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 Post subject: An Encounter with Death, Angelus/Cordelia, 1/1, 7/21
PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:07 pm 
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Title: An Encounter with Death
Author: Marleena
Rating: Adult
Summary: Cordelia has an encounter with Angelus
Disclaimer: Joss Weldon owns Angelus and Cordelia.
A/N: This is just pure smut, but it's a prologue to another story.

Someone grabbed her from behind. A scream was muffled by a hand across her mouth. She felt a strong arm around hers, holding her. Her eyes were wide with surprise as she tried to struggle out of the hold.

"Stop struggling," a voice whispered in her ear. "You’re not going

Cordelia stopped her movements immediately. The voice was familiar. She closed her eyes and began to regret leaving the library. She tensed when his voice came to her ear again.

"I’ll let you go if you promise not to scream. Cliché, I know, but it

She could hear a slight hint of amusement in his voice, but the tone was
deadly. She nodded and she felt the arm and hand leave her body. She
turned around and stared at Angelus.

Angelus was smiling at her. His dark eyes sparkled with barely contained
amusement. He was up to something, and she knew she wasn’t going to like it.

"What do you want?" Cordelia asked in her bitchy tone. She hoped it hid the fear she was feeling.

Angelus shook his head, the smile still plastered on his face. She wanted
to smack it off, but she knew that would on piss him off. Something she
didn’t want to do. He stared at her seductively. He closed the gap
between them and whispered in her ear.


Cordelia stepped away from him in shock. She nearly slapped him then,
but the way he was looking at her stopped her. She felt the temperature
in her body rise and she began staring at him with her own seductive

He was dressed all in black from the satin shirt to his leather pants.
The clothes clung to him in all the right places. His dark eyes were
smoldering and her temperature rose more.

"You got the wrong person," Cordelia answered, trying to calm herself.
"I believe you are confusing me with someone else."

Angelus laughed and shook his head. He took another step toward her and
grabbed her arms. He stared into her eyes. He saw a mixture of emotions
from fear to excitement. He smiled when he saw this emotion. He bent
toward her ear again and spoke softly.

"You wish."

He walked away, dragging her with him. He looked at her and saw the
confusion in her eyes. He smiled and continued on.

Cordelia stumbled as she tried to keep up with Angelus. He was walking
briskly as if he was in a hurry. She had a feeling where he was taking
her and she had mixed feelings about it. She hoped no one was there. Then again, it wouldn’t matter. He’d probably want an audience. She cringed at that, and hoped again that no one was there.

They arrived at the mansion in no time. He opened the door and shoved her inside. She landed on the couch with a grunt. She spun around and faced him with a glare.

"What?" Angelus asked with a smile. "Did you break a nail?"

Cordelia sneered at him and stood up. She wasn’t going to let him get to
her. She was Cordelia Chase after all.

Angelus stepped toward her and smiled at the sneer on her face. He cupped that face in his hands, and kissed her tenderly. He explored her lips with his then probed her with his tongue. He was pleased that she responded almost at once. He then stepped back and looked at her.

"I believe I did get the right person," he whispered to her.

Cordelia stared at him. She wanted to push him away and run out the door, but the feelings that she was experiencing was too wonderful to let fear get in the way. She grabbed his shoulders and pressed her lips to his. He opened his mouth for her tongue to play with his. She was all too happy
to oblige.

Angelus wrapped his arms around her and moaned into the kiss. He pushed her onto the couch and slipped the straps of her sun dress down her shoulders. He kissed the exposed kiss and smiled when he heard her moan. He felt her hands comb through his hair as he slipped the straps further down her body. When the straps her at her waist, he kissed his way back up to her mouth. His hands continued to push her dress the rest of the way down as Cordelia began to unbutton his shirt.

Cordelia slipped the black shirt off Angelus’ shoulders. It fell to the
floor in front of the couch. She ran her hands up and down his smooth
back and marveled at the feel of it. She was kissing him as if to quench
the fire that was building inside her. Her hands moved up his back and
into his dark hair. She moaned as he began to kiss his way down her body. She felt her dress slip off her body and the temperature rose even more.

"Angel," she whispered and she heard him growl dangerously. She opened
her eyes and saw him glaring at her.

“He’s not here, Cordelia,” he hissed. “You’re with Angelus. Remember

He then devoured her mouth and she cried out with pain and pleasure. She wrapped her arms around him and brought him closer to her body. The dress finally joined Angelus’ shirt as Cordelia lifted her hips up to help him remove it.

Cordelia was now clad in nothing except her bra and panties. Her shoes
had been removed along with her dress. She pushed Angelus down on the
floor and straddled him. She stared down at him, a devilish grin on her
face. She was clearly enjoying herself and Angelus reveled in it. Her
hands roamed over his chest and she smiled as he moaned at her motions.

Angelus’ hands did some roaming of his own as they massaged her breasts encased in the black bra she was wearing. He looked at her and saw that her eyes were closed. He sat up and kissed her thoroughly, his hands burying themselves in her thick dark hair. They both moaned in pleasure as their mouths explored other parts.

She kissed her way down his chest and licked her tongue around his navel. She smiled when he Jumped at the sensation. Her hands worked on undoing his leather pants. She was completely consumed by the fire and she knew what could put it out. Knew who could put it out. She nearly ripped the pants off of him before she went back to devouring his mouth.

Angelus was surprised with Cordelia’s actions. He was supposed to be the
one to taunt her to near insanity. He wanted to sleep with her then
torment her afterwards. Now, though it seemed that his plans were going
out the window. He still wanted to have his way with her, but now it was
for a different reason.

He flipped her over to where she was beneath him. He stared into her
eyes and saw something there he hadn’t expected: passion. Where did that come from? She was supposed to be afraid of him. She was supposed to fight him every inch of the way. Obviously, something had changed along the way.

*What the hell,* he thought before he took her mouth again. If she was
going to be willing, why fight.

Their remaining clothing was tossed aside until nothing, but air was
separating them. They stared at each other, wide-eyed and breathless.

Cordelia was the first to make a move. She closed the gap between them
and cupped his face in her hands. She kissed him tenderly, exploring his
mouth. Her tongue ran along his bottom lip and he moaned. She felt his
arms circle her and her spirits soured. She pushed him down on the floor
again and straddled him. She stared at him as her hands roamed his chest. She smiled at him as she slowly lowered herself down upon him.

Angelus moaned as he felt himself enter her. He closed his eyes and
gripped her thighs tightly. He growled and stared at her when she lifted
herself off him. She was smiling at him.

Cordelia wanted to laugh when she saw him glaring at her. It was her turn
to torture him and she was going to enjoy it. What she didn’t expect was
him to retaliate.

He flipped them over and plunged himself deep inside her. She cried out
at the sudden motion, but it soon turned to pleasure as he began to move
inside her. He kissed her mouth then her jaw as his pace quickened. He
felt her legs wrap around his waist, causing him to go deeper inside her.
He moaned as he felt her muscles tighten around him. They were both on
fire and he was loving every minute of it.

She moved with him as his thrusts increased. She felt herself souring
higher with every movement they made. She had never felt anything like
this and it was wonderful. She moaned his name as his lips moved to her
breasts. He took on in his mouth and she arched toward him. He suckled
her breast just as he was thrusting inside her. She was about to explode
at any minute.

Angelus growled low in his throat as her muscles closed tightly around
him. He felt himself nearing the edge and he thrust faster inside her. He
heard her scream as she fell over the edge. The sound caused him to
follow her over the cliff.

The two lied on the floor in each other’s arms. Cordelia was the first to
return to reality. She Propped herself up in her hands and stared at
Angelus. He appeared to be sleeping, but she knew that he probably felt
her gaze upon him. She smiled as she looked at him. His name seemed to
fit him perfectly. He did look like an angel with his hair a mess and a
peaceful expression on his face. She ran her hand through his hair and
his eyes opened then.

Angelus stared at her and was surprised to see the smile on her face.

“Evening, Angelus,” she whispered to him as she kissed his forehead.
“Sleep well?”

Angelus just stared at her. What had he gotten himself into?



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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 10:59 am 
Wow, I never pictured Cordelia with Angelus, but this is a good story. :) I'd like to see more if you choose to write it, but if not it was a great fic. :)


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