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 Post subject: Angel Of Silence (AU, M/L, ADULT) Chapter 50 13/Oct/12
PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:55 pm 
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Title: Angel of Silence
Author: Janetfl (Jan)
Disclaimer: I own nothing that is Roswell .. sadly that belongs to the powers that be!! No infringement is intended.

Pairing: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel
Rating: ADULT.

Summary: Liz is young and she is involved in a car accident along with her parents ... who don't survive ... she meets a lovely little boy in the hospital who tries to make her feel better ... but who is taken away before she can really get to know him ... what happens when she meets that boy ... years later!!!!

Author’s Note: I am writing this story because of a challenge that Michelle17 set up no: 300# (Link given below). I know I'm posting another story but that is because I'm Lost Without You is almost finished ... just typing it up now!!

Challenge 300#


She was sitting in the back of the car getting bored after their long journey.

"Mommy, are we there yet?" she asked.

"No honey we have a little while to go yet but we're almost home."

"But I need to go pee, pee mommy!"

"Oh for crying out loud how many times have I told you to go to the toilet before we set off again!" said Jack turning around to look at his daughter, totally frustrated.

Jack was tired and thoroughly fed up with the whole situation. His wife had somehow given him the wrong directions and they had spent over an hour just trying to reach a place they could recognise. When they finally found a place, they plotted their route back home.

They had been in the car now for over four hours so it wasn't really his daughter's fault that she suddenly needed the bathroom but he just couldn't help feeling totally pissed off by the whole situation. Just as he was about to turn around and face the road again he heard his wife scream.


"Dadddddddddeeeeee!" screamed the little girl as the car overshot the intersection.

Jack slammed on his brakes but it was too late. The on coming red pick up truck ploughed straight into the side of the car making it flip over several times. The mangled wreck finally came to a stop facing upwards. There was steam coming out of the hood and a small stream of liquid was flowing out of the back.

The accelerator had gotten stuck and the engine of the car made an awful grinding sound as the rev count went higher.

Luckily for the man in the pick up truck, he only suffered a broken nose, a few scratches and bruises. He quickly whipped out his phone and dialled the emergency services, gave them his location and reported the accident to the police as well.

Within about ten minutes he was surrounded by blue and red flashing lights. He was breathalysed and then taken over to the ambulance to be checked out. He was diagnosed with shock and was taken to hospital, by one of the three ambulances, to be kept in over night for observation.

The fire truck arrived not long after the ambulance had left and the firemen all jumped down from the truck. They pulled out their Hydraulic rescue tools, known as the 'Jaws of Life' and ran towards the wreckage.

"Hey there's a little girl in the back here!" shouted one of the firemen.

"Yeah, we got two up front as well but they look D.O.A." said another fireman who started to cut away the roof of the car. He was just praying that the little girl had somehow survived.

Once the roof had been cut away the firemen allowed the Paramedics to look over the bodies in the car. The two front passengers were definitely dead. The female passenger had a sharp bit of shrapnel sticking out of her stomach and the man had been totally crushed between the steering wheel, seat and roof.

"Hey we've got a live one here!" shouted one of the Paramedics. All hell let loose. The girl was trapped between the back and front seats. The firemen used the hydraulic spreaders to push the seats apart enough to allow them to free the little girl.

Once there was a sufficient gap the Paramedics put a head brace on the little girl so she couldn't move her neck and then placed a stretcher board underneath her, pulled her out of the car and into the awaiting ambulance. The Paramedic in the back tried to get the little girl stabilised for the journey while his partner got in and started to drive towards the hospital, sirens blaring.

One of the firemen searched for some sort of identification and found the woman's bag on the back seat. He handed the bag to the policeman standing by. He was just about to start getting the parents out of the vehicle when he heard someone shouting.


The firemen, Paramedics and Policemen started to run away from the vehicle when it suddenly exploded and they were thrown through the air. The petrol had been leaking from the tank and the heat from the exhaust had eventually ignited it, causing the explosion.

As each of the men got up and brushed themselves off the remaining Paramedics went around too see if anyone was injured. Luckily, everyone escaped with minor scrapes and bruises.

As the firemen started using the special foam to put out the burning wreck they gave a silent prayer for the two burnt and mangled corpses inside the car. They just hoped the little girl faired better than her parents.

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 Post subject: Re: Angel Of Silence (AU, M/L, ADULT) Prologue 25/Mar/09
PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:25 pm 

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Hi Jan,

I love the start of the story !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


 Post subject: Re: Angel Of Silence (AU, M/L, ADULT) Prologue 25/Mar/09
PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:15 pm 
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Chapter 1

Darkness … darkness all around her except for a tiny pin point of light off in the distance. She was so afraid and terribly cold. It was like she was in a long, dark tunnel and the light was calling out to her to come forward. She headed towards it hoping that nothing was lurking in the darkness or she wouldn’t trip over something unforeseen.

As she was drawn closer to the light, it steadily grew larger and she started to hear slight whispers surrounding her. The light suddenly became brighter and it wrapped it’s self around her like a big warm fuzzy blanket. The whispers became the voices of her parents telling her to turn back, that it wasn’t her time. She really didn’t understand why they were saying this to her. Were they mad at her because she caused the accident by asking to go pee, pee? Why don’t her mom and dad want her anymore?

Just as she was about to step into the light and follow her parents she felt an immense pain inside her little battered body and then she started to hear different voices.

“She’s back!!” shouted a male voice, after he’d shocked her for a third time.

“Come on sweetie hold on just a little while longer and we’ll get you all better” said the Paramedic.

“How much longer John?” said the Paramedic to his driving buddy.

“About another two minutes and we will be there!”

“Step on it John I don’t know how long this kid is going to last!”

“I’m going as fast as I can. We don’t want to have an accident trying to get her there!”

Frank knew John was right but something about this little girl just grabbed at his heart and he really wanted to save her. He knew he shouldn’t get emotionally involved but where kids were concerned he just couldn’t help it.

After all it was the fact that he could save lives that made him want to do this job in the first place. He didn’t realise how much pain it would cause to lose some of them.

Oh they had saved more lives than they had ever lost but they always remembered the faces of the ones that slipped away, as if they were permanently burned into their brains.

His thoughts were interrupted by a slight movement he saw in his peripheral vision. The small hand on the little girl moved slightly. He watched her hand closely and it moved again.

“That’s it! Good girl, keep fighting you’re going to be alright!” said Frank.

John turned off the lights and the sirens as he pulled up outside the A&E doors. He jumped out of the van and opened the back doors. Both men got the stretcher out of the ambulance and wheeled her through the double doors shouting all of the medical information at the doctors who were running beside it. As they made their way towards the operating theatre the Paramedic’s finished giving their information and stopped running as the little girl disappeared through the doors.

“This one might just make it John” said Frank.

“Yeah, but then what? Both her parents died back at the crash site. Tommy radioed it through earlier. She’s going to have to go into the care system, unfortunately.”

“When is that poor little girl going to get a break?”


2 months later …..

“How are you feeling this morning Liz?” asked Dr Monroe.

Liz looked at the doctor and nodded her head.

After the accident Liz had spent just over three weeks in a coma and on the fourth week she finally woke up. She was now breathing on her own and her wounds were healing nicely. The only concern the doctors had was the fact that she was no longer speaking so they had provided her with a notepad and pen so she could communicate with the staff.

They had tried numerous tests to find out why she wasn’t talking. First of all they thought she was suffering from a swelling on the brain but when they ran a test that was ruled out. The only diagnosis the doctors could come up with was that she was suffering from Aphasia (total loss of speech) due to a brain injury caused by her traumatic accident.

They had hoped that she was suffering from transient or temporary Aphasia which would mean her speech would return in a few days but as she got further into the second month she seemed to get worse. She started to withdraw from the outside world and sink into herself. She was walking around the hospital in a daze.

She had been put on the psychiatric ward to get assessed but she was given a clean bill of health. They had no other option than to let her go into the care system.


Liz kept on getting visions of that horrific night playing through her mind as if it was stuck in a loop. She knew they wanted her to talk. She’d been prodded, poked and had strange women trying to assess how she felt. She couldn’t understand what was wrong with her because she didn’t feel anything anymore.

She really did want to talk but what was the point? Everyone she cared about had been killed that night and it was all her fault. She also didn’t understand why her parents wouldn’t leave her alone. Every night they kept on coming to visit her. Their mouths would move but no sound would come out. The visions of their burnt bodies absolutely terrified her.


Max Evans was five years old and was sitting in the smelly hospital in excruciating pain. His arm had been broken during a basketball game and his mother was filling out the paper work so he could be seen.

He hated the smell of hospitals. There always seemed to be an aroma of disinfectant and cooked cabbage. He kept watching all of the patients going by making a game out of trying to guess what was wrong with them.

He stopped when he saw the most beautiful little girl he had ever seen. He couldn’t take his eyes off her because she looked so … so lost. His thought process was interrupted by his father coming into his line of vision blocking the view of the lost, pretty girl.

“I told you, you should have gone after that boy with the ball but because you were too scared he drove down the court and scored instead! Now look what’s happened, you fell over his feet as he took the ball away from you! How are you supposed to become a professional basketball player when you won’t even try to get the ball from your opponent? You have to play to win Maxwell” shouted Philip.

Max was just sitting there wondering what the hell was going on. He was supposed to be his dad first and a coach second but right now it didn’t feel like it.

“Do you know how much you embarrassed me out there on the court? You are the coach’s son! Can you imagine what they’re all saying now? That if I can’t train my own son to play properly then how can I train the others. Are you trying to make me look like a fool?”

Max just wished a massive hole would open up and swallow him whole. He could feel his face turning red as he looked down in shame.

“You know what, I don’t know why I bother with you!” said Philip as he stormed off out of the hospital leaving his son all alone. He looked down the corridor again and saw the little girl still wondering around.

He thought that maybe she had lost her mom in the hospital somewhere and she was trying to find her. So he went up to the little girl to try and help her.

“Hello my name is Max. Have you lost your mommy? Do you need help to find her?”

As soon as he had asked the question the little girl turned her big brown frightened eyes at the young boy and burst into tears.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry” said Max leading the little girl towards the chairs so she could sit down.

“Did I say something I shouldn’t?” asked Max as he removed a strand of her hair off her face.

The little girl shook her head forcefully.

“Have you lost your mommy?”

The girl nodded.

“Do you want me to help you find her?”

The little girl looked into his eyes and sadly but slowly shook her head again. It was then that it clicked with Max what was wrong with the little girl.

“Has your mommy gone to heaven?”

The little girl nodded as a single tear ran down her cheek which Max wiped away with the pad of his thumb.

“What about your daddy?”

The little girl shook her head again.

“Oh I’m so sorry maybe I can ask my mommy if you can stay with us.”

Liz looked at Max and smiled but again she sadly shook her head, no. Liz understood that she was going to be getting a new mommy and daddy soon because the men in white coats had told her so.

“What’s your name?” asked Max.

Liz tried really hard to tell the boy her name but no sounds came out of her mouth. She didn’t deserve to be able to speak after what she had done. If she hadn’t of spoken to her father in the car her parents wouldn’t be in heaven right now.

Liz took the little note pad out of her dressing gown and wrote her name in a nervous scrawl.

“Liz, your name is Liz? That’s a beautiful name” said Max as his heart went out to Liz who had lost her parents.

Liz gave Max a little smile. The first one she had produced since the accident.

“Can’t you talk Liz?” asked Max realising that she hadn’t said a word to him.

Liz just shook her head.

“Max the nurse is ready to see you now” said Diane walking up to her son “Who’s this pretty little girl?”

“Her name is Liz. Her mommy and daddy are in heaven and she can’t talk mommy”

Diane’s heart ached for Liz. She looked so lost and frightened.

“Mommy can she come and live with us then you can be her new mommy” said Max smiling.

“I’m sorry sweetheart but it doesn’t work like that. They have to take her to a special family” Diane was almost in tears. She would love to just scoop the little girl up and take her home with them but she knew that Liz would be put into care.

“Come on Max” said Diane as she gently grabbed his hand and started leading him towards the nurse.

Max turned around and looked sadly at Liz. He gave her a small wave, mouthed sorry and then good bye to her. Liz smiled at Max and gave him a little wave in return.

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 Post subject: Re: Angel Of Silence (AU, M/L, ADULT) Prologue 25/Mar/09
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Chapter 2

15 years later …

She had been placed in a few homes before she found a family who had eventually adopted her. She had her name formally changed to the surname of the family who she had lived with for the past thirteen years. She never wanted them to feel as if she didn’t class them as her mother and father. They had been really good to her over the years, never making her feel like an inconvenience or an outsider. She was always made to feel as if she was their biological daughter.

So now her name was Liz Parker, her mother was Nancy and father Jeff. They were unable to have children of their own and had fallen in love with Liz as soon as they had seen her. Most of the families she had previously stayed with had not been able to put up with her disability. It was too much hard work to learn sign language.

When her disability was explained to Nancy and Jeff they had agreed to take up sign language lessons so they could understand what she was saying to them rather than her having to write everything down. After careful assessments by social workers, psychiatrists and eventually a judge they were finally awarded the full adoption of their little girl. They had been commended for taking on the responsibility.

They had finally moved to Albuquerque because her father had retired from his high paid office job and bought a nice house not too far from the UNM campus. It was a beautiful house with a large kitchen, three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a family bathroom and a huge living room.

When they moved in Liz was allowed to choose her room so she picked the one with doors that opened up onto a balcony. It was the first place she got prepared. She put a sun lounger out there and surrounded the whole balcony with candles and small lights. She had bought a few potted plants and strategically placed them where they would always get the sun.

This was her safe haven. This is where she came to think. It was also where she came to find solace after one of her nightly visits from her dead parents. God she hated those visions. She wasn’t sure if it was just in her head or if they were real. Every night they came to visit her and tried telling her something but she could never understand them. They would move their burnt mouths, if you could call them that, all she could really see was teeth and jaw bone, but no sound ever came out.

Why would her parents do that to her for all those years. Did they want her to remember the accident over and over again because that’s what it felt like to her? They were a daily reminder of how she had caused the accident and why she didn’t deserve to speak.

If she hadn’t have distracted her Daddies attention from the road then her parents might still be alive today. She wouldn’t have had to go through the foster care system and she would be able to talk. After the accident, when she was placed with her first foster family, she retreated more into herself and didn’t really mix in with the rest of the family. After all how could they understand her condition?

Soon they got fed up with her and called social services in to have her removed from the house. This scenario continued for another three years before she finally met the Parkers.

Each and every house she would go to, there would be other siblings there. They always seemed to group together and gang up on her. She could never understand why they would do that because not once was she ever rude or horrible to anyone. She always remained polite, even if she was a little withdrawn.

“Liz, are you ready honey?” came the soft voice of her Mother through the door.

Liz walked towards her bedroom door and opened it slowly. She smiled at her Mom, picked up her book bag and grabbed her keys from the bowl, on her chest of drawers.

“I hope you have a good first day,” said Nancy whilst signing the sentence at the same time.

Yes this was it. It was time to go to college and she was not looking forward to her first day. She knew that she was going to get teased or picked on for not being able to talk but hell she’d been through that for most of her life so what was so terrifying about it now?

Maybe it was because she had left all her friends behind and would have to make new ones. This would mean explaining everything that has happened in her past, why she can’t talk, what caused the accident and whatever other topic they decided to quiz her about.

She let a sigh escape her lips and she signed to her Mom “I’m not looking forward to the first day to be honest. I don’t know anyone there and you know how everyone seems to react to the fact that I can’t talk.”

“I know sweetie, it’s hard but I’m sure you are going to make friends fast. You always do,” Nancy’s heart went out to her daughter. Why was everything so hard for her? Wasn’t it enough that she had already lost her real parents? When would she ever get a break?

“I’ve got to go now Mom,” signed Liz “I have to try and find my first class.”

“Okay honey, well try and have a good day. You can tell me all about it when you get back.”

Liz walked down the stairs and signed goodbye to her father.

“Have a good day Lizzie. Good Luck!!!” shouted her Dad as she walked through the front door and gently closed it behind her.

She decided to walk to the campus today, after all it was a beautiful morning, the campus was only a couple of miles away and she did have enough time. She had gotten ready extra early this morning. She put it down to her nerves. She wanted to get there in plenty of time so she could find her first class without being late.

The house was situated in Dickerson Drive SE, she walked down the road to Santa Clara Avenue SE and then along Yale Blvd Drive. This road led directly to the UNM campus.

As she entered the double glass doors of the University she went straight to the campus map. She pulled her timesheet from her book bag and looked at what lecture hall she was supposed to attend for her briefing. As she looked at the extensive map she just managed to spot her room AB 225.

She made her way towards the room feeling a little nervous but also very excited. As she entered the lecture hall she noticed that a few people had already arrived. She chose to sit away from everyone else so they didn’t start to ask her any awkward questions but she wasn’t going to get away with it that easy.

She had just settled into her chair when a blonde haired, green eyed, bubbly blonde came to sit next to her.

“Hi, my name is Maria. I’m so nervous right now, I saw that you were sitting alone and thought, oh there is someone that’s just as nervous as I am so I thought I would come and say hi,” rattled off Maria.

Liz just smiled and took the offered hand that was shoved into her face and shook it.

“What’s your name?” asked Maria.

Oh here it was, she hadn’t even been in college for ten minutes and already she would have to explain herself but some how she didn’t mind explaining it to the bubbly blonde.

Liz got out her note pad and wrote …

Hi Maria,

It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Liz and I’m unable to talk. I can hear but not talk.

As Maria watched what the brunette girl wrote, she nodded her head in understanding but what she did next totally shocked Liz.

“So do I speak to you using sign language then?” she questioned using her hands.

“Well I can actually hear you. You just need to be able to understand my responses to you,” signed Liz.

“Hey I need to practice. I haven’t done it for quite some time so the practice will do me some good!”

“Great,” signed Liz. “Can I ask you how come you know how to sign?”

“Well I’m from Roswell and I have a friend there who insisted that I learned it. He is the president of the English Society here so I will introduce him to you later.”

“Well I’m originally from Roswell also.”

“Wow, really so how come I haven’t seen you around before?”

“I moved when I was very young.”

“Well you’re one of us then. I knew we were going to get on just great!!!”

Just then the tutor walked in to the lecture room along with most of the students.

“Right, welcome to UNM!!! Today we will be covering the university’s policies and procedures. Tomorrow you will be able to sign up to your different clubs. Okay my name is Bob, short for Robert. I will be taking the Academic Methods and Approaches lecture which most of you will be attending, I hope!! I’m going to hand out some material that you’ll need to look over this week so you’re ready for your first lecture on Monday.”

After the tutor handed out the documentation he started to go over the policies and procedures of the University.

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 Post subject: Re: Angel Of Silence (AU, M/L, ADULT) Prologue 25/Mar/09
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Chapter 3

As bob, the tutor, droned on about the university’s policies and procedures, Liz and Maria found it increasingly hard to concentrate and even stay awake during the process. The man had the most monotonous voice they had ever heard.

Liz, being her usual anal self, was making copious notes until Maria informed her that a booklet with all of the information was handed out at the end of the class. Liz had the good grace to blush and then stop writing.

By the time Bob had finished droning on about the university, to the new students, the lunch bell rang. Chairs started to scrape along the floor until he held his hand up.

“Before you all leave you need to take away the information, read it and store it so that you know the rules and the consequences if you break those rules.”

He started handing out the booklets to his class. He was bemused by how many people snatched the information from his hands and virtually ran out of the tutor room.

“God that had to be one of THE most boring classes I have ever had and I thought high school was bad!” said Maria as they walked through the hallway.

“Oh my god Maria, it took me all my strength not to fall asleep during that class. I’ve never heard anyone with such a boring voice before and to think HE is going to be our main tutor this year!” signed Liz.

Maria just groaned at the thought of being stuck with ‘Bob’ for the rest of the year.

Liz was so intent on signing with Maria that she didn’t notice she was about to bump into someone. Maria tried to steer Liz around but it was too late and she crashed into a blonde girl.

The blonde girl’s books were knocked from her hand and spread along the floor.

Liz was about to turn around and apologise when the girl spoke.

“Hey you stupid moron, why the hell don’t you look where you’re going!” shouted the girl.

Liz’s face turned a deep shade of crimson and bent down to help the girl pick up her books. She thought the blonde girl looked pretty with her curly blonde her, big breasts and shapely figure but as soon as she opened her mouth she realised just how ugly she was on the inside.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue!” said the blonde girl, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Hey it was an accident okay! She didn’t mean to bump into you so just give her a break!” shouted Maria, poking the girl in the shoulder.

“Oh look at what we have here girls,” said the blonde turning to each of her friends, standing either side of her “dumb and dumber!”

The other two girls laughed at their friend’s antics.

“Why you...!” Maria went into attack mode and was about to grab the girl’s hair when two massive strong arms encircled her waist and held her tight against a rock solid body.

“Hey firecracker, why don’t you calm down just a little and explain what’s going on here.”

Maria immediately relaxed.

“Hey Michael, this blonde little tart was just leaving!” said Maria, glaring at the blonde.

“My NAME is Tess, see that you remember that. I’ll be seeing you around!” said Tess as she raised her head in the air and was about to storm off until Liz gently grabbed her arm.

Tess flinched at the contact.

“Who the hell told you that you could touch me!” she screeched.

Liz gave Tess a bemused look and pointed to Tess’s books that she was still holding. She offered them to her only to have them snatched out of her hand.

“If you are expecting any thanks then don’t hold your breath. It was your fault that I dropped them in the first place!” said Tess.

Liz just shook her head, no in answer to her question. She knew someone like this wasn’t going to say thanks and in a way she was right. It was her fault that she dropped the books but common courtesy doesn’t cost much!

“God don’t you EVER say anything!” shouted Tess. A crowd of people started to turn around and look at the commotion.

“Oh that’s it!” shouted Maria as she went to scratch the girl’s eyeballs out, only to be stopped by Michael again.

“You can’t Maria it’s your first day here!” he whispered harshly into her ear.

“As for you,” he stated, pointing at Tess “I think you’d better go before you get your face ripped off. I can only, or rather WILL only, hold her for so long.”

“Tsk, as IF!” said Tess pushing past Liz, deliberately slamming into her shoulder and knocking her to the floor.

A light airy laugh echoing around the hallway as Liz got up and gathered her books.

“Jesus Maria, what the hell was that all about? You know she IS one of the popular girls here? It wouldn’t be wise to get on the wrong side of her. I’m not bothered but she could make your life and the life of your friend very miserable,” warned Michael.

“I don’t give a shit. She’s a complete bitch! Liz bumped into her accidentally because she was signing to me and that bitch just got all up in her face about it!”

“She was ... was signing to you?” questioned Michael.

“Yeah, Michael this is my new friend Liz. She can hear but can’t speak. She used to live in Roswell but moved when she was young and you know as much about her as I do now!” said Maria, smiling.

“I’m so sorry Maria,” signed Liz “I didn’t want you to get into trouble on my account. I’ve been dealing with this my whole life.”

“What did she say?” asked Michael, looking confused.

Maria repeated what Liz had signed.

“You’re good” signed Liz again.

“Thanks,” beamed Maria.

“You never told me you could sign Maria,” said Michael rather proud that his girlfriend could do this.

“Oh well an old friend of mine literally FORCED me to do it with him. He didn’t want to go alone so I went with him.”

“Oh this person would happen to be ...” Michael was cut off by the arrival of another one of their friends.


“ALEX!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! You’re here as well!!! Why the hell didn’t you tell me!” she laughed as she jumped into his outstretched arms.

“That’s Alex, Maria’s oldest and best friend,” explained Michael to Liz.

“Hey and who is this lovely lady you have with you?” asked Alex eyeing the brown haired beauty before him.

“Alex this is Liz, Liz meet Alex, one of my best friends.”

“It’s my pleasure to meet you Liz!” said Alex lifting her hand and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

Michael just rolled his eyes and whispered in Liz’s ear “Don’t worry he kind of fancies himself as a ‘Don Juan’ but just wait until his girlfriend gets here!”

Liz just smiled at Alex and nodded her head.

“So where are you from Liz?” asked Alex.

Just then Michael’s stomach rumbled.

“Man, can we take this conversation to the canteen I need to get some food inside of me!”

“Yeah me too!” agreed Alex.

Michael slung his arm around Maria’s shoulders and pulled her close to his body. They walked that way into the canteen.

Alex automatically took his place beside Liz and followed the others into the canteen.

“Hey Maria, have you seen ...”

“MAX! OH MY GOD!” shouted Maria across the canteen.

Max blushed but then smiled at Maria. He was so happy to see his friend here.

She ran across the room and straight into his open arms. He kissed her on the top of the head and asked how she was.

“If I didn’t know Max as well as I do, I might have been getting a little jealous right now!” laughed Michael to Liz and Alex.

“So how have you been Maria, it’s like been a year since I’ve seen you!” asked Max.

“Uh huh and why is that? When you came home for your break you could have come to see me you know!” chastised Maria.

“I had stuff to sort out with my Dad Maria and I didn’t want anyone else involved.”

“Fair enough!” said Maria. She knew the situation between Max and his father.

“I see you’ve already bumped into Alex and Michael...” said Max looking at his friends and waving “... but ...” his voice caught in the back of his throat as he stared at the shy, brown haired, brown eyed, beauty standing beside Alex, clinging on to him like her life depended on it.

Maria turned around to see what had caught her best friends eye and smiled when she realised who he was looking at.
“Max, you won’t believe this but you know you made me go to those signing classes with you and I could never figure out why?”

“Uh huh,” nodded Max still staring at the beauty before him.

“Well it’s come in handy finally! Can you believe that? I met her in my English class, she was sitting all alone and looked really nervous so I sat next to her and just started talking ... well to cut a long story short ... we got on great so here we are! Her name is ...”

“Liz ...” her name left his lips like he was speaking about an angel.

Maria got a confused look on her face.

“How did you ...” but Max couldn’t hear Maria’s voice anymore.

He remembered that lost look in those beautiful brown eyes all those years ago. Those eyes and that name had haunted his dreams ever since and that is why he had forced Maria to go with him to learn sign language, in the hopes of one day meeting the girl that had plagued his memories from just one simple meeting.

The fact that she was standing there before him, now a woman instead of a lost little girl just astounded him. She was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen. Everything about her seemed to glow, her smile, her skin and that hair of hers could drive a man to distraction.

Maria smiled when she realised that she had lost Max’s attention. She looked towards what or rather who had caught his attention and was even more pleased when she realised he was staring at Liz.

“It couldn’t be ... could it? After all these years ...?” thought Maria.

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Chapter 4

Maria was the only one who Max confided in all those years ago. After the nurse had put his arm in a cast, his mother and father drove him home. As soon as he was out of the car he told his mom that he was going to see Maria.

“You are not! After your performance today you need all the practice you can get! I’m not going to be embarrassed like that again!” shouted Philip.

“Oh good lord Philip he’s broken his arm! There is no way he can practice now anyway!” she scowled at her husband and turned towards her son. “You go and see your friend honey but don’t be back too late I’m making dinner.”

That was the first and only time that Max ever saw his mother stand up to Philip. She was always supporting his decisions saying that he knew best. It was for his own future he pushed him so hard but on this one occasion she went against his wishes.

He ran all the way to Maria’s and his little hand furiously knocked on the door. When her mom opened the door she could tell that something had upset Max.

“Honey, are you okay?” she asked as she allowed him into the house.

“I need to speak to Maria, please Mrs De Luca.”

“Sure honey she’s out in the back yard.”

That day they sat outside for a couple of hours just talking about the young girl Liz, the one with the lost look in her eyes. He explained everything that had happened in the hospital and the fact that she would have to be put with a special family.

At first he used to talk about her a lot, wondering what happened to her, if she was happy with her new mom and dad, what would she look like now, where did she live? As he got older, of course, he mentioned her less and less. The first time she had any idea that he still thought about her was when he insisted they learn sign language. He never admitted why they were doing it but she had her suspicions.

So here they were face to face, finally and the look on Max’s face was priceless, stunned, he was speechless.

“Honey if you don’t close your mouth the flies are going to get in there!” laughed Maria.

“Maria, please tell me I’m not dreaming this? Please tell me her name is Liz?” begged Max. He couldn’t believe that she was there, the same lost look still in her eyes but she was older and wiser now.

“Okay. Her name is Liz and erm, she still can’t speak Max but she uses sign.”

“I knew it! I knew that one day we would meet again. She made such an impression on my young mind Maria. I’ve not stopped thinking about her all this time. Okay so I must admit that I started to give up hope of ever seeing her again but now that she’s here!” said Max, flashing a sexy grin at Liz and doing a small wave.


As the group walked in to the canteen, Liz heard Maria shouting across the room. The fact that everyone turned to stare at them made her feel really uncomfortable.

Alex seemed to sense this in her and linked her arm through his.

“Oh you will get used to it Liz. Maria does this all the time. She sometimes gets ... gets a little over excited. Plus, that’s her best friend since she was like four and she hasn’t seen him for over a year.”

Liz blushed slightly and nodded her head. She moved a little closer to Alex and tightened her grip on him as the crowd continued to stare at the new group rather than follow the direction Maria was heading.

Alex patted her hand slightly and told her that she would be okay, that they would stick beside her and not to worry. Michael looked on in amusement. He didn’t really understand why Liz was behaving in this way, especially since she had only just met himself and Alex but then he had been around Maria for most of his life, he realised and that meant he was used to people staring at him.

As Liz looked in the direction that Maria had headed she was shocked to see the most gorgeous pair of honey coloured eyes staring back at her. The intensity of the look made her feel rather nervous but kind of excited at the same time.

He was a gorgeous looking young man, with brown hair that fell slightly into his eyes, a square set jaw, full lips and a nose that was not too big or too small. He was wearing blue jeans and a green t-shirt, which fully showed off his muscular arms. Liz dared to imagine what was underneath that t-shirt and if the arms where anything to go by then she wouldn’t be disappointed.

As he continued to gaze at her, she realised that Maria had stopped talking to him and was now looking confused. She saw his lips move and she could have sworn he’d said her name but surely that was not possible, she’d never met him before although something was seriously nagging her subconscious mind. Like she should know this person somehow but she couldn’t quite place him.

It was only when he gave her a smile and a little wave that her subconscious thought came to the forefront and it hit her like a ton of bricks. It was the boy that she had never forgotten. The one with the sad look on his face as his mother led him away from her, the one who offered her a smile of encouragement, the boy who offered her to stay with him and his family, the one who was sorry when he had to leave her at the hospital.

She had to admit that she hadn’t thought about him for awhile but every now and again he would pop into her head because that day he made her feel special, important, wanted. The simple, innocent gesture of offering her a home with a new family, even though she knew it wasn’t possible, was just the sweetest thing anyone could have done for her in that particular moment.

She’d been having the nightmares on a regular basis and they would always end the same.

They would be in the car and she would ask her daddy to go the toilet. He would turn around in annoyance and shout at her for not going before. Then it would happen...

The thunderous bang as the truck hit the side of their car, the noise of metal being twisted and thrown into the air, the force of the landing as the car flipped over numerous times ... and then total blackness.

She would wake up in her hospital bed sweating and crying for her mom and dad, only to be told by the men in white that both her parents were dead and the dream would repeat itself all over again until ... until they appeared at the end of her bed, burnt beyond recognition, their mouths a jumbled mess of burnt flesh, muscle tissue and teeth.

Every time she would sit in her bed frozen, not willing to move, afraid and every time those grotesque mouths would move in a way which looked like they were trying to communicate but no sound ever came out. Sometimes they got angry with her ... grabbing her legs or arms. Not in a violent way but more out of frustration because she couldn’t understand them.

She would sit bolt upright in bed, panting, sweating and tears would be streaming down her face. She could never understand why her parents came to visit her every night. Surely they knew they were scaring her?

Liz hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a very long time but she had gotten used to surviving on the little sleep she was allowed, although this always gave her a pallid look and dark circles around her eyes.

That was the same dream she had just woken up from that day she met him. She decided to go for a walk to clear her head, to try and determine why her parents insisted on torturing her and whether the accident was really her fault. She was wandering around in a daze, until the little boy with the big honey coloured eyes approached her.

His gentle voice and concern for her made her snap out of her daze and actually feel like she was living for the first time in a couple of months, before she was just ... well now she knows the feeling as numb but back then ... lost.

As the little boy, called Max and his mom turned the corner and disappeared from her view she immediately started to cry as the full magnitude of her situation hit her. She knew very soon that she would be in the hand of strangers and that; she was not looking forward to.

It took her a long, long time after bumping into Max to feel that freedom, or that safe again. The only time she had ever felt like that was with her parents, Nancy and Jeff.


He watched her as a slight blush came into her cheeks and Alex whispered something into her ear. After saying her name he could still see that look of confusion and slight nervousness on her face.

“Great Max, you’re staring at her so hard she is starting to feel uncomfortable!” he thought.

He did the only thing he could think of. He smiled and gave her a small wave. He watched her face closely for any signs of recognition and he could see the exact moment she remembered him.

Her face broadened into a wide, gorgeous smile which had Max virtually melting in public and then it happened, she mouthed his name clearly and he knew at that moment that he had been as important to her as she had to him.

This was going to be a very interesting year.

All of a sudden Liz was knocked to the ground, her books scattering along the canteen floor, her hands just about stopping her head from hitting the floor.

“Oh WHOOPS, I’m terribly sorry I wasn’t watching WHERE I was going!” said the loud voice, that echoed across the canteen.

“Here let me help you!” said the sickly sweet voice.

Tess bent down and helped Liz onto her feet.

“Oh here are your books!” said Tess, with a smile on her face.


Max jumped forward to help Liz until he saw the girl who knocked her over bend down, help her off the floor and gathered her books.

He was quite surprised to see Tess do anything so kind. Normally she would have just left them in a heap on the floor.

“I swear I’m going to kill that bitch!” said Maria though gritted teeth.

“Maria what are you talking about? Okay, Tess did bump into Liz but she’s already apologised and helped her with her books.”

“Oh for crying out loud Max, SHE PUSHED her over on purpose!” said Maria.

“Why? Why, would she do that?”

“Well the way she was staring daggers at Liz and looking at you? I’d say she wants you for herself!” said Maria.

“That’s absurd Maria. Tess and I are just friends and she knows that.”

“Yeah, like Alex Forrest realised that it was only a one night stand with Dan Gallagher?”

“Maria, what the hell are you talking about?”

Maria just rolled her eyes “As in Glenn Close and Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction!”

“Okay Maria, I still have no idea WHAT you are talking about!”

“Are you telling me that you have NEVER seen Fatal Attraction?”

“No, I haven’t”

“Well you and me, my room, video, popcorn and soon!” insisted Maria. She was going to get her point across one way or another.

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Chapter 5.

Maria’s voice became a distant memory as soon as he saw Liz walking towards him and without even realising it; his feet had started to move in her direction. This strange display was watched by a canteen full of very quiet students. You could literally hear a pin drop.

They all wanted to know how this brown haired girl had managed to capture Max’s attention. After all, he’d had some of the hottest girls on campus sniffing around to see if they could grab his attention but all of them had failed.

There was a rumour going around that maybe he was gay but nobody would dare say that to his face otherwise they would risk being ostracised from the popular group.

There was a pair of icy blue eyes boring a hole in the back of Liz’s head. Surely Max could not be interested in this boring, brown haired non-entity? He was after all the biggest catch in the University and many women have gone to great lengths to try and snare him.

She watched intensely as they made their way towards each other, neither of them noticing the fact that the canteen had gone quiet, or that about a hundred pair of eyes were staring at them, it was as if they were in there own little world.

“Oh hell no, there is no way she is getting her claws into him!” stated Tess to no one in particular. It had taken a long time for her to befriend Max and things were just starting to hot up between the two of them. Last week he’d almost kissed her after the evening out they’d spent together.

There was no way she was letting this little tramp step on her turf. She started to move towards the couple until Max did something that totally stopped her in her tracks.


“It’s good to see you again Liz,” signed Max as well as speaking the sentence.

“It’s been a long time,” signed Liz.

“How have you been? Where have you been? Are you happy? What happened after I left? Are you still not able to talk,” asked Max.

Liz gently grabbed Max’s hands and smiled.

“Slow down, one question at a time,” signed Liz.

With this Max let out a chuckle and calmed his nerves a little.


“No problem. Shall we go somewhere a little more private,” signed Liz as she looked around the canteen and noticed that all eyes were watching their little display. Plus people had started to whisper among themselves and some even sniggered.

Michael walked up to the couple and put his arms around both of them.
“So Max are you going to introduce me to this lovely lady!” asked Michael whilst glaring at all the onlookers.

“Erm, Michael I thought Maria had already...” whispered Max.

“Just go with the flow Max,” said Michael through gritted teeth.

“Michael, this is Liz. The girl I told you about all those years ago,” replied Max in a loud enough tone so the people around them would get the hint. It didn’t take long for their attention to be placed elsewhere.

“I KNEW IT!” shouted Maria whilst clapping.

When the rest of the students realised that nothing interesting was going to happen between Max and Liz they turned away and carried on their own conversations.

“Okay you two go somewhere to catch up and we’ll see you later,” said Michael “Maybe come back to my place for a drink?”

“You up for it?” asked Max looking a Liz.

“Yes of course.”

“Okay how about we all meet by the doors after classes are finished?” asked Max.

“Fine by me!” said Michael as he placed his arm around Maria’s shoulder, planted a kiss on her forehead and walked her out of the canteen.

“Hey Max you don’t happen to know where that sister of yours has gone do you?” asked Alex.

“Last time I saw her, she was studying in the library Alex.”

“Okay I’ll see you two later on in the afternoon and don’t worry Liz you’ll be alright now you have Max to show you around!” smiled Alex.

“Thank you,” signed Liz and returned Alex’s smile.

“Erm, sorry what did she just say to me?” asked Alex.

“She said thank you,” replied Max.

“Oh right, okay so I’ll see you later,” said Alex turning to leave, a little embarrassed that he hadn’t been able to understand Liz.

“Come on Liz, let’s go somewhere a little more private,” whispered Max, taking her hand and walking out of the canteen.

Neither of them noticed Tess looking like she was ready to blow steam out of her ears. Her face was all red and her fists were clutched close to her sides.

“No way am I going to let this happen,” she said in a deceptively calm voice.
Alex walked into the library area looking for Isabel. He walked around some of the book shelves, looking at all the desks hoping to find her. He then made his way to the reference section which was situated at the back of the Library.

There he found her surrounded by several open books, pen in hand scribbling something on a note pad.

“Hi Isabel,” whispered Alex as he walked towards her desk.

She looked up rather annoyed at the disturbance until she saw who had come for her.

“Alex!” shouted Isabel a little too loudly. Only to be hushed by the other users of the Library.

Alex gave a small little chuckle and then kissed his gorgeous girlfriend passionately on the lips. This too earned some coughs from the surrounding people.

“Can you spare me a few minutes,” whispered Alex.

“Sure,” replied Isabel as they both walked out of the Library.

“So what’s so important that you disturb one of my study periods?” It wasn’t because she wasn’t happy to see him, quite the contrary but she knew that Alex usually stayed away from her when she was studying because he wanted her to achieve and be the best she possibly could.

“Well for starters there is a new girl attending UMN and she seems to have caught your brother’s attention straight away, secondly ...”

“Wait! She’s done what?” asked Isabel not sure she had heard Alex correctly.

“I said that she has already got your brother’s attention and secondly ...”

“Hold on. Are you telling me that Max has only just met this girl and she’s captured his attention, as in he seems attracted to her?” asked Isabel in shock.

“Well yeah.”

“Wow she must be pretty special to get his attention. All the women have tried and failed.”

“That’s because he was waiting for that special someone to come along I think.”

“Well how does he know it’s this girl if they’ve only just met?” asked Isabel.

“I don’t think they have only just met Isabel. I think this is the girl he’s been waiting for.”

“You, you mean the one from the hospital all those years ago? Here? Now? Surely not?”

“Yes, it’s her, I promise you,” replied Alex.

“Well, I will have to meet this very special person then.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. We are all going to Michael’s after classes are finished so do you want to come?”

“Come? OF COURSE I WANT TO COME! I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Now I will finally get to know what he’s been pining about all these years. He’s never really told me what happened.”

“Oh and thirdly, she has also made an unfortunate enemy here. Someone I think we are going to have to watch out for.”

“What already? Who and more importantly why?” asked Isabel.

“She was signing to Maria and bumped into Tess, knocked her books out of her hand and bent down to pick them up. Tess, being her usual charming self became ultra bitchy. Then when we were in the canteen Tess knocked Liz to the floor on purpose.”

“Shit that could spell trouble for Liz. Tess isn’t going to go easy on her.”

“Nope and she did not like the way Max was looking a Liz. Jesus Isabel you could practically see the steam coming out of her ears!”

“Well, leave Tess to me. I’ll drop some hints that she is a friend of the group and hopefully she will leave her alone. If not, I’m sure if this is really that girl from the hospital, Max won’t stand for any shit off Tess.”

“God I hope you’re right Isabel because the look she was giving Liz when she walked out of the canteen with Max, man it even made me shudder.”

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Chapter 6

As soon as Max and Liz walked out of the canteen he started to pull her in another direction. Liz, trusting Max completely, let him lead her to a door which looked rather like a make out room. She looked questioningly at Max and he chuckled.

“I want to know what’s been going on in your life since the first time we met. You know I’ve never forgotten that lost look in your eyes, the fear you held in them at being alone. I remember wanting you to come and stay with my family so you would be looked after. Have you had a happy life Liz?”

He hadn’t realised that with each question he’d walked closer to Liz until he was practically pinning her to the wall. When he finally noticed a slight hitch in her breath he realised he must be scaring the living shit out of her and backed off slightly.

“S-Sorry,” he said as his face turned bright red.

“It’s just that I’ve never forgotten you. All these years I’ve imagined what you would look like now. Wondered whether you ever found a good family or not, what sort of woman have you grown into but as soon as I saw you walk into the canteen I knew it was you.”

“The eyes?” signed Liz.

“Yes, exactly,” signed Max.

“Come on, let’s go inside and we can catch up,” signed Liz.

They both entered the room and Max locked the door behind him. He turned around, shoved his hands into his jeans pockets and looked around nervously.

Liz gently grabbed his arm and motioned for him to sit down on the floor with her.

“After you left the hospital I was there for a while longer. I knew that I wasn’t going to go home. I understood that my parents were dead. The doctors where really very nice to me but then social services came and took me away. I was placed in a home for young children, which wasn’t so bad but because of my disability I wasn’t top of the list to be adopted.

They placed me a few foster homes but I never really settled. You see they would be able to talk and I couldn’t. They didn’t really want to bother learning sign language so eventually I would have to write everything down. In the end I just became more withdrawn from the family until they couldn’t stand it anymore and shipped me back to social services,” signed Liz.

“God Liz, I’m so sorry,” said Max.

“Hey it’s okay. I finally met this wonderful couple who couldn’t have children. They were warned about my so called disability and they agreed to take me on. Now at first I thought this would end up like the rest, you know, with them sending me back, but they actually took the time to go to sign language lessons so they could communicate with me.

Even though I tried my hardest to push them away, because I thought it would happen eventually and I couldn’t go through that again, they just kept telling me that they loved me and wouldn’t leave me. Eventually I started to trust them, to love them and now we have the best relationship! They were so nervous about me starting college. They thought I would find it tough being away from my friends.”

“Are you, finding it tough I mean?” asked Max.

“Well to be honest I was a little nervous at first. You see people can be very mean sometimes and because I can’t talk they seem to think that it gives them a season ticket to take the piss out of me. I’ve dealt with it my whole life Max but now I don’t let them get to me. All the names in the world can’t hurt me, and believe me when I tell you I’ve heard them all.”

“Then I met Maria this morning. I was sitting away from the crowd so I didn’t have to explain the fact that I can’t talk but she did the most amazing thing. When I wrote that I couldn’t talk she started using sign language! I was shocked to say the least because most hearing people don’t know it. She told me about this friend of hers when she was younger, forcing her to go,” at this part Liz gave a huge smile to Max “she said she couldn’t understand why. I think that is why she got a little over excited at our meeting in the canteen.”

“My god Liz I can’t believe people in this day and age still act that way! Has it been really hard on you?”

“No not really. To be honest I had my group of friends which I think I would have had if I was able to talk or not and they are the most important people to me, except for mom and dad of course. All the rest can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.”

“Well that’s a good attitude to have,” replied Max.

“It’s a necessary attitude to have in order to survive Max,” signed Liz.

He couldn’t believe what a strong woman she had grown into. He looked at her for a moment, taking in the fine features of her face and her beautiful smile. He wondered what it would feel like to run his hands through her hair, whether it was a soft as it looked. She was simply beautiful and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

She coughed nervously and stood up holding out her hand to help him.

“I think we’d better get back to our classes but I want to carry on this conversation later. I want to know all about you,” signed Liz.

“Okay, I’ll meet you by the doors and then we can go straight to Michael’s.”

“Oh I have to go home first. My parents will only worry if I don’t let them know where I’m going.”

“Well then I will pick you up at your house if you like,” offered Max.

“That would be great,” signed Liz. She took a page out of her notebook, wrote her address on it and then handed it to Max.

“What time would you like to be picked up Liz?”

“Oh, say around 5.30. That will give me a chance to get changed, tell mom and dad about my day and have a quick snack.”

“5.30, it is then,” said Max standing and finally unlocking the door. He glanced around the hallway to make sure nobody was around and then motioned for Liz to go first.

Once they were in the hallway, Max turned to look at Liz.

“I – I have to go that way,” said Max pointing in the opposite direction Liz was heading. He really did not want to leave her. He wished he had every class with her. Now that he’d found her, he never wanted to let her go again.

Liz blushed slightly as she realised that Max really didn’t want to leave at that moment but they both had to get back to class. She didn’t want to leave him either. This was the first time that she actually felt like she truly fitted in.

“I’ll see you later and it was good to finally see you after all these years,” signed Liz as she walked off in the other direction to Max.

Both of them were so wrapped up in each other’s presence that neither of them noticed the cold blue eyes staring back at them.

As Liz turned the corner and Max disappeared Tess came out of hiding. She grabbed Liz by the neck and threw her against the wall. Her head hit it hard but she wouldn’t let Tess see her wince in pain.

When Liz looked into Tess’s eyes she could see the pure hatred in them. She wondered what on earth she had done to warrant such a look. She only started to struggle against the blonde girl when she felt the air leaving her lungs and was unable to fill them again.

“Look you little mute freak, Max is mine, okay? So stay the fuck away from him. If you don’t ... well you will soon learn just how much I can make your life a living hell! Many people have tried to get Max and failed. I’m just about to get there and I’m not having a little mousy brat like you spoil it!”

The first thought that crossed Liz’s mind was that there was no way she could stay away from Max now.

Seeing the dreamy look in Liz’s eyes made Tess even angrier so she pulled back her fist and punch Liz in the stomach HARD.

Liz flinched in pain and gasped for breath.

“Let that be a warning to you Liz. I don’t even want to see you breathing near Max let alone talking to him ... or ... or ... taking little stolen moments and creeping into the store room!” she said as she finally let go her choke hold on Liz’s neck.

She stormed off in another direction leaving Liz confused and angry. She couldn’t believe that on her first day she had made a formidable enemy. She slowly walked towards her class wondering if she should ever talk to Max again. Was it really worth all this trouble? Would Tess really carry out on her threat to make her life a living hell and if so what could she possibly do to her that nobody has tried before.

As her hand rubbed the sore area around her neck she realised that although she was used to verbal abuse she’d never actually had someone been violent towards her. With a knotted feeling in the pit of her stomach she made her way towards her next class.

When Liz entered the room she was so relieved to see Maria.

“It seems you and I have a lot of classes together,” signed Liz, relieved to be in the presence of a friend.

“Yep so you are stuck with me now! Hey I can’t wait to go over to Michael’s tonight. I can introduce you to the rest of the gang. Well actually I think the only one you haven’t met yet is Max’s sister Isabel, she is Alex’s girlfriend.”

“Oh Maria, I’m not sure if I can make it later,” signed Liz.

“What? Why?”

“I have a lot of stuff to do,” explained Liz as her hand went to her sore throat again.

“What is that around your neck Liz? It’s – It’s all red.”

Liz whipped her hand away and smiled at Maria.

“It’s nothing Maria. Sometimes I just get an irritation around that area, you know like when I’m nervous,” signed Liz.

Maria squeezed her eyes and studied Liz’s face intensely. She came to a conclusion that Liz was lying but didn’t push it further. Liz would tell her when she was ready and if she wasn’t then she was sure as hell going to find out what was bothering her.

She felt very protective towards Liz, not because of her being unable to speak but because Max obviously cares about her deeply and anything that hurt Liz would hurt Max also. She had a sneaky suspicion what caused that big red mark but wanted to wait and see if Liz would tell her. She didn’t want to be in her face on the first day of college.

After numerous boring ‘getting to know the college’ classes Liz and Maria where finally free.

“God I’ve been waiting for this all day,” signed Maria as she walked Liz towards the front doors of the college.

“I’m going home first Maria and then Max is coming to pick me up later. I should be at Michael’s around quarter to six.”

“Okay I’ll see you there!” shouted Maria as she ran ahead to her boyfriend.

When Maria got outside the inevitable question was asked.

“Where is Liz?” asked Michael.

“She has to go home first so Max is going to pick her up later.”

“What about Isabel and Alex?”

“What about us?” asked Isabel as her and Alex walked through the door.

“Are you joining us later or are you coming now?” asked Michael.

“Nope we are coming with you now, lead the way,” replied Alex.

“Okay then let’s get this party started!”

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Chapter 7.

"So do you think she is going to come back happy or sad?" asked Nancy.

"I think that Liz is very strong and no matter what happened today she will make the best of it," replied Jeff.

"I know that but are you sure we did the right thing by moving here? What happens if she's not happy here? She could have gone to college with her friends back home."

"Well let's just see what she says when she comes through the door. I'm sure it went well today Nancy."

"I hope so because I couldn't stand it if she was unhappy. She's had enough to deal with in her life already."

They heard the front door close.

"Well I guess we're about to find out," said Jeff getting up from the sofa.

Both parents were waiting nervously for her to come into the living room.


Liz walked back home along the same route that she had taken that morning to go to college. It gave her plenty of time to think about the day's events. She was glad that Maria had decided to sit next to her in class, especially since she seemed to have so many classes with her.

Then of course there was Max. She never expected to see him again and always had a mental picture of what he would look like now. Of course the real thing was even more impressive than anything her mind could conjure up.

The only low point of today was of course Tess. Now, there was a bitch. She couldn't believe that she'd only been there one day and had already made an enemy. She knew that Tess was the type of person to carry out her threat but there was no way she could stay away from Max now. Even if they just remain friends, she wanted him in her life.

After that brief encounter years ago, he had remembered and decided to learn sign language in honour of her memory, or rather on the off chance that he would meet her again one day. How could she possibly explain her sudden coolness if she decided to heed Tess's words?

After finally making the decision to go to Michael's apartment, she started to get excited about seeing Max again.

She opened the front door to the house and was greeted with her parent's expectant faces.

"Well? How did your first day go?" asked Nancy rather nervously.

"I had a pretty good first day mom. I met this lovely girl named Maria. She's kind of wacky but bubbly at the same time. She also knows sign language so it's easy to communicate with her. She introduced me to all of her friends and I'm going out with them to watch movies and stuff," signed Liz.

"Oh sweetie I'm so happy that your first day went so well. How was class?"

At this question Liz giggled.

"Well now that didn't go as well as expected. Today was all about getting to know the policies and procedures of the campus. How I stayed awake through most of it is beyond me!"

The parents both laughed and explained that the next couple of days were going to be all about joining clubs and learning about the campus.

"God, so I have to go through more lectures like today? They are only repeating what's in the literature," signed Liz.

"I know that sweetie but they like to make sure that everyone is aware of the rules and regulations. That way nobody can claim that they weren't aware."

"You don't mind if I go out tonight? Max is picking me up in a few hours."

Nancy and Jeff looked at one another and then back to their daughter.

"Max?" they both said questioningly.

Liz laughed.

"Yes, Max. Remember that boy I told you about at the hospital all those years ago?"

"The boy who offered to help you find your parents and then tried to get his mom to take you home?"

"Yes that's the one. Well you're not going to believe this but he goes to UNM. He's one of Maria's friends," signed Liz.

"Oh honey I'm so happy for you. You've always wanted to thank him for that day. Have you managed to speak to him yet?"

"Only briefly but he's picking me up later and taking me to see Maria and her friends."

"Well that's great honey," said Jeff smiling and kissing his daughter on the cheek. "I'm so glad that you had such a good day. Your mother and I were worried that it might not have gone so well, any problems?"

An image of Tess appeared in Liz's mind but she ignored it.

"No, no problems today."

"That's great," replied Nancy. "Are you going to want something to eat?"

"I think we are watching some films and eating at the dorm but thanks for the offer mom," signed Liz.

"You're looking a little tired though Lizzie, are you sure you should be going out?" asked Jeff.

"I'm fine Dad. I just didn't get much sleep last night ... you know with the first day of college looming ahead of me. I'm sure I'll be fine."

Liz had never told anyone about her nightmares. She was sure that if she could make a sound then she would be waking the whole neighbourhood up every night. As it was her screams were unheard.

"Okay well enjoy yourself but not too late, okay?"

"Sure, I'm just going upstairs to take a long hot bath and get changed. I'll be down later," signed Liz as she exited the door and walked up the stairs to her room.


This was Liz's sanctuary, the place where she always felt safe except, of course, during the night when the horrors would invade her mind.

She walked across the room to her bed and sat down. She pulled the item from underneath her pillow and looked at it. It was getting rather tatty and torn now because it had been handled so much.

She ran her finger across the crumpled photograph. She sat there for a considerable time just staring at it. It was a picture of her and her parents. It was the only thing that had survived the crash.

She wondered for the millionth time what she had done to deserve such a fate.

"Why do you torment me so? Why do you come to me every night? What are you trying to tell me?" thought Liz as her finger and eyes scanned the photo.

She always thought that this was her punishment for causing the crash. She would have to go through this for the rest of her life. She wasn't sure how long she could manage that. It was tormenting her already fragile mind but she deserved it. This was her burden to carry through life, a reminder that nothing in life can be taken for granted.

She sighed and placed the photo back under her pillow. Although it caused her pain every time she looked at it, she couldn't bear to throw it away. It was the only thing she had left of her parents.


She entered her bathroom and started to prepare her bath. She put a good dollop of Radox™ relaxing bath foam in, tested the temperature of the water and then started to get undressed. When she turned around to turn the water off and step into the bath, the full length mirror caught her eye. She slowly walked towards it and ran her hand across her stomach.

There was the start of a massive bruise appearing where Tess had savagely punched her in the gut. She quickly turned back around, turned off the water and stepped into her bath. She felt the troubles of the day ease from her mind and she closed her eyes.


"LIZ, MAX IS HERE!" shouted Nancy up the stairs.

"Sorry Max, she's been up there for about an hour. I don't think she will be too long. Come and sit in the living room until she's ready," said Nancy.

"Thank you Mrs Parker," said Max.

"Oh please call me Nancy, Max. Liz has told us the story of how you two met years ago. We can't thank you enough for helping her when she really needed it."

Max could feel his face getting hot.

"Erm, it was nothing Mrs, I mean Nancy. I was just a boy when it happened."

"Yes, but you made quite an impression on our Lizzie."

Nancy also wanted to add "she's never stopped talking about you!" but decided against it. She knew that would embarrass her daughter.

"I'm just going to see what is keeping my daughter," said Nancy leaving the room and walking up the stairs.

She knocked on the door, twice but got no response.

"LIZ, MAX IS HERE," she shouted through the door.

When she still didn't get a response she entered the room. She could see the light shining beneath the bathroom door. She entered slowly.

"Liz, LIZ," she started off quiet and then got louder.


Liz jumped up and splashed water all over the bathroom.

"What?" she signed.

"Max is here," Nancy said with a smile on her face.

Liz jumped up with a look of shock on her face.

"What time is it?" she signed.

"It's 5:45 Liz."

Liz quickly stepped out of the bath and wrapped her big soft bathrobe around her cold body.

"Tell him I'm running late but I won't be long," signed Liz, running around the bathroom like a headless chicken.

Nancy left her daughter to panic and laughed as she went back down the stairs.

"Max she won't be long."


Liz rushed around her room getting dressed, putting on a light layer of makeup and trying to dry her hair with a towel. She didn't really want to make Max wait any longer so she ran a comb through her damp hair and then headed down the stairs.

Just as she reached the bottom step, Max entered the hallway. When he took in the sight of Liz all his breath left his body.

She was simply stunning. She was standing there looking all flustered, dressed in jeans and white top which just exposed the top of her petite rounded breasts. Her hair was still wet and clung to her face and shoulders.

"Liz," the way he said her name made a shiver go down her spine and her blood boil. She noticed something flash across his face but couldn't quite understand what it meant.

"I ... I ... er ... the jeep is outside," he could have kicked himself for such a lousy statement but his brain hadn't quite caught up with his mouth.

"I know," signed Liz, smiling. "Shall we get going? I'm so sorry that I am late. I kind of fell asleep," signed Liz.

"No that's okay. You're not that late Liz and you looked pretty tired today at college. Besides they're only watching a few DVDs tonight so I don't think we've missed much. Shall we go?" asked Max as he held out his arm for her to link.

Liz nodded and took his arm.

"Good to meet you Mrs Parker, Mr Parker. I'll have her home on time," said Max as they left the house.

"Good to meet you too Max," shouted Mr Parker as he watched his daughter leave the house. He could tell that this boy or rather man held a special place in Liz's heart. He could tell by the way she was looking at him.

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Chapter 8.

"Liz and Max are running a little late," stated Maria as she checked the clock again.

"Relax Maria, they'll be here shortly," said Michael. He wasn't sure what had gotten into Maria this evening but she seemed a little skittish.

Just as he was about to ask her what was wrong he heard a knock on the door.

"See, they're here."

Michael went and opened the door but he couldn't help the look of shock that crossed his face at the person standing before him.

"Tess, what the hell are you doing here?"

Maria wasn't sure she'd heard right so she jumped up off the sofa and ran to the door. Michael was shoved out of the way.

"What are YOU doing here?" asked Maria with venom in her voice. "I can't remember anyone inviting you!"

"That would be correct Maria. I was not invited but I popped around to Max's house and his mom told me that he went to pick someone up and then he would be coming here. I have to speak to him about something. Is he around?" she asked as she took a sneaky look around the apartment.

Maria tried her best to block her view.

"No he hasn't arrived yet. So why don't you just take your skanky ass out of here and speak to him tomorrow?" asked Maria.

"Maria," Michael warned from behind the door.

Tess turned a bright shade of red.

"MY SKANKY ASS? You seriously need to take a look in the mirror Maria. I'm not the one wearing designer knock off's from some cheap clothing store!" replied Tess.

"Hey, you've come around here uninvited and then you disrespect my girlfriend. I think you'd better leave right now Tess and if you don't, I'll get campus security to remove you!" said Michael.

"Fine, I'm going but just let Max know I was here would you," said Tess in a sickly sweet voice.

"I already know Tess," said Max as he walked up behind her.

She turned around and gave her best smile to Max.

"Hey Max, I was just looking for you. I have something to discuss with you."

"Yes, I heard that Tess but I also heard you being disrespectful to my friends, so I think for now you'd better leave. I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

Tess was simply furious but smiled.

"Okay Max I'll speak to you tomorrow. Have a good night tonight," she replied but then noticed a figure standing slightly behind Max. When she realized who it was she felt her blood boil. She couldn't believe that he'd overheard her whole conversation with Maria and also that he was here with that mute freak.

Max removed himself from Tess's path so she could leave and entered the apartment. As Tess passed Liz she whispered in her ear.

"I warned you, now you are going to pay the price."

Liz just looked at her and smiled. There was no way that she would show Tess that she was terrified. She knew that her life was about to get difficult but then Max was worth it, wasn't he? Liz entered the room, waved 'hi' to everyone and then turned to close the door.

Liz caught Tess watching her with hatred in her eyes and she just smiled and closed the door.

"Oh, she did NOT just do that!!"

Tess was furious. Not only had Liz gone against her wishes but she was also now goading her, laughing at the fact that SHE was with Max and not her.

"There is going to be hell to pay for that little smirk you bitch" Tess said to herself as she calmly walked out of the student building.

She'd have to come up with a cunning plan of action. She had to do this carefully. If Max ever found out that would be the end of their relationship and she wasn't willing for that to happen. No, this time she would have to be careful, plan her attack for the right time.


"See I told you she was one crazy bitch Max. I swear she has a fatal attraction to you," said Maria with a smile on her face.

"Hey that's one of the films you got for tonight isn't it Maria?" asked Alex.

Max just looked at Maria and she smiled.

"Yep, Max has never seen the film."

"WHAT?!" almost everyone in the room turned to look at Max, including Liz. The only person who didn't bother was Michael.

"So, what difference does it make if he's seen it or not?" asked Michael.

"I was trying to explain to Max just how bad Tess has got the hots for him. I used that film as the perfect example."

"Okay well let's watch that film first. Max can see what we're all talking about and maybe it will wake his thick brain up to what she's really like," laughed Michael.

It seemed the only person that was unaware of Tess's attraction to Max, was Max. He never even considered looking at her in that way.

"Liz, first of all, let me introduce you to Max's sister, my girlfriend, Isabel. Isabel this is Liz," introduced Alex.

Liz's eyes went wide when she took in the site of Isabel and she couldn't help signing something to Max. He just chuckled slightly.


Isabel was just about to shake Liz's hand when she suddenly started to sign something to Max.

"What, what's wrong?" She thought that maybe she had done something to upset Liz.

"Nothing is wrong Isabel. Liz was just telling me how drop dead gorgeous you are!"

With that remark Isabel blushed and looked to her brother for help. He showed her the sign for thank you and she repeated it to Liz.

"Thank you Liz. That's very kind of you to say so. It's so good to finally meet you."

Liz signed again and Max translated for everyone.

"Well you've all made me feel so welcome, I can't thank you enough."

"Okay people let's start the movie marathon. Who wants a beer?" asked Maria walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge.

Everyone yelled "ME" at the same time except for Max, he wanted an orange juice because he would have to drive Liz home later.

Liz walked into the kitchen after Maria and offered her some help.

"Maria, would you bring the bowls of popcorn too?" asked Michael.

"Sure!" shouted Maria from the kitchen.

Liz grabbed a couple of bowls and took them out to her friends. She then returned to the kitchen to pick up two more.

"I'll bring the beers on a tray Liz. You go and sit down and I'll be with you in a minute."

As Liz left the kitchen Maria stopped opening the beer in her hand and watched Liz through the door.

She'd set up the seating arrangements so that there would be three cosy couples. Isabel and Alex were on the sofa, Michael in his big TV chair with a beanie bag between his legs for Maria and then she had arranged a cozy corner for Max and Liz. She had put a double beanie bag for them to sit on.

Liz handed out the rest of the popcorn and then sat by Max. The only problem was that because he was a lot heavier than her, as soon as she sat down on the bag she slid right up to his side.

"Sorry," she signed, smiling.

"Hey that's okay. I don't mind you being this close to me," whispered Max into her ear as he placed his arm around her shoulder.

"Just relax and have fun," he told her as she snuggled into his body.


Maria almost squealed when she saw Max and Liz sit so close together. Her plan had worked. It took all her strength not to shout out. She loved Max dearly. He'd been her closest friend for years and she just wanted to see him happy.

No matter how many girls had tried he simply was never interested. She now had a sneaky suspicion that the reason for his reluctance was sitting right next to him.

She grabbed the tray of beers and carried them into to living room, offering them around until there was only one left. She pressed play on the DVD player and settled down between Michael's legs.


A few beers and four empty popcorn bowls later, the film finally finished.

"So, should we order pizza now before we settle down and watch another film?" asked Michael.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll go and get the menus" said Maria, going into the kitchen drawer to get them.

"So you guys actually think of Tess that way?" asked Max.

"Well, maybe not in the knife wielding way but definitely the bunny boiler way. I dread to think how low that girl would go to get her hooks into you Max. Have you not noticed the way she's always around you? How she's always staring at you? AND how she always bumping into you in the hallway so that you can walk together?"

"Yeah, but that's just because we're friends Maria," explain Max.

"No Max, that's because she knows which classes you have and waits for you to appear and then shows herself."

"What? Seriously?"

"Yeah, I've seen her do that on numerous occasions," replied Michael.

"Me too," said Alex.

"See I told you, definitely bunny boiler territory!" said Maria.

"To be honest, I never really noticed. I mean I've never thought of Tess as anything but a friend," replied Max slightly horrified.

"Yep, well she certainly has other ideas," Maria gave him a pointed look.


After the pizzas had been delivered, they settled down to watch another movie.

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Chapter 9

By the time they had finished watching the third movie, devoured all the pizza and drunk a lot more than intended, a few of the group were feeling rather tipsy, not drunk, just merry.

Liz, in particular, was feeling the effects of the alcohol because she wasn't really used to drinking.

Max noticed that when Liz stood up from the bean bag that she swayed a little.

"I think it's about time I took Liz home everyone. I'll see you guys tomorrow?"

"Yeah I think we'd better be going as well. I have an early start in the morning," replied Isabel.

Alex had a look of confusion on his face ... "yeah, early start," he repeated as he led Isabel out of the dorm room. "See you first thing tomorrow Liz. I've got my first class with you and Maria."

"Okay great. Michael thanks for inviting me over this evening," signed Liz, which of course Max had to translate for them.

"No problem Liz. Just watch your back from now on," warned Michael.

"What do you mean?" asked Max.

"I'm sure that Tess isn't going to take a back seat Max. She is going to try and make Liz's life very difficult. She thought she had a chance with you and now Liz has turned up. I don't think she's going to play nice."

"Look guys I know you don't like Tess but she's been a good friend to me over the last couple of months. I know she can be annoying sometimes but her heart is in the right place."

Maria immediately looked at Liz and shook her head. She couldn't believe how stupid Max could be sometimes. Well not really stupid, he just saw the good side to everyone. She knew though, that right now was not the right time to argue with him.

Once he'd set his mind on something it was pretty difficult to change it. Maria knew she had to find proof so that she could change his mind.

"Yeah, she has a heart of gold," replied Maria sarcastically.

"Max can you just take me home please," signed Liz.

She was fed up of hearing Tess's name being mentioned. She had to face her tomorrow and she wasn't looking forward to it.

She really wanted to show Max the bruise that was forming on her stomach and explain how it got there but Liz was stronger than that. She wasn't going to get her friends stuck in the middle of a battle between her and Tess.

"Okay let's go," said Max gently.


When he got downstairs Max ran to the passenger door and helped Liz up into the jeep. He then ran around to the driver's side and headed towards Liz's house.

"I had a really good time tonight Liz."

"Me too," signed Liz before she pointed towards the road, indicating to Max that she would sign with him at a less dangerous time.

When he finally pulled up outside her house he turned towards her again.

"I had a really good time tonight Liz," he repeated and signed.

"Me too Max."

"I was wondering if we could, maybe go out another night, alone?" asked Max.

"What, like a date?" signed Liz.

"Yeah, like a date. I would really like to get to know the person you've grown into Liz. I don't know what it was about that day, but it was like we connected some way and I've never been able to shake that feeling. All this time I've never dated any other women no matter how hard they tried and tonight I finally realized why, I was waiting for you Liz. Somehow I knew our paths would cross again," he then started to laugh.

"God I must be scaring the crap out of you with all this serious stuff."

Liz turned his face towards hers and then signed...

"No, not at all Max, I felt the same way. I would always wonder what happened to you after that day. I remember your father shouting at you. I remember how embarrassed you looked but then you still came over and tried to make me feel better. I think from that moment on you held a special place in my heart Max. You said all of the right things when I really needed to hear them."

"Yeah, well nothing has changed much," replied Max.

"Is your father still that way with you?" signed Liz.

"It's worse than that Liz. Nothing I do is ever good enough so basically I've stopped trying to please him now. I do what I want to do. Don't you think this is all kind of crazy though, the fact that we've both waited for each other for so long?"

"No Max, I don't think it's crazy. Somehow you knew that my life wasn't going to be easy. You knew you had to ask your mom if could I come and live with you. For that I can't thank you enough. I couldn't believe that someone was so ready just to accept me into their family. Since that day you have always been on my mind."

"So you're okay with going out on a date then?" asked Max hopefully.

"Definitely," signed Liz. "See you at college tomorrow?"

"Yes," replied Max with a smile on his face.

He waited for Liz to go inside her home before he drove off. He had the biggest smile on his face and he couldn't wait for his date with Liz. He was really looking forward to it.

Liz popped her head around the living room door so that her parents knew she was home. She explained that she was tired and dragged herself off to bed. The nightmares were starting to take a toll on her body but she wasn't going to give up.

She threw her clothes on the floor and jumped straight into bed. She was so exhausted, she didn't even bother to take off her makeup. She fell into a deep sleep.


Liz started to toss and turn in her bed. There was a thin sheen of sweat covering her body. She felt the cold seep into her skin and then the dreams came.

She could see the two figures emerge out of the darkness. Their bones on display with a sickening smell of burnt flesh permeating the room. She could see the muscle tissue and burnt fat clinging to the bones.

They came towards her and mouthed something she couldn't hear. They looked as if they were shouting at her. All of a sudden her mother, or rather, who she perceived to be her mother, grabbed hold of her leg with her bony hand.

Liz jumped in fright and battled to get her leg away from the tight grip. The feeling of the bones and crisp skin on her leg made her turn around and throw up at the side of her bed. She realised now that this was not a nightmare, but it was real. This terrified her beyond words and she started hyperventilating.

She desperately fought for her leg to get free and then she ran. She ran as if her life depended on it. She ran into the kitchen and switched on all of the lights. She was sweating and breathing hard. She was so very thirsty, ran to the faucet and drank straight from the tap.

She slumped down the kitchen sink and started to sob, sob like she'd never done before in her life. Why was this happening to her? Was she going crazy? Did that really just happen or is this still just a dream? She wasn't sure how much more of this she could take before her mental resolve broke down. Was she going to end up in a mental institution?

This thought was on her mind as she curled up into a ball, on the kitchen floor, and sobbed.


Nancy could hear running water and realized it was coming from the kitchen. She thought Liz might have gotten up early today.

As she entered the kitchen she was a little perplexed to find the faucet on. She went over to turn it off when she noticed her daughter curled up on the floor with mascara tear trails down her face. She gasped in shock.

"Liz, Liz honey, wake up," said Nancy as she gently shook her daughter.

Liz stirred slightly and Nancy couldn't help asking...

"Liz what are you doing here on the floor?"

God, how was she going to explain this to her Mom

"Liz, why have you been crying? Did something happen last night?"

"No, last night was great Mom," signed Liz. "I think I might have been sleepwalking."

"Liz, don't lie to me. You've been crying and you're shaking. What the hell is going on?"

Liz thought it was about time to tell her parents about the nightmares but there was no way she was going to admit that the bodies of her dead parents tried to attack her last night. They would put her away in a mental institution for sure.

Her Mom helped her off the floor and sat her at the table. She started to prepare coffee for the both of them.

"Spill, Liz. I want to know what's been going on."

So Liz sat there and told Nancy all about her dreams. She honestly thought that Nancy would make her go to a shrink or something but after she finished explaining how long she'd had the nightmares Nancy looked at her in shock.

"You mean you've been going through this since the accident and never told anyone?"

"No, I've never told anyone," signed Liz.

Nancy stood up from her chair, walked over to Liz and gave her the biggest hug she could manage without actually crushing her.

"You never have to go through this alone again. I want you to wake me if it gets bad, okay?"

"That would be every night then," thought Liz.

She just smiled, nodded and kissed her Mom on the cheek.

"Thanks Mom," she signed.

"You're welcome. Now go and get ready or you will be late."

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Chapter 10.

After kissing her parents goodbye Liz headed out towards the campus, taking her usual route.

Her mind was occupied by the horror of last night. Why were her real parents haunting her? Why the hell did they grab at her leg? The thought of those bony fingers wrapped around her leg almost made her throw up. The worst part though, was the smell of burning flesh that assaulted her nose every time they appeared.

Was she being punished for causing the accident? Was she going to have to live with this for the rest of her life? At first it wasn't so bad. The visions, or rather apparitions, didn't come that often but as she got older and her life more difficult, they seemed to increase. Now though it was almost every night.

As she reached the campus, she was that deep in thought that she never noticed the man standing by the door.

"Penny for your thoughts?" asked Max as Liz almost walked past him in a daze.

"W-what?" signed Liz as if she'd been broken out of a trance.

"You looked so far away Liz. What were you thinking about?"

"Huh? Oh nothing. Sorry Max, I'm a little preoccupied this morning," signed Liz as she walked through the doors.

Max gently grabbed her arm and turned her to face him.

"Hey are you okay?" the concern for her was etched on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine Max. Thanks for asking. I've just got a lot on my mind this morning."

"You're looking pretty tired this morning Liz, did you sleep alright last night?"

He knew that it was really none of his business but he couldn't help asking her.

She had deep, dark circles around her eyes and he could swear it looked like she had been crying, they were slightly puffy.

Liz almost snapped at Max. She didn't want him to know how mentally unstable she was. There was no way he would understand her dead parents showing up but the look of concern that shone in his eyes stopped her dead in her tracks.

Liz smiled at him.

"I'm fine honestly Max. I just had a sleepless night last night. I think it was all the excitement of moving, starting a new college and meeting new people. You know what I mean?" signed Liz.

"Well if it makes you feel any better. I didn't get much sleep last night either," replied Max.

"Why?" signed Liz.

"Because I couldn't get a certain person out of my head," he replied with a shy smile.

Liz realized that he was talking about her and she blushed.

"I don't mean to scare you Liz but when you walked down those stairs last night you simply took my breath away. You looked so beautiful."

Now this made Liz blush profusely. She wasn't used to receiving those kinds of compliments. She wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

"Thank you Max," was all she could think of saying. "You looked pretty handsome yourself."

He smiled and opened the door for her.

"You know that question I asked you last night?" asked Max in a hopeful tone. He was wondering if she'd been a little too tipsy to remember.

"You mean our date?"

"Yes. Well how about tonight?" asked Max.

"I can't tonight Max," she noticed the look of rejection on his face and quickly signed "I can't tonight because I want to turn in early after not sleeping so well but how about tomorrow night?" offered Liz.

"Tomorrow night would be great!" replied Max.

Neither of them noticed someone walking right behind them, listening in to the conversation, but someone else did. They made a mental note of the situation but were not going to do anything about it until they'd spoken to Liz herself.


Liz inwardly groaned when she saw who had walked into class behind her. Yep that's right, none other than the bitch of all bitches, Tess. How the hell was she in the same class as Liz? Surely she should be in the year above her.

Now that she knew she had to take some classes with Tess she finally realized what she'd let herself in for. Lucky enough Maria was in the same class as them both so she knew she had at least one ally.


The teacher started to explain the rules of that particular class.

"So a main part of your exam score will be made up from how much participation you put into the class. Do you all understand what this means?"

Immediately Tess raised her hand.

"Yes Miss Harding."

"Well I was wondering sir, what would happen to your grade if you couldn't participate?"

"You don't participate, you don't get the score!" replied the teacher.

"But what if you can't participate?"

"I'm sorry Miss Harding but I don't understand the question. As I said, if you can't participate then you don't get the score."

Tess turned around to face Liz and smiled.

"Well sir, my friend Liz over there can't even speak. She has to use sign language to communicate. Now none of us know how to do that, or at least I don't think we do, but still if she can't participate then will that mean she won't pass her grade. Surely that wouldn't be fair to her disability?"

Maria knew what Tess was up to and she didn't like it one little bit. Oh she was going to smack that bitch down when she had a chance.

Just as the teacher was about to reply to Tess's question Maria stood up and held her hand up.

"I know sign language sir, so I could translate for Liz. That way there won't be a problem with her participation in this class."

"Ah but that wouldn't be fair on the rest of us students. What if you ask a question that Liz doesn't know the answer to but Maria answered for her anyway? That would be cheating would it not?" asked Tess as she turned around and smiled at Maria.

"Well I ... I don't really know what to do in this kind of situation. I will have to ask the head of the college and find out what the protocol is for something like this," replied the teacher.

He didn't want Liz to miss out on a normal schooling but Miss Harding had posed a rather pertinent question.

"I will check with the head dean Liz and then get back to you," replied the teacher.

"I can't believe that fucking bitch just did that to you. I swear to god I'm going to kick her ass when we get out of here!" whispered Maria.

"No Maria. Please just leave it. I've handled this kind of situation before and I don't really want you to get involved in it," signed Liz.

"Not get involved?" asked Maria with an incredulous look on her face. "You're kidding right?"

Liz shook her head.

"Look Liz, I'm already involved. You are my friend and I won't have her treating you that way," insisted Maria.

"Please Maria just let me handle this, okay?"

"Liz you can't be serious? There is no way that you have to put up with that bitch. It is discrimination for Christ sakes," Maria said in an angry, whispered tone.

"I know that Maria but I want to handle this on my own and I don't want anyone else to find out what is going on. Promise me Maria."

Maria couldn't believe that Liz was taking this all on her own shoulders.

"But we can all help you Liz. There is no need to take this kind of shit," replied Maria.

"Maria, please just promise me that you won't tell anyone. I already have enough on my plate without having to worry about what my friends are up to," signed Liz.

"FINE! I won't tell anyone what happened here today but if you think that you are going through this alone, you have another thing coming. I'm here, I am a witness to what she's just done and don't think for one second that I'm going to let her get away with it Liz."

Liz gently placed her hand on Maria's arm and smiled.

"I don't think for one second that you would let her get away with it but right now I don't need to draw extra attention to myself."

Maria was completely frustrated and she now knew what had happened yesterday when she saw that awful mark around Liz's neck.

"That bitch attacked you didn't she?" asked Maria, slightly in shock.

Liz turned her face away from Maria and she knew instinctively that she was right.

"Oh I swear Liz, that bitch is going down. I promise I won't get any of the others involved but just know I've got your back, okay?"

Liz just nodded.


"Thank you Maria for offering to translate for us. I'm sure the Dean will be happy with that decision but I've just got to check, okay?" replied the teacher.

"That's fine sir but if it wasn't okay then surely that would be classed as discrimination towards Liz. Now I'm sure the college wouldn't want to get a reputation like that, would it?" asked Maria in her most innocent tone.

The teacher blanched white and replied...

"Erm, yes that is a possibility but I will still have to check with the head Dean."

With that threat hanging in the air the teacher carried on with his class.

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Chapter 11.

Tess waited around the corner until he came into view. She casually started walking towards him, heading for her class.

"Hey Max," she said as he was about to walk past her.

Max was deep in thought about his date with Liz tomorrow night. He couldn't wait to get her alone so they could really talk.

"Oh hi Tess," replied Max.

"Listen I'm sorry about last night but you didn't hear the full conversation. Maria was rather rude to me before you showed up."

"Why where you there in the first place Tess?"

"Well I went to your house because we have to sort out all the stuff for the English Societies Club signing, it's in two days. We still have to pick up the literature from the printers and get the forms photocopied. Your mom told me you'd gone over to Michael's so I asked around and found out where he lived."

"What and this couldn't wait until this morning?"

"Well I didn't think you would mind. The signing is in two days Max and we don't have everything ready. I'm sorry if I did something wrong Max."

"No, no you didn't do anything wrong but you also know that you and Maria don't get along. It was bound to cause trouble last night."

"I don't know why Maria doesn't like me Max. I've never done anything to her."

"Let's just say that the both of you have a personality clash and leave it at that. She is my best friend Tess."

"Well I just wanted to say sorry about last night. When do you want to get together to sort all this stuff out? We've got two days before the sign ups start so it will have to be either tonight or tomorrow."

"I can't tomorrow night, I'm going out but I'm free tonight."

"Is it possible for you to pick up the literature from the printers then? That way we can spend the rest of the time photocopying and collating the information packs."

"Yeah I'll go to the printers on my way home. How about you meet me at my house around seven?"

"Okay and I am sorry about just showing up yesterday. It won't happen again."

"See you tonight Tess," said Max as he walked off towards his next class.

"Yes tonight at seven Max," said Tess under her breath. She was going to put her plan into action. There was no way she was letting that little freak trespass on her turf.


Max entered the printer after parking his jeep.

"Hey Eric," said Max.

"Max my boy!! How the devil are you?"

Eric was about the same age as Max's dad, in his early fifties. Eric actually owned the printing business but did most of the work himself. He had his son, Peter, working for him in the hopes that one day he would take over his business. Now although Eric worked with the printing presses he still insisted on wearing a suit.

"I'm fine thanks Eric. I'm just here to pick up the literature for the English Society."

"Oh, the sign ups are in a few days, aren't they."

"Think you'll get many sign ups this year?"

"Yeah I think we'll get a few," said Max with a dreamy look on his face.

"My boy, I saw that dreamy look. Are you expecting a particular lady to sign up?"

Max blushed slightly. Although he'd known Eric for most of his life he was still not comfortable discussing matters of the heart with anyone.

Max just nodded his head.

"You've got it bad, haven't you? My, my I never thought I would see the day that Max Evans would have a goofy look on his face over some woman. It's always been education and basketball with you. This lady must be someone special for you to be paying attention to her."

"She is special."

"Well if it all goes well, you'll have to introduce me to the little lady. Anyway let me go and get your boxes before I embarrass you any further."

That remark made Max laugh. Max and Peter used to play basketball together and that's how Max knew Eric. He used to come to every single game and cheer both him and his son on. He was also the one that calmed his father down if Max had made a mistake. Max lost count, long ago, the amount of times that Eric saved him from a beating by his father. That is why Eric was the only person Max would truly confide in.

Eric finally moved from Roswell so he could set up his own printing business and he was the first person Max looked up when he arrived at UNM.

"There you go my boy, eight boxes," Eric said bringing out two at a time.

"You've got the jeep or the car?" asked Eric.

"The jeep."

"Well I guess these will have to go on the back and passenger seats then."

Max grabbed another two boxes and they both walked out to the jeep.

"When are you going to get rid of this heap of metal?" chuckled Eric.

"Hey, I've had Bob for years. There is no way I'd get rid of him now."

"Surely it costs more to keep on having it fixed than it would to get a new one!"

"It's not that bad," retorted Max, laughing.

They placed the boxes on the floor in the back of the jeep and on the seats. They went back to get the other four and again placed them in the jeep.

Eric held out his hand for Max.

"You take care now Max. Anything you ever need you know where to come."

Max shook his offered hand.

"Thanks Eric, I owe you one for getting these printed so fast."

"You just bring that little lady to see me some day and we'll call it even."

"You're on!" smiled Max.


Later on that evening...

"Liz, don't forget our dinner tomorrow night," shouted Nancy from downstairs.

"DAMN IT" thought Liz. She'd forgotten all about it. Her mom and dad insisted that once a month they went out to a restaurant together. The dates always changed but they always stuck to the rule. She didn't really want to tell her parents about the date tomorrow night.

Liz got into the shower, changed and then headed over to Max's house. She would have to explain to him the reasons for not going tomorrow night. She was hoping that maybe he would be free this evening.

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Chapter 12.

Now Liz wasn't that familiar with the roads around Albuquerque but she didn't find it too hard to locate Max's place.

She hoped that Max wouldn’t be to upset with her for changing their plans for tomorrow night. She really wanted to go but she couldn't let her parents down. It was something they'd always done, once a month, since they'd adopted her.

She got out of the car and looked around. She was rather surprised to find the place in darkness. No one seemed to be around.

She tried knocking on the door but didn't get a response.

She walked around to the side of the house and found that a light was on in the side window, but the curtains where closed. She decided to have a sneak peak before she actually knocked on the window. She wasn't sure whose room it was and didn't want to knock on his parents' window.

She cupped her hands around her eyes and placed her face close to the glass. She could just make out two figures sitting on the floor; one was Max and the other ... Tess. They were looking rather cozy in his room but she knew better than to just make assumptions.

She raised her hand, ready to knock on the window and attract their attention.


Max and Tess had just finished collating all the literature and forms for the English Society. The only thing left to do was to put them together in a little pre-made pack. Max didn't think it would take this long so he was actually starting to feel a little hungry.

"Hey Tess, have you eaten yet?"

"Actually I haven't Max. I didn't realize that this would take so long."

"Me either, shall we order in or I could quickly whip something up. Only a pasta type dish but it'll be nice."

"Let's just order in Max. That way we won't have to stop what we're doing."

"This is true! Okay Pizza or Chinese?"

"Oh Chinese, please?" said Tess with a smile on her face. She couldn't believe that Max had asked her to stay for dinner. She was definitely getting good vibes from him. All she had to do was get that little freak, Parker, to stay away from him. If she could do that then she would stand a chance of winning him over.

"Okay, here's the menu. Decide what you want and then I'll go and order it. You keep on stuffing the packs."

"Oh joy," said Tess is a bored tone, to which Max laughed.

"Hey it's not my idea of a great night either Tess but this has to be done."

"I know, I know ... it's just ..."

"BORING?" Max offered.

They both burst out laughing.

"Yeah, pretty much," replied Tess. "Okay, here I've written down what I want to order. Here's my half of the money."

"What, no don't be silly Tess, I'll buy dinner for you since you've done most of the work tonight! It's only fair!"

"WOW Max Evans buying me dinner ... you better watch out ... anyone from the outside would think this was a date!"

"Yeah right," said Max rolling his eyes. "We sit here stuffing paper into stupid little boxes all in the hopes of enticing more people into the group this year, great cheap date."

"Okay, go and order our dinner, I'm famished!"

"I'm ON IT!" shouted Max as he left the room.

Tess' plan was going well. She just had to remind Max why he took interest in her in the first place.

She'd dressed in a sexy top but not too revealing, jeans and high heeled boots. She'd put her hair up and had little gold ringlets coming over her face and neck. In short, she looked positively gorgeous ... not that Max seemed to notice.

She heard something get knocked over outside and she turned quickly to see the back of Liz's head. She was obviously reaching down to pick up whatever she'd just knocked over.

"Oh this couldn't get more perfect!"

Tess stood up from the floor and stretched her tired, aching body. She'd been sitting in the same position for far too long.

"Hey Tess I've ..." Max stopped mid sentence as Tess bent over from the waist.

He couldn't help but stare at her cute little butt that was sticking up in the air.

"Erm ... Tess, what are you doing?" he asked with a bemused smile.

"I'm stretching Max. I've been sat in the same position for about two hours, my legs, arms and neck hurts."

She continued to stretch more until the pain of her aching limbs finally went away.

"I think I'm gonna need a nice hot bath when I get home."

"Is it that bad Tess?"

"Well aren't you stiff as a board?" she asked innocently.

Max could feel how tense his shoulder muscles had become.

"Come here for a second and I'll get rid of that for you."

"WHAT?! NO, no Max that's okay," said Tess blushing.

"Why?" asked Max slightly confused by her reaction.

"Well because we are friends and it would feel weird."

Max laughed at this.

"Come on, sit down between my legs and I'll rub your shoulders until the food arrives."

"It does feel kind of stiff back there."

Tess sat between Max's legs and he started to work wonders on her stiff shoulders.

"Oh my god Max that feels soooo good. I didn't realize how stiff I was until you started doing that."

"Shhh Tess, just sit and relax for a bit okay."

Tess closed her eyes and couldn't believe that Max's big, strong, firm hands where now working on her muscles ... at least he was touching her.

He worked his way across her neck and shoulders making sure he was gentle, yet firm. Once he'd finished he removed his hands from her.

"Okay all done. How do you feel now?"

"Max I feel great!!! That was good. I really needed that."

"No problem, that's what friends are for."

Tess couldn't resist it any longer. Max was standing so close to her that she just had to try. She literally threw herself at Max. She locked her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. She kissed him hard on the lips.

She made sure that she could see the window though. She wanted to see the look on Liz's face.

At first Max's lips didn't move an inch, he was shocked, disgusted and many other things he didn't really care to mention right now but as soon as she started grinding her crotch into his, he couldn't help the reaction he had. He started to kiss her back.

She immediately tried to deepen the kiss by forcing her tongue in his mouth and this made him realize what a massive mistake this was. He pushed Tess away and tried to remove her from his body.

"Tess I don't want to do this with you. I've told you numerous times that we're just friends. I can't believe you've just done that?"

"Well hey you weren't complaining at first Max. In fact your body responded to mine," she said with a smile on her face.

"This won't happen again Tess and I want you to leave right now!" he was practically shouting at her. He couldn't believe that Maria had been right. All this time he thought of Tess as a good friend, just like Maria was.

He and Maria had always given each other massages and stuff but it never ended like that. He finally realized how stupid he'd been. He honestly thought that he and Tess could be friends but after tonight he wasn't so sure.

What Max failed to realize was, that no matter what he did now, it didn't matter, Liz had seen him responding to her kiss. Tess saw Liz’s eyes widen in shock and then tears started to spill down her ugly face. She wasn’t even bothered if this had ruined her friendship with Max ... it was worth it to see the pain etched on that bitch’s face!

She walked out of the Evans' house smiling. The best thing about this night was Max didn't even know Liz had seen everything. Oh this was going to be good ... now she was going to think about what else she could do to break the freak's spirit.

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Chapter 13.

"Hey Liz, wait up!" shouted Max as he ran down the hallway of the college.

To his surprise Liz didn't stop.

He sprinted a little faster and it didn't take him long to catch up with her. He gently grabbed her arm.

"Hey Liz, it's me," he said as she spun around to look at him.

"What do you want Max?" signed Liz.

"I ... well I ... I just wanted to confirm our date for tonight," Max was a little confused because Liz seemed to be angry with him and he didn't know why.

Liz gave him a sarcastic smile.

"I don't think so Max. I have to go out with my parents tonight. Sorry, I just can't get out of it, maybe another time."

"Oh okay, how about tomorrow night Liz?"

"I have to study," signed Liz.

"Liz have I done something to upset you?" asked Max confused.

"No Max, not at all. I'll see you later," signed Liz before she turned around and walked off leaving a stunned Max behind.

"Well that didn't go how I planned it this morning" thought Max as he walked to his class.

Again neither of them noticed someone watching the display.


Liz was not really looking forward to today's lesson. She knew that she had to face Tess and after last night's little display she wasn't looking forward to it.

She actually did see everything. She saw Tess jump Max, kiss him and then grind her body against his. He started to kiss her back but she stayed long enough to see Max eventually push her away and demand that she leave.

The only problem was, why the hell did he kiss her back in the first place? Did he have feelings for Tess but was denying them because he wasn't sure what he wanted?

After he told her that he couldn't sleep because he was thinking about her she'd believed him. Was he now torn between the two of them?

She couldn't get these questions out of her mind and she knew that Tess was going to be a nightmare to deal with today.

She looked around the class and could see Maria sitting quite close to the front which was unusual for her. She normally sat nearer the back so she could talk.

"Hey Maria," signed Liz.

"Hi Liz, looking forward to your date tonight?"

"Actually I'm not going on a date with Max tonight. I have a family dinner to attend that I'd forgotten about. I've postponed the date with Max."

"Oh? I thought you really liked Max?"

"I do Maria. It's just that we have this rule in our family that once a month we all get together and go out somewhere. Tonight is that night, which I forgot, when I agreed to go."

"Oh okay," replied Maria.

Maria could feel someone approach her from behind and she turned around to see Tess standing there with a massive smile on her face.

"Oh, what's made you so happy this morning Tess? As if I care ..." she said the last part quietly.

"I just wanted to say hi to Liz."

"Yeah right," laughed Maria.

"No seriously I did. Look Liz I think you and I got off on the wrong foot. How about we start over? My name is Tess, it's nice to meet you," said Tess holding out her hand.

Liz just stood up, pushed past Tess and exited the class.

"Well, here's me trying to be friendly and she just shoves me out of the way!"

"Screw you Tess. Don't even think for one minute that I don't know what's going on because I do. If you ever touch Liz again I swear not even Michael could hold me back."

"I never touched Liz Maria. It's not my fault that Max went for me and not her!" said Tess with a smile on her face.

"What the hell are you talking about? Max wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole!"

"Well the way he kissed me last night Maria, I would beg to differ."

"Only in your dreams Tess," sneered Maria.

"Really? Ask Liz, she knows," replied Tess.

"Hey Liz wait up!" shouted Maria pushing past Tess.


When Maria went into the hallway Liz was nowhere to be found.

There was only one place Maria could think she would be so she headed straight for the girls' toilet.

"Hey Liz are you in here," she shouted as she opened the door.

"Great one Maria, how the hell is she supposed to answer you?" she thought to herself.

"Liz sweetie, if you're in here can you please come out or knock on the door?"

One of the toilet cubicle doors opened and out stepped a rather angry looking Liz.

"Okay what the hell is going on Liz?" asked Maria.

"Nothing," signed Liz.

"I've just got the low down from Tess, so don't tell me it's nothing Liz. What's all this about Max kissing Tess? I'm sure it's not true Liz. There is no way he would ..."

"He did Maria, I saw him," signed Liz.


"I went to his house last night to explain that I couldn't go on our date tonight. I tried knocking on the front door but got no response so I went around the back. I saw a light on and peered through the window. Tess was with Max in his room. Now they had been working on something because there were papers spread along the floor but they took a break and Max started to massage Tess' shoulders."

This bit of information made Maria shudder with disgust.

"Okay well he does that to me all the time so it doesn't mean anything."

"They kissed Maria, I saw them."

"For crying out loud, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT MAN!" shouted Maria.

"He eventually pushed her away and demanded that she leave but he did actually kiss her back for a while Maria."

"Okay you have to tell me exactly what happened."

So Liz did. She explained about the massage, the fact that Tess threw herself at Max. Wrapped her arms and legs around him, ground her body against his and this is when Max started to kiss her back.

"I swear to GOD I'm going to kill him. Look Liz, Max has been crazy about you since he was like five years old. He's never really stopped talking or thinking about you. He's not been with any other girl because I believe he was waiting for something or rather someone and I believe it was you. I think maybe that male hormones took over his thick brain for one second but when he realized what he was doing he wanted her to leave. Please don't read too much into this," pleaded Maria. She knew that Max would be cursing himself if he knew that Liz had witnessed what happened last night.

"He kissed her Maria. He must have some sort of feelings for her. Maybe I just got in the way."

"Get that freaking idea out of your head right now!" shouted Maria.

"Yes, get that idea out of your head!" said a voice from the door.

Both Maria and Liz turned around to see who it was.

"ISABEL!" shouted Maria in shock. "How much did you hear?"

"All of it. I also know that she attacked you Liz."

Liz turned to Maria.

"No Liz, Maria didn't tell me, it was someone else. Did you know that when you and Max where talking about your date that Tess was standing a few feet behind and she could hear every word. Alex warned me that she was going to do something so I've been keeping a close eye on her. I think she was trying to get to Max before you did. Unfortunately you had to witness the whole scene. I know for a fact that Max was disgusted last night because he came to talk to me about it."

"See I told you!" said Maria.


"There is no but ... Liz. It was Tess's way of trying to keep you away from my brother but it's not going to work. I was waiting for you to come and talk to us all about it but you never did. Why?"

"I don't want anyone else involved Isabel. I've had to deal with this my entire life. I know how to handle people like that."

"Yeah, sure you do Liz. Let them beat you up, put your head in the sand and hope they go away. Well Tess won't go away Liz so you are going to have to stand up to her."

"Please don't tell anyone else. I can deal with this okay."

"I promise I won't tell Max or Michael but Alex already knows," replied Isabel.

Liz rolled her eyes.

"See this is what I didn't want. I don't want people to feel sorry for me and have to defend me all the time. I can stand on my own two feet. I have a lot to deal with right now and I can't be worrying about my friends getting into trouble because of me!" signed Liz.

"What? What do you have to deal with Liz? Tell us, we're your friends and we want to help," said Maria.

"I ... I can't tell you. Just leave me alone okay!" signed Liz and then she stormed off.

"You know what? I think there is more to all this than meets the eye. I'm sure something is very wrong with Liz and I don't think it's just the Tess situation. Have you noticed how bad those dark circles under her eyes are?"

"I know Maria but if she won't open up how the hell are we going to help her?" replied Isabel.

"I don't know, but we've got to do something."

"Other than beat the crap out of my brother you mean?"

This made Maria laugh ... "Yeah besides that."

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Chapter 14.

Max was walking along the corridor when he saw Liz run out of the girl's bathroom looking flustered.

"HEY LIZ!" he shouted trying to get her attention.

She continued on her way without turning around.

"What the hell is wrong with her today?" thought Max as he reached the girl's bathroom.

Just then Isabel and Maria stepped out of the toilet door and both of them slapped him across the back of the head.

"HEY! What the hell was that for?" asked Max rubbing his sore skull.

"For being such a numbskull!" said Maria walking off to her next class.

Max turned to face Isabel.

"I swear Max, if you actually had a brain you would be dangerous!" shouted Isabel in her frustration.

"Isabel, what the HELL IS GOING ON?" asked Max, confused.

"Well if you can't see what's right in front of your nose, I'm not going to be the one to point it out to you. You have to find out for yourself Max and make a decision. I just hope it's the right one."

"Why the hell do women always talk in freaking riddles? Why can't they just say 'Max you've done this or that'?" he thought to himself.

He gently grabbed Isabel's arm and stopped her from leaving.

"Please Isabel, tell me what's wrong."

Isabel really wanted to tell Max the whole story but she'd promised Liz that she wouldn't. She loved her brother dearly but the sacred bond between girlfriends just couldn't be broken.

She knew that this whole thing went a lot deeper than just Tess. She didn't even believe that it had anything to do with her brother ... something else was bothering Liz and she had to find out what. Liz had to learn to trust them.

"You have to work this one out on your own Max," said Isabel looking her brother directly in the eye.


She couldn't stand to see the look of confusion on his face so she said the four words that would impact him the most.

"She saw you Max," she turned and left her shocked brother standing in the hallway.

With those words ringing in his ears he made his way towards his next class. Had she known all along that Liz was there? Had she attempted to come between them before anything had even started? Is that why Liz was now cancelling their date?

He had to try and speak to Liz privately ... maybe at lunch he could catch her.


All through his next few classes the only person he could think about was Liz. How could he have spoiled that special connection they seemed to have just by kissing Tess ... and then it hit him like a ton of bricks ... she'd seen him kiss her back.

A pain ripped through his heart at the thought of losing the one person who was constantly a part of his life since that first day. It was her image that kept him going through the many beatings his father had given him over the years.

Once he'd grown into a man his father was fearful of hitting him again. That memory came back full force....


He was eighteen and practicing his basketball shots when his father came into the garden.

"So you've finally decided to get off that lazy ass of yours and practice!" shouted his father.

"I've done nothing but practice since the day I started this stupid sport!" shouted Max.

He was so fed up with being the brunt of his father's frustration. Even though Max was the best player on the field ... if the team failed ... it was Max's fault, even though he'd caught every pass, made every shot at the net, nothing was ever good enough for his father.

"Don't you dare speak to me like that boy!" shouted Philip as he marched over to Max, his fists clenched close to his hips. He was ready for him, wanted to pummel the little shit into the ground for back talking to him. Just one more word and he was entitled to beat the respect into him...

His fist went towards his son's face but it was stopped in its tracks. He tried harder to remove his hand from the tight grip that held it.

"You raise your hand to me one more time old man and I swear you won't have any arms left to punch me with," said Max through gritted teeth.

The look of fear in his old man's eyes spurred Max on.

"You're getting old, I'm getting stronger, who do you think will win next time you try to beat the living crap out of me!" said Max staring his father down with a hatred he never knew he possessed.

Philip took a massive gulp of air knowing his time was up. His son was a man, a man that was willing to defend himself ... but he still didn't want to lose too much face.

"That's it my boy..." he said pretending to be proud of his son "...this is what I've been waiting for ... you're a man now!" he smiled as a look of confusion came across his son's face.

Philip had saved himself from a beating ... a fact that he was most grateful for ... but the loss of control of his son only made him frustrated.

Who or, what was he going to control in his life now? He knew his wife didn't bow down to his threats and his daughter ... well he would never dream of treating her that way ... but his son ... his son had to be made into a man and he believed he'd achieved his goal.

The fact that Max was willing to finally stand up to him made him proud but also a tad worried at the fact that all the abuse he'd suffered at his father's hand would come back to haunt him in his old age ... maybe ... just maybe ... he'd been wrong to treat his only son this way.

"A MAN," Max spat out the words like they were some sort of poison to his system.

"You're sick, do you know that? Sick. You need help," said Max finally letting go of his father's arm.

"Not sick Max, just making you into what you are today!" he shouted.

Max just turned to look at his old man, disgusted by the look on his face.

"I'm moving out. You won't ever see me again," he said before going to pack up his things.

"You don't have money son, where the hell do you think you're going to live without money," laughed his father.

"Oh I've saved more than you realize. I've got enough to see me through college and I've arranged for a dorm over there. I don't need, nor ever want YOUR help," said Max as he turned around and entered the house.

His father stood there dumbfounded, since when had Max been saving? How the hell had he let so much information slip by him?


Two months later both he and Isabel were packing ready to move out of the house. Although her father had never done anything to Isabel she'd known how cruel he'd been to Max. As far as she was concerned, he'd never deserved it. This is why, when Max had told her he was moving out, she begged her to take her with him.

"Please Max. I swear I won't give you any trouble. I'll be on my best behaviour. I don't want to stay here on my own," she whispered out the last part of the sentence.

"Why Iz, dad has never done anything to harm you," said Max in a soothing tone.

She whipped her head up to his face.

"You're kidding me right?" she asked seriously.

"No," said Max kind of confused at what she was getting at.

"You don't think watching him constantly berate you in front of me, hasn't had an effect? I know you only put up with what you did for so long because of me Max. I know you didn't want him to turn his frustrations on me ... so, so you took it all. I want to come with you Max; I don't want to be here with him anymore."

He hugged his sister with all the love that he possessed. He'd never dreamed that this would be as hard for her as it was for him. It was then, that he realized Isabel truly loved him as a brother.

"You can come with me if you wish Isabel, but have you thought about mom?" he asked. Max knew that Isabel and his mother were very close.

"She never did anything to stop it Max. Not once did she jump to your defense ... I want to come with you Max ... you're my family."

Max couldn't believe her heart felt words...

"I never knew you felt this way Isabel," said Max in awe.

"You never asked Max," was her simple reply.

He realized that he'd just assumed stuff about his sister ... just like his dad had assumed things about him.

"I'm so sorry Isabel. Not once did I think about what you were going through, through all of this."

"I don't care Max; you had enough to deal with. All I want is to go with you, we can face anything together and you know that."

He nodded his head in confirmation...

"Pack your bags Isabel, we're going to leave this hell hole," he said with determination in his eyes.

"Thank you Max, thank you for trusting me," she said as she turned to get a suitcase out of her wardrobe.


Even though his sister had been there with him, through everything it was the thought of Liz, that kept him going through the tough times.

He'd always imagined what she would look like now and if, truth be told, he wasn't too far off, but would he love his children or would he be a monster like his father.

This thought terrified him the most and it wasn't until he saw Liz standing in the canteen that he realized that she'd been the center of his universe ever since that first day. Just the thought of meeting her again one day made his miserable life worth living ... and now he'd ruined it.

What the hell could he do to make Liz realize that she was the one for him, the only one? There was only one thought on his mind as he entered the class ... Liz.

"Hey Max," said Tess all sickly sweet when she saw him enter the class. She'd told her friends about the passionate kiss they'd shared that night. They couldn't believe that she'd gotten the one thing that nearly every woman in college had tried to get ... Max's attention.

"Tess..." said Max through gritted teeth.

Her smile faded slightly and she looked around at her friends nervously.

She rose out of her chair and gently placed her hands on his chest and looked up into his handsome face.

"It was great what we shared last night Max," breathed Tess, speaking loud enough for her friends to hear.

He grabbed her arms and threw them down off his chest.

"We didn't share anything last night Tess. As I remember correctly, you threw yourself at me and I told you to get the hell out of my house!" shouted Max.

The class suddenly became quiet and a bright red blush reached Tess' cheeks. She knew how shy Max could be and thought that if she said something in public he would go along with it so he didn't create a scene ... oh but how wrong she was.

He leaned over her menacingly...

"Do you think you've succeeded?" he asked incredulously.

"Well by the look on her face this morning I would say I've done a pretty good JOB!" shouted Tess furious at the way Max was treating her in front of the whole class but she knew that there was no way Max could deny what he'd done.

"Well you see Tess, that's where you are wrong. There is no way that you would ever compare to the woman that Liz is. She's too special to be even tainted by anything you say or do. She's the ONLY one for me and by Christ I am going to prove that to her!" he stated.

"You can't deny that we kissed last night Max," said Tess. She wanted to let her friends know that she hadn't been lying; she'd actually gotten the elusive Max Evans to take notice of her.

"To my disgust Tess, unfortunately your right but the fact that kissing you made me want to vomit was the true wakeup call that I needed, Isabel and Maria where right you are Alex Forrest and I'm the naive Dan Gallagher!"

With Max's statement the whole class virtually erupted in laughter. Tess began to feel uncomfortable.

"Max what the hell are you talking about?" asked Tess confused.

He sighed in frustration, he didn't really want to do this in public but if it meant that it would get her off his back, he would do it.

"AS IN F.A.T.A.L. A.T.T.R.A.C.T.I.O.N." Max spelled it out to her.

"WHAT?!" screamed Tess her anger reaching levels even she thought she was incapable of.

"YOU," said Max gently poking her in the shoulder "ARE CRAZY! BUNNY BOILER CRAZY! HOW CAN I MAKE IT CLEAR! I DON'T FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE IN THAT WAY!" he shouted.

He felt real bad doing this to her in public but he'd finally realized that Tess would accept nothing less. If he was his usual gentleman type then she would just keep walking all over him ... and he couldn't allow it.

As the whole class took in the sight before them, they couldn't help but laugh at Max's fatal attraction reference.

Some of the men in the class knew exactly what Max meant. She'd dated a few of the men in here and it got to the point that they couldn't even talk to another girl without being accused of cheating on her. They'd almost considered getting a restraining order against her but somehow just as they were about to do it ... she turned her attention onto another man.

The fact that Max had publically humiliated her made them feel like some sort of control was taken back in their lives but when they looked at her face they realized that Max had made one of the biggest mistakes of his life... there was no way she'd let him get away with it. It was like a switch had gone off in her head, shutting off all sense of what was right or wrong.

The only person she could see to blame for this was not Max, no her Max was wonderful, he'd kissed her so passionately last night ... no the only person to blame was Liz. She'd made him act this way. It was her who he was doing this for.

She vowed then to do everything in her power to get rid of his little distraction so he could get back on course with her.

That thought was the start of her fall from grace...

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Chapter 15.

After his outburst in class he was quite surprised by the reaction he got. As soon as he’d walked out of the classroom and the uncomfortable silence, a few of the guys he’d never really spoken to came up to him.

“Hey man, I’ve got a lot of respect for you Max. There is no way I’d have done that to her in public,” said one of the guys.

“What do you mean?” asked Max confused.

“Man, are you really that clueless?” he asked looking at Max.

“I don’t understand.”

“You publically humiliated her Max. The only way to get you back is by doing to you, what you’ve done to her but like ... ten times worse. Don’t you know who you are taking on? A lot of the guys around here steer clear of her for that reason Max. She’s positively crazy. I think you are about to find that out,” said the guy as he patted Max on the back and then walked off in a different direction.

He noticed Liz walking in his direction with her head pointed to the floor. He knew that she noticed him, but was just ignoring him.

When she brushed by him without saying a word he gently grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“I know Liz. I know what you saw,” he signed.

“Let go of me Max, I don’t want to do this here,” she signed as she looked around the crowd that was suddenly forming around them.

“I don’t care about them Liz, I only care about you. Can we please talk about this?” signed Max knowing that nobody else would understand.

She looked into his eyes and could tell that he meant every word.

“Meet me at my house tonight, but I’m not promising ANYTHING Max,” she signed the ANYTHING between the universal sign of the ‘quote marks’, with her fingers.

“Fine, what time are you going out with your parents?” he signed.

“Around eight pm.”

“I’ll get there around seven. I want a chance to talk to you before you leave,” he signed.

Liz was unsure how to feel about this. She thought that the connection they shared was something special ... she’d felt it her whole life which is why she never dated anyone else but when she saw Max kiss Tess back, all of her insecurities flooded her mind.

Why would he want someone he couldn’t really talk to? Wasn’t that the basis of any normal relationship? No wonder he’d responded when Tess had kissed him, she was normal.

“I’ve got to go Max,” signed Liz as she scurried off in another direction.

How could he get Liz to believe him? Why the hell did he kiss Tess back in the first place?

That same question was on his mind when he went into his sister’s room last night.


“Is,” he whispered through the door, “Is, are you still awake?”

“Oh for crying out loud Max, if I was asleep I certainly wouldn’t be now, just come in,” she was slightly annoyed with her brother interrupting her thoughts but she heard the desperation in Max's voice and she loved her brother.

When he slowly opened the door, she just had to look at him to know something was wrong...

“What the hell happened Max?” she asked couriously.

“Tess,” was his only reply before Isabel patted the bed beside her, indicating for him to sit down.

“Tell me what happened Max,” said Isabel with concern in her voice.

So he did, he poured his heart out to his sister, something he’d never done before. He told her how much he thought of Liz, how weird it was that he felt this way about her, even though he didn’t really know her. How important she was to him, why she was important and this is what brought a tear to her eye.

She knew Max had suffered at the hands of her father, hell she’d even seen it, but she never realised to what extent. The thought of Liz, who’d lost her parents and had to face the world alone, with no one she really knew, is what kept him going through all the tough times. If she could be strong then so could he.

Liz was like his life line ... had been all along. It was those eyes that haunted him at night, in his sleep, the total look of loss and fear of the unknown in them.

“That is why she is so important to me Isabel.”

“And now Tess has spoiled it by trying to kiss you tonight?” Isabel was a little confused.

“No Isabel, I’ve spoiled it because I kissed her back.”


“I don’t know. I don’t even understand it myself but when I did it just felt ... wrong. I actually wanted to throw up to be honest.”

“Wow, she’s that bad of a kisser,” laughed Isabel trying to ease her brother’s awkwardness.

“This is not funny Isabel,” said Max with a slight smile on his face.

“I know Max. Look it’s no big deal. So you kissed her, found out that you didn’t like it and that was it. You’ve practically lived as a monk Max. You’ve never dated another girl so when Tess threw herself at you ... you just reacted. You don’t like her do you Max?”

“Good god no, I did as a friend but I don’t even think we can be that anymore, not after tonight.”

“Then let her know tomorrow that she overstepped the line and she’s lost your friendship. I could never understand why you were friends with her anyway.”

“Right now Isabel, I’m thinking the same thing!”

Later on that night...

He was pacing his room waiting for those stupid red numbers to change on his clock. He couldn’t leave too early just in case Liz was getting ready to go out. He’d wanted to speak to her today at college so he could put her mind at rest about what she saw last night but she’d avoided him for the rest of the day. He couldn’t wait any longer.

He opened his door and shouted to Isabel that he was on his way out.

“You’re going out?” asked Isabel.

“Yeah, only for about an hour or so and then I’ll be back.”

“Max, are you going to see Liz?”


“Listen, right now she’s having a tough time adjusting to a new college and friends. Just be a friend to her first Max and let things take a natural course.”

“Of course I will Isabel, but what makes you think she’s having a tough time?”

“I’m not sure Max. It’s just something I sense from her. Maybe we could all go out one night again. Show her that she’s part of our group.”

“I think she’d like that Isabel and I can’t thank you or our friends enough for making her feel welcome.”

“It’s not hard Max. She seems a really sweet girl. We all liked her the first day we met her.”

“Okay, I’ve got to go. I should be back in an hour.”

“Okay, see you when you get back and you can tell me how it went.”

With that, Max left the house, jumped into the jeep and made his way towards Liz’s house. He couldn’t wait to see her again.


Liz had just finished applying a light base of makeup. She took out her rollers and watched as the spiral curls bounced into position. She took off her bath robe which was covering her dress from the makeup and hung it on the back of her bedroom door.

After she finished she took one last look in the full length mirror and smiled. She heard the door bell ring and internally groaned. She didn’t want to have to face Max tonight; she’d just gotten herself in a good mood to go out.

She heard her mother answer the door and invite Max to come in and sit down in the living room.

She came bouncing down the stairs determined not to let him spoil her evening. As she entered the living room Max’s face dropped and she couldn’t quite read the emotions that were currently flickering across his face.


Max caught a swirl of color out of the corner of his eye and turned to see Liz standing by the door. She looked incredibly beautiful. She had on a yellow summer dress with spaghetti straps. The stark contrast against her tanned skin literally lit her up. He also noticed that her hair was curly but she’d left it down to fall around her shoulders.

He continued his perusal of her, looking slowly down the length of her body, the smooth expanse of her firm, toned legs, finally to rest on the petite yellow, 2 inch heeled sandals she was wearing. He was totally in awe of the sight before him ... that was, until he heard her father’s fake cough at the fact he was leering over his only daughter.

He ripped his eyes away from Liz and had the decency to look a little shame faced as his eyes met the stony look that Mr Parker was giving him.

“Great second impression Max!” he silently berated himself.

“Why don’t you take Max up on the balcony Liz? That way you two can talk in private but we are leaving at eight.”

“That’s fine Mom,” signed Liz, leading a rather flustered Max up the stairs.

They could hear the hushed voices coming from the living room.

“What the hell?” said Jeff through gritted teeth, “Did you not see how he was staring at her?”

“Shhh Jeff, keep your voice down. Yes I did notice how he looked at her but from what Liz tells me he’s a gentleman. Plus I trust Liz and I know nothing will happen while they are up there so just relax would you.”

“He was staring at her like she was a piece of meat Nancy!” complained Jeff.

“No he was staring at her with awe in his eyes Jeff, just like you used to do with me,” reminded Nancy. There was not much arguing with that statement because Jeff used to do exactly the same as Max had done ... in fact he still did.

“Fine but I swear if he touches her then I’m going to have his head on a platter.”

“If and when Liz finally decides to take that step she is certainly old enough to make up her own mind Jeff and I know she will be responsible.”

A funny growl left Jeff’s lips.

“Come on, calm down and let’s have a quick drink before we leave.”


Liz led Max into her bedroom, slightly blushing at all her makeup items spread out on her vanity desk.

“I haven’t had a chance to tidy up yet, after getting ready,” she signed.

“I’m not looking at that Liz,” said Max as he watched her walk through the doors to the balcony.

He could smell the wonderful aroma of some sort of floral scent.

“What is that smell, it’s gorgeous?” asked Max.

“Oh it’s my favorite perfume.”

She indicated with her hand for him to sit in one of the loungers.

She took the one beside him.

“What did you want to talk about Max?” signed Liz.

“Look I know what you saw last night and it’s not what you think.”

“Oh, look Max it’s none of my business what you do with Tess. She’s been your friend for quite some time now and I’ve only just appeared on the scene. You don’t owe me any explanation.”

“I do though Liz. I don’t want you to think that I want Tess in anyway. I pushed her away and sent her home. We are actually not friends right now.”

“I know, I heard how you humiliated her in class.”

Max had the decency to blush.

“I’m not usually that mean Liz but it’s the only way to get it into her brain. I’ve told her time and time again that we are just friends, and then she pulls that stunt last night. I had to make sure she backed off.”

“I saw you Max, I saw you kiss her back,” signed Liz with a look of hurt in her eyes.

Max couldn’t believe the pain etched across her face. He finally realised just how much he’d screwed up. She had the same feelings for him, as he did her.

“Look Liz, I know we’ve only just gotten to know each other but I’ve always held a special place for you in my heart. I can’t explain why, but I’ve never dated anyone ... just because someday I knew I would see you again. I know that sounds corny as hell but it’s the truth. What happened last night shouldn’t have happened and I broke the kiss and told her to leave. I don’t want to be with her Liz. I have no feelings for her. It’s you I want, it has always been you.”

At this moment in time Liz didn’t quite know what to think. She was surprised at his heart felt words. She had always had the same kind of feeling as Max and that’s why she’d never really dated, but he still did kissed Tess back. Surely that meant that he had some sort of feelings for her. She just couldn’t decide right now.

“Look Max, I appreciate the fact that you came over here to tell me this but right now it doesn’t change anything for me. You don’t owe me any explanations because I’m not your girlfriend, you haven’t cheated on me or anything and you have a right to kiss whomever you wish. Did it hurt to see it, yes it did. Will I get over it, probably, but you have to give me space so that I can decide Max.”

“You mean be your friend first and see how it goes?” he asked with hope in his eyes.

“We will always be friends Max, no matter what.”

Well that wasn’t a yes, but it wasn’t an outright no either.

“So you’re going to stop avoiding me at school?” asked Max.

A smile graced her beautiful lips...

“Yeah, I’m going to stop avoiding you at school.”

“Okay well I’m going to go before your dad comes up here and attacks me for staring at you the way I did. I have to say though Liz, you look gorgeous tonight ... I just wish it was our date that’s all.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow at school Max,” signed Liz.

He knew that she had taken the compliment because she had blushed profusely but he also knew that winning her over wasn’t going to be easy. He knew that he would have to approach this carefully but he just had to tell her how gorgeous she looked tonight.

“I’ll take you downstairs,” signed Liz, leading the way.


It was Nancy who popped her head around the door.

“It’s good to see you again Max, see you soon.”

“Thank you Mrs Parker, the same goes here. Please enjoy your evening out.”

“Oh I plan on doing just that,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Bye Max,” signed Liz after opening the front door for him.

“See you tomorrow Liz.”

Max jumped in the jeep and headed on home. He thought it had gone fairly well tonight. She didn’t outright reject him but he knew he had a lot of work to do before she would believe he really wanted her and he understood why.

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Chapter 16.

It had been a few months since Max had totally embarrassed Tess in front of the whole class. He was still waiting for the fallout but she hadn’t done anything yet.

He actually started to believe that maybe, just maybe, he had finally got it through that thick skull of hers that he was in no way interested in her.

Since that day she had avoided him like the plague. He honestly thought that it wouldn’t take her long to retaliate but it seemed as if his point had gotten across. She gave him a wide berth at college, sitting away from him in all the classes they shared, not even bothering to acknowledge he was there, which actually suited him fine.

He wanted to prove to Liz that what she had seen that night was a mistake; that he only had eyes for her, but that seemed to be falling on deaf ears as well. She had kept her promise not to avoid him at school but their relationship was still strained at the best of times.

Every time he tried to get close to her, emotionally, she would pull back and be distant with him. He had tried his hardest to get her to go out with him, just as a friend, but no matter what he came up with, she always found an excuse.

Max had been trying to find her all day at college but nobody seemed to know where she was. He had asked her usual friends and had bugged the hell out of Maria but she didn’t even know where Liz was, in fact she had expressed her own concern, saying that there had to be a damn good reason for Liz not showing up.

Max had an awful feeling at the pit of his stomach and decided that maybe it was time to pay a visit to the Parker household straight after classes had finished.

It wasn’t until he stood outside the front door of her house that he simply knew something was wrong, he couldn’t describe how he knew; he just did.

He gently tapped on the door, more out of respect than anything else. When he saw the very pale and sad looking Nancy opening the door, his heart leapt into his mouth.

“Mrs ... Mrs P ... Parker?” he stuttered not liking the look on her face.

“Hey Max, it’s good to see you.”

“Well, I ... I noticed Liz wasn’t in college today so I took as many notes as I could in the classes she has missed and got a copy of the work. I thought I’d just bring it over to her, so, so if she’s sick she won’t miss out.”

It was the tears that started to run down Nancy’s face that made his heart clench tightly in his chest, almost choking him.

“Mrs ... N ... Mrs Parker, is Liz okay?”

The barely whispered ‘no’ that passed her lips was almost lost on Max, almost.

“W ... what’s going on Mrs Parker?”

“I’m sorry Max, but Liz is in the hospital. She was savagely attacked last night, beaten to within an inch of her life, they ... they said it was lucky she pulled through ... that she was a fighter. Jeff and I have been with her all night, we only came home to get showered and changed, and then we are heading back to the hospital. We have no idea who or why someone would do something like this to our ... to” she couldn’t talk anymore as the sobs finally escaped from the back of her throat.

Max didn’t know what possessed him but he boldly moved and encased Nancy in his arms.

“I’m so sorry Nancy; I promise you ... I will find out who did this to Liz. I swear to you on my life...”

He felt her head nod against his shoulder and then she pulled back.

“She’s in the University of New Mexico Hospital with critical head and chest injuries. The police haven’t been able to interview her yet because she’s still unconscious. We ... we’ve tried to get through to her Max but ... there’s nothing. The doctors say it may take her some time to recover her memory of that night, if at all.”

Max’s blood ran cold, he never thought he would be a man who could kill another human being but when he heard that Liz was hurt ... after everything she had been through, made him almost insane with murderous rage.

“I ... I ha ... have to go and ... s ... see her. Is that okay?” he asked, worried that Nancy would say no. Maybe Liz had explained what had happened between the two of them a few months back.

“Go; see if you have any effect on her. Maybe she needs to hear your voice; she always did hold a special place in her heart for you Max.”

At this moment in time, he very much doubted that point, but never voiced his opinion.

“I’ll do whatever it takes Mrs Parker, that I promise you,” he said, before walking away from the door and climbing numbly into the jeep.

After Nancy closed the front door of the house, Max pulled out his cell phone. He was actually terrified of what he might do if he found out who had done this to Liz, so he called the one person who would understand and who he truly trusted to be able to stop him from doing something stupid.

“Michael? It’s Max, we have a problem...”


When Max pulled up outside the hospital he couldn’t believe that it wasn’t only Michael that had arrived. Standing before him, with worried looks on their faces, was Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria.

Max made his way towards the group, with a look of pure rage on his face.

“Max, I’m sorry man, but Maria overheard our conversation and ... she ... well she thought the rest of the group needed to know. We all care about Liz ...”

“It’s not you I’m mad at Michael. I swear if I find out who did this to Liz ...”

Michael patted Max on the back hard.

“I know man; I would be the same if it was Maria. What the hell is going on?”

“I’m not sure of all the details but Liz was attacked last night, Nancy said, within an inch of her life. The doctors reckon it was a miracle that she actually pulled through. She’s unconscious and nobody has been able to get through to her. The police are apparently waiting to talk to her but the doctors don’t think that she will remember the attack, at least not for a little while anyway.”

“Who the fuck would hurt Liz like that Max?”

Maria and Isabel exchanged a look that didn’t go un-noticed by Alex, but decided not to mention it at this present time. They both knew something and he was going to find out what! He couldn’t believe that, after everything Liz had been through, someone would do something like this to her.

“I’m ... I’m sorry to ask you this, but do you guys mind if I go into her room alone first? I ... I want to see the dam...”

“Max, it’s okay. We understand,” said Isabel, placing her hand on his shoulder. “Go and see her first, we can come in later, once you’ve had some alone time with her.”

“Thank you...” Max whispered, at his sister's total understanding of his feelings.


His hands were all sweaty as he walked up to the reception area of the hospital.

“Hello, my name is Max Evans and I’m here to see Liz Parker who was brought in last night?”

“Ah, yes, Mrs Parker phoned and told us that you were allowed to see her. You’re her boyfriend, right?”

Max was a little stunned by this statement, but then realized why Nancy had cleared him. It was only close family or friends that would be allowed to see her.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“She’s in room 204, down the corridor, to the right, the door at the end on the left.”

“Thank you.”


As he walked into the hospital room and saw the only person he really ever, truly loved, lying there with tubes coming out of her nose and mouth almost made him want to vomit. Her face was swollen to twice its original size. Her eyes mere slits, covered in black and blue bruises. Her lip was split in one corner. Max hardly recognized her.

Liz’s arms were above the covers; her right arm a horrible looking shade of purple spread from the shoulder right down to her hand and intravenous drip going into the swell of the fold of her arm.

He couldn’t believe how bad she looked, it was such a shock. No wonder Nancy was in shock when he had approached the house.

He could feel the rage rise inside of his body. He wanted to kill, whoever had done this to her. Then a horrible thought entered his head and he fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face. What if, whoever had attacked her had actually ... actually ... he couldn’t bring himself to even think the word, let alone speak it.

It was then that he heard a ruckus going on outside the door of her room. He realized that it was his friends, who had waited long enough to find out the condition of Liz. He forced himself to stand up and be strong for Liz. He had to do this, until she was better. Then, and only then could he let rip the anger he felt.

He stepped outside of the room and found four, very concerned friends looking at his pallid complexion.

“Max, how is she?” asked Maria.

“She’s, well she’s ...” he couldn’t get the words out of his mouth.

Maria had turned around to the doctor who had blocked their path to Liz.

“Well?” she asked, with her hands on her hips and her foot tapping on the floor.

“She’s still in critical condition. Look I’m sorry; I know this must be incredibly difficult for all of you but I can’t let you in to see her. She needs her rest, she was lucky to pull through at all. A broken rib had pierced her lung, how the hell she survived, well it’s beyond me. Let’s just say, someone from up there," she pointed her finger into the air, "someone up there decided it wasn’t her time to go just yet. She’s still unconscious and even if she does wake up there is no telling if there is brain damage until we can assess her properly. I’m so sorry, but that’s the best I can offer.”

Everyone was stunned into silence, they knew it was going to be bad, but never expected that bad.

“Was she ... was she...” the ball constricted Max’s throat wouldn’t move and he couldn’t get the question out.

“Oh my god, please tell me she wasn’t!” shouted Maria, finally realizing what Max was trying to ask.

The rest of the group all turned slowly to look at the doctor, expecting her answer.

“Was she raped? No, we did a rape kit test, which we won’t get the results from for quite some time, but her hymen is still intact and there was no vaginal bruising or tearing. It seems that whatever the motive was for this attack, it wasn’t sexual.”

“Listen, I have to get back in there. I’m not leaving her side until her parents get here, just in case she wakes up.

“Then we will stay here too Max,” said Michael, with determination. He was worried about what Max would do if he was left alone.

“No, go home. Mr and Mrs Parker will be here soon. I promise that I will phone you if there is any change in her condition.”

Just as he spoke, Jeff and Nancy walked around the corner and headed straight for the group of people standing outside their daughter’s room.

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Chapter 17.

“What the hell is going on here!?” shouted Jeff, storming towards the crowd of people gathered outside his daughter's room.

“Jeff, JEFF!” whispered Nancy, in a harsh tone, grabbing his arm.

“What?” asked Jeff, turning towards his wife.

“These are her friends from college Jeff,” said Nancy, pointing towards Max.

It was Maria who approached the couple first.

“Mr. and Mrs. Parker, I’m sorry that we have not been introduced under better circumstances. My name is Maria and these are my friends, Liz’s friends actually. I know we’ve only known her for a few months, some of us more than others,” she said, looking across at Max, “but in the short time we have known Liz, she’s become very special to us and we just wanted to find out what happened and what her condition is. I’m terribly sorry if we are intruding.”

“I’m sorry, you’re not intruding. I’ve just been really jumpy since I found out what they ... they did to her,” said Jeff, trying to keep his emotions in check.

“Mr. and Mrs. Parker,” said Max, moving forward.

“Did you manage to get in there Max? Did you get through to her?” asked Nancy.

“I think our arrival prevented Max from doing that, we’re terribly sorry,” explained Isabel.

“I could try now if you like,” offered Max.

Nancy just nodded her head, right now she would try anything to get a response out of her daughter, but she wasn’t holding out much hope.


As Max opened the door to Liz’s room he could hear the fast consistent beep of the heart machine that was currently attached to her.

As Max approached the bed he suddenly got a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach. What if his presence somehow made her worse? What if she didn’t really want him to be there? He wasn’t even sure if they could actually class themselves as friends anymore.

No, he shook those thoughts from his mind. He couldn’t let her, or her parents, down now. She needed him to be a friend and that is exactly what he intended to be. He decided that the awkwardness was more on his part than on hers and that he would bury his feelings for now and just be there when she needed him.

He pulled a chair up next to her bed and sat down. Although he had witnessed her injuries earlier, up close they seemed that much worse.

“Liz, it’s Max. I don’t know if you can hear me right now, but the doctors think that you might be able to even if you can’t respond. You’re in the hospital at the moment and you have a very big group of friends outside your door, worried sick about you. Your parents have been here all night and they thought that maybe, just maybe, I would be able to get through to you.”

He felt stupid talking to her when she couldn’t respond but he swallowed that feeling and carried on.

“I don’t think they realize that our relationship has been a little strained lately, but I don’t care about that right now Liz. All I care about is you. I want you to know that I’m here as a friend and I’m sorry if I hurt you. Do you still remember how we met? If you don’t, then let me tell you ...”


She felt cold, incredibly cold and when she opened her eyes it was pitch black. God she hated places like this. She had never really had an overactive imagination but something about this place seemed rather familiar, even though she couldn’t see why.

She realized that she was lying on a rather hard, cold surface and decided to get up to see if she could get some sort of warmth into her body. The only problem was when she tried to stand, or even sit up, none of her body parts would move. It was if she was encased in some sort of force field, holding her down.

A sheer feeling of terror travelled through her body, like when you’re in one of those nightmares where you are running from someone and yet you stay in the same spot while they advance on you.

That’s when the twisted mangled remains of her parents came into view.

She could never get used to the sight of her parents burnt bodies. She fought the urge to vomit as they came closer, holding out their bony charred hands. She didn’t want them to touch her; she still remembered the feeling of burnt skin and bone touching her leg from their previous visit.

She recoiled from their touch as much as she could but couldn’t get out of the nightmare. Now was around the time that she would wake up and see them in her room but she was trapped.

That’s when she suddenly heard the deep velvet voice invade her foggy mind and wrapped her in a cocoon of safety and warmth. The horrible images of her parents faded into the background only to be replaced by a familiar sight.

She was standing in the hospital corridor watching herself as a young girl walking around looking frightened and lost. That’s when she saw him. The boy with the most incredible soulful eyes she had ever seen.

He was the only person, beside the doctors, that had shown her any kindness. He offered to help her find her parents and that’s when she saw the look of pain shoot across the face of her younger self.

She noticed the little boy watching her intently, realizing that he had upset her in some way he did his best to alleviate her pain.

She watched the beseeching look he gave his mother as he innocently asked her to take her home with them and then the look of distraught on his face as she explained to him that it just wasn’t possible.


“God Liz, I will never forget that day. I can’t understand why that made such an impression on me but it did and I’ve waited for you for so long. I know I fucked up and that I’ve lost you but please, I swear, I just want you to come back to me. I’m prepared to be just friends with you if it means you come back to us, so just fight okay!” Max said with determination, as the tears fell down his face.

She looked so frail lying in that bed.


NO! NO! That’s not what she wanted!! She was on her way to tell him that when she was attacked!!! She wanted to return to him. She had seen how much he really cared for her, how each time she pulled away from him the hurt flashed in his eyes.

She couldn’t explain why, but since that day, nobody would even come close to capturing her heart, that’s why it hurt so bad when she saw him kiss Tess back.

But she wanted to forgive him for that, he’d done his best to make it up to her.

That’s when her vision changed again and she could see her own battered and bruised body lying in the bed. She watched as Max gently took her hand, tears streaming down his face, trying to encourage her to wake up.

“M ... M ... Max, I’m here!” she shouted.

Her voice sounded strange to her ears, raspy sort of deep, unused for a long time.

She watched as he wiped away a tear off his cheek and then gently lay her hand back down on the bed. He turned his head towards the door as someone entered.

“Any luck Max?” asked Nancy, and then gasped as he turned to face her. She could see the pain in his eyes because he had failed her.

“Mrs. P ... I mean Nancy, I can’t get through to her, I’ve tried but there is no response,” he replied, distraught.

Nancy went up to the young man that had seemed to captured her daughter’s heart.

“Max, it’s okay. I know that you are important to Liz and I thought that maybe, just maybe, you would be able to get through to her but the doctors told us that it might take some time before she wakes up.”

“I’ll come every day after college.”

“MAXXXX!!!!! I’M HERE!!!!” shouted Liz but no sound came out of her mouth.

She was getting frustrated at her situation. She could see what was going on around her but couldn’t break that final chain that was holding her consciousness.

She had never wanted to scream so much in all her life. She wanted to be able to talk to Max to tell him how she really felt.


The sudden increase in the heart monitor didn’t go unnoticed by Max or Nancy.

“What the...”

“NURSE!” shouted Nancy, as the heart monitor began to incessantly beep.

Jeff ran into the room to check what was happening. He’d heard the heart monitor increase and then heard his wife shouting.

He watched as his daughter looked like she was fighting some unseen threat. She was thrashing about in the bed and mouthing something that he couldn’t understand.

“NURSE!” shouted Jeff, getting more panicked by the look on his daughters face. She was looking more and more distressed by the second. He was sure all that thrashing around wasn’t doing her injuries any good.

There was a sudden influx of doctors and nurses surrounding his daughter trying to calm her down.

“Get me 20 mg’s of Benzodiazepine now!” shouted the doctor.

A nurse ran out of the room and quickly returned with a syringe. She placed it into the tube that was already leading into Liz’s arm.

“We need to get her relaxed before she does more damage to her body,” said the doctor in explanation.


“NO!” screamed Liz. She could feel her body drift back to herself on the bed.

“NO!!! I need Max to understand. I need ...” and that is when the darkness overtook her again.


As Liz finally settled on the bed, both the parents and Max were shocked into silence.

“What the hell was that?” Jeff asked the doctor.

“It’s not uncommon for that to happen. She might have been trying to fight to stay under because her brain couldn’t deal with the reality of the situation at the moment or ...”

“OR WHAT?” asked Nancy.

“Or she might have slight brain damage which is causing a seizure. I’m so terribly sorry but we won’t know until she wakes up.”

Nancy burst into tears and Jeff engulfed her in a comforting hug.

“Don’t worry, we don’t know for sure yet. Knowing our Lizzie she would have been fighting to wake up.”

Max couldn’t intrude on their private time anymore and as he went for the door it was only Nancy’s voice that stopped him.

“Please don’t go Max. I know Liz would want you to be here.”

“I ... I don’t want to intrude.”

“You’re not, is he Jeff?” asked Nancy, turning towards her husband.

“Max I know how important you are to my daughter and I know she would want you here, so feel free to stay as long as you like.”

“Thank you. I’m just going home to get a shower and something to eat and then I’ll return.”

“Okay see you soon,” replied Nancy.

“Oh, hey, did they say who found Liz?” asked Max, trying not to sound too interested.

“Yeah, someone by the name of Kyle Valenti phoned it in. He was the one that found her.”

“Okay, thanks again and I’ll be back shortly.”

With that Max left the room and looked at the concerned faces of his friends.

“What the hell just happened in there Max?” asked Isabel.

“The doctor thought she was either fighting to wake up or she has slight brain damage which is causing her to seizure.”

Everyone in the group of friends stared and opened their mouths in horror.

“Are you saying that this could possibly be permanent?” asked Maria.

“They won’t know until she wakes up,” explained Max.

Again the look that passed between Maria and Isabel didn’t go unnoticed by Alex.

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Chapter 18

“You should all go back to the campus. I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Parker need time alone with Liz,” said Max, to the rest of the group.

Maria was about to protest.

“I promise I’ll call you if there is any change in her condition. We can’t all stay here, the hospital won’t allow it,” said Max.

“I’ll drive Isabel and Maria back to campus,” said Alex.

“Hey, what about me?” asked Michael. They had all come in the same car.

“I’ll drop you off at the campus Michael. I’ve got to go home, shower, change and then come back here,” offered Max.

“I guess I’ll see you later then Maria,” said Michael, as he headed towards the parking lot with Max.


Michael and Max were on their way back to campus when Michael couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer.

“What the hell was that back there, Max?” asked Michael.

“I have no idea,” said Max.

“Why do you think Alex didn’t want to give me a lift back?”

“He probably needs to speak to the girls alone. You know what he’s like. He’s been Maria’s best friend, well since they were born!”

“Do you think it has anything to do with Liz?” asked Michael.

Max turned to look at Michael quickly, before turning his attention back to the road.

“What makes you think that?”

“I don’t know. Just a feeling I got.”

“If it was about Liz, surely he would have said something in front of us?”

Michael couldn’t quite explain how he was feeling and it was driving him nuts. Perhaps Max was right. Maybe Alex just needed his ‘girlfriends’ around him at the moment, but it was the way Alex had given Maria a pointed look that had him concerned. He decided to drop the subject, for now.


“What the hell was that about?” asked Maria.

“I need to talk to you and Isabel, alone,” stated Alex.

The way he said it did not sit well with Maria. She knew that Alex had something serious on his mind and she wracked her brain to think what it could be.

After they left the hospital and entered the car, Alex didn’t waste any time.

“I know you two are hiding something and I want to know what it is right now!” demanded Alex.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Maria.

“I’ve seen those looks you keep on giving each other. You think it was Tess that attacked Liz, don’t you?”

It was Isabel that spoke first.

“Yes we do Alex, but we have no proof.”

“What more proof do you need? She’s already attacked her once at school!”

“She also embarrassed Liz in front of the whole class the other day. Saying how Liz couldn’t possibly get the points for class participation because she couldn’t actually participate.”

“SHE DID WHAT?” shouted Alex.

Even Isabel hadn’t heard this bit of information.

“Oh that’s it!” shouted Isabel, “I swear that bitch is going down!”

“Not if I get to her first,” said Maria, through clenched teeth.

“Why haven’t you informed Max? Surely he would set her straight if you told him what was going on,” said Alex.

“Liz made us promise we wouldn’t. If we betray her trust now Alex, she might not give it again,” said Isabel.

“We just have to keep a closer eye on her. Make sure she’s never alone,” said Maria.

Alex scoffed.

“How the hell are we supposed to do that Maria? She doesn’t stay on campus and it’s not like we can walk her home every day.”

“Well there has got to be something we can do!” said Maria.

“Tell Max,” replied Alex.

“That’s not an option right now Alex and we’ve explained why!” said Maria, frowning at her best friend.

“Why won’t Liz tell anyone else what’s going on?” asked Alex.

“I think she’s too proud Alex. She’s been dealing with prejudice for most of her life. She thinks she can cope with this alone. I thought so too at first, but after today, I’m not so sure” said Maria.

“Okay, I agree that Tess has been a complete bitch to Liz and I KNOW she’s after Max. I have to say that the injuries Liz received in no way could be caused by just one person. So either Tess had a group of her friends beat up Liz, or it’s a totally unrelated matter and Liz was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Alex.

“That’s the whole point, we don’t have any evidence. I guess we’re just going to have to wait for Liz to wake up and see if she remembers,” said Maria.

“Until then, we just keep an eye on Tess,” said Alex.


Diane was just preparing dinner when she heard the front door slam open. In walked a rather disheveled looking Max.

“Max, what’s going on?” asked his Mom, concerned.

“I don’t have time to explain right now mom. Liz is in the hospital. Isabel should be home soon and she’ll explain. I’ve got to get back as soon as possible.”

Max rushed by his mom and made his way up the stairs two at a time.

Diane didn’t know what to say to her son. She knew that this girl was very special to him. He had been talking about her ever since the first time he met her in that hospital all those years ago. Diane would have gladly tried to adopt the young orphan but Phillip was beating her on a regular basis and she didn’t want to add another child to the hell she now called her life.

When Diane first met Phillip he was a kind and gentle soul, or so she thought. She now realized that was all an act. He conned her into thinking he was this wonderful person, when in fact he was a complete monster.

After a few years of dating Phillip finally asked her to marry him. Diane was so happy. She worshipped the ground he walked on. Her mother had tried her hardest to break up the relationship, maybe she could see the monster lurking behind the façade but whatever the reason, Diane didn’t listen.

The first two years of their marriage was total bliss. He was kind and considerate, always buying her flowers or a small little gift to say he loved her. When she told him she was pregnant he was so happy.

Then she gave birth to the twins and everything changed. Diane tried her best to keep up with the feeding regime the babies demanded, cleaning up when they got sick, changing diapers, cleaning the house and ironing.

Phillip would still expect everything to be the same though. When he came home there should be no clothes hanging on the dryer, dinner should be on the table at a specific time every night, his shirts should be ironed to crisp perfection and his trousers pressed.

She would never forget the first time she didn’t get dinner ready on time. Both Isabel and Max had been ill that day and demanded all of her attention. She was completely worn out by the time her husband arrived home.

He had gone straight upstairs to change. She would never forget that evening.


Phillip walked into the kitchen after changing from his work clothes. He stopped in the doorway and looked at the table.

“Diane, where’s my dinner?”

“The kids have been sick today Phillip. I’ve only just managed to get them off to sleep. It’s been a tough day. What would you like me to make you?”

Now even though Diane felt like just collapsing she wanted to make her husband something to eat because he’d been out at work all day.

“I have some of those oven meals that you like. How about I put some sausage and mash under. It should only take about thirty to forty minutes.”

For a moment something strange passed through his eyes and then it was gone.

“That will be fine dear. Let me know when it’s ready.”

Phillip left the kitchen and started to watch TV in the next room.

Diane was so happy that she didn’t have to cook anything from scratch, she was just exhausted. She placed the tray in the oven and set the timer for thirty minutes. She would check to see if it needed more cooking then.

She knew Phillip was always parched after his long journey home so she served him some ice cold tea.

“Thanks pet, that’s very kind of you,” said Phillip, drinking a gulp of the sweet brown liquid.

Thirty minutes later his dinner was on a plate in the dining room.

“Honey, you’re dinner is ready. I’m just going to pop into the bath and then I think I’ll go to bed. The twins will have me up in a few hours,” said Diane, as Phillip sat by the table.

Everything that happened next was a blur. She felt a pain rip through the back of her head as Phillip fisted her hair.

“YOU THINK THIS IS FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH WHEN I’VE BEEN WORKING ALL DAY!” he shouted, as he slammed her face in the hot dinner.


Just for good measure he slammed her face back into the meal before pushing it off the table.


He kicked the back of her knees and she fell to the floor, in front of the mess he had created.

Ever since that day she had tried her best not to anger him, but sometimes that wasn’t enough.


A visible shudder ran through Diane’s body as she remembered that day. She should have done something then. Taken the kids and just run, but back in those days it was acceptable for a man to hit their wife if they were being disobedient. Everyone just turned a blind eye.

It was only when domestic abuse became a criminal act that Diane divorced Phillip. Isabel and Max gave evidence against their father and Diane moved to Albuquerque with them. What Isabel and Max didn’t realize was that Diane had bore the brunt of the abuse.

He always gave her an option whether she should get the punishment or Max. It was a simple reply, it was always herself that deserved it, not Max. Again, all that changed when Phillip insisted Max take up basketball. If Max didn’t win the game, he would be beaten. Nothing Diane did or said would save him from that. It didn’t happen often, but it was enough.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back. I’m going to wait at the hospital until she’s awake,” said Max, walking towards the front door.

“Honey, don’t you think that will be intruding on her parents' time with her?”

“They’ve asked me to go back. They think I can somehow get through to her, and I’m not going to let them down.”

“Well, take these with you.”

Diane had prepared a few sandwiches, fruit and a flask of coffee to take with him.

“Thanks mom. I promise Isabel will explain everything, I’ve got to go.”

Diane turned around to give her son a kiss but he was already gone. She just shook her head and smiled. Yes, this Liz Parker must be one special woman to win her son's heart.

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