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The Tarithna: Buffy/StarGate SG1 X/O PG 13
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Author:  TessHardingEvans [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  The Tarithna: Buffy/StarGate SG1 X/O PG 13

The Tarithna
Summary: Jack finds some strange link to the Slayer
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I have zero rights to either Buffy or StarGate. They are owned by their respective parties I am just kidnapping them for a while.
A/N: This was a Pass-it-on-experiment fanfic by callhervera on twisting the hellmouth fanfic board. I just decided to my a fully functional fanfic out of it.
Setting: This story takes place within the Chosen episode of Buffy and around season 2 of StarGate SG1. I decided that I am not going to let Joyce die.
Chapter 1
It was a week after the whole scythe fiasco and the group was busy doing research for the new battle that was threatening the planet. All the Scoobies with the Potentials was sitting in the abandoned library of Sunnydale. Buffy exited the library, taking a break from the research in order to search for donuts. This was their first big research since the night she came back from the vineyard with the scythe in her hand.
“Just don’t think about it” she muttered to herself as she wondered down SunnyDale. Her friends still didn’t know what the impact the weapon had on her and she intended to keep it that way. What good would their knowing do anyway? Leaving the library, she headed towards the town. It was getting dark so she felt around in her handbag, checking for a stake. Finding it, she stashed it up the arm of her black jacket and continued walking. It wasn’t long before her Slayer-Senses realized that something was wrong. She couldn’t be sure what it was, but it was putting her on edge. She glanced around covertly, but couldn’t find anything unusual.
“I am just out of practice,” she decided. She had only been patrolling a handful times since returning, so it wouldn’t surprise her if she was a little rusty. Looking at her watch she realized that the café would almost be closing, so she ran the rest of the way, forgetting about her earlier suspicions. However as she left the café, holding a large box of donuts, she was once again overcome by that same curious feeling. She was having trouble placing it. It wasn’t that she was in danger, she was sure of that, but there was definitely someth…ah ha! She was being watched! Yes that was it, she was sure of it.
Not wanting to raise the suspicions of her viewers, she began heading towards the high school as though nothing was wrong. However this time she took careful note of the sounds around her. After five minutes she realized that during the whole time she’d been walking, there had been a consistent drone of a car engine. Reaching a children’s playground she lay down the box of donuts and sat on a swing. This gave her the opportunity to turn about and observe the area around her.
Scanning the road as she began to swing she noticed a black van parked a few hundred meters down the road.
“Oh my god, could they be any more clichéd?” she said as she hopped off the swing. Now aware of her pursuers, she turned off the road, cutting through a graveyard. This particular graveyard led to a field where there was no road access. She hoped to draw them out of the comfort of their vehicle so that she could get a better look of them.
Sure enough after a few minutes she could hear the sound of multiple footsteps behind her. They were incredibly silent; if it weren’t for her slayer hearing she wouldn’t have heard them at all.
Hiding behind a crypt, she waited for one of them to come into her sight. The being looked human enough, although it was hard to tell under the darkness of the night, coupled with the fact that they were dressed entirely in black, right down to a balaclava. They also held a gun, a weapon that Buffy had never seen a demon carry.
Buffy quietly maneuvered herself behind them, covering their mouth with one hand and disarming them with the other. She then pulled them into the crypt that she’d been using for cover. The being attempted to defend itself and Buffy realized that whoever or whatever it was had had top training in hand-to-hand combat. Still, it was nowhere near as strong as Buffy.
“Now that’s not very nice!” complained Buffy. “You’ve been stalking me for half the night, but don’t want to sit and have a friendly chat?”
A radio crackled to life on Buffy’s assailant. “This is O’Neill, what is your position? I repeat, Carter, what is your position? Over.”
Buffy pulled off the balaclava to reveal a woman with short blonde hair.
“I take it you’re Carter then?” she queried. When she received no reply from the woman, she took the radio and pressed the ‘talk’ button.
“Roger. Roger O’Neill, all’s quiet on the western front, over,” Buffy joked, channeling Xander.
“Who is this? came the reply.
“Awww, you can’t guess?”
The woman, presumably called Carter spoke up. “Please, we were never going to hurt you!”
“So what, that makes the stalking okay then? Look lady, I’ve got enough on my plate right now without humans causing me problems too. So just tell—”
Before Buffy could finish her sentence she felt a jolt of pain and collapsed unconscious on the floor of the crypt.
Buffy woke up feeling a little woozy. And headachey. And, for that matter, dizzy.
“Is this what a hangover feels like,” she muttered as she slowly rose herself into a sitting position.
“She recovered a lot quicker from the Zat than usual, Jack,” said a male voice that Buffy didn’t recognized. Suddenly, everything started coming back to her – the stalking, then the capturing, then the pain…
“Hey, you shot me!” she complained indignantly.
“Well, you attacked me,” came a female voice she vaguely recognized. It must have been the ‘Carter’ from before.
“Well you were stalking me!” Buffy countered. She tried to stand up, but realized that her feet were handcuffed to the base of, well…whatever she was attached to. Then she began wonder where she was and took in her surroundings. They were in a small room, with no windows. That was moving. The van!
“Look, we have no intentions of harming you,” said the same male voice she heard before. She looked around and found that this voice belonged to a cute, yet geeky man with glasses.
“I’ve got four handcuffed limbs and one weapon wound that tends to contradict that,” she stated.
As the man searched for words to defend himself, Buffy looked around her for a means of escape.
“Hey, what’s that?” she yelled, using the age-old trick to momentarily distract them. She then yanked as hard as she could on her feet and arms, pulling the cuffs from their locks on the floor. She then grabbed a gun from one of the people, shooting at the van’s door. The four people tried to stop her, but they were no match for her speed or strength. Before they knew it, she had jumped out of the moving vehicle, landing on the roof of a car heading in the opposite direction. As she moved away she thought she heard one of the people an odd man with a tattooed forehead say, “I did not understand what she was referring to.”
Buffy soon lost track of the van, and ran as fast as she could towards the high school. Her arms and legs were still handcuffed, although she had managed to break the chains holding the cuffs together. She burst into the library, out of breath and looking a mess.
Her friends looked up at her, somewhat stunned by her entrance. Xander was the first to move over to her, looking highly concerned.
“Where are the donuts?” he asked.

Author:  Ti88 [ Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tarithna: Buffy/StarGate SG1 X/O

great start. i sent you a pm.

Author:  TessHardingEvans [ Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tarithna: Buffy/StarGate SG1 X/O

Thank you for the review. Here is the next part,
Chapter 2
-SunnyDale Library-
Her friends looked up at her, somewhat stunned by her entrance. Xander was the first to move over to her, looking highly concerned.
“Where are the donuts?” he asked.
-Meanwhile back at the van-
Jack had finally gotten his wits together after seeing a little blond teeny bopper perform a feat of strength that not even Teal'c could duplicate.
“Carter how the hell did she get loose?”
“Sir we knew she was strong, we just didn't realize how strong. I'd say it was beyond the laws of physics. But apparently it isn't. Looks like I'll have to rewrite the text books again.”
“Alright forcryinoutloud you were right. Maybe we should have gone to her openly. But those files we got a hold of after getting the Touchstone back for the Mandronans. There are things in the Black-Ops shadow world that are weird even for us, and I felt it was too dangerous to go directly after her.”
“Indeed there are stories even among the Jaffa of creatures that even the Gods themselves feared and despised. Regardless of how we obtained the information, we were obligated to investigate those security videos of the battle held at the local confluence of markets, which was enough proof to warrant an investigation.”
Carter rubbed her temples. “Teal'c the videos came from the mall. Frankly I'm more interested in why the CID and FBI haven’t been crawling all over the rocket launcher theft. That is until I met the little bleach blond. I never expected her to be that good, and I want a rematch so I can kick her blond cheerleading ass after the way she took me down.”
“Regardless of what we all feel, we did stalk and then assault someone that has never caused us harm as far as we know. Because it was such an unusual request to investigate her I went along. But now Ms. Summers will be on her guard and most likely hostile to us at the very least. If she had heard the way you just threatened her right now I'd be hostile to any contact we might make. Let alone the fact that your own investigation shows that she’s an American citizen. Do we have the authority to apprehend and restrain anyone we think might be different? I shouldn't have fired my Zat but I couldn't take the chance that you'd be hurt…”
Daniel looked like he was going to be on his soapbox for awhile so Jack moved to cut him off after using both hands to rub at his eyes while sighing. “This is not what I signed up for. Danny you shot Buffy only to protect Carter don‘t blame yourself. The handcuffs where only to help keep her restrained so we could avoid another physical confrontation while we explained what we could of why we were following her, without blowing our cover story. We still need to report to Hammond that we may have lost any chance of peacefully contacting a possible Hok'tar, and incidentally I agree with Danny boy, this mission sucks.”
-NORAD/SGC Cheyenne Mountain-
-General Hammond's Office-
“Sir I have to report that our observation role has been blown. The target somehow spotted our tail and intercepted Carter.”
“Is she alright?” Hammond's hand tightened on the phone receiver, he was concerned since Samantha was the daughter of one of his closest friends. The tone of Jack’s voice inclined him to believe this would be another SG-1 aspirin report.
“Other than a few bumps and bruises the only thing harmed is her pride.”
Jack got a Basilisk stare from his second in command. “The big problem is that Danny had to use a Zat...”
“He did what?!” Hammond bellowed into the handset.
-SHS Library-
The Scoobies were gathered around the library table. “Yeah Xander I was followed by a group of people dressed all in black, even including a balaclava to hide their faces in a black van. Could they have been any more clichéd? It was a dead giveaway once I figured out they were trailing me. So I kind of forced them to follow me on foot into one of the older cemeteries where there generally aren't a lot of Vamps to try to get a better look at them. There was a cute geeky one, kind of like a younger and somewhat hotter Giles.”
“Excuse me?”
“Sorry Giles but admit it you’re old. Anyways, there was a tall blond woman apparently her name is Carter. There was also an old gray haired guy with a voice sounding a bit like the O’Neil’s voice over the radio, along with another guy that looked like a black walking landmass with some sort of gold tattoo on his forehead.”
“The point that Buffy is failing to mention is these individuals where carrying guns that aren't exactly common issue for criminal gangs. What concerns me the most is Buffy and by extension all of us have come under 'Official' notice of some organization. Most of our activities have been hidden by the darkness and general disbelief of the surviving witnesses. Unfortunately it seems one of our more public incidents has come home to roost.”
Of all the Scoobies this concerned Xander the most. He had been heavily involved in the rocket launcher theft along with other activities that the others didn't know of that could lead to a lifestyle change with sub high school cuisine along with a roommate named Bubba.
Cordy was picturing the unfashionable jumpsuit inmates got to wear. “Uh how much should we be worried?”
“A great deal I'm afraid. Depending on the resources and motives any sort of official group could easily interrogate and or even incarcerate anyone that’s connected closely to Buffy. If there’s too much interest there might be more unpleasant activities planned for her close associates or even some of those not so close.” Giles let a little of Ripper out into his voice.
“Don't underestimate the seriousness of this situation. This is another reason Slayers are kept from having too many attachments, it makes it much harder to simply disappear. Without knowing just what sort of group they are or the interest they might have in Buffy, we need to stay vigilante. And Cordelia please don't think that they would balk at harming you if that’s what they feel is needed. Your connection however amorphous to Buffy would make you a valid target as well since you have been involved at least on the periphery of our endeavors. While your father is somewhat wealthy the kind of resources that black operations groups have at their disposal would make it a trifling inconvenience.”
Giles stood up from the table and barked out orders for the group. “I know you lot had planned on going to the Bronze yet again. But with what’s happened that would not be a good idea. I want all of you to head home in a group.”
Cordelia threw up her hands and started moving towards the door. “Wait wait wait. I ‘m not going to hang around little Ms. Punch A Lot if some MIB's are looking at her. I will take your advice and head straight home using my car and I will stay there instead of going to the Bronze.”
“Very well Cordelia. Until we know more it might be for the best to avoid any obvious connection with the group until we find out more about the potential threat. I do want you to keep in verbal contact with us while you’re at school. Buffy please escort Willow and Xander home. To avoid as many problems as possible I would like you to only tail them so as to avoid drawing any attention to them. I will contact the council but they might order Buffy to be removed from the area and that’s a risk I'm not prepared to take.”

Author:  Ti88 [ Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tarithna: Buffy/StarGate SG1 X/O

ooo i like it i think someone needs to kidnapp cordy. nothing big just to make her sweat. the crap is really about to hit the fan huh. i want to to see more ripper. great new part

Author:  TessHardingEvans [ Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tarithna: Buffy/StarGate SG1 X/O

Author’s Note: Dawn wasn’t placed with Buffy and they didn’t need to let her die, but she was placed in the care of an old friend of Giles also a watcher, but now that the council was destroyed the Key needed a new protector, Faith was that new protector. Also Dawn was a Slayer too. She is only 4 years of age.
Chapter 3
Buffy sighed as the trailed the two people who she called her best friends. Sure they were trying to make up for the events of last summer, but it was hard. There was a lot of resentment issues there and add in this new issue with the military people and…they were shutting her out. It hurt, but Buffy couldn’t help but feel that they were punishing her for all that she had done wrong in the time they knew her. Not that she had any choice in the matter at the time she did what she did. She thought about that time she ran away. It had been the best option she could see and she really needed to get away from Sunnydale…

She glanced around as her slayer sense tipped her to something unusual being closed. She felt herself relax slightly when she realized it wasn’t the same feeling as when the black van team had been after her. It was much more similar to…Kendra! There was another Slayer out there somewhere and with the military people around…Buffy knew she had to get there first. She had really blown her cover with the strength thing and there was no way she would condemn another Slayer to being a military lab rat or getting mixed up in her mistakes… first though, she had to make sure her friends got home safe. She had promised Giles, and besides she wasn’t going to let them down again.
Faith was looked over her shoulder a lot and tried her best to find Buffy, she needed to tell the Slayer that another prophecy has been activated, she was taking care of the one mentioned in the prophecy and it is a grueling exercise. The girl is just four years old and already the Key was showing itself. That is why the counsil placed Dawn in her care. She just hopes that Buffy could help her. All of the sudden she stopped as she heard a group of four walking near her hiding place.
“I’m just saying Sam, that if we’d been more careful about how we approached Miss Summers then we wouldn’t have had to knock her out in the first place. We knew she was a potential Tarithna and then there is the Prophecy the Tok’ra told us about. We should have taken precautions that she would be alert to her surroundings then the average civilian..,”
“She is a tiny blonde bimbo, Daniel. Who, from our research, has probably spent most of her lift as a pampered princess! How could she be any help anyway?”
“Cater…Look. I know you’re upset that she kicked your ass, but be really need to think calmly about this. She showed some extraordinary skills in fighting which could be a huge benefit to us particularly if the General gets his way…”
Faith backed away from the mysterious people, her eyes narrowing. It looked like she wasn’t the only one with people after her. Only, what had the group said about Buffy…a blonde bimbo? And they were surprise to find out that she could fight? Faith held in a laugh at the thought. They really had no idea what they were getting into maybe they wouldn’t be much of a threat after all. But what did Tarithna mean? Was it some fancy new word for Slayer? If it was, would they be after her as well? Faith had questions and as Buffy seemed to be the one with the answers, she’d track down the older Slayer and ask her. Either that or she could kidnap the watcher-type soldier and ask him. He looked out of place with the others and he was kind of cute..
As Buffy saw her friends enter their homes, she sighed and stepped out from behind the tree as she had been watching from. The sense of the other Slayer had disappeared and Buffy wasn’t sure how she would track whoever it was down. She didn’t even know what he girl looked like except that she would be younger than Buffy. Giles had slayers who were called around fourteen or fifteen right? So she was looking for a young girl, carrying stakes or maybe a sword, and…
Buffy snorted at the mental image of a young teenager carrying a huge sword and strolling around Sunnydale without a care in the world.
Buffy spun as her whole body tensed spotting a pair of vampires coming towards her trying to look menacing. Scowling, she through a state at one and lunged towards the second. They both exploded into dust almost simultaneously and she turned to head out to the graveyards. She really wasn’t in the mood or a long drawn out fight. Not when she had a new sister slayer to find. Faith had no luck finding the other slayer in the various graveyards and was beginning to think that Buffy had already done the rounds. There had been one vamp that was prowling around, but other than that…it had been really peaceful. So peaceful in fact, that it was getting creepy. Wasn’t the Hellmouth meant to be a super dangerous place for people actively hunting what went on at night?

Hearing noise to her left, she took off, dodging around and over the tombs in the direction of the sounds of a fight. Then she stopped, there was Buffy the little blonde, fighting six…now five vampires…and winning. Sure they were baby fledges but it was still amazing. Then one of them managed to get a punch in, but it didn’t even faze her and she was back with more dust swirling in her wake. Faith watched the anger in her body, the inner strength and the primal desire to destroy her enemies clearly showing in every move. And she began to feel hope. She began to think that maybe, she had done the right thing in coming here. She began to think that maybe…together…they could defeat Kakistos.
Buffy finished her dusting and turned towards where she knew the other Slayer would be. The faint but familiar slayer feeling and the outline of a young girl were enough that she was fairly sure that she was right, but she wanted to make sure. On top of that, she knew that she had got a little carried away with the vamps and didn’t want to scare her away- even though after the night’s events she figured that she was allowed to blow off some steam.
“See Giles,” she mentally congratulated herself, “If I can use tact and not just go rushing into things”
“Hi,” she called out. “I’m Buffy. What’s your name”
The figure came forwards, pale skin and brown hair became visible, but most of all were the young woman’s eyes. They were guarded, but filled with the faint light of something that looked la lot like hope, “Hi B. I’m Faith.”

Buffy smiled at her. “Ok, so you want to walk and talk? We can see what’s hanging around and… You were looking for me right?”
Faith grinned. “Oh yeah. Ever since my watcher told me about you I’ve been hoping we could meet up, exchange some slaying tips. You know, paint the town red.”
Buffy nodded, Faith wasn’t what she was expecting, but then she seemed nice. Besides, it would be good to have someone to talk to after her friends’ recent holier than thou attitude. And she could break the news of her military stalker guys gently rather than dropping it on her… and get in some good conversation.
Back at the van with their cups of coffee, SG1 sat contemplating what to do. They all admitted that maybe stalking a possible Hok’tar hadn’t been the brightest thing to do considering her apparent strength and awareness of her surroundings, but Jack was still uneasy about just approaching her and saying ‘Hi’. Daniel had concerns to, but his were more to do with finding a place where she wouldn’t feel threatened and that they could get her to go to without acting like they were forcing or manipulating her. She was suspicious enough as it was.
“I don’t see why we can’t simply go to her place of residence O’Neill.” Teal’c commented when their plan fell through again. “We know that she will return there eventually and she will be unlikely to attack us in her own house while her mother is in attendance.”
Daniel sighed. “That’s the point Teal’c. We kidnapped her and now we’re going to visit her at her house? As for her mother… we don’t even know if she knows anything about her daughter’s abilities. If she doesn’t, then revealing them won’t do us any favors.”
“Not to mention she won’t like us being around her mom. We threatened her and if we turn up at her house and show we know where her mom lives… it would definitely be taken as a threat.”
Daniel blinked and turned to stare at Jack. Carter looked less surprised, but still turned to Jack with a curious look while Teal’c raised an eyebrow.
“You know Jack,” Daniel began, “that was unusually insightful.”
Jack gave them an irritated look. “It’s basic psychology, Danny boy. If you want to scare someone then you threaten the things they want to protect or you go where they think they’re safe. It throws them off balance and puts them on the defensive.” He looked at his teammates and took in their amused and slightly disbelieving expressions. “Hey I’m not stupid just because I like small words and simple ideas!”
“Of course, Sir.”
“We didn’t think you were stupid Jack.”
“Our apologies O’Neill.”
Jack just scowled at his team before bringing the conversation back on track. “So anyone got any ideas then? Because I don’t think we’ll run into her again tonight and her little friends will probably be warned by now as well so we can’t ask to meet through them.”
Daniel chewed a lip thoughtfully. “You know, we could…”

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