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 Post subject: The Future Is A Masterpiece:(L/P Teen, Chapters thru 7)
PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:11 pm 
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Title: The Future Is A Masterpiece
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Lucas & Peyton
Summary: It’s official. Peyton Sawyer is now Peyton Scott. With a baby on the way, this should be the best time of their lives, but what if it all ends in tragedy?
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to One Tree Hill. The rights to the show and characters belong to the creators, producers and CW Television Network. This is purely for entertainment purposes.

Chapter One: In Your Wedding Dress
“Not to pat myself on the back, but this looks pretty amazing for a maternity wedding gown.” Brooke said with pride as she fastened the last button on the back of Peyton’s gown.

“Modesty. Just one of the many endearing qualities Brooke Davis has to offer.” Peyton smirked at her friend in the mirror.

“Watch it, missy, or I’ll cut a thigh high slit in this dress.” Brooke threatened.

“No you won’t.” Peyton said with a knowing smile.

“No I won’t.” Brooke immediately responded, “But I will curse you with a long and extremely painful labor.”

“Evil.” Haley hissed.

“Does it really hurt that bad?” Peyton asked nervously.

“You remember how it felt when you got shot?” Haley asked, and watched as Peyton nodded slowly with wide eyes. “Well, imagine you get shot in the uterus, and then someone tries to claw the bullet out.”

“That was graphic.” Brooke shook her head with disgust.

“Hey, I’m not here to sugar coat things. It’s pain. It’s pain, and screaming, and more pain.” Haley warned.

“Okay, then there is a last minute item that I would like to add to my registry, if it’s not too late.” Peyton smoothed out her dress. “I would like an epidural. Right now.”

Haley and Brooke burst out laughing, but Haley failed to see the humor in her request. “I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that, sweetheart.” Haley winked at her.

“Ugh! This sucks!” Peyton sat down carefully in the chair beside her.

“Um, yeah, that dress isn’t really designed for lounging.” Brooke said.

“Brooke, my ankles practically have their own weather system. I’m sitting until I have to stand.” Peyton sighed, and closed her eyes.
She didn’t want to tell anyone, but she’d been having slight contractions since earlier that morning. She was three weeks away from her due date, but her doctor had warned it was normal to feel contractions. She was just supposed to time them to make sure they weren’t coming at a regular interval. If they started to get stronger, or come closer together, that was a sign she was going into active labor. She wasn’t ready for that yet. Physically, she and Lucas were as prepared as they were going to get. The nursery was ready, and they had all the stuff they needed to bring their baby home. But Peyton, as a person, wasn’t ready to have her baby yet.

There was a knock at the door, and Nathan stuck his head into the room. “Is everybody dressed?” His hand was over his eyes.

“Yes.” The girls all called out.

“Not that you haven’t seen it all before.” Brooke said under her breath, but not quietly enough to avoid stares from both Haley and Peyton. “Too soon?” She laughed nervously.

“Lucas asked me to give you this.” Nathan handed Peyton a small box.

Peyton untied the ribbon wrapped around the box, and lifted the cover off of it. Inside the box was a delicate silver chain with a Celtic love knot hanging off of it. There was a note included inside the box.

Telling someone you love them is like trying to fit all of you who are into three simple words. Throughout time, people have tried different ways of showing, and expressing, their love for another. We got a little out of order in the way we’re doing things, but you will most definitely be displaying your love for me today when you walk down that isle. I want my love for you to be close to your heart today, and always. So in case it’s not clear already, I love you. See you soon, Lucas.

“The boy has always been good with words.” Haley blinked back tears after Peyton read the note aloud.

“Do you need help getting that on?” Nathan asked as Peyton stared at the necklace.

“Yes please.” She said, and handed the chain over to Nathan. She turned around and let Nathan clasp it around her neck. “You know, you’re much better at that now than you were when we were dating.”

“Seven years of marriage will do that to you.” Nathan said, and smiled over his shoulder at Haley.

“Good. Maybe Lucas can take a lesson from you then.” Peyton smiled at Nathan when she turned around. “How does it look?”

“Perfect. You look beautiful, Peyton.” Nathan smiled at her, and then reached out and hugged her.

“Thanks, Nate.” Peyton squeezed him tightly, and noted that another dull contraction had started.

“So, I guess we’ll see you out there soon. Do you have a message you want me to give Lucas?” Nathan asked.

“Tell him I said it’s me inside your head.” Peyton said after a moment’s thought.

“Okay?” Nathan looked at her oddly.

“Trust me, he’ll know what I mean.” Peyton nodded.

“I hope so.” Nathan said, and walked out of the room.

Lucas was on the other side of the church. He was pacing the room anxiously, with Jamie chattering on and on about a classmate if his named Madison. “Uncle Lucas, you met Aunt Peyton when you were a little kid, right?”

“Sort of. We were in the same class, but we weren’t friends. I actually didn’t talk to her until we were sixteen.” Lucas said.

“Really? Why’d you wait so long?” Jamie asked as if Lucas were a total fool for not speaking up sooner.

“You know, I ask myself that same question all the time.” Lucas admitted, and finally sat down as Nathan entered the room.

“Because your Uncle Lucas was a great big chicken.” Nathan answered for Lucas.

“Is it because Aunt Peyton was Daddy’s girlfriend?” Jamie asked, taking the wind out of both Nathan and Lucas’ sails.

“Who told you that?” Nathan asked.

“Uncle Skills.”

Lucas looked at Nathan and smiled. “You want to take this one, Nate?”

“A long time ago I used to go out with Aunt Peyton, but that was before I married your Mom.” Nathan explained.

“I know. Uncle Skills told me all about it.” Jamie said.

“Did he?” Lucas laughed.

“Yeah. He said that you were in love with Aunt Peyton, but she was already going out with Daddy. But then Daddy was a meanie, and she broke up with him.” Jamie recited.

“That’s definitely the short version.” Lucas nodded.

“What does that mean?” Jamie asked.

“It means that Uncle Skills has a big mouth, and you don’t need to know any more than that you little busy body.” Nathan ruffled his son’s hair.

“Dad! Don’t mess with my ‘do ” Jamie said, and went to straighten his hair up.

“Your ‘do?” Nathan laughed, and then turned to Lucas. “Oh, before I forget, Peyton wanted me to tell you something.”

“Oh yeah? How does she look?” Lucas asked nervously.

“She looks amazing, man. She’s beautiful. She asked me to tell you it’s me inside your head.” Nathan said, and watched as his big brother smiled. “What does that mean?”

Lucas sat back in the chair he was sitting in, and remembered the first time he ever talked to Peyton. “Those were the first words I ever said to her. Do you remember that day her car broke down by lake, and you wouldn’t go get her because you were too busy lifting weights or holding hands with Tim, or something?”

“Hey!” Nathan laughed. “We were not holding hands. We were brushing each other’s hair.”

Lucas laughed and said, “Well, I went to go tow her car, and she was holding that binder she used to carry around. I saw a NOFX sticker on the front of it, and those were the lyrics that popped into my head. So, it’s what I said to her.”

“That’s lame.” Nathan said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“It worked, didn’t it?” Lucas reminded him.

“Yeah, and it only took you another seven years to get a ring on her finger.” Nathan teased.

Lucas had a comeback all ready to go, but Jamie was in the room, and it wouldn’t have been appropriate to say, “Not all of us got married just for the sex.” There are some things a six year old just doesn’t need to know.

“Speaking of putting a ring on a girl’s finger, have you heard from Lindsey at all?” Nathan asked.

“Not since The Comet came out. She was pretty pissed at me for not calling her up and telling her about Peyton before I went to New York.” Lucas explained.

“Can’t say I blame her there. That was probably something you should have told her over the phone.” Nathan said.

Lucas shrugged and said, “It was going to suck no matter how I told her. I know marrying her wasn’t the right thing to do, but I never meant to hurt her either.”

There was a knock on the door, and the reverend opened the door. “We’re ready, gentlemen.” He said with a smile.

“Thanks.” Lucas said. He stood up and took a deep breath.

“You ready for this, big brother?” Nathan asked with an anxious smile.

“Are you kidding? I’ve been waiting for this since I was five years old.” Lucas smiled, and followed Nathan and Jamie out of the room.


“Brooke, the dress looks great. Stop fussing over it.” Peyton slapped Brooke’s hands away from the hem of the gown.

“Sorry.” Brooke apologized, and then looked up at Peyton with tears of excitement in her eyes. “I just want to tell you that I am really happy for you, P. Sawyer. That’s the last time I get to call you that.” Brooke squeaked out that last line, and Peyton laughed.

“I love you, Brooke Davis.” Peyton nodded and hugged her best friend.

“I love you too, Mrs. Scott.” Brooke answered. “Sorry, I wanted to be the first one to say it. How does it sound?”

“Like heaven.” Peyton shrugged, and let Brooke wipe a tear from under her eye.

An instrumental version of “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica began to play, and Haley started to walk down the isle. “Is this Metallica?” Brooke looked over her shoulder in shock.

“Hey, I’m doing everything else in a very traditional way.” Peyton said in her own defense.

Brooke stared down at Peyton’s belly. “Oh really? Junior there begs to differ with that.”

“Shut up!” Peyton laughed. “Go.” She nodded for Brooke to start walking.

“You look real pretty, Aunt Peyton.” Jamie looked up at her.

“Thanks, Jamie. And thank you for being part of all this. It means a lot to your Uncle Lucas and me.” Peyton smiled at him.

“As long as I don’t get kidnapped this time, it’s all good.” Jamie said with a smile.

“I would have to agree with you there.” Peyton nodded, and watched as Jamie started down the isle ahead of her.

Peyton took a deep breath, and felt another contraction start. This one was a little stronger than the others had been, but she was determined to get through the ceremony. They had come this far. There was no way she was going to run out on the middle of her wedding to have a baby. It just seemed incredibly white trash. Not to mention, this was a moment she and Lucas had been waiting for for as long as either of them could remember.

The music changed, and on cue, Peyton walked out of the back of the church, and down the isle. She stood still for just a moment at the end of the isle, and looked for Lucas’ face. He smiled at her in a way that overflowed her heart, and for a minute, she couldn’t breathe she was so excited and happy. It took a minute for her to will her feet to move. She walked down the isle with her bottom lip trembling, and when she was half way up the isle she mouthed the words <i>I love you</I> to him. She couldn’t wait to say it to him. He mouthed it right back to her, and a tear fell from her eye.

He held his hand out to her, and as she stepped up to the alter, she handed over her bouquet of flowers to Brooke. “You look beautiful.” Lucas whispered to her.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” She answered, taking his hands in her own.

“Friends, we have been invited here today to share with Lucas Eugene Scott and Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer a very important moment in their lives. In the years they have been together, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured, and they have decided to live their lives together in marriage.” The reverend began the ceremony. “We begin today with a reading of the Scottish Wedding Prayer.”

Mouth stepped up to the microphone near the alter. “Lord help us to remember when we first met and the strong love that grew between us. To work that love into practical things so that nothing can divide us. We ask for words both kind and loving and hearts always ready to ask forgiveness as well as to forgive. Dear Lord, we put our marriage into your hands.” Mouth smiled over at Lucas and Peyton before taking a seat next to Millicent.

“Lucas and Peyton come before you, their chosen family and friends, to join their hands in marriage. If there is any reason they should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.” The reverend looked out into the crowd, and continued when no one spoke up. “Marriage is a promise of companionship, of having someone to share all of life’s experiences. Marriage does not promise that there will not be any rough times, just the assurance that there will always be someone who cares and will help you through to better times.
“Marriage does not promise eternal romance, just eternal love and commitment. Marriage cannot prevent disappointments, disillusionment, or grief, but it can offer hope, acceptance, and comfort. Marriage can’t protect you from making individual choices or shelter you from the world, but it will help to reassure you that there is some by your side who truly cares, when the world hurts you and makes you feel vulnerable, marriage offers the promise that there will be someone waiting to listen, to console, to inspire. Marriage is the joining of two people who share the promise that only marriage can make – To share the sunshine and the shadows, and to experience a richer, more fulfilling life because of it.

Peyton and Lucas stared at one another, holding hands tightly. Neither of them could stop smiling as they listened to the words the minister was saying. As soon as Peyton had found that poem and shown it to Lucas, she knew it was what she wanted the minister to say as he defined marriage for them, and for their friends and family.

“Do you Lucas Eugene Scott take Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer to be your wife – to live together after God’s ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?” The minister asked.

“I will. I always will.” Lucas smiled at Peyton with tears in his eyes as he answered the minister.

Do you Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer take Lucas Eugene Scott to be your husband – to live together after God’s ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon him your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?” The minister looked to Peyton.

“I will.” Peyton smiled back at Lucas.

“May I have the rings, please?” The minister asked, and held his hand out to Jamie, who offered up the small pillow with Lucas and Peyton’s wedding rings on it. “Thank you.”

After giving the rings, Jamie immediately took his seat in the front row of the church beside Skills. The minister placed the rings on his Bible, and held it out for Lucas. “Lucas, please place the ring on Peyton’s finger and repeat after me. Peyton, with this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.”

Lucas put the ring onto Peyton’s finger and said, “Peyton, with this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly good I thee endow.”

The minister then held out his Bible for Peyton to take Lucas’ ring. “Peyton, please place the ring on Lucas’ finger and repeat after me. Lucas, with this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.”

Peyton put the ring on Lucas’ finger and said, “Lucas, with this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.”

“Lucas and Peyton have asked Haley James Scott to perform a song very special to both of them at this time.” The minister said, and Brooke took Haley’s bouquet of flowers as well as Haley made her way to a piano.

“I was honored when Lucas and Peyton asked me to sing here today. This song is a classic that some of you might know called ‘Let’s Stay Together’ by Al Green. I’m gonna do my best not to cry.” Haley said with a nervous smile, and began to play the piano.

I'm, I'm so in love with you
Whatever you want to do
Is alright with me
'Cause you make me feel, so brand new
And I want to spend my life with you
Me sayin' since, baby, since we've been together
Ooo, loving you forever
Is what I need
Let me, be the one you come running to
I'll never be untrue
Ooo baby
Let's, let's stay together
Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad
Oooo oooo ooo ooo, yeah
Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad
Why somebody, why people break up
Oh, and turn around and make up
I just can't seeeeeeeee
You'd never do that to me
(Would you baby)
'Cause being around you is all I see
It's why I want us to
Let's, let's stay together
Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad
Let's, let's stay together
Loving you whether, whether

“As you have both consented together in the presence of this company, by the virtue of the authority vested in me by the state of North Carolina, I pronounce you married. Lucas, you may kiss your bride.” The minister smiled at Lucas and Peyton.

“I love you, Lucas Scott.” Peyton said as she moved in closer to him.

“I love you too, Peyton Scott.” He answered her, and then kissed her.

“Ladies and gentlemen I present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Scott.” The minister said as Lucas and Peyton turned to face their friends.
As she turned, Peyton felt another contraction begin. She smiled all the same, and took her bouquet back from Brooke. They walked down the isle together as the music played, and when they reached the back of the church, Peyton sighed with relief.

“Baby I need a chair.” Peyton held her belly.

“Is everything okay?” Lucas asked with concern as he guided her to a chair.

“My feet are killing me.” Peyton said.

Lucas knelt down beside her and said, “Just when I think you can’t possibly be any more beautiful, you show up here in this amazing dress with those green eyes of yours...I think you scared away my other girlfriends.”

“I hope so.” Peyton smiled at him, her hands resting on her belly. “Mama’s in no mood to fight today.”

Lucas kissed her once more and said, “I think I might just be the luckiest man in the world. I have a beautiful wife, and a baby coming in less than a month. I don’t think there is anyone in the world happier than we are right now.”

“Probably not, but I hope that someone out there is just as happy.” Peyton said sincerely, and put her hand on his cheek. “I love you, husband.”

“I love you too, wife.” He answered, holding her hand as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Wedding Ceremony Script courtesy of: ... pt-in.html
Definition of marriage courtesy of: ... poems.html
Let’s Stay Together</b> lyrics courtesy of: ... gether.htm

A/N: This story is scheduled to go 100 chapters. I am currently writing the 70th chapter of the story. To read more of this story, please check out
You will need to be a member of the community in order to read more.

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 Post subject: The Future Is A Masterpiece: Chapter Two (LP Fic)
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Title: The Future Is A Masterpiece
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Lucas & Peyton
Summary: It’s official. Peyton Sawyer is now Peyton Scott. With a baby on the way, this <i>should</i> be the best time of their lives, but what if it all ends in tragedy?
A/N: Just a warning, the end of this chapter is going to be a bit on the graphic side thanks to the research I had to do in order to write this. Please bear with me. I will note sources for my research at the end of the chapter if anyone is interested on reading more about this condition.

Chapter Two: Signed Sealed Delivered
Haley, Nathan and Brooke waited at the front of the dining room for Lucas and Peyton to make their grand entrance into the reception hall. Mouth cued up “Signed Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder, and then introduced Peyton and Lucas. “Here they are, for the first time as husband and wife, Lucas and Peyton Scott ” Mouth said as Lucas and Peyton came bursting into the room hand in hand.

The room erupted in applause as they made their way through the tables. It was easier said than done for Peyton, who was constantly coming extremely close to bumping people with her belly. She didn’t want to admit it, but the contractions were getting closer together, and a little bit stronger. She found herself praying to hold on just through their first dance, at least.

Lucas and Peyton sat down at the head table, and held hands all through dinner. They felt like they were kids again the way they kept staring at each other, and kissing every time someone clinked their glass. Before they knew it, dinner was over, and Nathan was giving his toast.

“Well, my uh, my brother got to do this for me twice, so I guess today I get to have my revenge.” Nathan started, and got a chuckle from everyone in the room. “I’m not the best public speaker, and I’m not all that good at putting words together. That’s definitely Luke’s strong point. But uh, I sat up late last night trying to think of a way to put the way Luke and Peyton feel about each other into words. Then today, Peyton asked me to give Lucas a message before the ceremony. She asked me to tell him ‘That’s me inside your head’, and I had no idea what she was talking about. Lucas told me that was the first thing he ever said to her. When he told me that, I thought it was lame, but now that I think about it, I realize it’s the truth. From the minute the two of them met, they’ve always had each other in their heads. And it’s easy to see it’s going to stay that way for the rest of their lives. So this is to my big brother and now my big sister. Welcome to the madness, Peyton.” Nathan raised his glass. “Cheers.”

“Cheers!” Everyone in the room answered.

Nathan hugged Lucas and then Peyton before taking his seat. Brooke stood slowly, taking the microphone from Lucas. “Audrey Hepburn once said, “If I get married, I want to be very married.” I think that pretty much sums up the way that Lucas and Peyton feel about each other. I have a unique role in their relationship. I’ve been the wedge that kept them apart. I’ve been the thing that in a roundabout way forced them together. I’ve even been the roadkill.” Brooke acknowledged with a smile, and a few people laughed. “And for a long time, I didn’t want to admit that Lucas could ever possibly love someone more than he loved me. Then I realized how happy he made my best friend, and I knew...I knew they were the right fit. I think that’s what we all want. So I’m not ashamed to stand up here and say that I’m a little jealous of the two of them. They have found the perfect fit. Congratulations to my best friend, and her new husband. I love you both.” Brooke rose her glass, and accepted a kiss from Peyton, before hugging Lucas.

Glasses were clinking all over the room, and Lucas and Peyton kissed again. As they kissed, Peyton felt her first really painful contraction. She pulled away from Lucas. “Whoa, babe, are you okay?” He asked with concern.

“Just those leg pains I’ve been having.” Peyton tried to look like she was shaking it off.

“And now, Luke, Peyton, if we could have you come out to the dance floor?” Mouth asked. Everyone watched as Lucas and Peyton walked to the center of the dance floor hand in hand. “For their first dance, they have opted to go with a classic by Elvis Presley.”

Can’t Help Falling In Love began to play, and Lucas and Peyton swayed along with the music. They were a few seconds into the song when Peyton felt another contraction start. This time, since she was pressed against Lucas, he felt it. “What is that?” Lucas looked down at Peyton’s belly.

“Nothing.” Peyton shook it off, trying to control her breathing.

“Are you having contractions?” Lucas asked her, slightly agitated with her.

“No?” Peyton said with a nervous smile.

“Peyton ” He paused for a minute.

“No, keep dancing. I’m fine.” Peyton insisted.

“Peyton, if you’re going into labor, we have to go to the hospital.” Lucas insisted quietly as they continued to dance.

“Lucas, no, we’re going to finish this dance. It’s fine, believe me. We have time.” She insisted.

Glasses started clinking again, and Peyton leaned in to kiss him. Lucas kissed her reluctantly. Not that he didn’t want to, but he was concerned that she was ignoring the warning signs that they should be heading to the hospital. “Peyton, we should be going to the hospital.” Lucas argued.

“We will. Don’t worry.” Peyton said. “I just want to enjoy this moment with you in front of all of our friends. Please?” She pouted, and then kissed him again.
“Fine.” He said, and decided to put it out of his mind for the remainder of the song.

When the song was ending, he surprised her by dipping her backward. She laughed as she put her weight on him. Just as she was standing up again, everyone in the room applauding, her water broke. Both she and Lucas froze where they stood and looked down to see a small pool of water at their feet.

Now we can go to the hospital.” Peyton said casually.


Peyton layed on her left side, panting along with the contractions, wishing she wouldn’t have waited so long to go to the hospital. When she’d arrived, she was already at eight centimeters dilated, and the doctor wouldn’t give her an epidural. Peyton had tried to argue, but they said she was progressing too quickly. Before she knew it, it was time to push.

“Okay, Peyton, you’re ready to push now. I need you to turn onto your back for me, okay?” Dr. Morgan asked.

Peyton reluctantly rolled onto her back, and Lucas grasped her hand. “You can do this, Peyton.” He said with confidence.

“That’s easy for you to say.” Peyton grumbled as she closed her eyes.

“Okay, when the next contraction starts, I want you to take a deep breath and push for ten seconds.” Dr. Morgan instructed her.

“And what if I can’t hold my breath that long? This hurts, you know.”

“Just do the best you can, okay?” Dr. Morgan smiled at her.

“Oh God here it comes.” Peyton whimpered, squeezing Lucas’ hand as the pain began to build.

“Deep breath, baby, deep breath.” Lucas whispered, trying to ignore the pain in his hand. He’d never realized how strong Peyton was until right then.

Peyton took a deep breath and began to push. Lucas counted out the ten seconds, and when it was over, Peyton felt like she’d accomplished nothing. “That was good, Peyton.” The doctor nodded.

“How can you tell?” Peyton almost cried.

“Trust me, you’re doing fine.” The doctor smiled at her.

This continued for another half an hour before the doctor finally announced that he could see the head. Lucas moved down just a little bit to take a look. “I can see it, Peyton.” Lucas said with excitement, without letting go of her hand. “You’re doing so good.”

Peyton pushed again, and the baby’s head began to come out. There was dark hair matted to the top of the baby’s head. The baby’s eyes were closed, but as soon as the nose came out, it was clear it had Lucas’ nose. Then there were little lips, and at tiny chin. “Okay, Peyton stop pushing and just pant for a minute. I have to clean out the nose and throat.”

“I can’t! I have to keep pushing.” Peyton whimpered.

“Just hold on a second, and then you can keep pushing. We don’t want your baby to get meconium into the lungs. That could cause a serious infection for your baby.” Dr. Morgan explained.

As much as she hated to stop pushing, she did. She panted through the pain with Lucas telling her how good she was doing, and how beautiful their baby was. Her eyes were closed, and her head was thrown back. Being pregnant was no longer fun. In fact, she was starting to question why she’d ever enjoyed it at all.

“Okay, all clear. Give me another big push.” Dr. Morgan instructed, and Peyton did as he asked.

As she pushed, and nurse came over and draped a blanket on her chest. There was this odd sensation of gushing fluid, and then the baby was out. Peyton breathed a sigh of relief, and then closed her eyes again when she heard the distinct sound of her baby crying. She burst into tears, and leaned against Lucas as Dr. Morgan held their baby up for them to see.

“Peyton open your eyes.” Lucas said and kissed her forehead.

“It’s a girl.” Dr. Morgan said, and put the baby onto Peyton’s chest. “Lucas would you like to cut the cord?” The doctor handed Lucas a pair of scissors, and showed him where to cut.

Lucas made the small snip, and handed the scissors back. Peyton bundled up the baby to keep her warm, and cradled him against her chest. “I’ve been waiting for you, little girl.” Peyton whispered to her daughter, and kissed her little head.

“She’s beautiful, Peyton.” Lucas had tears streaming down his face as he stared at his daughter. “You’re beautiful.” He said to her before kissing her forehead.

“You’re a Dad.” Peyton looked over at Lucas.

“Thank you for the best wedding gift I could have gotten.” Lucas answered her, and kissed her.

A nurse came over to take the baby so that he could be weighed and measured. “Do you have a name for this little girl?” The nurse asked.

“What do you think?” Lucas asked Peyton.

They’d talked about names briefly, but hadn’t really settled on anything. “Sawyer Penelope Scott.” Peyton said with a smile, and Lucas smiled back at her.

“Sawyer Penelope Scott it is.” He said to the nurse.

She nodded, and then put the baby down on the scale. “Alright. Sawyer here weighs six pounds, three ounces.” She announced.

Lucas left Peyton’s side long enough to take pictures with his cell phone. Peyton felt another contraction, but Dr. Morgan explained it was just the placenta that needed to be born. Peyton relaxed a little, and a few minutes later, the placenta came out all on its own. She was watching as Lucas was preparing to go down the hall to the nursery with their baby, when she felt something strange. Then there was pain. Lots and lots of pain.

She let out a blood curdling scream, and seconds later, blood was gushing out of her. “What’s happening?” Peyton whispered faintly.

“Oh God.” Lucas turned around to see what could only be described as a tidal wave of blood flowing from his wife. “Peyton!” He ran back to her bedside, and grabbed her hand. “What’s happening?” Lucas asked the doctor.

“It looks like her uterus has inverted.” The doctor said calmly.

“What? What does that mean?” Lucas asked, grasping Peyton’s hand.

“It means her uterus has turned itself inside out, and is coming out of her body.” The doctor said, and tried to push it back inside Peyton’s body, only making her scream again. “Damn! Cindy we need help in here!” The doctor shouted to the nurse, who pushed a button on the wall that sent a page throughout the ward.

Lucas stepped back as other nurses and doctors flooded into the room. They were taking blood samples from Peyton, and shouting out orders for tests that needed to be done. Lucas watched helplessly as Peyton laid there with part of her body still falling out of her. He bit his thumb nervously, not sure of what to think.

And then, as soon as everyone came into the room, they left, rolling Peyton away from him. “Wait!” Lucas called out, and stepped closer to Peyton. “You’re gonna be okay, Peyton. I promise you, you’re gonna be okay. I love you.” Lucas whispered into her ear and kissed her gently before letting the doctors take her wherever they were taking her.

“Lucas, we need you to sign these consent forms.” The nurse who had weighed Sawyer thrust a clipboard in front of him.

“Why? What’s happening?” Lucas was so confused.

“Peyton’s uterus has turned itself inside out, and Dr. Morgan can’t get it back inside her body. They’re going to take her up to surgery, and make a small incision into her abdomen to get her uterus repositioned. It’s a simple procedure, and it won’t take long. While she’s in there she’ll have a blood transfusion and a course of antibiotics will be started to make sure she doesn’t contract an infection.” The nurse explained.

“Will she be able to have more kids?” Lucas asked.

“Yes. She’s already delivered the placenta, so the chances of having to do a hysterectomy are slim. But if that becomes a necessity, I will come out and get you. We can’t do that without consent.” The nurse promised him.

Lucas reluctantly took the pen she was holding, and signed the consent forms. “Take care of her.” He said.

“We will. You should go to the nursery and be with your daughter. I’ll keep an eye on Mom, okay?” Cindy offered.

“Thank you, Cindy.” Lucas said solemnly.

“You’re welcome.” She smiled at him, and then took off running for the operating room.


From the minute he walked into the waiting room, it was obvious that something was wrong. Haley was the first one to see Lucas approaching, and she slowly stood up. Lucas walked with his head down, and when he saw Haley standing in front of him, he nearly crushed her with a hug. He began to weep uncontrollably. Haley began to cry as well, not sure of what could have possibly gone wrong to make Lucas so upset.

“Lucas, honey, what happened?” Haley whispered.

Lucas couldn’t speak. He just held onto his best friend while he cried. When he finally got some of his composure back, he looked up to find that he was surrounded by his friends. “We have a daughter. Her name is Sawyer.” Lucas sniffled, and wiped tears away from his face with the bottom of his shirt.

That was when everyone else noticed the blood on his shirt. Brooke gasped, and covered her mouth. “Lucas...”

Lucas followed her eye line, and realized there was blood on his shirt. He winced, and then stifled a sob. “Peyton is in surgery. Sawyer came out just fine, but then her uterus inverted.”

“What does that mean?” Nathan asked.

“It means that her uterus turned inside out, and then started to come out of her body.” Lucas wiped his face again when Haley handed him a tissue.

“Oh God.” Brooke immediately teared up, terrified for her friend. “Is she going to be okay?”

“The nurse says it happens, but they all looked pretty panicked. Did you hear that page a while ago?”

“Yeah.” Nathan nodded.

“That was for Peyton.” Lucas sighed, and thought he might pass out.

“I’m sorry, man.” Nathan leaned over and hugged his brother.

“Thanks. I um...I’m gonna go be with the baby. When I know what’s happening, I’ll come find you guys.” Lucas said.

“We’re going with you, Lucas.” Haley took his hand.

“You can’t be in the nursery.” Lucas reminded her.

“I know, but we can be right outside. We’re all here for you, Lucas.” Haley put her arm around him instead. “Lean on us.”

Lucas put his arm around Haley as well, and together, they walked down the hall to the nursery, followed closely by Brooke, Nathan, Jamie, Skills, Mouth and Millicent.

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Title: The Future Is A Masterpiece
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Lucas & Peyton
Summary: It’s official. Peyton Sawyer is now Peyton Scott. With a baby on the way, this should be the best time of their lives, but what if it all ends in tragedy?

Chapter Three: A Night To Remember, A Morning To Forget
They looked in on Lucas inside the nursery, cradling his newborn daughter. Nathan put his arm around Haley protectively, as he if thought he could somehow shield her from all the thoughts running through her mind. They were both filled with a renewed thankfulness that Jamie had been born without any complications. Haley had spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking of all the things that could go wrong, but she had never imagined anything like this. Now she found herself wondering how it all had gone so smoothly for her, but not for Peyton. She knew there was no answer to her question. It was just one of those things that happens.

“Mama why can’t we see Aunt Peyton?” Jamie rubbed his eyes as he walked toward his parents.

Haley looked up at Nathan, hoping he would have the answers she didn’t. His eyes were as scared as hers, and since Haley was better at finding the right words for a child, she knelt down to explain things as best she could to her son. “Because Aunt Peyton had to have an operation, and she’s still sleeping.” Haley figured the simplest terms were best.

“What kind of operation?” Jamie asked, always the curious one.

Haley took a deep breath, trying to figure out how to explain what happened without scaring Jamie half to death. “It’s hard to explain, buddy. You know how Aunt Peyton’s tummy got really big because she was having a baby?”

“Yeah. Like yours did when you were going to have me.” Jamie said.

“Right.” Haley smiled at her son. “Well, after I had you, my tummy went back down like it was supposed to, but Aunt Peyton’s wouldn’t do that on its own so the doctors had to help her.”

“Oh.” Jamie shrugged, willing to accept that answer. “So how come it didn’t go down all by itself?”

“I don’t know, buddy. That happens sometimes.”

“Is she going to be okay?” Jamie asked.

“I think so. Right now we’re just waiting for her to wake up.” Haley touched his cheek as he yawned.

She looked at her watch and realized it was almost eleven o’clock, which was way past Jamie’s bedtime. Nathan bent down and picked Jamie up, and put his head on his father’s shoulder. A few minutes later, he was snoring softly as they stood there watching Lucas with his baby. Haley was ready to burst into tears when she saw a nurse approaching. The nurse went into the nursery, and said a few words to Lucas. Haley wished she could read lips, but had no clue what the nurse was saying.

Lucas put Sawyer into the little plastic bassinet the hospital provided, and then he walked into the hallway. “Peyton is out of surgery. They were able to get everything back where it belongs.” He spoke carefully, just on the chance Jamie might hear any of what he was saying. “Now we just have to wait and make sure she doesn’t develop an infection.”

There was a collective sigh of relief, and Haley lunged forward to hug him. “Can we see her?” Brooke’s voice was raspier than usual, thick with anxious tears.

“Not yet. Right now I’m the only one allowed in her room. You guys should go home and get some sleep. It’s going to be a while before she can have visitors.” Lucas urged.

“If you give me your keys I’ll go by your house and pick up some clothes for you guys?” Haley offered.

“Thanks Hales.” Lucas dug into his pocket for his keys, and handed them over to Haley.

Lucas looked like he’d just run a marathon through the desert. “She’s going to be okay, Lucas.” Haley insisted.

He nodded, but wasn’t sure he believed her. Skills, Mouth and Millicent left with Nathan, Haley and Jamie. “I’m going to camp out in the waiting room if you don’t mind.” Brooke said, suddenly aware of how alone she was.

“You know, I might be able to lie my way into getting you into that nursery.” Lucas offered.

“Yes please.” Brooke nodded, and wiped a tear from her cheek.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Lucas said, and left Brooke alone in the hall while he went to find a nurse.


Hey Spud,
Sorry about the nickname. Your Dad called you that the first time he saw you on a sonogram, and he’s been calling you that ever since. Hopefully that will change after you’re born. I can’t make you an promises, though. The doctors tell me that you’re growing right on schedule, and that everything is perfect. I don’t mean to sound too much like a girl, or a mom, for that matter, but I can’t wait to meet you. We’ve gotten to know each other quite well over the last eight months.

Your Dad and I are getting married tomorrow. I promise you, no matter what your Uncle Nathan tells you, we aren’t getting married just because of you. We were engaged for about a minute when I got pregnant. That’s probably too much information, but it’s the truth. I have loved your Dad since the minute I saw him, and maybe even before that. Truthfully, I can’t remember a minute of my life when I didn’t love him. I think I always did, but I was the last one to know it. I hope some day you find someone to love that way. It’s the most magnificently crushing thing you will ever experience. It will fill you with so much love that you think you’re either going to burst, or just completely implode. And the best part? The best part is that your Dad is my best friend. Just don’t tell your Aunt Brooke that. It would kill her.

Speaking of your Aunt Brooke, I also want to apologize now for any goofy outfits she might try to dress you up in. Generally speaking she has great taste, but I know she’s going to want to put you in some infant size power suit, if you’re a boy, or a little couture gown if you’re a girl. As if you’re going to be on the cover of Baby Vogue, or something. She means well, and if it’s possible that there is anyone in this world who loves you more than your Dad and me, it’s your Aunt Brooke. Truthfully, I don’t know if you would even be here if it weren’t for her. I’ll tell you the story someday, assuming Skills doesn’t beat me to it.

I’m writing you this letter because even though the doctors say everything is perfect, there is always that one in a billion chance that something could go terribly wrong. If that happens, I want to leave something behind so that you’ll have a part of me to hold on to. If you’re reading this, that means that I’m not there. In that case, I want you to know that I understand how you feel, sweetheart. I lost my Mom when I was eight. Then again when I was seventeen. I’m sure your Dad has already told you that about me. What he doesn’t know is that my biggest fear about this entire pregnancy is the possibility that I might not be there for you.

From the second I found out I was pregnant with you, everything in my life became about you. I have never wanted anything more, in my entire life, than for you to be born healthy. I loved you the instant I found out you were coming into my world. When I heard your little heart beat...up until that moment, I thought the greatest thing I ever heard was The Cure. I was wrong. You give me a purpose I didn’t even know I had.

So if giving you life is the last thing I do with mine, I will consider that an honor. I don’t want to think about what it would do to your Dad if he lost me, but I know it would be unbearable for him. I know that because it would be the same for me if I ever lost him. So just promise me that no matter what happens between the two of you in your life that you will always love one another. Promise me that you will always treat each other with kindness and respect. Promise me that you won’t grow up too fast, or roll your eyes too much when he asks you to stay little for just a while longer. Life goes by so much faster than you can imagine.

I want you to promise me that you will give everything to life that you can. Give your heart, your thoughts, your time, your kindness, your grace, your loyalty, your trust, your bravery, your voice, your patience and your faith. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, because we all do it. Don’t waste the opportunities that come your way. Whether it’s a chance to take a walk in the rain, or tell someone you love them, don’t let it slip through your fingers. You never know what life has in store for you, and I would hate to think that you will some day regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.

Wherever you go in your life, know that I will be with you, and I will be proud of you. I will always be on your side, no matter what you do. Know that I’m sorry I can’t be there to hold your hand when you need a little extra encouragement or strength, or that I can’t be there to hug you when you’re having an especially hard day. Look to your Dad for those things. And if ever you feel like you can’t get those things from him, you will always have your Aunt Brooke, Aunt Haley and Uncle Nathan in your corner to straighten him out. Don’t be afraid to turn to them when you feel like you can’t face the world alone. They will always be there. Always.

I’m sure this isn’t the last letter that I’ll write in the next couple of weeks, but I think I’ve said enough for now.

I love you kid.
I’ll see you soon,


“Lucas, if you follow me, I’ll take you to your wife.” Cindy offered.

“Actually, I um, I was wondering if my friend could stay with the baby?” Lucas asked.

“I’m sorry, Lucas, but the nursery is for family only.” Cindy said with sympathy.

“I know, I know, but this girl is the closest thing my wife has to a sister, and it would mean a lot to her to know that our daughter is being looked after.” Lucas said with sad blue eyes.

Cindy took a deep breath. “Alright.” She relented. “But just one person.”

“Thank you.” Lucas smiled, and went to get Brooke.

He found her pacing nervously in the waiting room, chewing on her thumb as she walked back and forth. “What’d they say?” Brooke asked when she saw Lucas.

“If anyone asks, you’re Peyton’s sister.” Lucas smiled at her.

“Thank you.” Brooke breathed a sigh of relief and then hugged Lucas. “I’m so sorry you’re going through this, Lucas.”

“Me too.” Lucas put his arm around Brooke, and walked her down the hall to the nursery.


Haley walked into Lucas’ house completely unprepared for what she saw. The house was decorated in preparation for their wedding night. They were supposed to be celebrating their marriage in their own bed instead of in a sterile hospital room without the guarantee Peyton would ever come home again. Haley sat on the edge of the bed, which was covered with delicate white rose pedals, and cried for a few minutes.

Eventually, she wiped her face, and went about gathering clothing and other personal items for Lucas and Peyton. Carefully she packed a bag, and then went across the hall to the nursery that Lucas had put together as a surprise for Peyton. It was heartbreaking to think there was a possibility that Peyton may never set foot in that room again. It seemed like everything was going to be just fine, but what if it wasn’t? What if Peyton developed an infection? She could die, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

She opened the drawers of the little dresser. Clothing was packed inside, but on the top of the pile was a little sleeper with “Team Peyton” printed on it. Haley grabbed the sleeper, and put it into the bag she’d packed for Lucas and Peyton. It was right then and there that Haley decided she wasn’t going to think any more negative thoughts. Peyton was going t come home, and she was going to rock her baby to sleep in that very room. She would wake up in the middle of the night just to make sure the baby was breathing. She would spend hours just staring at her baby, watching her sleep. Haley knew Peyton would do all these things because she had done them herself when Jamie was born. The idea that she might not be there to raise her own son had never crossed Haley’s mind when she was pregnant. She was always too busy worrying that something would be wrong with Jamie.

Before leaving the house, she grabbed Lucas’ video camera, and put it into her purse. Regardless of what was going to happen, these were moments Lucas should have on tape so that Sawyer could see them later in his life. Haley turned out the lights, and locked up as she left the house.


“Can she hear me?” Lucas asked as he sat on Peyton’s bed, and held his wife’s hand.

“Yes she can. She’s just sleeping until the medications wear off.” The nurse explained. “Talk to her. It might help her wake up.”

“Thank you.” Lucas said over his shoulder.

The nurse nodded, and left the room, closing the door behind her. Peyton looked so fragile laying there silently in her bed. Her hair was still in curls from their wedding, but her make up was smeared with tear tracks, evidence of past hysteria. He reached for a tissue, and dipped it into the pitcher of water next to her bed. He began to wash her face, clearing away any sign of emotional trauma. He never let go of her hand.

“Brooke is with the baby, so you don’t need to worry about her. She’s in good hands, Peyton. She’s gonna need you, though. She needs you to wake up and be her Mom. I can be a lot of things for her, but I can never be her mother. I need you to come through this, and I need you to be okay. I don’t want to imagine a life that doesn’t have you in it.” Lucas spoke softly as he wiped her face.

He was surprised that when he squeezed her hand, she squeezed back. It gave him a sense of hope that everything was going to be just fine. “Baby can you hear me?” Lucas brushed his hand against her cheek, hoping that she would mumble something, or open just one eye, but there was no response. “When you’re ready, Peyton, we’ll be here.”


“Hi precious.” Brooke smiled down at Sawyer, her little eyes were closed, but she had quite a grip on Brooke’s finger. “I’m your Aunt Brooke. I want you to know that you should be incredibly proud of your Mama. She did a very brave thing for you today.” Brooke tried not to cry as she stared down at the little face. “And I want you to know that she loves you more than anything else in this entire world. I don’t want you to be scared. She’s going to be just fine. She’s going to wake up, and you’re going to have the Mommy that she never had. I promise you that, Sawyer.” Brooke kissed her little face.

Sawyer was a tiny little bundle. She weighed next to nothing. Brooke traced the line of her round little face, and unwrapped his blanket just enough to get a look at her skinny arms. She was a strong little girl. When she tried to take her finger back, Sawyer put up a fight, which she eventually won. When she opened her eyes, Brooke noted that they were grayish blue. They were expressive like Peyton’s, but had a wisdom to them the way that Luke’s did. There were spatterings of fuzzy blond hair on her head, and the slightest hint of a dimple in her cheeks.

Brooke closed her eyes for a few minutes with the baby cradled in her arms, staring up at Brooke’s face. There was a tap on the glass, and Haley was standing outside the nursery with an overnight bag slung over her shoulder. She smiled at Brooke, and waved. Brooke laid the baby in her little bed, and then went out into the hall to talk to Haley.

“How’s she doing?” Haley asked, looking past Brooke to where her niece was laying.

“She is doing just fine. It’s her Mom I’m worried about.” Brooke leaned against the door.

“She’s going to be okay, Brooke, I can feel it.” Haley smiled softly.

“For Sawyer’s sake, I hope that you’re right.” Brooke sighed, and then accepted the awkward hug that Haley offered.

“So, where’s Lucas?” Haley asked.

“Honestly, I have no idea. He got me into the nursery, and then he went off to take care of Peyton. I haven’t seen him since.” Brooke rubbed her forehead.

“Okay. Well, I’ll go to the nurse’s station and see what I can get.” Haley shrugged.

“Haley, if you see Peyton...”

“I’ll tell her you love her.” Haley finished for Brooke.

Brooke nodded her thanks, and then went back into the nursery to cuddle with the next best thing to Peyton.


Haley popped her head into Peyton’s hospital room to find Lucas dozing on a chair beside Peyton’s bed. She tapped him on the shoulder gently, trying her best not to startle him. His eyes popped open, and he stared up into Haley’s face. “How’d you get in here?”

“Apparently that nurse doesn’t really care too much about hospital policy.” Haley joked, and set down the bag she was carrying. “I brought you a change of clothes so you can get out of that tuxedo. I brought a few days worth for Peyton along with her hairbrush, tooth brush and some other personal items I thought she might need. And, I brought this.” Haley reached into the bag and produced the sleeper she’d nabbed from the tiny dresser in the nursery.

“Where did you get that?” Lucas’ face lit up.

“I gave this to Peyton when I found out she was pregnant.” Haley said. “I thought maybe Mama Bear could use all the home cookin’ she could get.”

“That was really nice of you Haley, thank you.” Lucas held the outfit in his hand, and hugged his friend. “Did you see our girl?”

“Yes I did, and it’s lucky for her that she got her mother’s good looks.” Haley teased.

“It’s good to see that even at a time like this you can still verbally kick me in the shin.” Lucas smirked.

“Would I be your best friend if I didn’t try to keep it real?” Haley perched herself in the heat vent behind him. “How about Peyton? How’s she doing?”

“So far, no change. She squeezed my hand when I was talking to her before, but the nurse said that could be an involuntary reaction.”

“What do you think?”

“I think the nurse is probably right, but I’m choosing to believe that it’s a sign that she’s in there, and she’s fighting her way out a little at a time.” Lucas said without taking his eyes off Peyton.

Haley smiled at him, relieved that he had opted to be a more positive force all on his own. Usually, it was Lucas’ way to pout and brood until things got better. Maybe being a father had an instant affect on him. Haley sincerely hoped that was the case.

“The house looks beautiful, by the way. It’s a shame that-“

“She’s going to see it, Hales.” Lucas cut her off.

“I know that, Luke. I was just going to say it’s a shame you’re not there now instead of here, that’s all.” Haley spoke quietly.

A few minutes of silence passed before Lucas asked, “Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you didn’t have Jamie in it?”

Haley thought about it for a moment, and then she said, “I can’t see myself without him. It’s funny how easily we fall in love with our children. Just one look into their little faces, and you wonder how you ever got by without them.”

“Do you think you could have handled it all on your own?” Lucas asked.

“I thought we were being positive here?” Haley sensed Lucas’ brooding ways coming to the surface.

“We are. I’m just making conversation.” Lucas said, although Haley knew him well enough to know that was only half way true.

“Do you know how close Nathan and I were to getting a divorce last year, Lucas? I mean, I know it was bad, but do you know how bad it was? I could barely look at him without feeling completely heartbroken and betrayed. He became the one person in the world that I didn’t want him to become. It broke my heart to see where he was headed, and honestly, if Nathan wouldn’t have changed, I don’t think I would have any choice but to raise Jamie on my own.” Haley told him.

“Did you ever talk about what you would do if something happened to one of you?” Lucas asked.

“Luke, why are we talking about this? Peyton is going to wake up, and she’s going to be just fine.” Haley insisted.

Lucas took a deep breath, and continued to stare at his wife. In his mind, he was screaming at her to open her eyes or say something. He wanted to hear her voice just one more time. He wanted to look into those beautiful green eyes and see his future. He wanted to see hold her hand, and have her squeeze back because she meant to. He wanted to lay in bed beside her, and listen to her stomach growl the way it did most mornings. He wanted to tease her for listening to the Cure on a bright sunny day, and by extension, making their baby listen to it too.

Lucas closed his eyes for just a minute, and rubbed the back of his neck. “There you are.” Peyton spoke softly, her throat a little scratchy.

“Peyton?” Lucas lurched forward in his seat, and then nearly threw himself on top of her.

“How’s the baby?” Peyton asked.

“She’s beautiful. She’s beautiful.” Lucas said, and kissed her forehead. “Just like her mother.”

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; for they shall never be broken." -Albert Camus

I can't wait to get to work on the winning story from the Sept. Auction! November hurry up please! What an amazing 3 days it has been :heart


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Title: The Future Is A Masterpiece
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Lucas & Peyton
Summary: It’s official. Peyton Sawyer is now Peyton Scott. With a baby on the way, this should be the best time of their lives, but what if it all ends in tragedy?

Chapter Four: Baby, We’ll Be Fine
Peyton sat up in bed, waiting for the nurse to bring in the baby. All she wanted was to hold her daughter, and look her over. She hadn’t had the chance before her surgery. Brooke trailed behind the nurse, bounding with excitement. The fact that she hadn’t slept in more than twenty-four hours was apparently of no concern to her. All that mattered was that Peyton was awake. The fact that Peyton wasn’t out of danger just yet seemed to have slipped everyone’s mind except for Lucas.

“We’ve given her a bottle while you were still under anesthesia, but it’s not too late to breast feed, if that’s what you were planning on doing.” The nurse told Peyton.

“Just call me meals in heels.” Peyton joked as she took her daughter from the nurse.

The nurse laughed and said, “Okay, then I will get one of our lactation consultants to come in and speak with you.” The nurse then went about showing Peyton what to do. She used her body to shield everyone else from seeing what was going on, not that Peyton cared.

Peyton was prepared for a drop in modesty. Her life couldn’t simply stop just because she had to feed her daughter. Not to mention, Brooke had probably seen her topless more times than Lucas over the course of their fifteen year friendship. Still, it was a strange sensation when Sawyer latched on, and at first, it hurt a little.

“There you go.” The nurse smiled down at the baby. “I’ll be back in a bit to check on you. Are you staying the night, Lucas? I can have a bed brought in for you.”

“Yes, I’m staying.” Lucas sat on the edge of Peyton’s bed, watching as his daughter ate.

“Okay. Well, I know you two are anxious to talk with your friend, but I really have to ask you to go. It’s far beyond visiting hours, and I’ve bent enough rules today.” The nurse smiled at Haley and Brooke.

“Okay, well, then I guess we’re out of here.” Haley stood up, and went over to the side of the bed. “I’m glad you’re awake. Your baby is beautiful.” Haley kissed Peyton’s cheek.

“Thank you Auntie Haley.” Peyton smiled up at Haley.

“I’m going to back in a few hours, so don’t think this is the last you’re going to see of me.” Brooke warned.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Peyton said, and accepted a second kiss on the cheek.

“Get some rest, okay?” Haley said from the door way. “Both of you.”

“We will.” Lucas waved, and watched as Haley and Brooke left the room.

“How long was I out for?” Peyton asked resting her head against the pillows behind her.

“About twelve hours.” Lucas sighed, and touched his daughter’s forehead with his thumb. “You gave us all a pretty good scare for a while.”

“I was never going anywhere, Lucas. We’re a package deal now, you, me and our baby girl.” Peyton smiled at him.

“I never want to come that close to losing you again, Peyton. Ever.” Lucas held her hand, squeezing it gently has he spoke.

“Good, because I don’t want to come that close to leaving again.” Peyton said with tears in her eyes. She looked down at their baby and said, “Can you believe we’re parents? We got married and had a baby on the same day.” She let go of Lucas’ hand to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

“It was a big day.” Lucas agreed.

“It was a good day.” Peyton nodded.


“Give that baby girl of yours a big kiss for me.” Haley said into her cell phone before hanging up.

“Mama, is Aunt Peyton okay now?” Jamie asked as he took another bite of his cereal.

“Aunt Peyton is awake, but there’s still a chance she could get an infection. She’s going to be at the hospital for a few more days until the doctors are sure she’s okay.” Haley explained.

“Can we go see the baby?” He asked.

“Of course we can As a matter of fact, Uncle Lucas is going to bring Sawyer home tomorrow. How would you like to help me make a big sign for Sawyer? Maybe we could get some balloons too.” Haley suggested.

“Yeah!” Jamie’s face lit up, and he jumped down off the stool he was sitting on. “I’ll go get my art stuff ”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, come back here and finish your breakfast. There’s plenty of time to make that banner.” Haley pointed to Jamie’s bowl of cereal.

“Aw man!” Jamie moped, and went back to his cereal. He pushed it around the bowl for a few minutes, but it became clear he wasn’t interested in food anymore.

“Take two more big bites, and you’re done.” Haley finally told him.

Jamie shoveled in two big bites of his cereal so that his cheeks were puffed out like a little chipmunk. He tried to smile at his mother, and then jumped off his chair. Haley shook her head in laughter, and watched as Jamie took off running.

“Whoa, watch it, little man.” Nathan said as Jamie blew past him. “What’s he so excited about?”

“He’s going to help me make a welcome home sign for his little cousin.” Haley said as she rinsed out Jamie’s bowl.

“Have you heard from Lucas?” Nathan poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Yes, I have. Peyton is resting comfortably. Sawyer is still gorgeous. The doctors took some blood a few minutes ago to make sure that everything is on the up and up, and if Peyton stays the course, she can come home in two days.” Haley told Nathan.

Nathan breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God.”

That was when Haley noticed the gym bag in his hand. “Aw babe you have to go back already?” She pouted.

“Yeah Bobby left me a message yesterday. He needs to see me ASAP.” Nathan dropped his bag. “But I will get home as soon as I can.”

“You better.” Haley said, and kissed him. “I miss you when you’re away.”

“I know, Hales, I miss you too.” He answered, and kissed her back.


“You, my dear girl, are about to be the most stylish baby in the nursery. Look what Aunt Brooke has brought for you.” Brooke pulled a little pink dress from a bag.

“Brooke that’s adorable.” Peyton gushed, reaching out to inspect the dress.

“Why thank you. And this is an original. Not another baby on the planet will have one like this.” Brooke assured Peyton.

“Oh I’m fairly certain that you will never allow my daughter to wear off the rack.” Peyton laughed, and handed the dress back.

“Of course not.” Brooke put the dress on top of the overnight bag that Haley had packed for Peyton.

“You want to hold her?” Peyton asked.

“Yes please.” Brooke held out her arms, and then leaned over to take the baby from Peyton. “She’s beautiful, P. Sawyer.”

“Thanks.” Peyton smiled.

“I don’t have to stop calling you P. Sawyer, do I?”

“No, of course not.” Peyton waved her off. She took a deep breath and then said, “Did Lucas tell you what her full name is?”

“No.” Brooke shook her head, smiling with big moony eyes at the baby.

“Her name is Sawyer Penelope Scott.” Peyton said.

“It is?” Brooke choked up.

“Yeah. I wanted her to have a name that meant something, and I can’t think of anything that means more to me than you and Lucas.” Peyton smiled peacefully.

“I love you, P. Sawyer, you know that?”

“I love you too, B. Davis.” Peyton held out her fist, and Brooke bumped it the way they’d done so many times in the past. “Hoes over bros, right?”

“Buds over studs.” Brooke laughed. “You know, it’s funny how my two best friends ended up marrying the very bros I named my clothing line after.”

Peyton laughed and then grimaced when she realized that laughing still caused her some pain in her mid-section. “Yeah’s a dirty job, but someone had to do it.”

“Are you happy, Peyton?” Brooke asked.

“I can’t even put it into words, Brooke. I really hope that some day you find someone that you can give everything to. Your heart, your passion, your time, your trust...just everything that you are. You deserve to have that feeling.” Peyton told her.

“I’ll get there some day.” Brooke said, but didn’t sound hopefully.

“What about Julian?” Peyton asked.

Brooke sat on the edge of Peyton’s bed, staring down at Sawyer’s rosy face. “What about him, Peyton? He left.”

“He wanted you to go with him, Brooke. Why didn’t you? And don’t tell me it was because of Sam because we both know that’s only reason number six on your list.” Peyton rose her voice when Brooke tried to cut her off.

“If he wanted to be with me he could have stayed.” Brooke finally said, knowing it was a lame argument.

“You know, Brooke, one of these days, you’re going to have to stop testing other people’s loyalties. I love you dearly, but you’ve got to stop playing these silly games with other people’s hearts. It was one thing to do it in high school, but we haven’t been in high school for a really long time, and I am afraid that if you don’t let go of the hurt that you’re going to use that as a crutch. I can tell you from personal experience that that is not a life you want for yourself. You’re Brooke Davis. You deserve the world and all the love in it. Don’t close yourself off because you’re afraid of getting hurt, Brooke.” Peyton advised. “Life is too short to hold grudges.”

“Peyton this isn’t about a grudge. Julian said what he said and-“

“I didn’t mean Julian. I meant Lucas.” Peyton said with conviction.

“What? No, Peyton, this is not about Lucas.” Brook insisted.

“Then what are you waiting for, Brooke? This is it. This is all we get in life, and if you spend the rest of yours trying to protect yourself from another broken heart, you’re going to miss out on all the good things that life has to offer you.” Peyton explained.

“But you found the one for you.” Brooke reminded her.

“You’re right, I did, but it was the scariest thing in the world to tell him how I felt. What if he didn’t feel the same way? I couldn’t be sure. I hoped for it. I wished for it. I wanted it more than I had ever wanted anything, and I am so happy that I took that risk because I know it could have gone the other way too, but Brooke, it’s not too late for you to tell him how you feel.” Peyton encouraged.

“First of all, there was no way that Lucas wasn’t going to figure it out. You two were always destined to find each other. But what if Julian doesn’t feel the same anymore?” Brooke asked nervously. “I can’t keep going through this.”

“That’s life, babe. It’s breaking hearts and finding someone to help you put the pieces back together. I seem to remember you telling me that we have a choice in life about finding who we are or losing ourselves completely. You have a choice to make, Brooke. Make the right one.”


“Alright, little girl, are you ready to see your new house?” Peyton cooed at her daughter as Lucas carried her from the car to their front door.

“Just a second.” He said, and put the car seat down on the porch. “I have been waiting a week for this, and you are not going to deprive me of it.”

“Waited for what?” Peyton laughed.

Lucas opened the front door, and then scooped Peyton up and carried her into the house. “Welcome home, Mrs. Scott.”

“Have I ever told you that you’re a dork?” Peyton asked, but kissed him anyway.

“I briefly seem to recall you saying something to that effect.” Lucas set her down, and then went back for their baby.

Peyton looked around the living room to see that nothing had changed much, although it seemed oddly clean considering no one had really been there for the last week. When she opened the door to the nursery with Lucas right behind her there was a collective, “Surprise!”

Peyton jumped back, bumping the car seat, and spooking Sawyer. “Oh wow!” Peyton put her hand over her heart.

Haley, Nathan, Jamie, Brooke, Millicent, Mouth and Skills were all crammed into the nursery waiting for the newest arrival to their little tribe. “Welcome home Aunt Peyton.” Jamie ran forward and hugged her, careful not to touch her stomach. Haley had warned him before hand that Peyton was still sore.

“Aw thank you, Jamie! Say, how would you like to hold your little cousin?” Peyton offered.

“Cool!” Jamie said, and let Peyton lead him to the chair on the other side of the room. Peyton got him situated, and propped a pillow under his arm.

“Okay, now you have to be careful with her head, Jamie.” Lucas said, and put the baby in Jamie’s arms.

“Like this?” Jamie asked, looking up at Lucas.

“Perfect.” Lucas said, and put his arm around Peyton. “How did you guys get in here?”

“Dude I’ve known you since before Peyton would ever talk to you.” Haley reminded him.

“Remind me to rehide the spare key.” Lucas whispered to Peyton, but loud enough for Haley to hear him.

“This sign is beautiful.” Peyton pointed to the sign that was hanging above Sawyer’s crib.

“You have Jamie to thank for that.” Haley said. “I just drove him over here.”

“Thank you, Jamie, that was really sweet of you.” Peyton ruffled his hair.

“Mama says that you draw a lot too?”

“I used to. I haven’t so much lately.”

“How come?”

“I just got too busy, I guess.” Peyton shrugged.

“You could come over and draw with me some time.” Jamie offered.

“I’d like that.” Peyton smiled at him, and watched as he let Sawyer grab onto one of his fingers. “Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m starving.”

“Good, because I’ve been cooking all morning.” Haley gushed.

Haley put her arm around Peyton, and led her to the kitchen. Everyone but Lucas and Jamie followed behind them. “You coming, Luke?” Nathan asked.

“No, I’m gonna stay here with Jamie and my baby girl.” Lucas knelt down next to the chair Jamie was sitting in.

“Okay.” Nathan said, and walked out of the room.

“So, what do you think Jamie?” Lucas asked.

“She’s pretty. She has eyes like Aunt Peyton.”

“Yes she does.” Lucas smiled at the dozing baby girl.

“Uncle Lucas, could Aunt Peyton have died?” Jamie asked.

It was a perfectly legitimate question, but the truth was, Lucas didn’t want to think about that. “I don’t know, buddy.”

“I’m happy she didn’t.” Jamie said in an honest six-year-old way.

“Me too, Jamie. Me too.” Lucas smiled.

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; for they shall never be broken." -Albert Camus

I can't wait to get to work on the winning story from the Sept. Auction! November hurry up please! What an amazing 3 days it has been :heart


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Title: The Future Is A Masterpiece
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Lucas & Peyton
Summary: It’s official. Peyton Sawyer is now Peyton Scott. With a baby on the way, this should be the best time of their lives, but what if it all ends in tragedy?

Chapter Five: A Song For Our Fathers
Peyton sat in the rocking chair in the baby’s room, cradling Sawyer close. She could hear Lucas in the kitchen, washing dishes and cleaning up what was left of the little welcome home party their family had thrown for them. Peyton’s eyes closed for just a moment, but then Sawyer began to coo and whimper.

“What’s going on, huh?” Peyton traced a finger along her daughter’s cheek.

Sawyer’s eyes were closed, but Peyton couldn’t put the baby down. The nurses, and Haley, had all advised that Peyton get as much rest as possible when the baby was sleeping, but Peyton just couldn’t do it. She knew she would regret it later that night when she had to wake up to feed a hungry baby, but she didn’t care.

“How’re you feeling, Mama?” Lucas asked from the doorway of the nursery.

“I’m tired.” Peyton admitted.

“So then go take a nap for a while. I can keep an eye on Spud.” Lucas smiled.

“Honey, it was one thing to call her that when we didn’t know for sure what we were having, but are you really going to keep using that nickname?” Peyton asked.

“Yes, I am.” Lucas said with conviction. “Come on, hand her over. Go get some sleep.”

“Just give me five more minutes.” Peyton pouted. “When I think of how easily things could have gone the other way for me...”

“Peyton, you can’t think like that.” Lucas knelt down beside her, and touched their daughter’s head. “She needs you. I need you. You’re here for a reason.”

“I know, I know.” Peyton took a deep breath, and smiled at Lucas. “You know what I realized? She has your feet.”

“My feet?” Lucas chuckled.

“Yeah. They look like skis.” Peyton teased.

“Well they go with her chicken legs.” Lucas teased right back.

“My daughter does not have chicken legs.” Peyton stared at Lucas, and then whispered to the baby, “Don’t you ever let your Daddy tell you you have chicken legs. You have beautiful legs.”

The doorbell rang, and Lucas went to get the door. Peyton could hear Lucas talked to someone in hushed tones, and a few seconds later, there were footsteps coming toward the door of the nursery. “Is that my baby girl holding her own baby girl?” Larry asked from the doorway.

“Daddy!” Peyton smiled at him, and burst into happy tears. “How did you get here? I thought you were out to sea.”

“I was, but this is more important. It’s not every day my baby girl gets married and has a baby.” Larry walked toward his daughter, and kissed the top of her head. “She’s a beauty, Peyton.”

“You want to hold her?” Peyton offered the baby over to her father.

“Hello Sawyer Scott. I’m your Grandpa.” Larry cooed at the baby, who was still sleeping soundly.

Peyton put her arms around her father, and rested her head against his arm. “I missed you, Daddy.” Peyton squeezed around his waist.

“I missed you too, baby girl. I’m sorry I couldn’t get back sooner.” Larry apologized.

“Aw Daddy, no, it’s okay.” Peyton assured him. “You’re here now. That’s all that matters.”


Rather than get up every few hours and go back and forth between their bedroom and the nursery, Lucas had put a cradle beside their bed. Sawyer woke every few hours, needing to be fed and changed. After a while, Peyton lost track of the time. It wasn’t long before she felt like a zombie, and her brain was running on auto-pilot. She quickly realized she wasn’t anywhere near being Super Mom, and decided it was wiser to let others care for Sawyer in between feedings so she could get some sleep.

She was still a little sore from the surgery, and Dr. Morgan had asked her to take it easy as much as possible. Peyton recounted the events to Larry, who listened with horror on his face. “Oh, baby I wish I could have been here.” Larry said with guilt.

“And what were you going to do, Dad, assist? Trust me, Lucas did enough pacing for the both of you. And I’m fine.” Peyton told him.

“What about down the road? What kind of long-term effects will this have for you?”

“Well, if we decide to have another baby, it will probably be considered a high risk pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean I’ll go through that again. The chances of it happening at all were slim to none.” Peyton explained.

“So it’s not one of those situations where once it happens, you’re not more likely to repeat it?” Larry asked nervously.

“No.” Peyton said.

Larry let loose a sigh of relief, and then put a hand on Peyton’s leg. “I’m glad you’re okay, sweetheart.”

“Me too, Dad.” Peyton smiled at him.

“So, where’s your husband?” Larry asked.

“At Brooke’s I think. Something about her water heater acting up.” Peyton shrugged.

“You know, I’ll never forget the first time I met that boy.” Larry laughed.

“I don’t think he will either, Dad.” Peyton laughed.

“Well, I only hope someday that he can do the same for the boy that’s in love with your daughter.” Larry rubbed Sawyer’s back as she slept.

“I’m sure he will. Do you know what he calls our daughter? Spud.”

“Spud?” Larry looked confused.

“The first time he went to the doctor with me, he thought the baby looked like a potato.”

Larry snorted and said, “That boy never was right.”

Peyton laughed and said, “Trust me, I know.”

“How was the wedding?”

“Eventful. Before my water broke, though, it was beautiful. It’s a shame I didn’t get to stay for the rest of my reception. We didn’t even cut the cake before we had to leave for the hospital.” Peyton told her father.

“Yeah well, you had more important things to do.” Larry shrugged.

“Right?” Peyton chuckled quietly. “But it’s cool, though.”

“Well, I guess depending on how good he is with dates, it’s a good thing that your daughter’s birthday and your anniversary fall on the same day.”

“Actually, Luke is pretty good with dates. He’s way more organized than I am when it comes to things like that. No, wait, Lucas is more organized in general than I am.” Peyton changed her mind. “I imagine it will only get worse for me the bigger she gets.”

“Yeah, but you don’t mind it quite so much when you get lost in her laugh or whatever boo-boo is taking up your time. You gladly trade other responsibilities for comforting your baby when she’s sick or hurt. Other things just don’t seem as important anymore.” Larry explained, and smiled at Peyton.

“So then it’s normal to be terrified in the best way possible?” Peyton asked.

“Absolutely. As a matter of fact, I don’t think you’re a parent until you get that feeling. But you’re going to do fine, Peyton.”

“What if I don’t? I mean, no offense to you, but I don’t know if I know how to be a mother.”

“Sure you do. You’re doing it right now. There are no magic answers, sweetheart. You just make the best choices you can and pray that everything turns out okay. Sometimes Sawyer will smother you with hugs and kisses, and sometimes she’ll break your heart with slamming doors and silence. And when she says she hates you, which she will, don’t take it personally. It just means you’re doing your job.” Larry advised.

“So hate is a good thing?” Peyton stared at him oddly.

“It is when she’s not getting her way and you’re putting your foot down. Some day she’ll thank you for it.”

“And if she doesn’t?”

“Then you send her over to Grandpa, and I’ll straighten her out.” Larry said.


Peyton was sprawled out on the sofa with the baby asleep on her chest. Lucas was taking Larry back to the airport. He’d been there for about a week, but he had to get back for the next ship out. It had been a wonderful visit, and Peyton had been sorry to see him go much as she had been as a child. She didn’t think seeing Larry leave would ever get easy, no matter how old she got. She’d had her stitches out the day before, but her abdomen was still tender, and probably would be for another few days.

There was a knock at the door, and Peyton reluctantly got up to answer it. Most people had the courtesy to call before coming over, and those who didn’t were close enough friends that they just walked in the house. Brooke had given up on knocking long ago, even though this wasn’t just Peyton’s house. Jamie couldn’t be contained enough to get him to knock, but Peyton didn’t mind Jamie coming over. He was a good kid, and in spite of having Nathan for a father, he was very well behaved.

Peyton grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch, and covered Sawyer to protect her from the wind. It was a windier day in Tree Hill, which probably should have been a sign that something was about to happen. She opened the door to find Dan Scott standing there. “What the hell do you want?” Peyton sounded as if she were talking to a ghost.

“I wanted to see my Granddaughter.” Dan said nervously.

“No.” Peyton shook her head. “No, you don’t get to be a part of her life, Mr. Scott. I’m sorry.” Peyton went to close the door.

“Please? Just a second?” Dan pleaded.

“You can’t be here. Lucas wouldn’t like it.” Peyton shook her head.

“I know you’re married now, but you can still make your own decisions, Peyton.” Dan said in his usual manipulative manner.

“Yes I can, and I am choosing to ask you to leave.” Peyton tried to push the door closed again.

“I’m dying, Peyton. I know I’ve done a lot of horrible things in my life, and if I could, I would go back and do everything differently. There aren’t enough words for me to say to change any of the things that I’ve done. If there were, I would say them. I just want to know that my granddaughter is okay.” Dan explained.

“She’s fine.” Peyton put a protective hand on the baby’s back. “She’s perfect.”

“Please, can I just see her?” Dan pleaded, reaching out for the baby.

At that exact moment, Lucas walked in the back door. He looked straight ahead to see Peyton standing at the front door, pushing Dan’s hand away from their child. “You get the hell away from my baby!” Lucas yelled at his father from the other end of the house.

“Lucas, I-“

Lucas was already running toward the front door with a look of pure hatred on his face. He grabbed the lapels of Dan’s jacket, and threw him out the front door. “You stay away from my daughter. You stay away from my wife. You stay away from me.” Lucas ordered as he slammed Dan up against one of the columns near the steps.

“Lucas, stop!” Peyton said from behind him.

“The day Keith died, you died too. What part of that do you not understand? My daughter will not know you, do you hear me?”

“I’m dying, Lucas. I just wanted to-“

“You should have thought about all of that before you killed Keith.” Lucas growled, letting go of Dan’s jacket.

“I can’t change what I’ve done, Lucas. I can only change where I’m headed, and I-“ Dan was cut off by a crushed right cross that caused him to nearly fall down the stairs.

“You do not get a second chance. I will not forgive you for what you have done.” Lucas told Dan.

“Lucas, come on, come inside.” Peyton urged.

“Stay away from us.” Lucas said one more time, staring hard at Dan before allowing Peyton to pull him into the house.

Once they were back inside, Peyton closed the door quietly. While she would never understand how Dan could have done the things he did, she didn’t think responding with violence was the answer. Especially not when their child was right there to witness it. Even if she was an infant, and would have no recollection of what had just transpired, it was unacceptable.

“So is this how it’s going to be, Lucas? Are you going to throw punches at him every time you see him?” Peyton asked.

“You can’t seriously be mad at me for clocking that guy.” Lucas shook his head.

“Lucas I know how you feel about all of this, but we have a child now. You can’t just go getting in fights every time someone pushes your buttons.” Peyton sighed.

“Oh come on, Peyton, it’s not like that.” Lucas shook his head.

“So then how are we going to deal with this, Lucas, because it’s not going to go away. Some day our daughter is going to want to know about her Grandpa. She’s going to want to know what happened to him, and why you hate him so much. Are you going to let her hate Dan the same way you do?” Peyton asked him.

“Are you defending Dan?” Lucas said through clenched teeth.

“Are you going to make me defend him?” Peyton retorted. “Lucas, listen to me, I know that what Dan did was a horrible thing. I know that he took someone away from you, from all of us, that we all loved immensely. I am not, in any way, making excuses for Dan. I’m not saying that you should forgive Dan. What I am saying is that Sawyer doesn’t need to have that black cloud hanging over her head.”

“I’m not going to lie to our daughter, Peyton. Look at Jamie. Nathan and Haley couldn’t protect Jamie from Dan. They tried, but the truth is going to come out sooner or later. And then what? I am not going to let our daughter get to know Dan only to find out that he murdered the man who would have been her Grandfather.” Lucas was doing his best to control his emotions, but they were starting to get the better of him.

Peyton exhaled slowly, and then walked past Lucas into the nursery. She put Sawyer down in her crib, and then closed the door behind her when she left the room. She found Lucas in the kitchen, standing over the sink, rewashing some dishes he’d washed earlier that day. For whatever reason, Lucas preferred to do kitchen chores when he was aggravated. Peyton found it odd, yet adorable. She walked up behind him, and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her face to his shoulder blades.

“Lucas, you know I will support you no matter what you do. Honestly, I don’t want Dan in Sawyer’s life either. It’s not even all about what happened with Keith. I saw the way he treated Nathan, and I know that he’s only been in your life when it was convenient for him. The only thing he has to offer our daughter is a life full of regret. I hate that some day we’re going to have to explain to her what happened to Keith. I just don’t want to worry that I’m going to have to break up a fight every time you pass each other on the street, that’s all.” Peyton explained.

“Then I guess it’s lucky for us that he’s going to die soon, and we won’t have to worry about that.” Lucas said bitterly, and then pulled away from Peyton, leaving the water running.

Peyton sighed, turned off the water, and then flinched when the door slammed behind her. Not more than five seconds later, Sawyer began to wail in her crib. “She really is her father’s daughter.” Peyton shook her head, and then went to get her daughter.

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; for they shall never be broken." -Albert Camus

I can't wait to get to work on the winning story from the Sept. Auction! November hurry up please! What an amazing 3 days it has been :heart


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Title: The Future Is A Masterpiece
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Lucas & Peyton
Summary: It’s official. Peyton Sawyer is now Peyton Scott. With a baby on the way, this <i>should</i> be the best time of their lives, but what if it all ends in tragedy?

Chapter Six: Crash Sounds
Peyton sat in the rocking chair on the front porch, waiting to see Lucas come walking up to their house. An hour went by, then two, then three. When the sun began to set Peyton got nervous. She’d called his cell phone a number of times, but he hadn’t answered her. Finally, she put Sawyer into her car seat, and decided to go looking for Lucas. This was getting ridiculous. She was afraid that in the mood Lucas was in, he’d gotten into some stupid fight with someone. She pulled out of the garage, and started driving through the side streets of Tree Hill, hoping to spot Lucas walking around somewhere.

Peyton drove through town, stopping at all the various hot spots she could think of. The most obvious place to start was the River Court, but he wasn’t there. Then she went to the cemetery, thinking maybe he’d gone to see Keith, but she didn’t see him there either. She went to the high school, and even took Sawyer with her to the doors of the gym. They were locked, but that didn’t mean Lucas wasn’t inside. She tried calling him again, and got no answer.

“Hello?” Nathan answered his cell phone on the first ring.

“Hey Nate have you seen Lucas?” Peyton asked, slightly frantic by now.

“No, why?”

“Well, Dan came by the house earlier, and they ended up getting in a fight. Lucas stormed off, and I can’t find him anywhere.” Peyton explained.

“No, I haven’t seen him, but maybe Haley’s heard from him. Hang on a second.” Nathan said. Peyton could hear Nathan relaying everything to Haley, but she didn’t know anything either.

“Thanks anyway. If you hear from him could you please tell him to call me just so I know he’s okay?” Peyton asked.

“Yeah of course. I’m sure he’s fine, Peyton. You know how he gets.” Nathan said.

“I know. I just...I can’t be out looking for him all night with an infant.” Peyton sighed.

“So go home and wait for him. I’m sure he’ll be back soon enough.” Nathan told her.

“Thanks Nate. I’ll talk to you later.” Peyton said, and dropped her phone in her purse.

She drove by her old house, and stopped for a minute. Could Lucas really have gone inside? The place was closed up, and had been for the last three years. Peyton had tried to talk her father into renting it out, or selling it, but Larry couldn’t bear to let it go. Too many memories, and whatnot. Peyton thought it was a waste, since Larry was rarely ever in town. When he was, he usually stayed at a hotel. Peyton thought about getting out of the car and going to check out the house, but decided against it.

Instead she drove on, hoping to spot him somewhere in downtown Tree Hill. She had just turned onto Main Street when her cell phone rang. She dug into her purse, trying to find her phone, and didn’t realize that the stoplight changed. She continued right through the red light, and didn’t see the truck coming toward her. The last thing she heard was the ringing of her phone, and her baby girl screaming in the backseat. Then the world around her went completely dark.


Lucas’ call went to voicemail. He sighed, and tried calling Peyton again. He was pacing in their kitchen, wondering where she would have gone so late at night without leaving him a note. He’d left his cell phone charging in their bedroom. He’d come home to find that he had nearly thirty missed calls from his wife, and quite a few from his brother and best friend. He tried calling Peyton a third time, but still no luck.

In the distance he heard the wailing sounds of an ambulance or fire truck, but paid it no mind. Instead, he dialed Haley’s number. “Hales, it’s me. Do you know where Peyton is?” Lucas asked when she answered the phone.

“Out looking for you, apparently. What’s this I hear about you getting in fight with you know who?” Haley asked, which meant Jamie was in the room.

“I came home from taking Larry to the airport, and Dan was in my living room, trying to hold my baby.” Lucas explained.

“Wow.” Haley sounded surprised. “That’s pretty ballsy of him.”

“Yeah well, if he’s smart, he’ll stay away. I almost shot him once. Next time I won’t miss.” Lucas threatened, his blood beginning to boil.

“Good idea, Luke, and then Sawyer won’t have a father either.” Haley sighed.

“Haley I don’t want to fight. Listen, if you hear from Peyton, will you just tell her that I’m home?”

“Of course. Take it easy, Lucas.” Haley said, and then hung up the phone.

Lucas sat down in the kitchen for only a few seconds before going to the living room, and peering out the front windows. Lucas contemplated going out and searching for Peyton, but it would do no good for both of them to be driving around town looking for one another. Eventually, Sawyer would need to eat, and Peyton would have to come home. There were more sirens in the distance, and Lucas sighed, wondering what was going on. He tried Peyton’s phone again, and got no answer.

A few minutes later, he put his phone down on the coffee table next to the couch. He laid back and closed his eyes. Soon enough, Peyton would be home, and they would talk everything out the way they always did. It would be fine. Before long, Lucas drifted off to sleep.


“What do we have here?” The doctor called out as Peyton was wheeled into the emergency room.

“Driver’s license says her name is Peyton Sawyer, age twenty-four caught in an auto versus truck on the corner of Main and Raven.” The paramedic told the doctor. “We don’t have an I.D. on the infant.”

“Alright let’s run her through the computers and see if we can find any record of treating her in the past.” The doctor said, and began to call out orders for tests that needed to be conducted.

While Peyton was being worked on in one trauma room, Sawyer was being treated in another. The impact of the crash had done more damage to the backseat of the car. When the paramedics had arrived, neither Peyton or Sawyer were moving. Because Peyton was driving on old Comet, there was concern about head trauma due to her seat belt only going across her lap. They were also concerned that the impact had caused the baby to smack her head against the car seat. It was padded, but not nearly padded enough to protect a two week old baby from head trauma in a car crash.

“The last known emergency contact for Peyton Sawyer is Brooke Davis.” A nurse informed the doctor that was working on Peyton.

“Get her in here. We need to find out who that baby is.” The doctor said, and then called for a tube to put down Peyton’s throat. She needed to be stabilized, and then moved for scans and x-rays to see just where the trauma was.

In the next room over, a code was called, and the chief of pediatrics went into the baby’s room to over see her care. “Is this Brooke Davis?” The nurse asked when someone answered the phone number she’d dialed.

“This is Brooke Davis.” Brooke said sleepily.

“This is Lynn Murphy, I’m a nurse at Tree Hill Memorial. Peyton Sawyer was brought in a few minutes ago, and you are listed as her emergency contact. We need you to come down as soon as possible.” The nurse told Brooke.

Brooke gasped, and immediately felt panic radiate through her body. “Her name is Peyton Scott. She’s married.” Brooke knew it didn’t make any sense to say it, but should couldn’t think of anything else to say other than, “Is she okay?”

“I can’t discuss her condition over the phone, but both she and the baby are in critical condition.” The nurse said.

“Oh God, she had the baby with her?” Brooke sobbed.

“A baby girl approximately two weeks old.” The nurse said.

“Her name is Sawyer. The baby’s name is Sawyer. She was born on March 23. Dr. Morgan delivered her.” Brooke recited.

“Can you come down, Ms. Davis?” The nurse asked.

“Yes, of course, I’ll be there right away.” Brooke said, and hung up the phone.


The sound of the distant sirens followed Lucas into his sleep, and he dreamed that he was running toward an accident. He didn’t know who was in it, or why he felt the need to help, but he couldn’t stop himself from running toward it. Along the way he was warned by Haley, Nathan and even Brooke to stay back, but he couldn’t. Then when he got there, he understood why. It was the Comet. It was a big fireball, and inside the car all he could see was Peyton banging on the glass of the window, trying to free herself. She was screaming for help, but everyone just stood there. Lucas fought the firefighters, but they insisted it wasn’t safe. There was nothing they could do. He could hear the distinct sound of his baby crying, and Lucas woke up.

He jumped off the couch, and ran into Sawyer’s room, expecting to find her wailing in her crib. Instead, he was called back to the living room by the sound of his phone ringing. It was Brooke calling. “Hey Brooke, what’s going on?” Lucas sounded troubled, but it was nothing in comparison to how Brooke sounded.

“Peyton’s in the hospital. She was in a car accident, Lucas.” Brooke said.

She barely got the words out when Lucas dropped his phone, and ran for the door.


By the time Lucas got to the hospital, Brooke was already there waiting for him. Peyton was back in surgery. An ultrasound showed internal bleeding in Peyton’s belly, and they were afraid the accident had done damage to Peyton’s uterus. Lucas signed a bunch of forms, and filled out a bunch of paperwork before he was permitted to go anywhere near his wife and daughter. Brooke paced the hallway nervously, making phone calls to everyone they knew.

Before long, the waiting room was filled with their family members and friends, all of them praying for Peyton and Sawyer. Sawyer had been taken up to neonatal intensive care. She wasn’t breathing on her own, and a scan of her brain showed that she had been deprived of oxygen for too long. If, by some miracle, their daughter ever woke up again, she would be profoundly retarded. Only time would tell if she was paralyzed as well. With infants, it was too hard to tell if they were responding to pain, and since Sawyer was in a coma, they wouldn’t be able to make the diagnosis until she woke up.

Lucas paced the hallway, torn between wanting to wait for his wife, and go be with their daughter. In his mind her heard Peyton very clearly say, “Go be with Sawyer, Lucas. I’m going to be fine.”

In the end, Lucas went up to be with the baby, knowing that the surgeon would find him there when they were done doing whatever needed to be done with Peyton. Lucas sat on a stool beside the little incubator, running a finger up and down his daughter’s arm. When he grabbed her hand, she didn’t grab back. It was a heartbreaking thing to experience, and he squeezed his eyes closed, wondering how he was ever going to tell Peyton that their baby might never wake up.

“Hi honey, it’s Daddy. I remember the first time I heard your heart beat. Do you remember that day? I was busy working on production for the movie, but I snuck out a little early just to be there for the ultrasound. I will never forget the look on your Mom’s face when I walked into the room. She was so exited and happy that I was there, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. There you were on that screen. You looked like a little potato. Your heart sounded like waves breaking against the shore, and all I could think was how much I loved your Mom. No matter what I do with the rest of my life, I can never thank her enough for bringing you into the world. She would give her life for yours, she loves you so much.” Lucas broke down then, and began to cry quietly. “She spent a lot of time worrying about what would happen to you if she wasn’t around to take care of you that she never really thought about what she would do if something happened to you. But I know that if she wakes up from the surgery, and you’re not okay, she’s never going to forgive herself. She’s going to carry your loss for the rest of her life. She has big dreams for you, Sawyer. She has a lot of little dreams for you too. She got her happy ending the day you were born, but happily ever after is still to be decided. So I need you to be strong for her, and fight with everything you have, okay? And I promise you that I will do whatever I can to make things better for you. Just come back to us, baby girl.”


Lucas was asleep in a rocking chair at his daughter’s side. His hand was inside the incubator, resting on her tiny chest. He kept it there to make sure the respirator continued to breath for her. From there, he could feel her chest rise and fall, and the gentle thudding of her tiny heart. He was tapped on the shoulder, and his eyes popped open.

“Lucas?” A doctor asked.

“I’m Lucas Scott.” Lucas said without removing his hand from the incubator.

“I’m Dr. Rasmuss. I operated on your wife.” The doctor extended his hand.

“How is she?” Lucas asked anxiously.

“Well, there was concern about the recent surgery she had to correct her uterus, but we were able to stop the bleeding. She’s in post-op now, and she looks good. She’s got some bruising on her face and head, and she’s got a concussion. All things considered, she was lucky.” The doctor explained.

“Can I see her?” Lucas asked.

“Yes, of course, but I should warn you it’s going to take some time before she wakes up. Between the medications she’s on, and the head trauma, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a few more days before she opens her eyes.” Dr. Rasmuss warned.

“I’ll be back, little girl. I’m going to go check on your Mom.” Lucas promised, and then followed the doctor down two floors to where Peyton was recovering.

The doctor had understated the bruising on Peyton’s face. There was a cut on the left side of Peyton’s head from where she’d hit it against the car. Dr. Rasmuss had also failed to mention the reason why Peyton’s left arm was in a sling, but he learned that she had managed to dislocate her shoulder. Her right ankle was also wrapped in an ace bandage, suggesting she had sprained her ankle as well.

Lucas felt his knees sag a bit as he stood at the foot of Peyton’s bed. It felt like they were right back where they’d started two weeks before, only this time, their daughter’s life was in danger as well. Slowly Lucas moved closer. He leaned down and kissed the right side of Peyton’s head. She seemed so small there in the hospital bed.

Lucas hated feeling so useless. He wanted to talk to her, but he worried it would do no good. He felt this immense guilt on his shoulders as he sank down beside his wife. He picked up her hand gently, and touched her slender fingers. Her engagement ring was taped to her finger on the other side of the bed. He sighed heavily, trying to fight back tears. There just weren’t nearly enough to go around.

“Sawyer is in intensive care. The doctors aren’t sure what’s going to happen, Peyton. I really think that if she could hear your voice, it would help her out a lot.” Lucas started, but then choked up at the thought that he could lose them both. “The idea of losing our daughter...I don’t want to think about it, Peyton. I don’t want to think about it because when I do, I know that if we did, I would lose a part of you too. I need you here with me. All of you. This is all my fault.”

There was a knock on the door, and Brooke peaked inside. “Lucas?” She whispered.

“Brooke, you’re not supposed to be here.”

“I told them I was Peyton’s sister.” Brooke sighed, and stood beside Lucas. “How is she?”

“She’s in a coma, I guess.” Lucas breathed deeply. “This is all my fault, Brooke.”

“What? No, Lucas, you didn’t know this was going to happen.” Brooke insisted.

“She was out looking for me. I got in a stupid fight with Dan, and I walked out on her, and I shouldn’t have. I should have just let it go.” Lucas’ eyes were distant, and his voice didn’t sound like his own.

“Lucas, this is not your fault. Sometimes things like this just happen. It’s going to be okay.” Brooke tried her best to comfort him.

“And what if it’s not, Brooke? What if Peyton never wakes up? Do you know that there’s a chance our daughter could be paralyzed because of this accident? And even if she retains the ability to move her arms and legs, she could still have brain damage. This isn’t fair. This isn’t fair to Peyton, and it isn’t fair to our daughter.” Lucas said with anger.

Brooke took a deep breath, and then sat down beside Lucas. “Lucas, we both know that life doesn’t operate on a basis of fairness. If it did, a lot of things in the world would be different. Sometimes you just have to trust that there is a reason behind all of the things that happening in your life. You have to believe that things are going to get better.”

“I would love to, Brooke, but I just spent the last three hours sitting beside my daughter wondering if she will ever take another breath on her own again. Now I’m sitting here next to my wife wondering if she’s ever going to wake up. And even if she does wake up, what kind of a life is she going to wake up to?” Lucas shook his head in disbelief. This is not the way things were supposed to go.

If they were at home right now, Peyton would be feeding Sawyer before putting her down to sleep again. Lucas would probably change Sawyer’s diaper, or maybe rock her in the living room for a while. Once the baby was asleep, Lucas would get into bed beside Peyton and play with her hair as she fell asleep. Some nights, he would read to the baby while she lay cradled in Peyton’s arms. Other nights they would sit together on the swing out on the porch until they just couldn’t keep their eyes open any more. Tonight, Lucas would sit at his wife’s bedside, and keep a vigil over her until the memory of his daughter’s cries became too much to bear. Then he would go back to Sawyer’s incubator, and sit with her for a while.

It was while Lucas was sitting with Peyton that he got word that Sawyer’s heart had stopped beating again. He ran up to neonatal intensive care as fast as he could, terrified that he would get there too late. By the time he got there, she was gone. “I’m sorry, Mr. Scott.” The doctor said as Lucas walked into the room.

“What do you mean you’re sorry?” Lucas could barely contain himself. He slumped over the little table his baby girl was resting on. The monitors were all turned off, and her breathing tube had been disconnected from the respirator. “There has to be something else you can do.” Lucas pleaded.

“I’m sorry.” Was all the doctor would say for a second.

Lucas didn’t hear the explanation the doctor launched into. All Lucas knew was that he now had to explain to his wife, if she ever woke up, that they had lost their daughter.

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; for they shall never be broken." -Albert Camus

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Title: The Future Is A Masterpiece
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Lucas & Peyton
Summary: It’s official. Peyton Sawyer is now Peyton Scott. With a baby on the way, this <i>should</i> be the best time of their lives, but what if it all ends in tragedy?

Chapter Seven: Overcome
Lucas sat in that same rocking chair he’d sat in earlier, cradling his baby girl’s lifeless body. There was no breath, no cooing. Her eyes were closed, and would never open again. This couldn’t be real. This had to be a nightmare. How would he explain this to Peyton? His life, as he knew it, was gone. He now understood all those times his mother had been furious with him for risking his own life. She had been terrified not only for him, but for herself. There was no pain like the kind that settled in your chest when you lose a child. This was worse than losing Keith, and for a long time, Lucas was sure there was no greater pain than a loss of that magnitude.

How was it that in just two weeks, Lucas had come to love this little person so much? For six months before she was born, he had been head over heels in love with the idea of her. There had been countless nights when he and Peyton had laid in bed together, dreaming up the future their child would have. They had tried to imagine what her face would look like, and which talents she would inherit from each of them. They tried to imagine what traits she would be endowed with that were unique to her.

They thought ahead to days much farther into their future, when someday, their child would come home with a child of his, or her, own. They would be grandparents. They would be old together, and they would marvel at all they had managed to build in their life together. Now, no matter what happened in the future, there would always be someone missing in their life. Sawyer would always be missing.

Lucas looked up to see Haley and Nathan standing outside of the neonatal intensive care unit, both of them looking haunted and terribly distraught. Lucas felt trapped. He didn’t really want to hold his daughter any more, but he wasn’t ready to go out there and tell his family that his daughter was gone. Yet, if there were any two people would could possibly come close to understanding how he was feeling, it was his brother and his best friend. Being parents in their own right had formed new bonds between him and his family. They were part of this club that people who weren’t parents couldn’t fully understand. You think you know what it takes to raise a child until you have one. Then you realize that absolutely every single decision you make is critical.

Now Lucas found himself questioning the decisions he had made. If he had just kept his cool, and took a deep breath instead of storming out of the house, this wouldn’t have happened. Peyton was only trying to bring a cooler head to the hot situation between Lucas and Dan. She was just trying to make sense of a situation that was absolutely nonsensical. Lucas had spent years contemplating how to deal with Dan on those rare occasions when they would see each other. It was inevitable in such a small town that they would see one another from time to time. He often contemplated telling Dan that all was forgiven just to get Dan to leave him alone, but Lucas would not lie about something so important.

He wouldn’t dangle any sort of bait in front of Dan, or give him any kind of a reason to keep coming around. If he were to be completely honest, he was thankful that Dan was dying because then he wouldn’t have to worry about it any more. Sure there was an entire riot act he would love to read to Dan, but Lucas knew enough to know it would do no good. In Dan’s eyes, he had paid for his sins, and he was worthy of being forgiven. What Dan didn’t seem to realize is that no one else in the world seemed to feel the same way. No one seemed to care about helping Dan Scott find redemption, or a greater purpose on Earth. All they wanted was for him to crawl under a rock and die.

Lucas eventually raised his hand, and waved Nathan and Haley into the room. Haley walked in while Nathan held the door for her. She approached with big tears in her eyes, and took the motionless baby from Lucas. “She’s an angel.” Haley breathed, and snuggling the baby close.

No one seemed to know what the right words to say. “I need to take a walk.” Lucas said, watching as Haley rocked a baby who couldn’t feel.

He was numb, but he knew soon enough that numbness would give way to rage and a despair the likes of which he didn’t know were possible. Nathan followed Lucas out of the room, and down the stairs to the ambulance bay outside of the emergency room. “Nate, I really need to be by myself right now.” Lucas warned.

“That’s not going to happen, Lucas.” Nathan shook his head. “Being alone isn’t going to make any of this easier on you.”

“What the hell would you know about it?” Lucas fired back at his brother. “When you go home this afternoon, your son is going to be there. He’s going to be there when it’s his bedtime. He’s going to be there tomorrow morning when you wake up. When you go home tonight, you get to hug your son, and tell him you love him. What about me, huh? When I go home tonight, I go home alone. I go home to a house that is always going to be missing a child. I go home to a house that might never see my wife in it again. I might just get to spend the rest of my life alone, Nathan. I might as well start preparing for it now.”

“Don’t do that, Lucas. Don’t let the darkness win. I know this is hard, and I know it sounds condescending for me to say it, but you are going to get through this. Your wife is going to wake up, and when she does, she is going to need you more than you could possibly imagine. She is going to need you to be strong for her. She is going to need you to cry with her. She is going to need you to tell her that everything is going to be okay, and she’s going to need to believe it when you say it. Don’t let her down, Lucas.” Nathan pleaded with his brother.

“And what if I can’t do it, Nate? What if I can’t go up there and tell her that it’s going to be okay? How do I know that? What if this is the one thing that Peyton and I can’t overcome together? What if this is the thing that just changes everything so much that we can’t get back to where we were?”

“It’s not going to be easy, Lucas. You’re going to blame yourself. She’s going to blame herself. The important thing for both of you to remember is that this is not your fault. You didn’t do this, and neither did she. It was an accident.” Nathan insisted.

“That doesn’t bring Sawyer back, though, does it?” Lucas punched a trash bag, splitting it wide open, sending shredded paper everywhere.


Brooke sat at Peyton’s bedside, holding her hand, praying for Peyton to wake up. She had only been out of it for a little more than twenty-four hours, but that was long enough for Brooke to be concerned that this might be a more permanent reality than the doctors had led them to believe. Looking at Peyton laying in that bed was like looking at a shell of the person Brooke had loved for so many years.

“You have to wake up, Peyton. Sawyer needs you.” Brooke whispered for probably the hundredth time. “Lucas needs you. I need you.” Brooke’s voice broke, and she began to sob quietly.

A nurse came in to take Peyton’s vital signs, and adjusted the bag of fluid hanging from the I.V. pole next to the bed. The nurse didn’t say anything, but she did put a comforting hand on Brooke’s shoulder. Brooke squeezed her eyes closed, and when she opened them, she realized the hand on her shoulder didn’t belong to the nurse at all. It was a man’s hand. She looked up to see Julian standing behind her. Brooke stood up, and fell into Julian’s arms, bawling hysterically. Julian stroked Brooke’s hair, and tried to console her as she cried.

“She’s going to wake up, Brooke. She’s a fighter, and she’s got too much to lose to give up now.” Julian whispered, watching Peyton as Brooke cried.

There was a knock on the door, and they turned to see Nathan standing there. “Can I talk to you guys out in the hall?” Nathan asked, and the expression on his face wasn’t encouraging.

Brooke and Julian left Peyton’s side, and Nathan closed the door of her hospital room. “What’s going on, Nate?” Brooke asked.

“It’s Sawyer.” He said grimly, and Brooke already knew what he was going to say. “They aren’t sure what happened, but her heart stopped a while ago. They couldn’t get her back.”

Brooke sank to her knees right there in the hallway, and crumpled into a ball. If she was in this much pain over the loss, she couldn’t imagine what it would do to Peyton when she finally woke up. This wasn’t fair. Lucas and Peyton were supposed to get their happily ever after. They had been through so much, both separately and together. It was time for them to go into a calmer phase of that lives. They were supposed to have lazy Sunday mornings, and long walks in the evening with their daughter. Instead, all they seemed to get was more tragedy.

“What can I do?” Julian asked after helping Brooke off the floor.

“You’re doing it.” Nathan said, watching as Julian put his arm around Brooke, holding her up.

“He went for a walk. If you want to see the baby, you should go up there now before they take her.” Nathan said.

“Take her where?” Brooke asked with horror on her face.

“They’re doing an autopsy. After that, she’ll be taken to the funeral home, I guess.” Nathan said.

Brooke’s knees buckled, and then said, “Will you stay with Peyton? I don’t want her to be alone if she wakes up.”

“Of course.” Nathan nodded.

Brooke stepped forward and hugged Nathan hard. His arms closed around her, and Brooke felt her knees begin to buckle again from the weight of all the sadness.


Lucas knew that calling his mother and Larry were the right things to do, but he wasn’t quite ready to make those calls just yet. Making those calls would be admitting that it was really over, and that Sawyer was really gone. Of course he knew she was gone either way. He just wasn’t ready to say the words out loud. Then again, he didn’t think he would ever be ready to say them. For the rest of his life, when someone would ask how many children he had, what was the right answer?

Even if, somewhere down the road, he and Peyton decided they wanted to have another baby, what would he say? Would he say he had two kids? Would he say they just had one, as if Sawyer had never existed? It seemed like saying they only had one child meant they were somehow ashamed of Sawyer, and that would never be the case. But if they said they had two, then people would ask about her. There would always be this nagging guilt, and a hole in his heart.

“Is this seat taken?” An elderly man asked, pointing to the bench next to Lucas.

“No.” Lucas shook his head blankly, and slid over a little.

“You look like you’ve had a worse day than I have.” The man sat down slowly, putting a lot of his weight onto the cane he was holding tightly to.

“It’s been a long day.” Lucas said, staring at the pond in front of them.

“I’ve seen you in the hospital. My wife’s room is across the hall from the room you’ve been in and out of.” The man said, and extended his hand. “I’m Ray Durham.”

“Lucas Scott.” Lucas extended his hand.

“I thought you looked familiar You’re uh, you’re Nathan’s brother, right?”

“How’d you know that?” Lucas looked over at Ray.

“Whitey is my brother.” Ray said. “He used to chew my ear off about the two of you boys. He loved you both like the sons he never had, but you just about drove him off the deep end.”

Lucas wanted to crack a smile, but couldn’t. “That sounds about right.”

“So, who have you been paying so much attention to up there?” Ray gestured over his shoulder to the hospital.

“My wife.” Lucas said.

“Oh yeah? I’m sorry to hear that. My wife, Cass, she had heart surgery.” Ray told Lucas.

“My wife was in a car accident.” Lucas countered.

“That’s rough. How long have you been married?” Ray asked.

“Two weeks today.” Lucas stared at his folded hands. “How about you?”

“Oh, Cass and I...I think we were married the minute we met.” Ray said with a nostalgic smile. “Of course we were only kids then. We didn’t make it official until we were eighteen. That’s fifty-seven years now.”

“Wow. That’s amazing.” Lucas finally looked over at Ray.

“It’s not easy. I love her more than I love myself. She’s meant the world to me. She drives me crazy, of course, but I think that’s a good thing. You know, to find someone who drives you crazy, but you can’t seem to get enough of. She talks in circles sometimes, and to everyone else, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. But me? I’ve always understood. There was just this unspoken bond between us.” Ray said.

“How long is she going to be in the hospital?” Lucas asked.

“Well, that’s the thing, Lucas, there’s no guarantee she’s coming home.” Ray sighed, and stared out at the pond. “I’ve had my talks with God, and I’ve told Him that if Cass doesn’t come home with me, it’s going to be a tough thing for me to forgive Him for that.”

“I’m sure she’ll be okay.” Lucas said, although he said it wish as much conviction as he would if he were talking about Peyton.

“I’m hoping you’re right, but I’m preparing myself in case you’re not.” Ray sounded tired and a little scared. “How about your wife? What’s her name? Whitey always called her Blondie.”

Lucas finally cracked a smile, and even chuckled a little. “Her name is Peyton.” Lucas said kindly. “And the doctors tell me that she should be waking up any day now.”

“What do you think? What does your gut say?” Ray asked.

“Oh I don’t think that matters.” Lucas shook his head.

“Sure is does. You know, if a person knows they have something worth fighting for, they fight like hell for it. You’ve only been married two weeks. I’m sure that’s something worth fighting for.” Ray said.

Lucas took a deep breath. “Our daughter was in the car with my wife when the accident happened. She was only twelve days old.” Lucas explained.

The hopeful look on Ray’s face faded, and his hands began to shake. “Well I’m sure sorry to hear that.” Ray seemed to get the drift of what Lucas was saying without him having to say it.

“So am I. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to tell Peyton what happened when she wakes up.” Lucas confessed.

“Well, I’m no expert at things like this, but can I give you the benefit of my experience at being a husband?” Ray asked.

“Sure. I’ll take anything you’ve got.” Lucas gave Ray his full attention.

“Just be patient. When your wife wakes up, she’s going to lose her composure, and she’s going to cry and scream and maybe even blame you for what happened. She doesn’t mean a word of it. Sometimes when a person hurts that deeply, they say things just because they’re trying to make sense of a tragedy. It’s not because they really believe the things they say. So be a strong pillar she can lean on, and a soft place for her to land when she falls apart. More than anything, don’t forget that you’re her best friend, even if she can’t be yours.” Ray advised.


Nathan was sitting at Peyton’s bedside, when his cell phone rang. It was Bobby calling. Nathan had taken a meeting with Bobby the week before, and had nearly had his ass handed to him for not showing up for practice. Nathan considered an emergency birth in the family to be a reason to miss practice, but apparently, that wasn’t a good enough reason for Bobby.

“Hey Bobby.” Nathan said when he answered the phone.

“Nate, I know you’re having a bit of a family crisis right now, but I really need you to come in for another meeting as soon as possible. This is a can’t wait situation.” Bobby told him.

Nathan sighed, and rubbed his eyes. “Bobby, listen, there’s uh, there’s been some developments.” Nathan said, and stepped out of the room.

Nathan didn’t want to say what needed to be said on the chance that Peyton could hear him talking. That wouldn’t be a pleasant way to wake up, and quite frankly, Nathan didn’t want to be the one to tell Peyton that Sawyer had died.

“What’s going on, Nate?” Bobby sounded concerned.

“Well, my sister-in-law is still unconscious.” Nathan started, and leaned against the wall. “But um, the baby...the baby didn’t make it.”

“Oh Nate.” Bobby sighed heavily. “I’m very sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah me too.” Nathan took a deep breath, trying not to get too upset, even though he was starting to lose the battle. “I don’t know what the plan is as far as funeral arrangements are concerned just yet, but I imagine it’ll be in the next few days.”

Bobby paused for a second before saying, “Well, how about if I bring the meeting to you? Do you think you could get away for a little while, and maybe meet for drinks at a hotel over in Wrightsville Beach?”

“Yeah, I could probably do that.” Nathan agreed.

“Alright, then I’ll see what I can do. I’m sorry for your loss, Nate.” Bobby said.

“Thanks.” Nathan said, and then hung up the phone.

He took a few more deep breaths before walking back into the room. He was thankful to see that Peyton’s eyes were still closed. Brooke would never forgive him if he wasn’t there when Peyton woke up. Honestly, he wasn’t sure he would ever forgive himself for that either. Nathan took a seat once again beside Peyton’s bed.

“You know, Sawyer, one of these days you’re going to wake up, and when you do, you’re going to find out that a lot of things in the world have changed. I know that you’re a fighter, so you’re going to be okay. I just hope that the battle doesn’t ruin everything you’ve worked so hard for.” Nathan said sincerely, and closed his eyes.

He hadn’t slept much since he’d found out that Peyton and Sawyer were brought into the hospital. If he wasn’t pacing with Haley, he was trying to convince Lucas or Brooke to take a breather. Just when he started to feel comfortable, and maybe like he might drift off to sleep for a little while, one of the monitors that Peyton was hooked up to began to beep loudly. Nathan jumped up, and noticed that Peyton’s eyes were open wide, and she looked terrified.

“Peyton? Peyton, hang on.” Nathan leaned over her, brushing her hair back from her face. “I’m going to go get a doctor, okay? I’ll be right back.” Nathan squeezed her hand, and then took off running for a doctor, leaving Peyton alone and scared, and not really knowing where she was or how she got there.

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; for they shall never be broken." -Albert Camus

I can't wait to get to work on the winning story from the Sept. Auction! November hurry up please! What an amazing 3 days it has been :heart


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