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 Post subject: Notorious (AU, M/L, Adult) 26/Aug/09 chpt 6
PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:04 pm 
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A HUGE thank you goes out to Monica for making this awesome banner!!

Title: Notorious

Disclaimer: We own nothing that is Roswell .. sadly that belongs to the powers that be!! No infringement is intended.

Authors: Hunter (Monica) & Janetfl (Jan)

Summary: Max realised he was in love with Liz the day she broke his heart.

Rating: Adult

Pairing: M/L and L/C

Authors notes: JAN: Myself and the lovely talented Monica, who is also a very good friend, will be writing this story together. Monica will do Liz's POV and I will be doing Max's. I'm looking forward to working with such a talented writer and brilliant artist (just check out those banners!). This is the first time I'm doing POV's and I'm a little nervous so any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

MONICA: I'm so excited to be working with one of my favourite writers! I'm so speechless and you guys will love Jan's Max! I can assure you that much. Hope you enjoy this fic we're writing together!

Here's a quick reminder of whose writing who.

Hunter: Liz's POV
Janetfl: Max's POV.


Song used : Heavy on my Heart by Anastacia


Liz's POV

Hatred. Oh the burning hatred of anger.

I try to fly away but it's impossible
And every breath I take gives birth to deeper sighs
And for a moment I am weak
So it's hard for me to speak

I couldn't picture my hatred burning anymore but building up in walls, bricks of hatred being cemented sticking the bricks together like paper and superglue. My hatred was tough, hard to tear or demolish.

Even though we're underneath the same blue sky

I hadn't realised this but there was so much hatred in me it could be considered a new deadly sin. I have never hated anyone so much in my life.


If I could paint a picture of this melody
It would be a violin without its strings

I always believe hate comes with love. The ones you love, you could hate. I was so wrong. The pages of the psyche didn't help either to understand what exactly my mind or my heart was going through.

And the canvas in my mind
Sings the songs I left behind

The person I so deeply hated, I realised I didn't even know him. Or I didn't want to. My hate for him was probably the strongest feeling I've ever felt that it seeded fear inside my heart to come what may.

Like pretty flowers and a sunset

I had no idea of the future, of where our relationship would go.

It's heavy on my heart
I can't make it alone
Heavy on my heart
I can't find my way home

It was futile. I have nothing with me except for my degree. I thought after graduation, I would have three things. A degree, a ring and my lover. I have neither a ring nor a lover. Well, I was too expectant of a ring. Those romantic comedies have gotten to my head.

Heavy on my heart
So come and free me
It's so heavy on my heart

I was deluded into thinking he'd pick graduation as the day to finally let me in his heart, to show me how he felt and that it was the same that I felt about him.

I've had my share of pleasure
And I've tasted pain

But I was so wrong. Life wasn't a fairytale. It was drama and pain.

I never thought that I would touch an angel's wings
There's a journey in my eyes
It's getting hard for me to hide
Like the ocean at the sunrise

I take deep sighs of frustration. He never remembered the times where I felt so close to him, like nothing in the world mattered, just me and him together. I watch his smile, hurting inside knowing that I wasn't the cause of his smile.

It's heavy on my heart
I can't make it alone
Heavy on my heart
I can't find my way home

His eyes light up with light passion as he stares at the butterflies around him with broken wings. No destination in mind but to linger. Girls after girls, he twirls them around the dance floor as I stood, forgotten in the abyss of the glittering crowd. Crystal tears resting on my blushed cheeks.

Heavy on my heart
So come and free me

I feel like the veil of darkness has covered me completely and even my shadow cannot find me.

Love, can you find me in the darkness, and love,
Don't let me down

I can't stand this sight in front of me so I walk out and step out into the cold, my frozen wrists grazing along the cool metal bar of the rails. I peer at my own moonlit reflection. I can barely see myself in the ripples of the pond just the shadows of a tree and the little beams of light coming from the halls.

There's a journey in my eyes
It's getting hard for me to hide

One tear, two tears, a stream of tears wash down my cheeks like a silent waterfall trying to escape its confines. Small teardrops plunging into the midnight blue pond, merging with the water.

And I never thought I'd touch an angel's wings

I bit my lip, not caring anymore if I stain myself with my blood. I was bleeding in the inside, my heart bleeding to death. No one knew how much pain I was going through inside. It hurt too much to even acknowledge it.

How can I possibly be here, shedding myself of my tears instead of making myself strong and getting over this stupid dream I had. Of gaining the one I love the most.

"Liz." I hear his deep voice,

I wipe my tears in haste but don't turn around. Not just yet.

"How come you're standing out here alone?" He asked, completely clueless.

I grit my teeth. Grin and bear it Liz I thought. Taking a sharp intake of breath, I swiftly turn around. Hatred angrily burning in my eyes it scares him.

"Liz? Is everything okay?"

I want to laugh but I don't. "No." I growled. He had the nerve showing his face to me tonight after all the shit he's put me through.

Not only has he shattered my heart after toying with it for so long but my entire family was the cause of his smile. Not just me. That's what killed me the most.

"What's wrong sweetie?" He tries to reach out for me but I pull away and throw his hand back.

"Don't!" I warn through gritted. "Don't touch me."

"Liz...what's the problem?" He tries to work me out but I don't know if the emotions etched on my face was enough to show him that I was dying inside.

"You really want to know what the problem is?" I shut my eyes and sigh again. "Then listen."

"I really do want to know so I can make it all go away."

Our friendship died two years ago but he was acting like it was still alive. He was never there for me. He always left me whenever I needed him the most. When I was upset, he was out partying with his new friends, when I got hurt, he was in bed with some slut having a good time. When I was happy, he was drinking with the jerks and the sluts. When he wanted advice and help, he came to me. Whenever he needed someone to talk to, he always came to me.

But was never there for me.

I regret being used by him, letting myself be his doormat when he got his own feet dirty.

I take one look at the man before me. No longer the boy I fell in love with. His change was the cause of my hatred towards him. He changed. Not the boy I loved but the man I hated.

"I hate you." I finally say it, feeling more angry, looking at his face, his lips, nose, eyes and everything that is him.

"What?" Came the crestfallen face.

"You heard me right." I sneered, pushing my anger forward. "I've had enough of you and your lies." I stepped closer to him. "Rich people like you only want money and sex. You have no idea how much pain you cause us poor folk." I snapped louder. "Every time we serve you, you only take us for granted. Do you know how much this hurts!"

"Liz I-" I can't let him win this time and I beat him to it.

"No, don't Liz me." I yelled. "You're making the mistake of thinking I'm your slave. No I'm not." I shake my head. "All this time when I needed you where were you? Huh?" I asked. But he doesn't speak and just simply looks at me. "Just getting laid by some bitch!" I answer for him.

His eyes widen and his nostrils flares, I know I've hit a nerve. "How could you-".

"Enough of your lies okay. You may be rich but you aren't genuine. You can never buy love." I told him.

"What are you talking about Liz?" He shouts, wondering what the hell is wrong with me. "Why are you acting like this? It's graduation and you're being so mean."

"Mean? Me?". I raise an eyebrow, showing him how amused I was. "Yeah Max, it's graduation. A golden chance for you to flaunt your happiness after your folks ousted my family out of their property, you should be happy. After all, like father, like son." I spat acidly.

"What?" His voice now a hushed whisper.

"You heard me right Max. Your father snatched the Crashdown from us." I told him icily. "Congratulations. You gained one thing and lost something in the same day."

"Goodbye Max."

I walk away before I can be stabbed with more pain. I have to get out of here.

I have to leave.

Heavy on my heart
I can't find my way home
Heavy on my heart
So come and free me
It's so heavy on my heart
So heavy...

So heavy...


Max’s POV

It’s our Graduation party and I’m in the middle of the make shift dance floor surrounded by beautiful women all wanting a piece of the action. I look around at the gorgeous offerings at my disposal. Nobody gets my full attention … that’s just not my way.

I look around the room trying to select which one of these women I want to take in to my bed tonight. I never commit I have to much to live for at the moment … maybe one day I will settle down … but that is far into the future.

Oh I am no fool I know I’m the most eligible bachelor here and most of these women want a piece of the Evan’s fortune … but that’s not going to happen. So while they want to throw themselves at me … who am I to complain?

I never select the same woman twice, they get too needy … too attached and I can’t stand that.

I’m looking around the room when my eyes fall upon my best friend Liz. She’s always been there for me. Alright she is not in the same league as some of the women that surround me but she has a heart of gold. She actually looks stunning tonight in her Graduation dress. It clings to her in all the right places. She scrubs up pretty well.

Her hair is all gathered up on her head and tight curls fall down to the side. She has put makeup on tonight and … well she just looks wonderful.

Oh my god what am I thinking this is my best friend?

I shake out all un-holy thoughts of Liz and turn my attentions back to the lovely ladies surrounding me … but wait …

I turn back around and see something in her eyes. I’m not sure what emotion it is … maybe hatred … but surely that can’t be right. We are, after all, best of friends.

I become still and a look of confusion must be placed across my face … well that’s how I feel anyway.

Why is she looking at me this way?

I watch and just as she turns around and heads towards the doors I swear I see tears pooling in the corner of those big, brown doe eyes of hers.

What could possibly be wrong with her?

Has some man dared to mess with her? Touched her when she didn’t want to be?

I had to go and find out. I can’t stand to see her cry it makes my heart bleed.

I follow her outside and notice she’s not wearing a coat and it’s freezing out here.

“Liz …” I call to her and watch as she brings her hands to her face.

I knew it!!! She was crying … although I couldn’t see the tears because her back was still towards me.

I stand there for what feels like an eternity waiting to find out what is wrong. I’m wondering now whether she actually heard me.

"How come you're standing out here alone?"

It’s the only thing I can think of asking her … not wanting to go directly to the point. I don’t want to upset her even more by asking her if some man put his hands on her. If any man did I would tear him apart piece by piece. I am taking the gentle approach in the hope that she will tell me what is wrong.

I watch her body as it goes stiff; hear a sharp intake of breath and then she spins around on me. Her face is contorted with what I can only describe has hatred and pain and my blood starts to boil. Who did this to her? My god the look in her eyes is terrifying.

"Liz? Is everything okay?" I ask her steeling myself for what is about to come.

"No." she growls at me.

I’m quite taken aback by her tone … surely it’s not directed at me?

"What's wrong sweetie?" I ask her trying to take her in my arms so she feels safe but she pushes my hand away.

Now I’m confused … did I say something to upset her tonight … come to think of it I haven’t even spoken to her except to say hello when she first arrived.

Maybe that’s what’s wrong … maybe I’ve been ignoring her.

"Don't!" she warns me through gritted teeth. "Don't touch me."

Okay so have I just walked in to the Twilight Zone or something? I am totally confused by her behaviour.

"Liz...what's the problem?"

"You really want to know what the problem is?" she asks with pain etched on her face "Then listen."

"I really do want to know so I can make it all go away" I tell her with all honesty.

"I hate you” she spat out.

My heart sinks as soon as she says those words. Those feelings etched on her face are because of me … but I don’t understand why.

"What?" I choke out not able to comprehend what she is trying to tell me.

"You heard me right" she sneers at me.

"I've had enough of you and your lies" she stepped closer to me.

"Rich people like you only want money and sex. You have no idea how much pain you cause us poor folk. Every time we serve you, you only take us for granted. Do you know how much this hurts?"

Okay now what the hell is she talking about? Serving me? Taking her for granted? No I’m not having her scream at me for no reason but I will still treat her gently.

"Liz I-" she cuts me off before I can get a word in edge ways.

"No, don't Liz me. You're making the mistake of thinking I'm your slave. No I'm not."

She shakes her head at me. What the fuck is she talking about her being my slave? I’ve never thought of her that way … she’s my best friend.

"All this time when I needed you where were you? Huh?"

Okay now I’m just blown away … where is all this coming from? I am and have always been there for her … she’s just never needed me.

"Just getting laid by some bitch!" she shouts in my face.

Now hang on one damn minute. Now I’m pissed, really pissed. I feel my nostrils flare, my eyes go wide in shock, my blood starts pumping faster and my fists clench. Who the hell does she think she is saying that to me? Totally uncalled for and I’m setting the record straight right now.

"How could you-" she cuts me off again. Now the anger is boiling through my blood.

"Enough of your lies okay. You may be rich but you aren't genuine. You can never buy love."

I’ve never been angrier in my entire life than I am right now. She is supposed to be my best friend … why did she stick by me all these years if this is her low opinion of me?

"What are you talking about Liz?" I shout at her as my rage comes bubbling to the surface. I want to punch something … not her … no I would never do that … but something.

"Why are you acting like this? Its graduation and you're being so mean."

She goes on to tell me about my family ousting her family out of their property … meaning they have lost everything. It hits me why she finally hates me. I feel like I’ve had a bucket of ice cold water thrown over me.

My father … this has got something to do with my father … a hatred that I never knew existed started to rise along with the bile in my throat. I hate my father right at this moment! It had to be him that caused this devastation on her face … and for that I will never forgive him.

"What?" I whisper not quite believing what she is telling me and I’m not able to subdue the rising nausea that I’m feeling.

"You heard me right Max. Your father snatched the Crashdown from us. Congratulations. You gained one thing and lost something in the same day."

I felt as if she had stabbed me in the heart. I was bleeding and she couldn’t even tell.

"Goodbye Max."

That was all she said to me before she turned around and walked away. I’ve lost her … my one and only best friend whom I trust with my life and my secrets … I’ve lost her for good thanks to my father. But you know what hurts the most …? She thinks I had something to do with it! Me! Maybe she never really knew me at all.

And that last thought caused me more pain than I’ve ever experienced. I am mesmerised by her beautiful form retreating from me and I don’t even notice the tears streaming down my face. Then I feel the pain … the further she goes … the more pain I feel.

I needed to take my mind of this whole ordeal … so I walk back to the party intending to choose my next victim … god help her … once I’m finished with her. I have a lot of pent up anger to get rid of.

As I look around to pick one of the beautiful women … it finally hits me what I’ve just lost … the love of my life and I didn’t even know it until tonight.

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Quick reminder: Monica is Liz's POV and I'm Max's.

Chapter 1

Five years later..

Fairytales aren't real.

Or so I led myself to believe during the past few years. Until I met Chase Maine. He was exactly what I needed. Charming, sweet and empathetic.

Right now, both of us are standing side by side together, watching the sun set from the empire state building. Swirls of pink and orange merging together, cascading into a breathtaking piece of art painted on a universal canvas stretched out for the whole city to see.

How can I say that this isn't a scene from a fairytale?

"This is beautiful". I shake my head, wishing I was just was beautiful like the wonders of nature. Envy did once seep through me that I wasn't a beautifully crafted masterpiece like natural beauties. Maybe, If I had been beautiful I could have been with the man I used to love before.

Used to.

Meaning past tense.

I firmly believed that this was fate. I would end up with a sweet gentle guy like Chase who I knew I could be happy with.

"Not as beautiful as you." As soon as those words leave his lips, I close my eyes. How wrong was he? That could be the reason why I was with him. He saw past my flaws and took me for who I was. A fallen angel, broken glass..damaged goods.

"Liz..." He calls my name in a husky whisper. "Since the day I met you, life has never been so good to me. You are everything a guy can wish for. I want to wake up every morning knowing that you're there right beside me, I want to walk through the door knowing that I share the house with the woman I love...I want to join with you in matrimony. Liz....I want to marry you."

I open my eyes at this moment and look at him. He's down on one knee and just opened a small navy box revealing diamond carat ring that is again more beautiful then I. "Chase.." I try to avert my eyes, happiness seeping deep into my skin. My entire being frozen with anticipation that I could feel the goose bumps form on my skin.

"Will you marry me?".

Without wasting another second, I say yes. "Yes Chase." I mumble, seizing the moment as they say carpe diem as this moment was too valuable to waste another second. "I will marry you."

He closes the box and get's up. "Well in that case, let's start the preparations."

I throw my arms around him and our lips meet.

This was my life now.

And soon I would be married to Chase.

But I can't help thinking about the man who had gotten me this far....


Max’s POV

I’m sitting at my massive mahogany desk in my luxurious office when my father storms in, anger written all over his face.

He throws something at me and it lands on the desk. It’s a newspaper. I pick it up and read the headline. My heart stops and I have to remind myself to breathe as I read the headline.

She’s getting married?

The pain I thought was long gone comes back to haunt the very core of my soul.

I have not been pining for her because I won’t allow it but reading what is in front of me I realise that I’ve been fooling myself these past five years. I have bedded many women since she left and I have enjoyed every minute of it but the one woman I want most has slipped through my fingers.

“That little bitch has snagged herself a rich man. See I told you that was all she was after. She never wanted to be your friend … just wanted the Evan’s fortune! You’re lucky I got rid of her and her pathetic excuse of a family. They couldn’t even hold on to their business” spat my father with such hatred in his voice.

I know why he is doing this. He wants to show me that it’s finally over. Well fuck him. I’ve never been one to follow rules and I’m not about to start now.

I start to remember what my father told me all those years ago on the night I lost my first and only love.

FLASHBACK – Graduation Dance.

I look around for my next prey when my father places his hand on my shoulder.

“What’s wrong with Liz son?”

Yeah like you don’t know you bastard!!

“She’s just told me everything Dad and I’m not happy” I state anger coursing through my body. I am clenching my fists right now and want one of them to connect with my father’s face.

Does he realise what he has done to me?

“Well you are better off without that little bitch. She is only trying to worm her way into your heart and gain access to our fortune. Jesus Max she has no class!”

“She is not after the money. She is … was my friend! Oh and by the way she has more class in her little finger than any of these wenches throwing themselves at my feet!!! You want gold diggers take a look around!” I say through gritted teeth.

I can’t control my anger for much longer so I ask the question. I know the answer is going to change my life.

“Why, Dad? Why did you do it? They are harmless and just want to make a living!”

My father starts to laugh at me!! Seriously my anger is at dangerous proportions! I can’t take much more.

“Why? Because I can! I’m not letting you get attached to some girl that is clearly beneath you! Besides I have plans for you my boy and nothing is getting in the way of that! That piece of land they were sitting on will now be a new multiplex cinema! This town has needed one for sometime! They were going to lose the restaurant anyway because the bank was going to foreclose on them. They had re-mortgaged the place once already so had no room to manoeuvre!”

And it hits me ……

“You made the bank foreclose on them early didn’t you? What, did you offer to pay off all the debt?”

“Exactly” says my father with a smug look on his face.

I snap and my clenched fist hits his face … hard. My knuckles hurt and I shake my hand in order to relieve the pain.

My father is on the floor clutching is jaw where I hit him. Serves the bastard right!!!!

I hear the gasps of everyone around me as they watch the scene unfold before them.

They have no idea of what’s wrong because they can’t hear our conversation.

He gets up and glares at me.

“That is the first and very last time you lay a finger on me my boy otherwise I will show you the damage a real man can do” he says through gritted teeth.

I gulp because I know he means it.

I storm out of the party and go home … alone!


“Max, MAX!” he screams at me.

“What” I shout.

“I said that she is marrying that high class clothing store owner … what’s his name? Chase … Chase …?”

“Chase Maine, as in Maine stores!” I spit out in disgust. I know my father is trying to get me to rise to the bait but it’s not happening today. I have a plan!

“Well it won’t last long. She’s a gold digging bitch and when she has what she wants she will divorce him and take a good chunk of his money with her.”

“Well your right about one thing.”

“Oh what’s that?”

“It won’t last long”

“What do you mean by that” he asks me looking slightly worried.

“Oh nothing father just that you’ve been right all along.”

Yeah right!

He’s still looking at me, suspicion written on his face.

“Well I’m glad you see it my way” he says with a smile on his pathetic face.

God I hate him right now.

My father turns around and walks out of my office thinking he has won.

What he doesn’t realise is that I’m a master manipulator. I learned from the best, him.

I pick up the newspaper again and read the article. I want to find out as much information as I can.

There is a brief history of the happy couple but no mention of the wedding venue.

I pick up the phone and dial a number I know by heart.


“I need you for another job”


“Immediately, drop everything. I want to know where a wedding is going to take place.”

“Are you serious?”


“Okay give me the information you have.”

I do and he whistles down the phone.

“Are you sure you want to get mixed up in this Max. This guy has deep pockets and a lot of resources at his disposal.”

“Just get the job done.”

I put down the receiver and smile. For the first time in many years I’m finally taking control of my own life.

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 Post subject: Re: Notorious (AU, M/L, Adult) 25/Mar/09 chpt 4
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Chpt 2

Liz’s POV

Everything is splendid. The party was in full swing, waiters donning the room with silver platters of gourmet and crystal glasses of golden champagne. The lavish crowd in their expensive designer wear, the chatters of the gossiping older women, the occasional flirts of young women and the men all packed together, either boasting about their business or showing off their mistresses on their arms.

A few had made it to the dance floor, gently swaying towards smooth music.

I was lost in the glittering crowd, waiting to be found until Chase joined us, including himself in the circle of my common friends.

Pressing a gentle kiss to my forehead like the good devoted fiancé to be he wanted to be, he asks me if I want another drink to which I shake my head no.

“Wow, ain’t you a lucky fella?”. Maria, my English friend winks at Chase. “Bagging a gem like my Lizzie here.”

“Yeah, you couldn’t have got anyone better then Liz.” Kyle laughs. “You are the luckiest man Chase.”

As they praise him because of him finally pursuing me, a guilt flows through me. God, if only they knew that I was being unfair to Chase. I did love Chase but he was a close second to the man who destroyed my heart. God, I felt suffocated and I didn’t know if I could just stand their, letting him think he was lucky to have me when in fact, I was the lucky one to have him.

“I have to say, you two look so great together.” Michael, Maria’s boyfriend winks at us.

Maria and Michael were the only couple I knew so well and I envied them. Although technically they had their off and on moments, they always found their way back to each other and their love for each other was so strong that it felt much more divine and beautiful then in the art of literature. It was them who actually helped me to believe again, that love actually exists.

I had gotten over my own inner turmoil but I knew nothing could fix the pain that still bleeds inside of me till date.

But I could pretend right?

“Come Liz,” Chase places his empty glass down on the table next to us. “Let’s dance.”

A few moments later, we’re gliding across the dance floor, hand in hand and just swaying our bodies to the gentle notes of the music harmoniously flowing throughout the scene.

“What’s wrong Liz?”. He whispers in my ear. “You seem tense.”

“It’s nothing.” I lied. “It’s probably the wedding jitters. I haven’t been married before.”

He dips me and then twirls me. “Are you positive that you’re okay?”.

“Positive.” I capture his lips with my own.

The music fades away and we stop, Chase leads me off the dance floor and he is about to say something until an entourage of his business associates come along.

Bored, I try to leave but Chase stops me as he seems very interested in what the group of fat beefy men in suits have to say.

I barely take in anything until one of them tells Chase something and they step aside.

My jaw drops.

A familiar pair of amber eyes stare right back at me.


Max’s POV

I am standing by the doorway of this magnificent room inside The Plaza. Chase has not spared any expense for this little soiree or rather should I say his father has spared no expense. Champagne is flowing freely amongst the guests, served on sliver trays, carried by a multitude of waiters, swarming around the room.

‘Chase.’ His name makes the bile rise in my throat.

I scan the room trying to find the one woman who stole my heart all those years ago. I am so nervous right now that it frightens me. I’m never nervous with women but with Liz it’s different. I can still see the hatred and pain etched on her face as she walked away from me that fateful night.

I know what I’m doing is wrong but nothing is going to stop me from reaching my goal. She needs to know the truth about my father and his interfering ways. One of my business associates has an invite to this party and I persuaded her to invite me as her guest.

That’s how come I’m standing here looking around this glorious room for the woman that I now know I love. I can see Chase mingling with his guests but I still can’t see Liz. I watch as he excuses himself from a group of fat business men and heads towards another younger group of people.

There was a tallish blonde standing by a man with spiky hair and then I see this brown haired guy laugh and say something to Chase. Then the blonde girl moves slightly and there is the one woman who can literally take my breath away.

I see her smile at something, somebody has said but it doesn’t reach her eyes. Her beautiful brown eyes are sad and only I notice this because I know her so well. She can’t hide herself from me behind this façade of happiness.

I watch as Chase places his glass down on one of the tables and leads Liz to the dance floor. My heart skips a beat when I see what she is wearing. She’s in this magnificent white silk, full length, sequined dress, with a deep V exposing her petite tanned back. Well I think they are sequins, they could actually be small crystals sewn on all over the dress. She sparkles with every movement she makes.

He glides her across the floor and their bodies are pressed together and swaying gently to the music. I feel my blood boil at the intimacy of their positions. He dips and twirls her on the dance floor, showing off what he has now staked his claim to but I simply won’t allow it.

He wants to parade her like a trophy, were as, I want to love her for who she is. My anger reaches a palpable level when I see her lean in and kiss him passionately. That should be me standing there right now.

Chase leads her off the dance floor and I come out of hiding making my presence known. Everything starts to quieten down as people stare at me with worried looks in their eyes. They are wondering who I am here to upset.

I notice the fat business men look at me with distain. They start to talk amongst themselves and then head straight towards Chase. I know what they are about to do … they want to warn him that I am here. You see I am the notorious Max Evans, billionaire playboy.

I am known around these parts as a wife or mistress stealer. When a woman has been with me she never returns to the arms of another man. I know I sound like I’m up my own ass but I speak the truth.

I walk up to the crowd that now gathers around the happy couple. There is whispering all over the room as I walk confidently over Liz. She looks bored as the fat men talk to Chase and she turns to leave. She hasn’t notice the stir that my entrance has caused, that is until one of the fat men moves out of the way to show Chase just who he’s dealing with.

My eyes never leave Liz and she turns to look at what is causing the commotion. Her jaw drops in shock as she looks at me with those big brown doe eyes of hers. I watch as Chase puts his arm protectively around Liz making sure I understand that she is his.

Well we will just have to see about that.

I walk straight up to Liz and watch as the shock wears off and she finally finds her voice.

“Max, what are you doing here?” she asks in slightly angry but shaky voice.

“I’m here to win you back” I tell her. Everyone is shocked into silence.

That’s when her hand connects to my face causing a fiery burn across my cheek.

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Chapter 3

Liz's POV

I'm here to win you back.

As soon as those words leave his mouth, I raise my hand and slap him across the cheek.

Silence falls over the sparkling crowd as they wait in anticipation for the brewing drama. Not tonight I thought.

Why, why did he have to come and say something like that at my engagement party in front of everyone, including my dearest friends and my husband to be Chase?

"You're not welcome here." My voice is cold and calm although my lips tremble.

This is the first time in five years I am seeing him again, face to face. Mixtures of emotions are running deep through me, hate, anger, confusion, fear and love.

"Who invited you?" Chase chimes in, taking my side already. "Last I checked your name wasn't on the list."

"I did." Maria steps in. "I invited Max."

"Maria?" I look at Maria expecting an explanation to this confusion.

"He's my cousin." Maria averts her eyes, looking here and there like she had been caught red-handed.

Max smirks at me. "Didn't think you'd celebrate your engagement party without your good ole pal did you Liz?"

He's pushing it and all I feel like doing is slapping him more. The shame of him showing up here. I could wipe that smile right off his pretty face which has matured a little over the past couple of years...but I would not give him the benefit of the doubt that he had changed his ways.

"Get out." I sneer, clenching my fists. "I don't want to see your face ever again".

I'm surprised at how much my hatred had bubbled up to the surface. Seeing him standing right before my eyes made me mad. I won't let him ruin what I salvaged out of my broken life because of him.

"I just want to join you in celebrating your happiness."

I roll my eyes. "Guards, show him the door."

They obey and take my command. I pray silently that Max would not fight back and cause uproar on this beautiful night. He watches me, staring deep into my eyes and I know he's reading me.

I'm surprised I could read him just as well. The tears surface in his amber eyes but he never lets them fall. His sadness evokes such an emotion in me that I find myself wanting to rip everyone away and pull him closer to me in a tight hug and never let him go.

But what he did to me two years back is the only reason why I put up this bitter charade. My Max was gone; this stranger was a threat to me and my happiness. I couldn't let him walk all over me again.

They grab hold of Max and start pulling him towards the door but Chase stops them. "Wait...let him go." He orders. The guards let Max go to straighten his jacket.

"Surely you don't want to miss the engagement of your former best friend which you still consider a dear friend do you Maxwell?".

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." Only I could tell the sarcasm behind his acid words.

"Come on babe." Chase takes my hand and leads me towards the platform where we would be exchanging rings. I look back at him as Chase takes the ring and puts it on my finger.

Max looks tensed and heartbroken as I take the ring and slip it on Chase's finger.

God, why did I feel so shit?

Everyone starts cheering and clapping while I just stare at Max.

I feel nothing but pain.


Everyone is dancing and I dismiss myself from Chase. "I have to catch some fresh air Chase...” The thick fog of tainted pain is just killing me and I needed some time to myself, to think did I really want to see Max Evans again.

"Okay babe." He presses a kiss to my lips. "I'll be waiting here for you."

The one thing I admire about Chase is that he doesn't nag or isn't persistent. He gives you your space and is very patient.

"I'll be back as soon as I can." I kiss him back and then let go of his hands before walking away.

Once I'm outside, I see Max Evans standing with his hands dug in his pockets and looking hopelessly towards the dark starry sky.

"What are you still doing here?"

"Aren't you supposed to be inside sucking face with that dimwit?" He spits out in sarcasm.

"At least he knows how I feel." I stop and glare at Max.

Max scoffs. "Huh, please spare me that talk. It's not like he knows your real feelings anyway and if he did, he could not care less as long as he's getting in between those legs of yours."

"Shut the fuck up Max and tell me the reason why you are here." I fold my arms, waiting for an answer. "Why now, five years later?"

"Seemed like a pretty good idea to crash your unlikely engagement and stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life." Max answers and I know that’s how he feels. Me being with Chase is a huge mistake when it's the thing that actually saved me.

I laugh. "The biggest mistake of my life was being friends with you."

I hear Max's sharp intake of breath and he looks like he's been wounded fatally. His eyes held more sorrow then they could bear. But I wanted him to feel it like I felt it. It only felt fair that he should go through what he put me through. I push the guilt aside and carry on.

"Max, I was never happy being second best." I said. "Being your best friend has cost me and my family a lot and given me nothing but grief. You never saw me at all. I was just there...." I sigh. "Maybe if I had left you earlier you wouldn't have bothered coming back in my life at all."

"No Liz." He growls. "You can't think could you think that?" I am shocked by his shaky breath and the tears shining in his beautiful eyes. "I need you all the time Liz, you're the air that I breath, you're my sunshine, my joy, everything."

"It's a little too late for that." I feel my own tears burning in my eyes. "You could have said that before things got worse."

Max steps closer and pins me against the ivory pillar. I brace myself against it for dear life as he nears my neck with his lips and presses a kiss on my delicate skin. I close my eyes and breathe heavily. His hand reaches my hair and he tangles his finger between the strands.

His hot breath hovers over my skin. "I'd come back for you no matter what." He whispers in my ear. "Because you know why?".

"W-why?" I tremble, my own body betrays me as he cups my left breast. I feel my nipples harden and moisture pool between my legs...oh god no.

"Your heart still beats for me...just like mine does for you." He flicks his thumb over my hard nipple.

I moan in pleasure and bit my bottom lip.

He massages my soft firm breast for a moment before releasing me and taking my hand, putting it to his own chest. "My heart beats for you Liz, only for you."

I can feel his heart beats against my hand. His torso rising and falling with each deep breath he took. "I remember that night Liz...the night where we first made love." He whispers against my lips and I open my eyes in shock.

Max remembered...


Four years ago

Liz and Max are 16 years old.

Max carried me towards the lake and put me down. "Princess..." He whispers, tucking a strand of loose hair behind my ear. "You're so beautiful."

I giggle and push him back slightly. "You've been saying that all night."

"Because it's true." He pouts and then smirks at me. "Know what I'm thinkin?"

“What Max?” Both of us were drunk and weren't thinking straight at the time. We were at some party in England and just outside the castle like building. They had a beautiful lake around it with I wanted to explore with Max. Max and I had so much alcohol that we actually considered this.

He pushes me back against a tree. "I'm thinking I wanna kiss you." He puts his lips on mine and gives me a sweet gentle kiss.

He lifts my leg up and wraps it around his waist. "I want to make love to you Liz."

I can feel his arousal rub against mine and I respond by kissing him passionately, letting him in my mouth. At the same time, I grind out bodies together. "I want you inside me so bad." I moan against his lips.

"I want to be inside you."

I hook my fingers to my panties and wiggle out of them.

"Ooh, Liz Parker being a bad girl." He teases.

"Shut up and fuck me Evans." I capture his lips and undo his zipper, sliding it down. Max takes his trousers off after pulling something from the back pocket.

"I've never...I think neither of us had done this before. " He whispers ripping the foil package open in a very clumsy like manner that I help. He takes the latex towards his manhood which looks so large in the moonlight. It turns me on and he pushes the condom up his length.

I push my dress up higher and he lifts me up after throwing the ripped condom package on the ground and pushes me against the tree. "This might hurt..." He peppers light kisses on my face.

"I need your cock." I moan and push my hips down, feeling the tip of his hardness against my swollen moist lips which drives me crazy and he pushes inside, deep and hard that it feels painful at first but soon the pain is gone and I feel pleasure as he drives into me, in and out and our hips are moving in sync..

"Ahh...yess...that feels so good.." I moan, grabbing hold of his shoulders as we ride each other. "Yes baby...."I gasp when he rubs against a sensitive spot.

"Liz..". He chants my name in a hypnotic trance. "I'm coming."

"Me too." I feel my clit hum before my walls shudder around Max's shaft.

He thrusts harder into me as he finally lets go and we both end up panting as he gives a couple of more pushes making sure I was sated and spent just as he was.

Our tired limbs reach the ground and we take a while before recovering. Max is the first to get up, he removes the condom with a tissue and starts removing his clothes.

"Max..." I look up at him. "What are you doing?"

"Going for a skinny dip." I just stare at his huge cock, I feel even wetter knowing that I just rode that a while ago. "Want to join me?"

In no time, I stripped my clothing off too and dived in the water after him. We swim together and hold each other while heavily making out in the water, my legs wrapped around his waist as we twirl together.

"This is perfect." I sigh, he kisses my nose, forehead, lips, cheeks...breasts...

"I love you." He whispers and we both kiss ferociously before swimming out of the lake and falling next to our clothes on the wooden platform.

I cover myself with his big shirt and he puts on his boxers. We just lay there in each others arms before falling into a deep slumber.


Max’s POV

Everyone has come to a standstill and you can almost hear a pin drop in this room right now. The heavy silence is finally broken by the heavenly creature standing before me.

“You’re not welcome here” she says in an icy cold tone but I notice her lips trembling and I know that she is terrified of what I will do next. I just stand there with a small smile playing on my lips as I read the many emotions that are flittering across her face.

I notice hate, anger, confusion, fear and finally … love. Did I really just see love in her eyes, after all this time? It’s been five years since that awful night when she walked away from me and it’s been even longer since …

I am about to tell her the real reason I am here but Chase cuts in with a question of his own before I even open my mouth.

He asks me some ridiculous question about why I am here? Doh, haven’t I just made that clear? Really, how she can possibly think about marrying such a moron is beyond me. She deserves better.

I am about to respond to his pathetic question, on who invited me here, when I hear Maria’s voice.

“I did” she says “I invited Max”

Huh? Why the hell is Maria saying this? She didn’t invite me, a work colleague did but that wasn’t the most shocking thing she said.

“He’s my cousin” I hear her say but the look on her face is priceless.

Ah my good friend Maria. You see I’ve known Maria for a long time, which Liz isn’t aware of … yet. I’ve probably known her a lot longer than Liz has and that is why she has come to my rescue. God bless her. I will have to thank her later.

"Didn't think you'd celebrate your engagement party without your good ole pal did you Liz?" I say with a massive smile on my face.

I can see that she is unsure how to respond to this comment. I think I have embarrassed her a little. For that, I am truly sorry but I have to let her know how I really feel and what I finally remembered.

I have to explain what happened between my father and her family but I think my luck is about to run out. I watch as her face hardens and I swear she wants to slap me again.

"Get out” she sneers at me with her fists clenched "I don't want to see your face ever again.”

Well I don’t expect anything less from Liz. She’s angry, very angry at me right now and she has every right to be but I have to try and explain.

"I just want to join you in celebrating your happiness” I say through gritted teeth.

She then instructs the guards to escort me out of the room. Hell if she wants a fight then I will give her one! No … wait...I know how to handle this situation. I look into her beautiful eyes and I know that deep down she still has feelings for me. So what do I do … yep I turn on the water works but I don’t cry openly in front of these people. I do have my reputation to think about.

I can see that the pain on my face immediately breaks down some of her walls and I know that she is regretting her decision as we speak.

The guards start to pull me away from her and I lower my head in shame, until another voice interrupts my brilliant display.

"Wait...let him go."

Huh? Was that ‘Chase’ that just interrupted my acting? I straighten my expensive dinner jacket and I look towards the man with a questioning look.

"Surely you don't want to miss the engagement of your former best friend which you still consider a dear friend do you Maxwell?"

Maxwell, MAXWELL! Who the hell does this guy think he is? Oh so now he is challenging me. Well two can play at that game.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world" I say with a smile on my face but with as much sarcasm as I can muster.

He then takes MY Liz off to the front of the room, where a small platform has been erected for this momentous occasion.

I watch as he slips a ring on her finger and vice versa. She slowly turns to look at me as she slips the ring on his finger. Of course I am totally heartbroken that she is doing this in front of me and I know it shows on my face. I also have the decency to look tense and uncomfortable.

I know by the look on her face that she feels like shit right now for doing this in front of me. I bet she wishes the guards had escorted me out.

When everyone starts to cheer and applause the happy couple I walk solemnly out of the room but I know that what I have done tonight has made a dent in her armour. I turn around to take one last look at the room and everyone starts dancing.

I walk outside and wait for her to come out. I know she can’t help herself. I know that I have gotten underneath her skin and I am going to take advantage of that!!!

I walk around for a while … waiting … for her … the love of my life. I am about to give up waiting and stuff my hands in my pockets and take one last look at the clear night sky.

Man, the stars were beautiful to look at tonight!!

I hear her coming out of the hotel and then I hear her angelic voice.

What am I still doing here? Is she crazy? Does she honestly think I would give her up that eagerly?

I show her just how hurt I really feel.

"Aren't you supposed to be inside sucking face with that dimwit?" I sneer at her with a venom to my voice that I didn’t realise I could posses.

Then she starts to prattle on about how HE ‘Chase’ knows how she really feels.

So I decide to hit her where it hurts!!

I prattle on about how he just wants to get between her legs!! Oh god, I am so good it’s unreal!!! I also tell her how she is making THE biggest mistake of her life marrying that piece of shit!!

He only wants to flaunt her in front of his business pals. He’s not really interested in providing her with a stable happy life!!

Oh but then she hits me where it really truly hurts!

“The biggest mistake of my life was being friends with you”

Oh that was just a low, low blow. Well beyond the preverbal belt so to speak!!

I take in a sharp breath as my heart starts to ache for this beauty stood before me. Not once do I think the game that I am playing is a cruel one, against her feelings. No … not me because I am arrogant, pig headed and a male chauvinistic pig!!

Then she goes on to say something about not being second best all of the time. I mean what the hell is she talking about? She was never second best to me … was she? Then the conversation turns to how knowing me, has destroyed her family and caused her nothing but grief.

Okay I concede to that remark. I can’t really deny that what my father did was absolutely atrocious!!

"Maybe if I had left you earlier you wouldn't have bothered coming back in my life at all."

WHAT? Is she seriously demented or something?

"No Liz." I growl out trying to make her understand just how much I really do love her!

"You can't think could you think that?" I ask her with tears in my eyes.

"I need you all the time Liz, you're the air that I breath, you're my sunshine, my joy, everything."

Now believe me when I tell you that what I am actually saying here is true!!! She does mean the world to me but I also have to lay on the guilt trip pretty bad for her to even give me a chance. Right now she hates me with every fibre of her being and I intend to mend that!!!

"It's a little too late for that” she says to me as tears start to pool in her eyes "You could have said that before things got worse."

No, NO! I was NOT going to let her walk away from me like I did last time. She has to give me a chance to explain, so I did the only thing I knew how.

I step closer to her and pin her wonderful slender body against the ivory pillar. I attack her neck with my lips. I want her to feel what I feel. I want her to want me as much as I want her. I cup my hand to the back of her head and weave my fingers through her fine silky strands of hair.

"I'd come back for you no matter what” I whisper honestly into her ear "Because you know why?"

This is it. I am about to tell her the REAL reason I am here. I am so nervous right now I could literally scream!!!

"W-why?" she asks me as a cup her firm breast. I stroke her nipple through the fine fabric of her dress and I can feel her shaking under my touch.

"Your heart still beats for me...just like mine does for you” I tell her whilst my groin area grows noticeably hard.

I hear a moan of pleasure coming from between her full beautiful lips and then she does that one thing that drives me absolutely crazy … yep she bites her bottom lip in anticipation of what’s to come.

After her nipple becomes so hard that it is pointing out of her dress, I let go of the delicious mound and grab her hand. I am going in for the kill!!! I breathe really heavy as if I’m in a sexual daze well actually that part is true. I am in a sexual daze after feeling how well her perfectly sized breast fits into my hand.

I place her hand on my heart and say ……

"My heart beats for you Liz, only for you."

Oh and then the best bit is … the killer line that I deliver which I know will win her over to my way of thinking.

"I remember that night Liz...the night where we first made love."

Her eyes fly open in shock and then a dazed look comes across her face as if she is recalling that time.

Okay now I have to admit that it took some time for that memory to come back into my thick head … oh boy but when it did? I was left with what felt like a massive hole in my heart where Liz should have been.

That night was THE first time I had ever made love to a woman … and it was the last!!

Yes, that's right little ole Liz Parker took Max Evans virginity or should I say I took hers? I suppose it depends on the way you look at it.

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A/N: Just a note, flashbacks are in italics.

Chapter Four

Liz's POV

How could this be?

All my life I wanted to hear that he loved me, from his own lips and now when that day had come, I was feeling wretched and hurt to allow myself to be happy because that day had finally arrived. I stare into his face and touch his cheek with my hand. He leans into my palm and presses a gentle kiss.

He might be arrogant, stupid, annoying and basically an asshole but he still was my Max underneath it all. The same Max who I fell in love with years ago.

"Max.." I rasp and then throw myself in his arm, holding onto dear life and sobbing as hard as I could. I feel his arms coil around me as his warmth surrounds me, seeping into my skin.

"It's going to be okay Liz...I'm never going to neglect you ever again."

My tears stain his shirt and I remember Chase waiting for me back inside. "I gotta go." I wipe my tears from my eyes and remove myself from Max's embrace. "I'll come back to you I promise."

Max stops me as he promises to tell me everything and gives me his number before he finally lets me go. I can feel his ragged breath down my ear even though we're far apart and as much as it's killing me, I know I had to stay here with my fiancé. Max would have to be without me tonight and possibly for the rest of his life.

Chase kisses me and notices Max's cologne on me. "You were with him." It wasn't a question but a statement said in a flat tone. Lifeless as it was. "But you came back to me." He shrugs and kisses me again.

"Chase." I pull away. I think it was time I finally told Chase what Max really meant to me.


I crawl of out bed quietly as possible as Chase is fast asleep. He hadn't doubted me and I hated myself for doing this to him. Chase was the only person who I could be with during the past five years. He had been my rock and I felt like I was doing him the biggest unjust crime as I checked my text the same time I slipped into a pair of jeans, t shirt and threw on a hoodie before getting into my sneakers and leaving. Silent as possible, I lock the door and jump into my car.

I'm already at Max's place and he looks tired as hell. Max's hair is all ruffled and his eyes are narrow slits. "Max, you look really tired."

He leads me in his bedroom and I take my sneakers off. I crawl on the bed with Max and we just lay there, side by side like in the good old days where we used to lay like this.

"I'm happy you came here." Max said. "I missed you."

"I need to know everything." I cut straight to the point. "You promised".

Right now, I hide the emotions running deep inside me right now. Maybe Max knew I loved him still but I wasn't going to be another notch on his bedpost tonight or any other night. I couldn't do that to my fiancé.

"There's so many things to say Liz."

"You can start with how your dad took over my family business." I replied, laying my head on the soft pillow.

Max looks sad and then narrates his side of the story.

By the time he's finished, I am gobsmacked and scared shitless. "Your father said that to you?" I couldn't believe it. I should have known when Max had begun to change. It wasn't because he thought I wasn't supposed to be his lover but it was his father's fault. That man, that wretched man...god I really hated him. "So I suppose you had no idea of him taking my family business over on graduation night."

"I swear Liz, I know I was an asshole but I would never allow him to do that if I had known. I am still finding ways of getting back your business. I won't let my father win...because I was such an ass and a doofus in the past...gosh...." Max panic. "I lost you because I was a coward. I was scared of my own dad. I let him walk all over me."

"Max, you didn't know your father would lie to you."

"He's lied to so many people Liz. He's a shrewd man."

"They always did say he was conniving but I never knew your father was that bad." I chocked. "I mean he even used his own son." I threw angrily. "That's no father."

"I will stop him Liz." Max rasped. "You know I will."

I take one look at his face and then sit up, I push my knees against my chest and hold my arms around them. "You might have left me Max to save me but what about your notorious reputation. I'm sure you had some part in it." I said sadly, remembering the times I caught Max in bed with a different girl most nights.

Max shifts position behind me and answers. "Remember the night I turned up at your balcony to go to the Gomez concert with you?".

Oh god, I can feel myself blushing in shame. "Yes."


"How was it?". He asks me when he lies back on the bed again. I shake my head and place kisses the side of his face.

I wouldn't lie about it, I didn't see the reason too. "Sean, thanks for the awesome sex." I said. He had been tentative and amazing with me. My heart might not belong to him but the guy knew how to make a girl orgasm.

"You're welcome." He smirks.

"They do say you really know how to please a girl." I tease.

This was just a one off. I missed Max so much during the first and last time we had been intimate. He hadn't mentioned about it since and I had been waiting for two months for him to say something but never once did he even remember our night together. Max hadn't also showed any romantic interest in me and things between us were becoming strange. He would barely answer my calls and make up the same excuses. It pissed me off and I had needed someone to take my mind off him. Sean who was a year older then me had been the perfect guy to be out with all day. We hit the movies, ate some dinner and went back to my place where we had good sex.

I needed to be loved again, I needed someone to hold me...while Sean was fucking me, I was thinking of Max. I felt like a whore but Max wasn't going to come back to me..well at least not for a while. I was running out of patience. The guy was too busy to answer my calls.

"I have to say this Parker but I'm not the one who popped your cherry." Sean said.

"No you're not."

Before he can say anything I catch Max standing at the balcony window...with a shocked face. Oh god, I lift my leg up slightly and clutch the sheets to my body. My face written with practical horror as he drops the tickets and backs away.

I'm unable to move until he disappears out of sight and I can hear Sean say. "It was him wasn't it?".

My mouth opens in shock as I realise what the main reason of Max changing into a player was. It was entirely my fault and all this time I had blamed him for being a jerk..."It's my.."

"No." Max denies. "You can't go around blaming yourself Liz. The reason why I changed was because I didn't want to be with anyone apart from you. If I couldn't have you according to my damn father then I won't settle down with anyone else. I'd turn into the asshole player and enjoy a different girl every night in the hope that no one would want to be with me. But it never worked. Some of them wanted to marry me and have money." Max shook his head. "And that Vivianne bitch, she always wanted to be my wife."

"But you never married her." I whispered, remembering that long haired blonde who was always in Max's face.

"I wanted nothing to do with her. Sex or just being with her...I hated the very sight of her." Max spat. "I hate both her and her father. Conniving money suckers."

"So you pushed me away because you thought your dad would harm me and my family if we were together...but look at that, he didn’t destroy us." I said, pointing at the irony of the situation. "He would have destroyed us anyway."

"Yeah, and I was an idiot for believing that he'd leave you alone."

"So what now?". I ask Max.

"I'm going to take him down Liz." Max looks at me with those amber eyes and somehow I notice he had been crying.

"I have to go." I noticed the time. "Thanks for sharing this information with me." I put my sneakers back on. "Although it's five years overdue."

"I'm sorry." Max apologised again. "When will I see you again?".

I pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Soon." I promised.

Once I was out of his apartment, I inhaled the night's breezy air and was relieved of the burden. I had learnt something tonight and I wasn't going to lose anymore. I've had enough of Phillip Evans and his damn greed.

As I'm walking down the sidewalk and to my car, I hear sounds in the alleyway...which get more audible as I walk closer towards my car and then look around and see a car parked in the alleyway with a man standing between a woman's legs which were spread so far apart as if she was more then happy to let his dick fuck her while she lay on the bonnet of the car.

"Ah yes..fuck my pussy harder." She pants and he drives harder into her, buttocks moving violently with each thrust. I cringe and look away, trying not to be sick on the spot.

I hear them cum and I wish so bad that I brought my ear muffs with me. Here were two stupid idiots fucking in public like no tomorrow. Couldn't they just get a damn room? The hotel was only two blocks away.

"That was good Viv." The man said, zipping up his slacks.

"Yeah." She purred. "D'ya think Max Evans would be as good as they say he is?".

"He doesn't look like he wants your pussy babe."

"Oh he definitely will once I blackmail him with Liz Parker's life."

My eyes widens in utter shock. Vivianne Harding was here....and she was going to use me to blackmail Max...


Max’s P.O.V.

I can see the emotions running though her face right now. She has been waiting for so long for me to say those words to her but I never have.

Why, you ask?

Because I couldn’t…


I open my eyes and the pain shoots through my head. Oh god do I feel like shit. Why the hell did I drink so much last night? I can actually hear my heart beating in my head. I close my eyes against the bright sun that is shining through my bedroom window.

I can’t even remember how the hell I got back home. I try my best to move my stiff, aching body off the bed but as soon as I stand up I feel dizzy and sick.

I lurch toward my chest of drawers and hang on to it for dear life. I know I have to make my way towards the bathroom otherwise I’m going to relieve myself on the floor and that is not good.

I manage to stumble towards the door and fling it open. Luckily for me the bathroom is across from my room. I take a few tentative steps before I let go of the door frame. The last thing I need is to fall flat on my face and bang my head. It already feels like it’s in a vice grip.

I manage to get into the bathroom before the bile hits the back of my throat. It seems that my stomach is protesting against me walking. I spend the next fifteen minutes emptying the contents of my stomach, flush, relieve myself, flush and then finally I manage to stand upright with the assistance of the sink of course.

I stare at the reflection in the mirror and I am shocked at the sight of me. I look freaking awful. As my head continues to pound a booming voice make’s me jump.

“So you are finally awake. You disgust me son. I had high hopes for you but I saw you with that little tramp last night.”

“Huh?” I say as his voice soaks into my confused brain.

And then it hit me. The flashes of memory from last night attack my brain. I remember now. I made love with Liz Parker. The one girl I have always wanted. Even though my head is banging with epic proportions a smile actually graces my face.

“I don’t know what you are smiling about son. This will never happen again.”

Oh god I don’t want to argue with him right now. I’m not feeling up to it.

“What are you talking about dad?” I ask as my brain tries to comprehend the meaning behind his words.

“I saw you fucking that little gold digger. If you think for one minute that she is going to be your girlfriend you have another thing coming. You are already taken as far as I’m concerned.”

“Dad what the hell are you talking about? I’m not even dating anyone so how can I be taken already?”

“I have plans for you my boy, big plans. I have already decided that you are going to marry Ed Harding’s daughter and he agrees with me. With the two families combined we will practically own this town.”

Now seriously I do not believe what he has just said to me so I start to laugh.

“Yeah right dad, marry Vivianne Harding. There is no way I would even touch that little tramp. Do you know that she’s screwed practically every member of the football team? I wouldn’t touch her with a ten meter cattle prod.”

“Well at least she will be experienced in the bedroom unlike the scene I saw last night. You were both so drunk and you made bumbling fools of yourselves,” sneers my father.

I can feel the blood draining from my face and the bile rise in my throat.

“Y-You m-mean y-you watched us?”

I am so disgusted right now that my body gives an involuntary shudder. God I think I’m going to be sick.

“Watch you? I could hardly miss you. It’s not like you were being discreet. I’m just glad I was the one that witnessed the disgusting sight rather than your mother, Ed or Vivianne. You nearly spoiled my plans last night Max and I won’t allow it to happen. Ed Harding wants you to marry his daughter and that is what you are going to do.”

That was it!!! I turn back to the toilet and start to throw up in earnest.


I shake that awful moment from my mind as I feel her soft warm hand touch my face. I want her to give me a chance to explain so I can take the pain away, that I caused her all those years ago.

I gently lean into her hand and give it soft kiss. I want her so bad right now but I know that is not possible. We have a lot to discuss, if she ever gives me the chance.

“Max…” my name comes from her lips as a soft cry and she is in my arms.

I wrap my arms tightly around her, never wanting to let her go again. I want to stay like this all night. I can smell her scent and it’s driving me crazy. It’s soft and floral not too over powering.

Her body is pressed hard against mine as if she is feeling the same as me … never wanting to let me go. I think that is my hopeful mind though.

I feel the wetness of her tears seeping through my shirt and I feel like the biggest dick on the planet, hell in the universe. I put this pain in her and I am going to spend the rest of my life making it up to her. I make the one promise that I know I will keep forever.

"It's going to be okay Liz...I'm never going to neglect you ever again."

She pulls out of my arms and I instantly miss her body against mine. She turns to walk away from me, to go back to that jerk. I have to try one more time.

I gently grab her wrist and ask her to let me explain everything to her. I make a promise to her that I will tell her everything. I was sick of keeping everything inside. I hand her my number and she quickly scribbles her phone number on my hand.

I know now that she will give me a chance to explain, even though I don’t deserve it. I watch her walk back inside, back to the other man in her life.


It’s 3am in the morning and I have been pacing around the apartment for the last three hours. I texted my address to her phone as soon as she left to go back to HIM. I want it to be there so she has a reminder that I am still in the picture and I am now fighting for her with every fibre of my being. Tonight, tonight she will understand just how much I love her. When she knows the whole truth she will understand why it had to be this way.

Every minute that passes makes me believe that she isn’t coming. I imagine her in bed with him riding him like … I can’t go there. I run my hands through my hair and try to remove the disgusting image from my minds eye.

I hear a car approach and I run to my window. Yes it’s her. I try to compose myself the best I can but I know I look like shit right now. I open the door and look at her beautiful face. I don’t want to forget any of it just in case we are separated again.

"Max, you look really tired."

Well I think that is a bit of an understatement but instead of telling her that I gently take hold of her hand and lead her towards my bedroom. I have no intention of sleeping with her. I just want her near me.

I lie down on the bed and scrutinise her every move. Is she coming here to tell me to leave her alone? Does she want me back? Right now I can’t read any emotion on her face.

She joins me on the bed and I tell her how I really feel; that I’ve missed her. She cuts straight to the point obviously not wanting any small talk and asks me to tell her everything. So I do. I tell her the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


My father looks on in disgust as I empty the remainder of my stomach into the porcelain god. Once I knew nothing more was coming up I flush and then rinse my mouth out with water.

If he honestly believes that I would go anywhere near that diseased slut then he has another thing coming.

“I will not go anywhere near her father. I hate her. Her legs are always spread wider than and eagle’s wing span and if you think I’m even going to go there, where many have been before I might add, then you are deluded.”

“It is you that is deluded my boy, thinking that you have a choice,” he sneers at me.

I stand firm.

“It’s not happening!” I shout.

“Oh but it is dear boy because if you don’t that little friend of yours will meet with an unfortunate accident. I will not let you or anyone else stand in my way.”

I feel the color drain from my face. He won’t, he can’t surely?

“A-are y-you threatening to hurt Liz?” I ask dreading the answer.

“Oh no not threatening …”

The tight feeling in my chest momentarily ceases until …

“I am promising you that she will get hurt.”

That last remark sends me back to the toilet again.

“You will never touch that girl again. So help me god if I find out you have, then she won’t be around long enough to enjoy it. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly” I say between retching.


Liz looks at me with shock and fear written all over her face. She asks me more questions which I answer honestly and I reassure her that I will no longer let him win.

"You might have left me Max to save me but what about your notorious reputation. I'm sure you had some part in it."

I knew it; I knew she never understood what that image did to me that day so I tell her…

"Remember the night I turned up at your balcony to go to the Gomez concert with you?"


I am not looking forward to seeing Liz today. I have to break her heart. I have to tell her that last night meant nothing to me, that she was just some easy lay. God I feel so sick.

I am walking down the hallway heading towards my class when I hear her voice call my name.

I stop and turn to face her. The fear I see in her eyes makes me dump my previous plan of totally destroying her. I just can’t do it. So I act normal like I don’t remember that incredible night that we shared together. No, right now she thinks that I was too drunk to remember and that is the way it is going to stay.

I am not going to totally destroy her by saying that she was an easy lay. I can’t, not to her. I put my arm around her like I usually do.

“What’s up Parker?” I ask in a jovial voice.

“I-I M-Max?” she looks at me with wide eyes begging me to remember.

“What is it Lizzie?”

“The party Max?”

“Yeah it was great although I got blindingly drunk and I can’t remember a damn thing, so it must have been a good one,” I say as I laugh.

I see the hurt on her face but she swallows it and we carry on as normal, as friends.

8 weeks later…..

I can’t stand it any longer. I have been playing this charade for almost two months now and it is killing me. I don’t care what my father said. I am going after my dream girl. Nobody is going to get in my way.

I bought the tickets online this morning and I am on my way to tell her the truth. After all once she knows and we go to the police then surely my father can’t do anything to us.

I climb the ladder to her balcony excited at the prospect of finally telling her the truth and taking the pain away that clouds her eyes. I walk to the window and raise my hand to knock, the tickets in my hand at the ready.

What I see has my blood running cold. There in front of me is a sweaty looking Liz and Sean wrapped in her bed sheets. I want to scream ‘no’ at the top of my lungs as my heart shatters into a million pieces.

I can’t believe, after what we shared that night, she has found her way into another mans arms so easily. Maybe I was just a notch on her belt. I let the tickets fall from my hand and I am just about to leave when she looks up at me.

I see the guilt on her face as she pulls the bed sheets tight around her body. I make myself a promise no woman would ever hold my heart in their hand again.

I look at her in disgust and I make my way down from the balcony. I can never look at Liz in the same light again. I am destroyed.


Her mouth opens in shock as she realises what that night did to me and I know she is blaming herself but I won’t allow it. I explain the reason I became the way I am now and we finally clear the air of all the shit that has been hanging between us.

"So what now?" she asks me.

I can not believe how fucked up this has all become simply because of my father.

"I'm going to take him down Liz,” I say to her as the tears run down my cheeks.

"I have to go," she says to me finally noticing what the time is.

I don’t want her to leave me. I love her … I always have.

"Thanks for sharing this information with me although it's five years overdue."

"I'm sorry," I say for about the millionth time tonight.

I can’t help myself I have to ask her "When will I see you again?"

"Soon,” she replies and then she is gone, again.

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Chapter Five

Liz’s POV

I stare ahead of me as two children run around the open park, over the lush green grass laughing and playfully hitting each other.

How did my life come to this?

I’m the one sitting at the bench staring at the scene which I was once in. A little girl and a boy hugging and laughing with each other, just ignoring the coldness around them as they warm each other’s hearts with their love for one another.

Max and I used to do that, I was the shy one and he grabbed my hand giving me the courage to enjoy my childhood. A smile reaches my lips.

Max made sure I was there with him; he never let me miss anything out. Every prom, every cinema date, every study date, even breakfast straight in the mornings….now nothing.

A huge gap was there where Max and I were. How could I ever reach out to him now? I love Max, I ran away from him. I could only hate him as much as I love him and it’s the sordid truth.

I have to live without the one I love.

Maria sits by me on the bench. “What’s up Liz?”

“Last night…” I ignore her question and look at her. “You claimed to have known Max.”

She smiles. “Ah, I should have known Max was on your mind.”

Her green eyes sparkle like they have something to reveal. I wonder how she knew Max and why didn’t she tell me anything about it.

I also wonder if she had told him anything about me.

I look expectantly at her. “Well?”

“He’s a friend Liz. We met six years ago.”

I hiss. He’s known her longer then I have. How come I didn’t know?

“But don’t worry, I didn’t realise anything until a month ago.”

Now I’m really surprised. But I let her carry on. “Anyway how we met, well he kind of bailed Sean out from jail. You see Sean refused to work with Phillip Evans and well he got pissed off and framed Sean for a crime he didn’t commit.”

“That does sound like Max’s father.” I snort. “That man has torn me and Max apart. I will always detest that man.”

“He’s done a lot of bad stuff Liz; he framed Sean for a murder.” Maria informed me. “Max helped us, he found evidence that Sean was innocent.”

“Who was guilty?”

Maria bit her lip. “Some guy called Grant Sorenson, must have worked for Phillip too but Phillip was beyond pissed off because that was his best man Liz.”

“What happened to Max?” I inquire.

“Well I had Jim Valenti back Max up so Max was out of the crossfire,” Maria said. “Jim saw to it that Grant was arrested. Phillip tried to get Jim sacked but here’s the funny part, even FBI backed Jim up.”


“Pierce, he didn’t let anything happen to Jim or Max. Phillip lost his case, maybe for the first time and then just abandoned it. Max was there for us and we just became friends,” Maria shrugged.

“Wow…so all this time…” I truly couldn’t believe it, during our high school years Max really had to deal with a lot. Now I felt so selfish. I wanted Max with me and I couldn’t realise how much he really had on his plate.

Maria places her hand over mine. “I’m sorry Liz, I wish I could have told you sooner but thing were happening too fast, you’re getting married to Chase…”

“I know,” I croak. “I’m broken Maria, I’m totally broken.” I rest my head on her shoulder.

The two kids before us are holding each other in a cute embrace. The boy is kissing the girl’s forehead.

“I know I shouldn’t but Max was so ecstatic when he learned that I knew you, I saw the hope in his eyes.”

“He was?”

“He loves you Liz, always has and always will.”

“That’s why it’s too dangerous for us to be a couple. His father can’t bear to see us together, it’s like we’re both star crossed lovers Maria.” I hated it to be honest, loving someone and not being able to be with them. It felt like having your heart ripped out of your chest and you’re expected to live.

I could not live without a heart. “And Chase, I love him too and it wouldn’t be fair on him. That’s two reasons I can think of so far, why Max and I don’t belong together.”

“You’re letting him win Liz,” Maria said in stern voice. “Phillip lost before, he can lose again.”

“If I die Maria, Max will die too.” I lift my head up from Maria’s shoulder.

Maria looks so shocked. “What are you talking about?”

“You know Phillip, he will never let us be together no matter what.”

“He threatened you?” Maria’s tone was shaky.

I nod. “I was always in the crossfire. Knowing Max, being his friend….was too dangerous, if I become more than that, I will go through hell.”

I stare ahead of us and the two kids are gone. My smile is gone too. “Liz we will help you, don’t worry, Phillip won’t lay a hand on you, or his men.”

“Are you sure about that?” I notice a man in a black suit with a black umbrella walking around, looking at us. He sees me look at him and turns away.

“His men are watching our every move,” I whispered.

When I got back home, Chase was there and didn’t look happy. “Sit, Liz.” He tells me.

Worried, I do as he tells me and I suddenly feel scared. “What’s wrong?”

Did Phillip pay him a visit? Did he think that I was cheating on him? Oh god, the questions were endless.

“Did you realise you’re being watched?”

“How did you...”

“Just answer the question Liz!”

“I- I think so.”

“You can’t risk your life like this Liz.”

My surprised eyes look at Chase’s face. “I care about your safety more than anything.”

I gulp. “Thank you.”

“I know you went out last night,” He adds. “Not that I mind but Liz, you don’t have to hide anything from me.”

“I’m sorry.” I can’t lie to Chase; I never wanted to become that person.

He looks hurt and I feel guilty. I shouldn’t be playing him and Max. I’m the bad guy here.

“Just promise me that you won’t risk your life.”

I hold Chase’s gaze for a moment and reply. “I promise.”

Chase kisses my forehead. “Max called.”

“What?” I blink in confusion.

“You gave him our house number, remember?”

“What did he say?”

“He wants to meet you but I said no.”

“But why?”

“Liz you promised,” Chase reminds me. “You’re not risking your life.”

“I know.” I reply. “So I can never meet Max ever again?”

“Not unless we have a distraction for Phillip.”

I get out of my seat. “Why are you helping us?”

“I want you to live.”

“Why are you helping me meet Max, you should be angry Chase.”

“I’m not.”

I sigh. “You’re impossible you know that.”

“I won’t make the mistake of hurting you. It’s best if I help to protect you, not hurt you Liz.”

I throw my arms around Chase and press my face into his shirt. “Thanks so much for understanding.”

His arms close around my body. “No.” He croaks. “Thank you for being in my life.”

He spoke the words that I should have told Max years ago.

“I love you”.


Max's POV

Crap!!! I’ve just received a phone call from one of my men. I can not believe that he would take it this far. My father needs to be stopped by any means necessary now. There is no way I’m allowing Liz to be another victim of his. I’ve beaten my father before and I’m going to do it again.

The only question now is, do I call Liz to warn her or should I deal with it myself. No she deserves to know what she is up against if she is to be with me again. I’m not going to keep her out of the loop this time. I can’t do that to her again.

I am currently wearing a hole in my very expensive carpet. I am worried about calling her. What if dick face answers the phone? How am I supposed to respond to him? Do I tell him or wait for her return?

These questions are running through my head right now and it’s driving me crazy. I walk up to the bedside table, grab the piece of paper with her numbers on and try dialling her cell first.

“Oh wouldn’t you just know it!!!!” I say in exasperation. Guess what? Yep it’s switched off and I’ve gone straight to her voicemail.

“Liz its Max, I really need to talk to you urgently if you get this message within the next five minutes please call me at the apartment. If I don’t hear from you, I’m calling the house, yes I know I sound kind of crazy saying that but this is that important! I’m hoping to God you call me back within the next five minutes or so. Love you. Bye.”

Okay I know I’m rambling but I’m so nervous right now. I desperately want Liz to phone me back in five minutes. I’m not going to be happy if I have to call the house and get HIM on the line.

As I wait for ten minutes, yes I gave her more time just in case, I am still pacing the floor.

God I just wish this whole mess would go away. Why does my life have to be so complicated? If I was a normal man, actually no that’s not fair, I am a normal man it’s just my father who is deranged. If I didn’t have Evans as a surname then Liz would be safe right now.

But she isn’t so I swallow my pride and dial her home number.


“Shit I just knew it. How fucking hard is this going to be?” I think.

“Chase is that you?”

“Yes who is this?”

“It’s Max, Max Evans.”

“You’ve got a fucking nerve phoning the house! She was out with you last night wasn’t that enough for you!” he shouts at me.

“Look nothing happened last night Chase. It’s not about that. I had to talk to Liz and she listened that’s it okay. Listen I didn’t phone you to get all chatty with you. Is Liz there?”

“The hell she is!! She’s out with Maria at the moment and I want you to leave her the hell alone. You hurt her so bad that she had given up on love, did you know that? She thought that no one could love her because the man of her dreams was the one who hurt her the most! If you think I’m letting you within one inch of my future wife you’d be wrong!”

Wow okay were did all that come from. I try hard to stifle a laugh that is threatening to explode out of my mouth. He sees me as a threat and I am.

“Chase, what Liz does or doesn’t do with her time is entirely up to her. I am here to win her back into my life but it has to be her choice. Listen I don’t want to get into this with you right now, that’s not why I called,” I say calming my tone down a bit.

“Why the hell did you call then?”

“Because I know you would want Liz to be safe, that no harm came to her no matter who was to deliver the news to you.”

“I’m listening,” he finally says with a calm voice.

“I can’t go into details right now Chase but knowing me has not been good for Liz’s health in many ways. She was unaware of the situation until last night but my father now has it in for her. He is currently having her every move followed. He’s also trying to see if we get back together which is not going to happen while he’s on her back.”

“If I have my way Max it won’t happen at all!” he spits at me.

“SHIT CHASE! KNOCK IT OFF! This is about Liz not me. She is currently being followed by one of my father’s men. Lucky I’ve got someone on her tail also but at a far greater distance. He phoned me not ten minutes ago to explain that she is being followed and watched very carefully. I need to see her Chase. I have to tell her exactly what she is up against,” I try to reason with the man.

“What? You’re kidding right? Why the hell would I let her see you when it would put her in more danger! Why don’t you just piss off to wherever you came from and leave us the hell alone. We were both happy, until you came along!”

I can hear it in his voice. He is afraid that he’s losing her to me. If I was any less of a man I would take joy in that fact but right now Liz is my priority not him.

“It’s too late for that Chase. Now he’s set the ball rolling there will be no stopping him.”

“Are you trying to tell me that he won’t stop until something happens to her?”

Now I can hear total worry in his voice and possibly stress.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying but I know how to defeat him Chase. You’re just going to have to trust me on this.”

Yeah right like that’s going to happen … and he would be right not to trust me in certain issues but not others.

“Huh? You are kidding me right? No I don’t trust you Max and I am sure that I can arrange sufficient protection for Liz myself. I don’t need your help!”

Now this angers me. I know he is worried that Liz will get hurt and I know it’s my entire fault but if he thinks he can go against my father and win? He is sadly mistaken.

“Chase you don’t know what my father is capable of. He will bring you down in the process and it won’t be hard to do believe me. You have a few secrets you want to hide right?”

I hear him take a sharp intake of breath and I know I have him by the short and curlies!

“I don’t know what you mean?” he says to me. Man I would be laughing right now if this wasn’t so serious.

“How about the daughter you’ve got that you haven’t told Liz about yet?” I ask.

“HOW THE FUCK…” but I don’t let him finish.

“See, if it was that easy for me to find out Chase then it will be ten times easier for my father. He will stop at nothing to destroy you and your family if you stand in his way so like it or not, and believe me I don’t, we have to work together.”

I am trying to reason with him now. Nobody can understand just how ruthless he can be.

“Fine, what do I have to do?”

So I set about telling him my plan. A plan that should keep Liz safe but she has to know most of it. All the dangerous parts that involve her and whatever else there is. He better tell her all of it because I intend to and if he doesn’t, well then that’s his problem and won’t hurt my standing with Liz in anyway.

“Are you going to tell her about my daughter?” he finally has the balls to ask me.

“That’s up to you Chase. I’m not going to tell her right now because it’s none of my business but if she doesn’t know by the time you are getting married then I’m telling her because she doesn’t deserve to have a marriage based on lies.” I put the phone down after my little speech.

Now the rest is up to him and Liz. I know what I’m hoping for. Maybe Liz will find out somehow, who knows.

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Chapter Six

Liz's POV

"Well this is interesting." I said, staring at everyone at the dinner table while they all poked their food with a fork.

The silence crept over the dinner table and everyone stole glances at each other, I felt like I was in a twilight zone movie as it seemed all of us were waiting for something bad to happen. I had hoped by inviting Maria and Micheal along with my parents and Chase's parents, the bitterness of the dreaded anguish would dissipate.

Usually it worked with our parent's boring talks of politics but that fear stayed with me today.

My life was hanging on a thread and they all knew it.

Finally someone breaks the silence.

"Liz, I have something to tell you." Micheal blurts out. "Right now." He chucks the napkin down and pushes his chair back. "Excuse us please." He tells everyone before we leave the dinner table to a more secluded place.

As soon as we have some privacy, Micheal opens his mouth. "Dianne Evans is my mom."

Oh. My. God.

Did I just hear that?

"Yes Liz, Max's mom is my mom too." Micheal confirms with a serious look. "I wish it wasn't like this but you can't change fate." He shrugged.

"And you're telling me this because...?"

"My life is in danger too and I just wanted to share this with you." He croaked. "Phillip Evans is after me too Liz because I am the result of his wife's infidelity."

"You're Max's half brother." I pointed out.

"He killed my father Liz." Micheal said. "My dad was murdered and now he's after me."

"Oh god.." I brace myself and fall back onto the chair behind me for support. "He killed someone?"

"The evidence was never found but I am a hundred percent sure that Phillip Evans murdered my father." Micheal said. "I don't want you to share the same fate Liz so we might as well run away together or something. You should leave Chase and I should leave Maria."

"Run away?"

"Liz we are sitting ducks! Our loved ones aren't safe with us." Micheal hissed.

"I can't run away like that, that will let Phillip win." I replied coolly. "I won't let that man win, not again. He stole the crash down from us and made our lives hell for five fucking years. He has to pay."

"He didn't murder anyone you loved yet." Micheal said in a deadly tone.

"I will get everything back from him which he took." I declared.

Micheal looked pissed off with my decision. "Liz, I love you like a sister and I can't lose you as well. Why can't you see that?"

"If you love me like a sister then you will understand and you will also support me in this fight Micheal."
I stood up again and run my fingers through my hair. "Who else knows?"

"Apart from Maria you mean?"

"Yes." I nod.

"Just the three of us so far apart from Phillip and mom."

"Right, so he wants you dead because of a personal agenda."

"Yes plus he will get you out of the way to destroy his own son." Micheal pressed on. "With your death, Max will be married to that Vivianne bitch so Phillip will inherit a lot of money. This also is a personal thing for him too." Micheal said. "I've been doing my research and it turns out that Phillip got a bit frisky with Ed Harding's second wife."

I raise an eyebrow, this keeps getting better and better. "He has a love child with Kathleen."

"And her name is?"

"Tess. Tess Harding."


That's a lot of secrets to be revealed in one day, I thought.

"I'm thinking we can get her to manipulate Phillip." Micheal said. "Tess is one of his weakness', Daddy's girl she is and he showers her with so much money on her birthdays."

"That doesn't mean they love each other like a traditional father and daughter." I stated. "Phillip could be just investing in his daughter so she becomes a gold digging slut just like her mother and Vivianne."

"No." Micheal chuckled. "She's actually quite the opposite."

"Say what?"

"There's a chance if you're linked with Tess, he may leave you alone." Micheal explained.

I thought Micheal was crazy, wasn't he aware of the current situation right now? "Micheal, I have been best friends with Max as long as I can remember and Phillip has never shown me any bit of gratitude or mercy so how will this Tess ensure Phillip is kind to me and leaves me alone?"

"Because Tess is his illegitimate child and if Ed finds out....he will set out against Phillip who will already have a damaged reputation. The two demons will kill each other and they will be too busy to go after their common prey."

"Oh Micheal, I love how your mind works.


I can't sleep at night, I'm too excited with the prospect of actually beating Phillip Evans at his own game. I feel like a new woman, a much stronger woman and it thrills me. I've waited for five whole years to destroy the person who ruined my family's life and now I had the chance.

I can't fall asleep. I just can't. I'm just too excited right now.

I reach out and look at my phone to keep myself occupied. Chase is deep in his sleep so I had the freedom of checking my voicemail.

I listen to Max's voice and then decide to call him back after slipping out of the bed and hiding in the bathroom.

To my surprise, he answers. "Hey Liz."

"Max I just got your message, I am so sorry." I said quietly as I held a hand over the mouthpiece and my lips.

"Yes, I called but you never answered." Was his tired reply.

"I am so sorry that I am calling you right now but I feel like I haven't seen you in forever." I slid down against the door. I missed talking like this with Max. Our late night phone conversations were very fun and we used to talk about anything.

I felt like bring an old tradition back in fashion. I loved it. I missed it.

"It's alright, I'm glad you called...even if it's at three am in the morning." He laughed.

I laughed a little with him and then softly said I missed him so much. He seemed happy that I was missing him and then he admits that he wants to see me right now like the other night.

"I can't Max." I sadly say as I remembered my conversation with Micheal before. "He is watching."

"Well he can go kill himself." Max growled. "I couldn't care less, I want you Liz and I will have you."

"Careful Max, you sound like daddy there." I teased.

"I will never be a monster like him."

"I know."

"Listen, when can we see. I have to see you please." He begged.

"Max it is beyond me because it's not just your father."

"Who else is it?" He whispered in fear.


I tell Max about seeing Vivianne outside his apartment having a conversation with a stranger to kill me. Max curses over and over again through the phone. He promises that he will handle both his dad and Vivianne.
"I'm coming for you Liz, even if that's the last thing I should ever do." His tone is firm and sends shivers down my spine. I find it sexy when he is so determined. I'm thrilled by his words as he hangs up.

Max was coming for me.


Max’s P.O.V.

Each night I wake in a sweat, after having an extremely hot dream about Liz. We are back in the woods, fucking each other hard until we find our release but then it turns into a nightmare when I catch my father watching us. Each time the dream ends the same and I wake up wanting to literally vomit.

Tonight, however, I never reach the nightmare part of the dream because I wake up to the noise of my cell phone ringing in my ear. I placed it near me so that if she rang I could hear it.
I pick up the phone and look at the name on the screen. My heart skips a beat as I realise it is Liz calling me. I’m still a little sleep confused at the moment and when I say hello I’m sure my voice sounds like she just woke me up.

When she apologises for calling me at such a late hour, or rather early morning, I try to reassure her that it’s okay. Christ I want to talk to her. I’ve been dreaming about her for the past week. I’ve hardly had any contact with her because I am worried that my father is watching us.

The thing is, I never expected what revelations she was about to tell me. After listening to her for what seemed like half an hour, which in fact was only like ten minutes, I’m left stunned into silence for a short period of time.

I have a half brother that I don’t even know about, one that I’ve met on numerous occasions as Maria’s boyfriend. This was fast becoming one fucked up situation and I didn’t like it one bit. Right now I feel like I’ve had a bucket of ice water poured over my head.

I am suddenly very awake and my brain goes into over drive. I also love the way Michael’s mind works. I start to formulate a plan in my mind and I tell Liz that I’m coming for her.

As soon as I’m off the phone with Liz I dial Michael’s and Maria’s number. I know it’s late but right now I don’t give a damn. This is probably the most important thing I’m about to do.

“Whoever the hell this is, better have a good fucking reason for waking me up at ...” Michael turns to look at the alarm clock “4 am!”

“Michael, it’s Max I’m sorry for calling you so early but ...”

“So she told you then?”


“I figured since you were calling me at this ungodly hour. What do you want Max?”

“I’ve got a plan that I think will work all round. It will get my father off Liz’s back, you can have your revenge and I will get rid of my father.”

“I’m listening,” was Michael’s reply as the grogginess cleared from his head.

After I tell Michael my plan he agrees to meet me at the diner around midday. He will contact Liz so we can all meet there and discuss the situation.

I still can’t believe that I have a half brother and sister out there, two facts which I was totally unaware of which led me to believe that maybe my father had even more skeletons in his closet. I am now making it my mission to find out everything I can about the bastard.


I am walking toward the diner wondering if I’m doing the right thing or not. Do we let her in on the secret and risk her telling, or do we keep her in the dark and risk hurting her? I suppose only time will tell if we can trust her or not.

I pull open the door to the diner and step inside. I take a quick look around to see if they are here yet and notice them huddled in one of the back booths. As I walk towards the table she looks at me and her whole face lights up into a wonderful smile.

I know that won’t be there for long once she hears the plan but it’s the only way that we can totally destroy my father before he can hurt any of us. I sit down next to her and kiss her gently on the lips. God I love her so much that it hurts to think that I can’t be with her but that will come soon, I’m sure of it.

After ordering our meals we start to discuss the plan that Michael and I devised over the phone last night. Just as we are about to get to the crucial part the waitress comes over and serves our order.

After we are sure the waitress isn’t coming back to the table for a while we carry on explaining to Liz the whole plan. Once we’ve finished, she is a little shocked to say the least.
“But how the hell is that going to work?” asked Liz slightly confused “And why does it have to be you Max?”

“Because my father will stop at nothing to ensure it won’t happen Liz. That way everything gets out into the open and we allow them to destroy each other. It’s the only way.”
“What about the innocent people that are going to get hurt in the process, Max? I don’t think this is going to be as easy as you think.”

“Liz there is no other way to do this and there are a lot of people that could get hurt. I’m not even sure that I want to go through with this but after discussing it with Michael last night, we can’t see any other way.”

“You really think this could work and get him off our backs?”

“I’m sure of it!” I state with a confidence I don’t really feel.

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