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 Post subject: Stay With Me (M/L, ADULT) COMPLETE
PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:43 pm 
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Title: Stay With Me
Author: Janetfl (Jan)
Disclaimer: I own nothing that is Roswell ... sadly that belongs to the powers that be!! No infringement is intended.

Pairing: M/L.
Rating: ADULT.

Summary: Max and Liz are co-workers, or rather co-enemies. What happens when their boss sends them to a conference in Vegas? :wink:

Author's Note: Keepsmiling7 was runner up in the Support Stacie Auction. She won a 5,000 min word fic ... which might prove to be longer. I'm just going to see where the story leads me. I hope you enjoy.

A huge thanks goes out to my wonderful beta reader Lilloucfer!! Thanks so much for all your help and ideas!!


She started to stir from her deep slumber as the sun shone through the cracks of the curtains. She felt safe, warm and comfortable. She didn't want to wake up; she wanted to sleep for the rest of the day.

As the sun shone brighter she finally groaned and tried to open her eyes. As soon as she attempted to, pain shot through her head and she immediately closed them again.

Another groan left her lips.

"What the hell did I do last night?" she thought to herself ... and then she froze.

She could have sworn she'd just felt something brush against her leg. She tried so very hard to open her eyes but the thumping pain behind them stopped her from doing so. She raised the bed sheets over her head and then opened her eyes.

"Oh good god, no!" she whispered, trying not to wake the sleeping form beside her.

The white bed sheets were a stark contrast to the deep tanned muscular legs that were tangled in them.

She raked her eyes across the beautiful form, starting at those gorgeous legs, moving to a perfectly round, almost peachy, muscular ass and the sexiest back she had ever seen. This man that lay beside her was just perfect in every way.

She quickly whipped the sheets from her head and turned very slowly to see who was lying beside her naked as the day he was born, although a lot better formed, she mused.

All she could see poking out of the sheets was his perfect muscular back and brown hair. She started to get a dreaded feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"No, surely, it can't be," she whispered to herself, raising a hand to her mouth.

She was trying her hardest to remember what had happened last night. She remembered the conference but anything after that was pretty much hazy at best.

She slowly rose into a sitting position and gently leaned over him to get a better look.

A groan left her lips when she saw who was beside her.

This just can't be possible! What the hell happened last night? Why the hell was he in her bed? More to the point, why the hell had she allowed him in her bed? Oh this was so not good!

All of these thoughts and questions ran through her mind like a freight train. She turned around slowly and gently eased off the bed so she didn't disturb him. It was only then that she noticed something on the bedside cabinet.

It was if everything suddenly went into slow motion. She could see her hand reaching for the paper but felt more like she was watching a TV screen than actually living through it. You see her mind had decided to detach itself from her body for a short period of time so it could cope with the shock it was about to receive.

As her hand moved towards the paper, the writing became clear. A Certification of Marriage between one Elizabeth Parker and Maxwell Evans.

"No, this can't be..." she whispered to herself.

It was then that she noticed that she wasn't even in her own room. She rose off the bed, found her bra and top, put them on quickly, slid on her skirt, picked up her shoes and left the room as quickly and quietly as she could ... taking that piece of paper with her.

With a shaking hand she pulled the key card out of her purse and ran it through the scanner. The door opened immediately and she made a beeline for the bathroom.

She slammed the door shut, sat down on the toilet and started to cry. How the hell could she have gotten herself into this mess ... especially with the one person she hated the most on this planet or any other?

It was then an idea struck, surely if she didn't remember then maybe he wouldn't. Maybe she could get this thing annulled before anyone finds out.


Max suddenly felt cold and it stirred him from his deep slumber. The light that came through the hotel windows was blinding and he threw the sheets over his face to try and block it out.

He felt like he'd been hit by a sledgehammer and it wasn't going to go away any time soon. He could smell the faint odor of something fruity, like perfume, but shook the thought from his head as he gingerly got up out of bed and went to his bag to get out some paracetamol for his thumping head.

He went over to the mini fridge, grabbed a bottle of still water and took the pills. His arid mouth demanded more water and it wasn't long before the whole bottle was gone.

God, exactly how much had he drunk last night? He remembered meeting Liz at the conference, had a few drinks but after that it all became incredibly hazy.

He decided that it was time to go and see Liz. Maybe she had some answers for him.

He decided to take a shower to wake his tired and very achy body. He stood under the jet spray of the warm water and placed his tired face directly under it hoping that it would in some way wake him up.

As the warmth engulfed him an image of Liz, naked in the shower assaulted his mind. Now he was used to these kinds of thoughts but somehow this felt ... more real, like it had actually happened.

He could feel her small hands skim over the expanse of his chest as he watched the bubbles of the shampoo trail down her skin, through the valley of her breasts and then to the small dark triangle of hair between her legs.

The vision of her standing there with water cascading down her luminescent skin was so incredibly goddess like it literally took his breath away.

His hand followed the soap trail and elicited a moan out of Liz's mouth as he inserted his fingers into her warmth.

"What the hell..." shouted Max to no one in particular as he was shocked out of his reverie.

He'd always thought about Liz in a certain way but never had his imagination been so vivid.

He had to get that vision out of his head otherwise he wouldn't be able to face her this morning without it coming back to haunt him at the most inappropriate time.

He shook his head vigorously in the hopes of getting that incredibly sexy image out of his mind and concentrated on his shower. It was now imperative that he speak to Liz and find out what the hell happened to him last night.

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 Post subject: Re: Stay With Me (M/L, ADULT) COMPLETE
PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:45 pm 
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Chapter 1.

Liz had just finished getting dressed after her shower when she heard a light knock on her door.

"I'll be there in a second!" she shouted from the bathroom as she twisted her long hair and then pinned it up with some hair grips.

She smoothed down her skirt and took a look in the mirror before she opened her door.

"Sorry about that I just ..."

She had a sudden look of confusion on her face.

Standing by her door with his mouth agape was Max. Her stomach did summersaults hoping that he hadn't remembered what happened last night. There had to be a way of getting out of this mess without alerting him to the fact that they were now married.

A sudden bolt of fear ripped through her body as he just stood there and continued to stare at her, almost looking through her, as if he was remembering something.

Her throat felt dry as she tried to recall what had transpired between them the night before. Whether he recalled anything or not, she put on her usual cool persona in the hopes that he would see that nothing had changed between them.

In a rather cold stern voice she said...

"Max? What can I do for you this morning?"

"I ... I just ... I wanted ... too ..." he couldn't think straight as the image of Liz in his shower came back in full force.

"A bit tongue tied this morning, aren't we?" she asked raising her eyebrow.

He cleared his throat with a small cough.

"I was just wondering if you would like to join me for breakfast, you know and go over some of the notes we made at the conference last night. We have to give in that report as soon as we fly back so we'll have to work on it together..." he almost added 'unfortunately' to the end of that sentence but stopped himself just in time.

For some reason he couldn't bring himself to be his usual pompous ass with her. Had something changed between them ... he wasn't sure.

"Oh right, yeah breakfast. Okay, give me a few minutes to collect my notes and I'll meet you the down there."

"Okay," said Max as he turned away from the door and headed towards the elevator.

She closed the door and rested her forehead on its cold surface. The only way to find out if Max really remembered or not, was to go down there and fish for information. She couldn't remember a damn thing so even if he only had snippets of information it would be more that what she currently knew.

She steeled herself for the conversation with Max, left her hotel room and headed for the breakfast area.


As Max entered the breakfast room his nose was assaulted with the aroma of bacon and eggs and his stomach lurched. The hotel was serving Continental and Full English breakfasts. The urge to gag was strong but he swallowed hard and made his way to the coffee machine.

He got himself a double espresso hoping that would wake up his tired and addled brain. He chose to eat plain old cereal this morning. He didn't think his stomach could take anything else without violently protesting.

He sat down at the first available table and jumped started his body with the bitter tasting, caffeine high, smooth hot liquid. Just as he was about to delve into his cereal Liz walked in with her notes under her arm and a briefcase in her other hand.

She walked over to the table, set her things down and then made her way to the continental breakfast table.

There she picked up two butter croissants, jam and black coffee. She too needed that extra kick of caffeine after the shock she'd received this morning. She could feel Max's eyes follow her every movement and when she turned around to look at him, she noticed a strange look come across his face.

She coughed nervously and then sat down opposite Max.

"So this report Max, how are we going to handle it?"

For a moment he just stared at Liz and it was starting to make her feel uncomfortable.


He shook his head slightly and blushed.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"Look is something wrong Max?" asked Liz.

"Wrong? No, why would anything be wrong?"

"Seriously Max are you feeling okay?"

"No to be honest I'm not ... I ... I can't remember much about last night," he stumbled with his words.

"Well you were pretty far gone when I left you Max. How long did you stay drinking after I left?"

"Y - You l ... left?"

"Don't you remember? I said that we had a flight to catch today so I left you to it."

A slight groan left his lips.

"Max, what's wrong you're acting really strange?"

"I ... well ... I woke up this morning and ... I could have sworn someone had stayed with me last night ... I"

Max was interrupted by Liz holding up her hand.

"Look Max do I really need to hear this. I don't want to know about your sex life!" Liz whispered harshly.

Oh she was on a roll now. As soon as he started stuttering she knew he didn't remember. Maybe, just maybe she would be able to get away with this.

"What? No, it's nothing like that ... well at least I don't think it is. Look would you just hear me out for one second," he was starting to get frustrated with her as usual.

This is how it had always been between Liz and Max. From their very first meeting they seemed to get on each other's nerves ... well actual truth be told ... from Liz's side there was irritation ... from Max's side there was pure lust. He loved getting her all riled up because she looked beautiful when she was feisty, almost like she'd been ravished.

Liz rolled her eyes...

"Go on, explain away but I swear to god if I hear anything about sex in there, I'm out of here, understood?!"

"Yes UNDERSTOOD," said Max doing the 'quote' sign with his fingers.

"Well I must have had way too much to drink last night because when I woke up this morning I could have sworn I smelt perfume in the room and I ... well I found this and I've never seen it before."

Max showed Liz the earring.

"GOD DAMN IT" she thought to herself.

"Why the hell didn't I notice it was missing? How am I going to get that back from Max now?"

"It looks like a real diamond as well, expensive ... but ..."

"There's no need to spell it out Max. You are trying to tell me that you believe you brought a woman to your hotel room last night, probably had sex with her and then she upped and left in the morning without waking you. Is that about right Max?"

"I'm not like that though Liz. I don't normally bring women back to my home or hotel room. I ... well I just don't do it. I like to get to know a person first."

Max felt like he had to explain ... if he had any chance with Liz, he believed he'd just blown it.

"Right, well shall we get back to the report now Max. Like you said earlier, we have to hand this in today. How do you want to do this? Work on it together and then I type up the report?"

"Yeah, whatever, that's fine."

Now this was the first time that Max had ever agreed with Liz, without fighting her on it.

"Oh right, okay. Well let's get down to business then.”

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 Post subject: Re: Stay With Me (M/L, ADULT) COMPLETE
PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:48 pm 
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Thank you Lou for all your hard work, suggestions and changes!!!! You ROCK!!!!!

Chapter 2.

The flight had been delayed which gave Liz a chance to type up the report that had to be handed in today, before they boarded the plane.

As the car, that was sent to pick them up from the airport, drove through the busy New York streets, Liz took a moment to look out of the window at the great city.

She loved living here after moving from her small town of Roswell, New Mexico. She'd worked very hard to get to where she was today, worked hard all through High School, went to Harvard, passed all of her exams with distinction and yet somehow she ended up having to work with someone like Max.

When she was first introduced to him her first initial thought was that he was hot! A gorgeous looking guy who just screamed manly, that was, until he opened his chauvinistic mouth.


"Liz, it's good to have you on board. We are going to pair you up with our best man in marketing. He will be able to show you how things work around here. I have no doubt that you can handle our clients on your own but we do have a certain way of doing things around here. Max will be able to show you. He's a nice guy once you get to know him."

"Thanks Miss Harding," said Liz while shaking her hand.

"It's Tess by the way, come on let me introduce you to him."

As they walked through the open planned office, Tess stopped at an office that was open.

"This will be your office Liz; it is right next door to Max's so that you can work together easily. They also have adjoining doors."

Liz was very proud to see her name in gold letters on the door.

"Thanks Tess."

"No problem Liz, I'm expecting great things from you."

Tess stopped at the door next to Liz's office and knocked loudly then said...

"Max, it's Tess are you free?"

"Come on in Tess."

They both entered the large, spacious office.

"Max, I would like you to meet our new recruit, Liz Parker. Liz this is Max."

Liz held her hand out to Max but he didn't even look up at her.

"Nice to meet you Liz, now could you go and fetch me coffee and then we can get started."

Liz turned to Tess in confusion.

"Oh, don't worry about that Liz. He did that the first day he met me until I told him that if he wanted to come back to work the next day he'd better get me coffee instead! He didn't realize that I owned the company," laughed Tess.

Max finally looked up from his files.

"I'm sorry, am I missing something?"

"Max this is your new partner, Liz," said Tess.

A look of shock crossed his face.

"I'm sorry I thought you just said ... my new partner."

Liz slowly lowered her pro-offered hand and looked hard at Max.

"That's right Max."

"But I thought it was going to be Doug from ..."

"No, that didn't work out Max. Liz is your new partner. I want you to show her the ropes."

"Oh right, well thanks for the warning Tess."

"Do you have a problem with me Mr Evans?" asked Liz.

"No, of course not, I just ... I just,"

"You just thought I was your secretary or something?" offered Liz.

This elicited a laugh from Tess.

"I think you two are going to get along great!" she said leaving them to it.

Oh yes, that was her very first encounter with the GREAT Maxwell Evans and ever since then they had this uncanny knack of annoying one another, plus trying to also outdo each other on the business side of things.

Liz sighed as the car pulled up outside the office.

"Back to reality," she thought to herself.

Max and Liz both exited the car at the same time. Neither of them had really spoken to each other since breakfast. Max seemed to be in a world of his own and Liz was preparing herself for the report they were about to give to Tess.

"Well there's no way he can sabotage this project," she thought to herself.

As Max approached the doors he stopped to hold them open for Liz and allow her to enter the building first.

This gesture, of course, was a shock to Liz. Normally Max would walk through those doors and just let them slam shut again regardless if someone was behind him or not. The fact that he'd stopped for her made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

"Are you alright Max?" asked Liz.


"You held the door open for me..." said Liz with a smile on her face.

"Yeah ... so?" he looked confused.

"Well you normally let it slam in my face Max. What suddenly changed?"

"N ... nothing has changed ... I just ... I guess, do I really do that?"

"What let doors slam in people's faces?"

He nodded.

"Yes Max, you do it all the time."

"Oh well, sorry if I've done it before to you Liz."

The fact that Max had suddenly turned into 'Mr. Nice Guy' really threw Liz off balance. She wanted to make a sarcastic remark about the GREAT MAX EVANS saying sorry, but decided to keep her mouth shut. She didn't want to rock the boat too much, until she had this mockery of a marriage dissolved.


Liz entered her office and immediately got her laptop ready to print the report.

As the last page was printing her secretary's voice came over the intercom.

"Miss Parker, Miss Harding would like to see you in her office right away."

"That's fine, just tell her I'm printing the last page of our report and then I'll be there."

"Okay Miss Parker."


Liz stood up and gathered her report from the printer, placed it in a binder and headed to Tess' office.


Max had just sat down in his comfy, black leather, office chair when his secretary's voice came over the intercom.

"Miss Harding would like to see you right away Mr. Evans."

"What, already? We've just gotten back. Get me coffee would you and then tell Miss Harding that I will be with her."

"Certainly Mr. Evans."

Max waited for his coffee to arrive and then made his way to Tess' office.


As Max walked into Tess’s office he could see that Liz was already sitting down waiting for him.

"Max, good to see you," smirked Tess as he walked into the office and sat down next to Liz.

"Sorry, had to get some coffee," he stated as an explanation.

"No problem. Now how did the conference go? Was it beneficial to you or was it a complete waste of money?"

"Well we did a report on it, which Liz has been working on so I'll let her explain."

Now this totally shocked Liz. NEVER had he given her the floor before ... he'd always tried to take the lead with every project they had done. She'd always taken a step back so she didn't look like an idiot in front of Tess but as soon as they went back to the office she would chew his butt off.

Now he was just taking a back seat? This 'changed' Max was really starting to worry her. Maybe he knew more than he was letting on. Maybe he was going to use the whole Vegas trip against her soon. She'd have to watch her back.

"Thanks Max. Tess, it was a very informative conference and there were a lot of high powered Marketing people there but Max and I both felt like it wasn't really worth the time or expense. We've created a report on the reasons why we don't think this would be beneficial for the rest of the group."

Liz stood, handed Tess the report and sat back down in her chair. She stole a glance at Max but he just sat there stoic.

"So did you two have a good time at Vegas?" asked Tess with a slight gleam in her eye.

"It was business," said Max firmly.

"What? You two didn't even have a little fun on the machines ... or blackjack table?" asked Tess.

"No Tess, we just had dinner and a few drinks then went to our hotel rooms," replied Liz.

She couldn't believe that Max was being so ... quiet. She couldn't understand what was going on in his head right now but she was going to find out.

"Well, glad you enjoyed it," said Tess a little disappointed her plan hadn't worked.

"Like I said, it was business," replied Max.

Oh yes, that was it. She knew that something must have happened in Vegas but wasn't quite sure what. This was going to be an interesting couple of weeks.

Max seemed in a world of his own and letting Liz do all of the presentation, was highly unusual. Plus he hadn't really looked at Liz since he'd entered the office.

Her plan was set in motion; she just hoped it worked out otherwise she could lose the two best marketing people she'd ever employed. But if these two got together then they would be unstoppable.

"Well there is a lot of work to get back to so I won't keep you any longer. Thanks for checking out that conference for me. I don't think we'll send anyone else."

Max and Liz stood up and left the office, closing the door behind them.

As soon as they'd disappeared from view Tess smiled a knowing smile.

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 Post subject: Re: Stay With Me (M/L, ADULT) COMPLETE
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Chapter 3.

One month earlier...

Max and Liz had been working together for nearly six months now. Tess had initially paired them together because she thought that Liz could handle Max, which she could, but she also noticed a growing tension between them.

She knew that Max was definitely interested in Liz because he'd never really bothered with other women before. He'd always been a pompous ass and believed that there was no way they could knock him off his top spot.

But Liz, well Liz was a different story altogether. When they worked together they were hot. Nothing could beat them. They won all business no matter who they went up against but when they fought against each other it was a nightmare.

Now Tess had noticed that Liz always took the high ground. If Max undermined her she always bit her tongue, but chewed him out later in the office. Tess always knew what was going on with her employees; she'd made it her business to. That's why she was so successful.

She knew that there was chemistry between them and if they'd just admit it then they could be a great team. Either they had to have mind blowing sex and get it out of the way or they could actually have a budding relationship. Of course it could go totally the other way and Tess could lose one of them ... but it was worth the chance.

That's when she came up with the idea of sending them to Vegas. She thought the bright lights, big exciting city, would finally get them to relax with each other and maybe they would finally realize that neither one of them were as bad as they thought.

She could understand it from Liz's point of view. Max was an ass from the first introduction, thinking she was his secretary but Tess knew that Liz was feisty enough to deal with his macho ways.

It made her laugh inside when Liz had asked if he had a problem with her. When he finally looked at her ... well he was instantly smitten. Tess could tell, even though he couldn't or wouldn't ever admit that to himself. So she took it upon herself to play matchmaker.

She got on the phone to her secretary and arranged the trip to Las Vegas for them. She used the Marketing conference as an excuse. She almost died laughing when she saw their faces, after she told them they would be taking a little trip together, it was simply priceless.

Liz looked horrified and Max ... well Max looked mildly amused by the idea. That was the only way she could describe the fleeting look that passed across his face.

Now Liz spent most of the month trying to get out of the conference. It was either she was too busy, or a client needed her on that particular date. She tried every trick in the book but Tess wasn't having any of it.

"So Liz, are you ready for the conference next week?"

She knew what the answer was going to be but played along anyway.

"Well I was hoping that I wouldn't have to go. I've just taken on the Howell account and they are going to need my full attention."

"Sorry Liz, this trip is not an option. I need both of you to go. I need to get a good idea whether it's worth sending other candidates on this trip. I'm sure that the Howell account can do without you for a couple of days. They won't even start the project until next month."

Liz sighed ... she'd tried all different ways to get out of going. She would have to spend two days with Max and she knew that by the end of it she would be pulling out her hair.

Just lately, Max had done nothing but antagonise her. It's almost as if he enjoyed the fight. She however, was getting rather fed up with it. She was starting to wonder when she could work the accounts on her own.

"That's fine Tess, I'll go. Can I just ask you a question though?"

"Sure go ahead."

"When are you going to allow me to work on my own clients, without..." Liz stopped herself just in time.

"Without?" questioned Tess.

"Well, without the expert guidance of Max?"

"Oh nicely put Liz," thought Tess.

"I don't think that day is too far away now. Maybe once you've done the conference we can talk about it."

"That would be great."

Liz left Tess's office knowing that very soon she wouldn't have to put up with Max's shit.

She could also prove that she is worthy of her position in the company and whip Max's butt at the business side of things. Oh god she would love to see his face when she won an account from him!!!

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Chapter 4.

Liz popped her head around the door and smiled.

"Hey Tess, I don't suppose I could have a quick word with you."

"Of course, come on in and sit down."

"Thanks," said Liz as she took the seat opposite Tess.

"I know it's only been a couple of days since the conference but I was wondering if you would mind me taking one afternoon off either this week or next?"

"Well, like you said before you left for the conference, you know you have the Howell account to deal with and they want to get started right away. I believe both you and Max are booked to see them all of next week?"

"Yes that's right. We have several meetings with them."

"Then it's going to be difficult to actually give you the time off next week. I really want to do this for you Liz, because I know you've been working really hard and you've never asked for time off. It's just with the new account, I'm afraid it's impossible."

"Is there a possibility I can take an afternoon off or have an extended lunch break this week? You see, something has come up that I really need to deal with urgently."

Tess narrowed her eyes slightly, something about Liz's demeanour was screaming to Tess that she was incredibly uncomfortable asking for the time off. Tess started to get a little worried ... maybe she was going for an interview with another firm. Maybe spending two days with Max finally pushed Liz over the edge.

Tess fixed Liz with a stare.

"Are you alright Liz?"

Liz could feel her face become flush as Tess held her under scrutiny. It felt as though Tess was literally reading her mind. She'd been on edge over the last couple of days wondering how she was going to get out of this mess, plus Max had been acting really strange around her. All this was making her feel incredibly uncomfortable and she'd decided that the only way to deal with it was to organize the annulment as soon as possible.

"No ... no, nothing is wrong Tess. I just have a slight family emergency that needs to be dealt with. Like I said it shouldn't take that long."

"Okay, well as I said earlier you've never asked for time off and have worked really hard, so how about taking an extended lunch break this week. Just let me know what day you want to take it."

Tess could see the relief on Liz's face and she was happy that she could do something to ease the girl's worry.

"Thanks Tess. I'll let you know as soon as I do."

"No problem. If you need more time off after next week, once the Howell account is set up, just let me know and we'll see what we can do."


Liz released a breath that she hadn't realized she was holding as she exited Tess' office.


Liz entered her office, shut the door, sat down in her chair and immediately picked up the phone to dial the number.

"McKenzie and Wright, how may I help you?"

"Yes this is Miss Parker may I please speak to Mr. Wright?"

"Of course Miss Parker, can I ask what it's regarding?"

"Yes I need his advice on something and possibly a meeting with him."

"Right, just hold the line one moment while I transfer you."

"Thank you."

Liz listened to the hold music until a gruff voice interrupted.

"Liz, good to hear from you, what can I do for you?"

"I'm in a bit of a fix Bob and I think I'm going to need all of your skills to get me out of it."

"What kind of a fix?"

"Oh god Bob, I don't know what to do. I got married a couple of days ago."


Now Bob had been her father's lawyer for years and he'd dealt with numerous situations that had arisen so when Liz had to talk to someone about what happened in Vegas she knew that Bob would be the best one to help her. Even if he didn't have the skills that she needed, she knew he had a lot of contacts that would.

After a few moments of silence on the other end of the phone ... Bob decided to approach this differently.

"I take it you don't want to be in this marriage otherwise you wouldn't be calling me, am I right?"

"Yes, I know you're not a divorce lawyer Bob, but I thought you would be able to at least give me the name of a good one."

"What are the circumstances Liz? Has the marriage been consummated and what conditions where you married under?"

Liz felt totally embarrassed having to explain what happened but she had to if she was going to get the help she needed.

"I went to Vegas with ... with a colleague of mine. We ended up getting incredibly drunk ... and this is where it gets really embarrassing Bob."

"It's okay Liz, anything you tell me is strictly confidential so don't worry, just give me the details."

"Well, I woke up the following morning ... in his ... in his bed and that's when I found the marriage certificate."

"So the marriage was consummated then?"

"Erm ... I ... I ..." Liz stuttered.

Suddenly all the pieces clicked into place for Bob.

"You're not sure are you? You can't remember."

"No but I'm pretty sure it was," came the whispered response. God this was so embarrassing for her.

"Pretty sure?"

"Erm ... well I could just tell."

"Oh, erm ... okay ... right," now it was Bob's turn to be embarrassed. By what he could make out from the bits of information Liz had provided, there must have been some sort of evidence to confirm that they did sleep together.

"What am I going to do Bob?"

"Well I'm no expert Liz but I know one thing," replied Bob in a grim tone.

"What?" whispered Liz.

"Max will have to be informed if you want an annulment. The law states that even if you were both intoxicated you still need both signatures on the annulment papers."

"Oh god, no this is worse than I thought. What am I going to do?" she asked almost begging.

"There is nothing you can do Liz, unless you get his signature."

It was then that an idea started to formulate in Liz's mind.

"Bob get the annulment papers drawn up and I'll get him to sign them. Will he have to appear in court?"

"I don't think so. As long as both of you sign it and no one contests the annulment then it should go through pretty quick."

"Great when can I pick up the papers?"

"Can you fax over the Marriage Certificate?"

"Yes, I can do that now."

"Once I have that I can get Lance to draw up the papers for you. He will deal with your case. I'll warn him that it's urgent and you should be able to pick them up in a couple of days. Once he's signed them, return them to us along with the original copy of the Marriage Certificate and we will deal with it from there."

"Thank you so much Bob."

"No problem Liz."

Liz replaced the receiver down with a smile on her face ... maybe Max wouldn't have to know at all.

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Chapter 5.

As soon as she replaced the receiver she immediately went to her purse and got out the Marriage Certificate.

“This has simply got to work!” she said to herself as she walked towards the fax machine in her office.

“What’s got to work?”

Liz literally jumped out of her skin, spun around and held the Certificate behind her back.

“No... nothing ... I mean ... what?”

“Having problems speaking today are we?” asked Max raising one eyebrow and a small smirk appearing on his face. She looked flustered and when she was like that, she was sexy as hell.

“What are you doing here Max?” asked Liz, finally getting her brain and mouth to work together.

“I was just coming in to see if you were ready to get started on the Howell account, but I can see you are obviously not quite ready yet.”

“What do you mean I’m not quite ready yet? I’ve been preparing for this the last couple of days. I have all the reports prepared,” she said indignantly.

“No I just meant ... that you seemed a little jumpy, am I interrupting something, I can come back later if you like.”

“What? No, no it’s fine come on in and we’ll get started.”

Max entered the room and sat down in the chair opposite her desk. She quickly shoved the Certificate under a mound of papers on top of her filing cabinet and came around to sit back at her desk.

“That was a close call,” thought Liz to herself.

“Look Liz, I think we got started off on the wrong foot here,” said Max preparing to say more before he was interrupted.

“No, WE didn’t get started off on the wrong foot Max; you literally shoved yours in your mouth.”

He gave a small chuckle, much to the annoyance of Liz.

“Okay, I think I really deserved that comment. I was a bit of an ass when I first met you and I haven’t really apologized since. I didn’t know my new partner was going to be a woman. Tess had told me that Doug was going to get the promotion but obviously that didn’t work out. When she introduced me to you I was still looking for a secretary at the time, so I naturally assumed ...”

“You naturally assumed because I was a woman, I was there for the position of your secretary?”

“You know Liz, we’ve been getting on each other’s nerves ever since and to be honest, I’m tired of it, so can we please just start over and try to get along. We will be working together for some time and I don’t want it to be this difficult all the time.”

“I appreciate the apology Max, I really do, but it’s not just that one time that you’ve proved that you’re a chauvinistic pig. On more than one occasion, during a presentation I was making, you either interrupt or take over. You’ve spent the last six months trying to put me down in front of the clients and Tess. If you think it’s going to be that easy to gain my trust, you have another thing coming. You have to earn it first.”

“Wow, I really didn’t realize that I’ve been that much of an ass. I was really only trying to show you the ropes and how we handle things here.”

“No, what you wanted was for me to slip up somehow, so that I wouldn’t have a job as your partner anymore, well I’ve worked way too hard to let someone like you spoil it for me Max.”

“You know what? You’re right. That’s what I started out to do. I didn’t like that fact that some fresh faced college kid happened to land one of the biggest jobs out there when I had to work my way from the very bottom up. It took me a lot of hard work, time and effort to get to this stage Liz, and somehow you just walk in here and take a job that one of my co-workers has been working to get most of his career, BUT and it is a big BUT, since working with you, I now know what Tess saw in you and you are definitely the right person for the job. Plus I’m getting tired of constantly butting heads with you ... so please can we put the past behind us and start over again?” he asked holding out his hand for her to shake.

Liz looked at him for a moment and tried to assess what his motives were. Was he just doing this to throw her off guard ... or was he being genuine?

She decided to give him a chance but made a mental note to keep a close eye on him. She firmly shook his hand and smiled.

“Okay we’ll start afresh, Hi I’m Liz Parker, it’s nice to meet you.”

Another small chuckle left Max’s lips ... “Max, Max Evans, pleasure to meet you.”

“Let’s get started with the Howell account, shall we.”

“Okay, here are my findings on the company, their marketing strategy and finances.”

“Here’s mine on previous advertisements, what failed and what worked, which companies they’ve used and which ones they thought were the best, also who their main competitors are and what position and percentage of the market they hold,” replied Liz.

They spent the next two hours in silence going through each other’s reports getting up to speed on everything they needed to know before the big meeting in a few days.

After sitting still for almost two hours, reading the reports, Max’s body felt stiff as a board so he placed the report on the desk and stretched.

Liz secretly watched Max from behind her report, glancing up at him occasionally. She could see the tight form of his muscles as he stretched the fabric of his shirt to almost tearing point, at that impromptu moment in time, a vision of his hot, sweaty, muscular body, moving languidly against hers as they made love, decided to invade her mind. Then the vision suddenly turned to him slamming himself inside of her, his eyes, holding hers hostage as he made hard, passionate love to her, finally ending in her screaming his name and him whispering that he would, and always has loved her.

Her wondrous thoughts were interrupted by his very sexy, deep voice.

“Okay, look it’s getting really late, how about I take you out to dinner. We discuss the reports while filling our stomachs with much needed sustenance and then hopefully we’ll have something tangible to work with tomorrow.”

She couldn’t believe how frustrated that vision caused her to be. As he stared intensely into her eyes, the vision of that night came back to haunt her. Her face flushed a bright shade of red and she avoided eye contact with him at all costs.

“Liz?” asked Max, slightly confused by her now, standoffish body language. Did he say something wrong? Oh maybe she thought he was coming on to her somehow, well actually that’s exactly what he was doing, but he didn’t want to spoil the bridges they’d just built.

“Okay look maybe asking you out to dinner, even if it was a business dinner, was a little too soon after just putting the past behind us. I’m going to prove to you that you can trust me Liz. I promise.”

With that he got up and left her sitting there with the vision of his body, grinding against hers, bringing her to the heights of pleasure that no other man has ever made her reach before. What was it about this man that she obviously couldn’t get enough of that night? Even with all the hatred running through her veins for him, she had still given him her mind, body and soul that night ... or was it really hatred that she felt for him?

That one single thought was enough to scare the living shit out of her. She frantically searched the papers on top of her filing cabinet for the discarded Marriage Certificate she’d placed there earlier. The sooner she had faxed that damn document, the better.

The only problem was ... if she was starting to remember ... was he?

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Chapter 6.

She breathed a massive sigh of relief as the final section of the Marriage Certificate was fed through the fax machine... soon it would be over and hopefully Max would be none the wiser.

Just as she placed the document back in her drawer and locked it, her stomach growled with hunger. Maybe she should take Max up on his offer, after all, it was only a business dinner and he would probably expense it back to the company.

Funny thing was neither Max nor Liz ever used the adjoining doors between their offices. They always seemed to give each other the common courtesy of knocking on the main office door.

She popped her head around his office door ready to knock and agree to go to dinner with him, but what she found there, literally made her eyes pop out of their sockets.

Okay, let's face it, she'd been in his bed and seen his magnificent body the day after their sham of a marriage, but watching every single muscle ripple as he removed his old shirt and replaced it with a new one, made an ache between her thighs suddenly appear. Her face flushed red as a reminder of his body moving against hers, flashed through her mind.

His hand slowly, moving down to her...

It was only the sound of Max's rather strained sounding cough that she noticed him staring at her with a bemused look on his face.

"How long have you been there?" he asked in a rather, dangerously low, sexy voice.

"I was ... erm ... how long ... what?" she asked, shaking the steamy thoughts from her, obviously, over sexed brain.

This made laughter erupt from his god damn, fine, sexy mouth.

"You seem to have trouble forming sentences today Liz," said Max, with a charming, not annoying, grin on his face.

She tried her hardest to concentrate on the words coming out of her mouth, rather than the fine, chiseled, tanned chest that was on show at this moment in time.

She unconsciously licked her lower lip at the sight, before she managed to get control of herself.

"I was thinking about taking you up on that offer for dinner. My stomach has just protested about not having any food inside of it today!"

"Well then, we can't have the lovely lady going hungry, now can we? Where would you like to go Liz? It doesn't matter, wherever your heart desires."

"To be honest I'm completely famished, so how about that Chinese restaurant around the corner from here?"

"I love Chinese food, just let me finish getting changed and I'll be right with you."

"Ch ... changed?" asked Liz.

"Yeah, I bring a spare shirt and pants to work so if I need to go out in the evening I'm all fresh and ready."

"God why didn't I think of that," said Liz, as she looked down at her slightly crumpled suit.

"Liz, you look good in whatever you wear. To be honest you could wear a sack and it would still look sexy, so don't sweat it," said Max, with a genuine smile on his face.

Liz ducked her head slightly, to hide the sudden blush that was creeping across her face. Max thought she would look sexy no matter what she wears?

She wasn't used to this Max and it was still un-nerving her slightly. Was he really a nice guy? Or did he remember what really happened in Vegas? If he did, what game was he playing now?

She was a smart woman and decided that it would be best to just go along with Max at the moment. Under no circumstances was she being blindsided by him. She would keep a close eye on him over the next couple of weeks to see if there was any sign of foul play.

"Thanks for saying that Max, but really, I do need to bring a change of clothes with me ... to make sure I'm prepared for whatever might come up."

"Do you want another tip?" asked Max, buttoning up his shirt.

Liz couldn't help the disappointment she felt as that fine chest disappeared under the fabric of his shirt.

"Su ... sure, any help would be greatly appreciated. As you so poignantly pointed out earlier, I'm new to all this, where as you are experienced."

"Well I always keep a small suitcase already packed with the essentials, just in case the client requires us to travel without notice. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's best to be prepared."

"I'll do that tonight when I get home. Thanks for the tip Max."

"Well, if you will excuse me, I need to change my pants," said Max, starting to unzip is trousers.

"Oh god, right, sorry, of course, I'll ... come into my office once you finished getting ready," said Liz, turning a bright shade of pink.

"You're really cute when you're flustered, did you know that?"


"Yeah, cute," said Max, in a seductive tone.

"I'll see you in my office, when you've finished getting changed," stated Liz, as she walked off towards her own office.

There was no way she wanted to get caught staring at his firm, muscular thighs, or his incredibly tight, firm ass, or... god don't even go there woman!!!!


Just as she sat down in her chair, Max knocked on the door, fully dressed and ready to leave.

"Ready, Liz?"

"God, yes, I'm starving!" she said, with a smile on her face.

"Have you really not eaten anything all day? It's not good for you to do that you know. You need to keep your strength up. This is going to be one tough week."

"To be honest I normally do eat, but I've been a little pre-occupied lately."

"It doesn't have to do with our trip to Vegas, does it?" asked Max.

"V ... Vegas? Why makes you say that Max?"

"Well it just seems that you've been acting really strange since we left the hotel. Have I done something wrong, or something to upset you?"

"WHAT? No, of course not! It's just ... it's just ...?"

He walked behind her chair and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"It's just what, Liz? Look, if this has anything to do with what I told you at breakfast then I'm really sorry, but I have no clue right now what happened and it's driving me nuts!"

"NO!" shouted Liz, a little louder than she expected, "it's just, I have a lot of personal issues going on at the moment, but it will be sorted out shortly."

"Well, if I can help somehow, please don't hesitate to ask. After all, we are supposed to be partners, and partners support each other, right?"

"Right, thanks Max."

"Come on; let's get some food into that empty stomach of yours."


Surprising to Liz, it actually turned out to be a rather pleasant evening. Max avoided all topics relating to work and concentrated more on what Liz had to say but there was just one point that was niggling at her mind and she had to ask.

"I've had a really pleasant evening tonight Max and I'm sorry if this is about to spoil it but..."

"God that sounds ominous," he chuckled.

Liz thought how gorgeous he looked, lit up by the candle light that was on the table. There was a certain sparkle to his eyes and he seemed, relaxed, non confrontational.

Liz was feeling a little inebriated with the wine that she had been drinking during the course of the dinner. Unfortunately that caused her to be a little less inhibited as she usually would be.

"I can't quite work you out. I mean, tonight you've been nothing but a gentleman, listening to me blabbering on about my personal life, explaining more about yours and generally being nice. I find it kind of refreshing and sexy actually but why, when we are working together, do you feel the need to put me down all the time? I know you explained about your friend Doug, and I really do understand that it was a shock for you to be paired with me, but surely I've proven myself time and time again. I can hold my own against you and yet you seem determined to push me off course. Why is that Max?"

"God is that how you really see me Liz?" asked Max, slightly shocked at her honest admission.

"Well, yeah, to be honest, that's exactly how I see it."

The one word that really stood out of that sentence for Max was "sexy". So she found him sexy? He couldn't quite understand his feelings towards Liz at this moment in time. He knew that before Vegas he'd always tried to rile her, get a rise out of her, generally because he loved the way she looked when she was mad at him ... but something in Vegas had changed him, changed the way he saw Liz. He had to think quickly, he didn't want to ruin all the work that he had done to reach this point with her.

"Okay, in the past, I have to admit that I've been a complete ass and I also have to agree with your initial assessment of me, but since I've worked with you for the last six months, I've realized that you are extremely good at what you do and also the fact that we make one hell of a team. Well, that is, when we are actually trying to get along with one another. I've started to realize that if we just put our heads together we are virtually unstoppable ... and ... well I've never had that kind of relationship with a partner before. I enjoy bouncing ideas off you and listening to your point of view, even though I might not agree with it all the time. We seem to work pretty well, don't you think?"

"Well, yes I suppose we do but in the meetings..."

"In the meetings, I was being a controlling jerk. Thinking that maybe you'd screw it up somehow because you were new ... but now I know that's not true. You are perfectly capable of landing any damn account you want to. In fact I believe that I would not have got some of the accounts if you weren't there. You were right when you called me a chauvinistic pig ... I did misjudge you and for that I am truly sorry. I just hope we can move past all this and pull in the clients.”

"Max Evans, I like this new side of you," said Liz, with a smile and shaking his pro-offered hand.

"Me too Liz, me too, you seem to bring the best out of me!"

"Well you seem to bring out my fiesty side!" stated Liz, to which Max laughed.

"Yeah, I guess I do."


They both spent the next hour just chatting about anything not to do with work. They both really enjoyed each other's company. There was a slight awkward moment when their fortune cookies came ... apparently they were both going to meet someone they wanted to spend the rest of their life with ... both of them laughed at that thought ... marriage ... not a chance ... way too busy for something like that.

Max made sure Liz was safely in a taxi and on her way home before he whistled for one himself. On the journey home he couldn't quite get rid of the feeling of déjà vu from his whole body.

His whole attitude towards her had changed and he had no idea why, but maybe it was about time he found out.

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Chapter 7.

It had been a couple of very hard days since Max and Liz sat down to their wonderful meal at the Chinese restaurant.

They never seemed to stop, always working late into the night, ordering meals in and their secretaries working their fingers off to get all the reports done for the big meeting, which was set for tomorrow.

Liz loved the buzz of a very busy work day; she seemed to thrive on pressure, as did Max. She was starting to settle into their little routine nicely. Every morning Max would pop his head around the door to say good morning to her, or the other way around if she arrived after him.

They seemed to be getting on rather well, much to Tess’ delight. She loved the fact that something had seemed to change between her two best employees. She wasn’t exactly sure what had happened in Vegas but she was keeping a close eye on them. So she was a little shocked when Liz knocked on her door with a panicked look on her face.

“Listen Tess, I’m sorry to bother you but remember I asked for some time off so that I could sort out that family emergency?”

“Of course I do Liz. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the full time off.”

“No, that’s okay, it’s just I received the call yesterday and to be honest, totally forgot about it because I had so much going on. I really need to go and sort it out today. It should only take maybe a couple of hours or so, maybe less.”

“Well I think you and Max have got everything under control now, so I don’t see a problem with you leaving now if you wish Liz.”

“Thanks Tess, I can’t believe I forgot to do it yesterday.”

“Was it that important? Is there anything I can do to help?”

“NO!” said Liz, a little louder than she intended.

Tess jumped back slightly at the force of her answer.

“I’m sorry, I mean it’s nothing you can help me with, but thanks so much for the offer.”

“Not a problem Liz,” replied Tess, as Liz walked out of her office.

Tess now knew that there was something fishy going on with Liz. The thought of her going to another firm entered her head again, before she quickly dismissed that idea. If Liz wasn’t happy she would tell her ... wouldn’t she?

No, this had to have something to do with Vegas. Both of them had been acting out of character for a few days now. Plus she noticed that Max had put in an expense claim for a restaurant around the corner for him and Liz, although the rest of the time they had stayed in the office to eat.

“What the hell happened there?” she asked herself.

She decided that she would make it her mission to find out.


Max walked into Liz’s office to talk to her about the final draft of the report, but was shocked when he didn’t find her there. Maybe she’d popped to the ladies room or something. He turned around and was about to head back into his office when he heard Tess call him.

“Hey Max, can I have a quick word with you in my office please.”

“Sure, I’ll be right there.”

She probably wanted an update on the Howell account so he grabbed what he could from his desk and headed straight to her office.

“Sit down a second please Max,” said Tess, indicating the chair opposite her.

“That doesn’t sound too good, is something wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong Max. You and Liz have been working hard together and really well I might add. Now you know that we’ve been friends since you started here four years ago and you practically tell me everything.”

“Well yeah, I don’t have any secrets from you. I think you know it all!” laughed Max.

“Well there is one thing you’re not telling me.”

A look of confusion came across his face.

“I don’t think so Tess, you pretty much know everything.”

Oh yes, Tess knew almost everything. She knew about his previous conquests, how he likes his meat cooked, what women he preferred, what he really wanted out of life but still there was a gap about Vegas.

“What about Vegas?”

Max’s face hardened slightly ... he didn’t want to be reminded that he might have blown all chances with Liz after sleeping with someone he doesn’t even remember.

“What about Vegas?” asked Max, in a gruff voice.

“There, see, that’s what I’m talking about. Why has your whole demeanour changed when I mentioned Vegas?”

“It hasn’t changed ... it’s just ... it was just business,” he quickly finished.

Tess raised her perfectly manicured finger in the air and swished it side to side.

“Nope, you don’t get away that easy Max. Come on ... spill!”

“What’s the obsession with Vegas anyway?” asked Max.

“Nothing, it’s just ... well since you two have returned from there, you seem to have moved your WORKING relationship forward. You seem to be getting on with each other rather than under each other’s skin and I’m wondering what has changed.”

Tess knew she was pushing her luck with Max. She shouldn’t really be discussing this at work with him but they had been really close friends from that very first meeting and she knew he would understand ... after all he’d bugged her about Kyle.

“I can see that you’re not going to drop this anytime soon!” he stated.

Tess crossed her arms across her chest in defiance.

“You got that right!”

“Okay look if I tell you, you can’t let Liz know. I don’t want her to think that we discuss things behind her back.”

“That’s won’t be a problem Max. You know I never discuss you with anyone else.”

“Okay, well on the last night in Vegas I got very drunk. I thought Liz had too but apparently she left me at the bar to get an early night. She was the sensible one, knowing that we had to get up early for our flight.

Anyway, I woke up in the morning feeling like I was missing something. I had the worst hangover you could possibly imagine and couldn’t remember much about the previous night. To be honest nothing was in my head at the time because it hurt like hell. After taking a shower and sorting myself out, I noticed that the bed had been slept in on the other side. I noticed a smell of perfume in the room and I found a diamond earring on the floor.”

“AND YOU CAN’T REMEMBER WHO IT WAS CAN YOU!” shouted Tess, getting a little over excited.

“Shhhh, no I can’t and to be honest, it’s been driving me nuts.”

“Do you think it was Liz?”

“WHAT? NO! I showed her the earring the following morning and ...”


“I showed her...”

Tess groaned.

“Please tell me you didn’t let on that you had sex with a woman and couldn’t even remember!”

“Well, yeah I did. I asked her if she remembered anything from the night before. Like maybe she saw me talking to the woman but she told me that she left early. What does it matter if she knows anyway?” asked Max, in a curious tone.

“Shit,” thought Tess.

“Well, only the fact that you would have gone even further down in her estimation! You never tell a woman something like that.”

“Well I tell you all the time.”

Tess rolled her eyes.

“Yes but I’m not your typical girl Max. I’m more like one of the boys. Can you imagine what Liz must have thought?”

God she couldn’t believe that he had screwed everything up before they had even started. Or had he? Why was Liz now being nice to him? Why the sudden change of heart? Surely that would have alienated her even more? No, something more was going on ... something that maybe even Max wasn’t aware of.

“But, why then has she seemed to soften to me a little rather than treating me like I have some form of disease?”

“That’s exactly what I was wondering Max.”

“Where is she anyway? When I looked she wasn’t in her office.”

“Well she had to deal with something away from the office. She should be back in an hour or two.”

“Anything to do with the account ... because if it is then I should be...”

Tess waved her hand in the air dismissively.

“It’s got nothing to do with the Howell account. She had something personal to deal with, a family emergency apparently.”

“That's odd, she mentioned personal issues the other day but didn't say anything about a family emergency. Anyway, has the interrogation finished now?” asked Max, raising one eyebrow.

Tess just smiled.

“For now it has but when Liz gets back I want you both back in here. I want you to go over the presentation you are going to give tomorrow and I want to see those reports also.”

“Not a problem. I’ll get my secretary to buzz me when she’s back and I’ll let her know.”

“Great, thanks Max,” said Tess, as she showed him out of her office.

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Okay everyone, I’m using creative licence in this chapter ... I’ve done some research into annulment laws in New Mexico. For an annulment to be valid it has to fall into one of the reason criteria, for example ... Duress or Fraud. You do actually have to attend court but for the purposes of this story ... let’s just assume that if the papers are signed and there is no contesting then the court will grant the annulment.

A/N: A few of you might be wondering how Tess gets to be so nosy ... all will become clear later on in the fic.

Chapter 8.

Liz pulled up outside the law firm her father had been using for almost fifteen years now. She couldn’t believe she’d gotten herself in this mess or the fact she was now going to have to sit in front of Bob or Lance and explain all the details in person.

She entered through the huge glass doors and made her way straight to the reception desk. She couldn’t believe that she forgot about the phone call yesterday.

“Hi, my name is Liz Parker. Lance phoned me yesterday to let me know that some papers where ready for me to pick up, unfortunately I couldn’t leave the office yesterday.”

“Liz Parker, you say?”

“That’s right.”

“Hold on just one moment,” the receptionist asked, as she checked over a book that was in front of her.

“Ah yes, here you are. Lance actually wanted to speak to you about the papers so he’s asked me to inform him whenever you arrived. I’ll see if he’s free at the moment. Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll come and get you when he’s ready.”


The receptionist phoned Lance and informed him that Liz had arrived. Once the phone call was finished she walked around to where Liz was sitting.

“He’s just finishing with another client and then he’ll come down to collect you. He said it should only be another five to ten minutes, are you alright to wait that long?”

“Yes, that’s fine, thank you.”

Liz picked up one of the magazines that were on the table in front of her. It just happened to be Time magazine and the Law Firm, McKenzie and Wright, was plastered on the front cover. Apparently they had recently won a landmark case against a massive firm. At least she knew she was in safe hands.

She had only just started reading the article when Lance stepped out of the elevator and made his way towards her.

“Liz Parker?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Hi, my name is Lance Wright and I’ll be dealing with your ... your little problem,”

“Lance Wright, as in McKenzie and Wright?”

“That is correct. I’m one of the senior partners here.”

“Great, Bob wasn’t joking when he said he would get the best person to deal with the job. It’s good to meet you,” replied Liz, as she shook his pro-offered hand.

“Let’s go up to my office where we can discuss this in private. Just follow me.”

“Thanks,” replied Liz following him into the elevator.


When they both left the elevator Liz couldn’t believe the size of the office. You could get lost in the place if you didn’t know where you were going. There was a maze of corridors with closed office doors on either side.

She followed Lance to one of the offices at the end of one of the hallways. He offered her a chair and then sat down behind his desk.

“Right, Bob explained the rather difficult situation that you find yourself in at the moment. Now I know that your dad has been a huge client to this Law Firm for many years but I must re-literate what Bob told you over the phone, under no circumstances will your father find out about what is going on here. You have complete confidentiality on this matter.”

“Yes, I understand that. What I really wanted to know from you is, was Bob correct when he told me that I have to have Max’s signature on the annulment?”

“Well, yes he was. Even if the marriage wasn’t consummated, which Bob explained that you weren’t too sure about...”

Liz could feel a blush creep up to her cheeks. Could this get any more embarrassing?

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Well if it was, or wasn’t really is immaterial, you still need his signature on the annulment. In order for it to be successful, both parties have to agree. If the reason for the annulment is not a valid one, then the judge has the right to refuse the annulment and you will both have to attend court, but I can’t see that happening. It’s classed as duress because you were intoxicated and not of sound mind.”

“Oh thank goodness. I just want to put this whole thing behind me a quickly as possible. I can’t believe I got myself into this mess in the first place.”

“Well maybe you should stay away from alcohol for a while,” said Lance, smiling. “It was a pleasure to meet you Liz. Here are the documents he has to sign. I need a signature on both of them. As soon as you have that just return it to the office.”

“Thank you,” replied Liz, taking the brown envelope.

“I will see you out, you might get lost otherwise.”

“I can’t thank you enough for the help.”

“That’s okay Liz; you won’t be thanking me when you get the bill.”

“Now, that I can believe.”


“Hey Max!” shouted Tess, as she saw him walk past her office.

“Yes,” replied Max, as he stopped by her door.

“You said that you found an earring?”

“That’s right.”

“Did you hand it in to the hotel?”

“Well, I put it in my pocket in the morning so that I would remember to hand it in at the hotel. Unfortunately we were running late for the airport so I totally forgot to hand it in.”

“Do you have it here with you?”

“No, it’s at home.”

“Well, I’m off to Vegas with Kyle this weekend, so if you bring it in tomorrow then I can hand it in to lost and found at the hotel.”

“Okay, thanks Tess.”

As Max walked out of the office, a ghost of a smile graced Tess’s face.


As soon as Liz returned to her office, she placed the envelope in her lockable drawer. There was no way she wanted Max seeing them before she had the chance to get him to sign them.

As if he had heard her thoughts, he popped his head around the door and knocked lightly.

“Hey, everything okay?”

“Sorry?” asked Liz, slightly confused by the look of concern on Max’s face.

“Well Tess told me that you had some sort of family emergency. Is everything okay?”

“Oh that, yes everything is fine now. Thanks for asking though Max.”

“Tess wants to go over everything before the meeting tomorrow.”

“Okay just let me get sorted here and then I’ll be right with you.”


They spent the rest of the working day going over the presentation and reports with Tess. It was around five in the afternoon when they finally finished.

“Well I think you two pretty much have everything covered in the presentation and the reports. Thanks for all your hard work this week. How about we all go out for a quick drink after work?” offered Tess.

“I would love to Tess, but to be honest I need to get home and sort everything out ready for tomorrow.”

“Max, how about you?”

“The same here Tess. How about we go out and celebrate after we get those contracts signed.”

“Sounds good to me,” replied Tess. “Listen, you two go home early. Everything has been done for the meeting. I’ll see you both bright and early in the morning.”

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Chapter 9.

Today was the day they found out whether they truly had the Howell account or not. They had researched their competitors, found out what marketing strategy they had previously used and then came up with a totally new, innovative strategy to turn the company into market leaders.

Max couldn't deny that he and Liz made an excellent team. Whenever they actually tried to work together peacefully, they always seemed to come out on top. In fact, he realized that Liz complemented his own style. He was rough and to the point, whereas, she was subtle but still got her point across.

When an account needed to be handled delicately, Max let Liz take the lead. When a company needed strong, determined leadership, he was the man for the job.

The Howell account was really Liz's baby. She was the one that managed to set up the meeting and persuade the CEO of the company to join in the meetings. No small feat, considering he usually left this type of work to his employees. If they both managed to land this account then that would mean huge bonuses for both of them.

As he rounded the corridor and passed Tess' office, he popped straight in and handed her the diamond earring he found in his hotel room.

"There you go Tess. It's definitely a real diamond, I'm sure of it," said Max, handing the earring to Tess.

"I KNEW IT!!!!!"

Max looked at her with confusion.

"You knew what?"

"Oh nothing, these look like an old pair of earrings that were once sold by Tiffany's back in the twenties. There were only a few of them made so they are very rare, probably worth a fortune."

"So it's old and rare, how the hell do you know these things?"

"Each year, on our anniversary, Kyle buys me jewelry from Tiffany's. He's always wanted to find original or rare pieces so the probability of someone having the exact same jewelry at an event is almost non-existent. Tiffany's keeps a reference of all custom made pieces they've been commissioned to create, so someone can confirm the authenticity of the piece. I've had my name down for years if one of these pieces ever came up for auction I would be notified.”

"God, now I feel really bad not handing it in to the reception at the hotel. What if the woman returned to try and find it?"

"Oh I wouldn't worry too much about that Max. I'm sure she will have left her number with the hotel, so as soon as it's handed in they will phone her."

"Okay, well I'm going to set up the room for the presentation. Is Liz in yet?"

"Yes, she got in about fifteen minutes ago."

As Max walked out of her office, Tess placed the earring in the safe that she kept in the office for very personal things. Oh this was going to be a very interesting couple of weeks. It was obvious that Max had not realized the significance of the earring.

She however, knew exactly who the earring belonged to. It was only a couple of weeks ago that she had told Liz how much she admired them, saying that she wanted to buy a pair herself. Liz had explained that the earrings belonged to her Grandma Claudia and was left to her in the will when she passed away.

Apparently, Grandma Claudia's husband had commissioned Tiffany's to make the earrings that his wife had designed, as the perfect wedding gift for her. This is why those earrings were so precious to Liz.

Tess was now wondering why on earth Liz hadn't just admitted that it was her earring when Max had shown her. Was she embarrassed about the whole situation and decided to keep it secret? Or was something else going on?

The more Tess thought about it and Liz's recent strange behavior, the more an idea formed in her head.

"NO WAY! Oh my god, could it be? No, but that would make sense!" she said to herself.


Liz was checking over the annulment papers when Max came and stood in her doorway.

"They're here," he simply stated.

Liz jumped in fright and stuffed the papers inside a file that was sitting on her desk.

"Come on, grab everything and let's get moving," said Max, as Liz just sat there with a funny look on her face.

This instantly snapped her out of her trance like state and she gathered everything needed from her desk and then joined Max on the walk to the conference room.


"A little, this is a huge account and the CEO is also here, but I know we've pretty much got it nailed. I just hate the first initial meeting. Once I start on the presentation my nerves will settle down."

"You'll do great Liz, you always do."

"Thanks Max."


As soon as Liz entered the conference room she headed straight for the CEO of the company.

"Mr. Donaldson, thank you coming. It is a pleasure to meet you. We appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to be here and this is my partner Max Evans," said Liz offering her hand.

"Well it's a pleasure to finally meet you both. You can be a very persuasive lady, Miss Parker. Let me introduce you to the rest of my team," said Mr Donaldson as he shook both their hands.


Tess watched as Max and Liz disappeared into the conference room. This was going to be her only chance to have a look for the evidence she needed to prove her theory. She quickly ran into Liz's office and started her search.

Of course it didn't take Tess long to find the evidence she was looking for. Surprisingly, Liz had left all the documents in a file on her desk. She thought that Liz would be more careful than that.

There before her, were the annulment papers for one Mr. and Mrs. Evans and a Marriage Certificate between Liz Parker and Max Evans. Tess realized that Max had no idea what had happened that night, but apparently Liz was very aware and trying to fix the situation before he found out.

She wondered how the hell Liz intended to get his signature on the annulment papers without telling him. She also wondered what kind of reaction Max would have to the fact that he is now a married man.

Oh yes, this was going to be a very interesting couple of weeks. She could see that Max had changed his attitude towards Liz without really realizing why, but Tess was about to help him find out. One way or another, those two would have to admit their feelings for one another sooner, rather than later.


They had been in the meeting for over two hours. Liz had presented her part of the presentation first. Explaining how their ideas were different from the ones they were currently using and how this would benefit the company and move it into a leading position within the market. Max was currently going over all the facts and figures required to reach that point.

Something Max said about taking a hard line against their competitors brought back memories of the other night when Liz found him in his office shirtless. A small smirk graced her face as she remembered those fine, toned muscles moving with the removal of his shirt. She had to admit that he was one fine, sexy man and recently they'd been getting on well.

At that precise moment in time Max looked at Liz to see if he had missed anything out of the presentation. The sexy smile that graced her face at that moment and the flushed look she had in her cheeks brought a memory slamming back into his conscious mind, he suddenly stopped his presentation mid-sentence as the heavenly vision invaded his mind.

He was right in the middle of explaining how spending the extra money on advertising and image change would give them a bigger return in the long run.

They were both on his bed at the hotel room. Liz straddled his waist with her naked thighs, as she stroked his hard shaft. He was so close.

"Please Liz," it came out more as a moan than a request.

"Please, what Max?"

"LIZ..." he growled in warning as her hot core hovered above his throbbing manhood. She was so turned on that he could literally feel the heat emanating from her.

"Tell me Max," she commanded, her lips swollen from all the kissing they had done. Her cheeks flushed after he brought her to completion with his fingers and tongue. He could still taste her and he thought he could never get enough of it, or her.

He couldn't wait any longer and he knew Liz was just teasing him, so he grabbed her hips and impaled her on his hard, throbbing cock.

A hiss of pure pleasure left those beautiful lips of hers as she took him fully into her body. He guided her into a rhythm that suited them both, her breasts bouncing as she rode him hard. She was so wet that he could see her juices on his cock as she pulled herself up right to the tip, before she slammed back down on him.

It was like, small electrical volts where shooting though his whole body as he felt her warm walls encase him deep, time and time again. He'd never felt this way with anyone else before.

A small sheen of sweat covered her body, almost making it angelic like, glowing in the dim light of the hotel room. This heavenly creature was riding him to completion and nothing ever looked as sexy as she did right then.

Her head rolled back in complete ecstasy as her completion drew near, the soft strands of her chocolate brown hair, brushing against his thighs.

He could feel her walls start to pulsate against him, begging him to join her as she stepped over that edge.

"Oh god Max!" she shouted, as her orgasm washed over her body.

"Liz!" Max shouted, as he spilled his hot seed inside of her.

Finally, she collapsed against his hard chest, panting with the exhaustion her body had just gone through.

"Fucking hell Liz, I've never ..."

"I know, neither have I," she said before bringing her lips crashing back down on his.

A rather female sounding cough echoed off the conference wall and brought both Max and Liz out of the revere.

Tess had entered the room so that she could introduce herself to the CEO of the company. Imagine her surprise when she found a rather red faced Max looking like he was about to collapse and a rather flushed looking Liz.

Now normally she never let pleasure get in the way of business but that look that Max was giving Liz, like he was about to devour her in front of everyone, made her realize that maybe, just maybe, Max was starting to remember what happened in Vegas and she was going to help him every which way she could.

"Good morning Mr. Donaldson, my name is Tess Harding and I'm the owner of this company."

After the CEO was disturbed from watching something, he wasn't quite sure what, being communicated between the two account directors; he stood to shake the hand that Tess had offered.

"Well so far so good. It looks like we may be doing business after all."

"Although Max and Liz will be your main point of contact, please don't hesitate to call me if needed. I think now would be a great time to break for lunch. I have a restaurant booked for us all in about half an hour. Why don't you get yourself some refreshments and then we can continue the meeting after lunch."

"That sounds good to me," replied Mr. Donaldson.

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Chapter 10.

“Max, could I see you in my office for a moment please?” said Tess, giving him a pointed look.

He quickly glanced towards Liz, frowned and then followed Tess out of the conference room.

“Shut the door behind you Max,” said Tess, as they entered her office.

He looked around the office nervously for the first time since he’d known Tess.

“What the hell was that Max? I walk in on one of the biggest meetings of your entire career and I find you staring into space with a rather strange look on your face, not to mention that you had the attention of every single person in that room. What happened?”

Now Tess had a pretty good idea what was going on in that brain of his but she wanted him to admit it first. If she could get him to do that then maybe she could help him remember what really went on in that hotel room.

“I ... god I don’t know what came over me Tess. I was nearly finished with the presentation when something caught my eye and then I couldn’t get this image out of my head, it was, it was ...”

Max couldn’t bring himself to say it. How the hell could he tell Tess that he was having fantasies about his own co-worker?

“It was what Max?” gently coaxed Tess.

“Nothing, it was nothing. Look I won’t let it happen again. I’m not going to blow this deal I can promise you that.”

“I have to say that when I walked into that room you were practically devouring Liz with your eyes. Is there anything you want to tell me Max?”

“It was a movement, something she did that made that ... that image entered my head. I swear I don’t understand why this is happening to me now!”

“Why what is happening to you Max? What image entered your head?”

With the sudden blush that completely consumed Max’s face, Tess had a pretty good idea what had happened. Something Liz did must have triggered a memory about their weekend in Vegas, except Max still wasn’t sure what was going on.

“I ... I ... god this is so embarrassing, talking to you about this stuff.”

“Max, we’ve known each other for a long time now. Nothing you’ve ever told me has made you this embarrassed, what the hell is going on?”

“I keep, I keep having these thoughts about Liz.”

“What kind of thoughts Max?” Tess had to be sure he was on the right path.

“The sexual kind!” he stated, through gritted teeth.

Tess could tell that this was incredibly hard for Max to admit. He’d always told her about his conquests without batting an eyelid. The fact that Liz had Max all flustered, meant that his feelings ran a lot deeper than even he realised.

What most people didn't realise about Max and Tess was they were very close friends outside of work. Why, you ask? It was Max that finally calmed Tess down.

She was the female version of Max until he introduced her to Kyle. It was Max that not only saved her reputation but also saved her life in a way. She was heading down a very destructive path, drinking, having sex with anyone who would give her the remotest bit of attention. It was only Max that never took advantage of that.

Tess never had a good life when she was a child. She had a loveless father who verbally abused her any chance he got. It was only when she met Kyle, who accepted her despite all her faults, that she realised what true love was all about.

And she had Max to thank for that, so if it meant prying into their affairs slightly, then she was going to do it!

“My brain just won’t stop Tess. I don’t know why I’m having these thoughts but they are driving me nuts. I keep thinking that we’ve been together, as in together, together,” he was about to motion to Tess, spell it out for her, but she raised her hand.

“I know what you mean by that statement Max.”

“But when I woke the following morning the only thing I found was that earring and when I went to see Liz in her room, she was already dressed. I asked her about it but she said that she left early because of the flight ... now I think my stupid brain is putting Liz’s face on whoever I had sex with that night!”

“Well maybe you should try to find out the owner of those earrings Max.”

“How can I do that? I don’t even remember the woman, let alone her name.”

“Go to Tiffany’s Max. Take the earring with you and explain that you are trying to find the owner so that you can return it. Maybe they will give you the information.”

“Or they could keep the earring and call the rightful owner and I would never get the answer I’m looking for.”

“Hmmm, that is true. Maybe you should find out exactly what went on in Vegas.”

“How? I can’t remember.”

“God Max you can be so dense sometimes. You started off at the bar, right?”

“Yes, that bit I do remember.”

“Then go back to the hotel, start at the bar. Ask all of the employees and see if they remember you or the lady you were with. I’m sure that someone somewhere had to notice something.”

“You know that’s not such a bad idea, the only problem is, I don’t have time to do it. I have the Howell account and you know that I can’t be spared from doing that project.”

“Oh for the love of god, then you hire a private investigator or something. I don’t know Max but you need to find out.”

“Yes, yes I do,” said Max, rising out of the chair and heading out of Tess’s office.

“Don’t forget Max, in twenty minutes we are going for a business lunch!” Tess shouted after him.

“Yeah, sure,” came the distracted reply from Max.


As Max entered his office the first thing he did was pick up the phone and dial a very familiar number.

Max’s father, Phillip, was a lawyer and he would be the only person who would have reason to hire private investigator. In fact Max had remembered all the stories Phillip used to tell him about how this guy Alex found out the information he needed to win his cases. It was only natural that Max turned to him now.

“Hey dad!”

“Max my boy; to what do I owe the pleasure!”

“Listen Dad, I need the number for a reliable private investigator.”

“Is there something wrong Max? Do you need my help?”

“NO! No Dad, it’s nothing like that. I’ve just got a small job that needs to be done but they have to be discreet.”

“Well there’s only one I use. His name is Alex Cross and the number is 555-36042. He will only do what is required to get the job done, nothing more and nothing less.”

Max quickly jotted down the number.

“Max are you sure you’re not in any trouble?” asked Phillip.

“I’m not in any trouble Dad; I just need Alex to do a little leg work, that’s all.”

“You’re mother has been asking when you are going to visit us again. She misses you terribly, as do I.”

“I know that Dad and I’ll be there as soon as I can. I have this massive account that I’m currently working on. Once that’s finished I promise to take some time off to visit, okay?”

“Okay, just as long as I have something to tell your mother.”

Max laughed.

“Thanks Dad for the information and I’ll speak to you soon, gotta go to lunch now.”

“Take care, son.”

Max replaced the receiver just as Tess popped her head around the door.

“Time to go Max.”

For some reason a sense of relief came over Max. He wasn’t sure if it was because he’d just talked to his father or because he might actually find out what went on in Vegas.

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Chapter 11

It had been a long couple of weeks consisting of many meetings, lunches and presentations.

Liz had been trying, desperately, to get Max to sign the annulment papers. She had tried hiding the documents at the end of some contracts they both had to sign, but she forgot how annoyingly anal Max could be about reading said contracts before signing them.

It was the end of the week. If she didn’t have the annulment papers signed soon she was going to have to tell him the truth, and that was simply NOT an option.

Now although she had been close to Max over the last month or so and he hadn’t really done anything to annoy the hell out of her, she still had this feeling that if she ever did admit to what went on in Vegas, it would ruin everything she had ever worked for.

She had heard, from the many stories circulating the canteen at lunch, Max was the kind of man who didn’t stay in long relationships. In fact, he didn’t have them at all. There was no way she was going to be another one of his statistics.

She didn’t want to lose the respect of the people who worked with her, or the respect of her boss, Tess. Spending so much time with Max there is one thing she realised, he would do ALMOST anything to succeed. That is why he was THE best account manager the company had.

She knew he would somehow use the information to his advantage and hell would freeze over before she would let him do that to her. NO, she just had to step up her efforts to get that signature on the annulment. That way, none of this had to come out.

She grabbed the papers for the umpteenth time and placed them behind the final contracts they had to sign to get the Howell account. Max always lost a little of his control when the final stages of a contract was put together. He always hated this bit. So she knew that this was his weakest time and she had to strike now or it was all over.

She marched into his office and placed the contracts on his desk, opened to the sections she needed his signature on.

“Max, sign these and I can get them in the mail before we leave.”

She kept her fingers crossed behind her back.

“Liz, can’t it wait? I’ve got a lot of other stuff to sort out and I need to read them before I sign them.”

“Jesus Max, don’t you trust me? I need to get these in the post tonight, if not the deal is off. Now can you just sign here and here?”

She indicated one space where his signature was needed, and then carefully lifted that page slightly and put a cross next to another place she needed his signature.


Max got out his fountain pen and signed the top copy of the contracts. He had his pen poised to sign the other sheet when his phone rang.

“Max Evans,” was his greeting to the caller.

“Oh for the love of GOD!” screamed Liz, in her head.

She was so very close to getting them signed. She pointed her finger on the dotted line to get Max to sign it, but she realised that his attention was completely captured towards the person talking to him on the phone.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“So you’ve found it?” he asked cryptically. He looked up at Liz.

“Could you just hold on one moment please?” he asked the caller.

He placed his hand over the receiver and looked at Liz.

“I need to take this call in private Liz. Could you come back later and I’ll sign the rest of the contract?”

“DAMN IT!” she thought, before saying in a sickly sweet voice, “of course Max. I suppose these could wait for a little while longer, but just remember they have to go out in tonight’s post.”

He just nodded and returned his attention to the caller.

Liz quietly left his office. She was fuming. She couldn’t believe that she had come so close to getting his signature. If it wasn’t done today, she would never get it.

She plopped down in her chair thoroughly frustrated at the turn of events.

Meanwhile back in Max’s office...

“Sorry about that Alex. I had someone in my office and I wanted to take this call in private.”

“Hey that’s okay Max, no problem. So, as I was saying, I went back to the hotel you stayed at for the conference and I did a lot of checking around. Now I have a few questions before I give you the information I’ve found out.”

“Okay,” said Max, slightly hesitant. He wasn’t sure where this was leading.

“Now you said that you were in a bar with your co-worker, a Miss Liz Parker. Is that correct?”


“You also told me that she left you at the bar around ten pm. Is that correct?”

“Well that’s what she told me the following morning, so yes.”

“Then according to your memory, or lack thereof, you don’t remember much after that. Is that correct?”

“Yes, look why are you asking me all these questions? I told you everything I could remember at the time.”

“I understand that Max but I want to make sure I have my facts right first. It’s what I do.”

“Okay, carry on.”

“The last thing you do remember is waking up the following morning knowing that someone had been in your room but you couldn’t remember who that person was. Is that correct?”

“YESSS,” hissed Max. He was getting completely annoyed now. Why couldn’t this fool just tell him what the hell was going on?

“As I told you a couple of weeks ago, I woke the following morning to find my bed smelling of perfume and a woman’s earring on the floor!”

“Well after my extensive investigation; I have to inform you that, I believe, the person you spent the night with was Miss Parker.”

Max’s stomach flipped.

“What the hell are you talking about Alex? I’ve spoken to Liz and she said she left the bar because of the early flight the following morning. Why would she lie about it?”

“And that brings me to the most important bit of information that I found out Max.”

“Which is?”

“You and Miss Parker got married that night, at the Elvis chapel to be exact. Both of your signatures are on the marriage certificate and it was witnessed by another couple who were also there to get married.”


“I’m afraid it’s true Max, but there is one other piece of news I have to give you before I go.”

How much more could there be?

“She’s trying to get the marriage annulled as we speak. I’ll send the bill to your home address shall I?” asked Alex.

“T – Thanks Alex,” was the only thing Max could think of saying. He was married?

And the memories of that night suddenly came rushing back through his brain.

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I could not have done this chapter without the wonderful Jake17 (Carrie). I was having a real problem with deciding on how Vegas played out between our favourite couple! This chapter is what has held up all my other stories. I couldn’t leave it until I had it right ... and I couldn’t get it there. Then I had a great brainstorming session with Carrie last night and voila...

The information about the hotel in this chapter was taken from

Chapter 12


Max and Liz had finally finished the final meeting of the conference.

Liz was about to do her normal routine, which was to go to her room, order room service and settle down for the night, that was, until Max grabbed her arm.

“How about we spend our last night in Vegas together?”

“Why the hell would I want to do that? Let’s face it Max, you and I can’t stand each other and the less time I get to spend with you the better.”

“Oh, so you think I can’t stand you?” asked Max, looking her up and down appreciatively.

Liz felt slightly uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her, like she was the only meal for a starving man.

“I know, I can’t stand you,” replied Liz.

“Oh come on Liz, get that pole out of your luscious ass and let your hair down for once. We’re in Las Vegas. Let’s just forget everything and have some fun, what do you say?” he asked, with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Get what? Out of my what?” asked Liz, incredulously.

“I said, get that pole out of your luscious ass and have some fun for a change,” goaded Max.

He knew he was pushing her buttons but he loved it when she got all flushed and angry. Her nostrils would flare slightly, her cheeks would flush and it was the only time that she would look at him with any kind of emotion. Why did he do this to her all the time? Because he couldn’t let her know how he really felt about her, that he was captivated by those beautiful brown eyes as soon as he’d seen them.

That fact scared the living crap out of him. He couldn’t get her out of his head and that was not normal for Max. Since his career took up most of his time, he found out the hard way that relationships don’t withstand the strain. His previous girlfriend had found comfort in the arms of another man. After that episode, Max made a promise never to get too attached until he was ready to put them before his work.

That’s why he went through women like hot dinners, never wanting to get too attached, but with Liz it was different.

“Like I could have any type of fun with you around,” spat out Liz.

“Oh, you would definitely have fun with me Liz,” said Max, walking closer to her so she had to step back. “I think that’s why you won’t do it.”

“What? You think I’m scared of you?” challenged Liz.

“Yep,” he said, as he ran a finger down her cheek, his lips mere inches away from hers, “definitely.”

She gently placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned closer to Max. For one moment, Max thought Liz was about to kiss him then he felt her shove him hard.

“Ha, scared of you? As if. Meet me in the bar at seven. I’m going to change.”

With that, Liz turned around and entered the elevator that had just opened.

“See you at seven,” said Max, as the doors closed.


Liz entered the bar, precisely at seven o’clock. She noticed immediately Max sitting at the bar, a few drinks already lined up for both of them. He had obviously gone back to his room to get changed because instead of the suit, shirt and tie he normally wore, he was wearing a black, short sleeved tailored shirt with casual black trousers. To say he looked stunning would be an understatement. His gorgeous muscles moved languidly under the taut skin of his arm as he raised his glass to his lips.

Liz hadn’t really noticed how fit Max was because most of the time his suit covered it. She was certainly noticing him tonight though. As she made her way towards him he suddenly turned around as if he sensed she was there.


Max had come down a few minutes early so that he could be at the bar when Liz arrived. He always thought a lady should never have to wait alone in a bar, although he knew Liz would definitely disagree with that statement. She was feisty and independent.

As if sensing her presence he suddenly turned around and looked towards the entrance of the hotel bar. What he saw, literally took his breath away.

She was wearing a dusky pink, short skirt which showed her beautiful tanned legs off to perfection. She also had on a matching tailored blouse which was cut to show ample cleavage and clung to every curve of her perfect, firm body. Her hair was down and fell below her shoulders in slight waves. He watched as she walked towards him. It was as if she was moving in slow motion. He could see the slight bounce of her hair and breasts with each step she took.

He couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips. He stood and pulled out the stool he’d been saving for her.


Liz took the pro-offered stool and sat down.

“What’s this?” she asked, sweeping her arm across the row of drinks already lined up on the bar.

“Tequila shots, with Jack Daniels and coke chasers,” replied Max, smiling.

“Planning on getting me drunk to loosen up that ‘pole’ up my ass?” asked Liz, raising her eyebrow.

Max laughed.

“Yeah, you could say that. I asked the front desk what drinks you’ve ordered from the mini bar so far. Since I have the company credit card they had to tell me.”

“So you knew Jack Daniels was my favorite drink. What about the Tequila?”

“I was hoping that I guessed right. You look like a woman that can hold her drink,” said Max, hoping it wasn’t really true. He didn’t want to seduce her, just get her loosened up enough to stop being so guarded around him.

Liz realized that this was a challenge from Max. He wanted to see if she could hold her own against him and she was going to prove that she could.

She took the first shot of Tequila down in one go. The golden liquid burned her throat as it went down and she followed it immediately by sucking on one of the pre-cut limes that were waiting in a bowl. She then took a good gulp of the ice cold, treacle colored liquid that she was so familiar with.

With a satisfied sigh she turned to Max.

“You look good this evening,” she stated as a matter of fact.

Max was stunned. Did she just give him a compliment? Was she flirting with him?


“Don’t look so stunned Max. I’m not blind. I give a compliment when it’s due, which isn’t very often with you.”

Okay, definitely not flirting with him.

“Thanks, a compliment followed by an insult. Only you have that ability to please and then destroy with that tongue of yours.”

“Yeah well, you started it,” she retorted.

“Shit, does this still have to do with the fact that I thought you were my secretary when I first met you? It was a genuine mistake. Get over it already.”

“You wish,” said Liz, which earned her a confused look from Max.

“What you thought didn’t have either a positive or negative effect on me Max. As far as I’m concerned you are a non entity. The fact that you thought you could intimidate me by undermining me in front on Tess did nothing but prove what a chauvinistic pig you really are.”

“Chauvinistic? Moi? Never,” he smiled as he said this. He could tell that he was getting to her.

“You see the reason why your little display had no effect on me was because I knew that my work would speak for itself. I wouldn’t have to prove anything to you or Tess. It won’t be long now before I get my own accounts.”

“And when you do, the gloves are off,” stated Max.

“Exactly, bring it on Max. Don’t go easy on me because you think I can’t handle it.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it sweetheart.”

The gauntlet was set.

Later that evening...

It was around nine in the evening. Max and Liz had made their way through quite a few Tequila shots and Jack Daniels.

Liz was feeling woozy and decided that she needed to get something to eat before she passed out.

“I think we had better get something to eat Max. I’m drinking on an empty stomach here.”

“Shall we make our way to one of the restaurants and see if there is a table free, or would you like to go somewhere different?”

“I would like to go out and see some of this city but we’ve got everything we need here. Let’s go to the Valentino restaurant, spend some time at the casino and finish off the night at the TAO Nightclub,” suggested Liz.

They were staying at The Venetian Hotel. Tess had spared no expense on this trip. Their rooms contained more marble than you thought possible, huge TVs, a sunken living room, fully stocked refrigerator, a bathroom that was huge with more luxurious towels than you could possibly use.

To say that this environment made you feel like you lived another life, the life of a successful film star, was an understatement. Staying here made you feel like you were on top of the world, like you’d finally made it to the top, but it certainly dented your pocket. A room at this hotel could cost you anywhere from $180 - $500 per night.

It was breathtaking and beautiful.

Max and Liz spent an hour and a half at the Valentino restaurant. It had fine Italian cuisine but you could pay over the top for a good bottle of wine. The selection was enormous, around 2,400 bottles to choose from ranging from California, Bordeaux, Piedmont and Tuscany for around $35 or more.

They chose a mid-range bottle of red to eat with their meal. After they’d finished they waited for their meal and wine to settle before they made their way to the casino.

Liz was actually quite surprised. She was enjoying her time with Max. He was being a total gentleman and tonight she decided to let go of the past and just enjoy this time with him before he turned back to the asshole she knew so well.

He had told her a little about himself, the alcohol obviously loosening his tongue a little. She found out why Max was the way he was. His girlfriend had broken his heart. He had loved her and eventually wanted to settle down with her but it was important to him to achieve his success before this happened. He wanted to provide a good life for his family when he eventually wanted one.

The fact that his girlfriend had found comfort in another man’s arms had made Max bitter and therefore non-committal. She could understand that. The same thing happened to her, except she was engaged to be married. He slept with her best friend and told her that she had to get HER priorities straight before she began another relationship.

The difference between her and Max was she didn’t become bitter, just more determined to succeed, whereas Max had decided to take out his frustration on the rest of the female population. She could understand it but couldn’t condone it.

They left the Valentino and went to the Casino. As they entered they realized that the Casino was huge and it felt very spacious. They weren’t sure what they were expecting; maybe something a little seedier but this was gorgeous, with high ceilings and total absence of smoke.

They used their own money to play Black Jack, Roulette, Slot Machines and have a stint at the Craps table. After the excitement of actually winning some of their money back they decided to head to the club to finish off the night.

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This chapter is especially for CrashandBurn8321 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, the information in this chapter about the club comes from

Chapter 13

As Max and Liz entered the club they were in awe at their surroundings. This had to be one of the most incredible clubs they had ever been to.

The club was huge and split into different levels. It afforded you the ability to lose yourself in a world that was both beautiful and beguiling. There was a very large lounge that felt comfortable but holding a lot of sexual energy.

The club was filled with many hues of beige, reds, browns and yellows and many Buddha like statues placed strategically around the place for decoration. The dancers that were provided for entertainment purposes were both sexy and alluring.

What really took Liz’s breath away was the entrance as you walked towards the lounge. It felt like you were in a circular dark tunnel with massive marble sinks, full of fresh flower petals, on each side. The only lighting would be the gentle spot lights that shone on each one and a candle that adorned each side of the massive bowl. The ambience of the whole club was simply amazing, something that definitely had to be experienced.

What surprised Liz the most was the entrance fee was only $20 but she realized that this club made its money in other ways, through the drinks and entertainment.

There was a DJ playoff happening tonight. Each one of the DJ’s competing for the highest amount of bodies on the dance floor. So the music was energetic and upbeat.

Both Max and Liz were feeling the effects of the alcohol they had already consumed but neither wanted, or wished to stop. They were both having too good a time to be bothered.

The only problem is, they didn’t realize that it was making them more daring, more loose tongued and that spelt disaster for both of them, although they never realized it at the time.

As per usual, it was Max who started the competition between them.

“I have to say Max, that I’ve actually enjoyed myself tonight.”

“I thought you might,” smiled Max. “I’ve enjoyed tonight as well. I have to admit, I didn’t think you would be this spontaneous.”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Liz, a little confused.

“Well, I’ve noticed that you are the sort of person who likes to consider the pros and cons of everything before making a decision.”

“What’s wrong with that? It gives you better judgement to make the right decision rather than jumping in feet first.”

“Like I do, you were about to say?” retorted Max.

“Well, if the shoe fits, wear it.”

“There’s nothing wrong with spontaneity Liz. It makes life exciting. It puts a fire in your belly knowing that you could risk it all by making one mistake. It’s what makes you feel alive!”

“So, the way I lead my life is boring and I don’t take risks, is that what you’re saying?” asked Liz, incredulously.

“My point exactly,” said Max, with a smug smile on his face.

“Fine,” said Liz, through gritted teeth. “He wants to see spontaneity. I’ll show him,” she said under her breath but loud enough for Max to catch.

Right then he wanted to kiss her. She looked all riled up, red faced and gorgeous. He was hoping that she would just admit the feelings she has for him, held deep inside her and he could finally get to kiss those gorgeous pink lips that had been the focus of his attention for most of the night.

He slowly leaned towards her, intent on making his feelings known when she suddenly stood up and walked towards the end of the bar.

He noticed a man looking intensely at Liz, as she approached him and he didn’t like it one bit.

The guy smiled at Liz and offered to buy her a drink.

What? Did the guy not realize that he was sitting there?

Okay, he maybe what some women would call handsome but this was Liz.

“That would be great, thank you,” replied Liz, smiling.

She found this man rather attractive. He had short cropped, dark hair. A beautiful triangular shaped face; dark slightly pointed eyebrows, thin lips and the most intense chocolate brown eyes she had ever seen. His mouth went slightly up on one side as he gave her a genuine smile, showing off his perfect white teeth. He was deeply tanned with slight freckles covering his face. She could see that he had a firm but lean body on him.

Max was watching Liz closely as she checked out his competition. He could tell that she liked him because her breathing increased as she took in the fine features of his face. How come this had suddenly backfired on him?

“I’m Liz and you are?” said Liz, holding out her hand in greeting.

“My name is Richard, pleasure to meet you Liz,” he said, shaking her hand.

He’d been watching her since she entered the room and found he was instantly attracted to her. He could tell that her so called friend actually felt more for her than he was letting on. He could see it in his eyes, the way he looked at her but he could also read her body language.

He could tell that Liz was extremely attracted to the man she had entered the club with but for some reason was hiding it from him. Richard saw the guy had obviously said something to upset Liz, to goad her into letting down those frosty walls that were just for him, but it seemed to have backfired on him.

“My friend Max, over here reckons I’m not spontaneous enough, what do you think?” she asked Richard, leaning close to him so he could get a good view of her cleavage.

Richard, being the gentleman he was, refused to look in that area even though it was the hardest thing he had ever done. He could tell that somehow Liz was trying to get Max jealous and by the thunderous look on his face she was succeeding.

What the hell, if he could get these two together then that was a good nights work right?

He was, in fact, a relationship expert or some would say a marriage guidance counsellor and if a couple needed guidance to realize their feelings for one another it was these two. He didn’t mind being the catalyst for that to happen.

He was, however, completely shocked when Liz grabbed hold of his face in her hands and proceeded to kiss him senseless. At first, Richard remained stiff and unresponsive but couldn’t help his body betraying him as he opened up to her onslaught.

He heard a guttural growl and felt Liz being forcibly pulled backwards. When he opened his eyes he met the steely gaze of Max. He could see steam practically coming out of every orifice the man had.

He realized that this game she was playing could get him into a lot of trouble and he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of, what he suspected to be, a very hard punch.

“What the hell are you doing, Liz?” hissed Max.

“I’m being spontaneous Max, throwing caution to the wind, just like you suggested,” replied Liz.

“Throwing caution to the wind, or yourself,” spat Max, his jealousy and rage barely contained.

“Why the hell don’t you two just admit your feelings for one another, it would be a lot easier than playing this game,” said Richard.

“Shut up!” they both shouted in unison, turning to face him.

Then it was Max who realized what Richard had said.

“What do you mean OUR feelings?”

“God, you two must be the blindest, seeing people I know. You have feelings for her, she has them for you. It’s not rocket science. The sexual tension between you two is phenomenal. I felt and saw it as soon as you entered the room and yet both of you are in denial.”

“Who the fuck, are you?” snapped Max, shocked that this guy had read him so easily without even talking to him.

A ghost of a smile graced Richard’s lips. Oh he was going to enjoy this.

“I’m a relationship expert.” Richard smiled when both their faces paled.

“Ha, shows you how much of an expert you are then. We hate each other’s guts,” shouted Liz.

“There’s not much difference between love and hate Liz. Why do you hate him so much? Because he’s probably the only person that can get under that thick skin of yours, and why do you think that is?”

That got a small chuckle out of Max which earned him a smack from Liz.

“Yeah, laugh it up asshole.”

“I bet he makes your life a living hell. Does he Liz?”

“You could say that.”

“I thought so. That’s so you don’t get too close to him.”

“I swear, you say another word and I’ll give you something to be sorry about,” threatened Max.

“Why Max, are you worried I’ll get to the truth? Let Liz hear how in love with her you really are? Tell her that, that fact scares the living crap out of you and so you do everything in your power to push her away?”

“I ... that’s ...” stuttered Max, his face turning an interesting shade of red.

Liz looked a Max and was shocked. She had feelings for him since the first day she met him, but when he opened his mouth she decided to bury those feelings deep down. He’d made it perfectly clear, or so she thought what his feelings for her were; one being contempt and the other, well the other was the fact that she constantly grated on his nerves.

Never in a million years did she expect that lost boy look on his face as Richard spilled all his secrets for him. She could see that Max was feeling incredibly uncomfortable with the whole situation and for some reason made her protective instincts came out.

Liz threw her head back and laughed at Richard. She was trying to make Max less uncomfortable.

“Relationship expert,” spat out Liz, “seriously Max, I’d ask for my money back if I went to him for advice, wouldn’t you?”

“See that Max, she’s trying to protect you because she knows that I’ve made you feel uncomfortable and you two say you have no feelings for each other. It’s actually quite laughable. Seriously, you two should just get married and get on with it.”

“Would you shut up,” said Liz, glaring at Richard. She couldn’t believe that this whole thing had actually backfired on both of them.

But Richard wasn’t about to stop now, he was having too much fun at their expense.

“As I remember, it wasn’t me who was trying to make Max jealous and get some kind of reaction from him. It was you who decided to kiss a perfect stranger to invoke a response from the man and that you did. So why now do you deny it?”

Liz raised her hand ready to smack the smarmy bastard across that adorable face of his but she was stopped mid swing by Max and that took her by surprise.

“What? Max?”

“He doesn’t deserve a smack for just telling the truth Liz,” whispered Max. She almost didn’t hear him, almost.

“Finally, one of you is prepared to tell the truth...” but Richard stopped as Liz gave him a hard glare, one that would make hell freeze over.


“We need to talk,” said Max, practically dragging Liz away from Richard so they could talk somewhere private.

He gently pushed her into one of the empty booths.

“Stay there, I’m getting us a drink. I think we’ll need one after this discussion.”

Liz was about to protest at his order but the look Max gave her instantly silenced her. As she waited patiently for his return, she started to squirm in her seat. She didn’t want to have this conversation with Max. It would mean admitting feelings she’d buried and never expected to think about again.

As Max approached the table with the drinks she started to panic. She couldn’t do this right now. All those feelings that she’d buried long ago were now rushing to the surface.

Max could see the total look of fear on Liz’s beautiful face as he approached the booth, drinks in hand. Somehow this relaxed him slightly. He wasn’t glad to see her discomfort, no, he would do anything to wipe that look off her face and replace it with a smile, but it meant that she was just as terrified as he was about this whole situation and that, strangely enough, gave him the confidence to do what he was about to do.

To her shock, instead of Max sitting opposite to her, he came and sat down right beside her. She had no means of escape unless she wanted to crawl all over him just to get out. She realized this was probably deliberate.

“Max, what that guy Richard said, he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” said Liz, prepared to go on with her speech so they could get out of this situation quickly but the intense look Max was giving her made her stop.

“Really? So you have no feelings for me whatsoever?” he asked in a husky voice, leaning towards Liz.

“I ... well I ... what?” stuttered Liz. She was finding it hard to breathe because Max was now definitely in her personal space. His lips mere inches away from hers and she could feel his warm breath against her face as he spoke softly. She couldn’t resist looking down at his lips before meeting his intense gaze.

“Look me in the eyes Liz and tell me you don’t feel for me what I feel for you.” He closed the distance between them a little more, his nose practically touching hers. His chest was expanding rapidly as his breathing got heavy.

“I ... Max this is ... we can’t ...” Liz couldn’t get the words out because all of a sudden the air around her seemed to disappear. She was trying to force oxygen into her lungs which was making talking almost impossible, her breasts heaving with the strain.

“Can’t? There’s no such word in my vocabulary Liz. He’s right you know, when I saw you kissing him it drove me insane,” he glanced at her wet lips as he admitted his feelings at seeing her kiss someone other than him.

“But you said ... I was ...” Liz didn’t get to finish her explanation as Max’s lips descended roughly on hers. He fisted her hair at the nape of her neck and pulled her roughly towards him. He couldn’t help it; looking at those lips opening when she tried to explain was enough to break his resolve.

As Max’s lips descended on hers and his tongue darted into her open mouth, a searing heat raced through her veins. She felt every nerve in her body stand on end, electric pulses affecting her neither region making her instantly wet to his touch. Her head dizzy and mind completely taken over by the lust induced haze.

Somehow Max had lifted her body so she was now straddling his lap, not once breaking the intense kiss they were both sharing, one hand still fisted in her hair, the other, drawing lazy circles on her now exposed upper thigh.

Liz’s hands weren’t idle either, she had fisted one in his hair making it stand up on end while the other wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer, if that were possible.

Their tongues dueled in an ancient dance of promises that were to come.

Liz could feel Max’s erection pressing in to her hot wet core and she couldn’t help grinding her hips into it which elicited a deep moan from Max’s throat. It was only when his hand skimmed the inside of her pink lacy panties that reality suddenly came crashing back into her brain and she immediately broke the heated kiss.

They both sat with their foreheads together, their chests heaving, trying to obtain oxygen. A look of confusion entered Max’s eyes as Liz looked intensely at him.

“We ... can’t do this Max,” she breathed.

“What? Why not?”

“Because I’m not going to become another notch on your bed post, I deserve better than that,” said Liz. It took all her resolve not to kiss him again but she stuck to her principles and started to remover herself from his lap.

Max could sense that he was losing Liz and he grabbed her thighs to keep her across his lap.

“You could never be that Liz,” he stated with sincerity.

“You say that now Max, but your reputation is legendary, love them and leave them. I’m sorry I can’t do this.”

She raised her thigh ready to remove herself from Max’s lap when his arms suddenly surrounded her waist in a vice like grip, making her unable to move.

“Then marry me,” he said.

“WHAT?” screeched Liz, a look of total shock crossing her face, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.

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I could not have done this chapter without the help of my beta reader Lou. Thank you for constantly supporting me, my ideas, my stories and helping get what’s in my head down in words. Simply put, you ROCK!!!!! Thank you!!

Chapter 14

Max kicked open the door to the hotel room as he effortlessly lifted Liz into his arms, carrying her over the threshold.

“Max you didn’t have to do that,” she giggled.

“Hey, we’ve already done this whole thing the wrong way around. Let’s not doom the relationship before it’s even started,” said Max, as he gently placed Liz back on her feet.

“So where were we Mrs Evans,” asked Max, as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I believe we left off where the Minister said you may now kiss the bride,” said Liz, as she wrapped her arms around Max’s neck.

She could feel his burning gaze as he perused every inch of her beautiful face. He pulled her flush against his rock hard body, no longer able to stand the distance between them. Trailing a finger across her cheek he hooked it under her chin and lifted her face, drawing her hooded eyes towards his desire filled ones.

He ran the pad of his thumb along her soft pink lips, leaning in so that their breaths mingled as one. He inhaled the stimulating scent of something floral, yet subtle. Their lips brushed together in a feather light touch of promises to come, which sent a white hot fire coursing though Max’s veins and a strong shiver down Liz’s spine.

Capturing her lips fully, Max ran his tongue along her bottom lip before dipping in to taste the sweet recesses of her mouth. Their tongues danced, played and duelled. God she tasted like sweet honey and it was intoxicating. He began to kiss her more fiercely as her taste permeated his entire being.

An uncontrollable small moan escaped from deep within his throat. He released her lips to carry on his tortuous journey along her jaw line and down her neck, stopping to nip and suck on the pulsating flesh.

“Yesss,” hissed Liz, as he latched on to her sensitive spot.

Max had never felt this way about anyone before. The mere touch of her skin on his lips burned her very essence into his mind, body and soul.

“God I want you,” he whispered, as he crossed to the other side of her neck, giving it the same treatment on his way back up towards those sweet lips.

Her breath coming out in short hard pants, Liz fisted his shirt in her hands, holding on for dear life as bolts of electricity ran through her whole body, igniting a fire deep in the pit of her stomach.

As those words reached her ears she couldn’t take it any longer. She moved one of her hands around to the back of his neck, threaded her fingers through his short hair and forcefully pulled his head up, crushing her lips against his.

She could feel his hard, straining erection pressing against her body. She moved her free hand down between their bodies and scraped her nails along the length of him, showing him exactly what she wanted, what she needed.

The lack of oxygen and the sensations she had caused by scraping her nails across his member made Max break the kiss. He placed his forehead on hers, his breathing heavy, drawing air into his starving lungs.

“Jesus Liz, you’re going to be the death of me,” he whispered huskily.

Liz pulled the shirt out of his trousers, unbuttoned it, trailing gentle kisses in her wake. She moved her palms over the now exposed, hard contours of his chest, up and over his shoulders as she removed his shirt, letting it pool on the floor.

“Wow,” was all that slipped from her lips, as she took in the glorious sight of this magnificent man.

She found it thrilling the way his muscles jumped when her fingers ran across the expanse of his chest, down his abdomen and followed the slight trail of hair that disappeared into his trousers.

A tingling sensation was left behind where her hands and fingers had caressed his skin. It was as if his whole body was coming alive under her touch, intense desire shot through his entire body as those skillful fingers followed the hair down to his trousers, just skimming along the top before pulling the material away from his skin and then allowing it to snap back against his skin, a slight giggle left her lips.

So she wanted to play?

She was about to get burned.

Max grabbed her thigh, lifted up her toned leg so it wrapped around his hip, the point of her strappy pink sandal digging into the back of his muscular thigh. He cupped her ass, lifted her from the floor and pushed her hard against the door, her other leg automatically wrapping around his waist and locking her into position.

With her weight against the door, Max’s hands were free to roam. He took one of his hands, drew his finger across her lips before she darted out her tongue, manoeuvring his finger inside her mouth and letting her suck the length before releasing it from her lips.

Yep, she was going to be the death of him.

His hands made quick work of removing her blouse. Liz arched her back to allow him access to her bra. With one flick of his fingers, it was open and he used both hands to glide the straps down her arms, allowing the garment to fall on the floor.

He placed his hands over each breast, a perfect fit, and gently squeezed the stiff peaks between his thumb and forefinger. A mewing sound escaped before she hissed as his warm moist mouth replaced one of his hands. He alternated between swirling her hard erect nipple with the tip of his tongue, to small grazing bites with his teeth.

He manoeuvred them towards the desk against the wall of the hotel room. He swept his hand across it, knocking everything to the floor.

Max grabbed Liz around her hips and placed her gently on the surface, he slowly slid his hands down one of her silky legs. He was just about to remove her strappy high heeled sandal when he felt her soft hand halt his movements.

“No, leave them on,” she said, in a seductive voice.

God he had died and gone to heaven.

He found that sexy as hell.

He moved his hands seductively back up her leg, hooked his fingers in the top of her lacy panties and proceeded to remove them.

He dropped to his knees as the smoky scent of her arousal hit his senses. He knew it was something he could never get enough of. He gently pushed her legs wider, lifted them over his bare shoulders, parted her folds and ran his tongue along the full length of her.

Liz gripped the edge of the desk with one hand, while the other tangled itself within his hair pulling him closer to her to heat. He dipped his tongue into her opening and lapped at her juices like a dying man stranded in the desert.

A ripple of excitement coursed through her body as Max used his skillful tongue to bring her towards completion.

His mouth encased her heated core, licking and sucking at the sensitive flesh. He placed two fingers inside of her and found the sensitive bundle of nerves that would bring her so much pleasure. As his rhythmic fingers brought her closer to the edge he applied pressure to her clitoris with his thumb. As she was about to cum he wrapped his lips around her nub and sucked on it hard.

“Max!” screamed Liz, as her orgasm erupted through her body; her walls clamping down on Max’s fingers. He continued his rhythm until she came back down from her high. He removed his fingers and sucked off the remaining juices which started a fire burning inside Liz all over again.

Liz hopped off the desk and with wobbly legs, led him towards the bed. She kissed him passionately tasting herself slightly on his lips which turned her on even more. She pushed him down on the bed and quickly removed his shoes, socks, trousers and boxer shorts.

His erection stood proud as she crawled up his body and straddled his waist with her naked thighs, stroking his hard shaft.

"Please Liz.”

His tormented groan sent a shiver of expectation down her spine.

"Please, what Max?"

"LIZ..." he growled in warning as her hot core hovered above his throbbing manhood. She was so turned on that he could literally feel the heat emanating from her.

"Tell me Max," she commanded, her lips swollen from all the kissing they had done. Her cheeks flushed after he brought her to completion with his fingers and tongue. He could still taste her and he thought he could never get enough of it, or her.

He couldn't wait any longer and he knew Liz was just teasing him, so he grabbed her hips and impaled her on his hard, throbbing cock.

A hiss of pure pleasure left those beautiful lips of hers as she took him fully into her body. He guided her into a rhythm that suited them both, her breasts bouncing as she rode him hard. She was so wet that he could see her juices on his cock as she pulled herself up right to the tip, before she slammed back down on him.

It was like, small electrical volts where shooting though his whole body as he felt her warm walls encase him deep, time and time again.

A small sheen of sweat covered her body, almost making it angelic like, glowing in the dim light of the hotel room. This heavenly creature was riding him to completion and nothing ever looked as sexy as she did right then.

Her head rolled back in complete ecstasy as her completion drew near, the soft strands of her chocolate brown hair, brushing against his thighs.

He could feel her walls start to pulsate against him, begging him to join her as she stepped over that edge.

"Oh god Max!" she shouted, as her orgasm washed over her body.

"Liz!" Max shouted, as he spilled his hot seed inside of her.

She collapsed against his hard chest, panting with the workout her body had just gone through.

"Fucking hell Liz, I've never ..."

"I know, neither have I," she said before bringing her lips crashing back down on his.

Finally the exhaustion took over and she removed herself from his body. She kicked off her shoes, lay down next to Max and curled up against his body with her leg across his waist.

“You know Max; I had every intention of talking you out of this crazy idea until my traitorous mouth said a simple yes.”

“I’m glad your mouth decided to ignore your brain for once.”

She gently slapped his arm and then laughed.

“I nearly died of embarrassment when I realized we didn’t have any rings to exchange,” groaned Liz.

“I KNOW! I was eternally grateful for the Elvis Minister suggesting those sunglasses instead,” laughed Max.

“I didn’t think we could get married without the rings.”

“As long as you have the marriage licence, I don’t think it matters. I’m sure we’re not the first couple to forget the rings and I’m sure we won’t be the last.”

“We should have kept those glasses. You know, as a memento of our marriage.”

“You’re kidding right? I think they are where they belong, in the bin. I promise you Liz; I will go out and buy you the most gorgeous ring in the morning.”

“Max, we’re completely crazy doing this in one night. What if we wake up in the morning regretting everything? What happens when...”

Liz was cut off mid sentence as Max’s lips crashed down on hers in a bruising kiss. He couldn’t stand seeing that worried look on her face. He gently cupped her face and broke the kiss.

“Don’t think Liz, just feel. I promise you that everything will turn out great in the end. I know that I love you with every fibre of my being, and I’ll do anything to make you happy.”

He just dipped his head ready to kiss her again when she pulled back slightly so she could look into his eyes.

“You promise?” she whispered.

“I promise, now let’s get some sleep.”


As the images of that night finally subsided, Max stumbled back into his plush leather chair.


How the hell could he forget a night like that? What annoyed him the most was the fact that he’d even forgotten the promise he’d made to Liz.

And then those words came back to haunt him...

“She’s trying to get the marriage annulled as we speak.”

“The HELL she is!” said Max, standing up and making his way towards Liz’s office.

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Chapter 15

Max had never been more determined in his life than he was right now. He stalked towards Liz’s office with only one thing on his mind. There was no way he was allowing her to get that annulment. Although he’d made a monumental screw up of the relationship so far, he was not going to let her go that easy. She would have to fight him first and this was one battle he had every intention of winning.


Because he loved her.

The fact that she’d kept this from him all this time hurt him deeply, but then he realised that she was probably as much in the dark about what went on that night as he was, except for the fact that they were married. All he had to do was remind her.


The way Max had said her name, almost as if he was in awe of her, made her freeze and look up in shock. She quickly remembered that she was holding the annulment papers in her hand and shoved them into the back of the presentation; placing it to one side.

As soon as Max laid eyes on Liz, his body started to betray him. He could hear the thunderous roar of his heartbeat in his ears. He felt a bolt of desire shoot through his body as he remembered that night in Vegas, but this wasn’t about that. He reigned in his emotions so he could concentrate more on the task at hand.

“MAX!” Liz said, as she jumped up from her chair. Her voice sounded high even to her own ears.

As Max walked closer to Liz, it was as if his body was craving her. Here, stood before him, was this petite woman who had stolen his heart, mind, body and soul. He watched as Liz started to squirm under his intense gaze.


She watched as he undressed her with his eyes making a deep blush rise to her cheeks. The fact that he hadn’t even said anything yet was making her nervous. He just stood there staring at her like he was really seeing her for the first time.

Max walked towards the desk, Liz’s eyes not leaving his for one second. He could see that she knew something had changed within him. He quickly snatched the presentation from her desk and watched as her eyes widened in horror. Before she could snatch it away from him, he pulled out the annulment papers and tore them up right in front of her.

Liz couldn’t speak. Her mouth had gone dry as she watched him. So now he knew. Had he finally remembered that night? How did he find out about the annulment papers? Had he seen them when she was trying to get him to sign them? What had actually happened that night? Why couldn’t she remember? She felt physically sick.

As Max came closer to her she took an involuntary step back. The way he was looking at her was making her body come alive, like it knew what to expect from that one look. A shiver of pure excitement ran through her body like a tidal wave.

As Max moved closer, she moved back until there was nowhere else to go. She was pressed up against the office wall with only an inch between her and Max’s body. She could feel the heat radiating off him.

She watched as Max struggled to breathe when he looked down at her lips and then back into her chocolate orbs. What she saw in his eyes was pure desire. They were dark, almost black, his lids heavy. She couldn’t help her tongue snaking out to wet her lips which earned her a groan from Max.

He bent his head so that his lips were almost touching Liz’s ear.

“If you thought for one second that I would sign that annulment, you were sadly mistaken.”

Because Max’s voice was so deep, husky and incredibly sexy, it took a while for what he had said to permeate her lust filled brain.

“Max I’m...”

Max couldn’t resist the pull towards Liz any longer; he needed to taste her again. He brought his mouth slowly towards her lips giving her the chance to turn away from him, but she didn’t.

At first it was a tentative kiss. He moved his mouth languidly across hers, savouring every moment. He stroked his tongue gently along her lips. The small gasp that escaped her mouth allowed him the access he so desperately wanted. He plundered her mouth with his tongue. Exploring every recess as if it was the last time she would grant him this wonderful wish.

Liz was holding on for dear life. Her whole body was tingling, from the tips of her toes to the end of her fingers. Her mind couldn’t produce a coherent thought as it spun out of control. She grabbed onto Max’s shirt as her bones turned to liquid.

The sensations he was causing, in her body, with that one kiss was simply mind blowing. Somewhere in the back of her conscious thought she knew this was wrong, that it wouldn’t last but she couldn’t stop.

She threaded her fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him down harder. She couldn’t get enough. She barely registered him grabbing her thigh and lifting her leg around his waist. His hard arousal pressed against her stomach as he continued to cause havoc on her senses.

Max was falling deep, fast. He knew that this was what had caused their problems in the first place, so as hard as it was for him, he ripped his lips away from hers and took a step back. This earned a delicious whimper from Liz’s throat.

His chest was heaving with the strain of staying away from her. He looked at her flushed face, her swollen lips where he had been kissing her and there was nothing sexier to Max than seeing her this way, but his mind screamed at him that this had to be done right ... or he’d lose her forever.

Two words slipped from his mouth before he left Liz in her office dazed, confused and totally ravished.

“Remember Liz.”

His whole body shook as he walked out of that office. He needed to get home and have an extremely cold shower; possibly for the rest of the night the way he was feeling right now.

Liz slid down the wall, wondering what the hell had just happened. It was a few minutes later that she stood up on very shaky legs, those words ringing in her ears.

“Remember Liz.”

And then the floodgates opened. Her mind was assaulted by the images of that night in Vegas.


The giddiness she felt as Max lifted her into his strong arms, carrying her into the hotel room.

The white hot heat that shot through her entire being as he admitted he wanted her.

The way she scraped her nails across his hard length, instinctively knowing that this is what she truly wanted and desired.

She outwardly groaned as she remembered how soft his skin was but also how the steely hardness of his muscles jumped when her hands moved across his magnificent chest.

How her breasts were perfectly moulded to fit into his hands; the way she felt when his mouth encased her engorged nipples, sending the blood roaring around her aroused body.

The intense orgasm she had as he lavished attention on her with his mouth and skilful fingers, the slight taste of herself on his lips as he kissed her senseless.

How he impaled her on his throbbing manhood, when he couldn’t take her teasing any longer.

How she felt beautiful riding his glorious body to completion, knowing it was her giving him this pleasure.

The promise he made to her before they eventually fell asleep.


After the memories of that night finally receded Liz knew she was in trouble. There was no way that she would be able to stay away from Max now. Why? Because she knew he truly did love her ... but she still hadn’t told him the whole story and that alone scared her more than anything.

How would he feel about her when she finally admitted her worst fear to him? Would he run a mile? Or would he be the one to chase her demons away?

It was with very shaky legs that Liz stood up from the floor. She had to get home and think about the whole situation. She knew if Max got close to her again she might not be able to resist him. Maybe that was one situation she needed to avoid at all cost.

Later that night...

As Max entered his empty apartment he couldn’t help the slight feeling of melancholy that rested against his heart. He wanted Liz here with him.

The apartment felt, empty, barren without her wonderful presence to make it come alive. That’s when he knew he was truly in trouble. What if Liz didn’t want him, like he wanted her? It didn’t bear thinking about. He couldn’t imagine staying here without her laughter to fill the empty void.

A lot was riding on his gut instinct. He just hoped he was right. He felt sure if Liz remembered that night, she would truly know how he felt about her.

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Chapter 16

Max was whistling a tune he didn’t even recognise as he walked through the office. Today was the day that he was going to start his relationship with Liz. He was determined to do it right this time. He was going to ask her out on a date and he couldn’t wait to see her reaction.

After a long time thinking last night, he realised that he’d made the right decision even though his body was telling him otherwise. He knew he had to ease Liz into the relationship because she was terrified of him hurting her.


Max spun around to see Tess sticking her head out of her office.

“Can you come in and see me for a second. I need to talk to you about something.”

All he wanted to do was go straight to Liz’s office but he couldn’t let his work suffer.


He got an ominous feeling as Tess shut the door behind him.

“Why don’t you take a seat?”

He didn’t like the sound of Tess’s voice and looked her in the eyes as he took the seat opposite her.

“What’s going on Tess?”

“Well I have good news and bad.”

Tess was having difficulty telling Max what was on her mind. She loved this man like a brother; he was the only person that had ever seen underneath the surface, or who had ever cared to look hard enough and help her.

“The good news is you and Liz nailed the Howell account. We’ve won the contract!”

Max gave Tess a dazzling smile.

“I knew we would. We make a great team Tess.”

Max watched as Tess’s face dropped and his stomach lurched.

“This is about Liz, isn’t it?”

Tess couldn’t look him in the eyes. Damn Liz for putting her in this position, but then she remembered that it was her that got them both into this situation in the first place. She steeled herself for what was to follow. She knew she had a difficult task ahead of her.

“Liz has taken a week off Max.”

A look of confusion crossed his face.

“Well she’s been working hard Tess. I’m not surprised she needs a ...”

“No Max, you don’t understand what I’m trying to tell you. She’s taken a week off to decide if she’s ever going to come back to the office again, to the city again. She took an early flight out this morning and said she would contact me by the end of the week.”

Tess almost cried out in pain when she saw the devastated look on Max’s face.

“I’m so sorry Max,” she whispered as tears started to pool in her eyes.

“Don’t be. It’s not over yet Tess. Where is she?” asked Max in a determined tone.

“I don’t know,” Tess whispered through her tears.

Max was about to lose all semblance of control if he didn’t get out of the office soon.

“I ... I have to go, now!”

This galvanised Tess into action.

“Max, what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to find her Tess. There’s no way she’s getting away from me again.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you Max. She, she specifically told me that if you tried to find her, we’d never hear from her again.”

That was it for Max. He couldn’t hold the pain in any longer and he did something he hadn’t done in a very long time.

He cried.

Tess shot from behind her desk to engulf Max in a hug.

“I’m, I’m so sorry Max. This is entirely my fault. I thought that if I sent you to Vegas you would admit your feelings for one another, like you did for me and Kyle. I didn’t know it was going to turn out like this. I’m so sorry, so very sorry ...”

Tess’ heart was breaking in two. She’d never seen Max cry. He was always the strong, self assured one. To see him like this was devastating. She knew now, just how deeply Max loved Liz.

“Oh god Max, what can I do to make the pain go away!”

Max finally broke the embrace with Tess. He violently swiped the tears from his face.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Tess. Even the small moments I’ve had with Liz have made this worthwhile but there is something I need you to do for me.”

Tess wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Anything, Max.”

“Give me the earring out of the safe. I need it.”

“Max, what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to get her back Tess. No one or anything is going to stop me.”

There was nothing Tess could do now. She knew no amount of talking to Max could stop him. She wasn’t sure she wanted to. What would she want if she was in Liz’s position? Yes, she would want her space but she would also want proof that this man loved her like she deserved.

Tess went to the safe and removed the earring that had been sitting there for well over a month now. She handed to Max.

“I’m not sure what you want with this, but go get her Max. Take all the time you need. You’re job will still be here when you get back. I’m so sorry for doing this to you.”

Max smiled at Tess.

“Don’t give up on me yet Tess. There’s more to me than meets the eye. I’m going to get her back, mark my words.”

“I don’t doubt it Max. Liz’s job will be here if she needs it, now go!”

Max had a mammoth task ahead of him but he wasn’t going to be deterred. He had to find Liz. He had to make her see that they were meant for each other. He couldn’t understand what had her so scared that she would run away from him. Everything was riding on this one instinct of his. He just hoped he was right. The thought of living without Liz was threatening to crush him.

He marched towards his office, picked up the phone and dialed Alex’s phone number again.

“Alex Cross.”

“Alex, it’s Max.”

“Hey Max. How did it go with your lovely wife?”

This made Max falter a little.

“She’s gone Alex.”

“I’m guessing from your voice that this is not what you wanted?”


“Then what can I do to help? I’ve known your dad for years Max and he talks about you all the time. Anything I can do and I’ll do it.”

“Find her. I don’t care about the cost. Just find her.”

“Consider it done.”

Max grabbed the jacket, that he left from the night before, after replacing the receiver and made his way towards a very special place. One that he hoped would save his marriage to Liz.

Later that evening...

Tess entered her plush apartment but somehow everything felt different, like she didn’t deserve the happiness she had.

“Oh are you a sight for sore eyes!” said Kyle as he came out of the kitchen.

“Kyle,” it came out as a plea and Tess broke down into tears.

Kyle ran to his lovely wife wondering what could have possibly upset her this much. He ran his hand through her gorgeous blonde curls as the other went around her waist.

“Shhh sweetie. What is it?” he asked as he stroked her back, lovingly, hoping this would bring her some form of comfort. He hated seeing his wife cry.

“I think I’ve just made the biggest mistake of my life!” cried Tess.

“Come on, sit down and tell me what’s going on.”

So she did exactly that.

“So, have I totally blown it? Do you think Max is in trouble? I couldn’t bear it Kyle!”

“I think you shouldn’t underestimate Max, Tess. He knows what he’s doing. He got us together and I can’t thank him enough for that. I’m sure once Max gets something in his mind; well I guess he just makes it happen. Have faith in him Tess. You’ll see this will all work out!”

“God, I hope so Kyle. I couldn’t stand being the one who caused all this.”

Kyle scooped his crying wife up off the sofa and carried her to the bedroom.


“You need to forget my love and remember, remember what Max is truly capable of when he sets his mind to something.”

And for one night, Tess just felt. Felt what it was like to be worshipped by the man she loved. Felt how Max instinctively knew what was right and there was a glimmer of hope in her heart once again.

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Chapter 17

It had been three weeks and still no word from Alex. He was starting to get worried. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to find Liz after all. The thought made him feel sick.

He had just finished checking in with Tess when his cell phone started to vibrate in his pocket. He prayed to ANY god that this was good news.

He flipped open his phone and tentatively held it to his ear.

“Max Evans.”

“Max! It’s Alex.”

“Please, please Alex, tell me you have good news.”

“I’ve found her.”

Max’s heart stopped beating for a second. Then a sudden relief flooded his whole body.

“Where is she, Alex?”

“She’s in Roswell, New Mexico. Her family own a little alien themed restaurant out there. That’s where she’s been staying since she left New York.”

“Has she ... has she ...”

Max couldn’t get the words out of his mouth.

“No Max. As far as I can tell, there’s no one else.”

Max sighed in relief, there was still a chance for them.

“I’ve got to warn you though Max....”

Oh god, what could there possibly be to make Alex say something like that? His heart constricted in his chest.


“She seems to be with friends, who, well who are very protective of her. I’ve had my ass hauled to jail because I was caught following her. It took me a long time to persuade the Sheriff here that I wasn’t a threat to Liz. Don’t worry, before you ask, I didn’t mention your name. I just explained that I was working on a case for your father, lucky for me he backed me up.”

“I can’t thank you enough Alex. I promise I’ll make it worth the trouble you’ve been through.”

“Like I said earlier Max, I’ve known your father for a long time. I made a promise to him a long time ago that if anyone in his family needed me, I would be there.”

“What’s the address?”

“You can’t miss it. This is a small town. Just ask for directions to the Crashdown. You’ll find it easy enough.”

“Thanks so much Alex.”

This was it; this was the chance he’d been waiting for. He wasn’t going to waste time hanging around. He phoned the office and got his secretary to make all the flight and hotel arrangements. Then he was put through to Tess.

He knew she had been feeling guiltier as the weeks passed with no news on Liz’s whereabouts, even though Max never blamed her for the situation he found himself in.

“Hello, Max?”

“Tess, it’s good news. Alex found her.”

“Oh my god that’s wonderful! Are you okay?”

“Honestly, I’m nervous as hell but I have to see this through. If I don’t I couldn’t live with myself for not at least trying.”

“Well she never said that she wasn’t coming back, just that she needed more time to think. That’s a good sign isn’t it?”

Tess was praying that she was right. If this didn’t work out, it would break Max and she didn’t think she could handle that.

“That’s the only hope I’m clinging on to right now Tess. So, yes, I’m hoping it means she still hasn’t made up her mind.”

“I’ll be thinking of you Max. Good luck.”

“Thanks Tess. I’ll see you when I get back.”

Max had one more stop to make before he went home to pack. He’d placed a lot of faith in his gut instinct and he hoped that it would be worth it.

Later that evening...

Max’s secretary had booked him into the Doubletree Hotel which was only five miles from the airport. When he disembarked from the plane, all he wanted to do was go and see Liz. He had missed her these past few weeks. To go from having Liz in his life everyday to nothing was a living hell for him, but it was already late and by the time he would reach Roswell it would be near midnight.

He knew he would have to have his wits about him tomorrow. He was expecting Liz to fight and he was going to be ready. He would have an answer to whatever argument she could throw at him.

He stood by the hotel window taking in the wonderful sight. All the lights across the city were twinkling like a million stars. The sky was covered with hues of pink and purple and to top off the scenery; in the background was the dark red mountain.

Max suddenly felt the last few weeks catch up with him. He hadn’t slept properly since Liz had left him. He closed the curtains, stripped off his clothes and fell into bed. The cool sheets felt great against his hot body. It didn’t take long for him to fall into a deep sleep.

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Chapter 18

It was with some trepidation Max got ready the next morning. He took one look in the mirror and realised just how hard the past three weeks had been on him. He had dark circles under his eyes and his usual smooth face now had a growth of facial hair that he’d not seen since he was a teenager.

He had spent over an hour getting ready. He knew how important this day was. He decided to wear black chinos, shirt and boots. Max almost laughed when he looked into the mirror. He looked more like he was going on a spy mission than to resurrect his relationship with Liz.

Max grabbed his jacket, the little blue bag on the sideboard and his key card before he left the room. He took one more look around, before closing the door; he would either be coming back to this room with a broken heart or with Liz. He desperately hoped it would be the latter.

Max’s secretary had been efficient and booked him a rental car. As he came closer to Roswell his emotions started to get the better of him. He truly wondered if this was the right thing to do. What if she really did need her space to think? Would turning up make her more determined to stay away from him?

After a three hour journey, he finally pulled up outside the alien themed restaurant. Alex was right, you couldn’t miss it. It had a massive UFO sticking out the front. He chuckled, imagining a young Liz growing up in this place.

As he stepped outside the air conditioned car he instantly felt the arid heat, causing him to perspire slightly or was it the fact that he was in walking distance of seeing Liz, he couldn’t be sure. He locked the car and made his way through the door of the diner.

He was quite surprised to find it busy. Most of the tables in the middle of the quirky room were filled. There were only a few booths empty. He could see two waitresses with short aqua green uniforms on. His mind instantly pictured Liz in one of them and his body responded.

“Calm down Max. You don’t want to scare her off before you’ve had a chance to talk to her,” thought Max.

Max made his way towards the little red counter in the corner. A bubbly blonde waitress was wiping it down as she spoke to one of the diners. As Max approached she stopped what she was doing and looked directly at him. He could have sworn a flicker of recognition ran across her face but that wasn’t possible, he’d never been to this town before.

The waitress plastered on a fake smile and started her usual spiel.

“Welcome to the Crashdown, my name is Maria and I’ll be your waitress today. What can I get you?”

“I haven’t looked at the menu yet. Can you recommend something?”

Maria looked at the handsome man standing before her. She could certainly see why Liz had fallen so hard for him. As soon as he walked through the door she had seen him. She knew instinctively that this was Max. Liz had given a good description, plus as soon as he entered the room the whole atmosphere changed. He was like a magnet, drawing everyone’s attention to him, although he didn’t seem to realise it.


The shout from Michael got her attention; she spun around and glared at him.


She turned back around to face Max.

“Why don’t you sit down at one of those booths and I’ll be right with you.”

“Thank you.”

Max gave her one of his dazzling smiles. He knew that somehow these where the people that Alex had warned him about, especially the man with the spiky hair behind the kitchen pass. If he wanted to get to Liz, he had to go through them first. Maria was an easy target, the guy cooking; not so easy.

Michael watched as the new arrival sat down at one of the booths. As soon as he walked through the door it became clear that he’d captured everyone’s attention, including Maria’s and he didn’t like that one bit.

“Who the hell is that Maria?”

“That, Michael, is Max. The one Liz has been pining over the last few weeks.”

“What the hell is he doing here then? I thought she told him to stay away.”

“My guess, he’s not giving her up without a fight.”

That comment made Michael feel slightly better. Maria’s interest in this dark haired stranger wasn’t because she was attracted to him but because he held her best friends heart in his hands.

“Should I go and beat the living crap out of him now?”

“Michael, I know you love Liz like a sister but she’s not thinking clearly right now and you know it.”

“He better not hurt her like Adrian did or he won’t be going back to New York, that’s for sure.”

Maria just shook her head and made her way to where Max was sitting.

“So, have you decided what you want to order?”

Max decided to get straight to the point.

“Is Liz here?”

Maria didn’t quite know what to say. Yes, Liz was, in fact, upstairs but would she want Max knowing that? After all, what had the guy done, nothing but marry her. It was Liz that was running away from her past and she decided it was about time that stopped.

Maria sighed.

“It’s Max, isn’t it?”

Max just nodded.

“She is here Max but I can’t let you go up just yet. I’m going to have to warn her you’re here first, okay?”

“I’m not here to upset anyone Maria. I just want to talk to her. If you think it’s best for me to wait down here, then that’s what I’ll do. Just, please try to get her to talk to me.”

Maria’s heart went out to the poor guy. Okay, so she doesn’t really know Max, but the way Liz had spoken about him she knew that Liz was in love with him. She also suspected that the same was true for Max, after all, he’d come all this way to try and talk her to giving them a chance or maybe to take her back to New York. She decided to test him.

“I won’t be able to go up yet Max. There are only two of us serving today. You’re going to have to wait until I have a break, is that okay?”

“I’ve been waiting three weeks to find her Maria; another few hours aren’t going to matter but warn her that if she doesn’t speak to me today, I’m not going away. I don’t care how long it takes; I’ll sit here until she comes to see me.”

The more Max spoke to Maria the more she liked him.

“I’ll let her know. Now, do you want anything to eat while you wait?”

“The only thing I need Maria, is Liz.”

Maria was ready to melt into a big puddle of goo on the floor. Oh this guy was good. She doubted many people said no to Max but if there was one person in the world that could, it would be Liz. She seriously hoped that these two would sort out their differences. In many ways they were so alike it was unreal.

Maria continued to serve the patrons of the establishment until it was time for her break. She quickly ran upstairs to the apartment.


“What Maria,” said Liz, as she came out of the bathroom.

When Maria was faced with Liz she wasn’t quite sure what to say. She knew she would probably run a mile when she found out that Max had found her but she had to try.

“Max is downstairs.”

She watched as the colour drained from Liz’s face.

“He’s, he’s downstairs,” she whispered.

Maria just nodded her head.

“Oh god Maria, what am I going to do?”

“Erm ... talk to him.”

“Maria, you don’t understand. Max knows nothing about, about what happened.”

Maria grabbed her friend gently around the arms.

“None of that was your fault Liz. You have to stop blaming yourself! Just tell Max the truth. He will understand.”

“What if he doesn’t Maria? What if I admit everything? He will then know that I’ve been thinking about having that with him. If he leaves me after admitting that, I don’t think I could handle it.”

“But you’re never going to find out unless you tell him. What if he’s the one Liz? Could you ever forgive yourself if he got away? I think if you tell Max what happened, he would be devastated for YOU.”

“I can’t, I just can’t face him right now.”

Maria took a step back from her friend.

“Then I’ve got your back Liz, but I have to warn you ... I don’t think Max is going away. He told me that if you didn’t come down to talk to him today, he would just keep on coming back until you did and to be honest, I think he truly meant it.”

“I’m not ready to face him Maria.”

“Are you ever going to be ready?”

“I don’t know,” whispered Liz, as she ran to her room.

Maria just shrugged her shoulders. This was going to be along couple of weeks. She went down and told the news to Max. She watched his face carefully but didn’t see anything but determination in his eyes.

“I’ll be back tomorrow, the same time.”

Max walked out of the Crashdown disappointed but there was no way he was giving up on Liz yet. He knew she was hiding something. His mind had come up with many scenarios, some even made him feel sick to his stomach but whatever it was, they could work through it surely.

So this was how it went for another two weeks, Max showing up at the same time every day waiting for Maria to get Liz. He was met with the same response every time; Liz didn’t want to see him. By the Friday of the second week, Max was at the end of his tether.

Maria felt awful. She could see how this was affecting Max. The circles beneath his eyes were getting worse every time she saw him but she had to stay true to her friend.

“I’m sorry Max; it’s the same response as before.”

Max stood up in the booth.

“No Maria, I’m not doing this anymore.”

He pushed past Maria and headed towards the back of the diner. He went through the swing door only to be met by a rather ominous looking Michael. Yes, he knew the guy’s name now after speaking to Maria for the last two weeks.

“Michael, get out of my way,” growled Max, as he tried to make his way up the stairs.

Michael stepped in front of Max and pushed him hard, he fell to the floor.

“I think Liz has made her feelings perfectly clear. She doesn’t want to see you. Now why don’t you just leave her alone?”

Michael had come to admire Max’s determination, after all, he would do the same for Maria but he also had a loyalty to Liz, one that couldn’t be broken after the last time she came here. He couldn’t face seeing her like that again. If that meant that he would have to take Max down, then that is what he was prepared to do. Although he suspected Max could give as good as he got.

Max picked himself off the floor, dusted himself off and squared his shoulders. There was no way he was going to let anyone stop him from seeing Liz.

“Michael, my fight isn’t with you. I want to talk to Liz, that’s all. If I have to go through you to do it; then believe me I will.”

The corner of Michael’s mouth turned upwards in a slight smile. Was this guy seriously challenging him? He had no idea what he was letting himself into.

“So be it,” replied Michael.

Max wasn’t afraid of the man standing before him, but he did respect the fact that he was only trying to protect Liz. He really didn’t want to fight him but he was the only thing stopping him from finally getting to see Liz.

Both men grabbed each other and raised their fists ready for a fight until they heard a loud shriek coming from the swing door to the diner.

“WHAT THE HELL!” shouted Maria.

“Maria, he was trying to push his way upstairs to see Liz,” explained Michael.

Just as Max was about to explain his behaviour a voice drifted down from upstairs.


Hearing her angelic voice, Max immediately lowered his raised fist. He couldn’t believe that he and Michael nearly got into a fight.

“Liz, I’m sorry but I just wanted to talk to you. Michael was only trying to protect you.”

At this admission Michael looked at Max and lowered his own fist. He couldn’t believe that the guy he was about to punch the living shit out of was now defending him to Liz.

“You’d better come on up Max, so we can talk,” said Liz, turning around and making her way back to the apartment above the diner.

Max placed his foot on the first step of the stairs when he felt a hand wrap around his arm, he slowly turned ready to face Michael again if necessary.

“Just, just don’t hurt her Max. We almost lost her the last time. I don’t want to go through that again,” said Michael.

Max gave him a nod of understanding. He couldn’t fathom what had everyone so edgy. What the hell had happened to Liz to make both Maria and Michael act this way?

“I swear Michael; all I want to do is talk to her. If she doesn’t want me around after that, I’ll leave.”

Michael just gave him a curt nod and headed back into the kitchen.

As Max followed Liz upstairs he heard Maria starting to rip into Michael about the whole situation. He smiled; no way would he want to be at the end of Maria’s wrath.

As Max slowly followed Liz into the apartment he couldn’t help the sudden feeling of fear that encased his whole body. What if Liz did listen, and then wanted him to leave, would he be able to keep his promise to Michael? Would he leave?

He followed Liz into the living room. She quietly shut the door behind him.

As Max prepared his speech in his mind he couldn’t help the look of shock on his face as Liz turned around to face him.

“What the hell are you doing here Max? I thought I made myself perfectly clear to Tess. If you came after me I wouldn’t come back!”

Was she seriously angry with him? Did she honestly think that he would just give up without a fight? There was no way he was letting Liz get the upper hand, at least, not yet.

“Do you remember Liz?” he asked her in a gentle tone.

He had to know.

“I, Max I ... what difference does it make?”

Max couldn’t reign in his temper anymore.



“I want YOU Liz. I want everything we promised each other that night. I want that life with you. Is that so hard to understand?”

Liz was momentarily left speechless. What could she say to that? How could she explain her fear to Max?

“You don’t understand Max.”

“Then make me understand. All I see is someone who is terrified for some reason. You can’t imagine what’s gone through my mind Liz. It’s driving me insane! Please, just tell me what it is; we can work through this together. Nothing you say will make me want you any less than I already do!”

He was surprised when Liz laughed.

“Oh really, you think that nothing I say would make you turn away from me?” asked Liz, openly challenging him now.

He knew this was it. He’d pushed her too far. She was going to tell him. Was he prepared for the answer?

“Liz, please just tell me!” he begged.

It was on the tip of her tongue to tell Max everything, what she feared the most but then he would know how she truly felt and if he walked away from her after that, she wouldn’t cope with it. No, it was better this way.

“Max, just leave. I don’t want you here anymore.”

“No,” replied Max.

“FINE. I’LL LEAVE!” shouted Liz.

As Liz turned to leave, Max grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“Don’t go.”

“Max, let go of my arm. I can’t believe you tore up the annulment. Don’t you see, that was our way out of this mess!” shouted Liz.

“YOU THINK THIS IS A MESS. YOU knew we were married and never said anything. YOU were going to go behind my back and get it annulled, hoping that I didn’t remember what happened that night. YOU lied to me from the first time I mentioned it to you. How do you think that made me feel Liz, when I found out?”

“I...I thought I was doing you a favour. I knew you wouldn’t want to be tied down. It was a mistake Max.”

“You think we’re a mistake?”

She could see the hurt look in his eyes. She so desperately wanted to believe him. She’d never loved anything or anyone more than she did Max, but that’s what was scaring her. She wouldn’t survive the heartache if he decided to walk away. So she would.

“That’s right, all of this,” she gestured around the room with her hand. “Is a mistake!”

That’s when she saw the moment Max’s heart ripped in two. The total devastation was written across his face. She had to get out of there before she caved in. Seeing him like that was killing her.

“I have to go.”

She turned towards the door and just as she was opening it Max gently placed his hand on her shoulder. She made the mistake of turning around.

“Stay with me?”

“I ... I can’t,” replied Liz.

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Chapter 19

Liz went for the door again only to see both of Max’s hands come either side of her, slamming the door shut. She spun around, anger raging through her veins.

“Let me go!”

“Never,” whispered Max, moving closer to her. “I’m not giving up without a fight Liz.”

He was so close; she could feel his warm breath on her face as he spoke. She couldn’t help the reaction her body gave to the close proximity; a shiver ran down her spine.

“Max please,” begged Liz.

“This is hurting you just as much as it is me. Why Liz? Why won’t you give us a chance?”

Max’s eyes went to Liz’s lips and then back up to her deep brown eyes. What he saw there almost brought him to his knees, it was fear. Fear of being hurt, of being rejected?

“Liz I ...”

His eyes went to her lips again, his breathing heavy. He wanted this woman to know how much she meant to him. What he would do for her.

“You what, Max?”

“I ...”

He couldn’t take it any longer. He gently cupped her face with his hands and looked deep into her eyes. He was shit scared of being rejected again but if he didn’t say it now, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

“I love you, Liz. I love you more than life itself. I want you to stay with me. I want you to be my wife. Look into my eyes Liz and tell me you don’t love me the way I love you and I’ll walk away forever.”

Liz’s face crumpled, a sob of pain escaped her lips and she fell to her knees bringing Max down with her. He manoeuvred his body so he was sitting down and lifted Liz onto his lap. She buried her head into his shoulder, as he engulfed her in his arms; stroking her hair and gently rocking Liz until her sobs finally weakened.

Once he was sure she was calm enough he gently lifted her face, wiping the tears away with his thumbs.

“What’s going on Liz?”

Liz slowly removed his hands from her face. She needed time to think, to speak. She couldn’t do that with Max touching her.

“Th ... there’s something I haven’t told you Max. I was engaged to be married and...”

“Liz, I know.”

She looked at him a little strangely.

“You told me in Vegas. You were engaged to be married and he cheated on you with your best friend.”

A lone tear slipped down Liz’s face.

“That’s not all of it Max. The night I found them in bed together was a night I will never forget. Not because of seeing them together ... but because that was the night that I lost my child. I was pregnant Max. I went home early, excited to tell Adrian about our baby and found them in our bed. I think the shock is what caused the miscarriage.

I wandered around for hours. I couldn’t think straight and then the pain started. I collapsed on the ground. A kind man stopped to see if I was alright. He kept asking me if I’d been stabbed. I was confused; I didn’t really understand what he was talking about. There was so much blood Max. He called the police and an ambulance. After that I pretty much passed out.

When I woke up in the hospital two days later, I was told the news. Apparently I’d haemorrhaged and had to have a blood transfusion.”

By the time she had finished, the tears were streaming down both their faces.

“You coped with all of that on your own?”

“I didn’t exactly cope with it Max. I went through a stage of where I drank and took drugs for two weeks solid. I couldn’t stand the pain, the loneliness. One night I went overboard, if it wasn’t for my friendly neighbor I would be dead right now. I came back to Roswell. Michael and Maria stayed with me through it all. I was this empty shell for a long time; just barely getting though each day. They were terrified that I would try something because of the depression. They took shifts to watch over me. I think I scared the living crap out of them.”

“Is that why you didn’t want to give us a chance? You’re terrified of getting hurt like that again?”

“Your reputation hardly instilled my confidence in you Max. I couldn’t do it again, it would break me.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me all of this? Why run away from me?”

“I was terrified Max. If I told you about the baby then you would have known that I was thinking about that for us. I thought that once I admitted it, you would run a mile.”

“So you wanted to end it before I could?”

Liz just nodded.

“I’m not him Liz. I love you.” He gently kissed her on one cheek. “I know that we’ve gone about this whole relationship the wrong way.”

Liz looked down and a small smile graced her beautiful face.

“That’s the understatement of the year.”

Max couldn’t help but to burst out laughing which eased the tension in the room.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right but I want you know that I’ve thought about that for us too.”

Liz’s head shot up and she looked Max in the eyes.

“Really?” Liz asked, hopefully. She couldn’t believe Max had been thinking about it. All this time she’d spent running away from him and he wanted the same thing as she did.

“Really. I want the whole package with you. I’m ready to settle down Liz. From the moment I first saw you I was in love. The only person I’ve been with since that first day is YOU. I made a commitment to you in Vegas, not because I was drunk, but because I love you.”

The tension in the room suddenly shifted.

Liz looked at Max’s inviting lips before she quickly moved back to his eyes.

“I love you too Max.”

That was the breaking point for Max. His heart literally soared with hearing her say those words to him, ones that he thought he would never hear coming from her mouth.

He knew now was the right time.

Liz was just about to kiss Max when he suddenly pulled away. He gently placed a finger against her lips and explained.

“Hold that thought, I have a promise to keep.”

Liz looked at him confused as he pulled out a little light blue bag with a white bow ribbon tied around the handles.

“Max, what’s this?”

“Open it and find out Liz.”

She had noticed the Tiffany’s logo on the outside of the bag but still wasn’t sure what was inside. She carefully pulled at the ribbon until it flowed free. She slowly opened the bag and gasped at the blue velvet box that was inside. It was larger than a ring box so she thought this must be something different.

As she pulled the box open, tears suddenly sprung to her eyes. Sitting in the pretty blue velvet box was the diamond earring that she had dropped that night in Max’s room. Also, sitting in the center was a two carat solitaire diamond ring with the exact same antique setting the earring had. Max had commissioned Tiffany’s to make it especially for her, just like her grandfather did for Claudia.

“Max, it’s beautiful,” whispered Liz.

“I have a small confession to make. I only realized the significance of the earring when I finally regained my memories of that night. I also remembered making you a promise.”

Max gently took the ring out of the box.

“Although, in the eyes of the law, we are already married; I never asked you the way I should have. Liz Parker, will you do the honor of being my wife?”

“Max I ...”

“Before you answer I want you to know that we can take this relationship at the pace you want Liz. I want to take you out on dates, get to know you more, like we should have done from the beginning. This ring is to show my promise to make it up to you. We can renew our vows in another wedding ceremony when you feel ready, with all your friends and family. Just give us a chance Liz.”

Liz threw herself into Max’s arms.

“Yes Max, yes I’ll marry you!”

Max’s heart soared and he couldn’t help placing small kisses all over Liz’s face.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me Liz.”

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