lack of feeling or understanding. Compassion. But I love you and I am here to talk to about whatever is hurting you.”

Willow cried all over his shirt and said, “William I just want some time to deal before talking about what…what to do…with Anya.”

William said, “Then take the time. Her family can handle those things and get with you and Buffy if needed. For now at least.”

Nodding, Willow lay back against William in their bed and sobbed…

Her funeral was held three days later. A lot of people showed. Some that Buffy and Willow were surprised to see, others that they were glad showed. A saddening horror of low key misery enveloped all of them and they offered each other as much love and support as possible when their own hearts were grieving, missing their friend.

Xander fell apart and dropped out of his chair, going to the dirt. He sobbed his own pain, his own tears. No one knew what to do. Finally, Buffy walked over and tried to talk to him. He hugged her and they walked back together.

Baby Anya was at the hospital being tended to because of her premature birth. But the doctors felt she would make it. One Anya had survived. The other however would be terribly missed….

Warrior Legacies
By, Angie
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!
Chapter Thirty-Eight – Extravaganzas

A/N: I have fictitiously created the Wikaunda Mountains of California for this fic. The name has no resemblance to the Wicaunda discussed in the movie Indian Summer. I've respelled it to be safe and it is coincidental.

February 12, 2002

Ever since the fishing and hunting expedition came about, William and Rory had been talking about how they’d like to be part of it. It had nothing really to do with the hunting or the fishing really, but more the interaction with the guys. Coolers with beer and lots of food, along with fishing poles and rifles. That was a manly extravaganza!

This was in their heads and in their discussion in Rory’s and Mallory’s garage, that Thursday afternoon. It was so popular in town that posters were on trees advertising it! Of course William and Rory were excited – every guy in Sunnydale was. It started this Saturday morning at 8:00 am, 200 miles north from Sunnydale, up in the Wikaunda Mountains. Which meant that William and Rory had to leave tomorrow at dawn in order to get there in time to grab a place to stay at overnight and then get with the others in the group.

It was 4:30 PM and neither one had a clue how to mention going….but in their hearts they were already there!

Hearing Willow talking with Mallory in the kitchen that was the closest room to the garage, Rory looked at William am and said, “How are we going to ask?”

William shrugged and thinking of Willow, he said, “I have no idea. But if we don’t find a way to ask we will both be kicking ourselves in the ass.”

Rory nodded and said, “You’re right about that. We’ve got to think of how to do it.”


As they were discussing this, Mallory was inside talking with Willow and changing her three month old’s diaper.

Willow was eight months along and at that moment, sitting at the kitchen table with her tray of popcorn shrimp and a bowl of Mega Fudge Brownie Royale ice-cream, while opening a new jar of Sweet Gherkins. Her red hair was pulled back into a sloppy pony tail because she woke up and threw it together feeling lazy today.

Billy was in the den watching The Rescuers on DVD with a bag of Lays Masterpiece KC Barbecue chips and a cold Pepsi on a coaster. He was in his own happy world with his GI Joe’s on the chair to play with as he watched.

Willow checked on him every ten fifteen minutes to make sure he wasn’t getting into anything. He was only four now so it was possible that he could be playing with lamps or knick knacks. But normally he was really good at just playing with his toys and watching his favorite movies. Playtime wasn’t all day and he enjoyed feeling like a big boy and watching his TV for about an hour or two.

Willow still checked on him! lol! It was ingrained and she couldn’t help it. But these days she was waddling! Holding her back and just kinda trotting like a horse or mule to the next room. Of course as she ate her food she was just eating now she understood why, but dang it, she was weak!

After checking on Billy, Willow sat back down and said, “So mom, what do you think William or Rory is going to say when we tell them our plan?”

Mallory was feeding Billy in his light blue bassinet. She smiled at him and then turning to Will she kept that same large motherly look on her face as she said, “I don’t know, but we have to tell them.” Looking at the Bird Clock on the wall, Mallory said, “And it’s getting later.”

Willow nodded and said, “Buffy’s coming over soon.”

Grinning Willow added, “They have no idea that this is going on.”

Mallory’s grin looked very much like her daughter’s as she said ornerly, “I know. So…”

Xander was inside his house with little Anya, watching a game show on TV and picking it to death – his joy here lately aside from taking care of his baby girl. He wasn’t working because he was laid off and so he was taking those benefits, not wanting to but having to, and while doing so, spending his hours in the day watching TV. Yep, Xander thought, his TV became a good friend and yes he was watching Y and R. He knew the scoop on the deal with Sharon and Brad. He knew about Phyllis and Nick. He knew it all. Sadly.

Though he opened his blinds for Anya he could have let it stay shut for himself. What was wrong with it? It worked for centuries for the old fogie vamps! He wasn’t gone, just trying to deal with Anya’s death that was only two months ago. Only. With his mom and Buffy they’d cleaned the entire house because Xander hadn’t done anything really when she died, just stayed there and didn’t want to climb off his couch. It had been the two of them and little Anya’s sweet face that had Xander returning. Still though it was hard. And picking on the TV was not a crime, it was actually in his opinion a productively smart tactic – yeah, venting out his thoughts on the TV guy! If it could work for those guys on TV it could work for Xander.

That was until the Slayer knocked on his door and without a real period of time, opening it with a great blast with her right arm! Xander jumped up with the baby in his arms. He said, “Who the…?” He shifted little Anya to his left arm and grabbed a bat, thankful right then for being amadextrous.

Buffy walked forward calling out, “Xan?”

Hearing her clearly, Xander said, “Buffy?” Putting down her bat he walked toward her also, they met in the foyer.

Buffy saw Xander’s ratty dark hair, his very wrinkled red shirt and his slouchy dark pants. Turning and looking at his house she faced him again and said, “Xander what is going on here?” She picked up the baby, smiling at her.

Xander looked at his own place and said, “You picking on my messy house, Buff? You know that’s a horrible thing to do to your friend.” He grinned as said this.

Buffy grinned a little and said, “Well it does look kinda…messy.”

Xander expelled, “It looks a step down from a vamp shack, Buffy. Let’s be honest. But I’m not exactly getting all jumpy for cleaning it. Not right now anyway. I have been watching this game show and picking on the host’s cocky suit. Wanna join me?” His enthusiasm about it had Buffy feeling his forehead.

Buffy said, “I…have a better idea. How about we get you and Anya dressed and go to Mall and Rory’s place for awhile?”

Xander said with extreme hesitation, “I’m not sure I want to go there, Buffy.”

Buffy said, “Why? You’re just sitting here, watching Oylandly give money away and picking on his suit. Not exactly a fun afternoon experience to me. This way you can come with me and we can hang out with friends. A good postiive thing to do.”

Xander walked to his kitchen and said, “Picking on that goofy guy is positive, Buffy. It’s constructive and it gives me a good laugh. His suit is funny.”

Buffy glanced at it from the kitchen and giggled saying, “It is! But…but you need to get out and so does Anya. It’s not healthy, Xan.”

Xander knew it wasn’t. He did take Anya with him to the store and to the park sometimes, but he was primarily at home. Aside from doctor visits for Anya this was where he stayed. It was airy only because he opened a window sometimes to get air. Otherwise it’d be a musty mine.

So he did nod and say, “You’re right, I know it’s not. But I don’t feel very optimistic, Buffy. I feel pretty bad actually.”

He lowered his head. Buffy walked over to him and said, “I know…” Hugging Xander she said, “But Anya wants you to get out of the house some and do things with the gang. She wouldn’t want you to sit here like this…” Her voice was firm as Buffy’s tended to be as the Slayer, but Xander agreed with her. Anya would be angry if she thought Xander was doing what he was doing.

So he said, “Okay. I’ll get us ready.”

Smiling, Buffy said, ‘Cool. I’ll get Anya dressed and grab her bag of diapers and things.”

Xander kissed Buffy’s forehead and said, “Thank you, Buffy.”


William and Rory walked into the kitchen forty five minutes later while Buffy and Xander were getting ready to come over. Willow and Mallory were cleaning up the kitchen…and planning.

Looking at Mallory, Rory said, “Mall?”

Mallory turned from the sink and said, “Yeah?”

Rory saw little Michael was sleeping in his bassinet. His late afternoon nap.

He looked back at Mallory and said, “William and I were wanting to talk to you guys about something.”

Mallory said, “What’s that?”

Willow looked at her mom then at William and waited too.

William walked to Willow and said, “You feeling okay?” She was sweaty and holding her back. But it was pretty normal for Willow these days.

She nodded and touching his blue T Shirt, Willow looked up into his blue eyes and said, “I’m fine. Now what’s going on?” She grinned, knowing something was up.

William grinned largely and said, “Well there’s this expedition this weekend…and Rory and I were thinking about going on it. Up in the mountains. It’s only a couple of days and it’s supposed to be really awesome.”

Willow grinned larger, hearing William all but asking her if it was okay, when he knew she didn’t expect him to do that! He was continuing to talk about it, explaining how they could win this or that and they would have a chance to represent the town. Willow knew that there were beer coolers being brought along so it was going to be a fun time for the guys. Kissing his chest since she couldn’t go any higher now days, Willow smiled up at him and said, “Have a great time, William.”

William looked a little startled at first, then smiled like a big 9 year old and said, “I love you, Willow.” He leaned down and kissed her lips. Willow kissed him back and said, “No driving the car after you guys get there, because I know what is going on there. I know, William.”

William grinned sheepishly. “We will be, Will.”

Willow said in a half-hearted stern voice that wound up showing her love instead, “You better be or I’ll be a mad wife when you get home.”

Mallory hugged Rory and told him to be careful too and they watched as their manly guys went back to the garage to open two cold ones and discuss their plans.

Buffy and Xander showed shortly after, of course Xander going to the garage to join in the party, though drinking Pepsi because of being the one taking care of Anya.

Buffy however joined in with Willow and Mallory in the kitchen and then the living room and with Billy, Anya and Michael they popped popcorn and headed into the living room, to watch a couple of great drama movies.

They knew they had been busted when Rory walked into the living room and complained, “Oh not that movie again!” Giggling the girls turned up the volume and kicked back and watched Runaway Bride. The guys moved into the garage and stayed there till all the movies were over!


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Ah! It was fun reading these things again. Sorry I didn't get back to it sooner. I was trying to find the things that were different in this version, but I wasn't sure, because the story is still familiar to me. I like it this way, though! Loved all the scenes on the beach. It gives a nice effect to Willow's thoughts.

Willow walked to the edge of the beach and looked out at the waves. Her hair blew in the light wind brushing her red hair up off her shoulders. The blue in her eyes met the light across the water and held a somber affect to them.

And the Wikaunda Mountains? Interesting name for a story with wiccans. :wink: I enjoyed the wedding, Willow and Anya finding out they were pregnant, reading all that again. But sad about Anya, of course. And the Aunt, what was her name? Renee? at the wedding. :lol

:thumbsup :heart :heart :heart

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THank-you Gerry! I"m happy you enjoyed reading it, whenever you got to read it. :) I'm excited that you like my story, Gerry! Very much!! :) Oh and I added in my A/N that I did not copy Wikaunda from the movie Indian Summer...I have seen the movie and all, but the mountains were fictitiously invented. :)


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