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 Post subject: Conclusive Evidence (AU,M/L,ADULT) Chpt 30 (04/April/12)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:34 pm 
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A huge thank you to pijeechinadoll/PING for my wonderful banner. I can't believe you got the Thames Valley Police badge on there you are totally wicked!!! :lol: :lol: And Max looks great!!! Thank you!

Title: Conclusive Evidence
Author: Jan
Disclaimer: I own nothing that is Roswell .. sadly that belongs to the powers that be!! No infringement is intended.
Pairing: Mainly Max/Liz and some Sean plus minor CC couples.
Rating: ADULT.

Summary: Max is a cop and Liz is the victim of a crime, their lives are never the same again. I'm setting this story in UK because it's where I live. I hope that you will still give the story a chance. (Okay I suck at doing these so just give the first short chapter a go and see what you think.)

Author’s Note: This is only the second story I have written so any feed back would be welcome as long as it's constructive!!! I'm a bit nervous because this is the first story I've writen for the AUWOA board. I can't update this as often as I update my other story, I'm Lost Without You but I will try my best. I wasn't really going to start this until after I had finished my other story but I couldn't get this idea out of my head (Isn't that so freakin' annoying when it happens!! :lol: :lol: )

I am apologizing in advance for any grammatical mistakes. Grammer is not one of my strong points!! Please forgive me. I just had to get this story out there!!!

I hope you enjoy ............................................................

Chapter 1

She couldn’t see through the tears that started to pool in her eyes. She was in a house that she would never have dreamed of owning but now it was hers.

She was sitting on the floor taking in her surroundings, waiting for them to arrive.

‘Why are they taking so long’ she thought. Nothing would come out of her mouth right now she was so, so numb.

Laying next to her was her husband of 7 years Sean DeLuca.

She loved this man despite what he had done. Why? Because it was her fault, she drove him to it and now he was dead.

Sean had a gunshot wound to the head, fatal as soon as it hit. Maria had warned her that she was playing with fire but she just couldn’t help it.

There is a pool of Sean's blood inching towards her and it makes her want to vomit but she couldn't because she felt nothing – she was numb.

Then she hears a moan coming from the man cradled in her lap. She was covered in his blood and holding part of her ripped blouse to his chest.

“Please don’t die” she begged “you have to stay with me. Do you hear me? You have to live!”

That’s when she hears the sirens in the distance.

“Do you hear that baby, they’re coming. You have to hold on.” she whispers in his ear.

“L-Liizz” he hisses as his last breath leaves his body and closes his eyes.

“Max Evans you open your eyes now. You are not leaving me god damn it!! Wake up please.”

She drops the gun and the tears finally start to fall from her eyes as she punches his chest in pure frustration.

“You can’t leave me!!! Mmmaaaxxxxx!” she screams as strong arms wrap around her and remove her from his body.

Everything that happens next is all a blur. The paramedics concentrate on trying to get Max to breathe.

A swarm of police officers in white over garments are combing every inch of the house for forensic evidence.

The coroner took Sean DeLuca’s body away for autopsy and Liz? She was arrested on suspicion of murder but was taken to the hospital, under guard, so her shoulder could be dealt with.

How did she get to this point? It all started with a mugging, her mugging to be exact!

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 Post subject: Re: Conclusive Evidence (AU,M/L,ADULT) Chpt 11 (25/Mar/09)
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Chapter 2

December, 5th, 2004

Liz was currently working as an Account Director for one of the most famous advertising agencies in London after getting her BA Honours degree, in media and advertising, from Coventry University. She had started off in a graduate placement and then worked her way up the corporate ladder.

She had been married for two years to the very young, successful and wealthy entrepreneur Sean DeLuca cousin of her best friend Maria DeLuca. He had amassed a fortune at the age of twenty five through the .com boom and then changed into the field of mergers and acquisitions.

Although Liz had been best friends with Maria since childhood she had never met Maria’s cousin, Sean, until the agency won the account to do the advertising for his company. He had wined and dined her for a least a year before he had presented her with an oval shape, three stoned, 2.5 carat, flawless and colourless diamond, platinum engagement ring from Tiffany & Co, worth in excess of £50,000 (approx $77,000). They got engaged and then the following year they were married.

Liz loved her husband very much but it was never reciprocated as she would have wished. She had no doubt that Sean loved her but he was constantly away on business and she was left in the mansion on her own except for the serving staff.

The housekeeper Laurie had become quite a good friend and confidant to Liz. They would sometimes stay up at night, once the rest of the serving staff had gone to bed, and have a drink or two. They would talk about each others background, families, jobs and any other topic they could think of. If it wasn’t for Laurie’s and Maria’s friendship Liz would have surely gone slowly insane with boredom.

Houlton Grove, the mansion, was situated on the south east side of Witheridge Lane in open countryside designated as being of outstanding natural beauty, in a little village called Penn in Buckinghamshire. In the same area that Angelina Jolie had lived in for three years before selling her mansion in 2005 to move to California.
The house was a £8,000,000, 3 storey Edwardian mansion of approximately 17,000 sq ft in size. It also had a bungalow on the property as well as other outhouses and garages.


It was eight o’clock in the evening when Liz stepped off the express train from London Marylebone to Beaconsfield after a hard day at work. There was an icy wind blowing as she was walking over the foot bridge heading for her car. She was just fishing her car keys out of her bag when she heard light footsteps behind her.

Suddenly she felt something cold pressed to her neck and an arm came round her chest from behind. Then she felt a warm breath on her ear.

“Do as I say and you won’t get hurt. Now give me your bag and that ring on your finger” said the deep male voice.

Liz started to panic and grabbed her assailants arm pulled it outwards, spun around and twisted it and brought her knee up into the man’s groin. She knew those self defence classes that Sean made her take would come in handy. Just as she was about to turn and run for her life she saw the glint of the knife as it came towards her and she felt the sharp blade puncture her skin.

The force that her attacker used knocked her backwards onto the ground. He took her bag, pulled her engagement ring off, kicked her in the stomach and said “That’s for kneeing me in the groin you little bitch” then he ran off.

Liz was lying on the ground blood pouring out of the wound when she heard running footsteps on the bridge.

“Are you all right? Do you need me to phone an ambulance?”

“Y-Yes p-please t-that man j-just stabbed me” she stuttered as she pressed on the open wound.

The lady who had ran up to help her immediately phoned the emergency services, on her mobile phone, and asked for the ambulance and police. After she finished the phone call she bent down to help Liz.

“I saw what happened but I couldn’t do anything to help otherwise he might have stabbed me. I’m going to stay with you and I will give a statement to the police as well. My name is Pam Troy and your name is?”

“Liz, Liz DeLuca.”

Pam took off her scarf and placed it over the bleeding wound.

“I’m sorry Liz but I’m going to have to put pressure on this in order to slow the flow of blood until the ambulance arrives. It’s going to hurt.”

Pam pressed her scarf hard against the wound in the hope that it would stem the blood flow.

“T-Thank you for helping me.”

“Hey that’s no problem. I’m just sorry I couldn’t have been any help sooner but as soon as I saw the knife I just froze to the spot. You know you seem familiar. DeLuca … DeLuca? Where have I heard that name before?”

Pam was trying to keep Liz talking in the hope that she wouldn’t pass out.

“I work for a famous advertising agency in London and have been in the papers a few times.”

“Ah maybe that’s why you look familiar. Do you live far from here?”

“No about eight to ten miles away. Could I use your phone for a second?”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to move at the moment. Why don’t you give me the number and I will phone it for you.”

Liz rattled off her home telephone number and Pam dialled it.

“DeLuca residence.”

“Oh hello to whom am I speaking?”

“This is Laurie how may I help you?”

“Well I have a Liz DeLuca with me and she was a victim of street crime this evening. She has been stabbed once in the shoulder and I have already called the police and ambulance. Excuse me a moment please?”

Pam looks at Liz.

“Why did you want me to phone your house?”

“Who are you speaking to Pam?” asked Liz.


“Could you tell Laurie that I need someone to pick up my car at the station and take it back to the house please?”

“Hi Laurie did you hear that?”

“Yes I will organise that right away. Is Liz alright?”

“Well she's doing as well as can be expected since she’s been stabbed but she’s loosing a lot of blood. Is there anyone else I need to inform Laurie?”

“Don’t worry ma’am we will deal with that our end. Would you please phone me when you find out what hospital they are taking her to?”

“Of course I will.”

Pam put down the phone as she heard the sirens getting closer.

“Don’t worry Liz they’re coming now.”

The ambulance was the first to arrive and tried to get Liz stable. The knife wound was deep and she was bleeding heavily so she would probably need surgery. Whilst the Paramedics were working on Liz the Thames Valley Police arrived and cordoned off the crime scene.

The Paramedics informed the police that they would have to take Liz into Stoke Mandeville Hospital A&E for assessment with the outcome of possible surgery.

“Liz would you like me to come with you?” asked Pam.

“N-No thank you you’ve done so much already.”

“Honestly I don’t mind if you haven’t got anyone that can be with you.”

“Thank you so much but if you would just call Laurie and let her know which hospital I’m going to she will come and stay with me.”

“Alright then. Well if you ever need me for anything here’s my telephone number.”

Pam placed a white piece of paper with her telephone number on in Liz’s trouser pocket.

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.”

“Your welcome.”

The Paramedics took Liz into the ambulance once she was stable and then headed towards the hospital sirens blaring. They left a small group of policemen to take Pam’s statement and to protect the crime scene until the FIU (Forensic Investigation Unit) arrived. Whilst a couple of other policemen followed the ambulance to the hospital.

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 Post subject: Re: Conclusive Evidence (AU,M/L,ADULT) Chpt 11 (25/Mar/09)
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The Max described in this story is the same one that is on my avi. Just so you get an idea of what he looks like.[/color]

Chapter 3

The driver of the ambulance radioed ahead to let the hospital know that they had a knife victim that was in a critical condition when he heard his partner shout …..

“We’re losing her! She’s going into Cardiac Arrest.”

Liz heard a strange voice say.

Losing? Who are they losing? What are they going on about?

She tried to open her eyes but they felt way too heavy. Ah hell she just might as well let the sleep take her … she felt so tired … tired of being alone … tired of having the same arguments with Sean … just tired … the sleep started to consume her.


Liz’s body arched of the stretcher and slammed back down, hard.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

“Okay she’s back! Liz can you hear me? Stay with us now, we’ve not got far to go.”

Stay with us? Where am I going to go I can’t even move? Why can’t I move? Oh shit I was stabbed…fuck.

The Paramedic was leaning over Liz trying to get some sort of response out of her. All of sudden her eyes flew open wide with fear.

“Welcome back Liz. You scared me there for a minute. You just have to hold on a little while longer, okay?”

Liz just nodded and attempted a smile through the oxygen mask that was covering her nose and mouth.

The driver of the ambulance switched off the sirens when he stopped outside the A&E double doors. He jumped down and ran to the back doors of the ambulance and opened them. Both Paramedics lowered the stretcher carefully from the ambulance and wheeled it in through the double doors.

Liz watched as a multitude of faces surrounded her firing off questions to the Paramedics.

“Are you on any medication Mrs Deluca?” asked one of the masked faces.

Liz shook her head.

She watched as the overhead lights flashed by her as she was wheeled into Accident and Emergency.

“Stab wound to the left clavicle (below the collar bone) … straight edged knife … Cardiac Arrest … stabilised” said the Paramedic that was in the back of the ambulance with Liz.

She was only getting half of the conversation as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

“Prep for surgery” Liz heard one of the masked figures say and then she slipped into the darkness.


July 5th, 2001

She was in a boat surrounded by the water of a vast lake. She had one hand in the water whilst her boyfriend, Sean, rowed the boat.

“Sean this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen” said Liz in awe as she relaxed back onto the cushion that Sean had so thoughtfully provided for her. He placed the oars into the boat and fished inside his jacket pocket for something.

“Liz this past year has been the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve never had someone to share all this with” he waved his hand around at the private lake he now owned along with the properties that bordered it.

“I want to be able to take care of you Liz. You deserve a happy life. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and therefore I want to spend the rest of my life putting a smile on your face. Liz Parker will you marry me?”

Sean opened the little blue Tiffany box with a white ribbon on the top to reveal the most gorgeous engagement ring Liz had ever seen.

“Oh my god” was a Liz could say. She was in shock. She never expected Sean to propose to her so soon. She looked into his eyes and saw the slight fear of not knowing her answer.


Oh god what was she supposed to say now. She loved Sean but she always felt that there was someone else out there waiting for her. Someone that would love her unconditionally … but she’d been waiting a long time and nobody suitable had caught her attention until Sean came along. He was a very powerful man and when somebody even looked at her the wrong way, in his presence, he would make sure that, that man would no longer be welcome at the establishment they just happened to be in. In a way it scared her a little knowing he was so possessive over her … but it was because he loved her … right?

“Yes Sean I’ll marry you” replied Liz.

He slipped the ring on her finger and it was a perfect fit.

“We’ll get married next year. You can start planning as soon as you’re ready. You can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of Liz. No expense spared for my beautiful fiancé” said Sean.

“N-Next year?” asked Liz. This was all moving a bit to fast for her. She’d only known Sean for a year before his proposal. She hadn’t even lived with him yet.

“Oh I know what you’re thinking and you can move in with me at the mansion if you want to” said Sean as if he read her mind.

“Erm … yeah okay” said Liz.


December, 7th 2004

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

What was that incessant noise? Her dream slowly disappeared as she started to wake up. She opened her eyes slightly only to be met with the most beautiful amber eyes she had ever seen. This man was looking at her with a certain amusement.

What the hell did he find so amusing?


How did this gorgeous man know her name and who was he?

He was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen with his black hair swept back, except for a piece that fell over his forehead, black polo neck top and coat. God he was gorgeous but she felt like she knew him from somewhere.

Liz tried to talk but felt something down her throat which is when she realised that she was in the hospital. The gorgeous man pressed a button and the nurses came in to remove the tube from her throat. She gagged as they pulled out the offending item.

She was so thirsty that she couldn’t speak.

“W-Wat…” was all she could get out.

“I think she needs some water” said the gorgeous man.

That’s when Maria’s face came into her view. She was holding up a small tumbler of water with a straw in it.

“Take small sips Mrs DeLuca otherwise you will choke. Your throat will be a bit swollen after having the tube down there” instructed the nurse.

Liz did as she was told and took small sucks on the straw. The cool liquid felt great sliding down her sore throat and she could feel it hit her stomach.

“T-Thanks Maria” said Liz finally finding her voice even though it was scratchy.

“Oh my god Liz you gave me such a scare. Laurie phoned me as soon as she got off the phone from that Pam lady and I came straight away. Laurie found her number in your trouser pocket and got her address. She has been sent some flowers and a very expensive box of chocolates to say thank you. I’m sure Sean will make sure she’s well looked after.”

Liz had not taken her eyes of the gorgeous man.

“Do I know you?” asked Liz with a look of confusion on her face.

“Yes, I believe you do Miss Parker.”

“Its DeLuca now” corrected Maria.

“Oh my god it can’t be” exclaimed Liz.

“Liz?” the gorgeous man smiled in amusement.

“M-Max?” questioned Liz.

Max just raised his eyebrow, smiled and nodded.

“You two know each other then?” asked Maria not liking the look they were exchanging with one another.

“Oh yeah we know each other” said Max staring at Liz’s beautiful brown doe eyes.

“Where?” asked Maria.

“W-What?” asked Liz.

“From where do you know each other?”

“From secondary school” said Max “Old Lizzie here used to think it was fun to torment me.”

Liz blushed profusely.

“Oh really?” asked Maria curiously.

“Yep you see Miss Parker here was very popular at school and I was the shy type.”

Maria scoffed at that remark. How can this confident sexy man possibly be shy?

“Seriously I was very shy and Miss Parker here thought that it was fun to make me blush in front of her friends” said Max with a smile on his face.

Liz didn’t even know if it was possible to go even redder than she probably already was but it felt like her cheeks were on fire.

“Oh and how did she used to make you blush?”

Max whispered in Maria’s ear and a big smirk showed across her face.

“My, my, Miss Goody Two Shoes Parker said that to you?” asked Maria feigning shock.

Max just nodded his head and then laughed when he saw that Liz’s whole face was as red as a tomato.

“Liz Parker said she was going to take you, ravish you and once she was finished take you all over again” Maria was now laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

“It looks like I’m not the only one who gets embarrassed” teased Max.

“Shut up!” laughed Liz.

Max’s face suddenly got serious.

“Mrs DeLuca I am DCI Max Evans and this is DI Michael Guerin” said Max pulling out his I.D. wallet and showing it to Liz.

Liz just sat there shocked she never expected that to come out of his mouth.

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 Post subject: Re: Conclusive Evidence (AU,M/L,ADULT) Chpt 11 (25/Mar/09)
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“Mrs DeLuca I am DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Max Evans and this is DI (Detective Inspector) Michael Guerin” said Max pulling out his I.D. wallet and showing it to Liz.

Liz just sat there shocked she never expected that to come out of his mouth.

Chapter 4

“DCI Max Evans so you’re a policeman now?” asked Liz.

“Actually I’m head of CID (Criminal Investigation Department) in our local BCU (Base Command Unit)”

“Very impressive but what is CID doing here it was only a mugging?” said Liz still not taking her eyes of Max.

“Actually it’s classed as attempted murder now because he stabbed you and left you for dead. If it hadn’t been for a …. Mrs Pam Troy” Max looked in his little notebook for the name “then you probably wouldn’t have survived and we would be looking at murder charge right now” said Max grimly.

“Oh” was all Liz could say.

“You’ve been in the critical care unit for two days before you were stable enough to move here. We actually didn’t think you were going to make it at one point” said Max.

“God was it that bad?” asked Liz not realising until now how close to death she had come.

“I’m afraid so.”

“We need to ask you a few questions Mrs DeLuca” said Michael getting down to business.

“Well yeah of course. I will try and help but to be honest it all happened so fast!”

“Just tell us in your own words exactly what happened and then we will ask our questions afterwards, okay?” said Max.

“Right, well it was around 8 pm and I had just gotten off the express train from London Marylebone to Beaconsfield and I was walking to the car park to get my car. I started to walk over the foot bridge and was fishing my keys out of my bag when I heard soft footsteps behind me. I then felt something cold against my neck and an arm came around my chest from behind.”

Liz broke the story to take a sip of water for her parched mouth.

“Anyway I then hear this creep whisper ‘Do as I say and you won’t get hurt. Now give me your bag and that ring on your finger’. He had a really deep voice. Anyway I panicked and grabbed his arm that was holding the knife, pulled it away from me, turned under his arm therefore twisting it and then kneed him in the groin. My husband made me take self defence classes when he knew I was going to be working in London late at night” said Liz as the two detectives looked at her with a look of worry on their faces.

“So after I kneed this guy in the groin I was just about to run away but he recovered too quick and brought the knife down into my shoulder. He stabbed me so hard that I actually fell backwards under the force and then he kicked me in the stomach. He then said ‘That’s for kneeing me in the groin you little bitch’ and then ran off.”

Liz stopped again to have more water.

“Then a couple of seconds later this woman comes up and starts calling the police and explaining that she witnessed the whole thing and she was going to stay with me until help came. She pressed her scarf I think to my wound to try and stop the bleeding and then I was carted off in the ambulance. To be honest that’s about all I can remember.”

“Look can’t this wait until she's had time to recover? She’s only just woken up” said Maria as she watched Liz get a little distressed over her incident.

“No. We need to get the details as soon as possible. We’ve already waited two days for her to wake up. The longer this takes the more chance her attacker has at escaping” said Michael gruffly.

“Whoa okay buddy I was only asking” said Maria shocked at the tone of voice the policeman used with her.

“Did you notice anyone strange on the train with you?” asked Max.

“No … not really … there were a couple of people in the same compartment as me but they just looked like business people on their way home. No body that really stood out.”

“Did you notice anyone in the station hanging around when you got off the train?”

“No I didn’t. I’m so sorry I’m not being much help am I?” said Liz mentally kicking herself for not paying more attention.

“Did you notice this Mrs Troy at the station when you got off?” asked Max.

“No I think she must have gotten off one of the compartments behind mine because she was definitely not on the platform when I got off.”

“What was your attacker wearing can you remember? Where there any distinguishing marks on him that would help identify him? What did he look like?”

“Well I would say he was about 6ft tall because as he grabbed me his chin was resting just above my head. When I turned around he had on a black hoodie and some sort of black trousers I think. You know it was so dark that I couldn’t really tell you what colour his clothes were. I didn’t get a good look at his face either because he had his hood up. Oh god this isn’t helping you at all is it?”

“Look we do have some CCTV footage of someone who we believe could be the attacker so it’s not as hopeless as you may think. And the FIU have gathered some evidence and they took your clothes from the hospital in hope of getting something off them” said Max trying to stop Liz from worrying.

“Can you give me a description of the ring, bag and its contents just in case someone tries to sell or use what they have stolen?”

“Well the bag was a Gucci ‘joy’ medium, sand coloured guccissima leather shoulder bag. It had double straps a clip closure and d ring detail.”

Max scribbled this all down on his little notepad.

“Great she can’t remember her attacker but she remembers everything about the damn bag” said Michael in disbelief. He couldn’t believe these rich chicks.

“EXCUSE ME?” shouted Maria “How DARE you speak to her like that! DO YOU have any idea who she is?”

“I don’t care who she is” retorted Michael.

“DI Guerin ….” Max warned.

Michael shot a dirty look towards Maria and then shut his mouth before he put his foot in it even more.

“There was also a Gucci sand coloured, guccissima leather, continental wallet which had the logo engraved on it. I had four credit cards and about a hundred pounds in notes. Other than that there was the usual make up, like lipstick, my car keys, mobile phone and not much else really. The ring was an oval shape, three stoned, 2.5 carat, flawless and colourless diamond, platinum engagement ring from Tiffany & Co, worth in excess of £50,000 (approx $77,000). It also had an inscription in side saying ‘together forever’” replied Liz ignoring Michael’s tart remark.

“Right Mrs DeLuca …”

“Please Max call me Liz”

“Right … Liz … I think we’ve got everything we need for now. Here are my direct line numbers if you need to get into contact with me for any reason. Would you leave a number that you can be contacted on over the next few days just in case we have any further developments?”

“Yes of course I will. Once I get a new mobile phone I will give you that number to. How does this work … I mean will you be keeping me informed on how the investigation is going?”

“Only if we find out anything relevant” said Max.

“Oh okay” said Liz a little disappointed that she wouldn’t be seeing more of Max in the future.

“Right, well if there's anything more we need we'll be in contact. You look after yourself now Liz, alright?” said Max.

“I will … thank you … you know for your help.”

“Just doing my job Liz” said Max leaving the hospital room. He turned around to take one last look at Liz before he left.

God he thought she was beautiful ... even now. Back in school, although he was very shy, he had always had a soft spot for Liz and her teasing him all the time just made him want her more, especially when she used to whisper those words in his ear. He gave her a quick reassuring smile and then closed the door.

“Why did you give her your direct line numbers?” asked Michael.

“So she can keep in contact about the case” said Max.

“Max … I know that look you gave her. Don’t get involved man … she’s married” said Michael in a warning tone.

“Don’t you think I know that!” snapped Max.

“Max you know we can’t get involved with people on a case. You could lose your job Maxwell.”

“I’m not planning on getting involved Michael” snapped Max.

He knew Michael was right. He wasn’t allowed to get involved with people on a case but after seeing her for the first time in years he knew it was going to be hard to stay away from her.

“I know you haven’t been with anyone since your wife died Maxwell and I understand your attraction to her, really I do but you just can’t get involved with her.”

“I know Michael, believe me, I know” said Max.

Max had high morals which he was very proud of and so was his wife when she was alive. She loved him because of those morals and they had, had a happy life until the cancer cut hers short. But after seeing Liz again he couldn’t help the feelings she had stirred inside of him … and yes he was even thinking of breaking his own moral code just to be near her again.

Yes he had to stay away from Liz otherwise he could get himself into a whole lot of trouble.

“Come on Michael let’s get back to the station and look over the CCTV footage and see what we can come up with. I don’t know why but I feel there is more to this than meets the eye.”

“Yeah you know what I can’t understand? How come the perp knew about her ring?”


“I mean if he had seen her on the train or on the platform then he might have noticed the ring and went for it then but if she’s got it right and there was no one on the train or the platform then how did he know about the ring?” said Michael thinking out aloud rather than really asking the question.

“That’s exactly what I want to know” said Max “and I’m going to find out.”

They left the hospital, got into their unmarked vehicle and drove back to the station.

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Chapter 5

Liz watched as Max made his way towards the door. God he’d grown up into a very handsome man. What with his hair slightly falling over his face and that slight shadow of a beard he just looked good enough to eat. But she couldn’t afford to look at him like that … she was married to a very possessive man and he had the power to make Max’s life a living hell if he wanted to.

So she shook all thoughts of Max out of her mind … after all she would only be seeing him because of the case … he had made that perfectly clear.

“God that DI Guerin was soooo RUDE!” exclaimed Maria breaking through Liz’s thoughts.

“He’s right though Maria. The trail goes cold pretty fast unless they have information to go on. I doubt they’re going to catch this guy because I couldn’t give them a good enough description.”

“That’s not your fault though Liz. You didn’t know what was going to happen.”

“I know Maria but I just feel really frustrated that I couldn’t give them more information. Maria where is Sean? I’ve been stuck in this hospital now for two days has he even come to visit me once?”

Maria looked away a little guiltily.

“I phoned him as soon as I received the news from Laurie. He said that he was going to be stuck in New York for another couple of days but he would be back a soon as he could.”

“Oh my god! Are you telling me that his business is more important than coming to see me at the hospital after being stabbed … almost murdered?”

“I don’t know what to say to you Liz. I had a massive argument with him over it. He even dared to question my loyalty to him and I just told him that I’m more loyal to you than I ever would be to him. I can’t stand the man to be honest. That’s why I tried to warn you not to marry him. He was and has always been a self indulgent bastard. What ever he wants he gets no matter who he steps on to get it.”

“You know what Maria when we first met he was the sweetest and kindest man I’ve ever known and when he proposed to me I thought he truly did love me. I had only known you less than a year and he kept on telling me not to listen to you because you were jealous of the life he leads. Of course once I married him and then got to know you better I realised that you were right and he had just manipulated me.”

“But the question is Liz are you still happy being married to him?”

“Well I was up until today when I realised that I will never be his top priority.”

“I know he does love you Liz, he tells me all the time … maybe he just couldn’t get out of this business meeting. I’m sure he would have been here otherwise.”

Maria wasn’t so sure but she didn’t want Liz worrying about Sean in her condition.

Just then the door to her private hospital room swung open with a loud thud. There in the doorway stood Sean with a massive bouquet of flowers, chocolates and some sort of gift wrapped present.

When he caught sight of his beautiful wife lying in the hospital bed, looking fail and very pale, his heart broke. He ran to her side putting every thing on the empty chair beside her bed and bent down to kiss her. As he did she turned her face from him.

“Liz I’m so sorry I couldn’t get here sooner. I couldn’t get out of the business meeting. I tried but as soon as it was over I got the next flight out and came straight here from the airport.”

“So what you thought that flowers and everything else you brought was going to make up for two days of you not being here. You can’t buy me Sean. You are supposed to be my husband and yet your cousin was the one who sat here with me day and night until I woke up!”

“I’m so sorry baby. I swear I will make it up to you. How about I take a couple of weeks off work and we can go away somewhere. We haven’t been able to do that since our honeymoon.”

“I think I’ll just go and get a cup of coffee” said Maria starting to feel uncomfortable. She knew Liz wasn’t going to let Sean off that lightly and didn’t want to stick around for the fireworks.

Once Maria had left Liz turned around to face her husband.

“Two days Sean! Two whole days I was lying in this bed, Maria worrying whether I was going to wake up or not and you … you were in a BUSINESS meeting. I could have died Sean! The police are calling it attempted murder instead of a mugging. If that woman Pam hadn’t of helped me I would be dead now!”

“I’ve made sure that she’s being looked after, Liz.”

“THAT’S not the fucking point Sean!”

“Honey what can I do to make it up to you? You are the most important thing in my life … and I don’t want to lose you. I’ll do anything … anything you want.”

“What I wanted Sean was YOU. What if I would have died Sean would you have even been bothered?”

“Of course I would have been bothered. It would have broken my heart in two Liz. Don’t you understand? … I honestly tried to get away but I couldn’t. Please don’t punish me for something that was beyond my control. Don’t you think I feel bad enough as it is?” tears were now coming down his face.

When Liz looked at Sean and saw his tears she relented by saying …

“So are you just going to stand there or are you going to give me those beautiful flowers you brought me?”

Sean breathed a sigh of relief, wiped away his tears and turned to get her flowers.

“I’ll just get the nurse to put these in water for you.”

“Unfortunately Sean they don’t allow it at the hospital anymore because of cross contamination.”

“Okay well I’ll take them home and look after them until you return and if they die before you come home I’ll just get you some more okay honey?”


Sean bent down and gave his wife a passionate kiss on the lips. He wanted her to know just how much he had missed her.

He then got the boxed gift and gave it to her.

“Just a little something to say I’m sorry for not being here. Not that I’m trying to buy your affections Liz it’s just that I felt so bad for not being here.”

Liz un-wrapped the gift and gasped as she opened the box. Inside was a Tiffany Jazz™ diamond and platinum bracelet worth around £10,000 ($15,000).

“Oh my god Sean it’s beautiful.”

“Here allow me” said Sean taking the bracelet out of the box and placing it around Liz’s delicate wrist.

“There it looks perfect on you.”

“You will have to take it back with you Sean. I don’t fancy wearing this here” said Liz.

“That man sure did put the frighteners on you didn’t he?”

“How did you know it was a man Sean?” asked Liz looking her husband directly in the eyes.

“I’ve spoken to Pam remember? I’ve made sure she has been well taken care of. If it wasn’t for her you might not be here now” said Sean.

“The bracelet is beautiful Sean but would you take it off now please.”

“Of course … I’ll put it in the safe when I get home, alright?”

“Thank you.”

“Listen maybe you shouldn’t work so late for a little while. You know I want to make sure you get home alright. Just for a little while.”

“I can’t do that Sean. I have two huge advertising campaigns I’m currently working on so I have to stay late.”

“Can’t you work from home for a little while?”

“No Sean I’m not going to let some dirt bag disrupt my life just because he decided to mug me!”

“You know you never cease to amaze me with your strength. If it was me that had gone through this ordeal I would be worried to come home so late at night.”

“As I said I’m not letting anyone rule my life!”

“Well I will support you no matter what! Now I’m going to go home and get prepared for your arrival. Do you know how long you will be here?”

“I think I will be here for another couple of days observation and then maybe they will release me.”

“I’m going to cancel all of my business over the next couple of days so I will be in to visit you again tomorrow, okay?”

“I’d really like that Sean.”

Sean bent down to give his wife another kiss and then picked up his presents and left. As Sean walked out Maria came back into the room and shut the door quietly behind her. But not before she shot Sean a dirty look.

“So you haven’t killed each other then?” asked Maria sheepishly.

“No. I think we’ve sorted things out now. He’s going to visit again tomorrow.”

“Well that’s good then. I’ll still come to see you every day as well, alright?”

“You know I love to see you Maria.”

“Right well I’m off now but I will come back tomorrow. See you later chica.”

Maria bent down and gave Liz a kiss on the cheek and then left to go home.

Liz had a funny feeling creeping into her stomach but couldn’t quite place why.

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I wasn't going to update this story yet but this chapter was done especially for Lena and Monica who asked me to update really, really nicely (okay so they threatened to lock me in a dark room but ...) ... I couldn't refuse them!!! And because they always support whatever I write ... so this is to say thank you to them!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Chapter 6

Meanwhile at the police station …………………………………….

Max and Michael went into the station through the back door and took the lift up to the first floor; this is where the CID offices were.

“You know Michael there is something I don’t understand about all of this.”

The lift doors opened and they walked towards the offices.

“What’s that Max?”

“Well Liz is lying in the hospital with an almost fatal stab wound to her shoulder and her husband doesn’t come to see her.”

Michael punches in the code to unlock the security door and they enter. As soon as they step through the door they can hear the murmur of voices coming from their colleagues who were on the phones. The security door closes automatically behind them.

“Yeah I know I thought that was a bit strange but you know how these business types are. They have IMPORTANT meetings that they just CAN’T get out of” said Michael rolling his eyes.

“Yeah but still wouldn’t you visit your wife if she had been close to being murdered?”

“Not all marriages were like yours Max. You loved your wife very much and you spent as much time as you could with her when she was dying but not everyone has that kind of relationship. Hell you were both lucky to find each other. Tess was a wonderful woman who understood you completely. She understood when you had to work ridiculous hours and when you had those bad mood swings when we had that child murder enquiry a few years back. You know I’m really surprised that you two didn’t have any kids.”

“We always thought we had time and Tess wanted me to concentrate on my career first because she knew how much it meant to me. Remember she threw me that surprise party when I got promoted to CID?” he smiled.

“Yeah and I had to keep that from you for over a week!” laughed Michael.

“I know and I knew you were hiding something from me … but you never broke once!”

“Hell no Tess warned me that if I told you then I would lose my family jewels and I’m sorry man but no friend is worth that much pain!”

“You know towards the end of her life Tess told me to be happy. She said that she wanted me to meet someone else and have the life I was supposed to. She also said that she was glad we didn’t have any children because she wouldn’t want them to go through the pain of losing their mother … I mean how selfless was that statement?”

They walked into Max’s office, took their coats off and sat down.

“Well you know maybe now is the time that you should start dating again. It has been four years Max.”

“It’s not because I don’t want to date … it’s just I haven’t found anyone I really want to date.”

“Yeah but now you have?” asked Michael.

Max looked at his partner a little confused.

“Liz DeLuca” stated Michael as if it was obvious.

“Like you said Michael she is married and I’ve never messed with another mans wife. It’s just something I don’t do.”

“I know Max but I saw the way you looked at her and I know that look. You used to look at Tess like that. You’ve already fallen for her haven’t you?” asked Michael with a sad tone to his voice.

“Michael I’ve only just met her again after all those years I hardly think that I’ve already fallen for her in the space of two days … and most of the time spent with her she was unconscious so no I don’t think I have fallen for her” replied Max.

Why was Michael being so insistent about his feelings towards Liz? It was really starting to get on his nerves.

“Fine so you haven’t fallen for her then” Michael shrugged but he knew differently.

Just when Michael was going to put his foot in it again one of the officers knocked on the door.

“Excuse me Gov’ but the video techs have just phoned to say that the CCTV footage is ready for you.”

“Did they say whether they found anything?” asked Max.

“No Gov’ all they said was that they had gone through all of the footage and pulled off anything relevant. We’ve already set up the video machine in briefing room one.”

“Okay thank you” said Max.

“Shall we go and look at that video now?” asked Michael

“Yeah I think we’ve wasted enough time waiting for Liz to wake up.”

“Well we’ve covered everything we can so far. We are still waiting for Forensics and will be for quite some time so let’s just hope that we either find the knife or something good shows up on the CCTV footage.”

“Yeah I’m not confident on this one Michael.”

“Me neither Max, me neither. Well we’ve put a sign up at the Beaconsfield train station to ask for any witnesses to contact us but it seems that, that Pam woman was the only one who saw it.”

They both started to walk and Michael opened the security door. Briefing room one was on the same floor but at the end of the corridor.

“Have we got her signed statement yet?” asked Max.

“Yeah I think it’s in the file on your desk.”

“I want to take another look at that statement once we’ve watched the CCTV footage.”

“What to see if she lied about anything?” asked Michael.

“Well we never interviewed her at the time because the constables on the scene did it. She was very co-operative, came down to the station with them and gave a full statement but I just want to make sure.”

“You’ve got a gut feeling about this haven’t you?” asked Michael.

“Not exactly Michael. I just want to make sure we have covered everything. I mean if she did see the attacker then when didn’t she yell at Liz or something?”

“Well we can only see what the video shows us, read the crime report the constables prepared for us, wait for the Forensic reports and read her statement. There has to be something that will point us in the right direction.”

“I hope so Michael … I really hope so”

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Chapter 7

Max and Michael entered briefing room one. Michael sat down when Max went to switch on the T.V. and video. Max took the video remote and sat down next to Michael.

He pressed play and the images popped up on the screen. Max and Michael leaned forward in unison. They didn’t want to miss a thing.

The CCTV footage started off in Marylebone train station in London.

“Look there she is” pointed Max to the image of Liz just coming in to view from the right of the screen.

They watched closely to see if they could spot anything unusual.

“Max look over towards the left of the screen. Do you see that man with the Camera?”


“I swear he was just pointing that camera at Liz. He just took a few pictures of her.”

“Are you sure? He could just be a tourist and is taking pictures of the station. They do that all of the time. They think it's rather quaint with the little coffee shops and stuff.”

“Rewind it Max and take a closer look. I’m almost sure that the camera was pointed towards Liz.”

Max rewound the tape and watched closely as the man raised his camera.

“Yeah it does look like he’s taking pictures of Liz. Let’s see if the video tech guys can enlarge that image. Maybe we can see what he looks like.”

“The only problem with that is this damned footage is really grainy. I don’t think we will get much from it but we can try.”

They continued to watch and the images jumped to Liz getting on the train. Max took notes of the times and anything that was relevant on the note pads that had been provided.

“Do you see anyone suspicious?” asked Michael.

“To be honest no. They all look like business people and families on their way home.”

They rewound the tape again and watched more closely but still couldn’t see anything that jumped out at them.

“Can you see the camera guy in this shot?” asked Max.


The images jumped again to the footage on the train. They watched about a half an hour of footage in minutes by fast forwarding to the sections were the train stopped and people got on and off.

Max pressed pause when they saw Pam Troy getting on the train. She looked around the carriage and found an empty seat and sat down. Not once during the journey did she look at Liz. In fact she got a book out and started to read it for the duration of the journey.

“Nothing suspicious there … yet” said Michael.

The image jumped again and they were now watching Liz get off the train. Pam Troy got off behind her but stopped to look for something in her bag.

As Liz walked towards the foot bridge they saw a shadow of a man standing in a darkened corner.

“THERE HE IS!!” shouted Michael making Max jump.

“Jesus Michael you made me jump” said Max.

They were concentrating so hard on the images that you could hear a pin drop.

“Look Pam’s turned around to use her mobile phone” said Max

They watched as the man came out of the shadows once Liz started to walk up the stairs.

“Look the bastard is turning his face away from the camera” said Michael.

“Which, means he’s scoped the place out before or he’s a local”

“Max I’m getting a bad feeling about this.”

“I know what you mean Michael.”

Pam was still on her phone so she was facing away from the attack. She must have heard something because she turned around abruptly and a look of horror came over her face. She stood frozen to the spot.

“Well it looks like she was telling the truth. She couldn’t have seen the man because he came out after she had turned around” said Michael.

“Something about that part of the footage is really bugging me but I can’t figure out why” said Max.

“Your gut instinct again?” asked Michael.

“You could call it that or I’ve seen something but the brain isn’t registering it.”

Max rewound the tape several times but just couldn’t quite place his finger on it.

They watched the rest of the tape and saw Pam run off the screen to the left.

“That must have been when she realised that Liz was injured” said Michael.

Max pressed stop on the remote ejected the tape and then switched everything off at the mains.

“Get Dave to take this back to the video techs and get them to blow that image up of the camera man. Tell them to put a rush on it.”

Michael walked back towards the office with the tape. Max hovered in the room still trying to get a grasp of what was bothering him. It just wouldn’t come. Maybe if he slept on it, it would come to him. It had happened numerous times before.

Max was the youngest person ever to make Detective Chief Inspector. He was only promoted because his solve rate was so high and also because he handled the politics very well. He knew when to stand up for himself and when to keep quiet.

He went back through the security door and towards his office. He immediately sat down and started to read the file that had been produced for him.

He read the crime report and Pam’s statement. Nothing jumped out at him. Everything they saw on the CCTV footage matched what was in the statement … but he had that niggling feeling at the back of his brain.

He slammed his fist down on the desk in frustration.

“Are you alright Max?” asked Michael appearing at the door.

“Man I’ve just got this feeling that we are missing something.”

“You’ll work it out you always do. I’ve told Dave to put a rush on that tape.”

“Thanks Michael. Here read this and see if anything jumps out at you. It’s really starting to bug me now.”

Michael read everything carefully but came to the same conclusion as Max. Everything on the CCTV matched her statement.

“What did you see on that tape to bug you so much?”

“Michael if I knew that it wouldn’t be bugging me! I want as much information from all the local snitches we have. See if they know anything.”

“I don’t think we’re going to solve this one” said Michael in an ominous tone.

“Me either and that just pisses me off!”

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Chapter 8

It had been over a week now and Liz was fed up being stuck in hospital. The food was god damn awful. She was sick of watching day time television. It was the same thing every day, soap operas and stupid talk shows were the guests revealed their private lives to the public. She couldn’t understand that mentality.

Sean had kept his promise and came to visit her every day. He also brought in a new mobile phone for her which she took outside to call Max. He told her that he would save her number into his personal mobile but had nothing to report on the case so far. She apologised to him again for not being more observant.

“Liz, don’t please. You have no reason to apologise. You were attacked, it was dark and you did the best you could.”

“I know but it just annoys me. How is the case going? Have you found anything out yet?”

“I can’t really discuss the case with you in detail Liz. All I can tell you right now is that we are doing our best to find this guy.”

“You don’t think you’re going to catch him do you? I can tell by your voice.”

“I’m not saying that right now. It’s not looking good at the moment but we’ve got a few leads to follow up.”

“Okay well I’m sorry to bother you I just wanted you to have my new number just in case you need to get hold of me for some reason.”

“Thanks Liz. If we have any news we’ll contact you again okay?”

“Okay bye”

“Bye Liz and take care.”

“Thank you”

She was sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for Sean to pick her up. She just wanted to go home and have a shower. A nurse entered the room.

“Hello Mrs DeLuca here is your release papers for you to sign and all of the medication you are going to require. Now that pad that was put on this morning has to be kept dry and on for at least two days.”

“There goes the idea of a shower.”

“In a couple of days a District Nurse will come out to see you and take out the stitches.”

“Thank you so much for looking after me” said Liz.

“You’re welcome Mrs DeLuca.”

The nurse left her private room and went about her daily duties.

Liz was just checking what time it was when Sean walked in. He bent down and gave her a passionate kiss.

“I’m so happy you’re coming home today. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I can’t wait to get out of here. It’s been driving me mad!” smiled Liz.

“Come on let’s get you down to the car.”

Sean drove them back to the mansion.

“Home sweet home” said Liz as Sean pulled up into the driveway.

“I know it’s been too quiet without you here.”

They got out of the car and Sean went to the boot to get Liz’s bags out. He didn’t let the servants do it because he wanted to show Liz that he cared about her. He still had a lot of making up to do.

As she walked through the front door all of the servants were there to greet her. They had missed her because she was the one who kept Sean under control. Without her being there he was a total nightmare to deal with.

Sean got Liz settled and the maid brought in a silver tray of tea and a wonderful assortment of little cakes. Sean poured her a cup and put a few of her favourite cakes on a plate for her.

“I don’t want you doing anything too strenuous because I don’t want your wound to open up okay?”

Liz rolled her eyes. God she hated when he was overprotective like this. He wasn’t going to give her any peace.

This is how it was for the next week. She loved her husband and had missed him but all his pampering made her feel claustrophobic. He was constantly with her at all times of the day and night.

He even had the nerve to try and initiate sex. This was something she didn’t want right now. She was in constant pain. The pills were helping but he had told her not to do anything strenuous and yet he tried to get her to do that! He just complained that the District Nurse had already removed her stitches so the wound must be okay by now.

Finally the following Monday morning he was back to his old self and returned to work which ironically suited her just fine.

She had noticed one of the older maids constantly hovering around her so she asked what was wrong.

“Grace you’ve been watching me all week are you alright?”

“I’m fine Mrs DeLuca I just want to make sure you’re alright.”

“Did Sean put you up to this?”

“No ma’am” said Grace as she left the room.

Liz thought that Grace looked like she was worried about something and normally the staff would talk to her about their problems because she always listened and tried to help. She couldn’t help wondering what was wrong. Maybe Sean had upset her but she didn’t want to say anything whilst Liz was still recovering.

The phone rang startling Liz out of her thoughts.


“Hello Liz is that you?”


“We need you to come down to the station we have some news for you.”

“I’ll be there in about an hour” replied Liz.

“Thank you.”

It was Max and he didn’t sound happy.

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Chapter 9

As Liz got ready to go to the police station she was wondering what had Max so upset. Had they found the man who attacked her? Was he not co-operating? Did they need her to view a line up?

All these thoughts were running through her head. What really annoyed her was if he was in a line up she probably wouldn’t recognise him but she might … just might recognise his voice. She started to get excited about the idea. If she could identify his voice then maybe Max will stand a chance of solving the crime.

She grabbed her keys and bag from the living room and rushed towards the front door but was stopped by Grace.

“Excuse me ma’am are you going out?”

“Yes” said Liz.

“May I ask what time you will be back … just so I can let the cook know?”

“Oh well see I’m not sure. I will phone you when I’m on my way home. I have to go to the police station … not sure why but it looks like there is some news on my case.”

“Already? Well that was fast. I really hope it goes well for you. If you ever need me for anything ma’am I’m always here.”

Now Liz was shocked. Grace was always quiet and minded her own business but only ever gave Liz a “yes ma’am” type of response. In fact Liz realised that Grace never stepped over that professional line … until now.

“Grace are you sure you’re alright?” Liz asked slightly worried.

“I-I’m fine thank you ma’am. I just REALLY hope they find out who did that to you” said Grace pointing at Liz’s shoulder.

“Well thank you for caring Grace” said Liz in all honesty.

Grace opened the door for her and she got into her car and drove rather fast out of the driveway.

As she reached the police station she went around the back and parked in the visitors spot.

She got out of the car and saw Max waiting for her by an un-marked police car.

He did not look happy at all.

“Hi Max” said Liz as she approached him.

“Good morning Liz” said Max as he opened the back door for her to get into the car.

She looked into his face with a slightly worried look on hers.

“M-Max what’s wrong?”

“We think we know who stabbed you that night. We are waiting for the forensic report but were pretty sure it’s him.”

“How? How can you be so sure?” asked Liz.

“We found the knife and your possessions by him.”

“Oh that’s wonderful news but if that’s the case why are you looking so glum?”

“We are going to visit him at the morgue Liz. He was murdered probably the same night he attacked you.”

Liz’s heart sank at the news. This meant that they probably wouldn’t know for sure if this was the man.

She got into the car and stayed quiet for the rest of the journey. She wasn’t looking forward to looking at a dead man.

As they entered the morgue they were shown to a viewing room which had a glass window. She could see a body lying there under a sheet. The bile in her stomach started to rise up to her throat.

“Oh my god Max I don’t think I can do this.”

Max placed his hand on the small of her back and rubbed it in a circular motion. For some reason it calmed her nerves.

“It’s alright Liz you’re not going to see anything but his face. I’m hoping that you may recognise something about his features” said Max in a gentle tone.

Michael watched the interaction between the two and just shook his head slightly.

Liz looked into Max’s eyes and realised that he didn’t really want her to do this … but he had to know.

The Coroners assistant came into the room and looked at Max who nodded slightly. He pulled back the sheet exposing the man’s face. It wasn’t a pretty sight. She knew just by looking at him that he had started to decompose but the Coroner had done his best to make the face … more human.

Liz started to feel sick but she knew she had to do this. She looked carefully at the man before her and started to have flashbacks about the attack. She faltered slightly and Max grabbed her arm.

“Are you alright Liz?” Max asked concerned.

“No, I – I need to get out of here NOW!” screamed Liz.

Max escorted Liz out of the room and to the women’s toilets. She ran in and vomited violently. Once she had finished she rinsed her mouth out with water and splashed some on her now very hot face.

“Are you alright Liz?” asked Max as she stepped out of the bathroom.

“I-I’m fine now. I’m so sorry about that. I-I never seen a dead body before.”

“I’m so sorry that you had to see that Liz. I really didn’t want you to in fact me and DI Guerin had an argument about it but we don’t have many more leads to go on.”

“It’s fine Max and yes that was the man who attacked me. I started to relive that night in my mind when you showed me his face … and … and I remembered at one point he turned his face slightly towards the light and I caught a glimpse of him. He is definitely the one.”

“Thank you. Now we have a whole new investigation to deal with.”

“Do you know what happened?”

“I shouldn’t really be telling you this but all I can say is that he was killed on the same night that he attacked you. In fact his body was found in a park not far from where the crime took place. He is a well known drug user and we think something went wrong that night. That’s all I can tell you Liz.”

“Oh so like he might have been killed by his dealer or something?”

Max just nodded. That’s not what he thought but he couldn’t tell Liz that. There was something about this whole case that was really starting to grate on his nerves.

“I’m afraid your property is with forensics at the moment and is being held as evidence. You probably won’t get it back Liz. The ring is also missing.”

“I don’t care about that Max. I’m just glad that we now know who did this to me.”

“Come on let’s go back and get DI Guerin and we can get out of here.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me.”

“You can come into the station and give a formal statement now that you’ve recovered if you wouldn’t mind.”

“No that’s fine Max. I know you have a job to do.”

They went back to the viewing room to get DI Guerin and made their way to the car. Liz walked faster than them trying to get out into the fresh air. This whole place was starting to make her feel ill again, along with the dizzying flashbacks she was still having.

“So, was it him?”

“She’s given us a positive I.D. When she saw his face she remembered that he turned towards the light at some point.”

“You know what Max? I don’t like this whole case.”

“I know what you’re thinking Michael and I’m getting the same feeling.”

“Then we are going to continue looking into this?”

“I don’t know how long for because the powers that be will say she’s made a positive I.D., forensics will probably prove this is the perpetrator and then the Chief will consider Liz’s case closed.”

“Yeah but we could quietly investigate it as part of his case” said Michael with a sly smile on his face.

“Oh I’m not giving up Michael. There is too much about this case that is bugging me but we have to be careful how we go about this.”

“Sean De Luca?” asked Michael.


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A/N: Hey guys don’t hate me but you're not going to find out anything just yet … there’s more to come … a lot more … all will be explained in the chapters to come … I promise. It is necessary for the story plot so please don’t threaten to shoot or beat me!!! :lol: :?

Chapter 10

August, 2006

God it had been one of the hottest days on record. Max and Michael had just finished a long shift at work. They had finally managed to get a weekend off together and the party was just about to start.

They had, had a very hard day. They had just finished investigating the murder of an eleven year old boy, who had been stabbed in the chest a total of twelve times. Unfortunately knife crime was on the increase and it was getting more publicity than the police force or government would wish.

They had managed to catch the bastards that did this to the boy but they weren’t surprised to learn that a gang of eleven to fifteen year olds were the perpetrators of the crime.

This is the sort of thing that was making Max reconsider his position in the police force. He wasn’t sure just how long he could go on. The criminals these days seemed to be getting younger and younger and this disheartened Max.

They constantly put their lives at risk every day … without much protection. Oh they had bullet proof and stab vests but they weren’t armed themselves. No, the police in England were virtually unprotected. A regular Constable would carry a club (truncheon) and pepper spray, although the government were thinking about issuing the police force with taser guns but this was still undecided.

If any one of the policemen decided to stop a suspicious car which, unawares to them, actually had a gunman in it … well they simply wouldn’t stand a chance. Oh they have an armed response unit to deal with those sorts of situations but that’s only if they actually got the chance to radio ahead to them.

Max was currently getting changed, after taking a cool shower, into his ‘going out’ attire when Michael knocked on Max’s bedroom door.

“Jesus Max aren’t you ready yet? I want to get this party started. Where are we going tonight?”

“I thought we could do a few of the pubs first and then go on to a club later on?”

“That sounds good to me. Are you even going to bother picking up a date for tonight?”

Max just shot a warning look at Michael as he put on his aftershave.

“Come on man it’s been six years since Tess has passed away and two years since …”

“DON’T Michael, just DON’T” said Max.

Not a day went by when he didn’t think about her. Oh he had been on dates but none of them could come up to her standard. He couldn’t understand why he felt this way because he barely knew the person she had become but something just clicked inside when he saw her for the first time in years.

“We’ll get a taxi into London and then we don’t have to worry about who’s driving home” said Max changing the subject.

“I’ll go and phone for one whilst you finish getting ready” said Michael leaving the room.

Max was really looking forward to this night out. He hadn’t gotten a chance to go out with Michael for some time now and when they got together … they always had a good time.

He was dressed in a light beige pair of combat pants, a tight white t-shirt and a beige pair of light boots. He took his brown leather coat with him because he knew how cold the nights could get … but some how he doubted it tonight. Still it was better to be safe than sorry.

He left the bedroom, closing the door behind him and walked down the stairs to where Michael was waiting for him. He grabbed his wallet and keys from the basket in the kitchen.

“Are you ready to go?” asked Max.

“Yeah right, like I haven’t been ready for over an hour now. I swear Max you’re more like a woman than a man! Jeeze it takes ages for you to get ready” said Michael laughing.

“Come on let’s get this show on the road” said Max as he heard the taxi’s horn outside the house.

Max double locked the door and got into the taxi with Michael. Yep, tonight was going to be a good night. They really needed to blow off some steam.

They were chatting away in the back of the taxi as they made their way towards London. It was only 29 miles away but it would probably take them over an hour to get there because of the M25. It is one of the busiest motorways in England and the most dangerous. That was, of course, before they decided to put speed cameras up. Even then it was still bad.

Max and Michael made a rule never to discuss anything to do with their jobs whilst they were out. They had enough of that to deal with on a daily basis.

They finally reached London and started drinking in ‘The Slug and Lettuce’. It was a rather nice kind of bar. As you walked through the double doors the bar was immediately to your left and took up the whole side of that wall. The rest of the place was fitted out with comfortable faux leather sofas and wooden tables. The music was played at an acceptable level; that was until later on in the evening.

Max walked up to the bar and ordered two Sambuca shots and double vodkas and cokes, ice, no lemons. He looked around for Michael and found him situated at the back of the room next to the window. He had his back towards the wall and Max did the same when he reached the table. It was just something they did so nobody could ever catch them off guard … plus they could watch people coming and going.

Max got a lighter out of his pocket and lit the Sambucas.

“Ready to get this party started?” asked Max.

“Hell, yeah. I’ve needed this for about a week now!” said Michael.

They both blew out the blue flames and drank the warm liquid down in one go. They both grimaced as the liquid travelled down their throats. They always started a party night with that specific drink … it was a kind of toast to themselves for solving so many crimes.

During the night the music began to get louder and the bar was filling up rapidly.

“Do you want to go anywhere else yet?” asked Max.

“Nah, I’m quite happy sitting here for a while longer” said Michael.

Max surveyed the room and to any normal person it would seem that everyone was having a good time but Max was a little more observant than most. He noticed a couple sitting in the opposite corner to him and could tell by watching their body language that they did not feel comfortable with one another. Maybe a first date or possibly work colleagues who really didn’t like one another but were stuck together for the night … ah who knows but it was fun to guess.

He turned around to talk to Michael again when he saw a flash of white out of the corner of his eye. He looked towards the door and there she was. A vision of beauty personified. He could not take his eyes off her.

She was wearing tight, black trousers that clung to her like a second skin. The trousers had a look of silk to them, tucked into black knee length, high healed boots.

Her white top finished just underneath her breasts and she was baring her midriff. Her hair was twisted up and held by a golden clip that sparkled in the lights. Curls were cascading down around the twist and she had two curls either side of her face.

But it was her eyes that caught his attention … she had somehow made them look smoky but natural at the same time and those lips … god those lips were covered with a pink candy floss lipstick that also sparkled in the light.

She simply took his breath away and then she turned and looked directly at him, he was mesmerised.

Her name slipped from his lips "Liz ...." and he smiled.

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A/N: This chapter was done for Ginger. Thanks for the bump.

Chapter 11

Liz had just finished in the shower. She was now dressed and blow drying her hair. It had been one hot day today and Maria was due to pick her up soon. She grabbed hold of her dried hair, twisted it up and stuck a large gold clip in it. Then she pulled a few strands down around her face and started to curl them.

“Come on in Maria!” shouted Liz as she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

“Liz your still in you're bath robe!” groaned Maria as she walked through the door.

Liz laughed and spun around to face Maria.

“No Maria, I am dressed. I just have this on so my makeup doesn’t go on my clothes” she said pointing at her trousers.

“Oh okay so you are nearly ready then?”

“Just about I’ve just got to put my makeup on and I will be ready. I’ve kind of forgotten how long it takes me to get ready because I haven’t been out in a long time.”

“I know that. Why do you think I forced you to come tonight? It’s not healthy for you to sit here day in, day out, waiting for my wayward cousin to come home from his ever increasing business trips.”

“You know Maria I am sure that he’s having an affair. He’s hardly ever home and when he is …” Liz drifted off into a kind of trance.

Over the past year Maria had been watching Liz sink into depression and she really wanted to know what was causing it. She had even tried to get Liz to go and see a doctor to get it sorted out but she simply refused. She always said that there was nothing wrong with her.

“When he is …?” asked Maria gently trying to prompt Liz into telling her what was wrong.

“Nothing” said Liz shaking her head and sighing.

“Liz, please tell me what is going on. Are you getting depressed because you think he’s having an affair?”

“Maria, please just leave it alone. I’m fine honestly” said Liz placing a fake smile on her face.

There was no way she was going to tell Maria what had been going on. She knew what Maria would do if she found out and that would cause a hell of a lot of trouble which she just couldn’t cope with right now.

She turned towards her vanity desk and started applying her make-up skilfully. Once she had finished she took off her bath robe and heard Maria whistle.

“You are going for the kill tonight aren’t you?” said Maria with wide eyes but then her face creased “Hey have you been losing weight?”

Liz just laughed.

“If I have lost weight it’s not intentional” said Liz.

That’s it Maria was determined to find out what was going on with Liz. She was going to have to do it carefully but first she would start with questioning the staff. One way or another she would get to the bottom of Liz’s problem.

“Come let’s go” said Liz grabbing her leather jacket, purse and house keys.

“I’ve hired us a limo for the evening … I thought we might as well travel in style since it’s the first time you’ve been out in a while.”

“Great so neither of us needs to drive then. Good idea Maria” said Liz smiling “Hey why don’t you go down to the car and let the driver know we are coming. I need to get something from the bathroom.”

“Okay I’ll meet you down there.”

Once Maria had left her bedroom … Liz went into the bathroom to get a glass of water and then searched her vanity desk drawers for her little white pills. She took one out of the packet, put it on her tongue, took a big swig of water and then swallowed.

“Well tonight is going to be a good one” she said checking her make-up once last time in the mirror before she left her bedroom and headed for the limo waiting outside.

Grace was standing by the door as Liz came down the stairs. She opened the door for Liz.

“Good night Grace, give the staff the rest of the night off. I’m not sure what time I will be back so don’t double lock the front door.”

“I will let the staff know Liz and thank you. I really hope you have a good night tonight you haven’t been out in a long time” smiled Grace.

“Thanks Grace I will see you tomorrow!”

“Just be careful out there Liz. I don’t want anything happening to you.”

Liz just rolled her eyes. Ever since Liz was stabbed two years ago Grace had become more motherly towards her. After all she was 50 years old with grey hair that was always tied back into a loose bun.

“I’ll try to be careful Grace” smiled Liz as she made her way towards the Limo. As she stepped inside Maria shoved a vodka and coke into her hand.

“We’re starting early” smiled Maria waving her hand at the fully stocked bar that came with the Limo.

“Bottoms up!” said Liz downing the drink in one go and then pouring her and Maria another one.

She knew that it wasn’t sensible to drink with what she had just taken but she knew how to handle herself on them … or so she thought.

She carefully sipped the second drink and made it last until they had reached London, Maria was on her fourth.

The Limo pulled up outside ‘The Slug and Lettuce’ pub and the girls got out. Liz immediately took off her leather coat as the heat hit her. The driver told them to phone him about fifteen minutes before they wanted to leave and he would be waiting outside for them.

“Okay thank you!” said Liz passing the driver a £20 tip. What the hell she was rich, she could afford it.

“Maria I don’t want no talk about my husband, your cousin, okay? I want to have a good night tonight.”

“What husband, what cousin?” said Maria smiling as she opened the door for Liz to step through.

As they both entered the bar the music and chatter hit their ears. Liz started to make her way towards the bar when she felt as if someone was staring at her. She turned to look and smiled at the handsome man before her. She watched as he mouthed her name.

He stood up and started to walk towards her only to be held back by the man sitting beside him.

“Max don’t do it man, she’s married!” warned Michael as he watched the look on Max’s face.

“Let go of my arm Michael” said Max through gritted teeth.

“It’s your funeral, don’t say I didn’t warn you” said Michael letting go of Max’s arm.

Max couldn’t believe how Michael was acting. Okay so he knew that Liz was married but he had no intention of getting involved with her … he didn’t the first time around so why would he now?

Maria grabbed hold of Liz and whispered rather loudly into her ear.

“Isn’t that the policeman from your case a couple of years back?”

“Uh huh”

“Oh and there’s his obnoxious partner, what was his name again?”

“Michael Guerin”

“How on earth did you remember his name?” asked Maria shocked.

“Well that time will be forever imprinted on my brain Maria. It’s hardly something I could forget.”

“Hi Liz” smiled Max.

His sexy deep voice made her shiver slightly as he said her name.

“Hi Max”

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Chapter 12

“Hi Liz” smiled Max.

His sexy, deep voice made her shiver slightly as he said her name.

“Hi Max”


Liz went to walk towards the bar to buy Maria and herself a drink when Max gently grabbed her arm to stop her movements.

“Allow me. What are you ladies drinking?”

“Double vodka and cokes please” said Maria smiling.

“Why don’t you take a seat next to Michael and I will bring your drinks over.”

Maria and Liz sat down at the table where Michael was sitting.

“Hello Liz, Maria, how are you both?” said Michael with a small smile on his face.

“We’re fine thank you Michael. I can call you Michael now can’t I?” asked Liz with a slight smile on her face.

“The case was closed nearly two years ago Liz so yes it’s okay for you to call me Michael now.”

“You know what has always bugged me about that?” asked Maria.

Michael turned to look at the hot blonde that was sitting opposite to him. Why hadn’t he seen how beautiful her green eyes were before?

“Tell me what bugged you about it Maria?” He actually really wanted to know because both he and Max had big doubts about Liz’s case but the man at the top didn’t want to waste any more time on the matter. As far as he was concerned the case was closed. They had found the culprit.

“Don’t you think it was a little too convenient?” asked Maria.

Michael smiled a little.

“What makes you say that?”

“Well to be honest the whole thing to me seemed a bit strange. I mean this person stabs Liz, gets her ring and stuff, this blonde woman comes to help and then later in the evening the guy is shot? Also why, if that blonde woman had a mobile phone, did she not call the police during the attack? She only called them after phoning the ambulance. Nothing seems right about it.”

“To be honest Maria, Max and I felt the same way but the investigation has been officially closed. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

“Yeah but you didn’t even interview her husband. I was sure you were going to do that but you never did. Why was that?”

“Are you saying that you think your cousin had something to do with it?”

“No!! Oh my god, no that’s not what I meant at all. It’s just I thought that the main suspect was always the husband or wife in these circumstances.”

“Well I have to say that if we hadn’t of found the body then we probably would’ve be looking at Mr DeLuca.”

“See that’s what I’m saying it’s all too much of a coincidence for my liking. I mean whoever shot the perpetrator never took anything except for the ring. You know left the expensive bag behind, along with cash. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Surely if it was a drug deal gone wrong then whoever shot him would have picked up the cash at least?”

“How do you know all of that information Maria?” asked Michael curiously.

“I read the newspapers you know,” replied Maria rolling her eyes.

During the whole conversation Liz had drifted off into her own little world. The little white pill that Liz took earlier was starting to kick in. She had a warm fuzzy feeling racing through her veins but then she suddenly felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end!!

“Is that how you felt Liz?”

This question brought her out of her inner thoughts and she turned to Michael.

“Pardon me?”

He just looked at her strangely and repeated his question.

“I asked if that is how you felt about it.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t listening, how do I feel about what?”

This time it was Maria who looked at her funny.

“Liz we’ve just had a whole conversation here, where were you?”

“Sorry, I’ve just got the strangest feeling,” replied Liz distractedly.

“What do you mean Liz?” asked Maria.

“Like someone is watching me,” said Liz as she looked around the pub.

Michael didn’t like the sound of that and he casually glanced around the room to see if he could spot anyone. What neither of them realised was the person watching her wasn’t actually in the pub but was watching her through the window from afar.

Max had finally been served at the busy bar and was currently trying to pick up all the glasses and take them to the table.

He felt a warm soft hand on his arm and he swore that he felt some sort of warm tingle work its way up. As if the heat from her skin was seeping into his.

“Let me take some of those for you Max,” breathed Liz seductively into his ear.

Max swallowed hard and felt a slight twinge in his trouser area, as a soft whisper of her breath hit his face.

“S-Sure Liz,” replied Max trying to keep himself under control.

They both headed back to the table.

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Max had finally been served at the busy bar and was currently trying to pick up all the glasses and take them to the table.

He felt a warm soft hand on his arm and he swore that he felt some sort of warm tingle work its way up. As if the heat from her skin was seeping into his.

“Let me take some of those for you Max,” breathed Liz seductively into his ear.

Max swallowed hard and felt a slight twinge in his trouser area, as a soft whisper of her breath hit his face.

“S-Sure Liz,” replied Max trying to keep himself under control.

They both headed back to the table.

Chapter 13

Max sat back down at the table once he had distributed the drinks accordingly.

“I … erm … I’m just going to use the ladies room. I won’t be long,” said Liz already heading towards the bathroom.


As Liz entered the ladies rooms she immediately looked around for a free cubicle. She was starting to feel the effect of the ecstasy pill she had taken earlier. Her heart rate increased and a torrent of euphoria washed through her whole body. Like a sequence of waves of energy, pleasure and bliss, so profound and so powerful.

She entered one of the vacant cubicles and slammed the door shut, locked it, closed the toilet seat and sat down. She started to experience a mild sense of nausea as the rush intensified. She leaned over and placed her head in her hands.

She had a sensation of warmth running through her chest. All of her senses seemed to intensify. The feeling of something beneath her finger tips, more aware of what was around her, smells more potent and just having a kind of higher state of consciousness.

She had a tingling feeling in her fingertips, her energy seemed to increase and she became a little more introspective than she normally would.

She had to try and ride out the rush before she went back to the table because she was sure that Max would be able to recognise the signs of her drug use.


“So Maria, how have you and Liz been over the last two years?” asked Max. For some strange reason he was getting a strange vibe off the group and couldn’t understand why.

“Well I’m fine thank you but Liz, I’m not so sure about.”

“Oh, why?” He tried not to sound too interested but he wanted to know. There wasn’t a day that went by that he did not think about her. She was on his mind constantly but just recently he had chastised himself for pining over a woman he hardly knew and made a conscious effort not to let her affect him anymore.

Now that she was here in the flesh, all those feelings came rushing back and he knew that this time he would throw caution to the wind and actually go for it. No longer did it matter that she was married, he didn’t care. He had to tell her how he felt and see what happened afterwards.

“Well just a minute ago she thought someone was watching her or rather had a feeling someone was watching her,” replied Michael.

“Yeah and it’s not the first time either. She doesn’t know why but every now and again she feels as if someone is either following her or watching her. Every time she turns around to see if it’s true or not, there doesn’t seem to be anyone there. She has never recognised the same face in a crowd for instance,” explained Maria.

“WHAT! Are you telling me that this has happened before?” asked Michael.

“Yeah and it’s really starting to creep me out now because when I’ve gone with her, sometimes I get that feeling but again I’ve never found anything to substantiate it. When I’m with her I find myself looking at all the faces in the crowd just in case.”

“But when you are on your own you don’t feel this way?” asked Max.

“No, never but then maybe it’s just her anxiety rubbing off on me. Hell I don’t know but it doesn’t happen all the time and when it does she feels it too. Like I said, it’s really starting to creep me out. God knows how she handles it all the time.”

“Is her husband still in the country when she gets these feelings?” asked Michael.

Max couldn’t believe what Michael had just asked Maria. Did he forget that this was her cousin he was asking about? Could he be any more subtle … he doubted it.

“Look I know you guys think that Sean had something to do with her stabbing a couple of years ago and to be honest I wasn’t sure either but sometimes he is in the country when she feels like she’s being followed and other times he is away on business. Right now I don’t know what to think. I know my cousin can be under handed and sneaky sometimes but I really doubt he would ever try to hurt Liz. Not like that anyway.”

“Could Liz have some information on him that maybe he doesn’t want her to expose and has been trying to silence her?” Max asked, as he started to feel more comfortable about asking Maria these questions, since she herself first had doubts about her cousin.

“I doubt it but then she has never said anything to me about him in that way. Although sometimes...” Maria suddenly got a faraway look in her eyes.

“Although sometimes what Maria?” asked Max starting to worry about the look on Maria’s face.

“I’m back!” said Liz as she placed her hand on Max’s shoulder.

Max was about to ask Maria the question again but she just shook head.

They continued to talk about what they had been up to over the last couple of years and stayed for one more drink. Then Liz invited them both to join her and Maria at the club.

Michael’s initial thought was to turn them both down but when he glanced at Max he realised that nothing he could do or say would stop Max tonight. He had that determined look in his eyes.

He knew that this was going to cause a heap load of trouble for the both of them but what could he do? He was his friend after all and he’d been waiting for Max to show some sort of interest in a woman ever since Tess had died but why the hell did it have to be someone that was already married?

They finished their drinks and headed outside to catch a taxi. As soon as Liz had stepped out of the door she felt that feeling of being watched again and it frightened her. She scanned the area but couldn’t see anyone that really stood out.

“This is really starting to get on my damn nerves now!” she said quietly to herself, or so she thought.

“What’s getting on your damn nerves Liz?” asked Maria slightly confused.

“What?” she looked at Maria with shock written over her face, she did not want anyone to hear that remark.

“Oh ... erm ... nothing, I was just kinda thinking out loud” said Liz, distracted as she surveyed the area yet again.

“Oh shit, you’ve got it again haven’t you?” said Maria finally realising what had her friend so upset.

“No, it’s not that, seriously I’m fine!” insisted Liz putting on a fake smile. She didn’t want to get Max and Michael involved.

Max gently grabbed Liz by the arm and spun her around. He looked directly into her eyes and his forehead creased in confusion for a second. She honestly thought that he had just realised that she was on something but then he smiled at her.

“What’s going on Liz? Is Maria right? Are you getting that feeling again, of being watched I mean?”

“No!” said Liz pulling her arm away from Max. The last thing she needed was for him to see the state she was in. All this attention was screwing with her mind and she was becoming more paranoid that Max would be able to tell that she’d taken something.

“Can we just drop the damn subject please!” shouted Liz as she stormed off to towards an awaiting taxi.

Max stood there slightly speechless for a second and then turned to Maria who just shrugged. She had no idea what had gotten into her friend this evening. Normally she wasn’t this jumpy even when she did suspect she was being followed.

This was a new side to Liz that Maria hadn’t seen before, or more to the point had not noticed before ... and she didn’t like it.

“Hey!” shouted Max as he caught up with Liz.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you in anyway. I kind of have this bad habit of going into cop mode when I ask questions and I’m nosey as well,” said Max.

“Look Max I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bite your head off back there. I just don’t really want to talk about the subject anymore. So let’s get going to that club and enjoy ourselves.”

“Great” smiled Max as he opened the Taxi door for Liz to step inside.

“Were do you want to go?” asked the driver.

“The Cross, near Kings Cross, please” replied Liz.

The driver waited for the rest of the group to get in and then made his way into the crazy London traffic.

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Chapter 14

As they walked through the doors of the club, after queuing for an hour to get in, they could hear the thumping beats of all different kinds of music.

The Cross had several rooms and had a capacity for about 2080 people. It was based in a warehouse not far from Kings Cross train station.

The Transient Room was a massive rectangle shape with a bar on both sides, covering the expanse of the room. The dance floor was raised and lit with soft white lights. There was ‘glow in the dark’ paint splattered all along the walls and the bars were lit with a soft blue light. It was just enough so you could see the person you were dancing or drinking with. The toilets were situated at the back along with a cloak room.

As they walked through the double doors of The Transient Room the music blasted their ears and they could see a sea of heads and bodies moving in time with the music. Liz immediately started to feel the effect of her drug, she got Goosebumps (chicken skin) over her arms and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. A wave of euphoric pleasure ripped through her body making her feel warm and safe.

Max bent down to Liz’s ear and shouted “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DRINK!” whilst making the universal drink sign with his hand.



“WATER!” she shouted as loud as she could.

“MY ROUND!” she shouted again as she handed Max some money. He tried his best to return it to her but she wouldn’t hear of it.

“WE’LL BE ON THE DANCE FLOOR!” shouted Liz as she motioned her hand towards the dance area.

Max just nodded and then walked to the bar along with Michael. The room was swarmed with hot, sweaty but surprisingly happy people. Max took one look around and then shouted in Michael’s ear.



They both knew that most of the people in that room were either popping pills or snorting something. Hell even the club knew because they had bins of water full of ice and bottled water but the club did all it could to check for drugs.

Each person was searched by a bouncer of the same sex. The women’s bags were searched as well as their bodies but you would be surprised where people would hide their stash, some in the lining of their bra’s, underneath their foot in their shoes or even down their knickers. The club even went as far as to search cigarette packets but still the drugs got through.

As long as they didn’t catch anyone outright dealing in public Michael and Max would just have to shut their eyes to what was going on under their noses.

“Although a possible raid might be in order soon,” thought Max.

All of a sudden the club was thrown into complete darkness, the music stopped and the lights turned on fully. A lot of the drug users shielded their sensitive eyes with their hands. Everyone in the club did a collective groan as the lights affected the transient mood. You could see the sea of heads turning around trying to find out what was going on ... and then ... they were plunged into total darkness again.

A few screams could be heard resonating around the room and then the DJ pushed his volume button to the fullest and straight back down again. The crowd started to whistle, shout and scream in joy. Cafe Del Mar’s – Energy 52, was coming on next! The DJ kept raising the sound up to full volume and then quiet again.

The crowd of people started to whistle in time to the tune and when the DJ finally decided to put them out of their misery he turned the music up full blast and the laser light display started. The crowd roared and clapped in appreciation, smoke filled the room and the sea of bodies started moving in sync with the music again.

It was the DJ’s way of getting the crowd pumped up for his shift and it worked. All the top DJ’s that worked the circuit would come and play a set here, some of the biggest names in the business, the ones who played in places like Cream, Manumission and Ministry Of Sound.

Max and Michael turned to look at one another and they both smiled. Oh yes this was going to be one hell of an interesting night.


As they were plunged into darkness Liz smiled. She knew what was about to happen since she’d be frequenting this club for a while now. This was the first time Maria had been with her though and she clung to Liz as if her life depended on it.

“It’s okay Maria, just wait and see what happens!” whispered Liz excitedly.

As the DJ turned his music up and the laser lights started the whole dance floor came alive. Even Maria, who wasn’t taking anything, got caught up in the moment and screamed in appreciation as the laser lights came on.

“Whooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo!” screamed Maria as the full force of the music hit her.

Liz just laughed, closed her eyes; she could hear every aspect of the music and started to dance in time with the rhythm and crowd. The only thing that had ever come close to this kind of feeling was amazing, toe curling sex which she, of course, hadn’t experienced in a long time.

She felt a hand placed on her shoulder and she turned around to see a rather hot looking Max. He encircled her waist and pulled her tight against his rock hard body. His lips just inches away from hers, he looked directly into her eyes ... and then it hit him ... he knew she was on something. Even though it was dark inside the room her pupils were way too dilated.
He took a slight step back and mouthed the word “Why?”

Liz shook her head in denial, turned around and started dancing seductively to the music. If Max wasn’t interested in her, someone else would be.

Max had to make a decision right there and then. Either he finds out what the hell is going on in Liz’s life and tries to help her ... or he leaves right now ... never to look back. Watching her gorgeous body, with that slight sheen of perspiration that made it look like she had oil on her skin, made the decision for him. He was in it for the long haul.

He shimmied close to her body, encircling his arms around her waist and placing is hands on her hot, slick skin. He dipped his head down to the crux of her neck; kissed and sucked on the sensitive part, between the neck and the shoulder, moulded his body to hers and moved in time. They became one, moving in perfect time with each other.

Liz let out a seductive moan as Max’s lips latched on to her neck. The combination of his spicy aftershave, sweat and her pill made all her senses really come alive, to the point where she almost lost it on the dance floor. She knew that at this particular moment nothing or no one would be able to stand in their way.

As the music transformed into Barbers Adagio for Strings - mixed by William Orbit, Liz smiled at Max, winked, broke away from his grasp and joined the rest of the people jumping and dancing in time with the music ... Max did the same, it was hard not to in this environment. Sometimes you just didn’t need that extra little help to get to a higher state of consciousness, the music and atmosphere did it alone.

After spending a long time dancing the group left the dance floor, grabbed their drinks and headed to the renowned ‘Chill Out Room’.

Here they played soft versions of trance and house. Sofa’s and bean bags scattered the entire floor of the room, allowing a walkway right in the middle in order for people to get to the bar. The music in this room was set at a lower level of decibels so that you could at least hold a conversation. The lighting was soft, yet in abundance so that you could see every patron that graced the establishment. In short, it was fan-freaking-tastic after having the music downstairs piercing your eardrums and making them bleed.

Liz went to the bar and bought another round of drinks, handed them out and sat down on one of the bean bags. They all sat and chatted whilst having several drinks before they decided to go to The UK Garage Room.

Liz took this opportunity to pop to the toilet again. As she entered her cubicle she shoved her hand down her bra and pulled out a small plastic packet which had another pill in it. She downed that with water, did her business and left the bathroom.


By the time 4am came around they’d had enough. They were all exhausted from dancing and the heat. As they stepped outside the club they pulled out some sunglasses to beat the glare of the morning light, it was painful to the eyes after being in the dark for so long. As they made their way outside the confines of the club a promoter was nearby to hand them a bag containing a lollipop and flyers advertising another club that continued on until Sunday night.

None of the group wanted to do that. Max desperately wanted to spend the rest of the evening with Liz but he couldn’t do that to his friend. They had gone out together and therefore would go home together.

“Max, we don’t have to be on duty until Tuesday right?” asked Michael.

“Yeah, right we booked the time off for once,” laughed Max.

“Well I don’t live too far from where Maria is so I’m going to get a taxi with her, if that’s alright?” he winked at Max.

“Yeah sure, that’s if Maria doesn’t mind?” said Max.

“No, no, that’s fine. I’m sure Liz can find her own way home,” said Maria as she stared into Michael’s eyes. At this moment in time she wanted to ravish that solid body that lay beneath those rather tasteful clothes.

“Yep see you on Tuesday Max!” shouted Michael as he and Maria stepped into a cab.

Both Liz and Max waved the couple off before turning around to look at one another.

“I guess I’d better ...”

“go ...” said Max finishing off her sentence.

“Yeah ... it was great spending some time with you Max” said Liz as she turned to walk away.

Max gently grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“Liz ... please ... I ...”

She looked into those eyes and she couldn’t deny her feelings any longer. She grabbed the back of his hair and pulled him down for a passion filled kiss. Her tongue begged his mouth for entrance which he gladly complied with. As the kiss continued, it became more ferocious and desperate. Max’s hands had a mind of their own and started to skim along every part of her exposed skin.

An involuntary moan escaped Liz’s lips as his touch set fire to her skin. The only time they broke apart was when the need for air became paramount. With their heaving chests, they looked at one another with a raw desire that neither of them had felt before.

“My place?” suggested Liz.

“You’re husband?” questioned Max.

“No, I have a flat of my own not far from here, wanna come?” asked Liz smiling.

“Hell, yeah!” said Max as he grabbed her hand “lead the way.”

Liz let out a giggle and matched Max’s stride, both desperate to get to the flat as quickly as possible.

In the sexual heat of the moment, neither of them noticed an angry pair of green eyes staring at the disgusting display of desire.

“So ... now you’ve finally done it. If you think after all this time I will allow this to happen you can think again” said the disembodied voice.

A figure stepped out of a darkened alleyway and followed the, so called, happy couple.

Now he was mad, really mad. His beautiful, innocent Liz that he’d watched for a long, long time was nothing but a cheap dirty whore. Why, after all this time would she do this to him? WHY!!!!!!

Surely after all this time he should give her a chance to explain her actions? He’d have to wait and see how long this heathen spent at her flat.

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Again the scene is in italics if you don't want to read it.

Chapter 15

“So Liz, how come you have an apartment here in London?” asked Max as they walked to her flat.

“Well I actually lived here before I met Sean. I was working in one of the top advertising agencies in London and it was easier to stay here rather than trying to travel in every morning. Either the trains weren’t running or the M25 was completely blocked. So to make it easier for myself I moved into London. It’s expensive but so worth not having to travel.”

“So does Sean know about this place?” he couldn’t help asking. He wanted to know all he could about her.

“Well sort of. He knew about this place but thinks I’ve sold it since we got married.”

“Why do you keep it from him ... that you actually still own the flat I mean?”

“God Max you ask way too many questions. Are you interrogating me?”

“No that’s not it Liz ... I’m just trying to get to know you better, that’s all,” replied Max.

“Well if you must know, Sean didn’t even like me working in London after I was attacked so he made me quit my job but I’d be damned before I would give up this place. It’s the only thing I own outright without him.”

“He MADE you give up your job?”

“Well let’s just say that he threatened to take away his business if they didn’t do as he asked. So I was shoved out on by backside. Not a thank you for bringing in some of the biggest, most exclusive clients ... I was escorted out of the door by security, can you believe that!” said Liz with a bitter tone to her voice.

“So what do you do now, for a living I mean?” asked Max.

“I do nothing Max. I live on an allowance, given to me by Sean. This money is for me, I can spend it on whatever I want but if I run out of money then I’m not entitled to anymore until the following month.”

“So if you do run out you have to ask him for money?” asked Max incredulously.

“No Max, when I run out of money I’m not allowed anymore. Look can we just drop the subject please it’s really putting a downer on my mood!” said Liz.

“Starting my comedown early more like” thought Liz to herself. She was getting used this feeling after the pills had worn off. It was like you had the highest, greatest experience one minute and then came crashing down into slight depression and total tiredness. She was exhausted. The fact that Max was making her realise just how shitty her life was made the comedown even worse.

As she reached the door of her luxury flat she turned to face Max.

“You know what Max? Why don’t we just leave tonight, I’m so tired all I want to do is fall into bed,” she said as she turned to open the door.

He gently grabbed her hand to halt her movement.

“You mean you’re starting to come down from your high and are feeling particularly rough right now.”

Liz couldn’t help the reaction she had and slapped his face, hard.

“FUCK OFF Max! You know nothing about my life!” she screamed at him.

“That first one was free the next one is going to cost you,” his voice deadly calm, as he pushed his body into hers.

“Tell me Liz; tell me what’s going on? I’m here and I’m not going away,” he whispered into her ear, his breathing heavy.

“I, I can’t Max,” replied Liz, coming out more as a moan than a statement.

He gently reached behind her head and released her hair from the clip. It fell around her shoulders in soft waves and he couldn’t take it any longer. He gathered her hair in his hand and moved it behind her shoulder and then started to kiss her neck. God she tasted so good.

“Max!” moaned Liz as she slammed her back against the front door and dragged him with her. She hadn’t felt so alive for so long.

He wrapped his hand through her hair and pulled her head gently back so he could have better access to that creamy white neck.

“I wanted you then Liz and I want you now!” he growled out, still attacking her neck with forceful kisses in between each word.

“Oh my god Max!” moaned out Liz as she wrapped both her legs around his waist. He’d never done this sort of thing in public before but right now he didn’t give a shit.

“Let’s get inside Liz,” said Max as he started to undo her very skimpy top.

Liz giggled as Max attached himself to her neck again.

“What’s so funny,” he mumbled as he continued his ministrations.

“Max, you have to let me down if we’re ever going to get inside the flat!”

“Uh-huh,” his lips had now moved to the mound of flesh that was peeking from behind her white lacy bra.

“Oh god Max, if you don’t let me go now, we’ll never get inside,” she said as she started to unbutton his trousers.

He gently tugged at her nipple with his teeth, through the lace and then slowly released her to the ground. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her skin and it made her hotter than she’d felt in a long time.

Both their chests were heaving with the excitement and desire that was coursing through their bodies. Liz put a shaky hand into her trouser pocket and pulled out her security key.

She was just about to swipe it across the electronic reader when Max gently grabbed both her wrists and held them softly above her head. He lowered one of his hands down her arm and onto her exposed breast. He gently squeezed the mound of flesh and used his finger to draw lazy circles around the puckered flesh. She was becoming extremely hard for him and this drove him on.

He removed the key out of her hand, swiped it, took Liz’s hand and walked into the apartment. Now Max had every intention of taking this slowly, he wanted to savour every aspect of Liz’s body but as soon as he shut the door behind him Liz pushed him up against it.

She kissed him, like she’d never kissed any one in her life. It was so forceful that she knocked the back of his head on the door, but he didn’t care. Their tongues duelled and danced. He wanted to taste every part of this woman. She was his cocaine and he was now an addict.

He spun them both around so now Liz was by the door, dropped to his knees and started to remove the boots she was wearing while he placed gentle kisses on her stomach. He hooked his fingers into her trousers and panties, removing them both at the same time.

Her sweet aroma filled his senses and he could see how wet and swollen she was for him. He traced his tongue around her folds and got his first taste of her. God she was addictive. He sucked her nub gently into his mouth which made her legs buckle and she fell back, hard against the door. He wrapped her legs around his shoulders so he could support her weight and continued his ministrations, licking around her core and then sucking her clit. This elicited a deep moan of appreciation from the back of Liz’s throat.

God this man was doing things to her that no man had ever done before. Sean never went down on her. He thought it to disgusting. No with Sean it was a quick and rather rough wham bam thank you ma’am. He wasn’t really into foreplay.

He would come home after a particularly stressful meeting or someone had pissed him off during the day and she would be slammed against an inanimate object and was fucked. That was the only word for it. It wasn’t love, not by a long shot. She was his possession and he used her that way to satisfy his own cravings and if she disobeyed? Well she’d learned the hard way.

WARNING: Scene Start

June 2005

Sean had just returned home from a particularly frustrating business trip. He knew this guy had the money but he didn’t trust Sean and that was the main problem. No matter what he tried the client just wouldn’t give him the business. So he left ... unfulfilled. He was not leaving again tomorrow that way!!! Not a chance in hell!!!

Ever since that damn attack last year Liz had lost most of her sexual drive. It was very rare now that she even slept in the same bed as him. He knew she must have been seeing someone else but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get anything on her but if she wasn’t doing it with someone else then why not with him?

What Sean had failed to realise is that forcing Liz to give up her job and depend on him made her despise him. She had never been that kind of woman, always strong and extremely confident but just lately she wasn’t feeling that way.

Liz hadn’t realised that his constant little snide remarks and belittling demeanour towards her had started to take effect on her. Slowly, little by little he’d been manipulating her, taking her control away. He was the man of the house and that’s the way it was going to stay. No WAY would a woman tell him what to do.

He stormed through the house shouting his wife’s name.

“Liz, I’m home!”


“Where the fuck is she?”


When he got no response after calling her name numerous times he was beyond angry. Where had the bitch gone?

He took the stairs two at a time and headed straight for the master bedroom. There, lying peacefully asleep on the bed was Liz. Just lately severe depression was taking over to the point where she was finding it hard to get up in the mornings. The house would have gone to skid row if the servants hadn’t have been there.

She had no energy to do laundry or even drag her skanky ass in the shower. This morning however she’d woken up with a slight smile on her face and decided to take that elusive shower while she had the energy to do it. Plus the fact her hair was all matted to her head and her night clothes needed throwing out not washing.

So she had taken her shower and lay on the bed to dry off but had fallen asleep instead and this is how Sean found her. Her skin exposed apart from a small white towel which just about covered her parts.

“What if the fucking staff came in here?” he thought angrily to himself. The thought of any other man looking at Liz was enough to drive him insane. She BELONGED to him.

He walked quietly up to the massive bed and started to stroke one of Liz’s exposed legs. She let out a small moan and turned over exposing her core. This was too much for Sean to cope with and he rammed his fingers inside the now clean flesh.

Liz sat almost upright as she felt the intrusion into her body. She was slammed back down against the bed and heard a zipper being undone. She started to struggle not realising that it was her husband because she was still in that shocked kind of dazed state. In fact she actually thought this was a very realistic nightmare until she felt her knees being spread.

“Open your legs damn you!” shouted Sean.

Liz opened her eyes in shock to see her husband’s cold eyes staring down at her. Liz felt his cock brush against her opening and this time she fought him with all her strength.

“Sean, GET OFF ME!!!!” she screamed as he continued to ram his fingers in her core.

“That’s it baby fight me, I like it rough!” he smiled a she started to pummel his chest.

“GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” She gathered all the energy she could muster and eventually threw him off of her. He hit the floor with an unceremonious thud.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? I haven’t seen you in like what? Three weeks and then you come and intrude into my bedroom and ram your fingers into your sleeping WIFE!” she practically screamed the last word.

Sean got up of the floor and the look in his eyes made Liz’s blood run cold. He grabbed her hair by the scruff of her neck and stated in a deceptively calm voice...

“You ever push me off like that again and I’ll kill you. You are my wife and I want you to do your wifely duties!”

Liz froze at his words. What the hell had happened to her husband? When did he turn so vile and why? She tried to twist out of his grasp and shouted...

“Over my dead body! How can you expect me to do that now?”

Liz did not see it coming. He punched her square in the jaw, she went flying backwards only to snap back towards Sean as he pulled her hair.

“You will carry out your wifely duties and you don’t disrespect me ever again Liz. Oh and if you ever try to leave me? I’ll hunt you down and make your life a living hell and then I’ll put you out of your misery!”

He threw her on the bed, covered her mouth, spread her legs and rammed inside of her. Oh yes, one way or another he was going to get rid of his frustration. The exhilarating feeling of having total control over her was intoxicating. The cries of “No!” as he took his pleasure from his wife’s body just spurred him on even more until he was fully sated.

“God your one great fuck Liz!” he said as he climbed off her and zipped up his trousers.

“You know I’ve had THE most expensive whores work on me but you, you go to the top of my list!” he laughed as he left her crying on the bed.


Liz suddenly started to involuntary shudder as that awful day came back to haunt her mind. Max felt this and realised it wasn’t a shudder of excitement. He immediately stopped what he was doing and stood up to face her.

What he saw literally stopped his heart. She was crying. Had he been to rough with her? Did she not want to do this? God he could kick himself right now!

“Liz, why are you crying? Did I hurt you in any way? Did I go too far?”

The more he rambled off questions the louder her sobs got. She couldn’t believe that he was blaming himself for the state she was in now. As a heart wrenching sob left her throat Max realised that there was something seriously wrong here.

He scooped her up into his arms and carried her up the stairs, tried two doors before he found a bed. He threw back the covers, laid Liz down and covered her body up. He sat on the edge of the bed and just stroked her hair.

“Liz, what’s going on? Please tell me? I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong?”

She laughed. It wasn’t a happy sounding laugh but a bitter, scathing laugh.

“Nobody can help me Max, nobody!”

“Why don’t you just let me try?” he asked totally confused about were this whole conversation was heading.

“Because you won’t see me in the same light as you do now and I couldn’t bare that.”

“Liz, nothing could change the way I see you,” he said with a determined tone to his voice.

“Really,” she laughed, “What even if I’m damaged goods?”

With that Max’s head shot up and he looked her in the eyes.

“What do you mean by that?” he really didn’t want to confirm the idea that was floating around his head because he knew what it would mean.

“I mean I’m damaged goods Max and nobody can help me!”

Max jumped off the bed and started pacing the room.

“What the hell has he done to you?” he said through gritted teeth, his fists clenched tight against his legs.


He watched him put his hands all over her, his anger rising by the second. He watched as he placed her against the door and started to fondle her breast. This was too much for him to take and he snapped the pencil he was holding, in two, with his fingers.

Oh this man was going to pay and so was the little whore!!! He always thought of her as an angel, never doing anything wrong or out of place. Oh but how wrong he was.

From now on he was keeping a close eye on her.

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Chapter 16.

"Max, would you stop pacing the room like a caged animal," replied Liz as she took in the haunted look on Max's face.

He stopped abruptly and looked her square in the eyes.

"I want to know what you meant when you said you were damaged goods," spat out Max through gritted teeth.

Liz felt ashamed that it had all come to this point. She'd never intended for Max to get involved. How could she explain to him what had happened? How could she tell the man of her dreams that she was weak? That all her pain was her own fault? How would he look at her then? How could she explain the fear that she felt inside?

"Max, I ... I don't want to do this right now."

She was trying her best to avoid the situation but Max wasn't having any of it.

"I WANT to know what you meant!" shouted Max.

His tone of voice and anger was all Liz ever heard from her husband and this frightened her.

"Max I..." she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Did he rape you Liz?" asked Max.

She couldn't look him in the eye any longer. She knew now that he would never look at her in the same way again. Max always thought that she was strong and now he would know the truth. She felt ashamed for the way she'd been treated and for the fact that she didn't have the will to fight it anymore. She was weak and she deserved it.

As soon as Liz looked away from him in shame he knew his assumption had been correct. The rage he felt coursing through his veins was driving him mad. He gently cupped Liz's face, turned it towards his and asked her again...

"Liz please you've got to tell me, did he rape you?"

She could see the worry in his eyes and knew that her answer was about to change both of their lives.

She lowered her head and whispered...

"Yes, yes Max he's been raping me for quite some time now."

At this response, Max's blood started shooting around his body. He'd always had an instinct to protect but with Liz it was almost unbearable, the fact that he'd not been there to protect her.

"What happened Liz?" he asked gently.

"It was after my attack that he changed. I was used to this very loving man who would think of everything that I could possibly desire. He always wanted to please me but after that knife attack it all changed. He became obsessive, controlling and very, very angry."

"Just tell me everything Liz. I swear to you that I will do my utmost to make sure this doesn't happen to you again."

"There is no way you can make that promise Max. He's a powerful man. He will be able to stop you dead in your tracks if he wants to."

"Just let me deal with that if it happens, okay? Just tell me everything Liz."

So Liz sat there and poured her heart out to Max. The systematic abuse that she'd endured from Sean since the knife attack. Not only did he rape her but also regularly beat her that is of course, when he was actually home from business.

She explained all the lonely nights she'd spent at the mansion, with only her maid Grace to keep her company. She explained how Sean would come home from a business trip and if it was successful he would treat her well, buy her diamonds, be romantic but if his deals had gone bad then it was Liz who suffered the consequences.

She would be beaten and then raped repeatedly during the night of his return. Then he would get up the next morning, compliment her on being a good fuck and then leave for another business trip.

"Why Liz, why the hell would you stay in that situation. I don't understand," replied Max once he'd heard the whole sickening story.

"You can't possibly understand Max, until you've actually been through it. If you're told often enough that you are worthless, you actually start believing it yourself. That's why I have a tendency to try and forget everything when I go out."

He realized now the reason for Liz's drug abuse. It wasn't about enjoying herself or about the feel of the drug. It was more about forgetting, forgetting the horrors that she'd endured over the last two years.

"Liz I can't understand why you would stay with a man that would treat you like this. Why don't you just divorce him?"

"Because it's not a simple as that Max," replied Liz.

"What do you mean; it's not a simple as that. Sure it is! What's stopping you? Unless it's..."

"Don't even finish that statement Max otherwise you and I will part company NOW!" shouted Liz.

"It's got nothing to do with money. I would rather be on the street than in that mansion if it meant I had my freedom."

"Then why don't you leave Liz?"

The reply that came next made Max's blood run cold.

"Why? Because he'd never allow it Max," whispered Liz.

"What do you mean, he would never allow it?" asked Max cautiously. He wasn't sure he wanted to hear the answer.

"He would kill me Max."

"He'd never, he'd never get away with it would he? I could get him to stop," reassured Max.

"Really Max? You reckon you could stop him? I doubt it. He has most of the politicians and police in his back pocket. He has connections everywhere. You know one day he threw me down the stairs. I broke my leg in two different places. I told the police everything and do you know what they said?"

Max just shook his head.

"They said that maybe I tripped. Maybe I was drunk and tripped down the stairs. That's when I knew he'd gotten to them before they'd even arrived at the house."

"What about Maria. Why isn't she helping you?" asked Max.

"She doesn't know Max. Well at least I don't think she does. She may have a sneaky suspicion but has never discussed it with me. I think she knows it's not a topic of conversation I want to have."

"Why the hell haven't you told her the situation?" asked Max confused.

"Because Max, he threatened to kill Maria as well."

Max, being an experienced policeman knew that, that could be just bravado talking BUT he also knew that there were certain people who would do almost anything to control another being. He was so worried for Liz now. How could he allow her to go back to that big lonely house when it held so many bad memories for her? How was he going to stop Sean from raping Liz if she was in the same house as him?

"Liz you have to leave him. You have to leave him tonight. You can stay with me until it's all sorted out."

"I can't do that Max. Please try to understand. You don't know what he's capable of. He would destroy you because you are protecting me and once he'd done that ... well let's just say it wouldn't be pretty."

"Surely one man can't wield that much power Liz. There has got to be someone high up that would go against him."

"Oh I'm sure there would be, but the hard part is finding them without alerting Sean that you're on to him."

"I want you to come and live with me for a while Liz. That way I know you are safe."

Liz couldn't believe the kind offer.

"Max there is nothing I would like more than to live with you but we don't even know each other that well. I know we had something back in high school but we're both different people now Max. I can't get you involved in all of this."

"Oh but you don't understand Liz ... I'm already involved and I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to get that bastard off your back, even if I have to die trying!" he said with conviction.

"Then that may be exactly what happens Max," replied Liz.

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Chapter 17.

Max woke up to the sound of his alarm clock going off. It was 3am on Monday morning and he had to get ready to start his morning shift.

He had a quick hot shower and then dressed in his uniform. He couldn't get the last couple of days out of his head. He couldn't believe that he'd allowed Liz to return to that nightmare but there was nothing he could do right now. He had to handle this very carefully.


He'd stayed with Liz late into Saturday evening. She had asked him to keep her company and he couldn't say no. He slipped off his shirt, shoes and socks and lay down beside her. They both were exhausted and fell into a deep sleep.

It was Max who had woken up first. He gently slipped out of bed, went to the bathroom to get ready and then got dressed.

He went into the kitchen and started to prepare a light breakfast or rather late lunch for Liz and himself.

He made bacon, hash browns, sausages, baked beans and egg. The smell permeated through the bedroom door and roused Liz from her sleep.

"Something smells good!" shouted Liz from the bed.

"I've done a breakfast or should I say a late lunch for us."

"I'll get washed up and then I'll be out."

He'd also made a nice fresh pot of coffee. He thought Liz might need it after the substances she took last night.

Liz eventually came out of the bedroom looking as stunning as ever but he had to give a little chuckle at the state of her bed hair.

"What?" asked Liz when she saw a smile appear on his face.

He pointed his finger to her hair.

"Even with bed hair you look beautiful!" he said as he served up breakfast. He placed a cup of hot black coffee in front of Liz.

"Ohhhhhh, just what I needed."

"Yes well you were pretty wired last night," replied Max hoping that he could get his next question out.

Liz blushed and hid her face in her hands.

"You weren't supposed to be there Max. If I'd have known that you would have been there I would have never taken the stuff in the first place."

"But I'm glad you did in a way because at least you could share what's been happening to you over the last two years. Nobody should have to go through that, especially alone. What did you take Liz?"

There he'd asked the question that had been bugging him since last night.

"Just an ecstasy tablet, well two actually."

"Nothing harder?" asked Max.

"No Max. I don't do E's regularly either. I just do them when I go out so that I can forget what's been going on. At home I just drink."

"So you spend most of your time either drunk or high?" asked Max.

"No Max I spend most of my time in deep depression. Trying to think of ways to escape the nightmare that is now my life."

He placed the food in front of Liz.

"I'm going to do everything in my power to get you out of that life Liz. Isn't there anywhere you could go to get away from him?"

"Max where ever I went he would find me. I'm just glad that I haven't given him a child yet. That's part of the reason this whole thing started. Before my attack we were talking about children, he wants a male heir for his fortune. I wasn't willing to have one just yet. I don't know what stopped me Max but I just knew it wasn't the right time. Of course I told him I couldn't just yet because of my commitment to work. Then I got attacked and he changed into this monster overnight."

Something that Liz had said struck a chord with Max. He wasn't sure what it was just yet but he was going to go over the old case and find out.

They sat and chatted for a long time before they both agreed it was time to return home. Liz gave Max a lift home. When she pulled up outside of his house she really didn't want him to go. It was the safest she'd felt in a long time.

"I swear to you Liz that I'm going to get you out of this mess."

He kissed her on the cheek and entered his house.


With that promise going around in his head he drove to work, wondering exactly who he could trust with this information. There was only one person he trusted with his life and that was Michael.

When he walked into the station he immediately signaled to Michael that he needed to see him in his office.

"Anything wrong Max?" asked Michael as he shut the door to Max's office.

"Yes something is seriously wrong but before we get down to business, how did it go with Maria?"

A ghost of a smile graced Michael's lips just briefly. If anyone had blinked they would have missed it but Max knew.

"Well we're going out again next week."

"That's great Michael. There is something that I need to tell you but you can NOT discuss this with anyone else. I have to tell you that this may affect our careers here but I personally think it's worth it. Do you want to know or would you rather be left out of it?"

"Is it illegal?" asked Michael.

"What? No of course not. It just means that we will be working against the powers that be."

"Does this have something to do with Liz?" asked Michael.

He watched as Max's face took on a hard look.

"This has everything to do with Liz but it's going to get tricky."

"Max I've known you most of my life and you wouldn't risk your career for no reason. Tell me what's going on and then I will decide if I want to get involved or not. If not then I won't tell anyone about what is discussed in this room."

Max told Michael everything, about Sean raping Liz, the fact that he wanted children and she didn't, the fact that after the attack he changed into a monster and then finally about her drug and alcohol abuse.

"Shit Max. Why the hell is she staying with him and has she told Maria?" asked Michael. He couldn't believe that Maria would stand by and do nothing when one of her friends were going through a living nightmare.

"You have to promise me to remain calm."

"Go ahead," said Michael.

"He said that if Liz ever left him then he would kill her."

"What? Why the hell hasn't Maria told us anything?"

"Because he threatened to kill Maria if Liz told her what was going on."

Now although Michael had only spent the weekend with Maria he still cared about her enough for that kind of threat to make him mad.

"He did what?" asked Michael in a calm tone.

"She's been living like this for over two years Michael, since the attack."

"So how come that was the turning point?"

"Something she said to me started me thinking. I want to pull that CCTV tape again and have another look at it. Something was bothering me about it two years ago but I couldn't place what it was."

"You think that now you know the background you can figure out what it was that was bugging you?" asked Michael.

"Exactly, but the case is closed so we might have to do this on our own time. We are also going to have to be careful who we question. We can't let him know that we're onto him. Liz seems to think that he could make one phone call and we'd be out of a job. So are you still willing to do this with me?"

"I don't think any woman should be treated like that Max. I'll go down to the evidence locker and sign out the CCTV video myself. Also I think we should check over the evidence again. I want to make sure there is nothing we've overlooked."

"Thanks for this Michael."

"Oh I'm not doing it for you Max. I'm getting fed up with these bastards getting away with it on a technicality or something. If he's done something to Liz besides raping her, then he should go down for it. That's why we started this job in the first place. If I'd have known the amount of politics that went on in this place I would never had joined. We knew that there was more to this case but we were stopped from investigating it further."

"I know Michael, but they do have difficult decisions to make. Think about the fact that if we'd followed our gut then but couldn't find any evidence then we would have wasted a lot of time and resources. Now though, we know there is more to this than meets the eye. We need to do a very close investigation into Sean De Luca but we can only trust a handful of people."

"There are only two people I truly trust in here Max. You're one of them and the other is DI Williams. If you explain to her the situation I'm sure she would be willing to help. She's got the same kind of rebellious nature we have. She'd rather catch the bastards than let them go free because of office politics."

"Then we three are the only ones that will know about this. Warn DI Williams that it means doing this in our spare time."

"Oh I don't think she will have a problem with that."

Max was glad that he'd told Michael the whole situation; he also knew that he wasn't only doing this just for him. When Max mentioned that Sean had threatened to kill Maria his face went white.

Max started to think that maybe his friend was falling hard for Maria. They seemed to have this spark when they first met, although it seemed to outsiders that they hated one another, Max could see past all the bravado. He could tell that Michael respected Maria's strength. He'd done nothing but antagonize her through the whole interview but she soon put him in his place and not many women could do that to Michael.

Oh this was going to get very interesting.

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Chapter 18.

Michael walked up to DI Williams and told her that he and Max needed her help on one of the cases they were dealing with. Now although DI Williams was now a detective, she'd spent a lot of her time learning the ropes from the bottom up. There wasn't a person in the department that didn't owe her some kind of favor.

"Well I've got a pretty heavy case load but because it's you and Max, I'll fit you in there somehow."

Mary Williams was in her early thirties, dark, curly long hair, tanned skin, a face which looked like it was made from porcelain and the features of a china doll.

That is where many criminals made the mistake of thinking she was weak. She could kick virtually anyone's ass. She'd been trained in martial arts since she was three. She was one tough woman but also fair.

Max was the only one that saw the potential in Mary and he gave her, her first chance. He told her that she would have to work her way up from the bottom, but if she did it right, with her determination it wouldn't take her long.

She had heeded that advice and had now made DI in the span of four years. She had worked damn hard to get there though. That is why she held a special place in her heart for Max and Michael. They were the only men in the department at the time that was willing to give her a break. They both worked with her continually, showing her the ropes so to speak.

Max however couldn't believe his luck at getting such a wonderful employee. She always worked late, never complained, was always the first one to offer her help and she closed cases as fast as Max and Michael did.

"I need to take you out for a coffee, fancy joining me quickly?" whispered Michael.

Mary knew then that this wasn't a normal request.

"Sure meet you at the coffee shop in about ten minutes. What about Max?"

"He knows Mary. This is for him."

"Fine just give me time to finish this and then I will be down."

"Thanks Mary."

"Don't thank me yet Michael. I haven't agreed to anything yet."

With that comment he just laughed and left the station to go into the coffee shop and wait for her to show up.

He'd bought them both a cup of latte and then settled down at a table near the back. It only took her five minutes and she appeared.

"I bought you a Latte, I hope that was okay," said Michael.

"Yep that's fine. What's this about Michael? You and Max have never discussed anything away from the station before. I'm thinking that this might be something that you don't want the bosses to know?"

Yep Michael knew that Mary was one smart, savvy woman but even he didn't think she would catch on that quick.

"What I'm about to tell you Mary, can't go any further. This has to stay between the three of us. I have to warn you that what you might be getting involved in could cost you your job."

"Okay so tell me the situation and I will let you know if I want to get involved or not but even if I don't I will not say anything Michael, you know that."

"You're the only other person we can trust right now Mary. We didn't really want to get you involved in this but we need help. We may need you to call in a few favours."

"Okay, for you and Max to be doing it this way must mean it's serious but it's not illegal is it?"

Michael laughed out loud with that comment.

"Shit Mary, you're more like me than I ever imagined. I asked Max the same thing before he told me."


"No it's not illegal but it won't win you any favours with the bosses."

"Oh you mean those bastards who didn't even want to give me a chance to prove myself. You and Max were the only ones that stuck your necks out for me. I owe you two a lot."

"I don't want you to think that you have to do this because you owe us Mary. You got to the position you have through hard work and solving cases. We just got your foot in the door. You don't owe us anything."

Michael didn't want Mary to lose her job simply out of loyalty. She had to know the full extent of what could happen. So he started to explain everything, about the attack on Liz, Max and Liz's relationship, what she confessed to him the other night and how they were going to proceed.

"But that case was closed was it not?" asked Mary.

"It was but we didn't like it at the time and asked for extra time so we could investigate more. Both Max and I had a bad feeling about the case. We knew there was more to it but because the knife was found on the dead drug dealer's body they decided it was an open and shut case."

"You and Max know otherwise?"

"We don't KNOW anything it's just a suspicion we have but our guts haven't led us wrong yet."

"What kind of trouble could I get in?"

"The person we are going to be investigating has very deep pockets and has connections to the highest command chain. This could all be a waste of time and we could lose our jobs because of it or we could solve the crime and also bring him down for other things as well. Max and I believe that this character is in no way innocent. We believe that even his business dealings are underhanded. We have no proof but that's why we want to investigate. This has to be done on the quiet though Mary. Anyone finds out and we are in serious trouble."

"I have a few friends who I trust. I know that they will do things for me with no questions asked and they will keep it to themselves. I'll keep the information I give them to a minimum so they can deny everything if it all goes sour."

"You'll be sticking your neck out Mary. This is not going to be easy."

"Michael when has anything worthwhile been easy?"

"Thanks Mary. You know we'll owe you big time after this."

"Well let's just say we'll call it quits after this. I owe you nothing and you owe me nothing. What do you want me to get started on first?"

"We need to get the evidence back so we can take another look at it. There is a CCTV tape that Max is particularly interested in. If you can't sign out all of the evidence just make sure you can get hold of that."

"It shouldn't be a problem Michael. One of my old friends works on the signing out section. They will allow me to sign it out for a few days."

"I don't want your signature to be on the forms though. It has to be me or Max. We don't want them to find out you are helping us."

"Let me see what I can come up with and then I'll let you know whether we can get our hands on the evidence."

"Thanks Mary."


As soon as Mary got back to the office she called her friend in the evidence locker.

"Hey Jack, how are you?"

"Fine thanks Mary and you?"

"I'm not too bad. Listen I need to ask you a favour. I need to look at some evidence on an old closed case. We believe that we closed the case too soon. The perpetrator was dead on arrival and he was carrying the weapon used in the crime we were investigating. We've recently found new evidence and I just want to look at all the old stuff again. You know, to see if we missed something the first time."

"You just need to fill out one of the forms and sign it."

"No Jack, I need this on the QT. We are trying to convince the bosses that we got it wrong but we need evidence first."

"Who will be signing it out?" asked Jack. He knew his job could be on the line if it wasn't the right person.

"DCI Evans."

"Well in that case I don't have a right to deny access to him. If he wants to sign out the evidence then send him over here."

"How long can you hang on to the sign out sheets?"

"Well unless someone else comes down to find the same evidence box then you should have a clear month before the sign out sheets are seen. You seriously need to get the evidence back before then though."

"Fine I will let DCI Evans know. Thanks Jack."

"No problem."

Mary walked straight into Max's office.

"DCI Evans may I talk to you for a second please, in private."

"Of course Mary, please sit down."

She shut the door and then whispered...

"I've arranged for you to pick up the evidence box you need in your case. It has to be you that signs for it then the evidence clerk can claim that top personnel requested it. That way he doesn't have to take responsibility for it if anything goes wrong."

"That's fair enough Mary. I don't really want too many people getting involved. I'm not sure how this is going to turn out and I don't want to take a lot of good people with me."

"We can cover our own backs Max. Just look after your own and if you need any more help from me then just let me know. I will tell you if I don't want to do it."

"I couldn't ask any more than that Mary. Thank you so much."

"Is all this worth it Max?" she asked. "Losing everything you've ever worked for?"

"If it means that this man is taken out of society then yes it would be worth losing my job over."

"Then I'm behind you one hundred percent Max. I just hope she's worth it."

She made her way back to her desk and carried on with her other duties. She knew it wouldn't be long before Michael and Max contacted her again.

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Chapter 19.

Max walked into the evidence locker, which was like a huge secure warehouse full of boxes containing evidence. You couldn't see them from the entrance though. They were stored behind secure panels. The only way in or out was through the police guard on the door.


"You must be DCI Evans. Mary phoned me earlier. You just have to sign the book and then I can hand the boxes over to you."

"Hey, thanks for..."

"I don't need any extra information DCI Evans. As far as I'm concerned you requested the evidence boxes. That's all the information I need to know. As long as you sign this book I can't be held accountable."

Jack searched the computer records to find out what number the evidence was filed under. It was pulled up rather quickly because it was only two years old. He wrote both the numbers pertaining to the boxes that Max would take out and then got Max to sign for them.

He went out back to search for the boxes of evidence. When he returned he passed the two boxes through a special gap in the glass that only he could open.

"I thought I should let you know that there is more evidence stored here but it needs to be signed out by the SOCO team. It is DNA evidence and only a qualified Lab Technician can handle it."

"That's okay; I've got the reports on the DNA evidence anyway. I won't need to look at that again."

Max carried the two boxes out to his car and made his way back to the station.

Michael had already gotten the video and TV ready. He was also wondering what the hell had caught Max's attention the first time. They were taking a risk viewing the evidence at the station but it would be even a greater risk to take the evidence home and study it.

Max walked through the doors of the conference room with two boxes in his arms. Michael took one of them and placed it on the table.

"Let's find out what was bugging you so much the last time. We should have trusted your instincts back then," said Michael.

"I couldn't catch what it was that was bugging me Michael. I may still not catch it but I'm going to try my hardest for Liz's sake."

Michael opened one of the evidence boxes and fished out the CCTV tape.

"I hope you're right about this Max otherwise Mary and I have stuck our necks out for nothing."

"I know there is something on this tape Michael. Hell I'll even take it home and watch it all night if I don't get it."

Michael put the tape in the machine and pressed play on the remote control.

The screen sprang to life showing the arrival and departure terminal at London Marylebone.

"Did we ever manage to find out who that guy was?" asked Max as he noticed the camera turn towards Liz's direction.

"No we never did find out but to be honest he just looks like a tourist taking pictures. He doesn't follow Liz; he just walks off in a different direction."

"We don't see him on any other part of the CCTV footage?" asked Max.

"No, that is the only time that he's on camera."

"Okay let's skip to where Liz is getting off the train. I'm sure it was that point that was bugging me."

He watched as Liz got off the train and then so did Pam Troy. She turned away from Liz to look for her mobile phone in her bag.

"I still don't see what we're missing Max," replied Michael.

"Rewind that section, just before they leave the train."

Michael rewound the tape just to the point of where Liz stepped off the train. They could also see Pam leaving just a few seconds later.

"THERE DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!" shouted Max.

"What? I didn't see anything Max."

"Look closely Michael. Watch her head."

Max rewound the tape again and pressed play.

"Look real close now Michael."

Michael watched the screen as if his life depended on it and then he saw it. He wasn't sure so he turned to Max for confirmation.

"Am I making this up or did her head nod in the direction of where that guy was hiding?"

"Exactly. You can hardly notice it but it's there. She actually looks at the position that guy is in and nods her head before she exits the train.

She then busies herself trying to find her mobile phone. This has been a set up from the start."

"But we did a detailed investigation into Pam Troy. We couldn't find any link with Sean."

"I don't think we asked the right people Michael. I think we need to visit Liz's mansion but we have to do it when we know he's not there. I also want to go and talk to this Pam Troy. I want to find out what's happened since the investigation. Look into her financial background Michael and find out if she received any monies that can't be accounted for."

"I'm on it Max. I knew that bastard had something to do with this. My gut was telling me to investigate further."

"I know Michael but we did the right thing at the time. We couldn't go against the bosses then. Now it's not so bad because we can do this in our own time without drawing too much attention to ourselves."

"What about going to see Pam Troy? Surely she will tell Sean what we are up to."

"That's a risk we are going to have to take but for now I think we should find out who her friends are, where she works, etc. That way we can question them before Pam."

"When do you want us to go and see her Max?" asked Michael.

"I want to see her tomorrow morning. We don't start our shift until the afternoon so I want to go and see her just before we come in."

"What about the rest of today?" asked Michael.

"Work on our usual cases Michael; we can't let the big boys know what we are up to just yet. We can't fall behind with our current cases."

"I'm on it Max. We'll go and see Pam first thing in the morning."

"Michael," Max called as he was about to leave his office.


"Thanks for covering my back on this."

"Hey I learnt a long time ago to trust your instincts."

"Still though Michael, you are putting a lot on the line to follow this line of investigation."

"Yep, I know that, but just imagine their faces when we solve a crime that was supposed to be solved already."

With that Michael walked out of Max's office and continued working on the cases he'd been assigned. Somehow Michael knew that over the next couple of months he wasn't going to get much sleep.

They had to find out what was going on.

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Chapter 20.

As soon as Michael left Max's office he wondered how on earth he was going to get hold of Pam Troy's financial records for the last two years. He either had to ask her outright to provide them with bank statements, which would then tip off Sean, or they could do it as part of the investigation but that would mean getting a circuit judge to issue a production order to the bank.

That would mean that the big bosses would find out pretty fast what they were up to. He'd have to see if there was any other way of gaining that information. He pulled some of the old files on the case and started to review all of the statements, paying particular attention to Pam Troy's.

He perused all of the information in her file and realized that they had a lot of information on her. They knew where she worked two years ago, her address and her vehicle details. They didn't investigate the information further though because she was considered a witness, not a suspect.

Michael was kicking himself for not following his gut instinct two years back. Had they really failed Liz that badly? If they'd done a proper investigation would that mean that she wouldn't have had to go through the nightmare that was now her life? Michael shuddered slightly when he realized that they could have stopped all of this before that bastard had started raping her.

He decided that the best place to start was her place of work. He picked up the phone and dialled the provided number.

"Danson Private Investigations, how may I help you?"

"Yes I would like to speak to the person in charge there please?"

"Can I ask what this is regarding sir?" asked the friendly receptionist.

"Yes, this is DI Guerin from Thames Valley Police, we are currently involved in an investigation and the name of an employee that worked, or may still work for your company was mentioned. I would like to speak to someone about her."

"Certainly sir, just hold on one moment and I'll put you through to Mr Jake Turner."

"Is he the owner of the company?"

"Yes sir, he is. Please hold for one moment while I transfer you."

He was placed on hold and he could hear that god awful music they always played. He couldn't believe that Pam had actually worked for a private investigation company. How the hell did they miss that the first time around?

He was wondering what sort of cases she worked on or was she just the receptionist?

"Hello, this is Jake, how may I help you?"

"Hello, Mr Turner. My name is DI Guerin from the Thames Valley Police. A name has come up in one of our investigations and this person seems to have been working for you approximately two years ago."

"Right, okay what is the name?"

"Miss Pam Troy."

"Okay I can tell you that Pam Troy used to work for us two years ago, but is no longer in our employment."

"Oh and can I ask why?"

"Well to be honest I'm not going to confirm anything else over the phone. If you want to come in then I can give you the information you require."

"That's fine Mr Turner. I appreciate that you have a confidentiality issue here. I can come in today or tomorrow if you like."

"Today isn't good for me. I'm fully booked but I can fit you in tomorrow say around 10 am?"

"That's perfect. Thank you very much for your co-operation Mr Turner. I appreciate it."

"No problem ... may I ask in what relation did her name come up?"

Michael knew now that the man was curious to find out what Pam was supposed to have done.

"As you can appreciate Mr Turner, we aren't allowed to discuss a case while it is ongoing."

"Oh of course, I shall see you around 10 am tomorrow then?"

"Yes it will be myself and DCI Evans."

"Fine," said Mr Turner replacing the receiver without saying another word.

Michael knocked on Max's door.

"Yep, come in."

"Hey Max, I've got an appointment with a Mr. Turner tomorrow. He used to be the employer of Pam Troy. I'm hoping we might be able to get some information out of him."

"Great, what time?"

"10 am."

"I'll pick you up on the way to work and we'll go there first."

"Hey you know DI Williams is on hand to help. She has certain connections that she could use. I'm a little concerned about obtaining Pam's bank records. We've either got to ask her to show them to us or we have to get a production order by a circuit judge."

"Let's leave that for a little while. I'll come up with something."

"Okay I'm going to get on with our other cases."

"Thanks so much Michael."

"No problem," he said as he left Max's office.


Liz could hear the phone ringing downstairs but she couldn't get the energy to get out of bed. After her weekend with Max she couldn't get him out of her head.

He'd cooked her breakfast; she could tell that he wasn't happy with her situation and that he was going to try his best to get her out of it ... but could she dare hope.

She could hear the footfall of Grace coming up the marble staircase. She seriously did not want to be disturbed.

"Liz, Maria is on the phone for you," she shouted through the door.

"Tell her I'll call her tomorrow. I don't want to speak to anyone today!"

Grace gently knocked on the door and entered the room. She was getting seriously worried about Liz now. She knew exactly what had been going on, she felt sick every time she heard Liz’s screams.

"Liz, are you alright?" she said gently.

Liz sat up on the bed. Her hair all matted into knots, food stained clothes on her that hadn't been changed for two days, a drink on the bedside table and Grace also knew that Liz hadn't even bathed the last two days.

She couldn't go on much longer like this. Grace knew that sooner or later something was going to snap inside Liz and either she would end up killing Sean or herself.

"I'm fine thanks Grace," said Liz taking her supposed happy pill, followed by a healthy swig of Jack Daniels and coke. It was only ten in the morning.

"I'll tell her that you'll call her back tomorrow. Now I was thinking of making you a really good breakfast and some strong coffee how does that sound?"

"I don't want to eat anything thank you Grace. Just bring me up a fresh bottle of JD and put some coke in the little fridge over there, would you?"

Grace just nodded her head and closed the door quietly. She couldn't do this anymore; someone had to help this poor woman. If not she'd have to leave this employment. It was starting to affect her.

She walked back down the stairs and picked up the phone.

"Miss De Luca. I'm terribly sorry but Miss Parker isn't up to speaking to anyone today. She'll call you tomorrow."

Grace was hoping that Maria would get what she was trying to say, without actually saying it.

"Are you saying that she's there but doesn't want to talk to me?"

"Yes Miss, she's been tired lately see ... and ..."

"Grace, what the hell is going on there? Is my dickhead of a cousin causing her grief or something, have they had an argument?"

Grace broke down crying on the phone.

"Oh Miss De Luca, it's so much worse than that. She hardly gets out of bed anymore, she hasn't bathed in a week and ... and she's suffering abuse at Sean's hands. I can't keep this quiet any longer. It's going to kill her. She's been so kind to me and nobody deserves to be treated this way. She's a prisoner in her own home and he abuses her when he returns."

Maria was shocked to say the least, speechless.

"How long?" Maria whispered.

"Since her attack."

"WHAT!?" Maria shrieked down the phone. "WHY THE HELL HASN'T SHE TOLD ME!!!"

"Because he threatened to hurt you if she did. I overheard him say it one night. I was so frightened for her that I've kept quite this long, hoping that it would end soon, but if you could see her now Miss De Luca ... she's not the same Liz."

"I'm coming right over ... we need to get this sorted. Don't worry Grace she's not alone anymore."

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