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 Post subject: To Have and to Hold (BtVS/Supernatural) (TEEN)
PostPosted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:58 pm 
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Title: To Have and to Hold

Disclaimer: I do not own anything having to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer OR Supernatural. This story is for fun, not profit. Please don’t sue?

Summary: A Dawn/Sam pairing. What if John Winchester isn’t Sam’s Father?

Author’s note: Takes place after the finale of Supernatural season 1 (without explaining how, since the idea I had was already in use by another author and I don’t want to be accused of copying, so I skipped over it instead) and well after the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Justice of the Peace asks, “Dawn Summers, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

The bride smiles at her groom, “I do”

“Samuel Winchester, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

His answering smile is even brighter than his bride’s. “I do.”

The older man smiles too, “Then by the power vested in me by the state of Illinois I now pronounce you man and wife.”

Sam pulls Dawn into a deep kiss, the two holding on to each other as if their lives depend on it.

The JP laughs, “You may kiss the bride.”

The two courthouse witnesses laugh too and clap their hands.

The couple part at that and Dawn blushes prettily before hiding her face against her new husband’s chest. They thank everyone, take care of the formality of the paperwork and then are on their way.

In the cab Dawn turns to Sam, “Our families are gonna have kittens when they find out we did this without them, you know that right?”

Putting his arm around her, “Yeah, well if they’d known about it they’d have tried to stop us. If they really love us they’ll get over it… eventually.” They both chuckle.

Leaning into Sam’s side, “Mrs. Samuel Winchester, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” She asks, looking up at her husband with a sparkle in her eye.

He can’t resist leaning down to kiss her briefly before answering, “Yeah, it does.” He picks up her left hand with his right, watching the light glint off her ring and then brings it to his lips. “I love you, Dawn and I’ll never leave you.”

Suddenly tears threaten to fall from her eyes, “I know you won’t, Sam and I love you too.” She lets him hold her close, breathing in his scent, determined to remember this for eternity.

For a moment the prophecy looming ever nearer causes a dark cloud of despair to hang over their heads, neither knowing how long they have, but determined to make the best of it.

Checking into the Ritz, they take a room with an excellent view and don’t leave it for the rest of the day. That night they finally fall asleep in each other’s arms, physically spent and totally content in their love for one another, knowing in their hearts they’ll be together forever.

Just after 3 a.m. Sam wakes from a nightmare, only to see it’s real and happening. Again. Dawn is on the ceiling, hair fanned out around her head in a halo, blood dripping from tears across her abdomen. She’s trying to say something, but he can’t hear it for the pounding of his heart trying to beat its way out of his chest.

“No!” He lunges up off the bed and tries to use the mattress to jump and pull his wife down. “Dawn!” Flames erupting all around her don’t make him so much as flinch away, so determined is he to bring her down from there.

The demon appears, “It’s too late for her, Sammy. I told you, your mother and Jess were interfering in my plans for you,” He circles around the frantic young man who is ignoring him, “What made you think this girl was going to be any different?”

Sam stops for a moment and looks at the demon, cold hate in his glare, “Because she is.” He says as he lies back down on the bed and lifts his arms up toward his wife, “Come to me baby.”

Green light bleeds into the flames, startling the demon from looking at Sam. “What the hell?”

“Not hell,” Sam says, still holding his arms open, a look of total concentration on his face as he breaks out in a sweat. Flames erupt on the bed, engulfing the young man, but still his calm voice can be heard, “Come to me, Dawn. I’m not leaving you or letting you leave me, remember?” he whispers before her body floats down onto the bed, yellow and green flames merge to be completely green now.

The demon roars with anger, “No!” He sees his plans for the boy going up in smoke, not realizing for the moment that the flames are no longer shedding heat as he growls with frustration and lashes out, sending more flames all around the room.

The green light, now no longer looking like flames, envelopes the bed completely and hides both forms from sight, getting so bright the demon turns away. In doing so he doesn’t see his end coming in the form of an emerald green lightning bolt that doesn’t fade or end. His screams are loud and terrible, proof of horrible suffering before he is nothing but white smoke that quickly dissipates and is gone.

The green glow expands, extinguishing every last flame and then shrinks before completely fading away, leaving nothing but a severely charred room, now almost bare.

* * *

Dean gets a call from Xander, “Dean, is your Dad with you?” his voice sounds broken and rough.

The young hunter can hear sobbing in the background and wonders what’s going on, “Yeah. Did you figure out where Sammy and Dawn went?”

A long pause, “We just got letters from both of them. You two need to come over now, okay?”

Worried, he agrees and hangs up, already on the move.

When they get there, Andrew just hands them a letter before going back to hover protectively near the blond and redhead being held on the couch by the one eyed man, all of them crying.

Opening the letter, John sees it’s dated the day before and he reads it aloud for Dean’s benefit.

Dad and Dean,
In case the worst happens, I wanted to make sure you both know how much I love you and never meant to hurt you. I’m sorry too for all the problems I’ve caused, all the pain. You raised me the best you knew how, loved me as your own and I will always appreciate that, even as it confuses me, knowing now where I actually come from and that you knew, Dad, almost all along. Thanks.

On the bright side and believe me this is as big a surprise to me as it is to you, I’ve fallen in love again. Her name is Dawn Summers and we’re getting married today.

I know, you’re asking “what’s the rush” but believe me when I say you won’t like the answer. You see, Dawn and I were apparently predestined to be together. We knew it from the moment we met and embraced it wholeheartedly, in spite of threats from a Slayer and a very powerful witch. It’s as if we’ve known each other all our lives and are only reminding ourselves of things we’ve forgotten when we talk about our pasts. I know everything there is to know about her and she me, it sounds corny to actually write it out, but it’s true.

On the not so bright side, during a “Scooby research party” concerning the latest “big bad” around here, Dawn found this prophecy that foretold of our meeting and love, but then at the end it also kinda foretold our deaths. Well, just in case it came true we wanted to make sure we actually have some time alone together before the end and we wanted that time to be happy, not spent being forced apart “for our own good” trying to be kept safe by our families.

We’ll call you guys soon to let you know exactly where we are, but we aren’t going to let you separate us. Not ever! So understand that now, okay and just be happy for us.

You probably haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, so I’d better copy the prophecy here for you. It says,

Should Glorificus be defeated,
The favored son of Shemec,
Raised and loved by mortal man
Will find and claim The Key
Shemec comes to retrieve his own
The Key shall be destroyed
The son will embrace his heritage
Sacrificing hard won humanity
Claiming his rightful place at last


That’s it. There was one or two lines more at one time, but they were lost due damage done to the original. Dawn tells me it doesn’t matter what they say, that her family has managed to mangle prophecies before, so we’ll do our best to keep this one from doing what it sounds like is going to happen too. Well, talk to you soon.


Dean is perplexed, “I don’t understand where the freaky prophecy comes in.” As is usual with something he doesn’t understand, he ignores it. “So they eloped. What’s with the waterworks? We’ll just kick their asses when they get back.”

Coming into the room at that moment with a tray of chamomile tea for the mourners, Giles, who looks entirely his age and more at this point, sets it down before standing back up and speaking quietly, but sharply to the young man. “We got a call from the Chicago police this afternoon, telling us that Sam and Dawn Winchester were killed last night in a terrible fire at the Ritz Carlton. They suspect foul play.”

John hangs his head in defeat and his shoulders start to shake with grief, “Not my Sammy, no.” He sags into a chair, limp with defeat

Dean’s face goes white and he shakes his head vehemently, “No!”

Buffy stands up to face them both, “Yes! Your brother got my sister killed and now that he’s a demon I’m going to kill him when I find him.” Xander and Willow also get to their feet and move to stand behind the Slayer, their unvoiced support obvious.

The menace in her words startles John for a moment, “Wait, that can’t be right. Sammy wouldn’t do that. He’s a good man and we all know he loved Dawn!”

Before anyone can say anything else, the sunlight outside the windows becomes noticeably darker and then changes color.

Willow gasps, “It’s green. The light’s green!” She rushes outside, followed by the rest of the survivors from Sunnydale who look inexplicably hopeful.

Dean and John get up and go after them, completely puzzled.

Once outside they all look up and the entire sky is green, but not like during a storm, this is glowing and getting brighter until they can almost see two faces smiling happily down on them. It only lasts a moment, then is gone.

John’s breath catches in his throat and he grabs Dean’s arm in a vice-like grip, “Did you just see that? Was that Sammy?”

Dean nods, swallows hard and croaks out, “Yeah, I did and it was.”

Buffy shouts, “Dawn!” Happy that her sister isn’t dead, but also upset that she can’t touch her.

The pulsing heart of the phenomenon lowers a tendril of itself just enough so that’s palest edge briefly touches everyone standing there before lifting up once more and the whole thing begins to pull away.

All are left with a feeling a love, mixed with regret for needing to part from their families, but also sharing the happiness they’ve found in each other.

Dean cries out, “Don’t leave!” He falls to the grass on his knees. When the sunlight shines normally once more he hangs his head and sobs.

His father kneels beside him and puts an arm around his shoulders, “At least we know they’re alive, Dean, even if they can’t be with us anymore.”

“It’s not fair! Why can’t they come back? They’ve got all that power, why don’t they use it?” Dean shouts.

Buffy, more tears flowing freely down her cheeks, turns to the upset young man and tries to comfort him. Kneeling down and taking his hand in hers to get his attention, “It doesn’t work like that. The power of the Key is used to open gateways between dimensions. Dawn has known this for practically her entire existence and now Sam knows it too. They’re doing what’s best by leaving so that they can’t be used for evil. They’re protecting everyone, not just us.”

From where he’s standing holding a crying Willow, Xander agrees with the Slayer, “She’s right you know. How do you think they’d feel if they stuck around and some bad guy came along, able to capture them and use them against us? It would destroy them.”

Giles unashamedly wipes his eyes of tears and puts his glasses back on before he clears his throat to get everyone’s attention. “I got the distinct impression from the happy couple that Mr. Winchester and his son could use some legitimate employment. Taking into account their considerable expertise at fighting supernatural beings I think it would be an excellent idea to offer them jobs as teachers here at the school.” Looking around at the others, “Are we agreed?” At the affirmative nods he gets, Giles looks down at father and son and asks, “Well, what do you think?”

John and Dean look at each other, knowing that their mission to avenge Mary’s murder is finally over and feeling at a loss for the moment. They obviously begin to think about this suggestion.

Finally, Dean nods, still looking at his dad, “Fighting the bad guys is all I know how to do. Can’t imagine ever doing anything else and getting paid for it would be a nice change,” he grins lopsidedly at his father.

John smiles at his son before looking up at the Watcher, “Sounds like a great idea to me too.”

The End


 Post subject: Re: To Have and to Hold (BtVS/Supernatural) (TEEN)
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Very imaginative and sweet, in a bittersweet sort of way! :thumbsup

And the letter... just what every parent wants to hear! NOT! :lol

On the not so bright side, during a “Scooby research party” concerning the latest “big bad” around here, Dawn found this prophecy that foretold of our meeting and love, but then at the end it also kinda foretold our deaths.

I'm glad it turned out that the prophecy wasn't exactly right on.

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