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Author:  majiklmoon [ Sun Jul 03, 2005 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Ratings System

Okay...make a long story short...the conventional ratings we use -- G, PG, PG13 etc. are copyrighted...we can't use them. Read the Long Version
We will be using the following rating system:

• CHILD - suitable for all ages (formerly G)
• YTEEN (i.e. younger teens) - some content may not be suitable for children (formerly PG)
• TEEN - suitable for teens and above (formerly PG-13)
• MATURE - suitable for mature readers (formerly R)
• ADULT - adults only (formerly NC-17)

Please edit your stories to conform to this rating system. Fics that are NOT edited by MAY 16, 2005 may be subject to deletion. This system was created by Jess of Desert Dwellers and adopted by Roswell Fanatics. In the effort to keep it simple for everyone, we will be adopting the same policy. Any questions, pm an admin or a mod.

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