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Hellmouth Life (TEEN) (Drabble)
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Author:  Duchess67 [ Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Hellmouth Life (TEEN) (Drabble)

Hellmouth Life

A/N I wrote this up a few weeks ago after watching the Family Channel’s miniseries Samurai Girl. I was BORED, okay? Well, that and it had "Michael" in it. LOL

Spoilers: Only for the above mentioned cable tv miniseries.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer OR Samurai Girl or any of the known characters in them. I DO own a few OC’s and the occasional demon I make up though. *chuckle*

One of the harmless demons the slayers allow to live on Council grounds is snuffling through the mulch of the flower bed underneath the window of the “family room” of the slayer dorm. These are just some snippets of conversation it overheard while it worked…

“What the heck? Well THAT was a surprise ending for sure, I thought Sato was dead behind the dumpster!”

“No, remember all the scenes flashed across the screen during the previews? They so gave that ending away.”

“Well I want to deck that Jake character! I mean, how DARE he leave without finishing Heaven’s training first, after he promised?”

“Xander would never do that, would you, Xander?”

“No, Addie, I wouldn’t and yes, I’m keeping the ban on practicing the ‘whirling storm of death’ move. I don’t care that you think you can turn it into an effective maneuver, right now it’s just a real good way to get your ass kicked in midair.”

A cross between a groan of frustration and a growl of annoyance can be heard at this point.

“What was with Jake not wanting to date Heaven anyway? He was so obviously attracted to her it was pathetic!”

“Xander wouldn’t consider dating any of us junior slayers either,” this chagrinned whisper comes from two shadows near the window.

“I heard that, Mimi!”

An embarrassed yip and the pounding of running feet temporarily startled the demon into immobility.

Laughter broke out among several at that, lasting a few seconds.

“I don’t understand how Severin turned out to be a good guy. There were holes in his story big enough to drive a Mack truck through!”

“You’re right, like how was Hiko working for him, getting evidence on his Dad’s organization when he left and never went back?”

“I am so glad Heaven killed that Karen-Kylie whatever bitch, she was getting’ on my last nerve.”

“Sounds like maybe she still is. Take it out on the bad guys, tonight, Jamilla.”

“You know it, Xander!”

“Okay slayers, that’s the end of the credits, time to go out on patrol. Don’t forget to put your plates, bowls, glass and silverware in the kitchen on your way out. Remember to go out the BACK door and gate because Gallileo is working out front tonight!”

The small, turtle-like demon continued in its work on the flowerbeds of the school grounds, oblivious.
The End

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